The Celebrity - Chapter 11

Chapter 11 – Neat arrangement

Zhang Haoer said, “Chiangnan may be a really good place, actually Miss Tian wants to go there for leisure? Or looking for a person?”

Tian Sisi said, “Looking for a person.”

Now Yang Fan had left, she did not have the mood to exhibit the smiling face and the duplicity.

Zhang Haoer was actually smiling, sweetly said, “I also have a lot of acquaintances in Chiangnan, the little one or a famous person, I know all of them.”

This statement actually really moved Tian Sisi.

Tian Sisi said, “You know a lot of people, do you also know Qin Ge?”

Zhang Haoer said with a smile, “A person with acquaintances, there are only a few who do not know Qin Ge.”

Tian SiSi’s eyes shone immediately and said, “I heard this person run around from place to place, it will not be easy to find him.”

Zhang Haoer said, “You are going to Chiangnan to find him?”

Tian Sisi said, “Mmm.”

Zhang Haoer said with a smile, “Then you are lucky to have run into me, otherwise you will just run a fruitless errand.”

Tian Sisi said, “Why?”

Zhang Haoer said, “He is no longer in Chiangnan.”

Tian Sisi said, “You ......You know where he is?”

Zhang Haoer nodded and said, “I saw him the day before yesterday.”

She said it nonchalantly as if she met Qin Ge very frequently.

Tian SiSi felt envious and jealous, nipping her lips she said, “Is he your neighbor?”

Zhang Haoer said, “Yes. Not too far form me.”

Tian SiSi hesitated for a while before finally speaking slowly, “Can you tell me where he is?”

Zhang Haoer said, “I can’t.”

Tian SiSi was stunned, after a while, she stood up and walked to the door.

Zhang Haoer smiled suddenly and said easily, “But actually I can lead you to find him.”

Tian SiSi stopped in her stride immediately, happily said, “Really? You are not deceiving me?”

Zhang Haoer said with a smile, “Why do I want to deceive you.”

Tian SiSi suddenly thought that she was a good person.

If Lady Tian felt something inside, it would be difficult for her not to say it so she turned back to face Zhang Haoer, pulled up Zhang Haoer’s hand, and sweetly said, “You really are a good person.”

Zhang Haoer said with a smile, “You are always a girl who is very pleasing to my eyes.”

Tian Sisi said, “You ......When can you bring me to find him?”

Zhang Haoer said, “I will do the necessary arrangement — but I am afraid some people will not let you go.”

Tian Sisi said, “Who isn't willing to let me go?”

Zhang Haoer referred to the person outside, and smartly said, “The pig.”

Tian SiSi had also smiled, with a pouted mouth she said, “Why won’t he let me go? He is not qualified to control me.”

Zhang Haoer said, “You really do not fear him?”

Tian SiSi sneeringly said, “What fear, who is afraid of that big-headed ghost?”

Zhang Haoer said, “If you dare, I will bring you now, perhaps you will be able to see Qin Ge tomorrow.”

Tian SiSi was very happy, “Then we go now, who doesn't dare is a small puppy.”

Zhang Haoer’s eyes blinked and said with a smile, “Then we sneaked off from the window, let that devil come back when he cannot find us and worry about it, do you agree?”

Tian Sisi said with a smile, “Very good.”

If she could let Yang Fan worry about something, she thought it would be very good.

Thereupon Lady Tian started on her new course.

Not only the road was cooler compared to the room, it was also much cooler than the courtyard.

The wind blew from the street corner, blew from behind them.

Tian SiSi deeply sighed, but suddenly felt her feet very cold, and only noticed that she was still barefooted.

That pig unexpectedly had not noticed her feet from the beginning to the end.

Tian SiSi clenched her teeth in secret and said, “I ..... I should go back?”

Zhang Haoer said, “Why do you need to go back?”

She smiled, also said, “You have no need to worry. He won’t really worry about you. My people know where I will be, they will certainly tell him tomorrow.”

Tian SiSi pouted her mouth, sneeringly said, “I don’t care if he lives or dies, I only want to go back to put on my shoes.”

Zhang Haoer said, “I have all kinds of shoes, many of them.”

Tian Sisi said with a smile: “Should I just walk like this?”

Zhang Haoer said, “I know of a place where we can hire a carriage.”

Tian SiSi sighed and said, “You are really competent, you seem to know everything.”

Zhang Haoer also sighed and said, “That is a necessity, if a woman wants to survive outside, she needs to know the way to take care of herself, otherwise men will bully her.”

Tian Sisi said, “All men are not good.”

Zhang Haoer said with a smile, “The good ones are not that many.”

Tian SiSi asked suddenly, “But how did you know that I am surnamed Tian? Did that big-headed ghost tell you?”

Zhang Haoer said, “Mmm.”

Tian Sisi said, “What else did he say to you?”

Zhang Haoer said, “What a man tell behind you, you should not listen to it.”

Tian Sisi said, “Why should it bother me? Anything he said, in any case, I just considered that he was breaking the wind.”

Zhang Haoer hesitatingly said, “He had not said anything actually, he only said that you young lady’s temperament was too big, if it did not get taught well, later it would become more serious.”

Tian SiSi retorted back, “This big-headed ghost, he would teach me? Why?”

Zhang Haoer said, “He added sooner or later you would marry him, therefore he had no alternative but to teach you.”

Tian SiSi said bitterly, “Do not listen to him break the wind, you think I will marry that kind of person?”

Zhang Haoer said, “Certainly you can’t, in what way he matches you?”

Tian SiSi cast a glance at her, also replied suddenly, “But you seem to be on good terms with him.”

Zhang Haoer smiled and said, “I am on good terms with a lot of men.”

Tian Sisi said, “But he seems to be a little special, is it?”

Zhang Haoer said, “Because I am an old friend of him.”

Tian Sisi said, “You have known him for a long time?”

Zhang Haoer said, “Mmm.”

After a while, she smiled and said, “Do not think that he is an honest and good-natured person, although he looks honest, actually you just cannot simply believe all his words.”

Tian SiSi said lightly, “I have already said, whatever he says, I will just consider that he is breaking the wind.”

Although her mouth said that, her heart seemed a little uncomfortable, it was one thing for her to scold him, it was another thing for someone else to scold him.

“In any event, this big-headed ghost has helped me significantly.”

Lady Tian was not an ungrateful person, once she had decided on something and the opportunity came up, she would certainly repay this gratitude.

In her mind there seemed to come up an image, “That pig is being beaten in all parts of his body by that crawling person, then suddenly Miss Tian appears riding a white horse, her hand wields a whip that will slay all the demons and monsters.”

Then the image continued, “The pig kneels in front of Lady Tian's white horse, and asks Lady Tian to marry to him, Lady Tian only sneers, pulls back her whip from him and urges the horse to go. She has a red silk handkerchief around her neck, anyone else under the sky is inferior to her.”

Thinking until that point, Lady Tian’s face could not stop revealing a lovable smile.

“Perhaps I should not pull back the whip too heavily, just gently knocks it on his big head, and that's the end of it.”

By now, there was really sound of hoofbeats on the street.

Zhang Haoer said with a smile, “Looks like our luck is not really bad, no need to find it, the carriage has already come on its own.”

Some people’s luck seemed very good ever since they were born.

The carriage that arrived was not only empty, it was also new, very attractive and comfortable.

The driver was also a very friendly young man, moreover he also wore the red silk handkerchief.

The bright red silk handkerchief that fluttered in the night breeze.

Tian SiSi looked somewhat stunned.

Seeing this fluttering red silk handkerchief was like looking at Qin Ge.

The carriage driver looked a little embarrassed by this and said something with a smile to cover the awkwardness, “Miss does not want to come aboard?”

Tian SiSi had blushed red, and could not bear saying, “Looking at your red silk handkerchief, you also admire Qin Ge very much? “

The carriage driver said with a smile, “I certainly admire him, in jiang-hu, there is no one who doesn't admire Hero Qin.”

Tian Sisi said, “You have seen him?”

The carriage driver sighed and said, “We are humble people, how will we have such good luck?”

Tian Sisi said, “You want to see him very much?”

The carriage driver said, “I really want to see Hero Qin, if I can I am willing to go without my food for three days.”

Tian SiSi smiled.

Hearing others praise Qin Ge was simply like hearing others praise her too.

At this, she smiled and said, “I am going to meet him, I am his friend.”

She did not consider this a lie, because in her mind, Qin Ge was not only her good friend, moreover he was already her sweetheart, her future husband.

The carriage driver was immediately filled with envy, and sighed, “Miss is really lucky…”

Tian SiSi felt so light she could fly.

She also felt very lucky, because the person she selected, was certainly not a wrong choice.

Qin Ge was really a great person.

The carriages and the horses stopped.

When the carriage and the horses stopped, the light of early dawn had appeared in the east.

Tian SiSi was having a dream, a warm and happy dream.

Her dream certainly would not lack Qin Ge.

She was not really willing to wake up from the dreamland, but Zhang Haoer was actually shaking her shoulder.

Tian SiSi rubbed open her eyes, and looked out the window.

Red double doors shone brightly in the light of early dawn, two giant stone lions squatted in front of the doors.

Tian SiSi’s eyes blinked and asked, “Where are we? What is this place?”

Zhang Haoer said, “This is my humble home.”

Tian SiSi smiled.

When Zhang Haoer uttered this word “my humble home”, she felt it was very funny, very interesting.

She probably considered everything very interesting just now.

Zhang Haoer said, “Why do you laugh?”

Tian Sisi said with a laugh, “I am laughing at you because you are too polite, if this kind of place is 'my humble home', what kind of house then should not be considered as my humble home? “

Zhang Haoer had also smiled, smiled very happily.

Hearing others praise her own house was always a very happy thought.

Tian SiSi actually had blushed a little, she suddenly found that she had also learned to be falsely polite.

Anyone who saw this kind of place could not help but praise it several times.

On the red door, the copper door handle was bright like gold, the tall wall enclosed the wide garden, the porch pillar was filled with carvings, the window was covered with the snow white patterned paper, the reflection of the courtyard greenery transformed the color into light blue green.

In the courtyard, the flower fragrance permeated throughout, the birds were twittering, a pair of swallows were making a nest at the top of the house.

Tian Sisi said, “This house is yours?”

Zhang Haoer said, “Mmm.”

Tian Sisi said, “You bought it?”

Zhang Haoer said, “I just bought it in the last two years, the previous owner was a nobleman, who had so much knowledge, but he was just a bookworm, therefore I bought this very cheaply.”

Tian SiSi sighed, also said with a smile, “Looks like being a philanthropist' is really useful, especially compared to knowing so many things.”

Zhang Haoer’s face seemed to blush a little, she turned her head to cough gently.

Tian SiSi also knew that she had spoken improperly, with an embarrased smile she said, “Qin Ge will come here today?”

Zhang Haoer said, “I will take you to your sleeping room behind. If he doesn’t come, I will find him then.”

The back garden was more beautiful than the front courtyard.

A small pavilion with a red fence and green tiled rooftop looked like a painting, the inside also looked like a painting.

Tian SiSi sighed and said, “This place is beautiful.”

Zhang Haoer said, “When the weather is too hot, I always feel disinclined, I usually rest in here during summer.”

Tian Sisi said, “You really do enjoy your life.”

Actually the place where she usually lived was no different than here, she had her luck but she did not want to enjoy that, instead she insisted on suffering hardship outside her home.

Zhang Haoer said with a smile, “If you like this place, I will give this to you, later when you get married to Qin Ge, this place might become your nuptial chamber?”

Tian SiSi’s eyes seemed to become red suddenly, she pulled her hand and said, “Why are you so kind to me?”

Zhang Haoer said with a voice, “I have already said, you look very pleasing to my eyes, this is called fate.”

She patted Tian SiSi ‘s hand, also said with a smile: “Now you should take a bath first, then sleep well; when Qin Ge comes, I will awaken you, you have to dress up attractively.”

Tian SiSi lowered her head, looked at the dirty clothes on her body, at the bare feet, and could not restrain herself from emitting a gentle sigh.

Zhang Haoer said with a smile, “You are about as tall as me, I will find some attractive clothes for you, and Xiao Qing will deliver it.”

Tian Sisi said, “Xiao Qing?”

Zhang Haoer said, “Xiao Qing is a servant girl I just bought, she is very intelligent, if you like her, I may give her to you too.”

Tian SiSi looked at her, in her heart she felt unspeakable gratitude.

Regardless of their line of work, there must be a few kind people, and she had finally found a genuinely kind person.

There was a painting on the wall.

It was a painting of a pavilion amidst the white clouds, like the dwelling place of celestial beings. Under the celestial mountain, the water ran down lavishly along the carpet of green grass, and a pair of young man and woman are walking arm in arm. What kind of blissful life was this?

There was a saying underneath:

“Only envy the pair of man and woman, do not envy the immortals.”

Good beautiful drawing. Good beautiful fantasy place.

“One day in the future, I will look like this with Qin Ge, yet I do not want to be like deities.”

Tian SiSi looked at that painting while thinking here and there, when someone gently knocked on the door.

The door was unlatched.

Tian Sisi said, “Is it Xiao Qing?......Come in.”

A cute servant in red brought several folded bright clothes. While lowering her head she said, “Xiao Qing will listen to Miss’ instruction.”

She had big eyes, a small mouth, which still look like a pout even when not angry.

Tian SiSi almost could not bear calling her loudly.

Tian Xin!

This cute servant girl was unexpectedly Tian Xin.

Tian SiSi ran over and grasped her, the pile of clothes tumbled all over the place.

“The dead servant girl, the dead little rascal, how did you come here? When did you come?”

This servant girl stared at her with big eyes, she seemed very startled and said, “ I came here two years ago.”

Tian SiSi ridiculed her, “Little rascal, do you want to deceive me? You think I will not recognize you?”

This servant girl’s eyes blinked and said, “Miss has seen me before?”

Tian Sisi said, “You haven't seen me before?”

This servant girl said, “I haven’t.”

Tian SiSi was stunned and said, “You do not know me?”

This servant girl said, “No.”

Tian SiSi were more than a little disturbed, rubbing her eyes she said, “You ......Aren't you Tian Xin?”

This servant girl said, “I am called Xiao Lan, Xiao for small, Lan for orchid.”

Looking at her serious face, she did not look like she was telling lies or cracking a joke.

Tian Sisi said, “You ......Is it possible that you have been confused by a ghost?”

Xiao Qing looked at her, like looking at a mad person and did not want to talk to her again.

Lowering her head she said, “If Miss does not have any other instruction, I will start preparing the water for the bath.”

She did not wait for any other words and had run out like a wisp of smoke.

Tian SiSi was stunned.

“Isn't she really Tian Xin?”

“If she were not Tian Xin, why does she look so similar to Tian Xin, even the pouty mouth was similar like coming from the same mold?”

“Is there a chance that two people can be so similar with each other?”

Tian SiSi did not believe it, but now she had no alternative but to believe it.

Two very vigorous and healthy female servants, lifting a very attractive bathtub entered the room.

In the trough, the water was limpid, fragrant, and hot.

Xiao Qing holding a box of washing soap and a piece of white towel was following behind them and said, “Do you want me to serve Miss to take a bath?”

Tian SiSi was still staring at her, shaking her head, and suddenly loudly said, “You really are not Tian Xin?”

Xiao Qing was scared, she started to shake her head, as if she saw a ghost, and slid out.

Tian SiSi sighed, with a rueful smile she said, “I really saw a ghost ......Is there such a coincidence in the world?......”

Although her heart was filled with suspicion, but that trough of hot water was actually even more enticing.

Any woman who had not taken a bath for three days also would not be able to resist this kind of enticement.

Tian SiSi sighed, and started to untie the button slowly.

There was a very big mirror at the opposite, which showed her slender moving reflection.

Perhaps her curves were not as mature as Zhang Haoer, but her skin was actually smoother, the flesh was actually more solid, moreover it had the gentle suppleness which only a maiden could boast of.

Her legs were very straight, the ankles were delicate, the shape was exquisite.

Her body had not been hugged by a man.

She was still waiting, waiting for a man who was worth waiting for, regardless of how long she had to wait for him.

Perhaps Qin Ge was this man.

Her face exuded a red blush, almost as hot as the water in the trough.

The clothes next to her skin had been soaked by her perspiration, her easy curve was reflected clearly in the mirror. She untied the top of her clothes slowly, when her entire body stiffened suddenly!

There was a big and comfortable bed in the room.

A tall silky curtain enclosed the bed, complete with the pink tassels.

Tian SiSi suddenly saw from the mirror two small holes on the curtain.

With sparks coming from the small holes.

Eye sparks.

A person was hiding behind the curtain peeping at her.

Tian SiSi was so angry that her whole body went numb.

She tried to bite her lips trying to suppress her anger as she untied the first button, and slowly started on the second one

Suddenly, she turned around and rushed there to pull at the curtain.

When the curtain parted, there was really a person behind that.

A motionless person.

When a person took a peep at an adult woman taking a bath, if he were to be discovered, he must be really surprised.

But this person was not only motionless, his face did not even show any surprise.

Was this a person, or a sculptured stone carving?

But Tian SiSi knew this individual.

Not only she knew that he was an actual person, moreover she had also recognized him.

“Mr. Ge!”

That malicious ghost Mr. Ge, haunting her everywhere, unexpectedly had appeared here!

Tian SiSi was so frightened, her throat could not make any sound, her face stiffened, and her whole body could not move.

Mr. Ge had not moved.

Not only his feet that had not moved, also his hands and everything else, even his eyeballs.

A pair of malicious ghost’s eyeballs stared at Tian SiSi without any expression.

But the ones without any expression were even scarier than the ones with expression.

Tian SiSi finally could move with great difficulty, and turned around to run outside.

Running to the door, Mr. Ge had not moved.

Why didn’t he pursue?

Did he know that Tian SiSi would not be able to escape anyway?

Tian SiSi hid behind the door outside, quietly looking inside, and found that Mr. Ge’s dead gray eyes were still staring, and he was still standing at the original place.

“Is it possible that this person has suddenly fallen under a spell?”

Although Tian SiSi did not dare to believe that she had such good luck, although she still feared him in her heart, but if this devil had really fallen under a spell, why shouldn’t she use this opportunity for revenge?

This enticement was really big, almost irresistible.

Tian SiSi nipped her lips, gradually she walked slowly towards him.

Mr. Ge was still motionless, the eyes stared at the original place.

Tian SiSi slowly bent her waist, took up the box of washing powder from the bathtub’s small stool.

The box was very hard, as hard as the silver taels.

Whoever got knocked by such a hard box would undoubtedly jump away with pain.

Tian SiSi expended her whole strength at throwing the box at him.

“Crack”, the box hit Mr. Ge.

Mr. Ge had not moved, nothing moved including the eyeballs, as if he didn’t feel a thing.

But actually his head has been injured.

If a person's head was injured, if he did not feel it, then he must have been as good as dead.

Tian SiSi had also thrown the small stool.

This hit Mr. Ge just like before, the small hole became a big hole, the blood flowed out.

But he was still motionless.

Tian SiSi relaxed, suddenly she rushed forward, “pak”, she slapped him.

He was motionless.

Tian SiSi smiled, and maliciously said with a smile, “Surnamed Ge, I did not expect you to fall on my lap today.”

Lady Tian was not a very vindictive person, her heart was not evil, her hands were not violent.

But she really hated Mr. Ge to the bone.

She pulled Mr. Ge’s hair, put him down and slapped him hard back and forth.

The hot water for the bath was still hot and steaming.

If a person's head was immersed in such hot water, the feeling couldn’t be that good.

Tian SiSi had immersed Mr. Ge's head.

There was no bubble.

Did he suffocate? Was he already dead?

Tian SiSi’s hands became merciful and raised his head.

His eyes were still staring ahead, without any expression.

Tian SiSi felt a little nervous and said loudly, “Hey, can you hear me speak?......Are you dead?”

Suddenly a young voice was heard laughing, “ He is not dead yet, but he could not hear you speak actually.”

Her laugh was like a silver bell.

Actually only very few people could have such a pleasant laugh, most people laughed like copper bells, some might even sound like broken bells.

Tian SiSi did not need to turn around to know that Zhang Haoer had come.

The laughter was one of the most important feature of “a philanthropist”.

Zhang Haoer was a great person in her line of work, therefore her laughter was very pleasant to hear and also very attractive.

Tian SiSi said bitterly, “You know this person?”

Zhang Haoer shook her head, sneeringly said, “I know this kind of person.”

Tian SiSi sneeringly said, “Then, how did he get here behind the curtain?”

Zhang Haoer’s eyes blinked and said, “You really do not know how he got here?”

Tian Sisi said, “I certainly do not know.”

Zhang Haoer said, “I do not know too.”

She smiled suddenly and said, “But I actually know how he can turn into this.”

Tian Sisi said, “Say it quickly.”

Zhang Haoer said, “Couldn't you see that his accupoints were sealed?”

Tian SiSi realized now that Mr. Ge had his accupoints really sealed, his appearance was really like that, moreover his accupoints that were sealed were not just one or two.

But Mr. Ge’s wugong was not weak, she knew it very well, if someone could seal 7 to 8 of his accupoints without him realizing it, that was almost unbelievable.

Tian SiSi could not bear saying, “Is it you that has sealed his accupoints?”

Zhang Haoer said with a smile, “How can it be me? Where do I get such marvelous skills?”

Tian Sisi said, “Then who is it if it isn't you?”

Zhang Haoer said easily, “You go ahead and guess, if you cannot guess correctly, I will tell you then.”

Tian Sisi said, “I cannot guess.”

While saying “I cannot guess”, her heart had made a guess, she suddenly jumped and said, “ Is it Qin Ge?”

Zhang Haoer said with a smile, “Right.”

Tian SiSi stood with an open mouth, stared with big eyes, as if she almost fainted.

After a very long time, she sighed and said, “He ......He had already come?”

Zhang Haoer said, “He had already come for half a day.”

She continued to explain, “When he came, he saw this person stealthily moving to this small pavilion, when this person secretly made holes in the curtain, he had sealed his accupoints.”

Behind the curtain there was really a small window, he must have entered through this window.

Zhang Haoer said with a smile, “What is strange is that there were so many things happening behind the curtain, unexpectedly you did not hear anything – were you having a dream at the time?”

Tian SiSi was indeed having a dream. A dream that she could not tell anyone.

She blushed, lowered her head and said, “What did he do next?”

Zhang Haoer said, “After he sealed this person’s accupoints, then he went to find me…”

Tian SiSi had interrupted her fiercely, “Why didn't he tell me at that time, so as to avoid I am being …. by this person ......”

“Peeped” or spied on, but she couldn’t say it.

Zhang Haoer said, “Although he is not a gentleman, but when he saw a girl taking off her clothes, he felt too embarrassed to see you.”

Tian SiSi’s face was feeling hot, lowering her head she said, “He ......He also saw me a moment ago?”

Zhang Haoer said, “There were two holes in the curtain, even if he were a gentleman, he would have still taken a peek once or twice.”

Not only Tian SiSi’s face felt hot, her heart also felt hot, she hesitantly said, “Did he mention me?”

Zhang Haoer said with a smile, “Not only he said that you were an attractive person, the legs were also very shapely.”

Tian Sisi said, “Really?”

Zhang Haoer sighed and said, “Why isn't it real? If I were a man, I might also say similar words.”

Tian SiSi hung her head, although feeling embarrassed, she smiled secretly in her heart.

Any young girl who were commended by the person she loved would feel wonderful.

Zhang Haoer said, “I only ask you, do you want to see him now?”

Tian Sisi said, “Where is he at?”

Zhang Haoer said, “Downstairs, I already brought him here.”

Without any words, Tian SiSi had turned around to go.

Zhang Haoer had held on to her, pouting towards her body, she said with a smile, “You want to go meet him just like that?”

Tian SiSi blushed and giggled.

Zhang Haoer said, “In your anxiety, you may not want to take a bath, but at least there should be some time to wash your feet.”

The water was hot.

Mr. Ge was shoved under the bed.

Zhang Haoer said, “We will just put him here temporarily, later we should figure out a way to tidy him up.”

Tian SiSi with the quickest speed washed her feet, but she took her time putting on the clothes.

All the clothes were very attractive.

Tian SiSi picked one and then the other, in the end she could only ask for Zhang Haoer’s advice.

Zhang Haoer would naturally knew what men liked better than most women.

Tian Sisi said, “Which one should I put on?”

Zhang Haoer looked at her with critical eyes and said with a smile, “In my opinion, you are most attractive when you do not wear any clothes.”

She understood what men wanted very much, right?

Tian SiSi went downstairs, her heart continuously thudded.

Actually how did Qin Ge look? Was he like her imagination, naturally elegant and handsome?

Tian SiSi only knew that his body had suffered a lot of scars from knife wounds.

But knife scars on a man’s body were not ugly, they even showed his heroic spirit.

“In any event, she can finally meet the great person that is always in her mind.”

Tian SiSi shut her eyes, stepped down the stairs, before she opened her eyes.

She saw Qin Ge!

Qin Ge and her imagination was entirely alike — — simply that kind of man whom young girls had dreamed of.

He was taller than an average person, but not too tall.

His shoulder was very wide, the waist was very thin, he looked vigorous and healthy, in particular when he wore that tight black clothes.

His eyes were big and bright, filled with enthusiasm.

A bright red silk handkerchief hung loosely on the neck.

Tian SiSi discovered suddenly that the red silk handkerchief on the neck, was indeed far more attractive than in any other place.

When Qin Ge looked at her, he showed a gentle happy face. Whoever saw his eyes, would no longer pay attention to the knife scars on his face

When he saw Tian SiSi, he stood with a happy face and good-natured smile.

He obviously enjoyed meeting Tian SiSi, no words was necessary.

Tian SiSi’s heart palpitated fiercely.

She should walk on naturally, but suddenly she was transfixed at the bottom of the stairs.

She just realized she had forgotten something.

Since the beginning when she began to hear about Qin Ge, she had many kind of fantasies.

She certainly thought that she had imagined any possible things to do when she actually met Qin Ge, imagining how she would fall to his bosom, warm and happy.

She had even fantasized about the days they would live together. She would accompany him to drink, to play chess, to ride a horse, to make a living as a wandering fortune-teller. How she would take care of him since early in the morning, prepare a clean red silk handkerchief, and a delicious breakfast for him.

She had imagined all of these many, many times.

But she had forgotten about one important thing.

About what she should say to him when they met for the first time.

In her fantasy, when she saw Qin Ge, she just rushed into his bosom.

She certainly could not do such thing now, certainly she should talk to him first, but what should she actually say to him?

Qin Ge did not seem to know what to say either, he only smiled gently and said, “Please sit down.”

Tian SiSi lowered her head, walked and sat down without saying anything.

She should take this opportunity to show to him how smart and intelligent she was, but at this critical juncture, her tongue could not say anything like a dumb bird.

She wished she could just cut off her own tongue and took it away for repair.

Zhang Haoer did not say anything, she just observed in the distance and laughed at them.

By now that cute servant girl Xiao Qing luckily had offered two cups of tea and some snacks.

She lowered her head in front of them, but as she neared Tian SiSi, she seemed to say two gentle words.

But Tian SiSi was so dizzy, she simply had not heard her at all.

Xiao Qing had to leave.

When she walked her mouth made such a big pout, like she was really worried and angry.

Zhang Haoer had finally walked gracefully to them, “Is this a wine gourd shop?”

Qin Ge was surprised and said, “Wine gourd shop?”

Zhang Haoer replied, “If it is not a wine gourd shop, how come there are two clamped-up big wine gourds?”

Qin Ge smiled and looked out of the window, “The weather is good outside.”

Zhang Haoer said, “ha ha ha ha.”

Qin Ge said, “What is the meaning of ha ha ha ha?”

Zhang Haoer said, “Nothing, it is a meaningless talk, nothing is gained by saying it.”

Qin Ge smiled and said, “Then, what do you want me to say?”

Zhang Haoer’s eyes blinked and said, “You should at least ask her this. Your surname? Given name? Where does your family stay? Do I also have to teach you?”

Qin Ge coughed gently twice and said, “What is your surname?”

Tian Sisi said, “I am surnamed Tian, called Tian SiSi.”

Zhang Haoer frowned and said, “Is this some people speaking, or mosquito sounds?”

Tian SiSi had also smiled, at last the situation in the room was now more relaxed.

Qin Ge was just about to say something when that cute servant girl Xiao Qing lowered her head and offered the cups of tea again. But her hands became unsteady and the cups of tea had splashed on Tian SiSi’s body.

Xiao Qing hurried forward to dab on her clothes, but she was so confused that she seemed to dab on many random parts of Tian SiSi’s body.

Tian SiSi felt her hand took the opportunity to move towards her bosom although she did not look like an awkward person.

Tian SiSi just felt that it was a little strange, Zhang Haoer had sunk her face and said, “What are you doing back and forth?”

Xiao Qing’s complexion blanched a little, she lowered her head and said, “I ......I was afraid Miss Tian's tea had become cold, I wanted to changed her cup.”

Zhang Haoer calmly said, “Who asked you to be meddlesome, just go, don’t come if I don’t call you.”

Xiao Qing said, “Yes.”

She lowered her head, but before she left, she seemed to cast a sidelong glance at Tian SiSi, as if she wanted to tell Tian SiSi something.

What was she trying to tell Tian Sisi?

Tian SiSi had not figured out what happened, she just noticed her wet clothes and felt anxious about it, not really thinking about any other things.

Moreover, if this servant girl really had something to say, she should have said it when she delivered the clothes, she did not need to wait until now.

Tian SiSi nipped her lips and said suddenly, “I ......I want to go and change clothes.”

Qin Ge said immediately, “Please.”

He stood up and smilingly said, “I should say goodbye, you need to rest too.”

He left unexpectedly.

When he left, Zhang Haoer anxiously stamped her feet and said, “I can only arrange this meeting with great difficulty, how can you let this duck fly away just like that?”

Tian SiSi blushed and said, “I ......I do not know, when I saw him, I became tongue-tied.”

Zhang Haoer said, “Based on this appearance you want to lock him up? If other people see you act like this, they would have just backed away, what will you do then?”

Tian Sisi said, “Next time ......Next time I will do better.”

Zhang Haoer sneered and said, “Next time? I am afraid there are not many chances for you next time.”

Tian SiSi pulled up her hand to beg her and said, “You have done so much good to me, please help me until we get to the bottom of it.”

Zhang Haoer eyed her for a moment before “pfui” and laughed, “Let me ask you your impression then. Just be honest with me.”

Tian SiSi’s face became red and said, “My impression about him was certainly ...... certainly very good.”

Zhang Haoer said, “How good?”

Tian Sisi said, “Although he is famous, he is actually not arrogant, moreover he is really polite to me.”

She seemed to be talking in her dream.

Zhang Haoer was staring at her and said, “What else?”

Tian SiSi sighed gently and said, “I cannot mention anything else, to be brief, he is a very good person. I have not chosen wrongly.”

Zhang Haoer said, “You are willing to marry him?”

Tian SiSi bit her lip, did not speak.

Zhang Haoer said, “This is certainly important for me. If you are not willing to marry him, then it is of no concern to me.”

Tian SiSi became anxious, blushingly she said, “When I didn’t speak, didn’t you understand?”

Zhang Haoer laughed “pfui”, shook her head and said, “You girl, this is not a seemingly behavior.” She sternly said, “Since you want to marry to him, grasp the opportunity well.”

Tian SiSi finally nodded.

Zhang Haoer said, “The opportunity is not that many, I can only detain him for 1-2 days.”

Tian Sisi said, “1-2 days? Only 1-2 days, how will that be enough?”

Zhang Haoer said, “Two days are already 48 hours, if it were me, two days should be enough.”

Tian Sisi said, “But I really do not know what to do?”

Zhang Haoer grimaced gently and said with a smile, “Silly thing, some matters you don’t need to be taught how to, do you also want me to just let you go to the bridal chamber?” She walked away while laughing as the laughter sound receded from afar.

With the open door, the wind blew on the wet clothes and cooled it.

Tian SiSi thought deeply and pulled up her clothes. Suddenly a bundle of paper fell from her bosom, but she simply had not paid any attention.

“Some matters you do not need others to teach you.” Tian SiSi only sensed her own face flushed, nipping her lips, she slowly walked upstairs.

The ground floor of the pavilion was quiet without anyone.

That cute servant girl Xiao Qing lowered her head and prepared to tidy up the room.

She saw the bundle of paper, and her complexion changed suddenly, she immediately picked it up.

She saw that this bundle was still untouched.

She pouted her mouth, stamped her feet gently and prepared to rush upstairs.

At this moment, there was a cry of alarm upstairs.

Mr. Ge who was under the bed had disappeared.

Tian SiSi had nearly forgotten about him, when she saw Qin Ge, she seemed to have forgotten everything else.

But when she sat on the bed, she jumped up as if she had seen a ghost.

A ghost whom you never knew when he would come, when he would leave. If he had tied you down, you would never have peace in your life anymore.

Tian SiSi looked like she had met a ghost.

Mr. Ge was indeed even more fearful than a ghost.

When Zhang Haoer came, she was still trembling, she grasped Zhang Haoer with shaken voice said, “That person disappeared.”

Zhang Haoer patted her lightly, said with a supple voice, “If he disappeared, you have not need to be afraid, with me here, you don’t have anything to fear.”

Tian Sisi said, “But I know that he may come again, since he knows that I am here. He will not let off me easily.”

Zhang Haoer said, “Actually who is he? Why does he entangle you like this?”

Tian SiSi burst into tears and said, “I do not know why he entangles me? I have not offended him… I don’t have any relationship with him.”

Zhang Haoer said, “But you are very afraid of him.”

Tian SiSi with a trembling voice, “Indeed I fear him, he is simply not a person ......”

Then someone said, “Whether he is a person or a ghost, you do not need to fear him. If he dares to come again, I will make sure he will not return again.”

Qin Ge had come.

His voice was gentle and calm, not only filled with self-confident, but it might give others confidence too.

Zhang Haoer sneeringly said, “He should not be able to return originally. If I had been the one sealing his accupoint he still would not have been able to move.”

Qin Ge smiled lightly and said, “Indeed you must blame me for sealing him too lightly, because I did not know at that time who he was.”

Zhang Haoer said, “A person entering someone’s bedroom, making a hole in the curtain, what good person would do that?”

Qin Ge, “But I ......”

Zhang Haoer simply had not let him speak, also said, “No matter what you say, you have to bear responsibility, in the case of my younger sister here, I will hold you responsible.”

Qin Ge sighed, with a forced smile he muttered, “It looks like I will need to train myself not to meddle in other people’s business.”

Zhang Haoer said, “But you are already in the middle of it, therefore, take charge of it.”

Qin Ge, “How do you want me to take charge?”

Zhang Haoer said, “You should know.”

Qin Ge hesitatingly said, “You want me to protect Miss Tian here?”

Zhang Haoer’s showed a sweet smile and said, “You have finally become intelligent.”

Tian SiSi hid in Zhang Haoer’s bosom, but she could not help but smile.

She also thought originally Zhang Haoer was not being reasonable, but only now she understood what she was trying to do.

She did that to arrange so they could be close to each other.

Zhang Haoer also said, “Not only I want you to protect her, but also day and night I want you to protect her, continuously up until you catch that person.”

Qin Ge, “What if that person never shows up?”

Zhang Haoer’s eyes blinked and said, “Then you protect her for her whole life.”

This sentence was really not disguised, even a stupid person would know what she really meant.

Tian SiSi had blushed, Qin Ge seemed to have blushed a little too.

But he had not rejected the proposal, nor did he show any objection.

Tian SiSi liked it and yet felt embarrassed. She just hid herself in Zhang Haoer’s bosom and did not come out.

Zhang Haoer must actually pushed her away, wiping her tear stains lightly and said with a smile: “Now you finally should feel relieved, with this person to protect you, you should not fear anyone anymore ......You do not want to smile?”

Tian SiSi smiled with embarrassment. Although she was embarrassed, she could not help smiling.

Zhang Haoer clapped her hands, “She smiled, she really smiled!”

Tian SiSi twisted her arm quietly and said quietly, “Die with shame.”

Zhang Haoer had turned around suddenly and said, “You both chat here, I must say good bye now.”

While speaking, she immediately walked towards outside.

Tian SiSi hurriedly hold on to her, said with worry, “You really must go?”

Zhang Haoer said, “Since someone doesn’t like me here, what else can I do?”

Tian SiSi anxiously blushed and said, “You ......You cannot go.”

Zhang Haoer said with a smile, “Why can’t I go? He can protect you for your whole life, if I have this ability, I will not go ask him.”

She released Tian SiSi’s hand suddenly, like a wisp of smoke she ran downstairs.

Tian SiSi stood silly.

She stood for a moment, then sat down, it was as if she did not know where she should put her hands, only felt her own heart “puff thump puff thump” jumping around.

Qin Ge seemed to smile at her.

She did not dare to look actually, but closing her eyes would not work, opening her eyes she did not know where to look, so she could only lowered her head and look at her own clasped hands.

Qin Ge seemed to look at her hands.

She wanted to hide her hands, but moving them right did not help, nor moving them left. She just wished her hands would disappear.

But of course, they would not.

Qin Ge’s hands had extended and gripped her hands gently.

Tian SiSi’s heart beat fiercely, it seemed to beat out of her chest, her blood had rushed around quickly, she just felt that Qin Ge seemed to whisper something in her ears, the voice was gentle and also pleasant to hear.

Actually what he said, she simply had not listened clearly, not even a word.

Qin Ge seemed to sing, not speak.

The singing voice was so remote, as if when a child was listening in her dream.

She was confused with her infatuation, as if she were drunk.

After a long time, she noticed that Qin Ge’s hands had embraced her waist gently.

Her body seemed to be inside Qin Ge’s bosom, she already felt his scalding hot breath.

His breath had also become more rapid, his mouth was saying ambiguous words.

Tian SiSi could not hear clearly what he said, she only felt his hands hugging her more tightly …

He seemed to simply have three hands around her.

Tian SiSi’s body started to tremble, she wanted to shove him away, but she did not have any strength, as if her mind were mounting the clouds and riding the mist.

She felt her body being embraced by Qin Ge, and being led to the bed.

She did not understand what was going on, only this situation was not very wonderful.

But wasn’t this what she precisely wanted in her dreams?

“But this doesn’t feel right..”

Actually where it didn’t feel right, she was not sure too.

She felt she ought to shove him away, to reject him.

But she did not seem to have enough time to refuse him.

It was as if time had stopped and Qin Ge was still standing in his place.

But she did not know how, she suddenly found herself already on the bed.

The bed was very soft.

Warm and soft, people lying on the bed just felt like lying on the bundle of clothes.

She simply did not have the strength nor the time to reject him.

The matter between a man and a woman was often strange and unpredictable, sometimes very subtle, the time for rejection usually should come early because otherwise the opportunity to reject probably would not exist.

Because you had already raised the courage and the confidence of the opposite party.

When you wanted to reject, it would just be set aside.

Qin Ge’s voice was sweeter, gentler.

Only at this kind of time, a man’s voice could become so gentle.

He could do it at this kind of time because he knew that the opposite party had gradually lost the will to reject him.

This was also the man’s happiest moment, but a woman’s most tense time.

Tian SiSi was so anxious that her whole body had stiffened entirely.

At this moment, someone suddenly knocked on the door outside.

Xiao Qing was heard saying from outside, “Miss Tian, Master Qin, please eat the dessert. I just prepared the bird’s nest soup.”

Qin Ge jumped up quickly, ran over to the door, pulled it open and said loudly, “Who will eat dessert at this time, just go! Go quickly! Go as far as you can!”

His voice was anxiously ominous, far from being gentle.

Xiao Qing pouted her mouth and went downstairs resentfully.

Qin Ge wanted to close the door, who knew that at that time he was pushed out by someone.

Tian SiSi had expended her whole body strength, and finally managed to get out of bed and pushed him out.

“Thud”, the door closed.

Tian SiSi leaned with her whole body on the door, gasping for breath, her clothes had been all soaked through.

Qin Ge was very startled, he made the effort to knock on a door and said, “What are you doing? Why did you push me out? Open the door quickly.”

Tian SiSi clenched her teeth and paid no attention to him.

Qin Ge stood on the door, after banging on the door for a while, he left muttering, “Strange, what is her problem?”

This was originally her dream, her hope. Her dream only lacked the real person, but now that the actual person was already by her side, no longer missing, instead she had pushed him away.

Hearing Qin Ge going downstairs, although she felt more relaxed, but her heart became empty, as if she had lost something.

“This time he goes away, maybe he will not come back again.”

Although Tian SiSi felt pale, her eyes was actually very red, wishing she simply could just bawl out her heart.

But at this moment, the sounds of footsteps had resounded in the staircase.

“Is it possible that he comes back?”

Tian SiSi’s heart started “puff thump puff thump” beating loudly. Although she leaned heavily on the door, she anticipated that he might kick the door open.

Actually she did not really know what she was thinking.

“Open the door quickly, it is I.”

This was Zhang Haoer’s voice.

Although Tian SiSi relaxed, she seemed to be a little disappointed.

The door opened.

Zhang Haoer strode in angrily, sat on the chair with a greenish face, stared at her and then said loudly, “Actually what is the matter with you? You’ve got a problem?”

Tian SiSi shook her head, nodded, sat down, and then stood up again.

Seeing her absentminded appearance, Zhang Haoer’s anger died down, she sighed, “I have created this opportunity for you only with great difficulty, how can you just kick him out?”

Tian SiSi’s face became red, she lowered her head and said, “I ......I am afraid.”

Zhang Haoer said, “Afraid? What is to be afraid of? He will not eat you.”

With a “pfui” laughter, she said simply, “You are no longer a child, what are you afraid of? Everyone will pass through this stage, unless you do not want to marry anyone for the rest of your life.”

Tian SiSi was nipping at her lips and said, “But ...... he looked so ferocious and flustered, how would anyone not feel afraid?”

Zhang Haoer said with a smile, “Oh ...... you should not be afraid then, he must have only been too anxious.”

She walked forward and caressed Tian SiSi’s hair lightly, “This is not unique, actually you are already a woman, you are old enough to know that the more a man get anxious, the more he likes you.”

Tian Sisi said, “If he really likes me, then he should respect me.”

Zhang Haoer laughed again “pfui” and said, “Silly thing, how can you say that he does not respect you? If he is doing it in front of a big crowd of people, then he has no right. But if it is in the room with only the two of you, that is just fine.”

She blinked and said quietly, “Later you should know that if you can be compatible with him in this matter, he will also listen to you completely in other matters. If a woman wants the man to be obedient, time and time again, this is the only way.”

Tian SiSi’s face reddened, she never heard this kind of talk before, she simply did not want to think about it.

Zhang Haoer said, “Now I need to ask you one thing, actually are you interested in him?”

Tian SiSi’s spoke haltingly, “How about him?”

Zhang Haoer said, “You don’t have to worry about him, I only ask you, are you?”

Tian SiSi lifted up her courage, blushingly she said, “If I want him, so what?”

Zhang Haoer said, “If you do, I will take over the responsibility, I will arrange to get you married tonight.”

Tian SiSi was scared and said, “So quick?”

Zhang Haoer said, “He will have to return to Chiangnan tomorrow, if you want to go back with him, you should marry him quickly. If two people are already bound, walking together will be just fine.”

Tian Sisi said, “But......But I have to think slowly.”

Zhang Haoer said, “What else do you need to think? He is a hero, you are a heroine, you should be happy together. If you wait too long, I am afraid the boiled duck will escape.”

Then she sternly said, “This is your chance in a lifetime, if you don’t grasp it, you will not find such a man again, just forget this idea once and for all.”

Tian Sisi said, “But ......But you cannot force me like this.”

Zhang Haoer sighed and said, “Now you are saying that I am forcing you. When everyone else is calling you ‘Madame Qin’, then you will feel grateful. You should know that it is not easy to be called ‘Madame Qin’. Many girls attempted this before and did not succeed.”

Tian SiSi closed her eyes.

She was seeing herself running away with Qin Ge to Chiangnan, and a big group of people cheering for them in front of their horses.

“Madame Qin is really beautiful, she must have been destined to be married to Hero Qin and become a happy couple, only such a beautiful woman can match such a hero like Hero Qin.”

Naturally there was also a big-headed person, hiding in the crowd, looking at her secretly with secret longing of jealousy and envy in his eyes.

She would smile at that time and say to him, “You said that I could not marry anyone? Now you know that you are wrong.”

She even seemed to see this big-headed ghost crying out his regrets.

She heard Zhang Haoer saying easily, “I am just an observer, but you need to decide quickly, otherwise I am afraid this 'Madame Qin' title will be robbed by someone else.”

Tian SiSi suddenly said loudly, “Only I can become Madame Qin, anyone else should just give up!”

The bridal clothes were red.

Tian SiSi’s face was redder.

She saw her face in the mirror and could not help praising herself.

Zhang Haoer was on her side, like a happy mother who dressed her up and applied the makeup.

After that Lady Tian’s face indeed looked more tender and more beautiful.

Zhang Haoer sighed and muttered, “Really this is an inborn natural beauty, Qin Ge does not realize how lucky he is.”

She smiled as she also said, “But he is also the one who matches you, if Uncle Tian knew that he had such a good son-in-law, he also would certainly feel very satisfied.”

Tian SiSi’s heart became really sweet.

This was something she had longed for even in her dreams, now the wish was to be fulfilled, how would she not feel happy?

“It is only a pity that Tian Xin is not here, she certainly would not be able to pout her mouth if she were here.”

Thinking of Tian Xin, she could not help thinking about Xiao Lan.

Tian SiSi could not bear asking, “Where is your servant girl Xiao Qing?”

Zhang Haoer said, “I have not seen her for quite a while, I do not know where she has gone to.”

Tian Sisi said, “Before I also have a servant girl, called Tian Xin, she looked extremely like her.”

Zhang Haoer said, “Oh? They really look alike?”

Tian SiSi said with a smile, “You might not believe me but these two people seemed to have come from the same mold.”

Zhang Haoer said with a smile, “Such being the case, I will give her as your dowry.”

Tian SiSi sighed and said, “It is only a pity that my servant girl Tian Xin is not here.”

Zhang Haoer said, “Where is she?”

Tian SiSi said low-spiritedly, “Who knew. Since that day at Madam Wang’s house, we got separated, I did not even say goodbye. I hope she did not meet with any accident, and that would already be a good thing.”

Zhang Haoer blinked and said with a smile, “Since Tian Xin is not here, I shall find Xiao Qing to accompany you.”

She suddenly turned around and went downstairs.

As soon as she went out the door her complexion darkened, she walked in a hurry to the opposite flowering shrubs.

Between the flowering shrubs a shadow lurked unexpectedly, completely hidden and motionless.

Zhang Haoer walked closer and said suddenly, “Xiao Qing?”

This person said, “I have asked someone to take care of her.”

Zhang Haoer lowered her voice, “You had better cope with her yourself, don’t even let her see Tian SiSi or let them speak to each other.”

The person laughed and said, “If you do not want her to speak, I will make sure she cannot speak forever.”


Although the happy mother was not old, she seemed to have a great deal of experience.

They put on Tian SiSi’s make up very quickly, and had exchanged her into the bridal clothes.

Although the powder might transform a young woman into a beautiful one, but regardless of how precious was the powder, it still would not compare to the shy, happy smile on her face.

Therefore there was certainly no ugly new bride in the world, moreover Tian SiSi was originally very attractive.

Happy laughter sounds were heard in that meeting room, mixed with the thumping noises to brighten the mood, the clinking noises of the glasses, all of these brought out the festive feeling.

Although this marriage celebration was set up hurriedly, but many guests had come to drink and celebrate.

It looked like Zhang Haoer indeed had a wide net of friends.

The room provided anything, except tea.

Because the new bride could not drink before bowing to Heaven and Earth, with a full phoenix coronet over the new bride, if she suddenly needed to go to the bathroom, that would really be a joke.

Zhang Haoer certainly did not want this marriage celebration to turn into a joke.

Therefore not only she had arranged everything very well, moreover she expected thorough result as well.

Therefore everything went very smoothly, without the slightest mistake.

But for some unknown reason, Tian SiSi felt something not right inside her.

But which part was not right? She did not know.

She wanted to marry Qin Ge wholeheartedly, now finally this had happened according to her wishes.

Qin Ge was outstandingly talented and elegant, moreover he was very gentle to her.

“If a girl can marry this kind of man, why should she not feel satisfied?”

After they returned to Chiangnan, certainly many joyous events will await them.

They were also young, might as well travel around happily, enjoying life.

All were too content, too ideal, but where did it feel not right?

“Perhaps each young girl before becoming a woman feel a little restless in her heart.”

Tian SiSi sighed lightly, she was determined not to think of these unpleasant matters anymore.

“If father knew that I am marrying Qin Ge, he would certainly feel very happy, certainly he would not blame me.”

“Qin Ge was at least much better than that big-headed ghost.”

Thinking about that big-headed ghost, Tian SiSi’s heart seemed to quiver.

“In any event, at least I ought to ask him to drink and celebrate, if he knew I have gotten married today, he must be very happy.”

But Tian SiSi also knew later the she might not see him again.

She suddenly remembered that big-headed ghost a little fondly......

What was a girl thinking of in her heart before she got married?

To the man, it would be a secret that lasted forever, a secret that no one could guess.


Although the firecracker sound was not delightful, but it always symbolized a happy occasion.

The firecracker sound marked the time for the couple to bow to Heaven and Earth.

“Immediately bow to heaven and earth ......”

The happy official's voice was so loud.

The happy women held Tian SiSi, hinted gently with the elbow to prompt her to do obeisance,

Tian SiSi knew that once she did the obeisance, she would be no longer “Lady Tian”.

After that, Lady Tian would become Madame Qin.

The happy women seemed to be a little worry, they said gently in her ear, “Do the obeisance quickly.”

Tian SiSi only heard their voice, she could not see the persons.

With the big red bridal veil, she could not see anything.

“A marriage is a frank and upright matter, why can’t the new bride see the groom?”

Tian SiSi suddenly felt a bewildering fear.

She had suddenly remembered that day at the countryside, and had thought of the possibility that the person wearing the scarlet gown beside her, was actually Mr. Ge.

“The new bride is you!”

But who is the bridegroom? Could he be Mr. Ge?

Tian SiSi only felt her nose itched, cold sweat started pouring down.

“Why doesn't the new bride do obeisance?”

The wedding guests had already started to grumble secretly, some even begun to get worried.

The happy women were more anxious, they felt they probably should push Tian SiSi downward.

Tian SiSi’s body hardened, suddenly she loudly said, “Wait a moment.”

The new bride unexpectedly had opened her mouth to speak.

The guests were startled and smiled, the happy women were frightened with ghastly pale looks.

They have served 20-30 years as happy mothers, but they had never heard the new bride called out to wait a moment.

Zhang Haoer luckily had caught up with her and said quietly, “It is the time now, why do you have to wait?”

Tian SiSi was nipping her lips and said, “I must have a look at him.”

Zhang Haoer said, “Who?”

Tian Sisi said, “Him.”

Zhang Haoer finally understood who she meant by “him”, while anxious and angry, she could not help smile and say, “Do not be anxious now, when you are in the nuptial chamber, you will be able to look at him forever.”