The Celebrity - Chapter 15

Chapter 15 - True Qualities of a Big Hero

Tian SiSi lowered her head like she must cry very soon, saying, “He is not related to me at all, I was only coming here with him. He…”

Immediately Qin Ge struck the table and said, “What is this? Where is the law in this world?”

His strode in front of Yang Fan and stared at him, “Why do you have to sell this girl to others?”

Yang Fan sighed, “Because I am a compulsive gambler, moreover I have just lost big.”

Saying this reason was like asking to be hit on the butt 300 times.

Who knew that suddenly Qin Ge seemed to sympathize with him very much and said, “That is no wonder with you. How much money do you have to get back?”

Yang Fan smiled suddenly and said, “Since Big Hero Qin had noticed me, I don’t need even 10 taels,”

He stood up, patted his clothes and left the place.

Looking at him leaving, Tian SiSi felt a little uncomfortable in her heart.

“In any event, this big-headed ghost is not a dishonest person, I will certainly have to find an opportunity to repay him later.”

Suddenly she had remembered Tian Xin.

“Since he has no wife yet and Tian Xin likes him, why don’t I simply give tacit permission to yield her to him?”

It was only a pity that by now Tian Xin had disappeared again.

When did Tian Xin go, where did she go? Tian SiSi unexpectedly did not know.

A few moments ago, she had only seemed to notice that Yang Fan person, in her heart there was also only Yang Fan.

How was this matter?

Lady Tian did not know, and she did not even dare to acknowledge it.

She sighed gently, when she turned around, she found that Qin Ge had stood beside her with a faint smile looking at her.

She had gone through so much trouble to find him, and had finally gotten to know this great person with difficulty, and yet she seemed to have forgotten about him a moment ago.

This great person did not seem to be no longer as important in her heart as that pig?

Qin Gehuan was staring at her, as if waiting for her to speak. His eyes were certainly very bright, exhibiting great strength and yet his eyes were also somewhat red.

“It looks like a person with such great courage and great bearings will not be able to sleep a lot.”

Tian SiSi finally smiled and said, “Many thanks to Big Hero for rescuing me, otherwise I ......I really did not know what to do.”

Qin Ge said, “You know me?”

Tian SiSi cast a glance at the red silk handkerchief on his neck and smiles, “Who in jiang-hu doesn’t know Hero Qin?”

Qin Ge said, “You knew that I would rescue you?”

Tian SiSi said, “Hero Qin behaves righteously, also everybody in the jiang-hu knows that.”

Qin Ge slowly said, “Because you knew that I would rescue you, therefore you arranged for that person to sell you to that Zhao Gang, right?”

Tian SiSi was stunned.

She did not expect Qin Ge to know her ruse so well that she was at lost for words.

“You ......How can you know?”

When she said this, she immediately regretted it, it was like admitting to Qin Ge that what she did just now was completely acting.

Qin Ge laughed and said, “Why shouldn’t I know it? You think this is a wonderful method, but to me this is not a peculiar method because at least 7 or 8 girls have also tried a similar method to me.”

Tian SiSi’s face reddened from ear to ear, she really wished she could dig a tunnel to hide herself in.

Qin Ge also suddenly said, “But you actually differ from these other girls!”

Tian SiSi was nipping her lips, raising enough courage she asked, “How ......how?”

Qin Ge was smiling and said, “You are much more attractive compared to these girls and you smile a lot sweeter than them. With such a sweet smile, my luck in the future cannot be too bad, therefore …”

He pulled Tian SiSi with him and said, “Come on, accompany me to bet, with you looking on, you will really give me good luck.”

Therefore Lady Tian had become to know Qin Ge, moreover she had begun to understand him.

She had discovered that Qin Ge was a person who dared to say what he said and dared to do what he did. When he held her hand, regardless of how many people were looking on, he would still dare to pull her hand.

If he spoke about something, regardless of how many ears were listening, he also dared to set his own rules. He did not worry about what other people thought, he just disregarded them completely.

“If it were that big-headed ghost, perhaps he would not have revealed my secret in front of so many people just to save my face.”

Lady Tian had decided earlier that she would no longer think about that big-headed ghost, but she did not know why, whenever she saw anyone, she could not help comparing that person to him.

“In any event, Qin Ge was at least more open minded compared to him.”

Lady Tian had finally drawn a conclusion for herself.

But was this conclusion correct?

She did not know — — well she knew, but she could not get herself to acknowledge it.

When Lady Tian was willing to acknowledge that she was making a mistake, the sun would have certainly set in the west.


Intimate friends were not necessarily good friends.

For example, “wine” and “gambling” were very intimate, so intimate that very few people could separate them apart, and yet they were really friends who ruined each other.

Therefore a compulsive gambler was also usually a drunkard.

As soon as some people drank, he would want to bet; Some people who bet from the very beginning, would want to drink later.

And the result?

The result was, “The more you lose, the more you drink. And when you drink some more, the more you lose. And when you get really drunk, you have probably lost everything.”

Therefore in a gambling establishment they always provided the liquor, moreover they would just give it for free, they would just let you drink as much as you want.

Because when you were so far into your drinking, that meant that you were so far into losing in your betting.

Qin Ge was very, very far in his drinking.

If you were not willing to acknowledge his heroic spirit before, when you saw him drink you would have no alternative but to acknowledge it.

The way he drank his liquor seemed to resemble how he viewed a hated enemy, as soon as the cup was filled with the wine, immediately the wine got deposited into his belly, no matter how many cups, no matter how big was the cup size.

“When a man drinks like this, that is truly a true quality of a hero.”

But Tian Xin would have also said, “This also cannot prove that he is a hero, it just proves that he is a drunkard.”

This pouty mouth really had not spoken that many good sayings.

“Where has this dead servant girl gone to? Could she have run away with that big-headed ghost?”

Tian SiSi was nipping her lips, she decided to no longer think about anything else and just concentrated completely on Qin Ge.

Then she discovered immediately that Qin Ge had lost everything.

A person’s appearance who had lost everything was usually not very attractive, but unexpectedly Qin Ge did not even turn a hair.

That golden beard suddenly appeared at his side. He showed a sympathetic face and said, “Hero Qin, your wind is not blowing great today and you have really lost a lot.”

Qin Ge laughed and said, “I was prepared to lose money. As long as I can bet happily, losing 18000 taels is not a problem for me.”

The golden beard raised his thumb and said loudly, “Good! That is the spirit of a real man, not only betting well, but also losing well.”

He waved his hand to beckon his people and said, “Bring here 50,000 taels, we have to let Big Hero Qin regain his money.”

Qin Ge laughed and said, “I knew from early on that you are also a good person, you don’t even wait for me to open my mouth.”

The golden beard suddenly seemed embarrassed and hesitatingly said, “Only our custom here, Hero Qin must know about it.”

Qin Ge said, “You must have a ransom?”

The golden beard said with a smile, “A friend is a friend, but a custom is a custom, Hero Qin’s heroic spirit soars like cloud, this institutional rule is really awkward for a friend.”

Qin Ge laughed and said, “You have no need to beat around the bushes with me, when you pile up that money in front of me, I, surnamed Qin, will not take your money in vain.”

He had patted his own chest and said, “You can look at my whole body, if you find something worthy of 50,000 taels, you just need to open your mouth and say it!”

The golden beard’s face brightened and said, “Really?”

Qin Ge had shown a serious face and said, “What is real or false? When you open your mouth, I will let you see what I can do!”

The golden beard’s eyes flashed, he lowered his voice suddenly, “Hero Qin, do you see the three people sitting in that corner?”

He had no need to point them out, others would also know.

Because these three people were indeed very distinct.

These three people were a taoist priest, a monk, and a poor scholar.

In the gambling establishment all sorts of people played there, even if some monks and taoist priests came here, that was not so strange.

What was strange was that these three people were not betting at all.

The monk held a string of buddha beads, his mouth was mumbling as if he were chanting.

The taoist priest closed his eyes one's eyes, both palms were clasped together, giving the impression that he was meditating here.

The poor scholar held a cup of wine on the left hand and a book on the right, as if he were looking at personal redemption with avarice.

The monk was chanting, the taoist priest was sitting in meditation, the scholar was reading they are all performing their mundane tasks, and yet performing these in a gambling establishment was really strange and not fitting the profile.

These three people were occupying a gambling table, other people who wanted to bet did not have enough room to sit there.

Tian SiSi saw that these three people were intentionally looking for trouble.

She felt that these three people were using not only an extraordinary method, but also an interesting one.

Qin Ge frowned, “You want me to drive them out?”

The golden beard said, “That is my intention.”

Qin Ge said, “Why don’t you do it?”

The golden beard sighed, with a forced smile he said, “Because they have not broken the rule here.” He continued, “There is really no stipulation here that would prevent a scholar from reading, a taoist priest to meditate and a monk to chant, right?”

Tian SiSi almost laughed.

Although everyone knew that these three were intentionally looking for trouble, but no one could point out that they had made a mistake.

Qin Ge said, “When did they come?”

The golden beard said, “Several days ago. But sometimes they come, sometimes they leave, nobody knows when they will appear.”

Qin Ge said, “Why did you allow them to come in?”

The golden beard also sighed and said, “The question here is that nobody knew how they managed to get in.”

Qin Ge’s eyes had shone as he lowered his voice, “So, these three people actually have some skills.”

The golden beard said, “It looks like they are indeed a little pricky, therefore if Hero Qin is not willing to deal with this issue, please do not feel forced.”

Qin Ge sneered, “I am a person who likes to make trouble since I was born.”

The golden beard revealed a delighted smile, “Therefore, this 50,000 taels will be waiting for Hero Qin for you to regain your money.”

Qin Ge laughed and tossed down the wine before he strode forward.

Qin Ge always did things very simply and straightforward.

But by becoming a bodyguard for this gambling establishment for 50,000 taels, wouldn’t this caused him to lose his chivalrous person identity?

Tian SiSi continuously looked from his side, her heart unavoidably felt a little disappointed.

“But what should a chivalrous person do?”

“Behaves righteously, helps the weak , upholds justice, settles a dispute ......These matters not only would not earn money, sometimes, they would require some additional money too.

“A chivalrous person is also a normal person, who must eat meal, must spend like any other people, maybe even more than normal people, so if they just do things that require money, won’t they starve to death in the end?”