Did We Agree To Be Rivals? ~ Chapter 000

Chapter 000 (Prolog)

“Good to be each other’s enemies say it [through the book]” Author: Poplar breeze

Copywriting: A small amount of fresh meat Chen Chenyang crossed through, into the novel adaptation of the novel he just killed, and turned into the villain he participated in-Su Shengzi, the demon.

To wear it back, he faithfully followed the script,

The plot is diligent and diligent, read the lines seriously.

-Waiting for the protagonist to flip to the ground and pierce his sword.

It’s just … How did he feel more and more, what’s wrong with this plot?

Wait, what if he said he would be turned over by the protagonist?

How can it be difficult for the protagonist to fall to the ground? !!

[I wanted to write a sand sculpture, but I accidentally took it seriously]

[But guarantee: double c, 1v1he, never waver! 】

[Wulin Rookie, Xia Second Generation Attacks X Demon Son, Xiaoxianroushu]

In the dense forest, Su Xi held his sword and Gu Feidi’s eyes widened.

Su Huan wondered: I’ve finished all my lines. Will anyone in the script say he will come to his rescue? ? ?

Gu Feidong moved: He could kill me without moving.

On the wasteland, Su Xi helped Gu Fei to block the fatal stab.

Su Yan was angry: Hemp eggs, if he died, who would hit me with the last sword to take me home! !! !!

Gu Feidian’s heart: He was willing to give up his life to save me.

In the cave, Su Xi looked at the poisoned Gu Feidi and sweated cold.

Su Yan is crazy: The heroine arranged by the script is gone, who will detoxify him mouth to mouth? !!

Gu Feidian looks forward to: Why didn’t he come up?

This article is also known as “The Magical Change Script Kills Me”

Note 1: The martial arts background with a slight fantasy element, and the magical changes to the script are not reliable. The original setting is not logical. Bo Jun laughed, don’t take it seriously

Note 2: There are vice cps, but the length is not too much, mainly interspersed in the plot line.

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