Did We Agree To Be Rivals? ~ Chapter 016-020

Chapter 16 : No Need To Explain

Based on the Jianghu legend, those that came from Lesser Jade House would never mention the secrets of this weirdly, wondrous place.

According to rumours, the master of Lesser Jade House’s mountain was a heroine going by the name ‘Immortal Qingbo’. Her real name was unknown, her age was a mystery and her martial arts were unfathomable.

However, the past achievements in the Jianghu of this heroine were extremely rare. It seemed that she had not done much except to establish Lesser Jade House.

Following Lesser Jade House’s rules, once passing the selection to enter the House, all the martial artists must worship the Immortal Qingbo as their teacher. But in fact, there were very few who had really met this immortal since ancient times.

However, when the disciples were training in the House, they could often see a small emerald-green bird bearing a letter in its beak, conveying information between the master and the disciples.

Up until now, the Lesser Jade House had already been established for hundreds of years and countless martial artists had long since turned into dust, but the emerald green bird was still coming and going within the House. There was no change in the handwriting of the letters it brought.

All this made those who were fortunate enough to enter Lesser Jade House to wonder if Immortal Qingbo was really an immortal? Otherwise, how could there be so many rare inner strength mental cultivation methods, martial arts classics and extraordinary books in Lesser Jade House? 

Of course, those who came from Lesser Jade House did not want to mention it, but it was not because of the mystery of Immortal Qingbo. It was because… if the real situation of Lesser Jade House was revealed to the outside, many young martial artists would be disillusioned.

Take now, for example—

Including Su Yang, eight young martial artists had finished paying respects to a hanging painting. When they stood up, the expressions on their faces were a bit tragic.

The enchanting woman couldn’t help but laugh: “I know, you all must be wondering if this is a scam. But in fact, Lesser Jade House is a place of few rules. Shizun is busy and she will occasionally pass on a message to tell us how we should cultivate next. The ones who will really tutor you are us: your shixiongs and shijies.”

“Since ancient times until now, Lesser Jade House has had too many graduates and it’s too much of a hassle to distinguish everyone’s seniority. Therefore, regardless of when you joined or your age, during your time in the House, everyone is to treat each other as fellow disciples and address one another accordingly. My courtesy name is Lui Li, you can call me Li shijie.”

She then introduced several others to the group: “The one clothed in black is Mo Yun. He likes to be called Mo shixiong. The one in white clothes, Shizun chose the name Di Ling for her. You can call her Ling shijie. The one beside—”

“Just call me Chi Tong!” The one in red immediately interrupted Li shijie and continued to speak on his own, “Anyway, we are about the same age, so just call me by my courtesy name and we’ll all be even closer!”

Li shijie smiled: “Chi Tong and Di Ling are both excellent martial artists who had entered the House in the previous round and they are not very much older. It’s alright if you want to address them by their courtesy names.” 

Su Yang blinked and his gaze fell on Chi Tong, whom he still couldn’t tell whether was a man or woman. He wondered inwardly: So, is this person actually a man or a woman? Not letting people address him… or her as shixiong or shijie, are they deliberately covering up their gender?

It was a pity that so many interesting, supporting characters had been omitted from the script.

Chi Tong noticed something, turned to look at Su Yang with raised eyebrows and threw a wink at him.

Su Yang: …

Well, better to omit this kind of character, otherwise the show may not pass the censorship approval board.

Li shijie introduced several other shixiongs and shijies in Lesser Jade House, then asked the youths to introduce themselves. She then said leisurely: ‘So, shall we begin to determine who will tutor them?”

Mo shixiong nodded, Di Ling and Chi Tong also nodded.

Li shijie said: “Pu Lingyun practices the Folding Feather Sutra, it is a dexterous method and her weapon is a light, double sword. It’ll be best for me to tutor her. Qinglian Sect’s Fan Xi as well. His cultivation method is also graceful and elegant, so he’ll be tutored by me too.”

After Li shijie had finished selecting, Mo shixiong stepped forward and said, “I’m good at heavy swords and my mental cultivation approach is also on external skills. Xu Yunzhan, you can train with me.”

Following that, he picked another two martial artists who had walked out of the stone forest formation later, both of them also used heavy weapons and similar strength methods.

Once Mo shixiong finished selecting, Di Ling, who was completely dressed in white, slowly spoke with indifference: “Gu Feidi’s Restoration Scripture focuses on internal force cultivation. It is the mental method of urging swift sword moves by a flexible internal force. Let me tutor him.”

After speaking, her gaze was slightly slanted towards Su Yang’s direction, but in the end she didn’t say a word.

Chi Tong said excitedly: “Aa, I know Li shijie is partial towards me. Little bro Su Yang, you will follow me from now on—”

Suddenly, an emerald-green bird flew in from outside through the window of the main hall and interrupted Chi Tong’s words.

The little bird held a palm-sized letter in its beak and hovered in front of Di Ling. Once Di Ling reached out and took the letter, it turned and flew back out the window.

Di Ling opened the letter silently. Both Chi Tong and Li shijie beside her leaned forward at the same time and together, they read the message in the letter aloud:

“Xiao Ling’er, personally tutor Su Su, don’t give him to the unreliable Xiao Hong*. I’ve found an advanced mental method for Su Su and I will send it to you tomorrow. By the way, Su Su’s martial arts training requires a place with flowers, Fei Fei’s martial arts training requires a place with birds. All of you can move to Zhichun Garden together. Although there aren’t many rooms, but there are flowers and birds, the environment is the most suitable.”

(*TN : Hong = Red; referring to Chi Tong who wears red clothes)

Gu Feidi: …

Su Yang: … 

Su Yang said to himself: How come this Shizun’s letters are in informal speech?

And what kind of weird nickname did she give them?! Su Su, Fei Fei? If you just heard the names and didn’t read the words, you would think that they were calling out to escort girls in a brothel!

Di Ling seemed to have been used to Shizun’s tone as there was no expression on her face. She folded the letter and kept it in her sleeve: “Then Su Yang will come with me.”

Chi Tong was not happy: “… Aa?! Why does Shizun say that I am not reliable? When am I not reliable?! Everyone’s already been divided up, what should I do?”

Li shijie pulled Chi Tong and pointed her finger at the group in the hall, “Isn’t there another one? I remember that he is a self-study martial artist from no faction. If he manages to pass the selection, he should definitely be inordinately talented and won’t ruin your reputation.”

The last person who was picked was named Luo Yin and he was only a few days away from being crowned*. Fortunately, he was not excluded by the formation in the Meizhu Mountain Forest.

(* TN : twenty years old)

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That man had plain looks, but wasn’t ugly and he had no characteristics that could be remembered. It was easy for others to turn away and immediately forget what he looked like. He hadn’t spoken since he entered the hall. His presence was extremely weak, the skills he practiced were also quite satisfactory and his previous performance had no highlights. Like his name, he was hidden in the crowd.

Chi Tong glanced at Luo Yin, who was expressionless and standing still in the group. Chi Tong pressed his temples and said: “Okay, okay, your situation is special enough, let me study—tutor you.”

After all the selected young martial artists had been allocated, the shixiongs and shijies led their respective charges out of the Lesser Jade House’s main hall.

At this time, the sky was completely dark and the moon had not yet risen high into the sky. The winding mountain roads were all pitch-black.

Su Yang and Gu Feidi followed Di Ling, walking side-by-side up the narrow mountain road.

None of them carried lanterns. One side of the mountain road was densely forested and the other side was a high cliff. Fortunately, Di Ling was completely dressed in white and her figure could still be faintly seen in the dark, so Su Yang and Gu Feidi would still not lose their way.

After walking to a section of mountain steps, the ground below Su Yang’s feet suddenly became empty and he was about to fall down the cliff. Before he could use his Prized Flower Steps, Gu Feidi instinctively grabbed his sleeve and dragged him back.

Su Yang grabbed Gu Feidi’s arm and started yapping in a low voice: “Crap! Scared me to death!”

In the next instant, Gu Feidi suddenly shivered all over and pulled his arm out of Su Yang’s grasp. Unexpectedly, Su Yang didn’t let go, but was pulled in by the sudden force. He staggered and crashed into Gu Feidi’s arms.

It was a close call and in the end Su Yang still reached out over Gu Feidi’s shoulder to grab a shrub on the other side of the mountain road for support.

A light but strong floral scent emanated from Gu Feidi’s body, filling Su Yang’s nasal cavity. The scent was so appealing that Su Yang subconsciously took a deep breath and inhaled twice.

Gu Feidi gritted his teeth: “You don’t have to reach for a yard after getting an inch!”

Su Yang’s reaction was to immediately stop and straighten up.

“I’ve been careless.” A chilly female voice came from the front of the mountain road, “It makes no difference to me whether there is light or not, but I’ve forgotten that you would need a lamp. Wait here for a while, I will get a lantern.”

After speaking, Di Ling turned around and glided quickly down the mountain.

On the dark mountain road, the two of them stood side by side, close enough to hear each other’s breaths.

In this silence, Su Yang suddenly wanted to explain to Gu Feidi why he’d used Lianxiang Rejuvenating Pills on him in the first place, was actually not to mark him for the convenience of chasing and killing him in the future, but just him trying to save his life.

However, after deliberating rationally, he really didn’t see a need to give this explanation.

Firstly, the personality of the Devil Sect’s Young Saint would not allow apologizing to others. Secondly, he and Gu Feidi needed to be hostile in the future and the storyline had to develop to the point where Gu Feidi leads the righteous martial arts factions to encircle and suppress the Devil Sect. Then only would it result in his battle scene with Gu Feidi at the top of the mountain.

Therefore, instead of explaining the original intention of using the pill, he should use this misunderstanding to lead Gu Feidi to imagine the worst.

Having contemplated this for a long time, Su Yang sighed almost inaudibly and looked up at the bright starry sky that was not marred by city lights.

“Su Yang.”

It was Gu Feidi who spoke first.

He paused and said in a low voice: “It is rumoured that you left the Devil Sect three times when you were younger and every time you would abduct several beautiful youths from the Central Plains…”

Su Yang pursed his lips when he heard this and stopped himself from refuting it.

Gu Feidi continued: “Actually, those people were not… were not set aside for your pleasure, right?”

Su Yang was stunned for a moment, wondering why Gu Feidi wanted to ask this. However, the flower aide had mentioned before that his cultivation required him to keep himself pure before he achieved a significant breakthrough, so he probably hasn’t ‘enjoyed’ anyone yet.

But given the character of the Devil Sect’s Young Saint, he would definitely not admit it obediently.

So Su Yang performed the character and laughed in a low voice: “You ask this, could it be that… you’re jealous?”

Chapter 17 : Moving Into Zhichun Garden

Gu Feidi’s breathing suddenly paused.

He gritted his teeth and stood still for a while. Then suddenly, he gave a laugh, “I was feeling a little pity for you, but since you don’t seem to care, it’s my fault for asking so much.”

Taking advantage of the darkness, Su Yang didn’t bother maintaining his character and rolled his eyes.

Di Ling quickly returned to the mountain trail bearing a lantern.

Now that there was light, Su Yang and Gu Feidi no longer had to exert so much energy walking. They tacitly didn’t mention the earlier conversation they had in the dark and were silent all the way.

After walking for about fifteen minutes, the three of them passed beneath a looming, weeping flower gate in the bamboo forest and came to a small courtyard full of flowers and trees. The trees in the courtyard were lush, the early summer roses and cloves blooming right at that moment and a faint, warm fragrance had been blown in by the cool night breeze.

The courtyard area wasn’t small, but most of it was occupied by the garden and a winding corridor. There were only two rooms; one under the north wall and the other at the east wall of the courtyard.

“This is Zhichun Garden.” Di Ling hung the lantern on the light stand at the entrance of the small courtyard and said, “The rooms should have been cleaned up at Shizun’s order. You two will be staying here in the east room tonight. Tomorrow morning, I will take you to Wanyuan Pavilion to select advanced mental cultivation methods. From now on, we will live together in this courtyard and discuss martial arts together.”

When she finished speaking, she did not wait for Su Yang or Gu Feidi to reply. She turned around and left the small courtyard, leaving them to stare at her cold back.

After waiting for Di Ling to walk away, the two people in the courtyard looked at each other. They both suddenly felt a little awkward.

Su Yang reflected on the Devil Sect’s Young Saint character for a moment and decided to speak first.

“*Cough*.…..Since this is already the case, this Young Saint shall bear this slight inconvenience of sleeping with you in the east wing.” He tilted his chin up and continued with an arrogant tone, “If you dare to grind your teeth and wake me with your snoring in the middle of the night, this Young Saint won’t forgive you!”

Gu Feidi was angry but also found it laughable and he was too lazy to argue with Su Yang, so he turned around and walked straight towards the east side of the courtyard.

Su Yang thrust hand through his hair and followed Gu Feidi into the room.

Although the area of ​​the east wing was not large. After entering from the main hall, there were two bedrooms on each side. There were folding screens at the entrance of the bedrooms, which gave them both their own private space.

Seeing such a setup, Su Yang breathed a sigh of relief, randomly chose a room and went in without saying another word to Gu Feidi.

Groping about in the dark, Su Yang put his things on the desk next to the bed, then flung himself onto the bed and stared dazedly at the high roof and beams of the antique house.

Even until this moment, he still felt a little surreal.

——Why had things become so bizarre, pushing him step by step to actually be selected by Lesser Jade House?

The plot clearly shouldn’t be like this. Even if he traversed through the original storyline instead of the script, being arch-rivals, he and Gu Feidi shouldn’t be experiencing this period of being classmates in Lesser Jade House.

So, what should he do next?

If he ditched Lesser Jade House, which part of the storyline would the both of them encounter each other again?

Autumn, two years later.

Wasteland, the Dubious Tomb of the Sword Sage.

Su Yang remembered.

In the script, he had forcibly broken into the stone forest formation and injured his meridians, so he had no other choice but to return to the Devil Sect to recuperate for two years. The time he reappeared again coincided with the story arc where unfounded rumours were spreading in the Jianghu, saying that someone had found dubious traces of the Sword Sage’s Tomb in the Wasteland.

So he had led the Devil Sect’s troops to the Wasteland in an attempt to locate the Tomb of the Sword Sage and gain whatever legacy the sage had left behind.

It was in that episode that Gu Feidi, who had graduated from Lesser Jade House in just two short years, met up with Su Yang again. In that battle, he united with the Devil Sect’s flower aide and those from Qinglian Sect to force Gu Feidi and Pu Lingyun to a cliff—then the protagonist and heroine managed to find the Tomb of the Sword Sage under the cliff after having fallen off it. Not only did they obtain the Sword Sage’s Legacy, but had also developed a budding romantic relationship.

Su Yang was a little irritated, so he started chewing his nails as he manually calculated in his heart: Two years…very good, at least he has two years time left.

As long as he can graduate from Lesser Jade House within two years like Gu Feidi, it would not delay his journey to the Wasteland. There should be a chance to bring the storyline back on track!

With this in mind, Su Yang felt that he must really make an effort to diligently work hard. If he wants to leave Lesser Jade House within two years, he can’t continue like this: lying down like a dead fish!

He turned over and got up from the bed. Using the faint moonlight streaming in from the window, he felt his way to the fire stick beside the candle lamp on the desk.

He had seen this thingy before while on the set and had witnessed the flower aide using it. Just open the tube cover, blow on it lightly and it would ignite. It seems quite convenient from the looks of it.

Within the darkness, Su Yang took a deep breath and blew out a puff of air at the dim red light of the fire stick.

The fire stick… did not ignite.

Su Yang: …

He didn’t believe his luck and blew on it again—the fire stick would still not ignite.

“Tsk, you’re being disobedient, right?”

Su Yang muttered, grasping the bamboo tube tightly and blowing at it in short bursts several times.

However, that fire stick seemed to be teasing him, its dark red light was glowing in the bamboo tube. It became brighter as he blew, but no matter how he huffed and puffed at it, the stubborn flame would not appear!

After trying for a good while, Su Yang finally lost patience. ‘Paak!’ he snapped the bamboo tube cover back onto the fire stick and then threw it onto the desk where it made a ‘peng!’ sound as it landed.

Don’t light the lamp!

Piss off!

Read what book!

Don’t read!

Su Yang turned around angrily. He was about to go back to the bed and continue lying down. Suddenly, he was startled by a shadowy figure standing next to the folding screen.

Earlier, he was so focused on blowing the fire stick that he didn’t pay attention to the approaching footsteps.

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Gu Feidi stood beside the screen with a complex expression. He glanced at the desk, his eyes falling on the fire stick which had just been thrown away by Su Yang.

“What are you doing here?”

Su Yang felt that he had lost face and scrambled to speak first to assert his authority: “Although we will be living together in the future, consider the effect and don’t simply rush into my room. A single man and a single wom—two single men, *cough* …Whatever, you shouldn’t be barging into someone else’s room. It’s not appropriate.”

Gu Feidi eyed Su Yang lightly, said nothing, turned around and left.

Su Yang stared at his back as he walked away and suddenly felt a little annoyed.

What did he just say? It didn’t fit the personality of the Devil Sect’s Young Saint at all! How can the awesome, crazy, fearsome Devil Sect’s Young Saint say such lines?!

Sure enough, his skills were not yet up to par. Ad-libbing and impromptu performances were too severe as an evaluation technique to test his spontaneous exhibition abilities!

After censoring himself with a few words, Su Yang had no way to change what he had already said. He could only regretfully turn around and take out the ‘Blooming Lotus Sword Technique’ from his bundle of belongings. He planned to go into the yard and grudgingly try to read it under the moonlight.

Who’d have thought that once he’d retrieved his book and was about to step outside, Gu Feidi came back in with a lamp.

Gu Feidi put his lit lamp on Su Yang’s desk and then took the unlit one: “You really are so accustomed to being pampered, you don’t even know how to use the fire stick. It’s already late now. If you want to read a book, you can use my lamp first. Tomorrow, you should learn how to light the fire stick properly, so as not to be shamed while you’re at Lesser Jade House.”

After speaking, he took Su Yang’s lamp, turned and walked out of the room.

Su Yang held the book in his hand. He opened his mouth several times, but he couldn’t come up with anything suitable to ridicule or mock Gu Feidi with.

It wasn’t until Gu Feidi’s figure had been completely blocked by the screen and the glow of the lamp in his own room had brightened, Su Yang finally let out a breath of resignation and turned to sit at the desk.

.…..no big deal.

He thought to himself: It doesn’t matter if Gu Feidi occasionally wins some banters, anyway, sooner or later he would die under Gu Feidi’s sword and return to the modern world.

In the modern world, there were matches, lighters and gas stoves. Which of those were as troublesome to light as a fire stick?

Humph! What’s so great about being able to ignite a fire stick!

With the light nearby, Su Yang opened the ‘Blooming Lotus Sword Technique’, his mind gradually became immersed and his imagination finally stopped running wild.

While referring to the internal force route in the swordsmanship booklet, he got up and made some moves with his sword, then finally managed to get the basic idea of how it was supposed to go.

When his state of mind was stimulated, Su Yang’s original night owl routine became more chaotic and it was not until the east horizon was slightly suffused with white that he finally couldn’t hide his fatigue and decided to go to bed.

Gu Feidi had just straightened out his morning exercise clothing and walked out from behind the folding screen, when he saw the lights in Su Yang’s room go out.

He frowned and finally said nothing, then walked into the courtyard alone to start his daily routine exercises.

It wasn’t until the sun had risen and Gu Feidi had just finished the last set of his swordsmanship routine, that he saw Di Ling setting foot into the courtyard.

An emerald-green bird perched quietly on her shoulder and she was holding a stack of books. She walked along the pebbled path in the courtyard until she was at the east wing.

Gu Feidi stepped forward and gave a salute: “Ling shijie.” 

Di Ling nodded and handed Gu Feidi the books in his hand: “Shizun sent a letter this morning, saying that Su Yang was practicing the whole night again. She told me to deliver this set of skill mental cultivations and not to disturb him. Help me put the books in his room and I will take you to the dining hall for breakfast. After that, we’ll go to Wanyuan Pavilion to find the advanced mental method you need.”

Gu Feidi took the stack of books from Di Ling and saluted her again before turning around and entering the room.

When he arrived in Su Yang’s bedroom, Gu Feidi’s eyes were immediately attracted to the figure on the bed before he even had time to put the books down on the desk.

The youth had twisted around on the bed and was lying on his stomach, his jet-black hair spreading over him like a cloud.

He held the quilt in his arms, half pressed under him and a slender leg had been extended out. His trouser legs had been slightly pulled up by this action, revealing his delicate ankles and a white calf. His naked, pink feet were resting on the edge of the bed and the tips of toes were a pale healthy pink and they appeared incredibly clean.

The thin and transparent undergarments on his body were originally woven from extremely smooth silk and the hem of his clothes was half lifted by his sleeping position, revealing a section of smooth waist skin. The bottom edge of the white garment was covering his skin, faintly revealing a bright red hidden underneath—resembling a cluster of flame-like red flower tattoos.

As if scalded by the red mark, Gu Feidi suddenly turned his line of sight away, pressed his lips tightly and quickly walked to the table to put down the books he was holding. He then used his light footwork and left Su Yang’s room without looking back.

Su Yang was disrupted by the noise. He muttered once, turned over and rolled to the inside of the bed and fell deeply asleep.

Because of his movements, the hem was turned up again to reveal a bunch of bright red flowers branded on his back. They were Queen of the Night flowers (Epiphyllum oxypetalum) that were a brilliant, flaming red that did not exist in the world.

Chapter 18 : Nine Cold Surging Shoots Skill

When Gu Feidi followed Di Ling to Lesser Jade House dining hall, they happened upon Li shijie who had arrived with Pu Lingyun and Fan Xi.

As soon as Pu Lingyun saw Gu Feidi, she immediately stepped forward and called out, “Xiao shixiong!”

Fan Xi looked around and raised an eyebrow, “Where is Su Yang? Why didn’t he come with you?”

Gu Feidi turned his head and said keenly: “Don’t you address him as ‘Young Saint’?”

Fan Xi raised his hand to rub his chin and smiled: “You are very idle, you care about these little things?”

Gu Feidi heard the words and replied: “Your attitude towards him has changed since you left the stone forest. Qinglian Sect is the best at seeking advantages and avoiding disadvantages. At the beginning, you respected him but it was not from your heart and I can still see this.”

Fan Xi said: “I don’t speculate as much as you do. I just think that the rumours about him in the Jianghu are probably from the righteous sects to frame him!”

Gu Feidi hadn’t yet replied but Pu Lingyun was already unhappy.

“There’s proof of the things he did, how could that be framing him!” She glared at Fan Xi, “There’s been no news of the youths he kidnapped; no one knows whether they are alive or dead. Whatever his reason for kidnapping those youths, blatantly breaking up families is unforgivable!”

That bit was correct. Fan Xi opened his mouth to say something but decided against it.

Pu Lingyun proudly smirked: “Nothing to say, right?”

Fan Xi sighed with a smile and met Pu Lingyun’s gaze: “How do you know that Su Yang is not being forced?”

Hearing this question, Gu Feidi abruptly raised his eyes and looked straight towards Fan Xi.

Pu Lingyun raised her chin and said, “He is the Devil Sect’s Young Saint. Who else can force him? Just looking at his appearance, I think—“

“Lingyun.” Gu Feidi interrupted suddenly, “It’s pointless to keep arguing. We came to Lesser Jade House to cultivate. You have already made a breakthrough for your Folding Feather Sutra and will be going to Wanyuan Pavilion today to select advanced mental cultivation methods. Don’t tarry because of minor matters.”

Pu Lingyun flattened her mouth and muttered: “What xiao shixiong said is right. I will go and eat now.”

After speaking, she flung back her head and walked to the long table where breakfast had been prepared.

Gu Feidi gave Fan Xi a profound look, didn’t say much, turned around and followed Pu Lingyun to leave.

Fan Xi narrowed his eyes and stared at Gu Feidi until he took a seat and then he sat down at the other end of the long table.

Having finished breakfast, Gu Feidi followed Di Ling to Lesser Jade House’s Wanyuan Pavilion and happened to meet Xu Yunzhan who had come to find heavy sword art skills. The two greeted each other and entered through the door.

Wanyuan Pavilion building was used by Lesser Jade House to store books. Although it occupied a small area, it had five floors in total and the book collection was vast and immense. The arrangement of the books here were also very orderly—the first floor of the Wanyuan Pavilion were mostly Yin and cold mental cultivation and martial arts. The higher the levels, the more Yang and fiery the skill sets became.

Xu Yunzhan went down to the east side martial arts book area under the guidance of Mo shixiong. Gu Feidi did not hesitate, heading straight to the building’s third storey, walking towards where the ‘Righteous’ sign was erected and into the corridor of mental cultivation scrolls.

Tengyun Pavilion, Gu family’s inner strength mental cultivation was mostly partial to righteous and upright practices. Gu Feidi’s Restoration Scripture that he was cultivating in was an even more worldly recognised upright method. If he wanted to study an advanced mental cultivation method that complemented Restoration Scripture or practice martial arts moves that suited him, it would be better for him to continue to follow the upright and righteous methods.

There were many mental cultivations and martial arts of the righteous and upright sects. Fortunately, the shelves here were organized clearly and the list of books were also marked on the edge of the shelves, making it convenient to locate.

Gu Feidi walked back and forth between the bookshelves for a while, raised his hand and took out a copy of ‘The Three Wonders of Peregrine Falcon’ from the top of the bookshelf in front of him, turned a few pages and put it back. He walked along the Righteous corridor, from the outermost bookshelf to the lowest and perused dozens of different mental cultivation books, but none of them caught his eye.

Outside the window, the sun had gradually risen higher. The noon heat invaded the Wanyuan Pavilion, but Gu Feidi was still empty-handed.

Xu Yunzhan came over with a set of scrolls in hand.

“Feidi, haven’t you found a suitable methodology?”

His face was calm, but the edges of his eyes and eyebrows couldn’t hide his joy. Clearly, the set of martial arts classics he had found pleased him very much.

Gu Feidi returned the mental cultivation books he was holding back onto the bookshelf, shook his head, a trace of sadness forming between his eyebrows.

“The mental cultivations available in Lesser Jade House are truly vast and extensive,” he said. “But… compared to Restoration Scripture, there aren’t many which are more remarkable. How can they be studied as an advanced mental cultivation to Restoration Scripture?”

Xu Yunzhan frowned: “Feidi, you are extraordinarily talented. Moreover, with Restoration Scripture as your internal strength foundation, having this problem is inevitable. Leader Gu knows this and that’s precisely why he let you come to Lesser Jade House to study.”

He paused and then added: “Besides, the drawback of Restoration Scripture is that its final volume is missing, so you can only count on 70-80% of its efficacy. If you take that into account, the mental cultivations available here can still be studied its advanced level.”

Gu Feidi gazed at the bookshelves in silence for a moment: “If only I could find the Return To The Nest volume, I would be completely satisfied even if I wouldn’t be able to study other mental cultivations in this life. It’s a shame……”

Xu Yunzhan felt a bit disappointed when he heard this: “Yeah, it’s a shame that even the Leader Gu doesn’t know the whereabouts of Return To The Nest volume. If Return To The Nest volume is still available, Restoration Scripture would definitely surpass the Devil Sect’s Six Underworlds Inter Flower technique and it would be the most powerful inner strength method of the martial arts circles.”

“Devil Sect……”

Gu Feidi hesitated and said: “Yesterday in the stone forest formation, Su Yang inadvertently disclosed some information to me.”

Xu Yunzhan raised his eyebrows: “Oh? What information?”

Gu Feidi: “He said that Return To The Nest volume is in Lesser Jade House.”

Xu Yunzhan: “What? How would he know?!”

Gu Feidi shook his head, “It seemed to have slipped from his mouth. Then he tried to cover up his mistake and didn’t disclose his source. I have no way of determining whether it is true or false. But at the mountain gate, Ling shijie also mentioned Return To The Nest volume, saying that I might be able to gain something in Lesser Jade House. So I’m guessing, would the Return To The Nest volume really be here?”

For a while, neither of them spoke again. 

After wavering for a bit, Xu Yunzhan said: “But if the Return To The Nest volume is really here, why didn’t Leader Gu study it during his time in Lesser Jade House??”

Gu Feidi didn’t answer and merely shook his head.

Seeing Gu Feidi’s slightly desolate expression, Xu Yunzhan coaxed him, “You don’t need to be anxious. Although Restoration Scripture is still a righteous school method, if you want to choose an advanced method, you can also go to Xuanqing and Zhengyang. Maybe you can gain something from there. The True Hawk Sword technique created by Leader Gu also has leanings to the Zhengyang school and may be worth a try.”

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Gu Feidi sighed lightly: “If there’s no other choice then, so be it.”

As he spoke, he observed the scrolls that Xu Yunzhan was holding and exclaimed: “It’s actually ‘Wufeng Suppressing the Peak’! According to legend, centuries ago a martial arts genius of the Western Regions named Yue Wufeng had an epiphany for a heavy sword technique while he was cleaving rocks to clear the mountain. That set of techniques have not been seen in the world for many years. It turned out to be in Lesser Jade House’s private collection!”

Xu Yunzhan grinned, “I was lucky to be able to find it.”

Glancing out the window at the colour of the sky, he said, “Let’s go have lunch together. We can return to Wanyuan Pavilion another day since we already know the way here. You have not broken through ‘Hubris’ volume, so there’s no hurry to find an advanced mental cultivation method at this time. Maybe the next time you come, you’ll have better luck. Who knows.”

Gu Feidi mulled for a while, then finally smiled and nodded: “That’s true, let’s go.”


Su Yang woke from starvation.

He turned over and sat up in a daze. After sitting blankly for a while, he slowly got out of bed. Dressed in only his undergarments, he went to the water vat outside the house to rinse his mouth. It took immense effort for him to dress himself in the Devil Sect’s attire.

No one combed his hair this time, so Su Yang simply let his long hair hang loose and walked around in the small courtyard to try and find the location of the kitchen.

However, apart from two residences in Zhichun Garden, there wasn’t even a well, let alone a kitchen.

Su Yang pressed on his hungry stomach while he looked into Gu Feidi’s room and also listened carefully for any movement from the main house at the north side. He was sure that he was the only one left in the entire compound.

He finally couldn’t help groaning in hunger and said in his heart: Just because he didn’t get up in the morning, you’re not letting him have lunch!

Maybe Di Ling and Gu Feidi should be back by noon?

Thinking about this, Su Yang hung his head dejectedly, turned around and went back into the house.

It was only when he stepped into the bedroom again, did Su Yang realise that there was a pile of books on his desk.

He leaned forward curiously and saw that the cover of the book bound with twine had four large characters written in flourishing calligraphy on it. The four characters were not in traditional Chinese, so it was still easily recognizable, but Su Yang was still stunned for a moment before muttering: “Nine Cold Surging Shoots…?”

He conveniently picked up a book and turned the pages, but before he had time to read properly what was written, a letter suddenly dropped out from the title page.

Su Yang picked up the letter and saw a few familiar informal words written on it:

“SuSu aa I heard that you have made great achievements with the breakthrough your Six Underworlds Inter Flower this set of Nine Cold Surging Shoots technique is for your advanced mental cultivation study if theres anything you dont understand please ask Ling shijie to teach you”

“Oh thats right when FeiFei comes back remember to tell him that the thing he was looking for is at the bookshelf in the southeast corner of the top floor of Wanyuan Pavilion caught between the pages of the Flawed Phoenix Craft Fire book”

Although it was informally written, the letter was devoid of punctuation marks. Su Yang managed to figure out the sentences with some difficulty. When he understood the meaning of the letter, he couldn’t help being speechless.

This Shizun’s heart was too generous, right?

Instructing Gu Feidi to locate the Restoration Scripture: Return To The Nest volume by letting him, the main villain Devil Sect’s Young Saint, spread the word?

If he had any selfish motives, he’ll just not tell Gu Feidi, then wouldn’t Gu Feidi be unable to find the Return To The Nest volume for the rest of his life?

Even though he criticized it like this, Su Yang still put the letter back into the book and decided to tell Gu Feidi about the Return To The Nest volume when he came back.

However, he had nothing to do at the moment so he thought he might as well open the first volume of Nine Cold Surging Shoots intending to take a good look at this world’s inner strength technique to see what was so miraculous about it.

…Five seconds later.

Su Yang snapped the book closed and massaged his aching temples.

As a scumbag, he was still a little self-aware.

This inner strength mental cultivation was really different from the martial arts moves. With no one to guide him, don’t mention two years; even if they gave him twenty years, he may not be able to figure out the way on his own.

Or… find time to seek out Ling shijie and ask her about it.

Chapter 19 : An Excellent Idea

Approaching noon, Di Ling appeared in Zhichun Garden to call Su Yang for lunch at Lesser Jade House’s dining hall.

Su Yang had been starving for the whole morning. Once he heard that, he immediately dropped the ‘Blooming Lotus Sword Technique’ he was studying and followed Di Ling to memorize his way to the dining hall.

When he reached the dining hall, Gu Feidi, Xu Yunzhan and Pu Lingyun happened to arrive at the same time. Su Yang subconsciously called out: “Ai, Gu Feidi, I have something to tell you.”

Gu Feidi paused in his step and turned to ask: “What’s the matter?”

Su Yang opened his mouth, only to realise that he hadn’t memorized the words of the letter’s message that he was supposed to relay.

As a result, he changed his expression and took advantage to display Devil Sect’s Young Saint and Fan Er’s smile, “It’s nothing, I just want to call you.”

Gu Feidi gave Su Yang a stern look and couldn’t be bothered to nitpick with him, so he turned around and strode into the dining hall.

Seeing that their leader, Gu Feidi, was indifferent, Pu Lingyun and Xu Yunzhan weren’t able to say anything either. Pu Lingyun gave a cold snort and followed Gu Feidi into the dining hall. Xu Yunzhan narrowed his eyes and inexplicably looked Su Yang up and down for a while, then turned around and left.

Su Yang gnawed his nails and instantly remembered something.

——He can’t just tell Gu Feidi about the Return To The Nest scroll like this.

He’s the villain aaa!

To be specific, the ‘to-be-stabbed-to-death by-Gu-Feidi’s-sword-in-the-future’ villain!

In the first place, it was not right for him to enter Lesser Jade House with Gu Feidi. He couldn’t earn too much of the protagonist’s favourability, otherwise the future storyline would collapse.

But how to get Gu Feidi to find out about the information by accident?

This was really a challenge for his IQ.

While pondering this problem, Su Yang sat down at the long table and got lost in his thoughts.

“Young Saint, you’re truly an important person, are you waiting for someone to serve you?”

Fan Xi smiled as he reached Su Yang’s side and patted him on the shoulder. He reached out his hand to take a big bowl from the center of the table and picked up the serving spoon before asking Su Yang, “Which dish do you want to eat, shall I help you ladle it? Steamed buns or rice?”

Su Yang came back to his senses and realised that Lesser Jade House dining hall was actually a bit like a self-serve cafeteria. He needed to choose food from the dishes set out on the long table.

Seeing Fan Xi’s actions of holding the spoon and waiting, Su Yang coughed lightly to suppress the embarrassment in his heart and put on an air of arrogance: “Just rice… and any two dishes.”

Fan Xi smiled and followed Su Yang’s gaze. He spooned him some rice, sliced ​​pork with calabash and roasted eggplant, then carefully took some tableware and placed it before Su Yang.

After finishing this, he took out the comb and hair band and helped Su Yang tie his hair in a simple style.

Pu Lingyun let out a disdainful sneer.

Fan Xi looked over with a smile, “If the little beauty wants to be served, I can also help you with filling your rice bowl and combing your hair!”

Pu Lingyun laughed scornfully, “I’ve my own hands and I’m not disabled.”

Fan Xi was about to continue bantering when a calm, male voice suddenly sounded from the entrance of the dining hall.

“Su Yang, since you have entered Lesser Jade House, you still have to learn to do everything yourself.”

A middle-aged man walked in the door carrying a food box with a faint smile on his face and said to Su Yang. “The young martial artists here are all your fellow schoolmates and they have also come to cultivate. If you need someone to serve you when you dress, eat and everything else, wouldn’t you be holding up others?”

Su Yang recognised this person. He was the middle-aged man who had delivered them from the farmhouse to the stone forest formation. His position in Lesser Jade House should be quite senior.

Sure enough, seeing this person, Di Ling and Mo shixiong immediately got up and saluted.

“Wang Ke shixiong.”

“First Defense shixiong.”

When Gu Feidi and the others saw this, they immediately rose to their feet. Fan Xi stretched out his hand and pulled Su Yang up to pay their respects together with everyone else.

Wang Ke nodded, smiled and saluted everyone. He put the food box he was holding on the table, took a few bowls and plates, filled them with some food and placed them into the food box before covering it.

“The few of you have recently entered Lesser Jade House. If you have anything you’re not used to or need something, please ask your shixiongs and shijies, don’t be afraid to trouble them.” Wang Ke said, “You are tutoring your elders, if you ask them for help, you are also helping them to cultivate, do you understand?”

Everyone nodded quickly.

Wang Ke smiled again, then picked up the food box and turned to leave the dining hall.

Looking at Wang Ke’s departing back, Su Yang diverted his focus and asked Fan Xi in a low voice, “Lesser Jade House allows food takeout… aak, food deliveries?”

Fan Xi was cheerful, “Young Saint, I arrived with you last night; how would I know the rules of Lesser Jade House?”

Di Ling overheard the conversation between the two and casually added, “Ke shixiong is only responsible for delivering meals to Zhu shixiong and Wen shixiong, who are under his tutelage. If you also want to go into seclusion, just hand over your jade bells to me, I will bring your daily three meals to Zhichun Garden. At the same time, if you do not possess the jade bell on your person, you are not allowed to leave Zhichun Garden or go anywhere within Lesser Jade House.”

“Oh,” said Su Yang as he silently lowered his head to eat. But in his head, he was still making plans.

What he needed most now was time. To achieve cultivation success within two years, going into seclusion didn’t seem to be a bad idea. Besides, now that he has obtained the Nine Cold Surging Shoots technique, there was really no need to be running around outside Zhichun Garden every day.

What’s more, the Devil Sect’s Young Saint in the script didn’t enter Lesser Jade House, but he had entered by mistake. Therefore, he must try to keep himself low-key, in case he accidentally did something outrageous.

With this scheme in mind, Su Yang finished lunch without saying a word, bid goodbye to Fan Xi and returned to Zhichun Garden.

The last thing he needed to do now was to tell Gu Feidi about the Return To The Nest volume. Once that was done, he could go into seclusion and cultivate in peace.

When he reached his room, Su Yang turned over the letter that Shizun had written to him again.

The handwriting on the letter was beautiful, but there were no punctuation marks. The whole letter was one combined mass and he couldn’t tear off the sentences involving the Return To The Nest volume alone. If he copied the letter, with his lack of skills in that department, Su Yang guessed that his handwriting would be very easy to identify, especially if he needed to write something in the future. He was afraid that Gu Feidi would see through it at a glance.

Aside from Gu Feidi, there was only him and Di Ling in this Zhichun Garden. Even if he cut up Shizun’s letter and chucked it on Gu Feidi’s table, he would be able to guess without much effort who had sent the information.

Su Yang held the letter pinched between his fingers, then wanted to change his mind.

Deliver it via a third party?

Nope, that won’t work.

He didn’t want anyone to know that he had deliberately revealed the whereabouts of the Return To The Nest volume to Gu Feidi—judging from the conversations he accidentally overheard in the previous assessment, the ability of this Jianghu to spread rumours was no worse than that of the ‘Internet Water Army’*. Maybe his approach would turn into a strange rumour and develop into some weird grudge in the future.

(*TN : Internet Water Army = group of Internet ghostwriters paid to post online comments with particular content.”)

So he couldn’t rely on others for this matter; only on himself.

Suddenly, Su Yang had an idea and his eyes lit up.

——If he could let Gu Feidi get the information of the Return To The Nest volume and hate him at the same time, wouldn’t it kill two birds with one stone?

He didn’t want to gain the protagonist’s favourability, but gaining his animosity shouldn’t be an issue, right!

He could pretend that after seeing Shizun’s letter, he was unwilling to inform Gu Feidi on the matter, so he had intended to destroy the evidence but was discovered by the other party aaa!

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With Gu Feidi’s hostile prejudice against the Devil Sect, this animosity would be a definite thing!

Su Yang narrowed his eyes, smiled smugly and wondered: So, if the ancients wanted to keep secrets and attempted to destroy the letters, what method would they use?

His gaze circled around the room and finally fell on the fire stick beside the candle stand on the desk.

Su Yang: .…..

Fine, he still had to deal with this thing in the end.


That afternoon, when Gu Feidi returned to Zhichun Garden from Wanjuan Pavilion with his face full of disappointment, he saw a handful of burnt black paper bits in the corner of the stone steps outside the east wing.

Furthermore, it seemed like whoever was responsible was afraid that he would miss seeing it. There were still a few unburnt pieces of paper on the top covered in a layer of ash.

Gu Feidi walked forward, reached out and picked up a piece of paper from the pile of ashes and saw the words ‘Wanjuan Pavilion’ written on it.

Neatly. No more, no less.

These pieces of paper had been obviously cut up carefully and their edges were blackened with fire to fake the traces of burning.

Gu Feidi let out a laugh while using his thumb and forefinger to hold the piece of paper.

He squatted down at the side of the steps, reached out and drew out more pieces of paper while digging out all the fake pieces from within.

‘Wanjuan Pavilion’,

‘Top Floor’,

‘Southeast Corner’,

‘Flawed Phoenix Craft Fire’

The four pieces of paper spelled out the four most important points; also two or three pieces with meaningless words on them had been added to create confusion.

Gu Feidi pinched the pieces of papers between his fingers and looked up at Su Yang’s bedroom window.

A dark shadow quickly moved away from the window. In the next instant, there were noises of blunt objects colliding in the room, mixed with the sharp sound of chair legs scraping the floor and a low shout.

Gu Feidi lowered his eyes and stared at the pieces of paper in his hand for a long while before getting up and entering the house. He headed towards Su Yang’s bedroom, bypassed the folding screen and looked straight at Su Yang; his eyes glittering like stars.

Seeing this situation, Su Yang stopped rubbing his knee. His heartbeat grew faster as he felt the excitement pile up.

——He guessed that Gu Feidi was going to interrogate him and he had already prepared his response lines. This time, he won’t go wrong with the ad-libbing again!

Gu Feidi stared at Su Yang for a long time, then his face suddenly lit up with a bright smile.

He said in a low voice: “Su Yang, thank you.”

Su Yang: ???


Why was it different from what he anticipated?!

Gu Feidi clearly discovered that he had planned to destroy the letter, so why did he still want to thank him?

What about his prepared lines; where was he going to say them aaa?

Su Yang stared at Gu Feidi with his mouth agape and only managed to recover after a long time.

He fumed resentfully: OK, since the prepared lines were useless and I don’t want to gain Gu Feidi’s favourability, there was only one way to go!

Su Yang clenched his teeth and immediately adjusted his behaviour referencing the script instances where the Devil Sect’s Young Saint had harassed others. He sauntered forward, smiled mischievously, then leaned near Gu Feidi’s ear to inhale a breath and drawled: “Smells wonderful aaa— how does Young Hero Gu want to thank this Young Saint? How about you give yourself to me, what do you think?”

Gu Feidi ‘s expression changed in an instant.

“…You are shameless!”

He shouted angrily as his whole face turned red. Then, he indignantly spun around and left Su Yang’s bedroom.

Once he had returned to his room, Gu Feidi slammed the crumpled pieces of paper onto the table.

After a moment, he sighed and reached out to smoothen them.

Gu Feidi stared at the yellow, scorched-edged pieces of paper for a long time before lowering his head and removing the leather wristband on one of his forearms. He then carefully stuffed the pieces of paper in between the layers.

Chapter 20 : I’ll Do My Best To Change

That day, after having dinner, Gu Feidi went to Wanjuan Pavilion again. Su Yang followed Di Ling back to Zhichun Garden and immediately took ‘Nine Cold Surging Shoots’ to ask her.

Di Ling was a lady after all, so it was inappropriate for Su Yang to enter her chambers. As such, the two of them sat down at the stone table under a blooming tree in the courtyard.

“What don’t you understand?” Di Ling asked lightly.

Su Yang stared at Di Ling’s blank and unfocused eyes and for a moment, he didn’t know how to describe his issue.

He suddenly realised that his current situation was like him sitting for a college entrance English test and going to ask the teacher questions. The teacher would ask him which questions he couldn’t handle— but in reality, he had only just learned to recognize the twenty-six letters of the alphabet.

‘What don’t you understand’?

He simply didn’t understand anything at all!

Su Yang was silent for a while and had no other choice but to be honest: “… I don’t understand.”

Di Ling frowned slightly: “…‘Don’t understand’?”

Su Yang nodded, “That’s right… I don’t understand anything.”

Di Ling was even more puzzled: “You’ve already cultivated the Six Underworlds Inter Flower technique, presumably you would have a very strong mental cultivation foundation. Studying advanced mental cultivations are nothing more than a different way of increasing your existing internal force circulation. As long as the techniques complement each other, success will naturally be achieved, so how could you…… not understand?”

Greaaat, the teacher assumed he had already learned the foundation topics and was only here to answer extremely complex questions. 

Su Yang made up his mind and decided to talk nonsense.

“Back then when I started cultivating the Six Underworlds Inter Flower technique, I didn’t rely on book reading.” He said in earnest as he dropped his head, “There was someone who read it to me and personally guided me with internal force.”

“They actually taught using instruction and examples?” Di Ling was a little surprised, “But if you want to learn by that method, that person must practice the same mental cultivation as you… I have never practiced Nine Cold Surging Shoots, so I can’t teach you personally. But what does this have to do with you not understanding the techniques of the mental cultivation book?”

Su Yang paused for a moment: “I’ve never learned to read…”

Di Ling’s expression didn’t change and she waited for him to speak.

Su Yang continued: “…I only recognize simple words, but I don’t know how to…*cough* punctuate.”

Di Ling was already sporting a vacant expression but she suddenly blanked out for a moment.

Su Yang had to continue his ruse and carry on with his explanation: “That’s why, I need someone to read to me the contents of this book so that I would be able to understand them.”

“Why did Shizun tell me to tutor you…” Di Ling muttered to herself.

Su Yang said to himself: Okay. Even Di Ling shijie who was goddess-like and not easily affected had been pushed to her breaking point by him.

Di Ling continued: “…She knows that I am not good at reading either.”

Su Yang: ???

Di Ling sighed, her eyes drifting away leisurely to gaze at some unknown thing in the distance.

“I’ve been blind since I was a child, so I read very slowly.” She said unhurriedly, “and the surroundings need to be extremely quiet to be able to read, therefore, it is impossible for me to read the words and sentences from the book to you.”

Su Yang: …

…Wait, what did she just say?

Su Yang’s eyes widened and he asked loudly, “You can’t see anything?!”

How was that possible?!

This chick’s words, actions and manners were completely indistinguishable from ordinary people!

And ‘I’ve been blind since I was a child, so I read very slowly’, this itself is a contradictory sentence aa, hello!

A thin smile broke out at the corner of Di Ling’s mouth: “Everything in the world has a sound, paper and ink are also the same. As long as I listen attentively, I can make out the handwriting. It’s just that my skill at listening to words is not up to par, so I read very slowly, not even two or three pages an even an hour.”

Su Yang: …

This is already way beyond the scope of humanity, okay!

Di Ling didn’t mind this and was still trying to unravel Shizun’s letter. She had a puzzled expression and hesitated before saying: “Shizun specifically asked for me by name to tutor you. She must have her reasons…”

Encouraged by Di Ling’s words, Su Yang propped his chin on his hand and also began to reflect on the matter.

Perhaps, the mysterious, crappy Shizun had received some kind of enlightenment to deliberately arrange for Di Ling, who wasn’t good at reading, to tutor him?

The Devil Sect’s Young Saint and Gu Feidi had entered Lesser Jade House together. Gu Feidi left the House two years later, but the Devil Sect’s Young Saint was stuck in Lesser Jade House because he couldn’t read—those in the Jianghu would probably delight in circulating this piece of gossip for many years.

Or—No one knows how the Devil Sect’s Young Saint made it through the stone forest formation, but since he managed it, he doesn’t even want to consider think about leaving, doesn’t want to continue to lead the Devil Sect in doing harm to the world—it’s possible that the Lesser Jade House, as a secluded sect, would have such ways that ​​benefit the world and save the common folk.

Su Yang cupped his chin silently, his thoughts traveling farther and farther.

Di Ling suddenly let out a soft ‘ah’.

She unfurled her brows and laughed in a low voice: “I understand. Shizun has already taken this into account and given it much thought.”

Su Yang was confused.

Di Ling carried on: “The one who can recite the scriptures for you will be back soon… he’s just outside the courtyard.”

When her voice fell, the sound of light footsteps approached the entrance of Zhichun Garden.

Gu Feidi ran along the path into the garden using his light footwork. He held a thin book in his hand and pressed it tightly to his heart, his face was filled with uncontrollable joy and his two black eyes were bright as if they were filled with the stars from the sky. As soon as he entered the garden, his gaze fell on Su Yang.

“Young Hero Su, you helped me find the Restoration Scripture: Return To The Nest volume. In any case, I should thank you.” Gu Feidi said sincerely, “If there’s anything you require my help on, please let me know. I will do my utmost!”

Su Yang: …Gu Feidi, are you insane?!

You sold yourself for a mental cultivation book!

Su Yang still complained inwardly but before he had time to say anything, Di Ling spoke first: “It’s a coincidence that he is facing a problem today and I’m incapable of solving it for him. Presumably, we can only entreat you.”

Gu Feidi restrained his excitement in front of Di Ling and nodded: “Ling shijie, please speak.”

Di Ling: “Su Yang had been brought up in the Devil Sect and has some literacy and reading impediments. As such he requires someone to recite the mental cultivation scriptures to him. It’s not convenient for me to assist, so I’ll leave it to you.”

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Gu Feidi was taken aback when he heard this, “This…” 

Then he looked at Su Yang in surprise and asked, “You never learned to read when you were younger?”

Su Yang: …

Okay. Anyway, he’s the villain, therefore having an additional ‘illiterate’ trait was not a big deal.

Gu Feidi saw Su Yang’s helplessness and bore his silence. He did not laugh at Su Yang and his expression softened a lot.

Gu Feidi eyed the ‘Nine Cold Surging Shoots’ book on the stone table and said in a low voice: “If I recite the methodology for you, I will be able to theorize the cryptic meanings therein. In the future… I will also understand the flaws of your skill set. Even so, you would still like me to read it aloud for you?” 

When he said that, the realization came to Su Yang.

——It turned out that Shizun went round in such a big circle in order to deliver the flaws of this mental cultivation method to Gu Feidi, so that in the future there would be someone who could suppress this Devil Sect’s Young Saint!

Su Yang pondered for a while and felt that letting Gu Feidi discern the flaws of this mental cultivation method wasn’t that big a deal; after all, he was destined to be defeated by Gu Feidi in the future.

So he replied indifferently: “It doesn’t matter.”

Gu Feidi gave it some thought, then after a while, he said, “As a matter of fact, the writing style of mental cultivation methods are more or less the same. I will read the first volume for you but you mustn’t just listen. I will teach you how to recognize the punctuation, how to comprehend the intricate vocabulary. Then later, you can try to interpret the next few volumes by yourself. This way, if you encounter more advanced mental cultivation methods in the future, you can also interpret it on your own.”

These words stunned Su Yang on the spot.

Was this the halo of the protagonist Gu Feidi?


The two of them were obviously from opposing hostile camps and he had obviously been provoking him all the time, but this kid still had a heart of innocence and was willing to use his precious time to help him—this semi-illiterate person—build his foundation?

There was a warm feeling in his heart. Su Yang reasoned: The protagonist is still the protagonist and probably has the ability to make people feel grateful. If he hadn’t transmigrated to here, Su Yang, himself, wouldn’t have had the heart to go against Gu Feidi anymore.

Di Ling suddenly chuckled, her glazed eyes focused slightly, glanced at Su Yang’s heart and then languidly looked away.

She said, “That’s good. If you encounter any further issues with regards to your cultivation, you can ask me anytime.”

As she finished speaking, she got up and was about to leave.

“Ling shijie!” Su Yang called out, “I have another matter!”

He reached into his sleeve, fumbled around and pulled out his own jade bell, “I want to go into seclusion in Zhichun Garden from tomorrow onward. I have to trouble Ling shijie to bring me my three daily meals.”

Gu Feidi looked at Su Yang in astonishment.

Di Ling’s face was also full of surprise: “You only just entered Lesser Jade House, don’t you want to go stroll around? They say the scenery here is pretty good. There’s also Wanjuan Pavilion and martial arts field, which are also places where disciples usually want to go. If you don’t go out from the beginning, although it will assist in your mental cultivation, I’m afraid that there will be hindrances to your martial arts.”

Su Yang smirked and as one might expect, he responded: “I will also practice swordsmanship in Zhichun Garden and would need a sparring partner. Gu Feidi is here, isn’t he? Besides, having him alone is enough since others are not capable of challenging me.”

He had deliberated a long time and prepared this line ahead of time, so it was reasonable and well-grounded.

Di Ling hesitated for a moment and probably thought that there was nothing to refute. She finally reached out to take the jade bell: “Alright, you can go into seclusion with peace of mind. I will assist you in fetching your food.”

With the matter of the seclusion settled, Di Ling turned around and left. Su Yang also picked up the ‘Nine Cold Surging Shoots’ book, yawned and headed towards the east wing.

Gu Feidi followed Su Yang all the way in silence until the two of them reached the stone steps of the east wing. He asked: “At your current stage of cultivation, do you need to train late at night?”

Su Yang was taken aback and subconsciously replied: “No.”

Gu Feidi paused, then asked: “Then why do you always train late at night and go to bed at dawn?”

Su Yang replied, “It’s just that I can’t fall asleep at night and since there’s nothing to do anyway, so I perform my martial arts training. Did the noise wake you?’

“No, of course not.” Gu Feidi frowned and observed Su Yang’s expression.

At once, he added: “Now that you are in Lesser Jade House, it is very safe here. You can set your mind at ease and sleep at night. This way, you will have the energy to study advanced mental methods during the day.”

Su Yang also thought about it. If the both of them had different training and resting times, it would be inconvenient for Gu Feidi to recite to him. He couldn’t ask others for help and also require them to make accommodations for his habit. That was too unreasonable.

So he nodded and said: “Then I will do my best to change.”