Thorn of the Chrysanthemum (Ju Hua Di Ci)

"A tactic of baiting the enemy, has turned into a hundred mouths is also undeniable"

From the start, the story was promising. The reader is introduced to one by one the main characters of this story, until finally arriving at the crux of the matter, the events of the death sentence against Yuan Ling or Yuan Ershao [The second young master of the Yuan family], who is accused of trying to rape his brother-in-law and has poisoned him to death. his own nephew died, in order to become the sole heir to the fortune and wealth of the Yuan family, the main family in the martial world.

Yuan Ershao's drastic action occurred when his first brother, Yuan Di or Yuan Dashao [the first young master of the Yuan family], disappeared for some time to return headless. The hunt to uncover this murder was carried out for more than 3 months without success, until finally an embarrassing incident occurred that dragged Yuan Ershao to prison and was sentenced to death.

Yuan Ershao, at the age of 16, destroyed 36 gangs of criminals in Da Bie Mountain, at the age of 17, killed Ku Dao Ren, a villain who likes to eat children's hearts, at the age of 18, once cut the hand of the criminal kingpin, the Cry of the Laughter of Two Gods, 19 years old fought and was ganged up by four Qing Cheng members on Qing Cheng mountain, 20 years old captured and killed 6 brothers of the Six Southern River Devils, and at 23 years old, fought 5 days 5 nights with leader Wu Dang.
Author:Gu Long
Associated Names:菊花的刺