The Celebrity - Chapter 31

Chapter 31 – Asking the Gentleman to Enter the Coffin

In the world did dead ends really exist?

As long as there was the road, people could still walk away.

As long as a person did not have to really enter the coffin, he would still have hope – even without the road, you could still make your own way.

Tian SiSi dropped besides the coffin.

She was not in the coffin, but she was really too close to it.


The secret room had suddenly became very quiet, not because they wanted to listen to Tian SiSi’s weeping sound, but because they had suddenly heard a very strange sound of footsteps above. The sound of footsteps was heard from above, from Fan Yin Temple.

Fan Yin Temple was a temple, so to hear someone walk inside the temple was not a very strange matter. But what was strange was that these footsteps were really heavy. Even if there were ten tall giants were walking above, they would not produce such loud sounds of footsteps.

Everyone was listening to the slow rhythmic sound of footsteps walking slowly.

Liu FengGu suddenly said, “Master Wu Se has come.”

Madam Wang looked pale as a ghost and said, “How do you know that he has come?”

Liu FengGu coldly said, “Besides this senior monk, who else could walk with such deep endogenic force?”

Yang Fan said, “There are three people who have come.”

Madam Wang said, “Three people?”

Liu FengGu nodded and said, “The other two people's footsteps are too light, you cannot hear them.”

Zhang Haoer said, “What is this senior monk doing, circling above us?”

Liu FengGu sneered, “He is giving us a demonstration.”

Zhang Haoer changed countenance and said, “If so, does he know already that there are people down here?”

Yang Fan nodded and said, “But he has not actually discovered the way to come down.”

Zhang Haoer said, “But he will know it sooner or later?”

Madam Wang said, “Since he already knows that there are people down here, if he cannot find us, how is he willing to leave?”

Zhang Haoer smiled reluctantly and said, “Luckily the golden beard and others will no longer be able to open their mouths, there are no more witnesses.”

Madam Wang said, “But f he sees us down here, he will get suspicious.”

Zhang Haoer said, “Then we should leave this place as quickly as possible.”

Yang Fan suddenly said, “We cannot leave!”

Zhang Haoer said, “Why?”

Yang Fan with a calm face said, “We cannot leave, that means we cannot leave.”

Zhang Haoer said, “So we just wait for him here?”

Yang Fan said, “We also do not need to wait.”

Zhang Haoer said, “Since we cannot leave, and we should not wait, tell us what you will do.”

Yang Fan said, “I will find him.”

Madam Wang blurted out, “You will find him? Are you insane?”

Yang Fan said, “Since he has found this place, he must be suspicious of something. Until he find the answer, he will not drop this matter easily, therefore…”

Zhang Haoer interrupted, “Therefore what?”

Yang Fan said, “Therefore we cannot stop at this point, we should just continue with him…”

Madam Wang also interjected, “Do you also want to kill him to eliminate a witness?”

Yang Fan said lightly, “We have killed a monk, a monk is not someone whom we cannot kill.”

Zhang Haoer said, “The question is, who will kill him?”

Yang Fan said, “I will.”

Zhang Haoer stared at him with big eyes and said, “You? You are not afraid of his Luo Han crouching tiger fist?”

Yang Fan smiled and said, “I am not a tiger, why do I have to fear his crouching tiger fist?”

Zhang Haoer sighed, turned to Liu FengGu and said, “Do you think he is insane?”

Liu FengGu said lightly, “He is not insane, even if all the people in the world have become insane, he is still not insane.”

The sounds of the footsteps above were still chiming, Yang Fan had strode out.

Zhang Haoer sighed and muttered, “I only hope that he will not turn into a toothless tiger.”

Liu FengGu smiled suddenly and said easily, “Even if he dies, I do not want you to die with him, why are you so anxious?”

The sound of footsteps had suddenly stopped.

Zhang Haoer gently sighed and said, “Now he has already come up, that senior monk has also seen him.”

Madam Wang said, “Since that senior monk does not know him, he certainly will not know what he is doing.”

Zhang Haoer said, “Therefore the senior monk will certainly ask him now, who are you? What do you want?”

Madam Wang said, “Can he say, I am here to kill you?”

Zhang Haoer said, “He cannot, he is not a pig, how can he let that senior monk be on alert first.”

Madam Wang nodded and said, “Right, he must certainly wait until that senior monk’s guard be lowered, then his opportunity to win will be quite big.”

Zhang Haoer said, “Even if the first strike does not go well, at least he wil have the initiative.”

Madam Wang said, “Therefore, he will certainly converse with that senior monk!”

Zhang Haoer said, “Depending on how smooth he talks, he can certainly cause some confusion in the senior monk.”

Madam Wang had also smiled and said, “Have you also been confused by him?”

Zhang Haoer said, “Are you being jealous?”

She pulled Tian Xin’s hand and said with a smile, “Now it’s not your turn to be jealous.”

Tian Xin stared ahead continuously, not listening to them speak, as if she was listening intently to the sound above.

She seemed to really care about Yang Fan more than anyone else.

Tian SiSi?

Did she really hope that Yang Fan would be an easy mark for Master Wu Se and be pounded like a watermelon pulp?

Tian Xin suddenly said, “You listen, they seemed to start fighting.”

Actually there was no need for her to say anything, others could also hear.

By now the sounds of footsteps had resounded again solemnly above, even louder than a moment ago. The footsteps were very quick, but they actually only treaded on several fixed places.

It was said that a Shao Lin eminent monk who had truly attained the Luo Han crouching tiger fist, when he fought with his fists in the snowy area, he would at most leave behind only seven footprints in the snowy area.

Madam Wang said, “It looks like that senior monk is really using the Luo Han crouching tiger fist to cope with him.”

Zhang Haoer sighed and said, “Therefore, he has not been able to strike back.”

Madam Wang sighed, “It looks like this senior monk really has some skill, to cope with him is really not easy.”

The sound of footsteps above became more complicated, louder, as if the fighters were expending their whole strength now.

Zhang Haoer smiled suddenly and said, “But he is also not easy to cope with, otherwise how can this senior monk use such vigorous moves.”

The sound of footsteps made seven very quick steps, as if hammering the drum loudly.

Liu FengGu’s complexion also became very solemn, he said, “This must be ‘the wind and thunder working together’.”

“The wind and thunder workgi together” was precisely one of the most overbearing move in the crouching tiger fist, moreover the move has countless, various changes.

With Master Wu Se's skill level, not many people could avoid this attacking move.

But Yang Fan obviously had avoided this move.

Among the noises above, there was no sound of anyone dropping down.

Also for some unknown reason, Tian SiSi secretly relaxed —she unexpectedly had not hoped Yang Fan to die faster?

A girl's emotion was, really really difficult to ascertain.

But why was it any different than men’s emotion?

Nobody in the could really control his or her own sentiment, just like nobody could really control the weather.

Zhang Haoer had also relaxed and said, “It looks like this senior monk’s 'the wind and thunder working together’ has not tripped him.”

Liu FengGu calmly said, “He has indeed avoided this move.”

Zhang Haoer said, “I really want to come up to have a look, what is he using to cope with that senior monk?”

Liu FengGu said, “Up to the present, he has not attacked even once.”

Zhang Haoer said, “Did he only come under attack, and never hit back?”

Liu FengGu said, “Precisely.”

Zhang Haoer said, “Why on earth is he fighting like this?”

Liu FengGu said, “This is the most formidable fighting method, he only uses this method to cope with Master Wu Se.”

Zhang Haoer said, “You know why he is fighting like this?”

Liu FengGu nodded and said, “Now he is abiding his time by using ‘Eight sides of you-shen-zhang’ lightness moves to tempt Master Wu Se to assault him with all his strength. After Master Wu Se’s energy is consumed, only then he will attack.”

Zhang Haoer blinked and said, “I understand now, no matter how strong Master Wu Se is, he is already an old man after all, his physical strength is always inferior to the young people.”

Liu FengGu said, “Moreover the Luo Han crouching tiger fist is a very vigorous, strength-exhausting moves, therefore it consumes a lot of real strength. Someone who can fight with the 108 fist moves of crouching tigers while also speaking is already a rare master.”

Zhang Haoer said, “But he is not an apprentice of ‘Eight sides clan’, how can he move with that ‘Eight sides of you-shen-zhang’ move?”

Liu FengGu said, “This person’s wugong is very mixed ......”

He looked pensive before saying slowly, “He is a very good helper, very useful, since I need this kind of person very much, why do I need to investigate his origin?”

Zhang Haoer rotated her eyes and said with a smile, “Who are you saying this to?”

Liu FengGu said lightly, “To myself.”

Madam Wang suddenly said, “I actually have never understood how you can be good friends with him?”

Liu FengGu coldly said, “I have said that I need him very much, he also needs me very much.”

Madam Wang said, “Why does he need you?”

Liu FengGu said, “It is said that he has made several big cases outside the border, he has offended a lot of masters, therefore he can only run away to Chiangnan.”

Madam Wang said, “You have investigated this?”

Liu FengGu coldly said, “You think I would casually trust a person?”

Madam Wang said, “But you have not completely trusted him, you did not let him know about a lot of matters.”

Liu FengGu smiled suddenly and said, “You think you know everything?”

He smiled very kindly, very naturally.

But Madam Wang's face had became white, she could not say anything.

Zhang Haoer also said with a smile, “I also have something I do not understand.”

Liu FengGu said, “Oh?”

Zhang Haoer continued, “His head is so big, his belly is not small, how can he has such good levitation skill? Maybe because his bone is too light ......”

Her laughter stopped suddenly as Liu FengGu exclaimed, “This is ‘the crouching tiger strikes awe’ move!”

At this moment, a person had suddenly fallen from above, right by chance into that coffin.

The coffin was only partially covered.

This person could fall directly into the coffin, because his body was really too thin, too slight.

Even if the coffin covers had covered a little more space, he could still fall in the same way.

After he entered the coffin, he was likely a dead person, he did not make any move.

This person was certainly not Yang Fan.

His head was big, his belly was not small, he would have trouble fitting into an even a bigger coffin.

So the person who fell down was Master Wu Se.

The crouching tiger strikes awe was precisely the last move of 108 Luo Han crouching tiger fist!

This move had just put been put forth, Master Wu Se had fallen down.

He could not even say anything.

Then Yang Fan dropped lightly from above.

He should be at least ten catty heavy, but when he fell down, he seemed to fall like a fluff of cotton.

Were his bones really wonderfully light?

Even if his bones were really light, there were more than a few of them, and yet they had made it back completely intact.

Tian SiSi shut her eyes.

She never wanted to see this person again, never think of him anymore!

But when he had not come back a moment ago, why did she have to worry for him?

He was obviously a mean shameless person, who had deceived and harmed her.

Master Wu Se was obviously an honest chivalrious eminent monk.

So why in her heart she had hoped that he would be defeated?

Tian SiSi shut her eyes, and yet she could actually imagine how this big-headed ghost would appear at present.

Now he was certainly cocky. Complacent.

Who should not feel satisfied with himself now?

Everyone had been defeated including Master Wu Se.

Their plot would be of great success soon, there was nothing that would hinder them.

Tian SiSi before had also listened to many stories of evil persons and evil plots. No matter how complex was the plot, afterwards it would always be revealed by someone, and be thoroughly defeated.

The good and honest side, sooner or later, would always prevail.

But at present, when she experienced this bitter experience, unexpectedly she had suffered a completely different story.

Now the evil people had triumphed, the evil plot had prevailed, the good people were instead cast aside towards the pitiful dark hell.

Tian SiSi really hated, not not just herself, but also these mean shameless evil people and the whole world.

There was no justice in this world.

Yang Fan had really the cocky, complacent appearance.

He had his reason to be satisfied with himself.

Liu FengGu walked to him and patted his shoulder, “Good brother, you really have real skills, this fight was really interesting.”

Yang Fan said lightly, “Not really.”

Zhang Haoer interjected, “Who said so? Who else in jiang-hu can defeat the Shao Lin’s law protector?”

Yang Fan said with a smile, “Actually his skills were indeed much deeper than mine, I only had some luck.”

Liu FengGu said with a smile, “That was not luck, you employed your strategy successfully.”

Zhang Haoer excitedly said, “Actually how did you manage to overthrow him?”

Yang Fan said, “Shao Lin’s Luo Han crouching tiger fist has gone through more than ten generations of Shao Lin monks' revisions. The improvements have made these moves almost impregnable. I also knew that when he displayed these fist moves, it would be impossible for me to attack him back, therefore ......”

Madam Wang also could not bear asking, “Therefore?”

Yang Fan said, “Therefore I only waited, waited for him to hit the last move of the 108 moves, and while he was still taking a breath changing the moves, I suddenly spent my whole strength to attack him.”

Zhang Haoer said with a smile, “You have really overthrown him all of a sudden.”

Liu FengGu said, “Talking about this, everything seemed easy, but actually it was not simple at all. One must find a way to evade Master Wu Se’s 108 moves of crouching tigers fist, moreover one must find the exact moment when he takes his breath, and then just let go in one flow his whole strength, because if one misses this kind of opportunity, it will never come again.”

Madam Wang also asked suddenly, “Those two lesser monks?”

Yang Fanwei said with a smile, “Those two are not the lesser monks, they also have good standings in Shaolin Temple.”

Madam Wang said, “You have also certainly tidied them up.”

Yang Fan said, “No.”

Madam Wang, “No? You ......”

Yang Fan said, “They left.”

Madam Wang said in consternation, “How can you let them leave?”

Yang Fan said, “I let them leave.”

Madam Wang said, “Why?”

Yang Fan smiled and said, “Because I must let them go back and tell the Shaolin Temple disciples, in whose hand the meddlesome monk has died.”

Madam Wang thought and then sweetly said, “The big headed person thinks clearer than anyone else.”

Qin Ge sitting paralyzed on the chair, at this moment suddenly said, “You framed me because you were afraid that Tian SiSi would marry me?”

Liu FengGu said, “Not only for this reason.”

Qin Ge said, “What else?”

Liu FengGu said, “The meddlesome monk was really too meddlesome, I have wanted to remove him since long ago!”

Qin Ge said, “But you were afraid of the retaliation by the Shaolin Temple’s disciples?”

Liu FengGu said with a smile, “Now I indeed do not want to conflict with the Shaolin Temple directly. In several years, the situation will perhaps be different.”

Qin Ge said, “Therefore you must find a scapegoat?”

Liu FengGu said with a smile, “Actually I do not have any deep hatred to you, only at that time I could not find a better scapegoat, therefore I had to use you.”

Qin Ge sneered, “You actually already felt deep hatred towards me.”

Liu FengGu said, “Oh?”

Qin Ge said, “Because my name rose up suddenly, in these two years my reputation has made louder clap compared to you, you already regarded me as the thorn in your side, sooner or later you would find a way to tidy me up. This idea could serve two purposes in one shot, removing two thorns in your side at one go.”

Liu FengGu said easily, “Since you want to think of it that way, I also will not deny it.”

Qin Ge said, “Now I am only asking you, who killed the meddlesome monk?”

Liu FengGu said, “Can you guess?”

Qin Ge said, “You! Certainly it’s you!”

Liu FengGu said, “You saw it?”

Qin Ge said, “Although I have not seen it, but I actually knew that at the time the meddlesome monk fell down from the vane, you have waited down under to hit him with the fatal fist even before he came to a stop.”

Liu FengGu said, “Then?”

Qin Ge said, “Then you brought his corpse from the tunnel to that secret room.”

Liu FengGu said, “Why did I do that?”

Qin Ge said, “Because you have to manage the time before you tempted us to enter that secret room. From that time until we came out, you also took care to make sure that there would be a lively gambling establishment outside.”

Liu FengGu calmly said, “Continue.”

Qin Ge said, “Simultaneously you intentionally leaked the news to Master Wu Se, so he would rush to the gambling establishment at that time.”

Liu FengGu said, “How did I know that he would rush there promptly?”

Qin Ge said, “Because the meddlesome monk is Master Wu Se's younger fellow, they practiced martial arts together since their childhood, both of them have emotional ties like actual brothers. If Master Wu Se knew that his younger fellow was in danger, then he would certainly hurry to the place regardless of the consequences.”

Liu FengGu said, “What else?”

Qin Ge said, “In order for you to let Master Wu Se see the situation with his own eyes, everything had to timed perfectly, moreover you had already bought one group of people to constitute for the gamblers in the gambling establishment, then they would commit perjury in front of Master Wu Se.”

Liu FengGu said, “Then?”

Qin Ge said, “The people that were forced by the meddlesome monk to shave clean their heads, although some of them were your friends, but in order to execute this flawlessly, therefore you did not hesitate to kill them to eliminate any witnesses.”

Liu FengGu said, “Where did I kill them?”

Qin Ge said, “In here.”

He said slowly, “This Fan Yin temple is an ancient temple, it was completed before Emperor Liang-di slaughtered the monks. In order for the monks in this temple to evade the calamity, they had made many tunnels and duplicate walls here.”

Liu FengGu coldly said, “Continue your story.”

Qin Ge said, “Not only you can kill people here secretly, you can also find many places to bury them. It is also easy to find the dark place for ambush, therefore you want to use this place as the center of your operation.”

He sneered then said, “Therefore you little crowd of bulldogs and *****es had gathered here together and waited to eat the dog excretion.”

Liu FengGu coldly looked at him and said, “Anything else?”

Qin Ge said, “Now the dog excretion is almost depleted by you, I no longer have anything to say.”

Liu FengGu suddenly gave a long sigh and said, “I did not expect that you are actually a smart one, we have severely underestimated you.”

Qin Ge said, “Actually did you kill the meddlesome monk?”

Liu FengGu said lightly, “I seldom kill people, if the meddlesome monk was not such an eminent monk, I would not have personally done it. “

He easily said, “I only kill famous people: an eminent monk, a hero, or a beautiful woman.”

Qin Ge said, “How about me?”

Liu FengGu sneered, “You are not included.”

Yang Fan suddenly said, “But you also do not need to worry, we will find someone appropriate to kill you.”

Qin Ge sneered, “I prefer death. I would rather die than to look at this little crowd of hungry dogs.”

Yang Fan was not angry and said with a smile lightly, “A hungry dog is always better than a dead dog.”

Liu FengGu suddenly said, “Your wugong skills are very mixed, but did you also study the Shao Lin Pai’s fist style?”

Yang Fan said with a smile, “A person who practices martial arts would sooner or later practice Shao Lin’s fist style.”

Shao Lin’s disciples were indeed very common, although many people had practiced the Shaolin’s fist style, but the ones who could obtain its essence are probably just ten people or so.

Liu FengGu said, “Since you have practiced the Shaolin’s fist style, I will just give this task to you.”

Yang Fan said, “What task?”

Liu FengGu said, “The last task.”

He smiled then said, “You can use the Shaolin’s fist style on Hero Qin's deadly accupoint, and use Hero Qin’s sabre on Master Wu Se's throat, I will then ask someone to naturally deliver them to Songshan.”

Zhang Haoer interjected, “I understand now, you must send them to the Shaolin Temple, so it will look like they have fought together and have perished together.”

Madam Wang said with a smile, “Although Qin Ge has killed Master Wu Se, but Master Wu Se has finally revenged his fellow, henceforth this bloodbath has finally ended.”

Zhang Haoer said, “Our plan is therefore a great success, we just need to wait to drink and celebrate.”

Liu FengGu said easily with a smile, “Therefore I said that this last matter is also the easiest matter.”

Yang Fan shook his head suddenly and said, “You are all mistaken.”

Liu FengGu frowned and said, “Why?”

Yang Fan said, “It looks to me like this last matter is the most difficult task.”

Zhang Haoer said, “Why is it difficult? Now to kill them, it will take only the slightest effort.”

Yang Fan smiled lightly and said, “If you think it is very easy, why don't you kill them?”

Zhang Haoer winked her eyes and said, “If you are not willing to do it, it is no problem for me to do it.”

She raised her pair of white hands and smiled, “You may think that my hands are only good for caressing a man’s face, but they can also changed into something very hard, hard enough that you will not like to taste it!”

Yang Fan said, “Oh?”

Zhang Haoer said, “You do not believe me?”

She suddenly took out a spiky glove from her bosom, after wearing them in her white hands, she sweetly said, “Now, do you believe me? Do you want to try?”

Yang Fan laughed, “Since someone else wants to try it already, why should I interfere.”

Zhang Haoer said with a smile, “You are not so stupid after all.”

Liu FengGu had lowered his face and said suddenly, “Slow down.”

Zhang Haoer said, “Do not take me lightly, I have also practice the Shao Lin Pai’s fist style, if you do not believe me, see this move of ‘crouching tiger strikes awe’.”

She suddenly rushed to Qin Ge, lowered her legs like sitting on a saddle and then, “whoosh” her fist had shot out!

This fist was precisely the Shaolin’s fis style attack, moreover it has enough strength behind it.

But this fist had not landed on Qin Ge’s body.

Her hand was suddenly seized by Qin Ge!

Qin Ge who had looked as soft as the beach sands, had unexpectedly leaped up and became a strong person.

His hand was hard, as hard as his chest.

Zhang Haoer exhausted her strength trying to withdraw her hand, and then suddenly her foot had also flown forward.

Her foot was also seized.

Her face had become really pale.

Yang Fan sighed at last and said lightly, “I said that this would be the most difficult task, now you ought to believe me.”

Liu FengGu coldly looked at him without any expression.

Tian SiSi was also looking on.

Actually she was not really clear how everything stood.

Then someone said sternly, “You would kill a famous eminent monk, a hero or a beautiful woman. But the one I kill is just an absurd person, a disobedient son, or a shameless villain, today I must break my vow against taking life!”

Master Wu Se.

Master Wu Se had unexpectedly also stood up from the coffin.

Although his stature was skinny and diminutive, he looked like a hundred feet tall giant.

Madam Wang’s face realized that disaster was imminent, she suddenly turned around to escape.

Qin Ge raised Zhang Haoer’s wrist, as her hand suddenly got released.

Zhang Haoer involuntarily flew forward and landed herself on Madam Wang’s body, the two people crumpled together in one place.

Qin Ge said with a smile, “That is right, you are really good sisters, nobody should leave the other one.”

Madam Wang was struggling up, she turned around and opened her mouth to bite on Zhang Haoer’s ear.

Zhang Haoer shouted miserably and attacked her throat.

Madam Wang bent her leg and smashed it on Zhang Haoer’s abdomen.

They were this kind of persons.

They could use each other, then they were good sisters. But when the going got tough, they turned into each other like mad dogs, if you did not bite me, then I would bite you.

They were this kind of inhuman persons.

Liu FengGu walked suddenly to them. He pulled up Zhang Haoer and slapped her back and forth several times. Then, he lifted up Madam Wang and also slapped her several times.

The two people were tussled in blood, but they did not dare to move at all.

Liu FengGu had turned around at last, then after a brief smile he said, “They really have no sense of shame, originally I did not want to involve them in this important matter, just something to be laughed at.”

In this crucial moment, he could still suppress his anger.

Qin Ge gave a long sigh and said, “It looks like it is not easy to become a chivalrous person. Not only he has to have an evil heart and be a good behind-the-scenes manipulator, his facial skin has to be thicker than a normal person as well.”

Yang Fan said with a smile, “But a chivalrous person does not always look like this. Not that many chivalrous persons actually look like him.”

Liu FengGu said, “It looks like such good friends like you are not that many either.”

Yang Fan said with a smile, “Indeed not that many.”

Liu FengGu also gave a long sigh and said, “Now I realize that becoming friends is indeed not an easy matter.”

Yang Fan said, “You should have anticipated it before.”

Liu FengGu said, “Oh?”

Yang Fan said, “Don't you understand what I am saying?”

Liu FengGu said, “Enlighten me please!”

Yang Fan said, “You are very well defended here. There are 36 secret mechanisms here inside and outside that can trap you, or make anyone who dares to approach here into some twisted bamboo strips. You will know their presence immediately.”

Liu FengGu said, “You have only miscalculated a point, altogether there are 49 secret mechanisms here.”

Yang Fan said, “If anyone wants to make you be responsible of anything, before they have entered this place, you would have flown far away.”

Liu FengGu said, “It is indeed not easy to find me.”

Yang Fan said, “Moreover, even if we can find you, it is not easy to prove that you have injured anyone. You certainly will not admit easily that you have killed the meddlesome monk.”

Liu FengGu said, “Therefore you have used this method, by bringing them here?”

Yang Fan said, “I let Tian SiSi come inside first, because I wanted you to cope with her, and I did not want you to be suspicious about our plan.”

Liu FengGu said, “Therefore you have concealed the truth from her?”

Yang Fan said, “Because she is not a person who can lie easily, if she had known this secret, you would have certainly seen the flaw immediately.”

Liu FengGu sighed gently and said, “But if it had been me, I would not have allowed her to get worried, it seems that you have not truly understood how to show some tender affection.”

Yang Fan said, “But I actually understood how to make a dishonest person tell the truth.”

Liu FengGu said, “Oh?”

Yang Fan said, “I only use this method so you can tell the truth in front of Master Wu Se, because this matter is indeed a flawless crime. If you had not confessed personally, it is almost impossible to cleanse Qin Ge from these unjust accusations.”

Liu FengGu nodded slowly and said, “You have done very well, indeed too well.”

Yang Fan said, “Do you also admire me very much?”

Liu FengGu said, “I always think of you very highly, I have always considered you as my good friend, I did not expect that you ......”

He gave a long sigh with a painful expression in his face as if he could not see the justification of this betrayal.

Yang Fan actually smiled and said, “You have always regarded me as your friend?”

Liu FengGu said, “You did not understand me then?”

Yang Fan said, “I certainly understood you, moreover I understood you too well.”

Liu FengGu said, “Oh?”

Yang Fan said, “Do you know why I was prepared for you?”

Liu FengGu said, “I only know that since the first day, I have always been a friend for you. It is you who wants to deal with me, I have never thought of how to cope with you.”

Yang Fan said, “Therefore you still have not understood.”

Liu FengGu said, “Which part I still have not understood?”

Yang Fan said, “It is you who wanted to cope with me first, therefore I have to prepare for you.”

Liu FengGu said, “When have I tried to cope with you?”

Yang Fan said, “Since a while ago.”

He did not let Liu FengGu interrupt him, “Let me ask you, why did you want to get Tian’s family property, what is it for? “

Liu FengGu said, “Because I need the money.”

Yang Fan said, “Why do you need so much money suddenly?”

Liu FengGu said, “Because I must achieve a great accomplishment, achieving a great accomplishment always needs a lot of money.”

Yang Fan said, “What is this important matter?”

Liu FengGu’s eyes flashed, he hesitatingly said, “Have you already known this matter?”

Yang Fan said, “I only knew that there was a secret organization called ‘Qi Hai’ (the seven seas) in jiang-hu.”

Liu FengGu said, “What did you also know?”

Yang Fan said, “I also knew that this organization was trying to cope with 'Shan Liu'. Because this organization's leader has been doing a lot of shameful business in secret, he wanted to have 'Shan Liu' destroyed. “

He smiled, also said, “I certainly also knew that this organization’s leader is you.”

Liu FengGu’s complexion seemed to change a little, after staring at him for a very long time, he said slowly, “What is your relationship with this matter?”

Yang Fan said, “I am related to this matter. It is a very important relationship.”

Liu FengGu said, “You ......You are a 'Shan Liu’'s person? “

Qin Ge also smiled suddenly, he interrupted, “If he does not exist, how can there be 'Shan Liu'? “

Liu FengGu seemed to have been whipped by someone, even after a while, he still could not say anything.

He sighed deeply, and with a forced smile he said, “I never knew who 'Shan Liu'’s leader was. I was always looking for him, it turned out that he was with me everyday.”

Yang Fan said with a smile, “If you really considered me as your friend, why didn’t you want me in your organization?”

Liu FengGu said, “Because of ......”

Yang Fan had interrupted him, “If you cannot say it, let me say it for you. Because once this matter is settled, you will no longer let me live?”

He then said lightly, “Such a secret organization like ‘Qi Hai' certainly will not need a person who will die shortly.“

Liu FengGu said, “What I wanted you to do is not a bad thing, you have not suffered a loss.”

Yang Fan said, “Oh?”

Liu FengGu said, “I wanted you to perform like a hero to rescue a beautiful woman, also I wanted you to ask the beautiful woman to be your wife, such a good deed, many people would willingly do that thing.”

Yang Fan said, “But you have not looked for anyone else actually.”

Liu FengGu said, “Right, that’s because I thought highly of you, considered you as a friend, therefore I have not looked for anyone else.”

Yang Fan said, “It is not the reason.”

Liu FengGu said, “No?”

Yang Fan said, “You wanted me, because nobody else looked more like Yang Fan than me, you already tried to find such a person.”

Liu FengGu said, “Why?”

Yang Fan said, “Because you wanted me to pretend to be Yang Fan to produce a fraudulent marriage in Tian’s family.”

Liu FengGu said, “Wouln’t I fear that someone might have revealed this fraud?”

Yang Fan said, “Nobody could reveal this. The Second Master Yang has lost his sight and his hearing. Only because he has many enemies that this matter has been hidden from the public, so only very few people know about this.”

Liu FengGu hesitatingly said, “But some people have seen him in recent times.”

Yang Fan said, “That is only the substitute for second masterYang.”

Liu FengGu said, “Substitute?”

Yang Fan said, “Because the second master Yang is not willing to let people in jiang-hu to know that he is already disabled, therefore he found a substitute person who takes a walk in jiang-hu twice a year.”

Liu FengGu said, “Can’t this substitute person also distinguish clearly between the genuine and the fake Yang Fan?”

Yang Fan said, “He seldom saw Yang Fan’s face.”

Liu FengGu said, “Second Master Tian?”

Yang Fan said, “Second Master Tian has not seen Yang Fan in the last few years.”

Liu FengGu said, “What if the real Yang Fan has come back?”

Yang Fan said, “He has been missing for 3-4 years, some people have said that he has already become a monk, also some people have said that he has already died, you calculated that he would not appear suddenly.”

Liu FengGu said, “His friends?”

Yang Fan said, “His temperament was a little strange originally, very few people were close to him, their temperament were even stranger than him, you certainly also calculated that these people would not come to drink the celebration drink.”

He smiled and also said, “Moreover, even if Yang Fan and his friends suddenly appear, you certainly have your own method to cope with them, the method that will make them simply disappear.”

Liu FengGu was silent as if tacitly approving.

Yang Fan said again, “This matter had been planned very well, who knew that something had changed in the meantime.”

Liu FengGu said, “What had changed?”

Yang Fan said, “The change occured to Second Master Tian.”

Liu FengGu frowned and said, “You knew that he has already died?”

Yang Fan said, “I have my suspicion, but it was not confirmed until tonight.”

Liu FengGu said, “How did you confirm it?”

Yang Fan smiled, “Is it possible that you have already forgotten that Madam Wang has a carefree younger sister who is more straightforward than a man?” (ed. He meant Wang SanNiang.)

Liu FengGu said, “You have seen her?”

Yang Fan nodded and said, “You have hidden this important news from me. Because Second Master Tian has already died, you do not need me anymore and you are ready to kick me away.”

Liu FengGu looked at him, and after a very long silence, he gave a long sigh and said, “This very complex matter, unexpectedly you know everything so clearly.”

Yang Fan said, “Indeed I know this very clearly.”

Liu FengGu said, “But you should not have known some of these matters.”

Yang Fan said, “Can’t you guess why I would know them?”

Liu FengGu smiled forcedly and said, “I really cannot find out.”

Yang Fan smiled and said, “That’s because you don’t know about one matter and this matter is the biggest key.”

Liu FengGu said, “What is it?”

Yang Fan suddenly said, “Yang Fan is originally myself, I am originally Yang Fan.”

He smiled and continued, “You never realized that the fake Yang Fan is also the real Yang Fan.”

Liu FengGu was really stunned at last.

Yang Fan said, “These years I have been suddenly missing, that was not to be a monk, nor have I died. But 'Shan Liu' requires so many things to do, therefore I have not made any appearance in jiang-hu.”

Liu FengGu’s complexion became very pale.

Yang Fan turned around to Qin Ge and said, “This matter was very complex, perhaps you were not that clear about this until now. “

Qin Ge sighed, with a forced smile he said, “Sincerely speaking, I still do not understand most of it.”

Yang Fan said, “Didn’t I explain everything in such detail?”

Qin Ge said, “Although you have said it, I cannot remember everything actually.”

He looked carelessly at Yang Fan’s head, and said with a smile, “I also do not have such a big head, how can I remember such small details?”

Yang Fan had also smiled and said, “Actually when you think again everything carefully, you would realize that everything was not without its reasons, everything is very logical.”

Qin Ge said, “Very logical?”

Yang Fan said, “Although there are many clues in this matter, but there is only one ultimate outcome, the one that had been doomed from the start.”

Qin Ge said, “What is already doomed?”

Yang Fan had not directly responded and instead turned to Liu FengGu, “No one would buy a coffin without any reason, right?”

Liu FengGu nodded. He had no alternative but to acknowledge, if nobody died, nobody needed to go buy a coffin.

Yang Fan said, “You did not know that Master Wu Se and Qin Ge would be here?”

Liu FengGu said, “I did not know.”

Yang Fan said, “Therefore this coffin was originally prepared for me, right?”

Liu FengGu said, “This coffin is not bad.”

Yang Fan said, “If there is no one dead, the coffin is not needed, if there is a coffin, then there has to be a dead person.”

Liu FengGu looked at Qin Ge and Master Wu Se, he finally nodded slowly and said, “I have finally understood what you are trying to say.”

Yang Fan said, “Therefore I also do not need to say anything anymore ......except one thing ......”

Liu FengGu said, “What is it?”

Yang Fan said, “To ask the gentleman to enter the coffin.”