Did We Agree To Be Rivals? ~ Chapter 001-005

Chapter 1

Qingwu County.

Meizhu Mountain.

The loquat squatted on a lush leafy tree branch and was very tangled.

Under the tree, two black and one white, three figures are fighting together. Swords and swords, blood and rain, every move is greeting each other’s key points.

Wearing black clothes were two middle-aged knights, one with a sharp-billed monkey gill and one with a wide waist and round body.

The thin man was dancing with a machete in his hand, and he smiled strangely: “What martial childish tiger, the right way young eagle, I don’t think so! You really think that with your kungfu being blown into the sky, you can make all young people The warrior stepped on his feet? “

Although the fat man didn’t say a word, the attack was not softer than the thin man, he was overbearing and full of anger.

The boy in white who confronted the two was only young and green, and there was some childishness between the eyebrows, but he was already very handsome and handsome, so he could not be disturbed by one enemy and two.

But after all, he was young, and his internal strength was not deep enough, and his martial arts skills were no longer strong. It was also difficult to support for too long under the siege of the two, and he was inevitably injured by the blade during the fight.
The white shirt was stained with blood, and he looked more and more tender and fragile.

Su Xun squatted on a tree branch to watch the war. When she saw that the young boy in white had added a new injury and was a little nervous, he took a leaf from the treetop next to him and sent it to his mouth.

He has a problem. He likes to chew when he is nervous. But there was no chewing gum popcorn or anything, he could only take the second place and chew a handful of leaves.

Suddenly, behind the demon flower waiter, “Holy Son, the leaves are of limited toxicity. With your skill, even if you eat up the whole forest, you will not be poisoned and die. You still don’t try to commit suicide, the elders will worry. “

Su Yan just put the leaf in his mouth, and when he heard it, he almost planted it from the branch.

He was a little annoyed, “I’m free. I’ve come here and can’t think of it?”

The demon teaches flowers: “Since five days ago, your six funeral flowers have been completed and you have returned from the retreat. You first drunk yourself, and then you woke up and tried to jump off cliffs, hanging beams, take poison, fall into the water … Elders Let your subordinates come to Cheongwu-gun with you just to let your subordinates look at you and stop … “

“… well you shut up.”

Su Xi spit out the bitter leaves in his mouth, and raised his hand against his forehead.

He did these stupid things five days ago.

But this is really not his death, but whoever lies in the matter he encounters, everyone will go crazy.

His original name was Chen Yiyang, a net red traffic that suddenly burst into flames with its high face and classical dance. Fortunately, he didn’t take long before he was caught on by a young Internet drama team, allowing him to play an important supporting role in the novel adaptation “The Rival”.

It is said that he was able to get this opportunity, or the original author’s wife nominated himself and recommended him to the crew. He was proud of this for a while.

Five days ago, he was a hit in the crew’s drama and happened to catch up to his birthday again.

The young team was more lively. There was nothing to do with either the director or the actor, so he gathered a table for dinner that night to celebrate him.

As the protagonist of the dinner, he was naturally drunk.

Who knows, when he opened his eyes again, he actually became the villain he played in that web drama—the holy son of the demon religion!

In order to escape from this magical god, he tried to drunk himself and tried suicide in various ways.

As a result, nothing changed except letting the demon go up and down the chicken flying dogs, shocking all the elders and filling him with countless bitter chicken soup.

After tossing for three full days, he finally gave up. My heart guessed that this must be playing through the great god, forcing him to play the script again from the beginning, and after going through the plot completely, he could return to the real world.

Fortunately, the timeline of this world coincides with the beginning of the script. The legendary Xiaoyu Tower opened its doors and faced the entire martial arts selection.

Su Ji immediately packed up and rushed to Meizhu Mountain to step on his first plot point.

So there was this scene where he was squatting on a tree branch.

However, somehow, this plot is a little different from the script he is familiar with:

Xiaoyu Tower ’s opening date is correct; the initial screening method is to hang 66 jade bells in this forest in Meizhu Mountain, which makes people look for snatches. This is also true; after he entered the mountain, he quickly found one. A jade bell, that’s right.

But when he found the jade bell, he immediately encountered the script protagonist Gu Feidi, and fought for the jade bell–the most important point was very wrong.

Su Ji squatted on a tree branch and looked down at the three people still struggling. His eyes fell on the young man in white, who gradually became unsupported and injured more and more.

He sighed sadly, and asked the waiter behind him, “You said, Gu Feidi was bullied like this. Can I save him or not?”

——The young boy in white is the well-deserved protagonist in “Old Enemies”, Gu Feidian, who is known as “Wulin Linhu” and “Jingdao Yingying”.

The waiter was silent for a moment, and asked, “The Son is interested in him?”

Su Yan said: “It’s hard to say, but he can’t die here, this is not yet at Xiaoyulou.”

I haven’t arrived at Xiaoyulou yet, Gu Feidi hasn’t learned “Knowledge and Return to Homecoming”. How to give him the last sword and send him back to reality?

But if he rescued Gu Feidi at this time, wouldn’t he have messed up the already scrambled script?

The holy son of the cult teaches to save the right way young eagle?

There is no reason!

Su Yan is still struggling, but he listens to the flowers behind him and said, “If the saint wants to be rescued, he will save it. However, Gu Feidi is the only son of Wulin Hai, the leader of Wulin League, and you can’t arbitrarily throw him into Islam, otherwise I The church has become the target of all martial arts. “

Su Su wondered, “… why should I take him back?”

The flower waiter didn’t say anything, but in his eyes he looked at Su Xun’s clear expression of a meaning: You are clearly a recidivist.

Su Xi didn’t receive the eyes of the flower waiter, could not hear the answer, he didn’t care, and turned to look at the three people still under the tree.

But a few words of effort, the situation under the tree has begun to tilt.

Gu Feidi had one enemy and two, and his internal strength was finally unsustainable. He was punctuated by the fat man in black and chopped it down with one stroke.

Gu Fei’s sword blocked. Although he blocked the blade, he didn’t have the internal force to resist the huge force that fell with the knife. He shook his body, stepped back a few steps, slammed against the trunk, and coughed up blood.

When the thin man in black saw this, he smirked twice, pointed the knife at the tip of Gu Feidi’s nose, and narrowed his eyes, “Even if you are a young tiger eagle, in the hands of Lao Tzu, it’s just a little bitch! Hurry up and hand over the jade bell in your hand! I’ll buy you a little life! “

Gu Feidi raised his hand and wiped the blood on his lips, but he couldn’t wipe it off. Instead, he stained his jaw with a whole piece of red.

The teenager’s complexion was a bit pale due to injuries and internal overdrafts, but his eyebrows were still strong, his eyes were like stars, and he didn’t flinch at all. His jaw was smeared with blood, which not only did not destroy the toughness on him, but added a layer of unyielding strength to him.

Su Xi looked at such a Gu Fei, and praised in his heart: The child’s eyes, like a little wolf cub with open teeth and dancing claws, are more decent than the creamy nun who was originally selected by the crew.

Seeing that Gu Feidi was not interested, the thin man in black made a wink to the fat man next to him. The two shot at the same time. The four scimitars danced imperviously. He leaned on the trunk and seemed to have lost all his resistance. go with.

Seeing this, Su Xi was so anxious to get up and grab the tree branch.

However, Gu Feidi suddenly lifted a leg, stepped on the trunk behind him, as if a bird in the forest turned over the two people who came over, his body was spinning in the air, and at the same time he sent his long sword—the long sword reflected from the dense forest crown The mottled sunlight that came down wafted out a galaxy.

The sword twirled, pounding heavily on the back of the black man, and flew flesh and blood for a while.

The thin man screamed and fell to the ground, turning in amazement to look at Gu Feidi.

The fat man who had not spoken immediately put on alert posture, frowned, narrowed his eyes, and said in a deep voice, “You have become a true kite sword!”

Gu Feidian didn’t say a word, raised his sword, and raised his hand again. During the action, it seemed that raptors dived down from the sky.

The thin man was shocked at the spot when he saw the posture.

Before he made a sound, the fat man picked him up and took him back a few steps to avoid Gu Fei’s fatal blow.


Slender then reacted and anxiously shouted, “You haven’t run yet after seeing the true kite sword! Jade bells are deadly important!”

The words fell, and the two had fled a dozen steps away.

The thin man probably felt that he was so fleeing and fleeing. There was a few words from a long distance: “We can’t stop your true kite sword, but it doesn’t mean that no one can kill you! The demon gods also come After seeing Zhuzhu Mountain, hum, if you meet him, I think you still have such good luck-“

As the two left, the forest was quiet for a moment. There are still endless tweets of insects, but it strangely creates a sense of silence.

Gu Feizhe looked at the direction in which they left for a long time, and suddenly took two steps and leaned back to the trunk.

His face was pale, his breath was disordered, his sword drew down to the ground, and with his constantly trembling hand he made a very fast clicking sound.

After all, Gu Feidie was young. The fat and thin two knights were not clowns, but the gangsters who were fairly famous on the rivers and lakes. He has one enemy and two opponents, but he is already at the end of the crossbow. In the end, the real kite-sword method was just anxious and he made a stance with enough power to bluff people away.

True kite swordsmanship is difficult to practice and difficult to use. He didn’t have enough internal support, relying solely on his body to mimic the hegemonic twist of swordsmanship.

Gu Fei dit his eyes down for a while, then slowly raised his head until his breathing was stable. Still staring brightly, his eyes looked straight in the direction of Su Hui’s hiding, and he muttered.

“Can the senior who watched the war … come out and tell?”

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Chapter 2

Hearing this interrogation, Su Xi could not help but hold back.

He was found?

The flower attendant reminded: “Holy Son, you were in a hurry just now.

It was clear to Su Ye.

Although this world is fictional, after all, it is set by martial arts. The martial arts person inside is ear-sound and the following protagonist is Gu Fei.

He was in a hurry just now, and the movement of holding up the branches was so large that it was reasonable to be found by Gu Feidi.

Just so, the plot of the script is even more chaotic.

Go on, don’t go on, this is a problem.

Su Xi had nothing to chew, and bit his nails anxiously. He thought: Actually, this scene didn’t deviate too much from the script, right?

In the script, as a villain, he is a villain, in order to compete with the protagonist Gu Feidian for the Jade Bell, which is officially selected by Xiaoyulou, and he joins forces with a demon servant to push Gu Feiyi into despair. However, because of the “well-known script routine”, he talked a lot of nonsense and successfully helped Gu Feidi to drag in the rescue.

Although it’s not that he pushed the protagonist into desperation at the moment, it’s actually not bad.

Maybe … when he goes down and reads the lines in two sentences, maybe Gu Fei’s little sister and sister should take the rescuer, as the script writes, Wudi appeared?

There was no movement on his side, but Gu Fei’s posture under the tree did not relax at all.

The boy clenched the hilt of his sword slightly, leaned against the trunk, and looked straight.

Su Xi looked at such a strong Gu Feidi, and suddenly he couldn’t bear it.

With a vacillating heart, he decided to ask the waiter behind him: “Anyway, we have been discovered by him. What can we do if we don’t read the lines and go on the plot? So it doesn’t matter to show up, right?”

The cult flower waiter ignored the inexplicable vocabulary that his holy son had been running around five days ago, respectfully said: “The holy son can do whatever he wants.”

After receiving a positive answer, Su Xi was at ease in his heart.

He habitually raised his hands and pressed his hair-after knowing this, the blue silk is not a wig, and he uttered a sentence of himself-and then he got his inner strength and jumped from the high branch.

His plan is this:

He wants to use martial arts to march alone in martial arts, “satisfy flower steps”, and lands on a small piece of open space in front of Gu Fei’s body. When the stupid child sees him in a sect costume, he is stunned and tries to put on the magic He taught the sages to be full of evil spirits, and began to write a long story, reciting all the lines in the script.

Moreover, judging from the juvenile Gu Feidi’s extreme interest in him, he must also play exceptionally, soaring acting skills to the extreme, leaving the teenager with the deepest impression!

Su Ying’s plan in his brain was very beautiful, but what he didn’t consider was that he hadn’t fully grasped the internal forces and martial arts of this body.

As soon as he landed, Su Xun secretly said it was not good.

When he took off, he pushed too hard and rushed forward too much.

Seeing that he was going to be in close contact with Gu Feidian standing under the tree, Su Ji immediately took a timid step and made a circle to offset the impulse, and then propped on the trunk near Gu Feidian’s ear. Hold your body …

By the way, I gave the other a strong tree shrew.

Su Ye: …

Damn, capsized.

For a time, the two of them in the field, even with the magical waiter still hiding in the tree, were all caught.

Su Xi supported the trunk, a little embarrassing, wondering whether to speak directly, or to get up from this weird posture first.

If it is based on the evil devil’s design, since he has held people in his arms, it is impossible to retreat. However, there is nothing in this script about the plot of the demon priest who casts a niche, and Su Ye is not too willing to change it at will.

But are the lines in the script originally spoken in this pose, is it strange?

Su Yan’s thoughts turned around, and before he came up with a solution, he saw that the young man in his arms half coughed again.

Gu Feidi looked to Su Ye, his pupils shrinking. His lips trembled, and he murmured in a low voice.

People in the rivers and lakes all know that Wu Lin ’s first triumph, “Xi Hua Bu”, comes from the demon religion, except for teaching disciples in the line, and he never learns the best body skills he passed.

Gu Feidi recognized Xihuabu, and his eyes fell on Su Ye’s face again. He stared at the corner of his eye for a moment, and finally gave out a bitter smile: “… It’s you.”

There are rumors in the rivers and lakes that although the holy son of the demon cult is like a good girl, he is evil. The eyes were slightly tilted, picking up a small red mole, as if a small blood drop splashed back from the killing.

There are also rumors in the rivers and lakes that the holy prince of the demon cult is very temperamental and uncertain, extremely elusive. Because he has practiced the “six burial flower skills” of the demon religion, although it is not as good as the weak crown, the internal strength is as strong as the ten years of soaking martial arts. The “Bianlian Sword Technique” was brought out by the pliable sword in his hand, which was also extremely tricky and shuddering.

Rivers and lakes continue to rumor that the young martial arts rookie, only Gu Lindi, the son of the martial arts confederate, can compete with the holy son of the demon.

But that was when both were in their heyday.

Now, the seriously injured Gu Fei is hostile to the old-fashioned old man, let alone a fight, I’m afraid he can’t even get a move, and he will be killed on the spot.

Gu Feidi recognized Su Xun, who had darkened with tough and stubborn eyes, his eyes narrowed slightly, trying to cover the helpless bitterness and despair in his eyes.

However, Su Yan was very close to him, and he was keenly aware that the young man who had been half-circled in his arms seemed to have given up resistance, and there was a sense of powerlessness in his hair between his brows.

Gu Feidi’s reaction was completely unanticipated.

Gu Feidi in the script is simply a gimmick who is not afraid of the sky. No matter what kind of desperation he encounters, he can rush up to it regardless of his despair. Even if he had only one last breath to fight, he would never show such … such a fragile look.

Suddenly at this moment, Su Ji suddenly felt that Gu Feizhe standing here was more like a flesh-and-blooded 16-year-old boy than Gu Feizhe in the script.

Although he is full of vitality and spirit, he will be afraid and desperate when he really faces an enemy that cannot be resisted.

Su Xi looked at such a Gu Feidi, and almost slaps him on the shoulder, saying, “Don’t be afraid, younger brother, I’ll hang on with you, brother cover you”!

Realizing that the idea that the sage of the demon cult would definitely collapse, Su Su suddenly struck a spirit, saying: No, no imagination, and he must quickly recite the lines to avoid any trouble.

So he settled down, worked hard to perform the evil spirit that the demon Son should have, narrowed his eyes, raised the corner of his mouth, and smiled and looked at Gu Feidi in front of him.

“Yeah, isn’t this the rumored martial arts tiger, the right way young eagle? I didn’t expect that you, who had high hopes from the entire rivers and lakes, are also interested in the inheritance of this small jade building?

As soon as the words were finished, Su Su suddenly felt that something was wrong—this line should have been said when he first saw Gu Feidi in the dense forest.

After he said this, the two had to fight for a jade bell. When he was fighting, he had to walk for a long time for a long time, and then he hit Gu Fei, a plot of chasing all the way in the forest … even on the road of chasing, there were a lot of lines that he teased Gu Fei.

But now Gu Feidi is seriously injured and unable to do anything with him. How can he start with this sentence? He should start directly from the scene where Gu Feidi was forced into despair!

Alas, it was a mistake.

Su Yan blinked his eyes, skipped a long series of conversations between the two, and skipped to the next few scenes.

“What? That’s … running out of energy?”

Su Ji finished this line and said, “It’s dangerous!”

The original text in the script was “I have no energy to run away”, but the chase plot was skipped by him right now, and the lines will naturally be changed.

Seeing Gu Fei’s reaction to the weird pause in his sentence, Su Xuan was relieved, and then began to read the follow-up lines:

“I can’t wait for more …”

I want to do some tricks with you.

… wait, the second half of this line is not right! He didn’t fight Gu Fei at all, what’s the intention?

So he hurried to add a sentence: “… want to see your wonderful posture again.”

The lines finally came back, and the evil character of the demon priest did not collapse, and Sujuan simply admired his resilience.

But when he thought about it a little bit, he felt that it was still a little awkward.

——Why am I running out of energy? I can’t stop thinking about it, I want to see your wonderful posture again!

Gu Feidi raised his eyes sharply to Su Xi, his eyes were like arrows, and his face was ashamed.

“You … kill if you want.” He gritted his teeth and said, “Why insult me!”

Su Ye: …

Fine, he knows what’s wrong.

It’s no wonder that Gu Feidi was so angry that he misread his lines.

Su Xi opened his mouth for a long time, a little annoyed, and said, “Is this plot really a collapse?” Although Gu Feizhe was misled by him and misrepresented his lines, it also happened to be hostile to him. Generally … did not seem to collapse?

The self-hypnotic suicide has decided to continue speaking according to the script.

“Actually you don’t need to work so hard.”

Su Gong smiled and said, “Every time Xiaoyulou opens, there will be sixty-six jade bells hanging from Meizhu Mountain. Although only those who successfully reached the gate of Xiaoyulou with the jade bell can enter the formal examination, You gave me the jade bell on your body and took away others. People in this forest who ca n’t take two moves from you are everywhere. Why bother to protect you … ”

“You just want … Jade Bell?”

Su Fei’s words were cut off by Gu Feidi before he finished speaking.

Gu Feidi was clearly out of breath, but still supported his body and did not want to fall. He looked up at the bloodstained face, looked stubbornly at Su Hyun, and asked, “Just … the bell?”

Su Han blinked his eyes again.

what happened?

Gu Feidi’s classic answer should not be “I will not give the jade bell to the demons even if I am buried here”, right?

This little brother, do n’t rely on you as the protagonist, just change my lines and feed me!

The author has something to say: Su Ye: You look like this, I can’t catch the show!

Chapter 3

Gu Feidi obviously could not hear the shouting in Su Xi’s heart.

He waited for a long time without seeing Su Hui answering, gritted his teeth, raised his hand into the placket, and found a blood-stained purse from his arms, holding it tightly in his palm.

“Everyone said that the magic … Su Shaoxia is cloudy and uncertain …” Gu Feidi raised his eyes and stared at Su Su’s face whispered, “… But, he never regrets his promise. “

Sue 😕 ? ?

… you wait a minute!

When is the biggest villain in the whole drama, the sage of the devil, when has such a setting to **** powder?

Gu Feiyou Niu, you are not just changing the lines arbitrarily, you are changing even the drama’s own settings!

Gu Fei was almost unconscious of Su Yan’s almost madness, and continued: “I give you a jade bell, and you … let me go?”

“I do not!”

Suddenly the horrified shouts blurted out.

Gu Feidian’s eyes faded again.

He held the purse in his hand and smiled bitterly: “It’s true, I don’t have the energy … I will use the next true kite style …”

With that, his eyes narrowed slightly, and he coughed again twice, a little blood splattered from the corner of his mouth, and said dumbly, “… you can do it.”

“I …” Su Tiao gaped. “No, you …”

The heart of Su Gong seemed to be passing by ten thousand gods and beasts, but the appearance of the person who wanted to stabilize the sage of the demon, almost collapsed.

He tangled for a long time, finally biting his teeth, his heart was over, and decided to read the lines of the script before he said it!

When he finishes his lines, maybe the rescuer of this abominable guy is about to come, then he can pull this little rabbit who has changed the lines to save him from confusion.

So Su Ting opened his mouth as a nonsense, without a pause:

“It does n’t matter if you do n’t want to hand over the jade bells. Actually, I do n’t need your jade bells. There are not many people in the forest who are my opponents. Besides, I have servants to follow me. It seems that you are not afraid of life and death even if you pass the assessment of Xiaoyulou and get the martial arts inheritance of Xiaoyulou, you ca n’t have a climate in the rivers and lakes … “

Gu Feidi silently listened to the **** in the basket and suddenly coughed up a blood.

He finally couldn’t hold it anymore, his eyes closed tightly, the body leaning against the trunk suddenly fell, and fell into Su Xi’s arms.

Su Ye: …

…… I really want to say a word of hemp and wheat!

When the cult teaches his prince to succeed, he confuses Gu Feidi, hugs the person into his arms, and immediately falls down from the tree to the side of Su Ye.

“Holy Son.” He respectfully said, “When his subordinates explored the terrain before, they found a cave nearby. It was very secretive. There were nine twists and turns in the cave, and no sound was heard, and there was a clear lake in the cave. .If you want to … you can take Gu Shaoxia there to do business. “

Su Yan finally couldn’t help but rolled his eyes very little.

He thought: The group of demons is sick. Not only should killing be elegant, but also the environment for killing is so particular, but also caves?

But he could not kill Gu Fei.

If Gu Fei is dead, how else will the story behind him go? How come back to the real world?

Not only can he not kill Gu Fei, he must be saved!

The suspicious man with a deep inner groove put out the shelf of the holy son of the religion and reached out to the waiter and said, “Medicine.”

The flower waiter was stunned, and then quietly persuaded: “Holy Son, Gu Shaoxia is seriously injured and can’t use those medicines, otherwise it is very likely … that he will die in half, and you are not funny … and the broad daylight here is detrimental to your image, or is it easier to go to that cave? “

What the hell?

Su Huan was still dizzy about the collapse of the plot just now, and this large paragraph of the flower waiter was directly confused.

In front of these supporting characters, he was a bit impatient, and frowned, “It’s because he was badly injured that I would charge you for the medicine! What do you grind? What do we teach in that … what is it? Doesn’t Chun’s pill mean that it can be brought back to life? Did you bring it? “

The flower waiter froze again, and then looked down to find a small jade bottle from his arms, and handed it to Su Ye.

After seeing the hostess, he opened the bottle cap and poured out the pills without hesitation. Huashi could not help but ask: “Holy Son, this pity Xianghuichunchun pill is extremely rare. I prepared it for you in case of accident. You really want For him? “

Su Xun ignored the flower waiter, reached out and pinched Gu Fei’s jaw, and stuffed the pills directly into his mouth.

The pill melted at the entrance, and within a moment, Gu Fei’s pale face turned slightly red. The effect is so fast that it is amazing.

But he couldn’t help worrying, only hoped that the plot wouldn’t collapse too much because of his actions.

But then again …

He’s finished all his lengthy lines.

Gu Feidi even fainted.

Where are the gangs of Baidao guarding Gu Feidi’s reinforcements?

Why haven’t you come? !!

Could it be that he is not only responsible for saving people, but also taking care of Gu Feidi until he is awake?

Then he is such a caring Son.

Although Su Xun was upset, he still leaned Gu Feidi against the tree lightly and let him sit firmly. Then he pulled out his hand and prepared to leave this small open space for a while and hide in the tree to watch the changes. . Otherwise, if someone passing by sees him guarding Gu Feidi, he still doesn’t know how they will be transmitted by the rivers and lakes …

Thinking in this way, Su Yan’s eyes fell on the face of the young man Gu Feidian inadvertently.

Gu Feidi leaned his head unconsciously against the trunk, and a bright light spot between the shadows of the tree fell on him. The crow feather-like eyelashes cast a shadow on the juvenile still-cheek cheeks, and the juvenile became more harmless.

Between the lips and teeth, the peculiar floral fragrance of Lianxiang Huichun Pill slowly dispersed with his shallow breath, making his lips stained with **** red blood look like two petals.

The ghost was so terrified that Su Xuan could not help coming forward, and reached out to help Gu Feidian wipe the blood off his lips.

Just then, there was a snoring sound of being touched by a tree, and then a girl screamed, “Ah! What are you doing–“

Su Yan stood up and looked up.

Three people stood in the bushes not far away.

A girl in a goose-yellow jersey that looked younger than fifteen or sixteen was covered by a tall teenager behind her mouth, and the second half did not yell.

Behind the two, a tall man pulled out his sabre without a word and looked over alertly, with a hint of doubt in his eyebrows.

Su Li didn’t recognize these people and turned back to his housekeeper and whispered, “Who are they?”

The waiter replied: “Holy Son, that girl is a disciple of Gu Ruohai, the master of Wulin League, and Gu Lingdi ’s younger sister, named Pu Lingyun. The boy is the eldest son of Qianfengshanzhuang Village, Xu Yunzhan. It is also Pu Lingyun’s cousin. Behind them should be the attendant of Qianfeng Mountain Villa, Xu Yunzhan’s guard. “

Su Yan’s eyes brightened when he heard the names “Pu Lingyun” and “Xu Yunzhan”.

finally come!

Gu Fei’s Salvation!

Gu Lingdi’s younger sister Pu Lingyun is the heroine in the script of “Old Enemies”. In the future, she will become an immortal family member for whom Gu Feidi can be born and die. Naturally, she is the most trustworthy person.

Xu Yunzhan is the second male in the script, and the protagonist Gu Fei’s friend. The two trespassed in the Houshan Tibetan Pearl Pavilion together in Xiaoyulou, and it was barely a life-and-death relationship.

Although it is not the same as the people in the script, at least it makes sense for the sage of the demon to exit and make Gu Feidian be rescued.

Su Hui felt that it was time for him to “retire successfully.”

“Oh? There are so many people to save you.”

Su Gong quickly entered the state, took the person of the demon sage, looked at Gu Fei Di under the tree with a smile, and insisted on finishing his own exit lines:

“That being the case, I will let you go today. If you meet again in the future, you will not have such good luck and can wait for someone to save you!

“Flower, let’s go!”

After finishing speaking, Su Xun picked up her internal force, stepped on the sloppy posture of stance, quickly retreated into the dense forest, and disappeared.

Xu Yunzhan looked at the direction Su Su left, his brows frowned, his expression did not relax at all.

The guard behind him whispered, “Master, there are so many tricks in the devil. He leaves so easily, and there must be a backhand.”

Xu Yunzhan nodded solemnly: “I just don’t know what he is planning …”

Pu Lingyun didn’t think as much as the two thought. She broke Xu Yunzhan’s hand and flew to Gu Feidi, anxiously calling: “Little Brother! Little Brother! Wake up!”

Seeing that Pu Lingyun was so heartless and heartless, Xu Yunzhan sighed, and then said, “Such a man has always behaved differently from ordinary people, regardless of him.”

With that, he finally glanced at the woods, turned to Gu Feidian, and leaned over to look at his injuries.

Just after getting closer, Xu Yunzhan’s complexion suddenly changed, and he was surprised: “Bai Qi, come and smell it, but this aroma is a magical medicine‘ xiangxianghuichunwan ’?”

The guard heard the words and immediately came forward to identify them.

For a moment, he sank his face and said, “Master, this is the unique aroma of Lianxiang Huichun Pill. It is rumored that this medicine can kill people, flesh and bones, and it does not fall into the name of magic medicine. However, this aroma will penetrate the bones and blood of people who take the medicine, It ca n’t be eliminated for decades. There is a chasing butterfly in the demon religion. No matter how far away, people can follow this smell to find people. So far, they can escape. “

Xu Yunzhan slashed into the tree with one palm, gritted his teeth and said, “I said that the demon demon evil did not have good intentions! It is rumored that he is very masculine, he loves a handsome young man, and there are countless bed slaves to serve at a young age … I never thought he would Even dare to fight non-enemy ideas! You must inform Gu Mengzhu about this and let him make arrangements early! “

Bai Qizhen promised.

Xu Yunzhan added: “But at the moment, Xiaoyulou is about to open. As long as a non-enemy enters Xiaoyulou, you don’t have to worry about it in three or five years. I don’t think that dare to find Xiaoyulou’s trouble. From now on, we’d better be always Stay by the side of the non-enemy so that the evildoers can ride! “

The author has something to say: Su Ye: The bed slave is a rumor! Don’t believe it! QAQ


Pu Lingyun is the heroine in the magic reform script, but in the original work is only a small supporting role

so, do n’t worry, she wo n’t do anything (see the author ’s desire to survive?

Chapter 4

At this moment, Su Ye himself didn’t know yet. He was thinking about the plot that he didn’t want to collapse. It was like a runaway wild horse, rushing away in a strange direction. It is unlikely that he could be pulled back.

He was holding the shelf of the sage of the demon religion, strolling lazily in the deep forest of Meizhu Mountain, and walking towards the gate of Xiaoyulou Mountain.

Hidden in Meizhu Mountain, Qingwu County, Xiaoyulou is the most talked-about legend of rivers and lakes.

It has no direct disciples of its own and does not stand in the martial arts faction. Only such a simple name and countless legends have been passed on to the world.

Xiaoyulou will open the mountain gate every six years to select the best young talents in this generation of rivers and lakes, and enter the building to study the rare and exquisite mindset and martial arts. Once they graduate, these young talents can return to their original camp in the martial arts. They do not need to swear allegiance to Xiaoyulou, and they do not need to listen to Xiaoyulou’s dispatch.

Today, the most prestigious heroes on the rivers and lakes have almost all studied in the same classmates in Xiaoyu Tower.

I don’t know what the Xiaoyu Tower plans, is it charity?

Su Huan vomited more than once when he was watching the script.

Of course, Tucao turns into Tucao. Su Ye also knows that this world is just a script, or an adaptation of an Internet novel. Since it is a fictional work, of course, the author sets it up as he wants. It is not new to have unscientific, dead logic things happen.

For example, the current Meizhu Mountain is actually very unscientific.

There is a formation method on Meizhu Mountain, which is said to be set up by the owner of Xiaoyulou. This formation method is not lethal, but it will keep the warriors over the age of the weak crown out of the battlefield, so that they cannot go deep into the forest and cannot touch the gate of Xiaoyulou.

Therefore, the knights appearing in the deep forest of Meizhu Mountain at this moment are actually the hairy boys in their twenties and twenties.

The character’s ability is set in the early stage of the script.

It is also a 16-year-old green onion. Because of the great achievements of the Six Funeral, his internal strength is much higher than his peers. Coupled with the light practice of “remembering flower steps” by martial arts and martial arts, and the “blade lotus sword method” that is best suited to the fine sword in his hands, his combat power has risen in a straight line, which can almost compete with the famous warriors who have been famous for many years.

In today’s Meizhu Mountain, no young warrior is his opponent. The only one who could compete against him was injured.

Of course, only Su Su himself knew that now he is actually an embroidered pillow with a straw bag inside. In addition to this body does have a strong internal force, his other martial arts skills are not good at all.

Even Xihuabu also temporarily held the Buddha’s feet, and looked at the secrets of martial arts overnight. He used the illustrations to guess from the full text of traditional Chinese characters. His figure also refers to the light movements he made when he drew Weiya.

However, the deterrence of his demon priest was there after all, followed by the waiter behind him, and none of the enemies he encountered along the way dared to come up and touch him.

So he wandered in the dense forest of Meizhu Mountain for a long time, and first arrived at the gate of Xiaoyulou.

There was no disciple outside the gate of Xiaoyulou Mountain, but only a young and weak white woman, who was leaning at the door and dared to read.

Su Yan glanced at the woman, thinking that this was the heroine who had arrived at the gate earlier, and ignored her. He directly carried the shelf of the holy son of the demon, raised his foot, and walked into the gate of Xiaoyulou.

“Don’t rush into the door, wait at the door first …”

Su Xun’s footsteps had not yet stepped into the gate of the mountain, so the woman who was reading a book came here lazily.

Su Xi heard a word.

Listening to this woman’s tone, it seems that it is not a heroine from outside, but a person in Xiaoyulou?

But this is not the case in the script?

Su Han blinked his eyes and looked at the woman without saying a word.

The woman’s eyes did not leave the book pages, and she leisurely said, “And there is only a jade bell on the two of you. I can’t put you both in. Xiaoyulou does not recognize the servant relationship. If he wants to go in, he also needs A jade bell. “

Hearing this, Su-Xu asked for a moment, and asked subconsciously, “How do you know we only have a jade bell?”

The woman turned a page and said casually: “Because of the bell, it will naturally make a sound. You only have one voice on the two of you, there cannot be two bells …”

Su Xun could not help but hold out, stretched out her hand and touched out the jade bell, and carefully observed in her palm.

This jade bell is as big as a walnut, carved from white jade, the jade is warm and translucent, and there are faint smoke-like green colors.

But this bell, which has only a carved shape, is solid. How can it make a sound?

Even if you are a fictitious script, you ca n’t be so scientific. !!

The devil’s flower waiter didn’t know what Su Xi was thinking about, and he approached and whispered, “Holy son, this woman is probably not easy, and we are not in a hurry. Should we go back to the forest and find another jade bell? “

Su Xun grabbed her hair, put the unscientific jade bells in her arms, and replied indifferently: “It’s not necessary, I will come here for a cut, and we will go home after the selection. You are here at Shanmen Just wait for me. “

The magician waiter said: “Son? You didn’t mean to participate in the selection …”

Su Yan said: “Yes, I said I was going to participate in the selection, but I didn’t say I would enter Xiaoyulou.”

In the script, the last stage of the selection of the demon priest in Xiaoyulou was brushed down, so Su Xuan didn’t have the intention to enter Xiaoyulou at all. It was only during the selection that he and Gu Feidi had a rival play. He had to follow this plot, so he chose to participate in this assessment.

Hearing Su Su’s words, the demon cultivator spent a long time in silence, then silently swallowed the question in his heart, and stood aside.

The woman who had been staring at the page suddenly looked up at Su Su. She didn’t say a word and showed no expression, and quickly lowered her head again, turning a page leisurely.

Less than a joss stick, a second group of people rushed to the gate of Xiaoyulou Mountain. It was Gu Fei’s party.

Gu Feidi had already put on a clean light blue shirt at this time, his hair had been taken care of again, his face was much ruddy, and he could not see the appearance of being seriously injured. He was sandwiched by Xu Yunzhan and Pu Lingyun, and the three were followed by Bai Qi, the guard of Qianfeng Mountain Villa.

Seeing Su Su standing in front of the mountain gate, Xu Yunzhan immediately pulled Gu Feidi’s arm and protected him behind him.

Su Ye certainly saw them.

However, everyone in the script didn’t stay too long in front of the mountain gate of Xiaoyulou. The next scene after coming out of the dense forest has already entered the mountain gate. So when I saw Gu Feidi, he didn’t want to talk about it, holding his arms to show a lonely look of arrogance. Face up, forty-five degrees, looking up.

Xu Yunzhan and Gu Feidi saw Su Ye ignore them, exchanged a look, tacitly pretended not to see this person, and each found a place to sit and rest.

But Pu Lingyun was spoiled by a few brothers since he was a child, and his temper is not so good.

Seeing the original creator who had given me medicine to the younger brother, Gu Lingyun, Pu Lingyun immediately glanced at him fiercely, angrily, “Su Jiu! You mean and shameless inferior fellow! You are so insignificant in demon behavior, do that What kind of thing do you dare to beat Xiaoyulou— “

The old-fashioned cymbals were bewildered by this sudden string of scolding. He forgot about the shelf of the holy devil, blinking his eyes and looking blankly.

“Lingyun, stop!” Gu Feidi said in a silent voice. “In front of Xiaoyulou, he was rude.”

Pu Lingyun was stunned for a moment, and aggrieved, “Little brother, he is so insulting you, do you still have to swallow it!”

Gu Feidi looked at Su Ye, and for a moment, lowered his eyelashes, and said in a calm tone: “Anyway, he didn’t kill me at least.”

Pu Lingyun’s eyes widened: “But he clearly did–“

Xu Yunzhan reached out and covered Pu Lingyun’s mouth, and said in her ear: “Su Ji is now the most martial artist among us, and he also brought a waiter. Don’t challenge him! Now we only ask for non-enemy security. An Anwen was selected into the Xiaoyu Tower, and nothing should be wrong. Only in this way can the Confederate Master find a way to relieve the aroma without worries. You have to be patient!

Pu Lingyun was persuaded by this remark, but in the end it was still difficult, and he stared at Su Su again, and he snorted hard, and then he reluctantly calmed down.

Su Ye has not recovered from the persecution, and her heart is full of inexplicable things.

… what the hell?

He apparently let go of Gu Feidi, who was seriously injured, and fed him an elixir to help him heal. Why is he so mean and shameless? !!

Xu Yunzhan and Pu Lingyun didn’t know the situation. There was no excuse for calling him, but Gu Feidi himself should know who saved him! Why is this attitude?

Thinking of this, Su Xie looked suspiciously at Gu Feidian.

Just as Gu Feidi gave him a faint glance.

Su Yan was not very sensitive to people’s emotions, but for some reason, he was keen to capture the anger in Gu Fei’s eyes, and he even had some unspeakable suspicions.

This is too much.

Su Shi can’t bear it!

He gritted his teeth, held the frame of the holy priest, leaned at Gu Feidian, and chuckled his lips and smiled, “Our martial arts tiger, the right way chick, use this attitude to treat the life-saving benefactor?”

As soon as he said this, he saw Gu Feidi clenching his fists.

Pu Lingyun shouted out loud: “You-!”

Xu Yunzhan covered Pu Lingyun’s mouth again, but his eyes looking at Su Ye were filled with anger that did not provoke.

Even the guard Bai Qi behind the three of them looked as if they were saying: People in shamanism are really shameless.

Baekdo is really shameless!

Su Xi was angry.

Wasn’t it his life that was saved by this demon son? Is it so difficult to accept? It’s too hypocritical, too artificial, and too unreasonable!

Su Yan was sulking, but he heard Gu Feidi suddenly chuckled.

The young onion raised his face, his eyes staring straight at Su Su.

With a smile on his lips, he said word by word, “Thanks to the young master Xia Xia for his favor. I will one day repay this kindness.”

The author has something to say: Non-enemy: One day I will respond well.

Chapter 5

When Gu Feidi said this sentence, he looked very seriously. It didn’t sound like thanks, it seemed to be taking an oath.

There was no detailed description of Lianxiang Huichun Pill in the script received by Suzhu at the beginning, but he only mentioned a demon elixir. He naturally did not understand where the anger of Gu Feidi came from him. Hearing Gu Feidi’s words, he thought that Gu Feidi was really grateful for his kindness and gift of medicine.
So he picked a corner of his mouth and chuckled: “It is not necessary to repay. As long as you don’t forget Ben Shengzi, I will be satisfied.”

——This owed word was purely added by the old man in accordance with the design of the Son of the Demon.

It was impossible for Su Xi to think that his words fell into Gu Fei’s ears and directly satisfies his misconceptions about others.

After all, Gu Feidie was young, and he grew up in a simple environment since he was young. For the first time, he encountered such a person as Su Su, and he was irritated with this sentence. His face was flushed and his ears seemed almost bleeding.

Pu Lingyun said indignantly, “You, don’t think about it! My little brother can’t be deceived by you!”

Su Ye: …

Fine. You’re the heroine, you’re pretty good.

Su Gong ditched his mouth, without much words, yawned with his arms leaning on the mountain wall, bored.

Soon, the young warriors who got Lin Zhongyu’s bells successively arrived at the gate of Xiaoyulou. Everyone found a familiar companion or talked with each other.

Gu Feidi has always been and respected in the martial arts rookie group. Not to mention that he had a father who was the leader of the martial arts league, he said that he was very young, and he had already trained the knowledge of Tengyun Pavilion to the third level in the scroll, and everyone was happy to associate with him.

Therefore, after arriving at the gate, most young knights will visit Gu Fei first. Some people stayed with him for a long time, hoping to talk to him a few more words.

Contrary to the city of Mentingruo on the side of Gu Feidi, the side of Suxi is Menkeluoque.

Even an empty area appeared faintly around him, as if he had set up an invisible enchantment.

The popularity of the rookie and the sage of the demon cult, just looking at this point, seems to make a high judgment.

The young warriors occasionally sneaked a glance at Su Hyun’s side, and then did not know what superiority he had gained from his solitary state, and turned back proudly, and whispered to his new friends.

“I want to say that there are some stupid people on the rivers and lakes, but Gu Shaoxia is on a par with the demon of the demon religion. I don’t know what it means!”

“That’s it! Tengyun Pavilion’s” Knowing the Scriptures “is an internal skill that Wulin acknowledges is extremely difficult to learn. Gu Shaoxia’s Fang 16 years have been completed to the third volume of the scroll.

“It is said that the devil repairs what the tricks of burying flowers and burying flowers are. It is not a good thing to listen to this name. It may not be that his internal strength is to absorb the yangshou of humans, drink human blood, and eat human flesh. fast……”

“real or fake?”

“This kind of evil work, even if the internal force comes fast, I am afraid that it will be damaged somewhere. That is why the demons teach those guys to treat it as a treasure …”

“Demonism has always been weird. I ca n’t tell if the rumor is true or false, but he-it is said that he is young and there are countless bed slaves around. He must have done a lot of inspiring things! I see Everyone has to be careful, don’t be fooled by that demon … “

The young knights thought that their voices had been extremely low, but did not expect that at this time, Su Xi had broken through the last weight of the six funeral flowers and achieved great success. He not only leaps and bounds internally, but also has excellent ears, and he keeps all those talks in his ears.

If you want to be angry, you are not really angry. After all, he knew that he was playing a villain, and it was reasonable not to like it.

But those speculations that catch the wind and the shadows are very unpleasant-listen to what swear words these people say? !! Bed slaves? Breathing? Do you still remember them crooked dates? !!

He was an old man. He had been with him all his life and had never even had a love relationship! Obviously, he is still sitting upright and stiff … virgin!

But if you think about it, Su Ye is not so sure:

He wore it into the script for only a few days. He had been murky before in the demon religion, and had not carefully observed the surroundings. As for filming in the real world, he was a supporting actress. Apart from playing with the protagonist’s opponents, there was really nothing about his personal life.

Therefore, in fact, he does not know what kind of person this devil is, apart from the plot involved in the script.

So Su-xi got close to the waiter next to him, whispered a low voice, and knocked sideways: “Ah, ask you something. I walked a few days ago and forgot to manage it. What would be the arrangements for the beds in the classroom?”

The flower waiter took a moment to think about it and said, “Holy Son, you have done a great job, you really don’t have to defend yourself. You have taken many beauties from the Central Plains Martial Arts to serve you, presumably the elders will take advantage of you to go far away. , Choose a few tame and good tunes | teach, make arrangements for you. “

Su Han: “Oh …”

For a moment, I felt wrong, and asked, “Hey? Wait, wait?”

The flower waiter suddenly said: “Yeah.”

Su Fu Fu’er: “What the **** is it? Who will I guard?”

After a few days of baptism, the flower waiter knew that his memory of the Son of God was a bit messy. He was not surprised when he heard this question. Instead, he explained patiently: “Before the exercises, It is not possible to lose the slightest amount of precision. It was for this reason that the leader wanted to practice this skill but fell short.

Su Ye: …

What evil method?

Can the screenwriter do some serious setting? !!

However, anyway, this practice has been completed by the “respect”, and Su Ding doesn’t have to worry about it anymore, but saves a lot of things.

Knowing that this body had not experienced any mess, Su Xi’s mood became better.

Feeling better, he couldn’t help thinking about it.

So there was a grin on his corner of his mouth, and he narrowed his eyes to the group of people who were whispering his bad words behind his back, and raised his arms lazily, letting the wide sleeves slide to his hands. Elbow, showing his smooth white arms. A string of bright red coral beads was wrapped around the delicate wrist bones, and his dazzling temperament was even more enhanced.

“It’s not a good habit to talk about other people’s secrets behind the scenes.”

Su Xun dragged a long note in a fluent tone, with a very light tone, and said, “The eyes of Ben Shengzi are high, and no one wants to be my bed slave. It can be assured that I will not forget You guys … stupid. “

He has a basic line of speech and can’t think of four-character idioms for a moment, so just make up. Anyway, the momentum of this line is quite like that.

Su Ji thought with pride and glance over Gu Feidian, and wanted to see how the script protagonist would react to his performance.

But in the eyes of others, when he looked at it, it turned into meaning, as if to say, “I won’t remember your fools. If you want to remember, you can also join me if you are not the enemy. eye.”

Gu Feidi’s face changed suddenly.

Even many young knights in the surroundings were sinking in the water, and stepped forward to protect Gu Feiyi in the middle, staring angrily.

Su Ye: …

This battle made him look like a prodigal son.

“Of course those stupid people can’t get in your eyes.”

Suddenly, a slightly joke voice came from the heads of the crowd: “Sir, look at me, what about me?”

Su Ying had heard of the arrival of a new warrior, but he did not expect such a role-the respected people on the rivers and lakes who called him “Holy Son”, unfortunately, were not decent people.

He looked up in surprise and looked behind the cliff. I saw a young warrior wearing a verdant peacock-patterned outfit hanging upside down on a small tree branch sticking out of a cliff, with his head down, and a smile of spring.

Su Yan was holding the shelf and hadn’t spoken yet. The man had already fallen down from the cliff with a bucket, and landed on the ground lightly.

He will make a small pigtail full of heads and throw it behind him, and smile and yell at him: “Jiangyangjiangyang! In the lower blue curtain to send Fan Ye, this year, I heard that you have done a great job the other day, congratulations!”

A bunch of words were quite rhyme.

Su Huanran: It turned out that the number one follower of the devil’s son came.

Fan Ye is the second son of the head of Qinglian School.

Fan Er is an outright harlequin in the script, and there are not many plays. At first, in order to save money, the crew grabbed an ordinary person from the group performance to perform.

The dark-skinned but bright-eyed little brother in front of him is much more delicate and cute than that actor. He is a bit playful in his cleverness, and carries a wispy of slyness in his cunning, which does not make life annoying.

However, in the plot of the selection of Xiaoyulou in the script, there does not seem to be a role for Fan Ye?

Su Xuan could not help frowning, remembering carefully.

He still remembers that the supporting role of Fan Er was added during a certain play on the wasteland. There are only a few characters in Xiaoyulou. The focus is on Gu Feidi, Pu Lingyun and Xu Yunzhan. On his body, even his demon, the demon, just came to show his face and was eliminated.

So … in the first few days he had just passed through, what kind of demon wind fanned out in the end, so that the plot could collapse so thoroughly? !!

Su Shi felt that it seemed necessary for him to re-examine the crossing.

Was it not the script that he wore, but the original novel before it was adapted into a web drama?

Suddenly he regretted it. He regretted not going to read the original book, otherwise he could at least know what was deleted by the screenwriter and what was changed …

“Uh, Son?”

Seeing that Su Yan hadn’t spoken for a long time, Fan Ye could not help but feel a little embarrassed, carefully approached and asked.

Su Xun turned back, and for a moment, stretched out his hand and patted him on his shoulder, and said, “Oh, you are good, a good person.”

Fan Ye: …

The author has something to say: Su Ye: I want to read the original

Non-enemy: No, you don’t want to