Did We Agree To Be Rivals? (說好成為彼此的宿敵呢[穿書])

The web celebrity, Chen Suyang, transmigrated into a film adaptation he’d just finished rolling the death scene. Now he has to play the villain—the Evil Sect’s young master, Su Yang.

To return to his own world, he faithfully acted according to the script, and solemnly recited his lines—waiting for the day he’d die under the protagonist’s sword.

But.. why did he feel there was something wrong with the plot? Wait, where’s the part where he dies under the protagonist’s sword? How did it become rolling under the protagonist, being done by him? This… this… this situation’s too embarrassing?!

In a dense forest, Su Yang holds a sword to Gu Feidi’s throat, speechless dismay in his eyes.

Su Yang, extremely confused: I have recited all my lines, where is the person in the script that would come to his rescue???

Gu Feidi, emotionally moved: He could have killed me, but he hesitates to make the move.

In the wasteland, Su Yang blocks a fatal blow aimed at Gu Feidi.

Su Yang, enraged: Motherf*cker! If he dies now, who would kill me and send me home!!!

Gu Feidi, worried: He’s willing to give up his life to save me.

In a cave, Su Yang watches over Gu Feidi’s cold sweat from poisoning.

Su Yang, distressed: The female lead’s run away, who’ll detoxify him by mouth-to-mouth?!

Gu Feidi, in anticipation: Why hasn’t he kissed me?
Associated Names:The Modified Script is Killing Me, 说好成为彼此的宿敌呢[穿书], Where is Our Agreement to be Each Other’s Arch-Rivals?