The Celebrity - Chapter 16

Chapter 16 - Unexpected Visitors

“A chivalrous person cannot live on a golden goose, nor does he have a place where silver pieces would rain everyday, so how do you want them to pull a cart with a nonexistent donkey? Then how do you lose face in this situation?”

Thinking it over, Tian SiSi felt he did nothing wrong doing this.

As long as Lady Tian thought about something, she always found a way to explain it.

As long as Lady Tian liked the person, she would always consider him a good person.

The taoist priest was still meditating, the monk was chanting the scripture and the scholar was deep in reading looking lost in his thought.

Qin Ge walked slowly.

He intentionally walked very slowly, very calmly, not because he had drunk five big catty of wine, that he could not walk steadily, but the way he walked he expected the other people to notice him.

He appreciated how others would look at him with meaningful glances that were three parts awe and seven parts envy.

This point he indeed did very successfully.

Everyone was paying attention to him so the sound in the hall suddenly quieted down, even the sound of the dices had all stopped.

Qin Ge’s smile became freer and easier as he arrived slowly in front of that scholar and then he said easily, “What book are you reading?”

The scholar had not heard him.

In a jiang-hu person’s mind, a scholar would equate to being poor and pedantic, and this scholar was not an exception. He wore a blue rough shirt that had become whitish from too many washings, his face was yellowish as if he did not had enough nutrition.

And now his face suddenly showed a delightful smile and he approved loudly, “Good Zi Fang, good Zhu Hai, although indescribably tragic but enough to startle the world......Happy, happy, deliriously happy.”

At the end of this speech, he had downed a cup of wine that he carried with him.

Qin Ge could not bear asking, “Who is this Zi Fang? Who is also Zhu Hai? Is it possible that they are the the martial arts world masters?”

The scholar finally turned to look at him, but his glance was like looking at an arriving camel, he did not seemed to be in awe at the very least.

He blinked at him and then frowned, “Zhang ZiFang is Zhang Liang, haven’t you heard of him?”

Qin Ge said with a smile, “I have not heard of him, I only know that the world number one in the martial arts world is Gentleman Lan, he is also my good friend.”

He smiled unexpectedly as he said, “The next time I have the opportunity to see him, I might as well ask for his advice for a few kung-fu moves.”

The scholar listened to what he said like a person being slapped, even his nose became crooked. He poured some more wine into his cup and drank some, before giving a sigh and muttered, “A stupid child cannot be taught, a rotten wood cannot be carved, you better walk as far as you can, do not make me consider you as uncouth.”

Qin Ge suddenly became very stern as he said, “You want me to leave?”

The scholar said, “That’s what I want.”

Qin Ge said, “You know what I want?”

The scholar said, “I am not a worm in your belly, how would I know what you want to do?”

Qin Ge said, “Right, I will tell you then, I want you to leave.”

The scholar seemed to be very startled and said, “You want me to leave? Why?”

Qin Ge said, “You know what place is this?”

Scholar said, “A gambling establishment.”

Qin Ge said, “Since you know, you should not have come.”

Scholar said, “Even a prostitute can come here, why can’s a scholar come here?”

Qin Ge said, “What are you doing here?”

The scholar said, “Certainly studying, if a scholar does not study then the whole body and thinking will become uncouth.”

He was staring at Qin Ge said, “Can’t a scholar study?”

Qin Ge said, “He can.”

The scholar said, “Since a scholar can come here and can study, why do you want the scholar to leave, am I right?”

Qin Ge said, “Yes.”

Scholar said, “Since I am right, then you should leave.”

Qin Ge said, “I will not leave, you should leave!”

Scholar said, “Why?”

Qin Ge said, “Because I never reason with a scholar.”

The scholar jumped suddenly and said, “You never reason with anyone?”

Qin Ge said, “Right.”

The scholar has pulled up his sleeves and said, “You want to fight?”

Qin Ge had smiled and said, “You are finally right.”

The scholar was staring him and said, “You do not reason with a scholar, then why does a scholar want to fight with you?”

He pulled down his sleeves again slowly and said, “I think you should leave quickly, if you do not leave, I will ......”

Qin Ge said, “What?”

The scholar said, “Leave. If you do not leave I will leave, ......Are you really not going to leave?”

Qin Ge said, “Really!”

The scholar said, “Fine, if you don’t leave, I will leave.”

He actually really meant what he said, and he left.

Qin Ge laughed as he finished the scholar's wine in the pot, then he stood in front of that taoist priest and said, “That scholar is also the taoist priest’s friend?”

The taoist priest put his palms together, “The red flowers, the green leaves and the blue lotus root are like Confucianism, Buddhism, and Taoism, everything is in one harmony, so who is not a friend of mine?”

Qin Ge said, “Since the scholar can come here, a taoist priest certainly can also come.”

The taoist priest said, “Precisely.”

Qin Ge said, “Since a scholar can study here, the taoist priest certainly can also sit in meditation here.”

The taoist priest said with a smile, “The benefactor is really a sensible person.”

Qin Ge said, “I also understand one thing.”

The taoist priest said, “Let me know about it.”

Qin Ge said, “Since the scholar can leave this place, the taoist priest should also leave.”

The taoist priest thought and said, “If the taoist priest can leave, the monk also should leave.”

Qin Ge had also smiled and said, “The taoist priest is also a sensible person.”

The taoist priest said, “I actually do not know whether this monk is a sensible person?”

The monk said, “No.”

The taoist priest said, “Are you a muddled monk?”

The monk said, “If I do not enter hell, who will? If this monk is not muddled, who is?”

The taoist priest said, “If the monk really wants to enter hell, that is actually easy, hell is not that far from here.”

The monk said softly said with a smile, “Such being the case, I will let brother guide me.”

The taoist priest also said softly with a smile, “In front of the master, how dare I be the one in front?”

The monk said, “Brother, please.”

The taoist priest said, “Master, please.”

The monk looked at Qin Ge and said, “This benefactor? Do you intend to go with this poor monk?”

The taoist priest put his palms together and said with a smile, “Master and myself should leave first, this benefactor will surely come after us quickly!”

The monk said, “Such being the case, this poor monk will wait in hell then ......Amida Buddha.”

The taoist priest said, “Immeasurable long-lived Buddha.”

The monk said, “Virtuous, virtuous.”

The two people put their palms together while their mouths proclaimed their chanting praise, after bowing to Qin Ge, they left while smiling.

When they got to the entrance, the monk suddenly turned his head to Qin Ge and said, “But the benefactor must not forget about today.”

The taoist priest said, “He cannot forget.”

The monk said, “How does the taoist priest know so much about another person?”

The taoist priest said softly with a smile, “The road to the hell is always easier to take.”

The monk said softly said with a smile, “Right, going down the road is much easier than coming up the road.”

The taoist priest said, “Also much quicker.”

At the same time the two people laughed three times and left without looking behind them.

Qin Ge also wanted to laugh, but he could not muster even a little smile.

Other people also could not really smile, because they were all a little disappointed.

Everyone thought that this monk, the taoist priest and the scholar all had their own intention therefore they would produce interesting interaction with Qin Ge. But instead, they had left obediently without any fight.

Some people were discussing secretly in a low voice, “Actually what are these three people doing?”

They certainly was not planning to be here just to chant the scripture or to sit in meditation.

“But if they were looking for trouble, why did they leave so obediently?”

Certainly because they saw the red silk handkerchief on Qin Ge’s neck.

“If not for Hero Qin's great reputation engulfing them, how could they have been so honest?”

Qin Ge was really great.

“A person who tries to reason with a scholar is a simpleton and a person who tries to fight with Hero Qin fights is not just a simpleton, he must be an idiot.”

Tian SiSi originally also felt a little lump in her heart, but as soon as she heard these words she suddenly became happy. When others commended Qin Ge, she was simply even happier than Qin Ge.

But what was strange was that Qin Ge did not look very happy. Suddenly Qin Ge laughed as if he just found something that was very funny, as if the wine in his belly started to function.

He laughed continuously as if he gradually lost his chivalrous person’s appearance. Tian SiSi could not bear it anymore, and pulled his lower hem discreetly and said quietly, “Hey, others are all looking at you.”

Qin Ge nodded while laughing, while continuing to nod he said, “I know that others are all looking at me.”

Tian SiSi said, “Can you laugh a little more quietly?”

Qin Ge said, “No.”

Tian SiSi said, “Why?”

Qin Ge said, “Because I was thinking something that was extremely funny, therefore I must laugh.”

Tian SiSi said, “What is so funny?”

Qin Ge said, “The monk ......”

Tian SiSi said, “What about the monk?”

Qin Ge said, “He said he wanted to wait for me in hell.”

Tian SiSi said, “Why is it so funny?”

Qin Ge said, “Just because.”

Tian SiSi said, “Why?”

Qin Ge said, “He did not know that I was running away from hell.” He lowered his voice and said mysteriously, “ Do you know why I was running away from that place?”

Tian SiSi only shook her head.

Qin Ge said, “Because there is a monk there.”

He had not finished his sentence, before he burst into another long laughter.

Tian SiSi looked at him and wondered a little, “Is this person really Qin Ge?”

She had made one mistake, she could not afford to make another.

But it was only a pity that she did not know the face of the real Qin Ge.

By now luckily the golden beard had stepped in, he was carrying the thick bundle of money, a thick wad of paper money.

The golden beard said with a smile, “Here is a small gift, I ask Big Hero Qin to accept.”

Qin Ge said, “Fine.”

He was indeed a very frank person, very impolite.

The golden beard said, “In addition, we also have something else to offer to Hero Qin.”

Qin Ge said, “What else are you offering?”

The golden beard said, “An opportunity.”

Qin Ge said, “What opportunity?”

The golden beard said, “An opportunity to let Hero Qin get back your money.”

Qin Ge laughed, “Fine, I can only be happy like this.”

The golden beard was also smiling, “But how does Hero Qin want to bet?”

Qin Ge said, “Any method of betting is fine.”

The golden beard clapped his hands and said, “Good, any type of betting is fine, only the person who should win, will win.”

He was smiling as he also said, “But a person who should lose, won’t win regardless of the betting method.”

Therefore Qin Ge lost again as he should lose anyway.

Because when a drunken master got drunk, even if he should win instead he would lose without anything remaining, moreover he would lose it very quickly.

“The opportunity to regain the money”, should have been said as, “The opportunity to lose everything.” Wherever was the gambling establishment, the kind of opportunity would always exist.

Everybody who watched this gave a sigh for him, whether it was genuine sympathy or not, a sigh was a sigh. “45 big” met “the leopard” did not happen very often. Some people were discussing secretly in a low voice, “I am afraid only such a talented person like Hero Qin ever find this kind of rare event.” What was this saying?

“Right, it must have been his luck.”

Unexpectedly losing everything could also depend on luck? This was simply unreasonable.

“Although Hero Qin has lost this time, but his luck will certainly be much better at other matters. Gambler’s luck should not affect other things, but when the gambler is a good person, his luck in other matters will be affected and become better.”

Mmm, this might have some truth in it, at least Qin Ge felt so, because he had filled 4-5 catties of wine into his stomach. If a person’s belly could carry ten catty of wine, that would really be a lie. And as the wine filled the stomach, the pocket would certainly become very empty.

Everybody else was watching the next table and looked on at the three dices in the bowl. Three sixes. The golden beard had unexpectedly produced three sixes just like that, everyone really admired him.

Qin Ge suddenly felt that the golden beard could also be considered a great person just like him. Only a money winner in a gambling establishment could be called a true hero.

Therefore Qin Ge started to leave.

He was walking shakily as he bumped into a person.

A monk.

Qin Ge frowned and muttered, “ Why do I always meet with monks today? No wonder I keep losing.”

That monk was actually smiling and said, “The benefactor has met several monks today?”

Qin Ge said, “Including you, twice.”

The monk said with a smile, “Including me, only once.”

Qin Ge walked closer to him and looked at him carefully. He suddenly discovered that this monk with a round smiling face, was the monk he had met just a moment ago.