The Celebrity - Chapter 14

Chapter 14 - Qin Ge, Qin Ge

Tian SiSi cast a glance at him and asked suddenly, “Mr. Qin will come here?”

Yang Fan said, “How do I know?”

Tian SiSi said, “You certainly know. I think that you have already known him, and he has already known you.”

Yang Fan sighed and muttered, “Why do women always have many strange ideas?”

The door opened suddenly.

That very ominous person suddenly turned into a very polite person and with a smile he bowed and said, “Please enter.”

Near him there was a very magnificent husky fellow wearing a long robe, with heavy eyebrows, uneven face, and cleaned shaven. As soon as he saw Yang Fan, he loudly said with a smile, “Today which wind is blowing you here?”

Yang Fan said, “An evil influence.”

The guy said with surprise, “Evil influence?”

Yang Fan sighed, “If not for an evil influence, how can I get here?”

The guy said with a smile, “You have not come here for several months to waste your money, aren’t you afraid your money will become moldy?”


Although the smoke-laden house was very big, people fully crammed the place everywhere.

All kinds of person, the majority looking very anxious, some were not looking so anxious, but that was just a façade, their undergarments were already drenched with cold sweat.

The only person who was not anxious was that guy in the robe who had welcomed Yang Fan.

Because he knew who the only winner in the house was.


He patted Yang Fan’s shoulder and said with a smile, “You go and play, once you are no longer busy, I will accompany you to drink again.”

Waiting for him to be gone, Tian SiSi sneered suddenly, “It looks like you are not really friendly with the golden beard.”

Yang Fan said, “Oh?”

Tian SiSi said, “If you were his friend, he would certainly come out and greet you personally.”

Yang Fan smiled and said, “Who do you think the person who welcomed us?”

Tian SiSi said, “He cannot be the golden beard.”

Yang Fan said, “He is not the golden beard?”

Tian SiSi lost her voice, “What? He is the golden beard? He did not have any beard.”

Yang Fan said, “The beard can be shaven.”

Tian SiSi said, “Since he is the golden beard, why does he need to shave his beard?”

Yang Fan said with a smile, “Because he recently got married.”

Tian SiSi said, “Why should it matter?”

Yang Fan said, “It matters, and it is actually the main reason.”

Tian SiSi blinked and said, “Does his wife tell him to scrape off his beard?”

Yang Fan said, “You have finally become intelligent.”

Tian SiSi also could not bear smiling and said, “I did not expect such a person like him can also fear his wife.”

Yang Fan said, “Anyone can fear his wife, regardless of race or social class.”

Tian SiSi said with a smile, “So a man who is afraid of his wife is a very fair occurrence.”

Yang Fan also sighed and said, “Such fair occurence indeed are luckily not that many.”

Many kinds of people were gambling in different ways, using dice, the sign nine (pai-jiu), odds and evens, big and small ...... All kinds that you would expect to find here.

A notice was pasted on the wall:

“Gambling limits: Highest 1000 taels, lowest 10 taels.”

Tian SiSi looked all around for a while before sighing and said, “Qin Ge is not here.”

Yang Fan said, “I guarantee you that he will certainly come here.”

Tian SiSi said, “You are not deceiving me?”

Yang Fan said, “Why do I want to deceive you?”

Tian SiSi thought that indeed Yang Fan should not have any reason to deceive her, she also asked, “When will he come?”

Yang Fan said, “That is difficult to say, anyway we will just wait here until he comes in.”

Tian SiSi said, “If this place closes up?”

Yang Fan said, “This place never closes.”

Tian SiSi said, “Why?”

Yang Fan said, “Because nobody knows when the gambling addiction will manifest, therefore in this place people can come in 24 hours as necessary.”

Tian SiSi cast a glance at him and said with a smile, “Now your betting addiction can manifest suddenly?”

Yang Fan gave a forced smile and said, “Having arrived here, if that thinking doesn’t cross my mind that is impossible.”

Tian SiSi said suddenly, “You looked at the woman on that side.”

There was nothing strange to find a woman in a gambling establishment, but that woman was really too young and too attractive.

She was playing the sign nine (pai-jiu), moreover she was the dealer.

She wore dresses that was very magnificent and expensive, but now her neck opening was wide open, the sleeves were all rolled up and had revealed the snow white milk-white bosom and a pair of tender white arm.

She was losing money fast.

She got “the turtle ten”, so she had to pay up all around.

Her pile of money in front of her quickly disappeared.

A person with a pockmarked face who stood beside her squinted at her with an evil-looking smile and said easily, “Young madam, I think you ought to let others be the dealer.”

This young madam’s face had reddened and said loudly, “Not good, I must get back my money.”

The big person with the pockmarked face said, “If you want to get back your money I am afraid you will have to wait till tomorrow, today the jewelry you are wearing has all been ransomed, our custom here is not to give credit to anyone.”

The young madam was nipping her lips, after some momentary indecision she said suddenly, “I have another thing to ransom.”

The big person with a pockmarked face said, “What thing?”

The young madam stuck out her chest and said, “Myself.”

The face of that big person with the pockmarked face had brightened visibly, the faint smile took a measuring look at her and said, “How much do you want to ransom?”

He kept staring at the open neck of her dress and said, “Is 3000 taels good enough?”

Immediately that young madam patted the table and said, “Good, bring out the money, I am ransomed to you.”

Tian SiSi looked with straight eyes, she could not bear sighing and said, “Wonder where this young madam comes from, she is losing so miserably.”

Someone besides her sneered and suddenly said, “Darn me if that woman is a young honorable madam, how would an honorable young madam come to this kind of place?”

This person had a long face, wearing all black, his attire was completely similar to the guard of the door, so he must also be working under the golden beard.

Tian SiSi could not bear asking, “What type of person comes here then?”

This person, “A woman who bets in this place is either sold here, or someone’s secondary wife.”

He pointed out to that young madam and said, “She is the thirteenth wife of the Datong government office Wang BaiWan. Although she may appear well-mannered, as soon as she has lost her bets, immediately she would revert back to her original disposition.”

Tian SiSi sneeringly said, “As soon as a man bets, doesn’t he also revert back to his original disposition?”

This person smiled and said, “But it is a pity that even if the man wants to sell himself, he can’t.”

He walked away with a grin, before leaving he cast a glance back at Tian SiSi twice.

Tian SiSi became so mad that her face became pale when she retorted, “Why does a woman’s luck seems to be worse than man’s since she was born? A man can bet, why can’t a woman bet?”

Yang Fan said lightly, “Because a woman is not born as a man..”

Tian SiSi stared back at him, “What are you saying?”

Yang Fan said with a smile, “This sentence is very simple, but it is a pity that some women in the world cannot understand this.”

So, Yang Fan started to bet.

He bet on the pai-jiu.

Since the gambling limit was 10 taels, whether he lost or won, he kept betting only 10 taels, no more no less.

Although the people beside him did not say anything, their vision seemed to show their disdain at him.

Regardless of how others viewed him and judged him, Yang Fan did not care.

But Lady Tian actually could not bear it.

Since she sat near Yang Fan, when Yang Fan got disgraced, wasn’t that also causing her to lose face?

She could not bear saying quietly, “Can you increase your bet?”

Yang Fan said, “Cannot.”

Tian SiSi said, “Why can’t you?”

Yang Fan smiled, “Because I do not want to lose too quickly, and also because I do not want to win other people’s money.”

Tian SiSi said bitterly, “What kind of compulsive gambler are you?”

Yang Fan said, “I did not say that I am a compulsive gambler, you are the one who said it.”

Tian SiSi stared at him before she laughed and sweetly said, “You are a compulsive gambler, it is just that you are an eighth-class compulsive gambler.”

Yang Fan had not spoken back, nor did he increase his gambling stake.

He won once or twice, but he did not lose that many either.

Tian SiSi sighed, “Looks like if you set a limited gambling stake, you will not be able to double it.”

Yang Fan said with a smile, “That is right.”

The room suddenly became noisy with cheering noises, “Hero Qin has come ......when Hero Qin comes, the mood will certainly lighten up…”

Hearing about Hero Qin coming, Tian SiSi knew that they were talking about Qin Ge.

Qin Ge had really come.

Tian SiSi felt her mouth become dry, the hands and feet felt cold, and she had difficulty breathing in and out.

Although she had widened her eyes, she still could not see clearly which one was Qin Ge.

She was really too anxious, so anxious that everything seemed a little blurry.

Luckily she finally saw a red silk handkerchief.

It was like a red sun which had just risen.

Qin Ge indeed was a favorite, people everywhere would cheer him on.

All the people in this room have nearly encircled him.

Tian SiSi could no longer see the red silk handkerchief, she became so anxious that she simply could only stamp her own feet.

Yang Fan sat as stable as the rock of Gibraltar there, concentrating completely on his gambling stake.

10 taels, never changed.

Tian SiSi really wished to stuff the 10 taels inside his mouth.

“Such a great person like Qin Ge has come, and yet this pig has just ignored him, it seems that to him, Qin Ge cannot be compared with his 10 taels.”

Tian SiSi hated him until her teeth itched so instead she went to Tian Xin and asked, “Have you seen him?”

Tian Xin blinked and said, “Him? How do I know who do you mean as ‘him’?”

Tian SiSi stamped her feet and said, “Certainly Qin Ge, who else besides him?”

Tian Xin said with a smile, “I actually saw him, but ......”

Tian SiSi did not wait for her to complete her sentence and just interrupted her, “Actually how does he look?”

Tian Xin said easily, “His look? Not any different than other people, two eyes and two legs.”

Tian SiSi was so anxious and angry that she wished she could stuff 10 taels inside her pouty mouth as well.

By now she had finally heard Qin Ge’s voice!

The voice was loud and strong, precisely like a man's voice!

“When you bet, you must bet happily, otherwise, just go home and hug your wife.”

Everybody laughed together.

“Right, Hero Qin is really a happy person.”

“Playing odd and even is the happiest, Hero Qin how about you becoming the dealer?”

Qin Ge’s voice was happy, “Good, becoming a dealer is fine, but I have one condition.”

“Hero Qin just say it.”

“I have no problem following the golden beard’s rule, however if I become the dealer, you must bet at least 100 taels, the more the better, that way I can become looser and happier.”

The crowd had finally dispersed.

Tian SiSi finally saw Qin Ge, finally saw the great person in her mind.

What she saw first was naturally that bright red silk handkerchief.

The same red color as her complexion now.

The red silk handkerchief hung loosely on his neck.

The neck was very thick, but since Qin Ge was so tall, she did not consider that as thick.

A great person might not necessarily look very handsome, but he would certainly have certain extraordinary style.

Qin Ge’s style was indeed not small, he pulled out his hand out of his pocket and a big thick bunch of paper money was thrown casually on the table.

“Bet, bet freely.”

Thereupon everybody made his bet, several put 100 taels, some 1000 taels.

It seemed that the people who came got their money easily, either from stealing or from snatching other people’s money.

Everybody cheered

The banker compensated many, but only swallowed a few.

After compensating several 1000 taels, instantly, the ten thousand taels no longer belonged to the surnamed Qin.

Qin Ge actually did not turn a hair, his eyes were still luminous, although he was not very handsome, but by his style, any woman would readily swoon and prostrate themselves under his black satin pants.

Tian SiSi simply looked at him in awe, she could not bear gently sighing and said, “He is really a man, really a big hero.”

Tian Xin smiled suddenly and said, “How do you know?”

Tian SiSi said, “Just looking at how he gambles, that’s enough.”

Tian Xin said, “If a person loses money while making large bets, that doesn’t prove he is a man or a hero.” She smiled and said, “Perhaps it can only prove one thing.”

Tian SiSi said, “What?”

Tian Xin said easily, “It can only prove that he is a compulsive gambler, a first-class compulsive gambler.”

Tian SiSi was so mad she just ignored her.

Yang Fan? He was still concentrating completely on his gambling stake. 10 taels bets.

Tian SiSi could not help giving him a shove and said quietly, “Do you know Qin Ge?”

Yang Fan said, “No.”

Tian SiSi sneeringly said, “You have mixed with many people in jiang-hu, and yet you don’t know the great people.”

Yang Fan smiled and said, “Because I was not born a great person, moreover as soon as I see a great person I become anxious.”

Tian SiSi said bitterly that, “Why don't you think of a way to get to know him?”

Yang Fan said, “Why do I want to think of a way to get to know him?”

Tian SiSi said, “Because......Because I want to get to know him.”

Yang Fan said, “That is your matter, I have already said, I can only bring you here to find him, I am not doing anything else.”

Tian SiSi said, “But ......But you should at least give me an opportunity.”

Yang Fan said, “What kind of opportunity?”

Tian SiSi said, “If you go there to gamble, you might get to know him.”

Yang Fan said, “I cannot go.”

Tian SiSi said, “Why can’t you go?”

Yang Fan said, “The gambling stake on that side is too high.”

Tian SiSi stamped her feet and said, “Why don't you go home and hug your wife?”

Yang Fan said lightly, “Because I do not have a wife.”

His replies were always simple, nobody could say he did not tell the truth, but some might say that although he was still alive, his spirit had already died.

Tian SiSi walked closer towards Qin Ge and saw that big person with a pockmarked face.

Rotating her eyes, she asked suddenly, “Do you know that big person with a pockmarked face?”

Yang Fan smiled, “I do know him actually, but he is not a great person.”

Tian SiSi said, “What does he do?”

Yang Fan said, “He is a bloodsucker in this gambling establishment.”

Tian SiSi frowned, “Bloodsucker?”

Yang Fan said, “He specially waits for someone to lose his bets and then consider his possessions, he would offer money for further bets at very low nominal value. If the original value is 300 taels he would only offer 150.”

Tian SiSi’s eyes kept rotating, she suddenly smiled and said, “You are a good person, right. Just help me a little?”

Yang Fan said, “What little help?”

Tian SiSi said, “Ransom me with that man with a pockmarked face.”

Yang Fan looked at her up and down twice and said, “You have a problem?”

Tian SiSi said with a smile, “No, no problem at all.”

Yang Fan said, “You still want to ransom yourself to make large bets?”

Tian SiSi said, “No, I am not a compulsive gambler.”

Yang Fan said, “So you are saying you don’t have a problem, you are not a compulsive gambler, and yet you still want me to ransom you with that man?”

He sighed and gave a forced smile, “Why do women have strange ideas?”

Tian SiSi said, “You do not need to worry about me, as long as you help me over this, I will no longer make any trouble for you.”

Yang Fan gave it a thought and finally said, “This is your last request?”

Tian SiSi said, “Absolutely last.”

Yang Fan sighed, “Fine, the long pain is inferior to the short pain, I will accept this fate.”

He finally beckoned to that big person with a pockmarked face and said loudly, “Zhao Gang, could you come here?”

That big person Zhao Gang looked at him, also looked at Tian SiSi beside him, however he finally walked leisurely with a faint smile and said easily, “What? Betting small, and yet you still lose everything?”

Yang Fan said, “Even betting a tael, sooner or later you can lose everything.”

Zhao Gang said, “What do you want to ransom?”

Yang Fan referred to Tian SiSi and said, “How much can you give for her?”

Zhao Gang took a look around Tian SiSi several times, his face brightened and said, “How much do you want to ransom?”

Yang Fan said, “Such a young and attractive girl must at least worth 3000 taels.”

Zhao Gang stared at Tian SiSi several times while muttering, “She actually looks like an original goods … Fine, I will give you 3000 taels, as long as you can guarantee that she will not run away.”

Yang Fan said, “Aren’t you afraid other people will not pay their debts?”

Zhao Gang laughed and said, “The one who dares to cross me, I really must admire him.”

He counted 3000 taels in paper money, but before handing it to Yang Fan…

Tian SiSi suddenly screamed, “Save me, save me!”

Her call seemed to be more scared than a person twisting a chicken neck.

Yang Fan did not even blinked, like he had expected this to occur.

Only Zhao Gang was scared, everyone else did not seem to hear anything.

The most exasperating thing, Qin Ge had not heard her either.

When a man gambled, besides the sound of the dice, very few could hear any other sound.

Tian SiSi clenched her teeth, flushed to Qin Ge’s side and screamed, “Save me, save me.”

She basically just screamed into Qin Ge’s ears.

At last Qin Ge seemed to have heard her, but not that clearly, so he turned around with a frown and asked, “What’s the matter?”

Tian SiSi was pointing at Yang Fan and said, “He ......He ......He is trying to sell me to others.”

Qin Ge sized her up several times and still frowning he asked, “How is he related to you?”