The Celebrity - Chapter 24

Chapter 24 - Who are the Masters?

Qin Ge said, “I only said that he was originally the Shaolin Temple's law protector.”

Tian SiSi said, “Originally, but not now?”

Qin Ge said, “Not since 6-7 years ago.”

Tian SiSi said, “Was he forced to resign?”

Qin Ge said, “No, he just resigned.”

Tian SiSi said, “After climbing up with great difficulty to reach that high status, why did he have to leave?°

Qin Ge said, “Because Shaolin Temple was too cold, whereas his heart was actually too hot.”

Tian SiSi said, “The Buddhist cannot be too warm-hearted?”

Qin Ge said, “Therefore he would rather go to hell.”

Tian SiSi also sighed and said, “I only understand now what that meant.”

Qin Ge said, “Oh?”

Tian SiSi said, “A person that goes to hell is not being forced by others, he goes willingly there to save other people.”

Qin Ge said with a smile, “You can understand that, you have already grown up a lot.”

Tian SiSi pouted her mouth and said, “I am already a grown-up.”

Qin Ge said, “You were originally a young lady, but now you are a grown-up.”

Tian SiSi had not said anything else.

Because she had realized that after these days, she had really grown up a lot— at least several years older.

She understood the difference between “a young lady” and “a grown-up”.

This was something that a young lady would have never understood.

After a very long time, she also asked suddenly, “That monk said something really strange a moment ago, did you understand him?”

Qin Ge said, “The senior monk said many strange things, 7-8 out of 10 were strange.”

Tian SiSi said, “But this was something really different.”

Qin Ge said, “Which sentence?”

Tian SiSi said, “It was actually just two words.”

Qin Ge said, “Two words?”

Tian SiSi said, “Shan Liu.”

As soon as he heard these two words, Qin Ge’s expression really became a little different.

Tian SiSi said, “That senior monk said the monk Wu Mink should go to hell, because he entered Shan Liu, did you hear that?”

Qin Ge nodded.

Tian SiSi said, “What is the meaning of Shan Liu?”

Qin Ge was silent for a very long time and then slowly said, “Shan Liu is a group of people.”

Tian SiSi said, “A group of people?”

Qin Ge said, “A group of friends, their interest is the same, therefore they unify together, these two words make up for their code name 'Shan Liu.’“

Tian SiSi said, “What is their interest?”

Qin Ge said, “Going to hell.”

Tian SiSi, “They don’t want people to go to hell?”

Qin Ge said, “Right.”

Tian SiSi said, “So to them, the gambling establishment is like hell, they must rescue these people who were perishing inside, therefore they must alter the gambling establishment into a temple?”

Qin Ge said, “At least the temple is not hell, it does not have burning places to burn the dead people.”

Tian SiSi said, “But to the people who open the gambling establishment, they would certainly hate him to the bone so much that they want the bones of a monk instead.”

Qin Ge said, “Right.”

Tian SiSi said, “Therefore these talented people wanted his life.”

Qin Ge said, “Right.”

Tian SiSi said, “I have heard of many things in jiang-hu, why have I never heard of ‘Shan Liu’?”

Qin Ge said, “Because that is originally a very secret organization.”

Tian SiSi said, “What they are doing are not shameful matters, why do they need the secrecy?”

Qin Ge said, “After they did something good, they are not willing to let others know, only then they are doing something truly good.”

Tian SiSi said, “But to do truly good, that is not too easy.”

Qin Ge said, “It is indeed not easy.”

Tian SiSi said, “If you must do good, you will offend a lot of dishonest people.”

Qin Ge said, “Right.”

Tian SiSi said, “The dishonest people are not easy to cope with.”

Qin Ge said with a smile, “Therefore regardless of what they are trying to do, they must brave many dangers, and when they are not cautious enough, they can be like the monk Wu Ming, who died inexplicably on someone else’s hands.”

Tian SiSi said, “But they clearly know the dangers, right?”

Qin Ge said, “Regardless of the difficulty and many dangers, they do not care about them at all, not even dying.”

Tian SiSi sighed, her eyes shone and said, “I do not know whether I will have the opportunity later to get to know them.“

Qin Ge said, “I am afraid the opportunity will be very limited.”

Tian SiSi said, “Why?”

Qin Ge said, “Because they are doing this not to make themselves famous or to publicize themselves, even people around them might not know them, so how would you get to know them.”

Tian SiSi said, “You do not know who they are?”

Qin Ge said, “Up until now, I only know Master Wu Ming, if he were not dead already, I think Master Wu Se would not have revealed his identity.”

Tian SiSi said, “Besides him, there would be at least a scholar and a taoist priest.”

Qin Ge nodded and said, “They could certainly be Shan Liu people, but possibly they were not either. If they did not say it themselves, nobody could determine that.”

Tian SiSi hesitatingly said, “Inside this group of people, since it already has the monk, the taoist priest, and a scholar, it possibly has many kinds of strange people.”

Qin Ge said, “Right, I heard that inside Shan Liu, they have many complex people, nothing else in the world is as complex as this organization.”

Tian SiSi said, “How can these people get organized?”

Qin Ge said, “Because they share the same interest, same belief.”

Tian SiSi said, “There is no other reason?”

Qin Ge said, “There is also a person who can organize them.”

Tian SiSi said, “This person must be very great.”

Qin Ge said, “Certainly.”

Tian SiSi eyes flashed and said, “I must find a way to get to know him.”

Qin Ge said, “You can’t.”

Tian SiSi said, “Why?”

Qin Ge said, “Because nobody knows who he is.”

Tian SiSi glanced at him and said, “Therefore, anybody is possibly him..”

Qin Ge said, “Right.”

Tian SiSi was staring at him and said, “You can also possibly be him.”

Qin Ge had smiled and said, “If I were him, I would certainly tell you.”

Tian SiSi said, “Really?”

Qin Ge said with a smile, “You should not forget, we are good friends.”

Tian SiSi sighed and said, “It is a pity that you are not.”

Qin Ge said, “I am not a Shan Liu person, because I am not qualified.”

Tian SiSi said, “Why are you not qualified?”

Qin Ge said, “To enter Shan Liu, one must have complete self-devotion, must have the spirit to go to hell, and willing to go through the fire or water and not even balk at ten thousand deaths!”

Tian SiSi said, “You?”

Qin Ge sighed, “I am no good, I enjoy life too much.”

Tian SiSi sweetly said, “Moreover you are also too famous, wherever you go, people will pay attention to you.”

Qin Ge gave a forced smile and said, “This is precisely my biggest problem.”

Tian SiSi sighed, “They elected you to be the scapegoat, I think because you are just too famous. Wherever you go people will recognize you, Even if you want to run, you still cannot escape.”

Qin Ge sighed, “Fame portends trouble, a mother should teach this to her kids.”

Tian SiSi said, “Now not only the Shao Lin Pai people will look for you, Shan Liu people will try to find you too.”

Qin Ge said, “Shan Liu people are even more fearful than Shao Lin Pai people.”

Tian SiSi said, “As soon as you walk somewhere, they will recognize you as the murderer.”

Qin Ge gave a forced smile.

Tian SiSi looked at him, after a long sigh she dangled her head and said, “I knew that I had made a mistake.”

Qin Ge said, “What mistake?”

Tian SiSi said, “I should not have told you to run a moment ago.”

Qin Ge said, “Indeed I should not.”

Tian SiSi was nipping her lips and said, “But why did you leave with me then?”

Qin Ge smiled and said, “Perhaps I did not leave for you?”

Tian SiSi said, “If not for me, then for who?”

Qin Ge said, “The person who rescued me a moment ago.”

Tian SiSi said, “You know who he is?”

Qin Ge nodded and said, “Besides him, even if all the people in the world asked me, I would not have left.”

Tian SiSi said, “Why?”

Qin Ge said, “Because I truly admire him in my heart.”

Tian SiSi widened her eyes and said, “I did not know that you have someone you admire.”

Qin Ge said, “Such a person like him, you will admire regardless.”

Tian SiSi said, “What kind of person is he?”

Qin Ge said, “The person who you have no alternative but to admire.”

Tian SiSi said, “Actually who is he?”

Qin Ge smiled, smiled very mysteriously.

Tian SiSi’s eyes flashed and said, “Is it Liu FengGu?”

Qin Ge stayed quiet.

Tian SiSi said, “Is it Yue HuanShan?”

Qin Ge stayed quiet.

Tian SiSi said, “Why didn’t you say something?”

Qin Ge had smiled and said, “Do you know them?”

Tian SiSi said, “I don’t know them now.”

Qin Ge said, “I do not know them too.”

Tian SiSi seemed bewildered and said, “Why don’t you know them?”

Qin Ge said with a smile, “Maybe because I am very lucky.”

Tian SiSi had stared at him for a while before turning aside, curled her lips and sneered, “I know now the kind of person that you admire.”

Qin Ge said, “Oh?”

Tian SiSi said, “He is someone who is inferior to you, then you can admire him.”

She did not let Qin Ge speak up, instead she injected, “When a man praises another man in front of a woman, that person is actually inferior to him, like ......”

Qin Ge said sharply, “Like when a woman praises another woman in front of a man, that other woman was actually a clown compared to her, right?”

Tian SiSi could not bear smiling, “That is right.”

Qin Ge said with a smile, “If it is like that, you are calling the soul of men by the heart of the concubines.”

Tian SiSi replied quickly, “What is so great about men?”

Qin Ge said, “Men are not so great, but he is willing to sincerely praise another man in front of a woman, to praise a truly great person.”

The men were different in a lot of ways than women. But regardless, both men and women were doing fine. Because little differences could actually be a wonderful thing.

If you were a man, it would be best to understand one thing:

If another man praised you in front of you, he did not really admire you fully, but considered you a fool who could be easily deceived, he must have a hidden agenda.

But if he praised you behind your back, then he was really praising you.

The women were actually different.

If you were a woman, you should best understood one thing:

If another woman praised you in front of you or behind your back, that could only mean that she was looking down on you.

Instead if she were scolding you behind your back, you should feel happy.

Some other matters were also equally wonderful.

When a man and a woman were alone together, the one who asked questions was usually the woman. If that happened, men should be happy. Because if a woman was willing to ask men questions, even strange or stupid questions, that meant that at least she did not dislike you. The more trivial was the question, the more she liked you.

But if she never asked you anything, and you had to be the one who entertained her, that meant that you liked her very much, but she did not really have a great interest in you.

If in your company, a woman did not even feel interested in asking you anything, what other interest she would have in you?

This situation happened in nearly every cases without an exception.

Except now.

Tian SiSi was a woman, she did not dislike Qin Ge.

Therefore she was also asking:

“Who do you really admire?”

This question was originally very simple, very easy to reply.

But Qin Ge still would not answer.


Men and women could be found in different places, either in a town or a village.

For a roaming man, the town would have certain advantages: when you had to stay for many evenings, you could go to different places to eat.

That would be something good to have.

But to find a lonely woman late at night at those places, for sure, she could not be a good woman.

But “having something” would always be much better compared to “having nothing”.


Even in the most prosperous town, you could still see many open areas, for some unknown reason, people just did not occupy them.

These places might be prepared for a house, a business place, or something that could thrive well and then afterwards people would wonder why that place had not been occupied before.

Everybody only knew that wherever there was some open spaces, people could go there to herd cows, to raise pigs, to fight, to kill people or even to urinate.

Only when someone’s brain got excited, would he be moved to try to use this open area to make money. To get the place ready to make money was not an easy matter. Not only you had to use your brain, you also had to work really hard to achieve your goal.

This outdoor stall was on a very big open area.

Tian SiSi had asked Qin Ge, “Where are you bringing me to eat?”

Qin Ge said, “To Seven and a half.”

Tian SiSi said, “Seven and a half?”

Qin Ge said, “Seven and a half cents is to pay for the food.”

Tian SiSi said, “That place is called Seven and a half?”

Qin Ge nodded and said with a smile, “That place’s boss is also called seven and a half.”

Tian SiSi said, “How can this person have such a strange name?”

Qin Ge said, “Because when others have a haircut it costs 15 cents, but he only has to pay seven and a half cents.”

Tian SiSi said, “Why?”

Qin Ge said, “Because he is a bald person.”

Tian SiSi also smiled.

Qin Ge said, “When he was selling in the marketplace, he was already very famous. Afterwards he has opened a beef food stall here, and everything is good. The beef noodles is good, the pig’s feet noodle is also good, they are only sold seven and a half cents per bowl. Afterwards, this business has becomed really famous, the owner also has becomed really famous. So, many people who has come to this place also know this seven and a half person.”

Tian SiSi said, “His business is very good?”

Qin Ge said, “Very good.”

This outdoor food stall business was indeed very good.

Tian SiSi had never seen so many people in one place outside this late at night, and so many different kinds of people.

Several dozens of tables were all occupied by all kinds of people.

Some people rode horses, some people went by carriages to this place, so besides this open area, there were also a lot of stationary carriages and horses.

All different kinds of carriages and horses. Some carriage drivers were waiting, some were wearing very nice clothes.

Tian SiSi really could not understand, since these people had such nice attractive carriages and horses, why should they bother to come to this kind of shoddy outdoor stall, just to eat a great seven and a half cents of beef noodle bowl?

In that big stretch of open area, only a few lanterns hung at the front of the stalls.

The lanterns were already blackened with smoke so they were not very bright, and the place was really too big, so the lighting at most tables were almost non-existent. People’s faces were just too dark to distinguish.

Tian SiSi had waited with Qin Ge at the side for a while, before they had finally found an empty table. Unexpectedly nobody had noticed Qin Ge.

After waiting for some time, a mystifying waiter finally came along and put the cups and chopsticks on the table.

“Want some wine?”


“How much?”

“Five catties.”

After asking these two questions, this waiter turned around and left, not even bothering to look at their faces.

Tian SiSi was stunned, she could not help saying, “This waiter is very impolite.”

Qin Ge smiled, “We are eating, not looking at the waiter.”

Tian SiSi said, “But he has not asked you what we want to eat?”

Qin Ge said, “He does not need to ask.”

Tian SiSi said, “Why?”

Qin Ge said, “Because they only provide four side dishes to everyone.”

Tian SiSi knits the brows, “Which four types?”

Qin Ge said, “Beef noodles, salted beef, pig’s feet noodle and red-roasted pig's feet.”

Tian SiSi was stunned and said, “Only these four types?”

Qin Ge said with a smile, “These four types are also already enough, if someone does not like the beef, he can eat the pig's feet, if he does not like the pig's feet, he can eat the beef.”

Tian SiSi sighed and smiled reluctantly, “It is really his talent that he can find these four types of dishes to serve.”

Perhaps because this place only served these four dishes, then people thought that this place was something unique.

Qin Ge said, “I know that he is not a talent.”

Tian SiSi said, “Oh?”

Qin Ge said, “But because he is not a talent, he can then get rich.”

Tian SiSi smiled.

She also had no alternative but to acknowledge that this saying made sense.

Actually she was still not too clear about the truth.

Nobody really could make clear of this bewildering truth in this world.

The table and the place grew darker.

Tian SiSi looked around and suddenly found slivers of shadow flitting in the darkness, watching wandering souls coming and going. She could not clearly see their attires but they were like hunters eyeing to seize the rabbits.

That kind of vision really invoked evil intentions.

Tian SiSi could not bear asking, “Who are these people?”

Qin Ge said, “People doing business.”

Tian SiSi said, “What kind of business has to be done here?”

Qin Ge said, “Shameful business.”

Tian SiSi’s thought about something but then nodded, although she was still not that clear about it.

Besides men, there were also women in the darkness.

What were these women waiting to do? At least she seemed to understand about their intention.

Then she had turned to a place brightly lit at one side.

She saw every kind of people, the poor and the wealthy, the inexpensive and the expensive clothings.

Almost everyone was drinking — — although they shared the same place, they were not coming from the same world.

Then finally she saw that waiter bringing their wooden plates.

The noodle and the meat were all hot.

So long as they were hot, the food could not be too unpalatable.

Tian SiSi had eaten several mouthfuls before laying down the chopsticks, she looked at Qin Ge and said, “You said this place has become really famous?”

Qin Ge said, “Mmm.”

Tian SiSi said, “Famous because it sells two kinds of noodles?”

Qin Ge said, “Mmm.”

Tian SiSi looked around, sighed suddenly and said, “I think all these people must be sick.”

Qin Ge said, “Which people?”

Tian SiSi said, “These people who come here especially to eat the noodle!”

Qin Ge waited until he had finished his beef noodle bowl, before giving a long sigh, “They are not sick.”

Tian SiSi said, “That person?”

She said this as her eyes were staring at a person.

This person sat under the bright light, wearing a very soft, very comfortable light blue gown, not only was it very luxurious, the fitting was tailor-perfect.

He was not too old, his face expressed natural dignity, even while sitting on this broken table, rotten stool, nobody could despise him.

Tian SiSi said, “This person certainly has very high status.”

Qin Ge said, “Right.”

Tian SiSi said, “He must have servant girls in his house.”

Qin Ge said, “Not just one, but many of them.”

Tian SiSi said, “He can certainly eat anything at home if he wants to.”

Qin Ge said, “Right.”

Tian SiSi said, “Then, if he is not sick, why does he bother to come to this kind of place to eat late at night?”

Qin Ge drank the cup of wine slowly, then he put down the wine cup slowly, he look far ahead at a distant place in the darkness. After a very long time, then he gave a low sigh and said, “Do you know what is called loneliness?”

Tian SiSi said, “Certainly, I was frequently very lonely before.”

Qin Ge said, “What were you thinking at that time?”

Tian SiSi said, “My thought wandered everywhere, if I strolled out somewhere, I would ask anyone to chat with me.”

Qin Ge had smiled suddenly and said, “You think that is loneliness?”

Tian SiSi said, “What is it if it isn't loneliness?”

Qin Ge said, “That is called boredom, the true loneliness is not like that.”

He smiled very miserably before adding, “What is the appearance of true loneliness? Perhaps nobody could say clearly, because you would not know what you were thinking at that time.”

Tian SiSi was listening.

Qin Ge said, “If you have experienced many things, but it suddenly does not matter to you at all. Or if you have obtained many things, but you suddenly felt all empty inside you. Or when you arrived somewhere at the dead of the night and you found yourself all alone…”

His voice grew softer, then he said slowly, “Only at that time, you can understand what loneliness really means.”

Tian SiSi blinked her eyes and said, “You understand then?”

Qin Ge did not seem to have heard her, after a very long silence, he said, “Perhaps you did not think like that at the time, but that person sitting there all alone, perhaps he could feel emptiness in his heart, not knowing where to go, sometimes he wants to scream or something else to release that feeling…”

Tian SiSi said, “You should be thinking of something interesting at that time.”

Qin Ge said, “Perhaps the person’s biggest pain was that he could not control his own thought. Even if you tried your hardest to recollect the past happy thoughts but the ones that came up was only bitterness and pain, your heart just felt that it had been pierced by a needle.”

Tian SiSi said with a smile, “Pierced by a needle? That is only what the writers describe ......”

Qin Ge drank the cup of wine and said, “Before I did not believe that a person's heart could really suffer so much pain, I also thought that what the writers described were in excess, but afterwards I only knew that even the most extreme rhetoric that a writer used still could not describe what you feel at the time.”

He smiled miserably, then said, “If you have had that kind of feeling, only then you can understand why these people want to come here very late at night, running personally to this tattered outdoor stall to get drunk.”

Tian SiSi was silent for a while before saying, “If he is afraid of loneliness, he does not need to come here.”

Qin Ge said, “No?”

Tian SiSi said, “Why doesn't he look for his friend?”

Qin Ge said, “Fine, you may ask a friend to accompany you, for ten days, for half a month. But you cannot expect your friends to accompany you for a lifetime.”

Tian SiSi said, “Why?”

Qin Ge said, “Because your friends certainly also have their own problems to solve, their own family members to comfort, they could not accompany you forever.”

He smiled and said, “Moreover you do not really want to have your friends share your pain forever.”

Tian SiSi said, “You may at least hire a person to accompany you.”

Qin Ge said, “That kind of person is not your friend, if you were really lonely, that person will not relieve it.”

Tian SiSi rotated her eyes and said, “I knew someone who might bring relieve …”

Qin Ge said, “What kind of person?”

Tian SiSi said, “A person like Zhang Haoer might be more comfortable here than anyone else.”

She pointed to a fat person with a youth-looking pattern clothes and said, “He looks like a person who can have the strength to enjoy a girl.”

Qin Ge said, “Right, he can go there. But if you go too often to that kind of place, you can become very, very weary.”

Tian SiSi said, “Therefore, he would rather run here and drown his own sorrow?”

Qin Ge said, “Right.”

Tian SiSi said, “But the person who comes here still has no friend, no one to understand his pain, wouldn’t it be the same if he has just stayed all by himself.”

Qin Ge said, “That is completely different.”

Tian SiSi said, “What is so different?”

Qin Ge said, “Because here you can feel other people’s existence, feel his own pulse of life, or he may see some other people in more pain than him…”

Tian SiSi said, “If a person saw someone suffering more pain than him, his own pain could be lessened?”

Qin Ge said, “Sometimes yes.”

Tian SiSi said, “Why? How can a person be so selfish?”

Qin Ge smiled forcedly and said, “Because a person is basically a selfish person.”

Tian SiSi said, “I am not selfish, I only hope that everyone in the world can have joy.”

Qin Ge gave a long sigh and said, “When you grow up, you will understand that this idea is impossible to realize!”

Tian SiSi said, “Why can’t people be joyful?”

Qin Ge said, “Because if you want to be joyful, you must often pay the painful price. If you obtain something, at the same time you often lose something else ......”

Tian SiSi said, “Why do people think like that? Why don't they think in another way?”

Her eyes glittered, “If you suffer pain, just think of wonderful things. When you lose something, think about something else that you have gotten, wouldn’t that feel more joyful then?”

Qin Ge was staring at her, before smiling and tossing down his drink. He said, “Because not many people in the world could think like you, otherwise this world would be a lot more lovable.”

People who came here were not just lonely people.

Qin Ge said, “There are some people who come here only in the evening, because it is shameful to come here in the daytime. There are some people too who really like this place.”

Tian SiSi said, “Some people really like this place?”

Qin Ge said, “Certainly, I like this place.”

Tian SiSi said, “Why do you like this place?”

Qin Ge said, “This place is not that clean or comfortable, the beef and the pig’s feet are not that special, but it certainly has a distinctive ambience.”

Tian SiSi sweetly said, “What ambience? Fetid odor?”

Qin Ge said, “If you come to a big restaurant every day, sometimes if you do not go there for a few times, you feel something fresh and exciting.

Tian SiSi said, “So this place is good for people that are not in a good mood?”

Qin Ge said, “No, it is like ......”

He smiled, then said, “Like you are with your wife every day, but sometimes you look at other women, and although her face was like a clown compared to your wife, you still feel something fresh and stimulating.”

Tian SiSi’s face stiffened and said, “How can you say something like that in front of a lady?”

Qin Ge said with a smile, “Because I know that you will not marry me, sometimes when a man treats a woman as a friend, he forgets that she is a woman.”

Tian SiSi smiled.

She smiled very sweetly, very happily.

But suddenly her heart felt indescribable disconsolate feeling, as if it was searching for something to cover the emptiness inside.

In her mind before, Qin Ge was the man, but now she had even forgotten that he was a man.

Because he was already her friend.

Her true need was not for a friend, but for someone who could accompany her forever, comfort her, let her lie down on his bosom.

Would she find this kind of a man later?

She did not know.

Actually what should this kind of a man look like?

She did not know.

Perhaps only because she never stopped looking that she could never find him.

Because perhaps she might have found him, but she had just let him go.

Didn’t people always let go of things that they needed the most? Only after they lost the things, then they understood how important were the lost ones.

“In any event, I should never try to look for that big-headed ghost.”

Tian SiSi clenched her teeth.

“I should not even care if he never comes to see me again or even if he dies.”

She told her heart again and again, like forcing herself to accept this truth.

But in the end, she realized that only when with Yang Fan her heart did not feel this terrible empty feeling. Perhaps she could get angry or get upset, but never get lonely.

Qin Ge was looking at her and said suddenly, “What are you thinking?”

Tian SiSi suddenly lifted up the wine cup and drank. She reluctantly smiled, “I was wondering whether that person will come or not.”

Qin Ge said, “Who?”

Tian SiSi said, “Your most admired person.”

Qin Ge was smiling, smiling very mysteriously and said, “That person has already come now.”

Tian SiSi said, “Where?”

Qin Ge said, “You just need to turn around.”