Did We Agree To Be Rivals? ~ Chapter 006-010

Chapter 6

Fan Ye was silent for a moment, then raised his lips again with a smile on his face, and said, “Thank you for your praise!”

This time it was Suju’s turn to be silent.

He thought: Although Fan Er has changed from a harlequin to a handsome black-skinned little brother, the attributes of his follower licking a dog really haven’t changed.

Although it is not consistent with the plot, since the person has already appeared, he can’t be too cold-hearted about his number one follower, so he smiles at Fan Ye, and right should respond.

In front of the Xiaoyulou Mountain Gate, because of Fan Ye’s appearance and the strange state of the hostess, the originally lively atmosphere suddenly cooled down. Everyone has formed a small circle with their friends, and they no longer bother about the enemy. They quietly wait for all the warriors to participate.

It wasn’t until the sun was tilting and the white woman leaning on Shi Gan when she read the book for an afternoon finally got up straight, rolled the book in her hand, and swept everyone around with a little blank eyes.

“Sixty-six jade bells are here. Let’s start the first assessment.” She said softly, “The warrior holding the jade bells can come up and hit me with your internal force, and I will judge whether you Eligible to enter the mountains. “

After she said this, there was silence all over the room.

After a while, a whisper rang out in the crowd.

Someone asked, “The woman said … hit her?”

Someone said, “Her soft and weak body can support so many of us to attack with internal force?”

Someone said: “Look at that woman who is not very old, no matter how strong she is, can she defeat the evil demon evil? Don’t get hurt by that evil sin, the selection cannot continue, and we will all be eliminated!”

“But she is now at its heyday, and the people going up will be at a disadvantage. Too early in the morning, I am afraid it is not conducive to being selected …”

“Then … Let’s wait? I hope that the evil demon is not too early.”

“Even if the evil demon evil did not come early in the morning, there was Gu Shaoxia! His internal strength is also extremely deep …”

Everyone has discussed for a long time here, and still no one wants to be the first bird.

The woman in white was not in a hurry, stood quietly in place, her eyes bewildered and looked into the distance, wondering where her heart had gone.

The original intention of Su Ji was to want to be the first to come forward and finish the exam early and enter the gate early. But he actually murmured in his heart: The internal force of his body is really very strong. In case this weak girl was injured, the selection was forced to be suspended, and Gu Feiyi could not enter Xiaoyulou. How to do it?

Therefore, he cannot enter the battlefield before Gu Feidian, but can only wait obediently.

Anxious, he raised his hands involuntarily and began to scratch his nails.

Fan Ye came up at this moment, I don’t know where I grabbed and handed melon seeds to Su Ye’s eyes, and smiled: “Holy Son, please use.”

Su Ye: …

Was it so pleasant to have a faithful follower?

The “fan two” of the crew who will only provoke things to Su Ji is really too unprofessional. Look at the enlightenment of the little black skin brother!

Su Ye didn’t hold back, and reached out to take a handful of seeds from Fan Ye, playing with her.

Fan Ye looked at the white woman in the field, and whispered in Su Ye’s ears: “Hey, this girl is good! She is in white clothes and full of quality. Looking at her eyes, like paint and ink, like smoke and fog, she feels confused It’s just right, I really feel pity … “

Su Li has seen many different temperamental beauties, and did not feel that this one was in front of him, so he ignored him.

Fan Ye laughed twice and muttered, “Hey, I forgot, Santa, your vision is different from others …”

“Since no one wants to be the first, let’s go first.”

The voice of the girl Qingyue sounded in the crowd. Pu Lingyun rationalized her goose-yellow shirt, rushed to the white woman standing in front of Xiaoyulou Mountain’s gate, and fisted, saying, “Tengyun Pavilion’s disciples Gu Ruohai, Pu Lingyun, please enlighten me.

The woman in white made a “please” gesture, and then held the book in her hand to stand in place, without showing any action to fight.

Her gaze was still scattered, as if she didn’t bother to look at Pu Lingyun at all.

Seeing the arrogant attitude of the woman in white, Pu Lingyun bit her lip, and seriously put on her hand, mobilizing her internal strength, and swaying the lanyard.

Fan Ye marveled: “Hey! This girl is also pretty good! She has strong internal strength and looks good. Look at the waist, but the slim is powerful, presumably …”

While listening to this man whispering in his ear, Su Xi thought: nonsense, how could the protagonist Gu Feide’s woman not be outstanding. However, no one who dares to grab a sister with the protagonist can end well. Fan Er, you can have a snack.

“I’m coming!”

Pu Lingyun’s words came to an end, and the man had already bullied him, and the palm of his inner force was mercilessly pushed straight towards the woman in white.

The dust on the mountain road was lifted by her momentum, and even the bushes along the road were rustling, as if helping her out.

The woman in white stood still in the same place, only slightly tilted her head, focused her eyes slightly, and fell on Pu Lingyun’s body.

Pu Lingyun came fiercely, but unexpectedly, when she was three feet away from the woman in white, her figure suddenly stopped.

As if bumping into a wall that was invisible and intangible, Pu Lingyun was forced back a few steps by the strength of her palm, and the internal force in the palm was instantly dissipated.

“——You!” Pu Lingyun looked up at the woman in white, her eyes full of suspicion.

The woman in white blinked slowly, her eyes fell on Pu Lingyun, and said, “Yes. You can enter the mountain.”

Pu Lingyun’s originally angry face flashed with surprise: “I … I passed?”

The woman in white turned her head slightly, allowing her to lead to the gate of Xiaoyulou, which is deeper in Meizhu Mountain.

Su Yan turned to look at Fan Ye, could not help teasing him: “What did you just say? You see pity?”

Fan Ye: …

Su Yan: “How is your internal force compared to Pu Lingyun?”

Fan Ye covered his face: “Sir, please stop saying …”

Passing the test of the woman in white, Pu Lingyun walked into the mountain gate one step at a time, standing on the steps of the mountain road and silently looking into the field, gesturing for non-enemy and making two gestures, which seemed to urge him to rush forward.

Gu Feidi glanced at Pu Lingyun, but did not leave. Somehow, he looked subconsciously at the suicide leaning against the cliff. Gaze flew away on Su Hyun’s face, he secretly gritted his teeth and tightened his lips.

With Pu Lingyun as a role model, the young warriors are starting to move.

Soon, the second person stepped forward to take the exam, and was also forced back by the white woman’s internal force, but also passed the assessment and entered the mountain gate.

This time, more people are eager to try. Everyone, you fight for me, gradually eager. Even if there was a knight who was eliminated because of poor internal strength, he could not stop everyone’s enthusiasm.


The white-eyed woman’s eyes fluttered, and she randomly fell on the knight in black with a sharp-eyed monkey cheek in the field, and said softly, “You don’t have a jade bell on your body, please come back.”

The thin man in black reached out and pulled a fat man in black out of the crowd and said, “My brother and I have never been separated since we broke into the rivers and lakes. They are treated as one by ourselves. We hold one Jade bells, why can’t they go into the mountain together? “

The fat and thin two black knights were the ones who seriously hurt Gu Fei in the dense forest before.

Seeing these two men, Su Min could not help frowning, and said, “It’s these two guys who grabbed his male lead and ruined his plot, and hate it!

The woman in white was unmoved and said indifferently: “A jade bell can only be used by one person, even if it is a brother, Xiaoyulou does not recognize it.”

Hearing this, the thin man in black turned his head to wink the fat man in black, and the two secretly put the palms of their hands facing each other with luck and strength.

The two did not know what exercises they practiced. When they worked together to operate the internal force, they were really one and the same, without stagnation. The internal force is operated by two people, and it is much stronger than the internal force of a single person, which completely exceeds all the previous knights who came forward for assessment.

Suddenly, the two were slightly wrong in shape, and the thin man stepped forward, palming out like electricity, the fat man was behind him, and the wind was blowing at his feet—they just hurried toward the white woman in the field!

The palm of the wind was carrying great strength. For a time, sand and stones were flying in front of the mountain gate, and there were countless fallen leaves falling in the bushes.

Watching the battle, everyone was shocked to see the battle between the two.

Su Xuan was so anxious to get up straight from the mountain wall, stepped forward to step forward, trying to help the woman in white to stop this attack.

Opposite a mountain road with him, Gu Feidi also rushed forward, picked up an internal force, pulled out a sword at his waist, and wanted to stop the two in trouble.

Who knows, before waiting for Su Ye and Gu Feidi to approach, she saw the woman in white frowning slightly, lazily holding up the book in her hand, and waving gently.

The next moment, the fat and thin two black robbers were hit by some huge and rapid things head-on, flying backwards, passing over the people who had not yet reached the assessment, and slumping in the mountains on the distance He fainted without a word.

The strong wind from the two people’s internal force disappeared before, the sand and stone crackled on the ground, and the leaves fell slowly to the ground.

There was silence in the field.

Su Xun and Gu Feiyi left and right, stood only three steps away from the woman in white, and exchanged a look in shock.

The shock this scene has brought them now is not enough to allow the secular camp boundaries to oppose them. Faced with this sudden change, even if there is a pig around them, they will exchange eyes with each other to gain approval and prove that they are not dazzled or insanity.

Woman in white raised her hand.

Su Gong and Gu Feidi each took a quick step back.

The woman wasn’t about to shoot at them, but her fingertips moved slightly, and a jade bell that fell in the center of the field was drawn into the palm of her hand with inner force and retracted into her sleeve.

“Provoked Xiaoyulou and disqualified him from selection.”

Her eyes narrowed, as if fainting away from the sky: “Let’s continue …”

For a long time no one responded.

The woman in white tilted her head in doubt, blinked blankly at the seemingly innocent pair of big eyes, and her gaze slowly turned around Su Su and Gu Feidian.

“Where are you two first?”

The author has something to say: Su Ye: You just said that this girl is good

Fan II: … for your life!

Chapter 7

Xiao Yulou’s inscrutableness is vividly reflected on this woman in white.

Upon hearing her interrogation, Su Su and Gu Feidian stared at each other again.

At this glance, there was no tacit understanding as before, but it was faintly provocative. It seemed that neither of them wanted to step back, and no one was willing to show timidity in front of this white woman.

“I’m coming first!” Gu Feidi snatched a step forward.

“He’s coming first!” Su Xi retreated at the same time.

Gu Feidian: …

Onlookers: …

“You …” Gu Feidi could not hide the surprise in his eyes and frowned. “… What’s the matter with you ?!”

“Ah, it’s …”

Su Ye also had a headache.

According to the design of the devil’s Son, he should not retreat at this time. But just now he hasn’t turned the corner too much, and his thinking still stays on the consciousness that “Gu Fei enemy must pass the test before he can stabilize the plot.” He casually gave Gu Fei the opportunity to challenge in advance. At this point, the words have been exported. If you regret it, it will be even worse. You might as well find an excuse to return.

So Su Yan blinked her eyes, her mouth twitched, and she brought on the usual uninhibited smile of the devil’s son, dragging a long voice: “… I’m willing to let you!”

Onlookers: Shameless!

Gu Feidi was so angry that his cheeks became red with this sentence, and he turned his head with a cold hum, and ignored the old man.

Su Xi retreated to the edge of the cliff, resisting the urge to raise her hands and scratch her hair, holding her arms, and carried the shelf of the devil’s son fully.
Fan Ye stepped forward and said, “The vision of the saint is different from ordinary people. I thought that the kid was tuned by his confederate father | It became a little old-fashioned and very boring. Or you are a master, you have such a trick. You are old-fashioned, don’t say it, it’s really exciting! Look at him, his ears are red … “

Su Xun chuckled while holding someone to express her disdain, but said in her heart: Fan Er, if you don’t do anything, you won’t die, and annoy the protagonist, but it’s not good for either of us.

The two were still muttering here, and Gu Feidian had already set his posture there.

He lifted up his internal strength, all condensed in the palm, and hit the white woman lightly.
Unlike Pu Lingyun and the Black Knight in the past, he slammed in the palm, and he could hardly see how vigorous he was lingering around him, just like an ordinary person without the slightest internal force, stretching out his palms That woman in white. The tender leaves of the surrounding shrubs did not move at all. Only the dust on the mountain road in front of Gu Fei’s feet rose slightly, which showed that it was a little unusual.

The look of the woman in white finally changed.

Her eyes were still empty, but her eyebrows were raised slightly, showing a few whimpers.

Gu Feidi hit the shoulder of the woman in white with one palm, and each of them was taken a step backward.

The woman in white smiled at the corners of her lips and said, “Well, a ‘Hatchling’! The internal force control is very well controlled, and it is well-known. The Confidence Script has also been repaired to the third level, but it is about to break?

Gu Feiyi stunned slightly, holding his fist and said, “Non-enemy is dumb and hasn’t made a breakthrough yet.”

The woman in white nodded her head and said, “I heard that the intellectuals of Tengyun Pavilion had for some reason missed the last volume” Homecoming Volume. “Why did you choose to practice it?

Gu Fei enemy said: “Although the Knowledge of Returning to the Classics is lacking, this set of internal skills is most suitable for me, and the first three volumes have been extremely difficult to practice. I am not greedy. It is said that the final homing volume is only one weight , The absence of it will not affect the use of this mentality. “

The gauntness of the woman in white looked through Gu Feidian’s shoulders, looking towards the distant sky, and said leisurely: “Birds are tired and knowing yet … ‘Zhi Huan Jing’ means the deep meaning, you still need to experience it carefully. Perhaps, in Xiaoyulou You can gain something. “

Having said that, she leaned slightly to make way for the gate leading to Xiaoyulou Mountain Gate.

Gu Feidian gave a gift to the woman in white, raised her feet to go forward, and could not help but look back at Su Xi, and then strode into the gate of Xiaoyulou Mountain.

Su Yan did not see Gu Fei’s glance.

He was thinking with his head down: in the script, Gu Feidi was in Xiaoyulou when he came into contact with the “Knowledge of Returning to the Scriptures”, and he did not know how the practice of the Gu family of Tengyun Pavilion would be in Xiaoyulou. His original drama was generally forward, and Gu Feidi’s experience after he met the demon was not clear, and he could not infer anything.

On his side, he thought deeply, and was suddenly poked twice by Fan Ye behind him.

“Ah! What are you doing ?!”

Su Xun was tickling and jumped away suddenly. Even her image was too late to look at Fan Xuan.

Fan Ye’s chin lifted and winked him.

The waiter standing aside said, “Son, it’s your turn.”

Su Huan turned back and saw that the white-haired woman’s empty spirit was locked on him, which was very scary.

Su Xuan raised her hand to scratch her head, and realized that the action was too “holy child”, so she changed her hair and raised her foot to the mountain road, turning and facing the woman in white.

He is unfamiliar with the internal forces of his body. He can only speculate that the palm of the mind is about the same as light work, but he needs to change the internal force concentrated on the lower limb circulation to the palm of his hand. To understand this, he tried to mobilize the internal forces and gather them all in his palm.

The bushes around the mountain road suddenly started to sizzle, and the sand and gravel on the ground began to tremble, but instead of being blown up by the wind, it seemed to be accompanied by some extremely fast vibration in the air.

The look of the woman in white suddenly changed. For the first time, the original blank eyes focused on Su Xiu, and even the hand holding the book was tightened slightly, her body stretched a little.

Su Xun was unaware of everything she had caused, and rushed to the woman in white, slamming the palm of her inner strength with all her might.

The woman in white stepped back half a step, raised one hand, and fluttered with Su Ye, and resolved his palm style.

Su Ye only felt that his attack was like an intercontinental missile hitting a small bunch of cotton, but the result was that instead of exploding, he uttered a squeak and completely disappeared, not even a little shock wave. Excited.

“The internal force is deep and rare. It’s just that the control is not good and it requires hard work.”

The woman in white retracted her hand and said lightly, “If you are not fighting for the actual test, if you gather all the internal forces in your palm, it will be unstable and you will be attacked by weakness and attack your weakness.”

There is really nothing to refute in this regard. After all, his methods of controlling internal forces were deliberately worked out by himself. It is euphemistic to say that he is “not precise”, but he doesn’t know it at all!

However, the identity of the devil is set there, and he can only say a word with a proud frame and does not agree with his head.

The woman in white again said: “The six funeral flowers of Yin Diocracy are extremely difficult to practice, and you can practice it to great success in only seventeen years of age. It is truly talented. Further training. What are your intentions for the advanced mindset? “

Su Sang was asked to hold back.

In his cognition, the holy priest of the demon religion practiced six burial flower exercises. From the beginning of the script to his performance, he never changed. Therefore, he didn’t know what other internal methods of magic teaching could allow him to continue practicing. Moreover, according to the martial arts setting he knows, shouldn’t a person only practice one kind of internal skill?

Seeing that he couldn’t answer, the woman in white didn’t follow up. She just said, “Well, in Xiaoyulou, I can always find something that suits you.”

Having said that, she took a step to the side and gave way to the mountain gate.

Su Yan entered the gate of Xiaoyulou with a lot of question marks, and as he went up the steps, he also pondered, thinking that he was more likely to wear the original instead of the script.

Alas, it shouldn’t be lazy at the time.

If he had read the original book, maybe he could better grasp the direction of the plot.

On his side, Gu just buried his head and went forward without notice. Gu Feidi secretly clenched his fist as he crossed Gu Fei’s side.

When he took a few more steps, he suddenly heard a cry of angrily anger.


Su Yan turned his head blankly, and saw Gu Feidi standing under the steps, looking up, staring at him with his eyes shut.

Gu Feidi gritted his teeth and said, “I will surpass you. Definitely!”

Su Xuan blinked her eyes, guessing that the palm he had just faced with the woman in white stimulated the little wolf cub, and couldn’t help laughing.

“Oh, you’ve set up a lot of Fla … flags today.” He paused, his expression didn’t break due to a mistake in his lines, and he still smirked, “But I believe you. You Someday you can surpass me, maybe … you can kill me. Rest assured, none of the flags you set will fall. “

After that, he laughed twice and turned and walked up the mountain steps.

Gu Feidi stared at the back of Su Ye’s departure, his teeth clenched, and his fists stunned.

Pu Lingyun gasped and gasped, exclaiming, “What is his tone? Is it mocking your delusion ?! There is so much nonsense, I don’t know what it means!”

Gu Feidi didn’t speak, but just retracted his eyes and lowered his eyes.

Pu Lingyun said: “Sister Brother, don’t be discouraged, your future achievements must be much higher than him! Don’t disturb yourself because of his few words.”

At the gate of the mountain, Fan Ye passed the assessment, and Dang Erlang pinched a small braid to step up the mountain.

Seeing Gu Feidi and Pu Lingyun still standing on the steps waiting for Xu Yunzhan, he stepped forward sloppily and laughed: “This little beauty …”

Before Fan Ye had finished speaking, he suddenly got stuck.

For a moment, he sniffed, and squinted deeply, then took a deep breath: “Oh-so good!”

Fan Ye raised his eyebrows, and smiled, his face gazing at Gu Feidian’s face for a moment, moving all the way down, his mouth screaming, “He even used the magic medicine for you? The Son’s vision is really spicy, you Juveniles, young ages, their faces look a little bit different. No wonder, no wonder … “

After speaking, he didn’t wait for the popularity to hit him, he started to exercise lightly, and the wind ran along the mountain road.

The author has something to say: Su Ye: I remember in the beginning you just wanted to win me.

Non-enemy: in the future, it’s not just about

Chapter 8

Pu Lingyun was so angry that she couldn’t wait to catch up with him immediately and caught the green peacock-like guy.

After passing the assessment, Xu Yunzhan, who just caught up, grabbed her by the arm and said, “Hey, you are so impatient! You are now catching up, and I and the non-hostile are determined to protect you. In case of trouble, Xiaoyulou won With the non-enemy’s selection qualifications, how do you let him avoid the capture of the demon religion in recent years? Although Su Ye may enter Xiaoyulou, his waiter is still outside the mountain gate! “
As soon as Pu Lingyun heard it, she calmed down and kicked a stone beside her foot, sulking: “Okay! I can’t bear to see my little brother selected!”
Gu Feidi said nothing, his gaze rose along the steps of the mountain road, and landed on the two backs that gradually drifted away. There was no anger or hatred in his eyes, and he was full of dissatisfaction and unwillingness.

Xu Yunzhan was two years older than Gu Feidi. At this time, he saw that Gu Feidi was aroused with a sense of excitement. He reluctantly patted his head and persuaded: “Non-enemy, you don’t need to pay too much attention, after all, you are older than you One year old, he practiced the magic teaching method again. People in the magic teaching, although the climate is early, but most of them are weak. You must not do anything to compare with him … “

“I know.” Gu Feidi receded his gaze, calmly, “I won’t be in a hurry. As I practice, I will continue to progress gradually at my own pace. You don’t have to worry.”

Xu Yunzhan was relieved, reached out and patted Gu Feidian’s shoulder, and smiled, “Let’s go up the mountain.”

The first selection in front of the mountain gate of Xiaoyulou was not officially ended until the sunset completely sunk into the horizon and the stars gradually lit up the sky.

The unfathomable strength of the woman in white made everyone afraid to provoke wrongdoing. Even if she was ruled out, she could only complain in secret and turned to leave.

But at this moment, the young warriors who passed the first assessment early had already reached the farmhouse in the mountains along the slate mountain road.

A wooden sign was erected outside the farmhouse door, with a description on it that all the warriors who came to the selection stayed in the farmhouse for one night. Someone will take them to the Xiaoyu Tower tomorrow morning for the next selection.

Next to the wooden sign, an old man sat on a lounger and closed his eyes dazzlingly, no matter what these young warriors asked him, he said nothing.

Seeing this scene, Su Xi was at ease.

The farmhouse and the old man were the first assessments he encountered in the script. Although the woman in white had interjected before, it seems that the follow-up plot is still online and has not collapsed all the way.

This farmhouse courtyard is not small. Five yellow mud thatched houses are built around the courtyard, and the doors and windows are simple wooden boards. These rooms are not large in size, and except for the old man’s main house, in all the partial rooms, only one room has a serious bed, which has been occupied by the chivalrous man who came up first.

What Su Yan has to do now is to force the upper house into his hands in accordance with the script and by virtue of his identity as a demon priest.

In addition, he must also ensure that Gu Feijian sees this process and fights with him.

He recites the lines of this plot quite well, even if he can’t remember them clearly, because he doesn’t involve Gu Fei, Su Xi doesn’t care much.

It is estimated that the sky is almost the same, Su Xi kicked the door of the upper room, leaned against the door frame, satired the young warrior inside from head to toe, and showed the unreasonable temperament of the demon of the demon.

The knights in the room didn’t dare to bump into Su Shi, they could only hold their belongings and let the room out dimly.

At that moment, Gu Feidi took Pu Lingyun and Xu Yunzhan into the courtyard of the farmhouse, and the time was exactly the same as in the script.

“Gu Shaoxia!” A chivalry stepped forward immediately. “Look at the evil spirits of this demon, and act arrogantly, forcibly **** the rooms of the young men who first arrived at the farmhouse!”

“Gu Shaoxia, you have to get back for us Badao Wulin!”

“Gu Shaoxia! This demon demon is too abominable, you can’t please him!”

“Gu Shaoxia, you were the one who went to the house! Now let the demon demon rob him …”

Su Ye passed the small bag in his hand to Fan Ye, let him clean up the bed in the advanced room.

When Fan Ye left, Su Ye held her arms, leaning against the door frame, and smiled at Gu Feidian with a smile.

According to the script’s setting, Gu Feidi despised him as a bully guy, and he would definitely come up with a theory. After being entangled by Su Xi, Hu Feidi couldn’t help but shot and then was wounded. However, in the early morning the next day, Gu Feidi, who practiced extremely hard, practiced swordsmanship with injuries early in the morning and was seen by the old man at the door.

The test of this farmhouse was whether the knights were diligent, and Gu Feidi did so, naturally receiving great praise, and was immediately sentenced to pass this selection.

Su Xi leaned against the door, resisting the impulse to pinch his nails, and meticulously held the shelf of the devil’s son, recite in his heart the lines he would use next.

In this ridiculous plot, Gu Fei’s words can’t be blocked, and he has high requirements for his lines. He must be prepared to make no mistakes.

Gu Feidi gave a cold glance to Su Xi, and turned to the knights who stood in the courtyard and said, “He wants to go to the house and let him be.”

Sue 😕 ? ?

Gu Feidi: “I and other martial arts people shouldn’t have been eager to enjoy themselves. It is the right way to work hard in the cold. Besides, we are here to participate in the selection of Xiaoyulou. We only stay here for one night. There are no beds. It does not matter. . Furthermore, the selection has begun, and no one knows whether Xiaoyulou will observe me in secret, etc., everyone is better watchful. “

As he said, he glanced at Su Ye, adding: “Su Shao Xia was so happy that he gave up the ease, so why not?”

Su Ye: …

The protagonist! Don’t just make your own claim! What do you make the script think? !!

Seeing that Gu Feihe was unwilling to ignore him, he turned around and walked to the room next to him. Su Ji was anxious, and subconsciously said the provocative line in the script: “Gu Shaoxia is a dragon and a phoenix among people. You are qualified to share this upper room with me. I share half of my bed with you, how? “

He didn’t believe it. When he heard such a line, Gu Xiaolangzui was not angry!

Sure enough, this sentence was immediate.

Gu Feidi’s footsteps flushed with anger.

He turned his head, looked fiercely at Su Su, gritted his teeth and said, “Su Shaoxia, please take care of yourself!”

Behind Gu Fei’s body, Xu Yunzhan held Pu Lingyun’s mouth tightly and clamped her to be rushed forward.

He looked up at Su Su and sneered, saying, “Shao Shaoxia, I’m looking at Qing Er Fan Fan Er, it’s more suitable to share the bed with you. Non-enemy is a decent character, or not mixed!”

After that, he dragged Pu Lingyun with one hand and Gu Feidian with one hand, and the three entered the other room together.

After all, Gu Feidie is a teenager with a temperament. But at present, the medicine and the scent of the body must be resolved. He didn’t dare to cause trouble in Xiaoyulou, and he didn’t want to bump into Su Shi. He just waved the door and slammed the door, and a layer of wood chips was shaken.

Su Yan looked at the closed door and sighed helplessly.

Where did this story go wrong? Should not …

Fan Ye came up and whispered: “Holy Son, now that you have used Lianxiang Huichun Pill on him, why bother at this time. No one can say about the selection criteria for Xiaoyulou. In case you acted Meng Lang, The disqualification is really worth the loss. It would be better to wait for him to enter the building and then make his idea. “

After a pause, he added: “Even if Xiaoyulou’s rules are large, you are not convenient to start. As long as he still has a medicine fragrance, you will not be able to escape if you wait for him after leaving the building!”

Su Shi was confused: “Ah?”

Fan Ye is even more unclear. So: “… er? What’s wrong?”

Su Hui wondered, “How do you know that I have given him medicine?”

Fan Ye blinked his eyes and wondered: “… Son, you, don’t you know the efficacy of Lianxiang Huichun Pill?”

Su Yan: “Isn’t it just a matter of resurrecting death?” And the dead are not counted.

Fan Ye: …

Fan Ye glanced at the knights in the courtyard of the farmhouse, who were so angry and indifferent to Su Hui, that he reached into the room with a headache, dragged him into the room, and closed the door.

“Holy Son,” he whispered, “don’t you know the medicinal scent of this elixir can be traced by chasing butterflies?”

Su Li said: …… I don’t even know what chasing Xiangdie! Screenwriter, oh no, author, can you not mess around? !!

Fan Ye said: “It seems that the reason why you can achieve such a high level of achievement is that you have always been obsessed with practice and have never cared about these common things …”

Su Ye: …

Fine. You made excuses and saved me.

After lamenting the boring childhood of the sage son of the demon, Fan Ye talked to Su Xun about the matter of the demon piety incense Huichun maru.

At the end, he asked in confusion: “The Son does not know the magical use of magical medicine. Why should he give Gu Feiyi the magical medicine?”

Su Xun scolded the original author and the script writers who randomly set the script from head to toe, but there was no flaw in his face.

He frizzled his hair leisurely, calmly: “He was seriously injured at the time, I just couldn’t bear to see him die like this. I’m just … hey, it’s boring.”

Fan Ye showed a clear smile and bumped Su Ji’s arm, and said, “Buddy understand! Hey hey … But you do n’t want to go too far in Xiaoyulou, Shengzi, after all, we do n’t know the selection Will anyone record our behavior? In the unlikely event that this is a small matter, we will lose more than we get. “

Su Xi nodded casually, but did not answer.

He carefully considered the previous plots that made him feel wrong, and tried to judge the subsequent impact of his negligence.

Su Xi realized that when he met Gu Fei again at Xiaoyulou Mountain Gate, the other side looked angry–

——Does Gu Feidi think that he intentionally left this traceable medicinal scent on him in order to hunt down to the ends of the earth in the future? !!

Hiss, this misunderstanding is too big!

The author has something to say: Non-enemy: Misunderstandings may be bigger than you think

Chapter 9

That night, the sleeper was insomnia again.

Since he came to this world, in addition to the first three days of turbulent life, he drunk with sorrow every night and quickly fell asleep, and two nights after the departure of the demon, he would have insomnia until the sky was slightly bright, so that he could get lost Falling asleep.

Quiet nights are the most susceptible to imagination. Even a rough-headed person such as Su Ye is inevitably affected by such an unexplainable upheaval.

Coupled with the setting of the ancient background, almost everyone dies at sunset, and they have to sleep at the latest. At this point in modern times, nightlife has just begun, and Suwan is not used to being normal.

And he also knows that this kind of habit cannot be eliminated in a short time.

Listening to Fan Huo’s purr on the other side of the bed, Su Hui turned up in the dark, took out a thin book from the bag, and went out lightly.
The small courtyard of the farmhouse was quiet, and the old man by the door had already returned to the house to rest, as if there was only one man left in the whole world, and he was accompanied by a round moon in the air.

There were no clouds tonight, and it was almost full moon, and the light was not bad. Su Yue turned to the “Sword of Lotus Lotus” in the moonlight, and carefully identified the handwriting and illustrations.

Although he passed through the body of the devil with excellent talents, this does not mean that he can sit back and relax.

On the contrary, it is precisely because he is wearing the demon son, and he also knows that there are so many combat plays that belong to him in the later plot, so he must work harder to master all the martial arts that the demon son should have as early as possible. To the heights of martial arts he should have reached.

Otherwise, it is likely that his story hasn’t reached halfway and he will be killed in some strange place.
There is no law in this world, and no one else knows his origins. He will not tolerate him everywhere. He can only survive in this world by himself and try his best to maintain the plot.

Perhaps only in this way, he can finally return to the real world by completing this story.

Su Xuan repeatedly read the first few pages of the “Sword of the Lotus Lotus” several times, keeping in mind the movement of the internal force and the sword linking action recorded above.

Then, he inserted the book into the waist belt and released a soft sword from his waist.

The blade of this sword is only about two centimeters wide, very thin, but full of toughness. The blade fluttered, not like a sharp weapon, but like a flexible whip.

Su Li has never practiced martial arts.

At most, he used to embroider his legs with a few strokes at the fingertips of the crew.

But he has learned to dance.

He was able to become a celebrity traffic because he participated in a dance show.

When he was in the “Rivals” crew, Su Rong was the only young actor who did not use martial arts as a substitute. The crew also used this as a selling point and gave him a wave of very positive publicity.

Fortunately, the martial arts moves of the magic religion seem to be very elegant. Even if Su Shu has never practiced martial arts, he can feel some of them only by his dancing skills.

Through the moonlight, Su Xun used the moves on the first few pages of “The Sword of the Lotus Lotus”, and repeated it several times. Waiting for the movement to be coherent, he joined the internal force cycle and tried to combine the two.

However, martial arts, especially in the context of fictional martial arts, is still very different from dance.

Su Xun practiced for a long time, until his sweat was dripping, until the moon was tilted westward, until the sky was darker than midnight. He still couldn’t master the cooperation between the internal force circulation and martial arts moves.

The extreme exhaustion of the body and the extreme depression of the mood impacted Su Sui, making him feel very irritable, and he wanted to vent his breath.

He stopped, looked down at the soft sword in his hand, and suddenly remembered the “drunk vertical whip” he had jumped when he entered the competition.

The sword fell and pointed towards the ground.

Suddenly Su Su suddenly jumped up, followed the melody in his heart, and threw the soft sword in his hand out of a full arc.

His eyes were narrow, his feet were light, his waist was flexible, and he was dancing in the empty farmhouse yard, walking on the darker night and the light of the stars in the sky.

He did not use internal force, but relied on the purest physical strength to interpret Rou and Gang with the ultimate explosive force.

This short dance started in silence and stopped in silence.

Su Ji gasped slightly, leaning over to pick up the “Sword of Lotus Lotus” that fell to the ground between dances, inserted back to her waist, and gathered her hair that would spread out, slowly walking back to herself with a sword s room.

The door closed silently, and the world was quiet again.

To the east, a hint of gray-blue appeared.

Behind a gap in which a window was not closed, Gu Feizhe stared at the chaotic dust in the courtyard for a long time before lowering his eyes and turning away.

After a moment, he pushed open the door to the courtyard, and began to practice every morning.

Sitting on the bed in the other room, the old man sitting slowly seemed to open his eyes and said to himself: “This year’s little guy has a lot of good seed …”

It was getting brighter, and Xu Yunzhan and Pu Lingyun both got up and came to Gu Feidi to start martial arts with him.

Was awakened by the voices of the three, and many young warriors who lived in the farmhouse also got up one after another and went to the hospital to do some simple daily training.

When the sun rose, the old man came out slowly from the house yesterday.

He did not say hello to the young knights in the yard, and sat down on the lounge chair outside the small courtyard of the farmhouse.

Finally, when more than twenty people were gathered in the farmhouse courtyard, a middle-aged man with a gentle face came down the mountain road and stood outside the farmhouse courtyard.

“Qi Lao.” The middle-aged man respectfully saluted the old man on the deck chair, and said, “Did you find a good seed among these young people last night?”

The old man didn’t even bother to open his eyes, and said lightly, “Those who have already come to the yard to practice the exercises at this time are still very diligent. Take them there.”

The middle-aged man heard the words, looked up at the courtyard, and laughed: “Oh, this is a lot of good seedlings.”

As he said, he entered the farmhouse courtyard and yelled, “People who have started martial arts before the beginning of today can go in and pack things and follow me up the mountain.”

As early as when the middle-aged man talked to the old man, the children in the hospital had gradually stopped the practice in their hands and listened carefully to the conversation between the two. At this moment when the middle-aged man said something like this, his face was a little excited, and he stepped forward to salute the middle-aged man early, and then returned to the room to pack things.

Suddenly, a young knight laughed: “Speaking of them, why don’t you see the evil demon evil?”

Another immediately agreed: “It is rumored that people in the demon sect are lazy. He is probably used to dancing in the Yinggeyan dance on weekdays, and probably won’t wake up until afternoon!”

Another person with a smile on his face said: “It’s a pity that the sacred son of the devil is planted on this occasion. Who wants it? Hahaha …”

“I said, Xiaoyulou is not just a selection of talents. If you are not diligent, there is no need to come to Xiaoyulou to hang around!”

“Xiongtai makes sense!”

Pu Lingyun listened to everyone’s condemnation, and finally found an opportunity to speak. She sneered and rushed to infer the enemy: “Little brother, that demon demon is so lazy, it’s a waste of talent. His future achievements are certainly not as good as you! Huh, on his own, he tried to make a mistake …”

“Lingyun, don’t say it.” Gu Feidi’s eyes dangled, and his hands on the side could not help but secretly punched into fists.

He pursed his lips and Shen said: “We are not qualified to judge a person like this … we cannot see at any time.”

Pu Lingyun said for a moment: “Little brother?”

Gu Fei enemy said: “Let’s talk too much, don’t say it behind people. Let’s go.”

Pu Lingyun was a little unhappy, but obediently closed his mouth, followed Gu Feidi to the farmhouse, and stood beside the middle-aged man.

Gu Feizhe stood beside the middle-aged man for a moment without squinting, and finally couldn’t help but set his sights on the door of a farmhouse.

Seeing that the door was still motionless, he looked slightly changed, and turned to look at the middle-aged man, his lips moving slightly, as if hesitating to say something.

However, in the end he said nothing and clenched his fists.

Su Ye was awakened by Fan Ye from her sleep.

He opened his eyes stupidly, and it took him a while to realize that it was already bright.

“Holy Son! I’m sorry!” Fan Ye looked at him with a tangled face and couldn’t help apologizing. “It’s all my fault! When I got up early to practice, I saw you sleeping Zheng Xiang, and couldn’t bear to wake you. Who knows … This turned out to be an assessment … “

Hearing Fan Ye’s words, Su Ling turned up from the bed, and had no time to clean his clothes, he pushed open the door and looked at the farmhouse.

At this time, the middle-aged man had already ordered the young man who had practiced in the morning and was preparing to leave.

In the courtyard, there were some young warriors who were getting up late, all of them were bare-chested and full of sadness.

Strangely, when everyone saw the suspense who was supporting the door frame, the clothes were disheveled, and his face was astonished, no matter whether he was full of pride or annoyed, his face turned into a kind of unparalleled gratification.

“Holy Son …” Fan Ye called hesitantly.

Su Yan’s eyes swept across the faces of the courtyard, and finally fell on Gu Feidian who could not see clearly in the distance.

With only one glance, the anxiety in his heart suddenly calmed down.

Yes, in any case, as long as Gu Feidi can enter Xiaoyulou, the plot will not deviate too much. After all, in the plot afterwards, there is no match between him and Gu Fei’s opponents. He eliminated here, or eliminated in the next level. In fact, there is no difference.

What’s more, this morning, it’s no wonder that he didn’t remind Fan Ye last night.

Thinking of this, Su Xie leaned leaning on the door frame, drew a corner of her mouth, pulled out a lazy smile, and asked Fan Ye: “Have you caught up?”

Fan Ye nodded awkwardly.

Su Xuan raised his chin: “Isn’t that fast yet? I’m so sleepy, I will go back to bed and sleep …”

After speaking, he actually turned around and entered the room, nostalgia, causing everyone in the courtyard outside the courtyard to stare.

The author has something to say: Su Ye: Even if you overslept, people must support it!

Chapter 10

“Now that we are all together, let’s go up the mountain. Qi Lao, Wang Ke retired.”

The leading middle-aged man said, gave a gift to Qi Lao Xing, turned around and left.
The young warriors followed him, along the bluestone slab road, one by one, it was difficult to hide their excitement.

Gu Feidi hesitated a bit, and finally glanced at the closed lintel.

Pu Lingyun wondered: “Brother, go?”

Gu Feidi gritted his teeth, raised his fist, hesitated for a moment, and then turned his head to leave.

“Young man …”

At the door of the farmhouse, Qi Lao, who closed his eyes and raised his head, suddenly spoke.

Although the middle-aged man has come a long way, he still stopped immediately when he heard this sentence, turned to face the old man, respectfully said: “What else does Qi Old have to command?”

The old man ignored him, only closed his eyes, and slowly said, “… Young man. Sometimes, a decision may give you an advantage in a short time … but in the future, whenever you Recalling this moment of silence, it will become a thorn, stuck in your heart, and it can never be removed. If the person who learns martial arts is affected by his state of mind, it may be a hindrance to his mental training. “

Gu Feidi suddenly looked up at the old man.

But the old man shut up and stopped saying a word.

The middle-aged man was not in a hurry to leave at this time. He stood on the stone steps expressionlessly, and looked down at the twenty or so young warriors in front of him, waiting for the child who was mentioned by Qi Lao to step forward.

Qi Lao spent many years in Xiaoyulou, but he always looked ignorant. He could tell him to speak in person. The child’s qualifications should be excellent, so that the old man could not bear to watch people go astray, and then he persuaded.

Gu Feidi lowered his eyelashes, his teeth were loose and tight, and loose and tight. For a moment, he closed his eyes suddenly, and when he opened them again, his eyes were firm.

He turned to face the old man in front of the farmhouse, gave a fist, and said, “Thank you for your elders!”

Immediately, he turned to the middle-aged man standing on the mountain road, squinting his head, and said, “Sir, there is actually a young knight in the hospital who is very hardworking. I saw him practicing martial arts in the hospital until I fell asleep yesterday until I I woke up early in the morning to see him return to the house to rest. I wanted to come … he didn’t get up before Chenchu, and it was a very hard relationship last night. “

The middle-aged man raised his eyebrows slightly and asked with a smile, “Oh? Who is this boy?”

Gu Fei enemy said: “It’s the devil … Yin Shao is a god, Su Shaoxia.”

As soon as he said this, the young warriors on the mountain road immediately messed up.

Pu Lingyun hurriedly said, “Little Brother! What are you talking about!”

Xu Yunzhan also frowned and asked, “Non-enemy, is this true?”

Gu Feidi nodded calmly in the doubtful eyes of everyone.

“He practiced martial arts in the courtyard last night from midnight on the moon until the sky became white.” He said, his cheeks were reddish slightly, his eyes lashed, and he said, “I am ashamed, before … To hide … “

“Juvenile mindset is inevitable to make mistakes,” the middle-aged man laughed. “Knowing about mistakes can change them.”

Gu Feidi raised his head and looked at the middle-aged man without dodging, and said, “Neo enemy understands.”

The middle-aged man smiled again and said, “But since you have made a mistake, even if you have admitted it, punishment will not be avoided. Do you have any objection?”

Gu Feidi has not spoken yet, Pu Lingyun said anxiously: “Sir! The non-enemy is not intentionally concealing. If you make a mistake, you say that‘ the person in the hospital at the beginning of the day ’is eligible to pass.”

Xu Yunzhan stood aside and deliberately went up to cover Pu Lingyun’s mouth, but because of the presence of the middle-aged man, he did not dare to go over, and only pulled Pu Lingyun’s sleeve hard.

Pu Lingyun didn’t care, and continued: “Even if the demon … Su Shaoxia practiced hard last night, after all, he couldn’t wake up at the beginning of the day! Ling Yun believes that the husband should not punish the enemy, but only let people go Just ask Shao Xia to come out. “

The middle man looked at Pu Lingyun seriously.

Although Pu Lingyun’s eyes showed anxiety, instead of avoiding his gaze, she bravely met him.

The middle-aged man laughed suddenly, and said, “You have the courage to be bold, but you have to stand up to me, and you have to stand up and protect your companions.

This was not like reproach, Pu Lingyun was pleased.

He only heard the middle-aged man continue: “However, he cannot be impunity.”

Pu Lingyun: “But sir–“

“Gu Fei, I will punish you to invite Su Xi out of the house yourself.”

The middle-aged man ignored Pu Lingyun and ordered directly to Gu Feidi.

Gu Feiyi was stunned first, then he gave a fist, and said, “Yes.”

Without hesitation, he turned and walked towards the farmhouse.

Fan Ye called out: “Hey, that …” He turned to look at the middle-aged man and asked, “Can I go together? Su Ye made good with me, so …”

The middle-aged man changed his face and said, “This is a punishment for Gu Fei. Don’t let anyone in.”

Fan Yan flattened his mouth, and narrowed his neck silently, and stopped talking.

Gu Feidi went into the courtyard of the farmhouse, and under the gaze of the young knights who looked around, he came to the door of the room where Su Li lived, and raised his hand to gently knock on the door.

In fact, Su Yan had already stood up and heard the conversation between Gu Feidi and the middle-aged man on the mountain road just now. Although he did not expect that he would run out of practice to practice insomnia last night, he would actually be seen by Gu Feidi and the old man, but this test should also pass in the script, so he is already packing up and going out.

However, he encountered some unexpected trouble.

Looking at the clueless clothes in his hands, Su Xuan could not help rolling his eyes.

He now a little regrets that he went out for a dance last night, and also very much regretted that he had just taken his clothes off the bed and quilted.

The costumes of the Goblins are extremely cumbersome, with three layers inside and three layers outside, and they are all laced up for the sake of flowing body. At first, the costume costumes of the crew seemed to be beautiful, but in fact, the robes and belts were directly hooked on the hooks. The other day, he just wore it, and he had a waiter beside him. Except for a simple coat, these complicated robes were all worn by him.

At this time, everyone around him left, and Su Xun found out that he, a well-known devil in the rivers and lakes, turned into a low-energy child!

The door was banged again, followed by Gu Fei’s voice.

“Shou Shaoxiu, Gu Fei, is here to invite you …”

“I know. I heard what you said just now.” Su Hyun finally said helplessly, “But I’m having some trouble, please wait.”

After speaking, he thought about it and added: “Ah, it would be better if Fan Ye could help me.”

Su Xun knew that everyone in Xiaoyulou must also be clear-sighted, and that middle-aged man would definitely hear him.

Sure enough, the next moment, the middle-aged man said, “Gu Feidi, go and see what assistance Su Su needs. If you help him solve it, you will pass the penalty.”

Su Ye: …

No, you uncle, why don’t you play cards according to common sense?

He showed Gu Feidi this way. Should he punish Gu Feidi or punish him? !!

Gu Feidi knocked on the door again and asked, “Can I go in?”

Su Xuan threw his shirt on the bed and raised his hand against his forehead.

After a moment of hesitation, he could only promise: “… Okay, you come in.”

As soon as Gu Feidi pushed open the door of the room, he saw the shudder wearing messy hair and only wearing a jacket standing in front of the bed.

The middle coat of the demon religion has a half-sleeve style, and the two forearms are barely exposed. Although the bottom shirt is trousers, the white silk is slightly transparent, and the skin color is looming under the lining.

This pair looks conservative enough in Su Yan’s eyes, but it falls into Gu Fei’s eyes, but it is almost no different from the slightest.

Gu Feidi’s face was blank for a moment, then his cheeks turned red, and he shouted, “You, you … you …!”

For a long time there was no “you” out of it.

Su Xuan was also a little embarrassed by his reaction. He picked up the internal force, transmitted the sound, and asked Gu Feidi for help: “This clothes is too complicated. I used to help me wear them. . “

Gu Feidi :! !! !!

A serious middle-aged man holding his arms outside the door suddenly snatched his throat and coughed violently.

The old man who closed his eyes and rested outside the farmhouse, his beard trembled strangely, and seemed to smile a little hard.

Su Xun picked up a gauze from the pile of clothes on the bed, put it on her body, and said, “Just tell me how to wear it, you don’t have to help me in person.”

He also knew that asking Gu Feidi to dress him for himself was almost a shame for Gu Feidi. He doesn’t have this hobby of death, and it doesn’t happen in the script. He has to try to avoid unnecessary contact between the two.

Gu Feidi heard Su Yan saying this, relieved, and used the voice to point out how he should look for the hidden laces in his clothes, and put on clothes that were as complicated as dresses.

After working for a long time, Su Su finally got all the pieces of fabric to where they were supposed to be, and took off all kinds of ribbon lanyards that were only decorative and unnecessary, which relieved him.

He couldn’t help complaining to Gu Feidi: “It’s really troublesome, I think it’s good for the simple cloth clothes!”

After that, he pulled a long hair, and successfully pulled the semi-loose hair band down.

Su Ye: …

Gu Feidian: …

Su Xi looked at the hairband that fell to the ground, hesitated for a moment, and said, “It doesn’t matter, let’s go. We’ve been delayed too long, it’s time to go.”

He really couldn’t figure out the long hair, and he couldn’t even struggle.

Su Hui turned around and picked up the parcel from the bed. Turning his head, he saw Gu Feiyi stepping forward and picking up the fiery red hair band on the ground.

Gu Feidi passed the headband to Su Xi without saying a word, his eyelashes were lowered, and his face was expressionless.

Su Ye looked at the boy’s quiet and obedient appearance, and suddenly thought that the child was actually quite cute.

Yes, no matter how strong Gu Feizhe is, he is just a 16-year-old young boy. In modern times, but just when I was in high school, it was when I was most vigorous and immature.

Su Xun unconsciously began to substitute for the elder’s psychology, reached out to take the hairband from Gu Feidi, and smiled: “Thank you.”

The author has something to say: Non-enemy: You, you … you don’t check!