The Celebrity - Chapter 28

Chapter 28 - Unexpected Matters

How could a live person's hand be so cold?

The laughter inside the coffin stopped suddenly, the only sound was her shout echoing in the empty main hall.

That kind of sound seemed like the cry of the ghosts too.

Tian SiSi exhausted her strength trying to throw away this hand.

But this hand seemed to be stuck to her hand, regardless of how much effort she spent to fling it she still could not escape.

She was panting for breath, her whole clothes had been soaked by the cold sweat.

Actually whose hand was this hand?

He had started to make his move, why wasn’t he willing to appear now?

Maybe he did not have any head or body, this ice-cold ghost?

Tian SiSi wanted to try to pull from this hand in the coffin.

Who knew that before she tried that, this hand had put forth its strength instead.

As soon as that fearful strength pulled her, she seemed to lose the strength to struggle and revolt. Her entire body had been pulled suddenly by this hand into the coffin.

Whoever experienced something like this must have fainted with fright.

It was only a pity that she was very, very sober.

Inside the coffin, it was just not a hand, but a head, a body, a whole person.

The body was hard, besides a corpse, no other body including that of a ghost could be that hard.

As soon as Tian SiSi had entered the coffin, she fell inside horizontally across this hard body.

Then the coffin cover had fallen down.

The light, the smog did not enter the coffin, what was left was just pitch-black darkness.

Although Tian SiSi was awake and alert, but her body could not move at all.

Her whole body all felt stiff, even colder than this hard corpse.

This corpse’s hand had grasped her suddenly and hugged her.

She wanted to call out, but her throat felt like something was blocking it.

She was so frightened that she felt she must be going crazy and wished that she could die so everything would fade away. But it was a pity that sometimes dying was not so easy.

A succession of ice-cold teardrops had dropped down on her face.

Why did she have to suffer this pitiful and bitter experience.

She felt utter suffering through this endless nightmare.

If she could have wailed bitterly, perhaps she would have felt better, but she could not do that.

She could only burst into tears silently.

This gloomy corpse had actually laughed.

Intermittent laughter with warm air had pierced into Tian SiSi’s ears.

This corpse could actually emit warm air!

Tian SiSi’s stiff throat muscle suddenly relaxed, so she gathered her strength and immediately screamed.

Waiting until her shout had become hoarse, this corpse then word by word said with a smile, “You can shout until your throat get exhausted. But nobody would hear you, not even a ghost.”

This voice was low and deep, also monotonous, very few people had heard this fearful voice.

But Tian SiSi had heard it actually.

Her breathing stopped immediately.

This was not a corpse, but an individual.

But no other corpse in the world would be as fearful as this person.

Mr. Ge.

She tried to say these two words, but her throat could only make some croaking noise.

Mr. Ge laughed and said, “Now that you know who I am, why should you still be afraid.”

Tian SiSi was not afraid.

Her feeling could not just be described by a simple word “afraid”

Mr. Ge's hand skimmed over her body, before he slowly said, “Don’t forget that you have agreed to marry me. I am your husband, resting in the same place as your husband should not be a cause for fear, right?”

His hand was like a snake, skimming over up and down.

His ice-cold stiff body had also moved a bit.

Tian SiSi suddenly screamed and said, “Let me go… let me go…”

Mr. Ge said, “Let you go! Do you think I can let you go?”

Tian SiSi said, “What do you want?”

Suddenly her voice had become much clearer.

When a frightened person had reached the extreme fear, the whole body somehow could strangely relax instead.

Why was this? Nobody had really understood why because this kind of bitter experience itself was very seldom experienced by people.

Mr. Ge said easily, “What do I want? I only want to rest with you in the same place. Since we can’t do it on a bed while living, then we can do it in death inside a coffin.”

Tian SiSi said, “Then why don’t you quickly kill me as well?”

Mr. Ge said, “Do you really want to die?”

Tian SiSi closed her teeth tightly and said, “If I have died, whatever you do to me would not be a problem.”

Mr. Ge said, “But I do not want you to die now.”

Tian SiSi said, “You ......Until when do you want to wait?”

Mr. Ge said, “Can you guess?”

His hand slithered along Tian SiSi’s clothes.

The two people went against each other in a coffin, even if Tian SiSi had the strength to avoid him, she still had no where to hide.

She bit her own lips, until it bled.

The pain caused her to become more sober, she gave a long sigh and suddenly said, “You sincerely want me?”

Mr. Ge said, “I have spent such big effort to care for you, you also ought to know it clearly.”

Tian SiSi said, “If you sincerely want me, you should not use this method.”

Mr. Ge said, “What method should I use?”

Tian SiSi said, “Parents’ rule, officially request for my hands via the matchmakers, you ought to know about this.”

Mr. Ge said, “You want me to put in a request to Second Master Tian to seek a marriage alliance?”

Tian SiSi said, “Right.”

Mr. Ge said, “If he complies? You are willing to immediately marry me?”

Tian SiSi said, “Certainly.”

Mr. Ge had smiled suddenly and said, “This should be easy.”

Tian SiSi said, “Easy?”

Mr. Ge said with a smile, “Certainly easy, I will immediately seek a marriage alliance now.”

He complied so readily that Tian SiSi was so stunned.

She could not understand why he would think getting the exemption from her father would be a very easy thing to do? Why was he so confident?

At this moment, she suddenly felt this coffin descending slowly.

She had to ask, “Where are you taking me? The eighteenth hell?”

Mr. Ge said with a smile, “That place is not too bad either, at least it is warmer, there is no blowing wind nor any drenching rain.”

Tian SiSi said, “But my father cannot be in there, whether he is alive or dead, he would never be there!”

Mr. Ge coldly said, “You have not gotten down there, how do you know that Second Master Tian will not be there?”

The coffin still descended downward, Tian SiSi’s heart was also sinking!

“Has my father fallen into the clutch of this malicious ghost, therefore he has so much confidence?”

That could not be.

She wanted a way to comfort herself, “Surely my father is not such an easy person to cope with!”

Thinking about Second Master Tian’s glorious lifetime achievement, Lady Tian felt slightly better.

At this moment, the coffin had stopped.

Then the coffin cover was raised suddenly, a sliver of gloomy light permeated into the coffin.

Thereupon Tian SiSi saw Mr. Ge's face.

His face showed that kind of mystifying, half dead appearance, that did not have any expression.

Even a truly half-dead person would not have such frightfully ugly face like this.

As soon as she saw this face, Tian SiSi could not help but shut her eyes.

Mr. Ge said, “Why don't you open your eyes to have a look?”

Tian SiSi said, “Look ......look at what?”

Mr. Ge said, “To see whether Second Master Tian is here?”

His hands had unexpectedly relaxed.

Tian SiSi mustered her whole strength to jump up, but she was immediately stunned, as if she had dropped into ice-cold water.

As soon as she jumped up, she saw Second Master Tian.

If she had not seen it with her own eyes, she still would not have believed that Second Master Tian was really here.

This place was a square room, without any doors or windows, the only entrance was likely the big coffin. The light seemed to emanate from somewhere, a dim light, just like the lantern of hell.

There were several chairs in front.

A clear, thin faced old person sat on the middle chair, his hand was holding a deep green pipe.

Behind him stood a woman who was pounding his back gently.

Another woman unexpectedly sat on his thigh, trying to light the pipe for him.

Tian SiSi’s whole body felt ice-cold.

She recognized that this person was certainly Second Master Tian, she recognized the green jade pipe as well.

She had once sat on her father’s thigh and tried to light the pipe.

Whoever was in that situation would throw herself at her own father immediately.

But Tian SiSi just stood there trembling nearby the coffin.

Because she recognized these two women.

The one who stood behind Second Master Tian pounding his back gently was Madam Wang. The one sitting on his thigh was unexpectedly Zhang Haoer. This shameless woman always liked to sit on a man’s thigh.

Tian SiSi’s body shook all over, she was so mad that some of her tears had dropped down.

Second Master Tian actually appeared very happy, and smilingly said, “Very good, you have finally come.” This is a typical father to daughter conversation, who had just found his own lost daughter.

Tian SiSi really burst into tears and said tremblingly, “You ......You knew that I would come?”

Second Master Tian nodded.

Madam Wang cluck-clucked and said, “You come at just the right time, we were just discussing about you a moment ago.”

Tian SiSi clenched her teeth and said, “What were you discussing?”

Madam Wang said with a smile, “I was seeking a marriage alliance to Second Master Tian for Mr. Ge a moment ago.”

Tian SiSi said, “He ......What did he say?”

Madam Wang said, “A man and a woman getting married is something to celebrate. Moreover, you two are precisely a perfect match, what else do you think he will say?”

Zhang Haoer also turned around and sweetly smiled, “Second Master Tian certainly agrees immediately, now it is you, the young couple’s turn to thank us, the matchmakers.”

Tian SiSi stared and looked at her father without speaking and without moving.

Her whole body seemed already numb.

Unknown to her, Mr. Ge had stood by her side and embraced her waist with his hand.

Tian SiSi’s eyes straightened, without any expression she coldly said, “Move away your smelly hand quickly.”

Mr. Ge said softly with a smile, “Now the parents agreement is already sought, the matchmakers has also put in the words, why are you still feeling shameful?”

Tian SiSi did not pay attention to him, her eyes kept staring at Second Master Tian and suddenly said loudly, “Actually who are you?”

Madam Wang said with a tender smile, “Now, now, look at you, how can you not know your own father?”

Tian SiSi ran over suddenly and said with a hissing voice, “Actually who are you? Why are you pretending to be my father? Where is my father?”

She just ran over before she was hugged from behind by Mr. Ge.

Madam Wang glanced at her and said, “You know that he is not Second Master Tian? How do you know?”

Tian SiSi struggled with all her might and screamed, “Where is my father? Let me find him!”

Madam Wang sank her face and calmly said, “I am telling you, from now henceforth, this person will be Second Master Tian, he is your father, he is the only Second Master Tian in the world, there is no other.”

Tian SiSi’s body suddenly felt weak, she finally could not bear the situation and wailed bitterly.

Madam Wang had pounded gently the back of “Second Master Tian”, but at this moment she suddenly slapped him and coldly said, “How many times have I taught you, how can you still be discovered by her?”

This person put on a long face and said, “I ......I do not know.”

Madam Wang slapped him again and said, “I have told you never to open your mouth, why do you still talk too much?”

This man protected his face and said, “I only spoke a sentence a moment ago, I ......How do I know ......”

He slid suddenly from the chair and knelt down.

Madam Wang sneered and walked around him, her face was filled with murderous intent.

Mr. Ge suddenly said, “Keep him, he will have his use later on.”

Madam Wang sneered and kicked him rolling as she said sternly, “Useless thing, roll behind my back quickly......Quick!”

Zhang Haoer sighed gently and said, “I already knew that he could not act like him, even if his face resembles Second Master Tian, but how can he act like Second Master Tian?”

Madam Wang eyed her with the corner of her eyes, with a stiff smile, she said, “He certainly cannot deceive you, but others are not like you who had an affair with Second Master Tian.”

Zhang Haoer gave a faint smile and said, “Are you being jealous?”

Madam Wang had smiled and said, “Why should I be jealous, but do you still dare to accompany him to sleep?”

Tian SiSi jumped up suddenly, clenched her teeth and said, “Where is my daddy now? If you do not dare to bring me to see him, at least tell me where he is.”

Madam Wang sighed gently and said, “We are really a little afraid to bring you to see him.”

Tian SiSi’s complexion became paler and said, “Why?”

Madam Wang said, “I asked you something, you have not answered it, so why should I answer you?”

Tian SiSi said, “What did you ask me?”

Madam Wang said, “How did you see that that person was not Second Master Tian?”

Tian SiSi sneered, “Can’t you see?”

Madam Wang said, “He certainly did not have Second Master Tian’s style, his acting was probably not entirely alike Second Master Tian, but he just sat there without moving, and in such dim lighting too, how could you still see that?”

Tian SiSi hesitatingly said, “I am telling you, my father’s health was recently not very good. He had not smoked for several months.”

Madam Wang and Mr. Ge looked at each other and nodded.

Tian SiSi said, “I asked you a question.”

Mr. Ge said, “What did you ask?”

Tian SiSi said, “My father ......”

Mr. Ge had interrupted her suddenly and said, “If you want to see your father, that is also very easy. As long as you marry me, I will certainly lead you home to pay a visit to father-in-law.”

Tian SiSi clenched her teeth and said bitterly, “I urge you to quickly lose your heart’s wish.”

Mr. Ge said easily, “I will never lose heart.”

Tian SiSi suddenly screamed and said, “No matter what your heart’s wish, I would rather die than marry you, even if my father really complies, I would rather die.”

Mr. Ge said, “Why?”

Madam Wang said, “Why? He is not too old. He does not have a wife, his moral behavior is not bad, his wugong skill is excellent, why can’t you marry him?”

Tian SiSi screamed, “No matter what, he is just not a person!”

Zhang Haoer blinked and said with a smile suddenly, “I think I can infer that you dislike him because he is too ugly.”

Tian SiSi said, “Humph.”

Madam Wang walked and patted Mr. Ge's shoulder and said with a smile, “If you become handsome, perhaps she would marry you.”

Zhang Haoer said with a smile, “A pretty girl would like to have a matching husband.”

Mr. Ge said, “You want me to become handsome?”

Zhang Haoer said, “The more handsome the better.”

Mr. Ge smiled and suddenly said, “That is also easy.”

He turned around suddenly, and after a long time he turned around again slowly.

Zhang Haoer clapped with a smile, “Really has become a lot more handsome, such a man, everyone will like including me.”

Madam Wang also said with a smile, “It looks like if Miss Tian is not willing to marry him, others will fight to get him.”

Zhang Haoer said, “That is true.”

Tian SiSi originally was not willing to look at this person even if she was dead, but curiosity caused her to take a look.

She only looked once before she was also stunned.

Mr. Ge had really completely turned into another person.

A mature, outstandingly handsome, romantic middle-aged person, the kind of man that possessed unique leadership strength.

That was precisely the charm and elegance that moved young girls’ hearts.

Tian SiSi nearly could not believe her own eyes.

Madam Wang looked at her and said softly said with a smile, “Have you never heard of disguising technique?”

Of course, Tian SiSi had heard of it.

But although Mr. Ge's face did not show any expression, that face did not look like it was the disguised face that could be easily altered.

But perhaps that was because Tian SiSi never looked at this person carefully.

She did not dare to look at this person even once.

But if he was obviously a handsome man, why did he have to become this scary ugly person.

Was it because he did not dare to expose his own real identity, therefore he never dared to show his own proper face?

What was his real identity?

Tian SiSi became more suspicious, but she was actually no longer as afraid.

Mr. Ge’s present appearance would not incite fear, not only his face was handsome, but his smiling face was gentle and charming.

He looked at Tian SiSi, and smilingly said, “Now I would match you, right?”

Zhang Haoer said with a smile, “With your appearance, even if a goddess descends to earth, you will still be a match.”

Tian SiSi’s heart had somewhat been moved, but she made an effort to shake her head and said loudly, “This is not good!”

Zhang Haoer said, “Why isn't it good?”

Tian SiSi said, “I do not know him, no one knows him, how can I marry him?”

Zhang Haoer said, “This is actually true, a person like Lady Tian, certainly must marry an honored and popular person.”

Madam Wang said with a smile, “Luckily, our Mr. Ge’s name and fame and yours are a perfect match, therefore you two are really properly matched.”

Tian SiSi said, “Oh?”

Madam Wang said, “If you know his real name, you might get real scared.”

Tian SiSi said, “Oh?”

Madam Wang said easily, “Have you heard of Liu FengGu?”

Liu FengGu?

This person was unexpectedly the Chiangnan’s number one hero Liu FengGu.

Tian SiSi was really scared.

Liu FengGu was also a great person in her mind, but she could never have dreamed that this mean and shameless person was unexpectedly someone who was a great person in her mind!