The Celebrity - Chapter 32 (End)

Chapter 32 - Great People (End)

“How long has Liu FengGu died?”

“Nine months.”

“Nine months are not that long, sometimes they pass by like the twinkle of an eye, but these nine months were actually really long.”

“That is only because your heart feels very stuffy.”

“If not for me being so absurd, father would not have died so quickly!”

“Now that you have already grown up, why do you still harbor this childish idea?”

“How should I think then?”

“That you have treated everyone fairly, so you should not feel sorry for yourself, this should be enough.”

“But I ......”

“You should go out for a walk, look around, listen, then your heart can become open and bright.”

“Where do you want me to go?”

“Chiangnan —haven’t you always been thinking of going to Chiangnan?”



Chiangnan was thick with spring.

The road was lined with green jade willow tree, underneath the blue sky.

Tian SiSi was holding on Yang Fan’s hand, strolling on the road.

Qin Ge and Tian Xin walked in front of them, the bright red silk handkerchief fluttered upwards in the spring breeze.

The fluttering red silk handkerchief was stroking Tian Xin’s face lightly.

Tian SiSi smiled suddenly and said, “This little rascal has finally grown up, not so long ago I still thought that she would never grow up.”

Yang Fan was smiling and said, “You have also grown up, I thought I would never see you grow up as well.”

A person who had undergone hardship and tribulation was the one who could truly understand the meaning of life, who could truly grow up.

Tian SiSi indeed had grown up.

She looked a bit more quiet and also more beautiful.

Yang Fan was pondering and said slowly, “Tian Xin is really a very faithful friend, for you, she could do almost anything. If she were not willing to take the risk, perhaps Liu FengGu could not have been deceived that easily.”

Tian SiSi said, “She even had me deceived.”

Yang Fan said, “I always thought that we should find a way to thank her.”

Tian SiSi said, “How should we say thank you?”

Yang Fan looked at that fluttering red silk handkerchief and said softly with a smile, “We should submit her a red silk handkerchief.”

Tian SiSi had also smiled, smiled really sweetly.

Only a woman who had obtained love and happiness could smile so sweetly.

Out on the road, the attractively dressed boys and girls formed the pairs.

Spring originally belonged to the sweethearts.


Now was precisely spring.

Tian SiSi looked at these people and only hoped that everyone had similar happiness and joy like her.

Suddenly, someone was shouting, “Hero Yue is seen in the lake, it is hero Yue whose prestige shakes the world.”

The crowd ran over to the lake ashore, everybody wanted to see the famous hero.

Yang Fan suddenly also said with a smile, “Are you also going to have a look?”

Tian SiSi blinked and said, “Whom do I want to look at?”

Yang Fan said, “Yue HuanShan, isn’t he also one of the great persons in your mind?”

Tian SiSi said, “But I actually no longer want to look at him!”

Yang Fan said, “Why?”

Tian SiSi lifted her eyes, stared at him, and gave him a glance as gentle as the spring water. She said gently, “Because I have found a genuinely great person. In my heart, there is none other bigger than him.”

Yang Fan intentionally blinked and said, “Who is this person?”

Tian SiSi smiled and whispered gently into his ear, “It is you, the big-headed ghost.”