Story of the Lost Soul (Shi Hun Yin)

It is said that hundreds of years ago, in the world of martial arts, a person appeared without a match who was invincible. The great figure destroyed Shao Lin, Wu Dang, Tian Zhang, Gai Bang and other major associations and parties, also killing seven bad people. In those ten years, he has done many things that shocked the martial world, he looked down on the formidable fighters in the martial world, all the forbidden places he penetrated.

The most frightening problem in this world is loneliness, even though he is an invincible person, and everyone thinks he is happy but actually inside he is very lonely, has no friends, not even an opponent to fight.

Although he is invincible, but he is still a human, can be old, can also die, before his death, he must find a disciple to pass on all his martial arts, but the requirements he put forward are very heavy, no one is able to meet these conditions, therefore he decided to write down the secret of his martial arts. He wrote it down on eighteen pieces of paper and then tucked it in eighteen coins (Ru Yi Qing Qian) that were made as small as possible, on these eighteen pieces of paper written moves: swords, knives, spears, fingers, fists, secret weapons, body science, and internal energy science, all gathered eighteen.

The struggle over the Eighteen coins has brought Guan Ning, a student from a wealthy family who only has mediocre martial arts skills, plunged into the mysteries that plague the martial world.
Author:Gu Long
Associated Names:失魂引