The Celebrity - Chapter 27

Chapter 27 – Fan Yin Temple

Big forest on the hillside.

This temple lay on the forest on the hillside.

Fan Yin temple.

The dim light of night was indistinct, but one might vaguely distinguish these three brush-written words on a flaky gold lacquers.

After arriving there, “the thirteen hands” had simply disappeared.

Although it was very late at night, but the temple’s large oil lamp was still shining brightly before the Buddha statue. Gloomy light actually surrounded the tall wall outside, blurred by the pale yellow dense smoke, or was it cloud or fog?

Tian SiSi sighed in the darkness, every time she came to a place like this, her heart felt very uncomfortable. She only felt that temples seemed to be inundated with dead people, coffins, scary relics, ghosts… Things that would never make people happy.

You absolutely would never hear happy laughters inside the temple, you could only hear some monotonous droning sound of the buddhist drums, like a continuous sob of a resentful woman, sometimes the incantation did sound like a sobbing sound.

She liked listening to laughters, she never liked listening to people crying.

Now luckily no sound came out.

Unfortunately, no sound was often the most fearful sound.

Yang Fan’s complexion was very serious.

Tian SiSi thought that he would go in to have a look and have her and Qin Ge wait outside.

She certainly would oppose that.

Regardless of what Yang Fan might say, she would certainly oppose it.

Who knew that Yang Fan had not said anything, and just walked forward majestically.

Tian SiSi could not keep her calm and said, “This temple is not a very secret place.”

Yang Fan turned around and waited for what she would say.

Tian SiSi said, “But the these people are actually very important.”

Yang Fan said, “Which people?”

Tian SiSi had stared at him and said, “Certainly the golden beard and others who had become monks.”

Yang Fan said, “Oh?”

Tian SiSi said, “Since they dared to gather these people here in the temple, they could certainly guard against the possibility of us coming here.”

Yang Fan said, “Mmm.”

Tian SiSi said, “They cannot afford to let us find these people, therefore ......”

Yang Fan said, “Therefore what?”

Tian SiSi said, “Therefore I think the outlook of this temple is not that simple, there must be an ambush inside.”

Yang Fan said, “So what if there is an ambush?”

Tian SiSi said, “Since there is an ambush, we cannot just rush in like this.”

Yang Fan said, “Then we should just draw back.”

Tian SiSi said, “Since we are already here, how can we just go back!”

Yang Fan said, “We cannot go in, and we cannot go back, so what are you suggesting that we should do?”

Tian SiSi said, “We can have someone have a look inside, and the two other people wait outside to give help as needed.”

She originally was determined to oppose this idea, but now she had said it herself.

Yang Fan unexpectedly did not seem to oppose the idea and said lightly, “Who do you think should take a look first?” Surprisingly, he felt alright asking this question. If he were another man, he would have certainly offered to volunteer first before the woman.

Tian SiSi was nipping her lips, and turned to Qin Ge.

Unexpectedly Qin Ge also did not respond at all.

He seemed to be a very independent individual, but after being together with this big-headed ghost he seemed to become meeker and less original.

Tian SiSi said bitterly, “What are you saying? Who do you think should advance to have a look?”

Yang Fan said lightly, “Since you raised this idea, certainly you are the one who should go.”

This pig actually felt that it was fine to let a woman be the first one in the battle front, letting the woman take the risk! Tian SiSi soon felt wild with rage, as she stamped her feet bitterly and said, “Fine, I will go first!”

Yang Fan said easily, “After you go in, if you meet with an accident, we can find a way to rescue you, whereas if we meet the danger, you will not be able to save us.”

Although he exposed his friends to danger, he was still giving plausible explanations.

Tian SiSi no longer wanted to listen to him and turned around.

These two men really lacked prospects for a bright future, they were simply not good people, Lady Tian felt really disinclined to ever look at them again.

She walked without turning back through the stone pillars arriving at the front of the temple, and start stepping on the stone steps. She suddenly stopped.

The front gate was closed but not closed tight.

Some faint yellow smog, light blue indistinct candlelight fluttered from the crack between the gates.

Since the temple also had the incense and the candles, there should also be people inside.

Since people were inside, why was there no sound?

Did they see Tian SiSi, therefore they were calmly waiting there?

Had they all been killed by the person to eliminate witnesses. Were they all dead?

Lady Tian was originally aroused by anger before entering the place, but now her anger had dissipated and her hands and feet had become ice-cold, she wanted very much to hold on onto a man's hands.

In particular Yang Fan’s hands.

His hands always seemed to be very warm, very stable, very kind, the kind of hands a girl liked to rely on.

It was only a pity that this big-headed ghost’s shadow could not even be seen.

Qin Ge had also disappeared.

Tian SiSi had turned around but could no longer see them.

Her hands had became colder, clammy with cold sweat, she almost could not bear shouting loudly. But Lady Tian certainly would not do that, she would rather die than being disgraced in front of this pig.

After standing for a long time at the stone steps, Lady Tian finally gathered up her courage, and pushed open the gate.

The gate was closed but not barred.

When Tian SiSi pushed it gently, it slowly opened with a creaking sound.

The grating sound could cause a person listening to feel even scared.

Tian SiSi clenched her teeth, stepped on the topmost stone steps, and did a quick look around.

She could not see anything.

The courtyard was filled with the faint yellow smog, it was not really clear whether that was smoke or fog.

A faint light illuminated the hall of that temple, although the light was not bright, at least it was better than nothing.

Tian SiSi drew a long breath, and stepped forward slowly.

She only hoped that she had not stepped on a person’s body.

There was no dead people in the courtyard.

But no live people either.

Passing through the courtyard, the light from the hall of the temple still shone.

There was no one in that temple hall, only an incense burner stood in front of the statue that send out the faint yellow smog.

Where are the golden beard and others?

Did they expect Lady Tian to come and find them here, therefore they had sneaked off first?

Tian SiSi clenched her teeth, and walked forward step by step, walking slowly.

Was she afraid to see live people? Or dead people?

She was not clear about it either.

The statue in that temple hall was all mystifying, giving a half-dead look, which permeated chilliness in this smog, causing one to feel even more fearful.

Tian SiSi had suddenly remembered Mr. Ge.

Mr. Ge gave precisely this kind of mystifying, half-dead look.

Was he behind this idol? Maybe he was just waiting for Tian SiSi to walk by before he sprung out alive, captured her and compelled her to marry him?

Thinking about it, Tian SiSi’s legs had become so weak that she could no longer walk.

She seemed to see a bench at one side so she took a seat.

She absolutely did not really want to sit down in this kind of situation, after sitting down, she could not sit still. She had to sit down to feel a little bit of relief. Without sitting, her legs just could not support her.

The wind blew hard from outside, sending the smog in that hall everywhere. This mystifying half-dead statue seemed to suddenly become alive, making threatening gestures, waiting to bite on people.

Tian SiSi felt the cold sweat beads dropping down on her forehead.

“That big-headed ghost unexpectedly has really let me come inside, and now not even his shadow can be seen.”

Tian SiSi tried to think beyond her anger but she felt more hateful instead. Suddenly, she realized something very fearful.

The place that she sat on seemed to move upwards, as if someone was lifting this bench upwards.

She mustered her courage to look below.

Instantly, Lady Tian’s whole hair had stood up.

What she had sat on was not a bench, but the cover of a coffin.

The coffin itself was already fearful, but the fact that this cover was slowly raising up was even more fearful.

A hand had suddenly extended from the coffin, and held on to Tian SiSi’s hands.

The hand that was as cold as ice.

Tian SiSi’s whole body became like a jelly.

She originally wanted to rush outside, but as her body tried to move away, she had dropped down instead, nearly fainting with fright.

If she had really fainted, perhaps that would have been better.

But she was as sober as a monk, not only she could see everything, she could also hear everything.

From the coffin, not only the hand had extended outside, but the laughter had also suddenly filled the room. That gloomy, sneering laughter was grating to the ears like the cry of the ghosts.

Tian SiSi exhausted her whole strength before she could say loudly, “Who hides in the coffin? I know that you are a person, even if you pretend to be a ghost, that will not work.”

She could really tell that this hand belong to a live person?