The Celebrity - Chapter 23

Chapter 23 - Masters

Immediately only the sabre’s flash was seen.

The bright sabre flashed forward toward that heavily bearded man’s face.

The heavily bearded man could only feel that his face was cool, as afraid as he was he could not help putting out his hand to trace his face, the chin was already smoothly shaven.

Goodbye to the black silk things dancing in the air at present, which was originally his beard.

Very quick sabre, very wonderful sabre.

The heavily bearded man leg’s went soft all of a sudden and he dropped down to the ground.

Tian SiSi’s laughter was heard outside the door saying, “Didn’t I say that the golden beard actually did not have any beard? Right?”

Qin Ge laughed and said, “He did not have any beard at all.”


Now there was finally no question about the beard’s existence.

But what about the monk?

Actually who killed the monk?

Was it the person that extended his hand from the roof?

If he had killed the monk, why did he have to rescue Qin Ge?

Who was he?

It looked like these questions would not be solved very quickly nor very easily.


Star lights all over the sky.

Tian SiSi stopped, gasping for breath.

Here they finally could no longer see the monk or the bearded person.

Tian SiSi looked at Qin Ge’s face and said with a smile, “You have not kept the beard luckily, your luck is really good.”

Qin Ge gave a forced smile, “My luck is also good?”

Tian SiSi said, “If you have kept the beard, I will extract them one by one down to their roots.”

She frowned suddenly and said, “Did you recognize that bearded person?”

Qin Ge said, “Not only have I not recognize him, I have never seen him before in my life.”

Tian SiSi said, “I have never seen him either, the people I have seen before, probably at the most only have half of his beard.”

Qin Ge looked at the sabre in his hand and said with a smile, “This is luckily a very quick sabre, otherwise it was really not easy to shave all of his beard.”

Tian SiSi had also smiled and said, “I did not expect your sabre skill to be that good.”

Qin Ge said, “If a person had suffered 472 sabre cuts, his sabre skill should not be too bad.”

Tian SiSi sighed and said, “But that senior monk was really so formidable, his skin was wrinkled like a monkey, but he was unexpectedly so difficult to cope with.”

Qin Ge said, “In Shaolin Temple, there are several thousand monks that are none so easy to cope with, moreover among these thousand monks, he was the most difficult to cope with.”

Tian SiSi said, “He is really the Shao Lin’s number one master?”

Qin Ge said, “If not the number one, he is not far from it.”

Tian SiSi sighed, “No wonder you were not his match.”

Qin Ge stared, “Who said I was not his match?”

Tian SiSi curled her lips and said, “If it had not been for someone who had rescued you, you would have been already ......”

Qin Ge said sharply, “That did not count.”

Tian SiSi said, “Why?”

Qin Ge said, “Because he had his weapon, I was actually empty-handed, I was already at a disadvantaged position.”

Tian SiSi said, “He was just using his string of rosary.”

Qin Ge said, “That rosary is his weapon, when a Buddhist monk walk outside, he would feel embarrassed carrying a sword around. Especially with his status, he could only take this kind of weapon with him.”

Tian SiSi blinked and said, “If he had been also empty-handed? Could you have defeated him?”

Qin Ge smiled and said, “At least I would not have been defeated.”

Tian SiSi said, “Shao Lin Pai has been the fundamental school in the martial arts world for several hundred years, and no other school has the same kind of reputation. Since your wugong is at the same level as the Shao Lin’s number one master, wouldn’t your skill be already unmatched in this world?”

Qin Ge said, “Heh heh! Ha ha!”

Tian SiSi said, “What is the meaning of heh heh ha ha?”

Qin Ge said with a smile, “Meaning, I am not unmatched in the world.”

Tian SiSi had also smiled and said, “Finally you are very honest.”

Qin Ge sighed, “A chivalrous person has no alternative but to be honest.”

Tian SiSi said, “According to you, there are several people in the world whose wugong is higher than you?”

Qin Ge thought and said, “Not too many.”

Tian SiSi said, “What do you mean?”

Qin Ge said, “There are not that many people.”

Tian SiSi said, “Actually there are several?”

Qin Ge thought and said, “I heard that in the East Sea’s Bi Luo Dao (blue spiral island), the city leader of Ruo Cui Cheng (light green jade city), has quick sword moves, unparalleled in the world.”

Tian SiSi said, “Is he the first under heaven?”

Qin Ge said, “No.”

Tian SiSi said, “Who is the first under heaven then?”

Qin Ge said, “Little Li’s flying dagger.”

Saying these four words, his face showed all the respect and admiration of him.

Anyone who mentioned “Little Li’s flying dagger” had no alternative but to admire him.

Anyone who did not admire him already had their last words.

Tian SiSi was also unable to restrain her admiration and said, “Are you saying Li XunHoan, Little Li Tanhua?”

Qin Ge sighed, “Who else?”

Tian SiSi asked, “I heard that he had live secluded for a long time already, is he still in this world?”

Qin Ge said, “Certainly, this kind of person will live forever.”

He said it correctly.

A person could live forever, because their lives had been planted in the people’s hearts forever.

Tian SiSi said, “Let us not consider the people who have lived secluded, but only the people who are still active in jiang-hu.”

Qin Ge said, “That would not be that many.”

He thought and then said, “Shao Lin’s leader Master Wu Gen has deep internal cultivation, nobody knows how deep.”

Tian SiSi said, “You have fought with him?”

Qin Ge said, “No, I do not dare to.”

Tian SiSi sweetly said, “Fine, he is one.”

Qin Ge said, “There are also Wudang’s Taoist Fei, Bashan’s swordsman Taoist Gu, Da-mo-shen-long (the desert’s divine dragon) ......I don’t want to fight with them.”

Tian SiSi said with a smile, “Only them?”

Qin Ge said, “In addition, at least one more.”

Tian SiSi said, “Who?”

Qin Ge said, “The person who rescued me a moment ago.”

Tian SiSi said, “You have not even seen that person, how should you know how high is his wugong?”

Qin Ge said, “When he was on the roof, he could extend his hand through the roof and caught Wu Se’s rosary just at the right time, I cannot do that.”

Tian SiSi also had no alternative but to acknowledge, “That was really great.”

Qin Ge said, “One more thing.”

Tian SiSi said, “Extinguishing the lights?”

Qin Ge said, “Right, such hidden weapon expertise was really excellent.”

Tian SiSi said, “You think he is the murderer of Wu Ming?”

Qin Ge said, “I only know that I did not kill that monk.”

Tian SiSi said, “These people have no hatred nor enmity with us, we have never seen them before, why should they treat us unjustly like that?”

Qin Ge coldly said, “Perhaps they just want to divert the blame onto others.”

Tian SiSi frowned and said, “Diverting the blame onto others?”

Qin Ge said, “You don’t get that?”

Tian SiSi said, “I certainly do, you are saying that they wanted Master Wu Ming dead, but they were afraid that Shao Lin Pai would take revenge, therefore they had devised this method to divert the blame to you.”

Qin Ge said, “Exactly.”

Tian SiSi said, “'But who are they? Why did they want Master Wu Ming dead?”

Qin Ge said, “Do you know the meaning of Shao Lin Pai?”

Tian SiSi said, “I know!”

She should know.

For several hundred years, the three words “Shao Lin faction” had embedded into people’s minds as the true fundamental faction of martial arts world.

Therefore, unless you were not normal, nobody would be willing to affront them.

Qin Ge said, “Do you know the status of Master Wu Ming in Shaolin Temple?”

Tian SiSi said, “His status cannot be a low one.”

Qin Ge sighed and said, “Not low?”

Tian SiSi said, “I heard besides the abbot leader, who hold the highest status in Shaolin Temple, there are also the two law protectors.”

Qin Ge said, “Strictly speaking, there are not just two law protectors, but four.”

Tian SiSi said, “Actually is it two or four?”

Qin Ge said, “The most correct view is two big protectors and two small ones.”

Tian SiSi had smiled and said, “I did not expect that monks are just like officials, they are divided into many social classes.”

Qin Ge said, “But people should have different social classes.”

Tian SiSi said, “But I thought that everyone should all be equal, otherwise it is unfair.”

Qin Ge said, “Fine, let me ask you, if a person is stupid or lazy, who does nothing except eat during the day and sleep at night, what will he turn out to be?”

Tian SiSi said, “A beggar.”

Qin Ge said, “Also if another person, diligent and thrifty, also intelligent, who is willing to progress, will he beg for food?”

Tian SiSi said, “Certainly not.”

Qin Ge said, “Why do some people beg for food then? Or that some people live very comfortably?”

Tian SiSi said, “Because some people are stupid, some people are intelligent, diligent, some people are lazy.”

Qin Ge said, “Is this very fair?”

Tian SiSi felt relaxed and said, “Very fair.”

Qin Ge said, “So, should people have different social classes?”

Tian SiSi said, “Yes.”

Qin Ge said, “When all people are standing at one place, they are all equal. Then, it depends on whether you are willing to crawl upward or you just stand there coolly enjoying the wind. Whether some people crawl and sweat profusely or just waiting there, that would bring inequality, if that is called unfair, then the truth is unfair.”

He then slowly said, “If all the people can understand this truth, there will be less hatred and pain in the world.”

Tian SiSi was staring at him, sighed gently, “I am suddenly discovering that the way you speak feels more and more like someone I know.”

Qin Ge said, “Who?”

Tian SiSi shook her head, sighed and said, “You do not know him, he ......”

She bit her lips, not saying anything except to herself, “Where has that big-headed ghost disappeared? Will I be able to see him again?”

Qin Ge suddenly said, “Where were we a moment ago?”

Tian SiSi reddened and said with a smile, “We were discussing the two big and two small of Shaolin Temple’s law protectors.”

Qin Ge said, “Two big law protectors means that these two people are older, with very profound skills, therefore unless there was an emergency, they would not tackle the matters in the world.”

Tian SiSi said, “Two small law protectors?”

Qin Ge said, “These two law protectors are not so old but they are already mature, they are really the Shaolin Temple’s real stewards. Therefore these two people are not only extremely astute, their wugong skills are certainly also very high.”

Tian SiSi said, “That means the two small law protectors are actually not small at all.”

Qin Ge nodded and said, “That monk Wu Ming was originally one of the Shaolin Temple's law protectors, he was also the current abbot leader’s younger fellow.”

Tian SiSi said, “He did not seem to have such a decorated background.”

Qin Ge said, “For several hundred years, there is only one kind of people who dares to kill Shao Lin’s law protectors.”

Tian SiSi said, “What kind of people?”

Qin Ge said, “Insane ones.”

Tian SiSi laughed inevitably, “Do you think these people were all insane?”

Qin Ge said, “There two kinds of insane people actually.”

Tian SiSi said, “What two kinds?”

Qin Ge said, “One kind is the one that has gone crazy because of himself, the other kind is the one that has gone crazy because he was compelled by others.”

Tian SiSi’s eyes rotated and said, “You think that they have been compelled to insanity by Wu Ming.”

Qin Ge said, “Certainly.”

Tian SiSi said, “Why did the monk Wu Ming have to compel them?”

Qin Ge said, “Because this monk liked to be meddlesome.”

Tian SiSi said, “Since he was the Shaolin Temple's law protector, why did he have to be meddlesome?”