The Celebrity - Chapter 10

Chapter 10 - Lonely young ladies

A person who opened a restaurant, in principle, strived to serve the rich people.

Whether you were a whor3 or a rich descendant, you would be accepted, as long as you could pay a 20-taels banquet, they would be willing to summon even the ancestors to serve you.

Everyone in that restaurant was completely busy, preparing the tablewares, the tablecloth, and cleaning up the chairs.

The tableware was really all brand-new, at least these were five times better than the ones used by Tian SiSi, and the tablecloth was exchanged with the scarlet one that was usually used for marriage celebration.

Tian SiSi’s face was also redder than the tablecloth.

She finally understood what a whor3 did.

What these people were saying before, she just understood it now.

She only hoped that she had not understood, if only that hated Yang Fan did not explain so clearly.

“This pig must not be a good thing, perhaps he has also been a bridegroom for some nights.”

Whether this pig was a good person or not, really should not have concerned her, but for some reason, as soon as she thought about him, she suddenly became mad, and she pouted her mouth so big that you could hang a wine jar on it.

“Actually how does this Zhang Haoer look? Where does she look good?”

She felt unavoidably curious.


The repeated calling and urging sound gradually grew nearer, the long awaited Zhang Haoer had finally come.

A carriage with four horses stopped outside the door.

The people who just returned to the private room immediately had rushed outside again.

The cashier and the waiter had all bowed down, waiting respectfully in the entrance, although the waist was bended very low, the corners of the eyes secretly glanced up to see.

When a well-mannered man ran into a not so well-mannered woman, he could only took a glance here and there secretly.

After a very long time, the carriage door finally opened, after another long moment, there were two feet showing at the carriage door.

A pair of smooth silken feet was wearing a pair of soft satin embroidered shoes, but unexpectedly no socks.

Seeing these feet, a man’s wit would mostly fly away.

Just as the feet touch the ground, they were retracted.

Some people from the restaurant immediately rushed to the carriage bringing a bright red rug and laid them down. Besides the two children, there were also 7-8 people.

But were these people male or female? How was their appearance? Nobody saw them.

All they saw was these feet.

The feet had finally been lowered.

Nearby these feet, there were also two pairs of feet.

Two flashy girls led Zhang Haoer go down the carriage.The procession walked slowly.

Her one hand pressed to the chest, while the other one was holding a girl's shoulder gently, the two willow-leaf eyebrows were deep, the small cherry mouth were tender and gentle.

“Zhang Haoer is really very good.”

But which part was good? Nobody was very clear, but she was certainly good, there was no reason not too be good.

She was indeed very attractive, the graceful bearing was indeed very exquisite.

But Tian SiSi looked from the right and the left, the more she looked the more she thought that she did not look honorable. Although her face was attractive, it was like a painted picture. Although her movement was exquisite, it was like a well-acted play.

Perhaps she was playing the role of Xi Shi, but Tian SiSi thought that she overdid it.

It was like inside the outer layer of clothing, there was nothing.

She just looked like a pretty doll.

What was strange was that every man’s eyes in the room were all staring at her, even the pig focused his eyes undulatingly, and maybe with a little lewdness.

Tian SiSi really wanted to dig out his eyes.

The way Zhang Haoer walked inside was also very special, like being afraid to step on the ant, only after 20-30 minutes, did she reach the reserved seating for her.

When she sat down, everyone seemed to breath again, the pulsating heart could begin to relax again.

Zhang Haoer’s eyes continued to drop down, she simply had not looked once at the other people.

She just sat down, then all kinds of hot dishes started to arrive at the table.

This banquet was only for her.

But she used the chopsticks only to stir the food a little and then laid down the chopsticks again, as if she had found a green fly in the dish.

Every dish was left intact, as if all of them had green flies in it.

Finally she just ate some porridge with pickled vegetables.

The pickled vegetables she had brought herself.

“Since she is not eating the food, why does she order such a big table of dishes?”

“Our Miss only orders the dishes to have a show.”

This was dignity.

The men simply went insane.

A woman liked a man who showed dignity, but would a man not like a woman who showed dignity?

“If you can find a woman with such dignity, then your life will not be worthless.”

Master Niu felt itchy inside already so he strode forward, with the utmost dignity he had greeted, “Are you Miss Zhang?”

Zhang Haoer had not lifted her eyes and said lightly, “I am surnamed Zhang.”

Master Niu said, “I am surnamed Niu.”

Zhang Haoer said, “Ah.. Master Niu, please sit down.”

She spoke in falsetto voice, like singing.

Master Niu's wits all flew away as he prepared to sit.

Zhang Haoer said suddenly, “Master Niu, do you know me?”

Master Niu was stunned and said with a smile, “Today we finally meet, but like predestined friends, this is not too late.”

Zhang Haoer said, “So, you do not know me.”

Master Niu had to nod.

Zhang Haoer said, “I don’t think I know you.”

Master Niu had to nod.

Zhang Haoer said, “If you don't know me, and I do not know you, how can you sit here?”

Master Niu's face reddened, he said reluctantly with a smile, “But it was you who asked me to sit down.”

Zhang Haoer lightly said, “That is only for politeness, moreover ......”

She smiled suddenly and said, “If I had asked Master Niu to kneel down, would Master Niu have also knelt down?”

Master Niu flushed like an eggplant, as he could not really show his anger.

If such a dignified woman smiled to you unexpectedly, how could you have a fit of temper?

Seeing Master Niu really looking like a stupid cow, Ouyang MeiGong's eyes had shone, fanning himself, he also went swinging forward, like his whole body felt really light.

Master Niu stared at him to see what he was going to say.

But he did not say anything, instead he just pulled out a big spindle of bright yellow gold that he put on the table.

Ouyang MeiGong had lived for 50-60 years, he was not a lovesick youth.

He knew that with this kind of woman, he did not need to say anything.

Just said it with gold.

Sometimes gold also could speak even better than any sweet talk you could say to a woman’s heart, and in this occasion the gold could certainly provide better understanding for this woman.

Caressing the gold spindle with her fingers, Zhang Haoer really cast a glance at him.

Ouyang MeiGong had smiled, full of satisfaction at his choice.

His method was really the best method.

Who knew that Zhang Haoer only looked at him once, then looked up.

Ouyang MeiGong said with a smile, “This spindle of gold said something, did Miss Zhang hear?”

Zhang Haoer said, “What was it saying?”

Ouyang MeiGong continued fanning himself, “It was saying, as long as Miss nodded, it would belong to Miss Zhang.”

Zhang Haoer’s eyes blinked and said, “Is it really speaking? How come I couldn’t hear it?”

Ouyang MeiGong was stunned, but also said with a smile, “Maybe it spoke too softly.”

If there had been something in this world that could speak louder than a gold spindle, it must have been two gold spindles.

Ouyang MeiGong pulled out another gold spindle, placed it on the table, flicked it forward and said with a smile, “Now probably Miss can hear it?”

Zhang Haoer said, “I have not heard anything.”

Ouyang MeiGong's eyebrows had wrinkled deeper, after clenching his teeth, he had pulled out two more gold spindles.

Since the gold had already been shown, there was no going back.

Ouyang MeiGong smiled very naturally and said easily, “Now I think Miss Zhang can hear it?”

Zhang Haoer said, “I have not heard it.”

But she replied very simply.

Ouyang MeiGong's expression looked like it had been pricked by a needle, he unleashed his voice, “Has not heard it? Four gold spindles should be enough to make a deaf person hear.”

Zhang Haoer beckoned with her hand suddenly, and a girl behind her also took out four gold spindles and put them on the table.

These four gold spindles were much bigger than Ouyang MeiGong’s four spindles.

Zhang Haoer said, “Are you a deaf person?”

Ouyang MeiGong shook his head.

He could not make out what Zhang Haoer was going to say.

Zhang Haoer said lightly, “Since you are not a deaf person, why have you not heard what these four gold spindles are saying?”

Ouyang MeiGong said, “What were they saying?”

Zhang Haoer said, “They were saying that you should roll away, the further the better, then they can belong to you.”

Ouyang MeiGong's expression no longer looked like it was being pricked by a needle.

Rather it was like being pricked 500 times in the face and another 300 times in his butt.

Master Niu laughed suddenly, he laughed so hard he had to bend down.

Tian SiSi also laughed inside secretly, she felt that this person had real skills, and she was also a very interesting person.

If a woman saw a woman make a man suffer, they generally thought that it was very interesting. But if she saw another woman made suffer by a man, she could become really angry.

But a man was different.

When a man saw another man made suffer by a woman, not only he could not sympathize with him, or even felt anger, in his heart he would feel strangely satisfied, even very happy.

Master Niu was now extremely happy.

Compared to Ouyang MeiGong, Zhang Haoer was more polite to him, perhaps she might even be already very interested in him, only his method was not right.

Now luckily he could still recover as it was not too late.

“As long as one is rich, why can’t he lay with this woman?”

Master Niu's dignity had returned, he stuck out his chest, coughed twice and said, “Miss Zhang, you are such a person that will not be touched merely by a few gold spindles.”

He had patted his own chest, then said, “Regardless of how much Miss desires, just mention it, as long as Miss will give a nod, that will not be a problem for me.”

When he said this, he felt like he was flying in the cloud.

Zhang Haoer’s eyes really cast a glance at him, everyone else was looking at him.

Master Niu's bones were melted by her look, he only hated himself why he did not show his extravagance earlier, to let this woman know that Master Niu would lavishly spend, the more so if the flower would submit.

Zhang Haoer asked suddenly, “You want me to nod, actually to do what?”

This woman actually could really feign ignorance.

Master Niu had laughed, as he slyly looked, “What I want to do, don't you understand?”

Zhang Haoer said, “Do you want me to accompany you to sleep?”

Master Niu laughed and said, “Miss Zhang really speaks frankly.”

Zhang Haoer beckoned to someone outside and said, “Pull in Jin Hua.”

Jin Hua was a female dog, a fat strong b1tch.

Zhang Haoer said with a supple voice, “Regardless of how much Master Niu wants, just mention it, by all means, as long as Master Niu is willing to accompany my Jin Hua to sleep, that will not be a problem for me.”

Ouyang MeiGong laughed suddenly, he felt happier than Master Niu just now.

Master Niu’s face was blue and red, like the blue veins had all exploded.

Gentleman Ji had continued to fold his arms, coldly looking from the side, and now he leisurely walked forward and said lightly: “You two do not need to be angry, since Miss Zhang has seen me here, naturally she must be waiting for me.”

He exhibited natural elegance as he beckoned to Zhang Haoer and said, “Whatever you waited for has already come.”

Zhang Haoer suddenly did not speak.

Everyone thought that she would scold him coarsely, but suddenly she did not speak at all.

Because she knew that even if she scolded him coarsely, it still would no be ominous enough.

But this way, this simply mad person could go half dead, could go crazy.

Not only Gentleman Ji’s face had reddened, his neck seemed to increase twice as big, the “gentleman” appearance he showed just now, had disappeared completely without a trace.

The most exasperating part, although Zhang Haoer had not spoken, he had actually known what Zhang Haoer must say.

It was exasperating, because he also knew that the others also knew.

Zhang Haoer cast a look at Jin Hua and him alternately, like she considered both of them as her pets.

Gentleman Ji finally could not bear with it and shouted, “What do you have to say? Just say it?”

Zhang Haoer did not say anything.

But Jin Hua actually rushed at him with loud barks “woof”, and continued to wag his tail in front of him.

Gentleman Ji was greatly incensed, “You cur, scram.”

Jin Hua “woof” louder.

Gentleman Ji’s foot kicked at him and shouted, “Roll away!”

Jin Hua continued, “Woof!”

Master Niu could not bear laughing and said, “This person has finally found an object that will talk to him.”

Someone also said easily, “They seemed to chat congenially.”

Gentleman Ji felt even madder, the eyes became red, and swung the sword at this unseen person, “chop”, the sword had attacked, the sword had pierced forward.

A pair of chopsticks suddenly flew and hit the back of his hands.

When his sword fell, Jin Hua had bitten his hand too, more than just skin-deep.

Gentleman Ji felt like a fish inside the water, his whole body was drenched by cold sweat.

Where did these chopsticks fly from?

Jin Hua held on to the chopsticks, and turned around to deliver them back. It seemed to know whose chopsticks they were.

Everyone knew then, but no one could believe that.

Gentleman Ji's sword was not slow, who would think that Zhang Haoer had moved much quicker than this famous swordsman.

Zhang Haoer frowned and handed the chopsticks to a girl behind her and said, “This chopsticks cannot be used anymore.”

Zhang Haoer finally spoke.

She was patting Jin Hua lightly on the head and said with a supple voice, “The young little darling, do not be angry, I do not dislike your mouth touching it, just that individual’s hand had smeared it.”

Perhaps this was why Zhang Haoer was more expensive than other women.

Not only she understood when to say something, but also what to say to each person.

Most importantly, she also understood when not to speak.


Tian SiSi thought that this person was really extremely interesting.

She never stop smiling when she returned to her room, she could not stop.

Yang Fan rented the room, although it was not too good, and it was not too big, but it was still a room.

Tian SiSi had begun to worry continually on where she could sleep, not only eating was a problem, she also found out that sleeping could also become a problem.

Who knew that Yang Fan had suddenly shown mercy, he had unexpectedly rented the room for her in the inn, moreover he had also looked after her very well, he had wanted her to sleep earlier.

“This pig cannot be too bad a person after all.”

Tian SiSi was nipping her lips, she secretly smiled, and then she thought of something else very funny and she held her laughter until she had to bend her waist.

“If Tian Xin marries him, a small pouted mouth, a big head, that must be a strange match.”

As for her, she would certainly never marry this kind of person.

A person like Lady Tian, certainly must find a great person such as Qin Ge.

Thinking of Qin Ge and the fluttering red silk handkerchief brought a little blush and hotness to her face.

The room was very quiet, no wind.

This hot summer day in June was so stuffy.

Tian SiSi really wished she could remove all her clothes, but she also did not have such big courage.

She wanted to sleep, and yet could not fall asleep.

She lay down, and then crawled up again.

“The floor is certainly very cool, barefooted can also be good.”

She took off her shoe, and also her socks, looking at her own feet, she had forgotten to stand.

She looked at them a little crazily.

When a woman looked at her own feet, she could frequently indulge in flights of fancy, in particular if these feet belonged to an attractive woman.

The feet seemed to incite some mysterious longing to stretch one’s secret fantasy.

Tian SiSi’s feet were very attractive, at least she could appreciate them very much.

But could others also appreciate them very much?

She did not know.

Very few people could see her feet, certainly she could not let others have this kind of opportunity, and yet sometimes in her heart, she actually secretly wished for others to like looking at them.

Suddenly a mosquito flew from the bed and bit her foot.

This mosquito at least also appreciated her feet very much.

Therefore she had not killed this mosquito, only waved her hand to expel the mosquito as it finished.

The mosquito had bitten once in the sole of her feet, and suddenly she felt very itchy, like she needed to scratch it. When she did not scratch it, it became itchier. She had to scratch it.

“Dead mosquito, it has to bite me in that place.”

By the time she wanted to kill this mosquito, the mosquito had already flown somewhere else.

Still biting her lips, she put on the socks.

But it still itched, like the heart also felt itchy.

She bit her lips, took the socks off again, closed her eyes, and with an effort scratched at the place, only then she could gave a long sigh, but now she felt that her clothes was soaking wet.

If only she could jump into the well with plenty of cold water!

After pinching the spot that the mosquite had bitten, Tian SiSi jumped on one foot to the window and shoved open the window gently with her hand.

Outside, there was a cat and a dog, a tree, the wall and its shadow, the flies flying here and there… Everything really, except water in a well.

She could only find cold water in a cup on the table.

So she drunk that.

Outside, the night watchman struck the gong twice.

She was so startled that she nearly swallowed the cup.

Twice, only twice, she thought that the start of the day was almost coming. Who knew that in this hot summer night, the night just started.

The room suddenly became really hot, how would this endless, endless night pass away?

Perhaps if there had been a person to chat with, it would have been much better.

She suddenly hoped that Yang Fan would accompany her to chat with, but as soon as that big-headed ghost ate his fullest, he would probably go to his room, close the door, and be asleep by now, sleeping like a dead pig.

He ate to the fullest and then slept, didn’t he look like a pig already?

“I will not let him sleep, I must wake him up by making some noise.”

When Lady Tian wanted something, if anyone could stop her, that would be a miracle.

And miracles happened very seldom.

Opening the door quietly, she unexpectedly could not see anybody outside.

In this kind of hot weather, without any wind in the courtyard, that some people could sleep with the door closed, was really something unexpected.

Yang Fan’s room was in the opposite, the door was closed tightly, but there was some light inside the room.

“Somehow he manages to fall asleep without blowing off the lantern, is he not afraid that it will catch fire at midnight and make him a roasted pig?”

Tian SiSi felt mad but also tickled as she passed through the courtyard quietly.

It felt very cool.

She discovered suddenly that not only she had forgotten to put on her shoes, that she still held her socks in her hand.

Looking at her own bare feet, after a few moments, a smile suddenly came up.

She smiled like a fox who had just eaten three catties of sugar, full of sly intention.

She bundled the socks and put it inside her clothes, and just went barefooted.

Why couldn’t she see a person barefooted? Who was born already with the shoes on?

If Lady Tian wanted something, she certainly could find a very good excuse.

The door was closed very tightly without any seam.

She wanted to knock on the door, but her hands fell behind her back.

“If I knock on the door, he will not pay any attention, once this pig falls asleep, even if the heaven collapses, he still won’t pay attention.”

Tian SiSi rotated her eyes.

“Why can’t I just rush into the room and frighten him to wake him up?”

Thinking how Yang Fan could get scared by her prompted her not to think any longer.

She hit the door open and rushed inside – this inn was not a bank, the door could not be that strong.

She only hoped Yang Fan’s heart was strong enough, that he did not get scared to death.


Yang Fan had not been scared to death, he did not even seem startled, he continued to sit on the chair, like a piece of wood.

Indeed, his body served as a chair for someone.

A very attractive person.

A woman.

Zhang Haoer also had not had a scare.

She smiled very sweetly with very refined appearance, if another woman had sat on a chair in the living room, her appearance could not be more refined.

Not only she sat on Yang Fan, but her hands were on Yang Fan’s neck.

The only person who got scared, was Tian Sisi.

She stood there with an open mouth, big eyes, as if she had just swallowed down a whole egg.

Zhang Haoer’s clear-as-spring eyes wandered on her body and said sweetly, “You know each other?”

Yang Fan smiled, nodded.

Zhang Haoer said, “Who is she?”

Yang Fan said, “Come, let me introduce you, this Miss Zhang, is not only my betrothed, this is my wife whom I will marry.”

He introduced his future wife while a prostitute sat on his leg, as if it was in a big formal ceremony, a well-organized encounter, he did not show any shame or regret, nor did he show any inclination to shove off Zhang Haoer.

Fortunately Tian SiSi had agreed to his marriage plan, although no one could blame her to feel strongly irritated by this. If she had not agreed to his marriage plan, she would have been half-dead with anger at him.

This big-headed ghost really had not given her any face.

What was so exasperating, Zhang Haoer unexpectedly also did not plan to stand up.

She only winked an eye at Tian SiSi and said, “You will really be the future Madame Yang?”

The most exasperating part was Tian SiSi could not disprove it, she was so mad she could not say anything.

Which was like giving a tacit agreement.

Zhang Haoer laughed softly, “I thought it was a female robber who broke in and crashed the door. It turned out it was really the future Madame Yang, oh I fail to be polite, will you please sit down?”

She patted Yang Fan’s leg, and also said with a smile, “Do you want me to give up this seat for you?”

Tian SiSi suddenly no longer thought that this person was interesting, she only wished she could give her a good slap.

But she saw how Yang Fan felt really satisfied with himself, and knew that she could not afford to get angry.

“The more angry I am, the more they get satisfied with themselves.”

Lady Tian was a smart person after all, as soon as she thought of it, her face had revealed a smiling face immediately.

Although her smiling face was not very natural, but it was still a smiling face.

Zhang Haoer’s glance seemed to have turned into a sugar brush that had sugarcoated her body.

Tian SiSi became even more at ease, unexpectedly she really looked for a chair to sit down, and smilingly said, “You don’t need to pay attention to me, also don’t restrict yourself, I just sit here for a while, then I must go.”

Zhang Haoer said with a smile, “You are really a natural, if all the woman in the world can look as natural as you, a man can certainly live longer.”

She unexpectedly reached out for a yard after giving an inch, her hands circled Yang Fan’s neck again, and charmingly said, “If you can marry such a virtuous madame in the future, you will really be lucky.”

Tian SiSi imitated her example and with a crooked charming smile she said leisurely, “Actually you do not need to praise me too much. If I had really wanted to marry him, I would have been pulling out all your hairs right now.”

Zhang Haoer’s eyes blinked and said, “You do not plan to marry him?”

Tian Sisi said with a smile, “Even if all the men in the world men were dead, I still would not marry him.”

She also sighed suddenly and muttered, “I just wonder why a woman can like this pig so much.”

She seemed to just think aloud, although she said it softly, other people could still hear it.

Zhang Haoer said with a smile, “That is called: radish and green vegetable have their own unique flavor.”

She also sighed and muttered, “Some little girl thought she knew all about men, not knowing which one is good, which one is bad, and then want to give her judgement, now that is strange.”

She also looked like she was thinking aloud but her voice was just loud enough for the others to hear.

Tian SiSi’s eyes blinked and said with a smile, “You have seen a lot of men?”

Zhang Haoer said, “Not too many, but probably around 1,800.”

Tian SiSi gave a startled appearance and said, “That is indeed many, you deserve the title of an expert in men.”

She was smiling sweetly, “I have also heard that there is only one kind of woman who can see so many men, but I do not know what kind of job does Miss Zhang actually have?”

When she said the words, she felt very satisfied with herself.

“Right now how will you reply to me, can you still be so spirited?”

In any case, Zhang Haoer’s line of work was never an honorable occupation.

Zhang Haoer smiled prettily and said with a smile, “Don’t laugh at me, I am just a young philanthropist.”

The word philanthropist was not really common at that time, not many people would call themselves a philanthropist.

Tian SiSi was stunned and said, “What does a philanthropist do?”

Zhang Haoer said, “There are many kinds of philanthropist, I am focusing on the one that provides relieve for men.”

Tian SiSi had smiled and said, “That is but actually very interesting, I do not know actually what you do to provide relieve for men?”

Zhang Haoer said, “If not for me, a lot of men probably would not find a genuine woman all of their lives, therefore I go as far as possible to comfort them, let them be happy.”

She said with a smile, “You know, if a man does not have the comfort of a genuine woman, it would be very pitiful, unfortunately there are only a few genuine women.”

This person actually really understood how to toot her own horn.

Tian SiSi rotated her eyes and said with a smile: “If not for you, I am afraid the money that belongs to those men will not come out of their pockets easily.”

Zhang Haoer said, “I do not want men to become misers, therefore I let them learn about generosity. “

She looked at Tian SiSi, also said with a smile, “Would you like men to become slaves to their money?”

These prickly logical banters were all sallied back and forth, as if one wanted to kill the other.

But the two faces actually showed only smiles.

Yang Fan took a look at Zhang Haoer, then at Tian SiSi, back and forth, his face showed immense satisfaction at what was going on, as if he really appreciated this act.

“This pig seems to have just eaten the ginseng instead.”

Tian SiSi really could not find a way to make him mad.

Zhang Haoer also sighed suddenly, and muttered, “Time, it is time to go back to sleep.”

Although her mouth said it, she did not budge to go back to sleep.

Tian SiSi certainly understood whom she wanted to go back to sleep.

“You want me to go, if I don't go, see what you can do to me?”

Actually she did not necessarily know it either why she did not just go.

If her heart felt a little sour, even if you killed her, she would not want to acknowledge it.

Zhang Haoer said those words, yet she did not obtain any response, so she had to say it again for the second time.

She looked out the window intentionally and said, “What time is it now? Probably no longer early?”

Tian SiSi’s eyes blinked and said, “Does Miss Zhang really have to go back?”

Zhang Haoer said with a smile, “I don’t really have anything to do right now, so chatting here is not a problem, you?”

Tian SiSi’s sweetly said, “I am also all right, I am not anxious to go.”

These two seemed to have decided that , “If you do not go, I will not go too.”

But they had exhausted their topics, they did not want to dwell on pleasantries, so they were just sitting around.

Yang Fan suddenly gently shoved Zhang Haoer and said with a smile, “You both chat here, I will walk out and take a stroll, if two women have a man in between, they will not talk instead.”

He really stood up unexpectedly, and walked out leisurely.

“You will not go, then I will go.”

Coping with a woman, there was no other better method.

“I did not know that this pig is a slick one.”

Tian SiSi hated him so that her teeth felt itchy, she wanted to go now, but was too embarrassed to do it now.

If she did not go, she really did not have anything to say to Zhang Haoer.

The air had become really stuffy, so stuffy that her breathing became more labored.

Zhang Haoer said suddenly, “Miss Tian this time you come out, where do you want to go?”

Tian Sisi said, “Chiangnan.”