The Celebrity - Chapter 12

Chapter 12 - Not a good deed

Tian Sisi said, “I must see him now.”

Zhang Haoer anxiously had stamped her foot and said, “Why do you have to look at him now?’

Tian Sisi said, “I ......If I cannot see whom I am marrying, I will not marry him.”

She did not seem to know exactly what she was saying.

Zhang Haoer felt real anger but also funny and said, “Are you afraid of marrying the wrong person?”

Tian Sisi said, “Mmm.”

Zhang Haoer finally could not bear it, stamping her feet she sighed, “Since the new bride must look at the bridegroom, why can’t she do that?”

The new bride must look at the bridegroom, that seemed to be perfectly reasonable.

Everybody had all smiled.

Hearing this kind of matter everyone would smile.

Tian SiSi at present suddenly decided quickly, she finally raised her red coronet.

The bridegroom standing opposite her, although his eyes was shining with amazement, but the handsome face was very gentle and sympathetic.

No mistake, the bridegroom was Qin Ge.

Tian SiSi sighed, with a very red face, she thought the her morbid suspicious mind was too big.

Zhang Haoer squinting at her gave a faint smile, and at last said, “You have seen enough?”

Tian SiSi blushed and dangled her head.

Zhang Haoer said, “Now you can do the obeisance.”

Tian SiSi’s face became redder, her head hung low.

The red coronet came down from above, and covered her head again.

The sound of firecracker resounded again outside.

The happy official cleared his throat and called loudly.

“Immediately bow to heaven and earth ......”

Tian SiSi finally must do obeisance.

If she had really done the obeisance, then a great mistake must have occurred.

It was only a pity that she did not know what went wrong.

Who knew what went wrong?

When a man or a woman got married, they became great.

The celebration of a man taking a wife and a woman taking a husband was definitely a good deed.

So why wasn't this marriage celebration a good deed?

A red congratulatory banner hung at the front of the hall, a pair of big scarlet wedding candle was burning brightly.

The candle fire reflected Zhang Haoer’s face.

Her red face was as attractive as a new bride.

Seeing the couple finally wanted to bow to Heaven and Earth, she finally relaxed.

At this moment, someone suddenly quickly rushed out of the corner door, and like a swallow swooped in among the bride and the bridegroom. Holding the tea tray unexpectedly, she offered with a sweet smile, “Young lady, please have tea.”

At this time, someone was actually offering the bride something to drink, no one knew whether to laugh or cry.

But this voice was actually extremely familiar, Tian SiSi could not stop herself from raising her veil and saw a smiling girl with big eyes and small mouth.

Tian SiSi could not distinguished clearly whether this girl was Tian Xin or Xiao Lan?

Zhang Haoer’s complexion became very ugly, a pair of charming, enchanting eyes were now staring at this girl like a dagger, wishing to kick her out, dead or alive.

But on this kind of great happiness day, full of congratulating guests, one certainly could not kick out a person.

Therefore Zhang Haoer only could clenched her teeth and said bitterly, “Who asks you to come? Get out!”

This girl grinningly shook her head actually and said, “I cannot go.”

Zhang Haoer angrily said, “Why?”

The girl said, “Because Master Qin told me to be here.”

Zhang Haoer said, “Master Qin? Which Master Qin?”

The girl said, “I do not know him, I only know he is surnamed Qin, called Qin Ge.”

Zhang Haoer’s complexion had changed, with a stern voice she said, “You must be insane, Qin Ge is obviously here.”

The girl said, “I am not insane, indeed there is another Master Qin, not this one.”

The bridegroom’s complexion had also changed, he interrupted, “Where is that person?”

This girl had not spoken when someone said with a laughter, “Here.”

In the laughter, the red wedding candle seemed to diminish like it would be extinguished.

By the time the candlelight shone again, someone was standing in front of the candle.

A very big person, with a pair of long slit eyes.

Yang Fan.

Tian SiSi almost called out.

She really could not think how this big-headed ghost could find her, could not think he also would come here to make a disturbance.

When Zhang Haoer saw him, she looked concerned and not as ominous as a moment ago, she reluctantly smiled unexpectedly and said, “Is it you? Why do you have to destroy other people’s good deed?”

Yang Fan said lightly with a smile, “Because this is not a good deed.”

The bridegroom Qin Ge face reddened, he interrupted, “Who said this is not a good deed?”

Yang Fan said, “I said so.”

Qin Ge, “What thing are you?”

Yang Fan said, “I and you are not the same.”

Tian SiSi wanted to say something, but stopped, because she did not expect that this big-headed ghost unexpectedly dare to be so impolite to Qin Ge.

What was even stranger, she had not become angry, instead she felt this was very interesting.

Qin Ge was angry actually and said, “You know who I am?”

Yang Fan said, “No.”

Qin Ge said loudly, “I am Qin Ge.”

Yang Fan said, “That feels strange.”

Qin Ge, “What was strange?”

Yang Fan said, “Because I am also Qin Ge.”

Zhang Haoer said with a smile reluctantly, “You are playing a joke, just sit quickly and drink the happy celebration, I will accompany you.”

Yang Fan raised his voice, “Who says I am cracking a joke, since he can be called Qin Ge, why can’t I be called Qin Ge? “

He asked that girl suddenly and said, “Who are you called?”

The girl said with a smile, “Qin Ge.”

Yang Fan said, “Right, if this person can be called Qin Ge, everybody can be called Qin Ge.”

Qin Ge’s face was very red, Zhang Haoer’s face was pale, the two people had exchanged a meaningful glance secretly.

Suddenly, a light smoke spouted from Qin Ge’s sleeves, spurting on Yang Fan’s face.

The girl had pinched her nose and withdrew 7-8 feet back.

Yang Fan had not moved actually. Like he did not have any feeling, and blew gently forward.

That smoke suddenly changed direction, and instead had blown to Qin Ge’s face.

Qin Ge started to sneeze suddenly, sneezed 5-6 times one after another, the tears and nasal mucus had flowed down immediately.

Then he softly dropped down, like turning into sand.

Yang Fan smiled to the girl and said, “Do you know what thing this is?”

The girl said, “Sleeping powder.”

Yang Fan said, “Do you know what kind of person would bring sleeping powder with him?”

The girl bitterly said, “Only sexual predators and petty thieves use sleeping powder.”

Yang Fan said with a smile, “You are unexpectedly very sensible.”

The girl said, “But, Qin Ge cannot be a sexual predator or a petty thief.”

Yang Fan said, “Indeed he is not.”

The girl’s eyes blinked and said, “Then this person certainly cannot be Qin Ge.”

Yang Fan said, “The one who says that he is Qin Ge must be a stupid dog.”

The girl said, “Who is he if not Qin Ge?”

Yang Fan said, “A sexual predator and a petty thief.”

The girl said, “There are many petty thieves.”

Yang Fan said, “He is the most obscene petty thief, he uses number nine sleeping powder which can only put himself to sleep.”

The girl said, “However low he is, he must at least have a name.”

Yang Fan said, “The obscene person's name is also obscene.”

The girl said, “What is he called?”

Yang Fan said, “His name is etched on the chest, do you want to have a look?”

The girl said, “Will it dirty my eyes?”

Yang Fan said with a smile, “Just take a quick look.”

He had suddenly ripped open that very attractive bridegroom clothes and revealed this person's chest.

On this person’s chest was tattooed a flower butterfly.

The girl said, “Is it possible that this person is called Hua HuDie (flower butterfly)?”

Yang Fan nodded and sighed, “Good, throughout the ages, a person called flower butterfly cannot be a good thing.”

The girl sweetly said, “You unexpectedly know quite a lot more compared to me.”

Yang Fan said with a smile, “Because my head is bigger than you, naturally more things are contained inside.”

Zhang Haoer was continuously listening at the side, her complexion grew paler the more she listened.

Tian SiSi was also continuously listening at the side, her face became more red the more she listened, suddenly she stepped forward and kicked the back of this Hua HuDie.

She hated him so much she could go crazy.

“Unexpectedly Lady Tian almost becomes a petty, raper thief’s wife.”

Tian SiSi clenched her teeth, stared at Zhang Haoer and said, “You ......What enmity do you have with me? Why do you want to harm me?”

She was so mad that her tears started to fall.

Zhang Haoer with a forced smile said, “This is really unfair to you, but I was also deceived by this person.”

She also walked forward and unexpectedly kicked him, she said bitterly, “You cur, you bring harm and pain to me.”

Tian Sisi said, “You ......You really do not know?”

Zhang Haoer sighed and said, “Why should I deceive you? I also do not have any enmity with you.”

Yang Fan gave a long sigh suddenly and said, “I really admire you.”

Zhang Haoer was stunned and said, “What?”

Yang Fan said, “You really can act.”

The girl blinked and said, “She thinks she can deceive you too?”

Yang Fan smiled and said lightly, “She should know herself that she cannot deceive me.”

The girl said, “Is there anyone in the world that can deceive you?”

Yang Fan said, “Perhaps only a person can deceive me.”

The girl said, “Who?”

Yang Fan said, “I myself.”

There were many other people in the hall, all of them looked stunned.

They came for the celebration drink, but now the celebration drink was still inadequate, and they actually saw a good play instead.

Tian SiSi suddenly had slapped Zhang Haoer.

Zhang Haoer unexpectedly had not moved, the pale face that was hit immediately became red.

The girl clapped and said with a laugh, “Hit well, again hit heavily.”

Yang Fan also said with a smile, “This kind of person’s facial skin is also thicker than the city wall, you hit again heavily, she will not feel hurt.”

The girl said, “Then, how should we treat her?”

Yang Fan said, “Nothing.”

The girl frowned and said, “Nothing? Just let off her like this?”

Yang Fan said, “Mmm.”

The girl said, “Isn’t that letting her get away cheaply?”

Yang Fan said lightly, “This kind of person felt that she must deceive other people since they were born, if they aren’t deceiving people, then that would be strange, therefore…”

The girl said, “Therefore?”

Yang Fan said, “Therefore when you run into this kind of person, you must put up your guard against her, protect yourself the best you can, otherwise you will get swindled and get what you deserve.”

Tian SiSi jumped and said, “You are saying I am getting what I deserve?”

Yang Fan said, “Yes.”

Tian SiSi was staring at him.

Yang Fan said, “Did she force you? Or did you come here willingly?”

Tian SiSi was so angry she could not say anything, yet she indeed could not deny it.

Zhang Haoer indeed had not forced her.

Yang Fan said lightly, “If a person is not too careful with what she is doing, it is better not to blame other people or to complain.”

His voice was light and stable, slowly then said, “Regardless of what happened, everybody should learn how to blame himself first, then she can blame other people. Otherwise, she is just like a child who has not grown up.”

Tian SiSi turned around and ran out suddenly.

Yang Fan looked at that girl once, the girl had ran out too.

Zhang Haoer was actually looking at Yang Fan, as she sighed gently finally and said, “So you knew already how it stands.”

Yang Fan said, “I only know a little, not very clear.”

Zhang Haoer said, “But enough.”

Yang Fan said, “Yes. Enough.”

Zhang Haoer sighed that, “How will you cope with me?”

Yang Fan said, “What do you suggest?”

Zhang Haoer dangled her head and said, “I am not the chief instigator.”

Yang Fan said, “I know that you are not.”

Zhang Haoer said, “Mr. Ge?”

Yang Fan said, “You should better handle your own problem, before worrying about other people’s.”

Zhang Haoer was nipping her lips and said, “If I promise you that I will never ever deceive other people, will you believe me?”

Yang Fan said, “I believe you.”

Immediately Zhang Haoer revealed a smile and sweetly said, “You really are a good person, also really an odd person.”

Actually Yang Fan was not odd, or weird.

He was just a very ordinary person.

But the main difference was that not only he believed in other people, he also believed in himself.

He always liked to work with his own method, but that was also a very ordinary method.

Fair, but actually not very stern.

He would not use any excessive violence, but he also would not allow people to take advantage of him.

He liked to follow Confucianist's doctrine of being balanced and considerate, willing to open a big heart and generosity in facing the life.

Cool night like fresh water.

Tian SiSi flushed to the courtyard, under a tree, when the tears had suddenly dropped.

This was tears of anger.

“The pig, the big-headed ghost ...... I really met this alive big-headed ghost.”

But if she had not met this big-headed ghost, wouldn’t she have already become a sexual predator petty thief’s wife by now?

“A person should better learn to blame himself first, then he can blame others.”

When Tian SiSi became quite calm, she also had no alternative but to acknowledge that what he said had contained the truth.

A pair of hands suddenly extended before her, the hand was carrying the cup of tea.

“Young lady, please drink the tea to calm you down.”

That girl had come, with a sweet and smart-alecky smile.

Tian SiSi could not bear to ask, “Actually are you Xiao Qing? Tian Xin?”

The girl winked and said with a smile, “Even if I turned into ash, the young lady can still recognize me!”

Tian SiSi’s eyes shone and said, “You are Tian Xin.”

Tian Xin smiled sweetly and said, “Who says that I am not Tian Xin, who says …”

Tian SiSi had pinched her face and said, “The little rascal, now that you are familiar with that big-headed ghost, you have picked up his words, what more will happen?”

Tian Xin said with a smile, “Seriously, at the most I will help young lady to make a bed for him.”

“If she stays with the young lady, once she is married, won’t she want need help with making a bed.”

Tian SiSi sunk her face and said bitterly, “You can rest assured that even if all the men in the world have died, I still could not marry him!”

She did not let Tian Xin say anything again and also asked, “You already knew that that Qin Ge was the fake one?”

Tian Xin nodded.

Tian SiSi clenched her teeth and said, “Dead servant girl, since you knew already, why didn’t you tell me earlier?”