The Celebrity - Chapter 21

Chapter 21 – Heart of a Young Girl

Thinking up to this point, she suddenly felt that she must have become very bored.

There were many thousands, ten thousands of other people to think of, why did she have to think of him!

“I am thinking of him here, but who knows who he is thinking of!”

Thereupon she started to think of her father, of Tian Xin, these were originally the people whom she was the most intimate with, but for some reason, whenever she thought of these people, they seemed to always be inferior to when she thought of “him”.

“This is perhaps because we have always been together recently.”

She also had no alternative but to acknowledge that he was indeed a very difficult person to forget. Perhaps all the monsters in the world were also like that.

Tian SiSi sighed, she felt like she was extremely mentally confused within.

During this moment, indeed she had remembered a lot of matters, had been reminded of a lot of strange questions.

She thought of things east and west, of everything, but she had not thought about one thing- how to leave this room?

A young girl's heart was really very wonderful.

Sometimes she felt sorrowful, sometimes she liked something, sometimes she endured pain, sometimes she became angry, but she seldom felt really afraid.

Being afraid was originally the most primitive, the sincerest sentiment of someone.

But in a young girl’s mind, it seemed that not being afraid was also a kind of emotion.

Because they seldom had to think earnestly about it.

Why did you bother to ask a young girl what was she thinking of in front of her enemy? Her reply might surprise you beyond your imagination.

A very intelligent person could asked a a lot of young girls a not very intelligent question:

“What do you think is the most frightful matter in the world?”

He would obtain a lot of different replies.

“Afraid of being rejected by the person whom I loved.”

“Afraid of being peeped upon by someone when taking a bath.”

“Afraid of the mice — especially when the mice sneak in inside the bedding.”

“Afraid of eating meal surrounded by bugs.”

“Afraid of someone appearing when walking in a dark road.”

“Afraid of being fat.”

Some of these replies, not even a smart person could imagine it, making people wince, not knowing whether to laugh or cry.

But a girl would never reply like this:

“Afraid to die.”

The room became hotter and hotter, more and more stuffy.

Tian SiSi suddenly had the urge to have a bowl of husked lotus iced drink.

As soon as she felt the urge, she could no longer feel comfortable. As if she would go crazy at any moment.

Luckily, at this moment she suddenly heard a very strange sound.

The sound was coming from underneath.

She had not guessed what that sound was when she suddenly saw a block of stone being lifted up.

She immediately jumped back into the corner.

From that big hole, a person extended slowly his head.

Qin Ge!

Tian SiSi was so pleasantly surprised, she immediately called his name.

Qin Ge saw her with surprise and then bended down to examine that monk, as he also blurted out, “Did you really knock open his head?”

Tian SiSi also called out, “I want to ask you, even if you knock open his head, there is no need to take his life as well.”

Qin Ge said, “Why should you think I am the one who broke his head? I don’t know anything about it.”

Tian SiSi said, “If you do not know, who knows then?”

Qin Ge said, “You! Aren’t you in this room with him all the time?”

Tian SiSi retorted back, “Who was with him all the time, didn’t you fall down after him at that same place?”

Qin Ge said, “But after I fell down, I did not even see a shadow.”

Tian SiSi was stunned and said, “What did you see?”

Qin Ge said, “I did not see anything, even if there was something, I still could not see it.”

Tian SiSi said, “Why?”

Qin Ge said, “Because there was no light at all, the place was as dark as the night, even if I were a bat, I probably still could not see a thing.”

Tian SiSi said, “How did you come here?”

Qin Ge said, “Because there were some stone steps under my feet. After trying for half a day, I finally managed to follow the path to this place. When I stepped on the stone stairs, immediately the block of stone opened. I thought it was you who were rescuing me from above.”

Tian SiSi gave a forced smile and said, “I am not that good.”

Qin Ge said, “Then how did you get here? This monk ......”

Tian SiSi had interrupted him, “Do not make a blind judgement, when I came here, he was already like this.”

Qin Ge frowned, “Who had killed him?”

Tian SiSi said, “Only the ghost knows.”

Hearing about “the ghost”, Qin Ge’s face also changed color, “It looks like this place is really fishy, I am wondering why do you continue to stay here?”

Tian SiSi said, “You think I did not want to leave?”

Qin Ge said, “I thought you were waiting for me.”

Tian SiSi’s face blushed a little and said, “How would I know that you would spring up here.”

Qin Ge said, “Since you were not waiting for me, why didn’t you leave?”

Tian SiSi sighed and said, “Because I could not get away.”

Qin Ge said, “Why?”

Tian SiSi said, “Upon entering this room, the door closed from outside.”

Qin Ge lost his temper and said, “Who closed the door?”

Tian SiSi said, “Only the ghost knows.”

When she spoke about “the ghost”, her complextion seemed to change – although she might not be afraid of death, ghosts could be really fearful.

Qin Ge said, “You ......You cannot push open this leafed door?”

Tian SiSi said, “It was locked from outside, how could I push it open?”

Qin Ge said, “Perhaps you did not try hard enough.”

Tian SiSi pouted her mouth and said, “You think I am really that useless? Why don't you try it yourself!”

Qin Ge must certainly try it himself!

As soon as he just pushed gently, the door opened.

Tian SiSi nearly could not believe her own eyes. After standing stunned for half a day, she could not bear screaming, “This leafed door was obviously locked from outside a moment ago, I am sure.”

The door was already opened, she could now get out, so she should be very happy. Instead she felt so angry. Like she was being treated unjustly. Lady Tian would rather die than being treated unjustly.

Qin Ge sighed and said, “This leafed door was locked from outside a moment ago, but now we can go!”

Lady Tian said, “I will not leave.”

Qin Ge was stunned and said, “Why won’t you leave?”

Tian SiSi said bitterly, “You treated me unjustly, you thought I had deceived you.”

Qin Ge blinked and said, “Who said you had deceived me? Why did you want to deceive me?”

Tian SiSi said, “Although you said so, but in your heart you are thinking that I have deceived you.”

Qin Ge smiled, “I had not thought that you had deceived me, never cross my mind.“

Tian SiSi said, “But this leafed door ......”

Qin Ge said, “This leafed door was certainly locked from outside a moment ago, since that suspicious party could lock it, of course he could unlock it too.”

Finally, Tian SiSi had revealed a smile, but she frowned again, “But who is that person? Why did he do this stealthy matters?”

Qin Ge said, “When we find him, we can certainly ask him that.”

Tian SiSi said, “Right, we must certainly find that person, we certainly must find him to clarify this.”

This time, she did not wait for Qin Ge and had rushed outside.

The room outside was much cooler.

The three cups of tea were still on the table, had not been touched.

But they had certainly cooled down.

Tian SiSi certainly felt she needed to drink iced cold tea.

If it had been several days ago, she would have no hesitation to drink this tea, but she finally had become more cautious, and wondered if the tea had been poisoned.

She could not see whether or not the tea was poisoned, but a world-wise person should always be more cautious.

Qin Ge was precisely a world-wise person.

She wanted to call Qin Ge to have a look, but then she noticed that Qin Ge were just standing there staring blankly ahead.

Tian SiSi said, “Hey, why are you just standing there, what are you thinking?”

Qin Ge was finally aware of her, looked at her and smiled suddenly, “I was thinking, if this leafed door really could not be opened, that would also be interesting.”

Tian SiSi said, “Interesting, why?”

Qin Ge said with a smile, “If the door really could not be opened, then we should be trapped inside, trapped together for a lifetime.”

Tian SiSi’s face reddened, blushingly she said, “You are not a good thing.”

Qin Ge said, “There are really men who are good things?”

Tian SiSi came up suddenly and said, “You know that I originally wanted to marry you?”

Qin Ge said, “Yes.”

Tian SiSi was nipping her lips and said, “But even if we were trapped together in a house, trapped for a lifetime, I still definitely would not have married you.”

Qin Ge said, “Why?”

Tian SiSi sighed and said, “Because although you are very good, but you are actually not the kind of person whom I want to marry.”

Qin Ge blinked and said, “What kind of person do you want to marry?”

Tian SiSi was stunned for half a day before she said, “Wait until I find him, I will certainly tell you first.”

Qin Ge sighed and said, “You say these things, aren’t you afraid that I would feel bad listening to you?”

Tian SiSi said, “I know that you will not feel uncomfortable, because I am not the kind of woman you want to marry, too.”

Qin Ge laughed and said, “Such being the case, it looks like we can only be good friends.”

Tian SiSi sweetly said, “Good friends forever.”

She suddenly felt at ease with herself because she had said what she wanted to say.

Qin Ge said with a smile, “Such being the case, I do not want to be trapped inside with you, so please leave first!”

Tian SiSi said, “Right, let us find that person.”

She suddenly remembered that this door was also locked from outside just a moment ago, she could not open this door. But this time, she did not dare to let Qin Ge try it. This time, she tried it herself.

The door was really unlocked, it opened immediately when she pushed it gently.

as soon as she put out a hand to push gently opens.

“Since someone could lock this door, someone could also open it.”

But as soon as she opened the door, she felt that this was not the most important thing, because she found out something more surprising.

When the door was opened, there were some strange noises outside.

What kind of noise?

The noise that she could not imagine she would hear in this place.


When the door opened a little, there were all kind of noises that were heard, at least 7 or 8 different kinds, the sound of card shoveled, the shouts to get the right number, the winning coins, the laughter, the sound of despair all mingled together.

This place was originally a gambling establishment, so this kind of noises were originally a perfectly justified matter.

But didn’t the gambling establishment get erased a moment ago? Didn’t this place changed into a temple of monks? Moreover, there was no furniture at all in this place just a moment ago, a vacant room, so where could these noises have come from?

Tian SiSi nearly could not stop herself from screaming, instead she pushed the door open wide.

But when the door was open, she really could not stop herself from screaming.

Who said that this place was a temple? Who said that this place was a vacant room?

This place was obviously a gambling establishment, brilliantly illuminated, all kinds of person were gambling jubilantly.

All kinds of people except monks.


The gambling established miraculously disappeard a moment ago, and now it miraculously reappeared.

How could it be?

Who could explain this?