Poison of the Sword and Fragrance of Plum Blossoms - Chapter 3

Chapter 03

Jin Yipeng asked sternly: "What's going on?"

The young man smiled gloomily and said, "This woman is Fang Shaobi whom I told the master. I heard that the master suddenly came south, so I sent her to the water of the Yangtze River. In Zhaili, I met my master that day and told me about the matter. When I asked the dignitaries of Bailong Sun

Chaoyuan in the water village of the Yangtze River, he said that the man had been robbed by the'Seven Wonders God'." Jin Yipeng snorted, his face was like Ningshuang said, "I already know this," the young man looked at Xin Jie with an awe-inspiring look. Xin Jiemo was stunned, but he had secretly tuned his luck, he thought: "I think this young man is the golden demon in their mouths, but he can't think that he is actually a disciple of the poisonous lord Jin Yipeng. "

The young man was indeed the god demon Jin Chu who had been in the rivers and lakes in recent days. He said coldly: "When I heard that it was the hands of the Seven Miao Gods, I hurried back to report to Master Ming, and then I went out to find someone. I walked into the street, but saw this bitch sitting in the Shanmei Jewelry."

Xin Jie cried secretly, looked at Fang Shaobi, and saw that she was hanging her head, her face full of astonishment, and secretly said: "I I told you to stay in the room and don’t come out. What did you run out to do.”

Poison Lord Jin Yipeng stared at Xin Jie and said, “

Who is Mei Shanmin yours ? Where is he now?” Xin Jie did not answer. Thinking about how to deal with the current situation, he knew that he was facing the top masters in martial arts at the moment, and Jin Yipeng was known for his poison. As long as he was not careful, he would be poisoned and he would not even be able to save him. Someone comes to help.

Jin Meiling's eyes rolled, she kicked Xin Jie lightly, and said, "You'd better say it!"

At this moment, the hull of the ship fluctuates greatly, as if the ship has sailed to the heart of the river. Poison, for fear that I would run away, I drove the ship to Jiangxin."

It should be noted that no matter how high martial arts is, it will never be possible to fly these dozens of feet of the river.

This is quite different from the situation when he rescued Fang Shaobi from the White Dragon Godship in the river. First, the boat was not so far from the river bank. Second, there was no expert on his side at that time, so he could fly away calmly. .

However, Xin Jie is unique in nature. Although the matter has reached this point, he is not at all flustered. When he was so young, he was not afraid of the two demons of "Tian Fu" and "Tian Can", not to mention the past ten years. , He learned an amazing art industry.

He smiled slightly, and he had a plan in his heart, thinking: "No matter what the result is, I will first reveal the origins of Jin Meiling, so that you can't be safe."

Jin Yipeng saw that he was still smiling at the moment, and he was still full. Sasa, not showing any panic at all, can't help but secretly praise his courage in her heart.

Xin Jie looked around and said loudly: "Lao Zhang asked about Meishan people, is there something wrong between Lao Zhang and that Meishan people


Mojinjian angrily said that day: "Can you control it?" Xin Jie raised his head and slapped haha. , Said: "Even if I don't say

anything , I know something about it." Jin Yipeng's complexion changed, and he glanced at Jin Meiling standing beside him. Xin Jie was even more proud. Listen to the story and you guys."

So he gesticulated and told him the story of "Hou Er", and said it again.

After talking halfway, Mojinzhan yelled and flew over that day, his fingers were like swords, and his right hand quickly tapped the "locking throat" under his throat, cut his left palm horizontally, brought a gust of wind, and took it straight to his lower abdomen.

This two moves, the shot is like electricity, the strength is inherent, and both are evil hands, it is really extraordinary.

Xinjie laughed, his figure slid around and could be avoided, but he didn't fight back, still talking eloquently.

Tianmo Jinzhao yelled again and raised his palms in three gestures, "striking souls", "ghost pen touches", "wandering souls", and palms all over the sky, shrouded in Xin Jie's four sides.

Xin Jie stepped on the lost track, turned around, hiding in his mouth, still talking.

Jin Meiling's eyes were filled with pain and tears, and she was listening attentively. Fang Shaobi suddenly saw Xin Jie's skill, not knowing whether it was a surprise or a joy, and his eyes moved with his figure.

Jin Yipeng's expression was even more ugly, but he still sat upright and didn't make a move. He suddenly shouted: "Zhan'er stop, let him go on."

Xin Jie secretly wondered: "Why does Jin Yipeng let himself go on?"

That day, Mojin Qiao stopped and stood angrily to the side. Xin Jie was even more honest and polite. He sat on his chair and finished the story. To Jin Meiling: "Do you think this story sounds good?"

Jin Yipeng said suddenly, "I will tell you a story too."

"This poisonous lord is not only poisonous, but also 'Weird' is okay, but I have to tell a story, is there any article in his story?"

He thought in his heart, but said in his mouth: "Xiaosheng

listens well , please tell me, Lao Zhang!" Jin Yipeng looked very strange. , Said: "A long, long time ago, there was a very happy girl in Hebei..."

Only when he heard this, Xin Jie's heart moved, and he secretly said: "What he said is also in Hebei. He is also a happy person, but a girl. There must be a

lot of articles in this." So he listened to the Jin Yipeng preaching attentively: "The girl is not only gorgeous, but also has her parents, her family is well-off, and she is very caring for her. You said that such a girl is happy. Not happy."

Xin Jie nodded blankly.

Jin Yipeng said again: "There is a wealthy and powerful young man who knows where she lives. He also pretends to be an old man. He has made friends with many cockroaches and thieves. The little businessman was busy all day for some petty gains. One day the wealthy and powerful young man sent a person to his shop to buy things. In order to make money, the girl’s father probably raised the price a little. This is human nature, sin never

leads to death, right?" He looked at Xin Jie with a compelling light in his eyes, and Xin Jie nodded blankly.

Jin Yipeng sneered and said: "That knows that it is the young man who pretends to be chivalrous and insists that her father is a profiteer. He also said that since ancient times, the corrupt official and profiteer are the most evil ones. Regardless of whether they are indiscriminate, they sent a few people to the shop. The beating was so much that her father was injured, anxious, and out of breath, and he died."

"For the young man, he said it was a righteous act. After a while, he forgot about it. The girl’s family fell into disaster because of it. When his father died, his mother died, leaving only the girl. A lonely person, wanting revenge, but how can he win against the rich and powerful?"

Jin Yipeng sneered, and then said: "But the young girl's resentment is deep in her heart. The young man said kiss, and the young man actually agreed. Although the girl's name is to marry him, she can't wait to eat his flesh and sleep his skin." At

this point, Xin Jie had vaguely guessed how many. He turned to Jin Meiling and saw her eyes were red and swollen, and tears fell in a string.

Jin Yipeng stroked her hand with his hand, and said: "But that young man is not only rich and powerful, but also a martial artist. That girl is always waiting for opportunities. There is always no chance. It's so easy to talk about. Sometimes she waits for him to fall asleep and wants to stab him to death. She knows that as long as she moves, the young man will be surprised. Besides, she has no strength at all. With two delicate hands, it’s okay to embroider, but she wants to hold it.

She wanted to kill someone with a knife, but she couldn't do it at all." "She wanted to poison, and no one close to him would buy poison for him. Moreover, even if she did it, she would inevitably not be discovered by the young man. After a few years, she actually helped her. His enemy gave birth to a daughter, and the sadness, hatred, and sorrow in his heart are really

beyond the imagination of others. Jin Yipeng whispered, Jin Meiling was already crying like a pear flower, even Fang Shaobi couldn’t help it.

She shed tears. "Later, the young man went out for a trip and went out to enjoy the mountains and rivers. The hatred in the girl's heart disappeared. One person listened. Since he was a child, this person was also victimized by the common deceivers in the world. After he grew up, he learned a stunt, and he specialized in confronting the villains in the world. He accidentally heard about this girl’s life experience, and became very angry, so he volunteered to come out. This girl has revenge, can you say it's wrong? "Jin Yipeng asked

coldly . Xin Jie was stunned. At this moment, he already knew what was going on, but who could tell the truth about this matter?

Jin Yipeng let out a long laugh, and said, "That knows that life is involuntary. The woman was humiliated and forbearing, but still could not avenge her. On the way, another'Seven Wonderful Gods' came out. The matter was messed up. The person who intervened in the fight and hugged the injustice. At that time, he asked that he was not Mei Shanmin’s opponent, so he took the girl and her daughter away."

Jin Meiling cried even more sadly, Xin Jie couldn’t help feeling sad and thought. "Oh! Her miserable life experience is even more incredible. Her'enemy' is actually her father, but is her father really her'enemy'? If her father is not his'enemy', then this How can Jin Yipeng, the "poison monarch" who helped her mother by righteousness, be her "enemy"


Tianma Jinjian was still expressionless and said, "Master, what are you talking about with this kind of person?" Jin Yipeng glared at him. He glanced at it and said: "Who knew that when she walked on the road, the girl left her own daughter and committed suicide."

Xin Jie heard it and felt a little sorry for the "poison monarch". He thought it was." The poison of the poisonous lord and the adultery of the harlot are unforgivable. Knowing that the poisonous lord is not poisonous, the harlot is not adulterous, and she died so miserably.

Jin Yipeng smiled openly: "From then on, the person who stretched out his hand to take care of the little girl took the young girl far away. He knew all the living beings, and a few people were not scolding him, but despite his vicious methods, he asked himself that he had never done it. I have a clear conscience."

After speaking, his face changed to a murderous air, staring at Xin Jie and said: "No matter who you are from Meishanmin, you can go back and tell him the whole story, haha , I feel happy when I think of his uncomfortable feeling after hearing the truth about this incident."

He laughed more and more loudly, and suddenly grabbed and tore the red robe he was wearing, and his feet After a meal, the electricity rushed to the door, only to hear a bang of water, and then there was no sound.

His move was as fast as lightning, and Xin Jie stood up in shock, not knowing what had happened. Jin Jian, who was always expressionless on his face, sighed, "Master's illness is getting worse and worse." His eyebrows were also frowned tightly.

Xin Jie wondered: "Why does this man with special skills have any disease?" He suddenly remembered his crazy attitude downstairs in Huanghe, and suddenly realized: "Could it be that he was ill after being repeatedly stimulated?"

Jin Meiling cried. Not living, the new sorrow of the past made the girl's teardrops fall even more, and the spirits of the people in the cabin were affected by these agitation, and they were quiet in this moment.

But this calmness made people feel that there was an unspeakable suffocation. Fang Shaobi, who was standing madly, was disordered and couldn't help crying aloud.

Xin Jie took two steps, gently stroking her hair, unable to find the right words for a while, Fang Shaobi only felt that the hand stroking her head was so affectionate and gentle, stopped crying, and looked up. With him, both of them felt very warm, and they had forgotten where they were at this time.

When Jin Meiling saw it, resentment appeared in her eyes again, and she sobbed again. The Heavenly Devil Jin Jian was burning with jealousy, and suddenly shouted: "It's all you." He slapped his face and slapped Xin Jie.

Xin Jie was taken aback, and instinctively took a wrong step. Jin Jian bullied up sideways, hit horizontally with his right hand, slanted his left palm, and kicked with his right foot. It was exactly the evil hand of the "Poison Lord" and "72 Yin Palms". Goupai".

Not only his moves are fierce, but his palm strength is even more insidious. As long as he touches a little bit, he will be poisoned. Xin Jie only feels that there is some heat in the wind in his palm. Turning, his right hand crossed his left palm, almost avoiding his right elbow and left leg.

This move was defensive and attacking, and the strength was not released. It was really extraordinary. Jin Wan screamed, his palms made a mistake, and he unfolded the "72 Yin Palms", slapped his palms to the point where Xin Jie was fatal.

When Xin Jie first encountered a powerful enemy, he managed to deal with it with all his energy. How could this small cabin withstand the fight between the two people, and suddenly the table overturned and the chairs fell, and the valuable jade utensils were all shattered all over the place.

Jin Meiling saw the two of them fighting

forgotten their lives and murmured : "These two people's style of play is not for a woman. Only I am alone, and who will love me?" Fang Shaobi was so scared that he hid in the cabin. Jiao opened his eyes wide, wishing Xin Jie would chop Jin Yan to death with a palm. Her martial arts is too weak to see clearly the moves of these two super masters.

The two immediately dismantled five or seventy moves, and the Seven Wonders of the Gods made their own way in the world, but in this small cabin, Xin Jie was unable to exert his true power, and when he first shot, he encountered such a powerful enemy. After playing for a long time, I couldn't help but become anxious secretly.

He was anxious in his heart, but he didn't know that the Heavenly Devil Jinjian was not only more anxious than him, but also very strange. He had been exposed to the "Poison Lord Jin Yipeng" for many years. Not to mention the hidden weapon and the poison of the weapon, he took this set of palms. How many famous martial artists in the arena are lost in his palm.

This time, he saw that Xin Jie was just a young scholar, and his name was not easy to pass. He didn't even have a "Wan Er" in the martial arts, but he just barely made a tie. Isn't it a strange thing?

So he is impatient, and his moves are even more cruel.

It should be noted that although Xin Jie’s martial arts has fully acquired the true biography of Meishan citizens, in addition to his poor skill, the most important thing is that he has too little experience with the enemy, and there are often many fleeting opportunities to control the enemy, but he has failed. Grasping, so I can only draw with Jin Yan.

But even so, his martial arts, not only ordinary people in the martial arts will be dumbfounded, even Jin Meiling was surprised when he saw it. She did not expect this seemingly weak young scholar with the most internal skills to be a little hot. Have such skill.

The wind was violent, and the window was slammed open. Jin Meiling leaned out of the window and secretly took a breath. It turned out that the boat was going down the rapids, and I don't know where to put it.

Suddenly, she felt the horizon on both sides of the strait gradually rise, and then she discovered that the hull was gradually descending and slowly sinking into the water.

Leaning out again, the surface of the water had reached the ship's side, and there was no other boatman in sight.

Regardless of the fighting between the two in the cabin, she jumped out of the window and saw a few dead bodies on the boat. She hurriedly passed by. It was the boatman who was carrying the boat and was stabbed to death silently.

Imagine that the boat is put in the middle of the stream, and the people in the boat are extremely masters. Even if everyone has their own concerns, it is not incredible that the boatman is all killed outside the cabin.

Jin Meiling was surprised and leaned down, and saw that each boatman had a small arrow traversing his neck. Around the muscle that was shot by the arrow, there was jet black, and black thick juice was flowing out.

She has been with the "Poison Lord" for many years, and the world has been poisoned. No one has ever poisoned the "Poison Lord" again. She knew at a glance that these boatmen were absolutely poisonous hidden weapons! Reaching out his arms, took out a deerskin glove, put it on his hand, and took out the arrow, his face suddenly changed.

On the arrow, there is a seal script "Tang" inscribed.

Jin Meiling whispered, and thought: "Why did the Tang family in Sichuan get here and made hands and feet on the boat, but no one is seen?" When

she looked up, she saw a note fluttering in the wind on the bow of the ship . The body is like a flying swallow, holding the note in his hand.

At this moment, the sky was slightly white. She took a look at the morning light, and saw that the note was upright and read:

" I am dead for 20 years. Today, a ship will send you off to the King and Renjiang. I saw the King, Hugh. Resent Old Tang."

She looked sideways again, and the ship was sinking deeper and deeper, and she was about to enter the water completely . Looking around the river, the smoke waves were vast, and it was the center of the river.

She was frightened and frightened, and her figure flew into the cabin. She saw that the wind in the cabin had ceased, and the heavenly devil Jinjian was standing there sneering.

Looking at it again, Xin Jie's face was pale, holding his left hand in his right hand, standing against the wall, Fang Shaobi anxiously stood in front of Xin Jie, staring fiercely with both eyes at the heavenly demon Jin Jian.

She looked at Xin Jie’s complexion and knew that Xin Jie had been poisoned and there was no cure. No one except Jin Yipeng himself had an antidote. It is the peculiar aspect of Jin Yipeng’s nature to pass poison prescriptions and not dispel prescriptions. Since he knew that Meishan people found the antidote and saved the life of "Hou Er", he did not know where he put the antidote. At this moment Although Xin Jie's poison was not too much, he could only live for three or two days.

She had secretly promised Xin Jie's heart, she was shocked when she saw him being poisoned, but then she thought that she was on the shipwreck in Jiangxin, and how could she have saved her life.

When she thought of this, she felt calm, and said with a smile at the

sky Mo Jinzhan : "Brother, look out the window." It turned out that Xin Jie and Jinzhan had used more than a hundred tricks, and they had gradually realized the principle of controlling the enemy. With the palm, Jin Jian was forced to the wind.

Jin Yan was panicked and anxious, and suddenly saw seven vases on the root of the window, which had shaken to the ground, only one was still leaning in the corner.

He moved in his heart, knowing that these seven vases were all with strange poison, which was used by the poisonous lord Jin Yipeng to practice his palm. As soon as the skin touched this bottle, it was poisoned. The Heavenly Devil Jinzhao practiced poison palms for a long time, and he was not afraid. If Xin Jie's palm touched this bottle a little, it would be a disaster.

With a turn of his mind, he moved his steps to the place where the vase was. He stretched out his hand very quickly to get the bottle, slashed with his right palm as far as he could, and leaned back.

Xin Jie turned sideways, avoiding this palm, and leaped forward. He was about to pat Jin Yan, but he saw a vase, calling face to face. He didn't even think about it. Pat the medicine bottle.

But when he touched the bottle with his palm, he felt a strange feeling. He suddenly remembered the words of "Hou Er". At this moment, the feeling of "death" was like ghost wings, quietly attacking him, and his heels whirled. , Halted the strength of the forward vertical, and retreated to the wall.


Yan smiled gloomily , and said: "The surname Xin, today will be your death next year." Fang Shaobi was shocked when he heard this, and rushed to Xin Jie. Jin Jian didn't stop him, just smiled gloomily. He removes strong hatred and love rivals, and he is extremely proud of himself.

At this moment, she suddenly found Jin Meiling, who was standing out of the window, with a different color, and asked him to look out of the window. He swept out of the window, feeling proud, and immediately walked clean.

It turned out that the water was surging, and it was almost reaching the window.

Xin Jie also found out by himself, but he was suffering from a strange poison and knew that he had no life. Instead, he took Fang Shaobi with one arm and laughed: "I am dead with my beloved one. It is always better than you. People are not as good as the heavens. Can't you think that today will be your

death next year?" Fang Shaowang was hugged in his arms, feeling sweetly in his heart, life and death also looked lightly, closed his eyes, enjoying the warmth of this moment.

Jin Meiling was sour in her heart and turned around, no longer looking at the way the two of them were affectionate.

When the Tianmo Jinzhao saw it, the flame of jealousy made him forget his life and death and jumped forward.

With a bang, water has poured into the window, and the dazzling eyes flooded his ankles.

Xin Jie felt that his whole body was a little weak, and barely took a palm apart, but Fang Shaobi in his arms had been snatched by Jin Yan and held him in his arms. Grid smiled strangely: "She will die with me too."

Xin Jie took both palms together and struck Jin Jian with all his strength, but his skill was greatly reduced by the poison of the world. Jin Jian waved his right palm and forced him back.

Xin Jie was ready to pounce again, then Fang Shaobi bit on Jin Ge's right arm with one bite, Jin Ge was in pain, and when he let go, Fang Shaobi threw into Xin Jie's arms again.

At this time, the water is almost immersed in the waist.

But Jin Yan still didn't give up, and rushed forward. Xin Jie took the initiative and slapped him on the left shoulder. Knowing that he couldn't avoid it, he took Xin Jie's palm abruptly, grabbed Fang Shaobi with both hands, and grabbed her again. In his arms, the water was raging, and it had already flowed over his waist.

Jin Meiling’s eyes were painful and tearful. When people are dying, they need the comfort of love the most. But until she dies, the two people beside her are fighting for the other woman. Lonely and uncomfortable, a feeling of emptiness and loneliness, even stronger than death, pressing to her, a young girl, she screamed, no longer being ashamed, and threw herself at Xinjie, holding his arms tightly. neck.

The word "love" has such great power. Throughout the ages, the only thing that can make a person die with a smile is the word "love". Hum Treasure, the dead bodies of several boatmen, the four young girls trapped in the rear cabin, and the two pairs in the front cabin were turned upside down for "love", and all the men and women with unique skills sank into the water.

A whirlpool formed on the surface of the river, but immediately calmed down.

The river flows eastward, and the sinking of this ship will not affect it in the slightest.

Jin Meiling hugged Xin Jie tightly with her hands, Xin Jie was wondering whether she was surprised? Is it warm? Still confused?

In this inexplicable emotion, he also stretched out his hand to embrace Jin Meiling's waist.

The water flooded the heads of the two, but Jin Meiling felt that in her life, there was no happier time than this moment.

A wave hit her, and a very heavy wooden board hit her, but she did not feel heavy in the water.

The instinct for survival made her even out one hand and grasping the wooden board. Her internal strength was quite deep. In addition, at this juncture between life and death, her five fingers were actually deeply embedded in the wood.

The water waves turn, the waves are like snow, and the first rising sun reflects the flowing water of the Yangtze River into a golden ribbon.

Jin Meiling hugged Xin Jie tightly with one hand, and grasped the wooden board with the other. Gradually, she lost her mind and occasionally lost consciousness.

The most ruthless is the water of the Yangtze River, but the waves are sentimental, and they actually sent these two people hugging tightly to the shore.

The sun rises in the east, and the sun gradually becomes stronger.

When Jin Meiling opened her eyes, the strong sunlight was shining in front of her, but she felt so happy and ecstatic.

She wanted to reach out and rub her eyes to confirm her feelings, but a long and large wooden board was attached to her hand.

Looking at the plank, she smiled gratefully. If it weren't for this plank, she would never see the sun.

She pulled out her finger, and the spring onion fingers had become a little red and swollen. She stroked the board and realized that it was the board on which the poisonous lord Jin Yipeng was sleeping. She remembered that she had repeatedly advised "Daddy" not to sleep here. On the hard wooden board, "Daddy" always doesn't listen, and he didn't expect to escape his life by relying on this wooden board today.

Her right arm was very numb. It turned out that Xin Jie was lying on her arm and was still in a coma. She smiled and smiled so happily.

People who have escaped from death are accompanied by someone they love. There is nothing else in the world to worry about.

She stretched out her left hand and stroked Xin Jie's face, but the tentacles were hot like fire. She wanted to think of the poison on Xin Jie's body, and she couldn't help feeling sad again.

Jin Meiling was lying on the ground, sorrowful and joyful, soft-hearted, somehow it was good to give birth.

She gradually felt that Xin Jie on her arm was turning his body slightly, and she knew that he was also waking up.

The sun was shining on his face. Jin Meiling only felt that he was so pale and weak. If he hadn't just seen his fierce struggle, I really thought he was a weak scholar.

She sighed slightly, her slender fingers slid down his shrugging cheekbones, and stayed on his chin.

"If the fight he had just forgotten his life was for me, I would be willing to die." She thought vaguely, and then smiled again, "I thought of what I was doing, now we are not. good to live together? Yangtze River waves, was not able to separate us, separate us, I am more afraid of the other. "

thinking, thinking, her face flowers, smiles, looking at the Xin Jie, honey Feeling tender, difficult to describe and difficult to describe, I can't wait for the world to last forever, forever to stay together like this to my heart: "Forever..." She groaned happily, turning her side slightly, letting her limbs lie on the ground more comfortably.

Xin Jie raised his eyes and closed again.

Her hand was turning on his chin. She was a pretty girl, but she had just returned to the world from the brink of death. This pair of people who depended on each other in adversity could not help but have a surging affection. People, the morning breeze sent lightly, as if there were only two of them left in the world.

"It's all soaked." She whispered, tidying up the messy skirts, her eyes were moving, and she suddenly called out, and her fingertips immediately became cold.

It turned out that Xin Jie’s right hand was swollen to the thickness of a sea bowl at this moment, and there was a dark color between her palms. She suddenly remembered the poison Xin Jie had put in, "That’s a poison that can’t be cured. Apart from Daddy's antidote, what else can cure him!"

She was speechlessly sad.

Xin Jie flicked his side and opened his eyes faintly. At the moment when the chaos returned to Qingming, he felt an indescribable feeling.

This is the second time he has felt this way. In the Meigu of Wuhua Mountain, he once felt this kind of joy and confusion.

Gradually, his turbulent nerves calmed down, and he began to remember everything, memories, always strange, sometimes people in ten years, can only remember one thing, and other times, but Will recall the experience of a lifetime in an instant.

He looked up at the white clouds in the sky, and his thoughts surged.

Suddenly, he heard the sound of weeping on his side, and turned his face, he turned out to be a beautiful and sorrowful face, and tears were flowing in his bright eyes.

"Jin Meiling!" He whispered softly, and immediately understood everything, now and here, this situation, this beautiful and passionate woman, he also has a kind of unspeakable emotion for this beautiful and passionate woman, but he can't What she understands is: "Why did she cry? Did she think I was dead?"

So he said softly: "Miss Jin, don't cry, we are all alive." He wanted to raise his hand to replace it. She wiped away the tears from her forehead, but he felt that his arm was completely unconscious, as if he was no longer part of his body.

Jin Meiling choked and said: "You...you..."

Xin Jie smiled and said, "I didn't do anything, it's not..."

Suddenly, he also thought of the battle in the just now cabin, thinking of the poison in his palm, and struggling. Stand up and look at your right palm.

When he saw this, he couldn't help falling with cold sweat on his body, and he thought to himself: "I have been poisoned so deeply if I touched it with the palm of my hand. The "poison" is really well-deserved." In a

shock, he no longer cared about Jin Meiling, who was crying more and more beside him, tried his luck, and felt that his true energy could still run. Sitting up cross-legged, he wanted to expel the poisonous gas out of his body with his own power.

Seeing him like this, Jin Meiling felt even more uncomfortable. She knew that he was just doing something extra. Not to say that he was poisoned for so long, and he beaten after being poisoned. Even when he was poisoned, he was lucky to perform qigong, and she could not bring the world to the world. The poison is excreted from the body.

But he didn’t want to destroy Xin Jie’s last ray of hope. She thought, “You’re going to die anyway. Make you happy for a while, alas! You’re dead, I’m...” She didn’t dare to think further. Although she is willing to die with Xin Jie, there seems to be another force in her heart to stop her. Her heart is disordered, and even she herself cannot know her emotions at this moment, although she loves Xin Jie deeply. , But she knows that her love is only one-sided, so she seems to feel that dying for him is a kind of grievance to herself.

She looked at Xin Jie who was in luck, her eyebrows were frowning tightly, her lips were closed in a drooping arc, and the expression on her face was very painful. It was definitely not what a master of the inner family should have when performing luck and qigong. Expression, she knew that the poison had radiated in his body.

"At most six or seven hours..." she murmured, teardrops like broken pearls, falling one by one on her already soaked clothes, watching the one she loves is about to What a deep pain it is to die, even if this person doesn't love himself, but this is only a deeper pain for himself.

Xin Jie looked up to the sky for a long sigh, gave up the last effort he had made in his life, and looked at the opposite person who was grieving for him. His emotions were more complicated than Jin Meiling.

This place is not far from the surface of the river, the sobbing of the Yangtze River is faintly audible, and Jin Meiling's sobbing makes Xin Jie's heart upset.

Self-blame, self-pity, self-blame, and self-hate, these kinds of emotions struck him in his heart. When he was very young, he suffered so much misfortune. The adventure in the Wuhua Mountain Meigu made him a Extraordinary person, he is about to do something he has been expecting to do for a long time.

However, all of this is no longer important to him. He even forgot Fang Shaobi and Fang Shaobi's lonely affection, because he knew very well that he had not lived long.

Immediately, he put aside all the disordered thoughts in his mind.

He raised his head to the sky, gave a clear whistle, and laughed loudly: "A hero since ancient times, it is impossible to escape, Xinjie! Xinjie! Why are you so uncomfortable?"

He raised his left hand and pointed at Jin Meiling, who was shocked and sad. He smiled and said: "Haha, you are more foolish than me, death, what's terrible, it's just a longer sleep! Come, come, smile, can make a beautiful smile, what regret is it?"

Xinjie's There was a tone of voice that made Jin Meiling tremble. She stopped her tears blankly and looked at the person in front of her. This person smashed her girl's heart, yet she knew so little about this person until now. , She discovered that he has a personality different from ordinary people.

When Xin Jie pressed his left palm upwards, his body flew flat, pressed against the ground, turned around, and sat beside Jin Meiling. Although he was suffering from severe poison, he had cultivated continuously for many years, which made him perform this It is still not difficult to perform high-level light work.

He sighed again, and said: "You also know that I only have a few hours to live, why don't you make me happy."

Jin Meiling looked at him, barely squeezing the muscles on her face into the shape of a smile, but In this situation, how could she laugh.

Although the marriage endured the tears, "In any case," she secretly made up her mind, "In these few hours, I will do my best to make him happy."

"And then..." She paused her thoughts. , Stretched out his hand gently, held Xin Jie’s hand, leaned his head on his shoulder, and said softly: "Whatever you say, I will listen to you. Brother Jie, I will always... always be you People."

Xin Jie smiled happily. The girl's pure emotions gave him more courage to face death.

At the same time, he was also deeply proud of his being able to occupy this girl's heart. He even felt that his life was short but full.

When he knew that the time limit of his life was hardly any hope to extend, he decided to enjoy these hours. This is his character. He will never do unhelpful grief and never do things that cannot be done. This character Is born with it.

Although he did not have deep feelings for Jin Meiling, he hoped that she would have a strong love for himself, so when he died, he would not feel lonely.

He roughly embraced Jin Meiling in his arms and murmured that his gentle words were like sweet moonlight, which made Jin Meiling soak in happiness. She thought she was really happy, because at least, she had gotten a share. The love she desires.

It was still early in the morning, and the sun was not shining strongly from the east, and Xin Jie felt a fiery carcass in his arms.

Their clothes were extremely thin, soaked, and tightly attached to their bodies. For the first time, Xinjie, who saw the beautiful lines on the girl's body, was throbbing at her heart, looking down from her shoulders, her chest It is a wonderfully high arc, then constricted, then spread, constricted to the two perfectly rounded legs, constricted to the wonderfully rounded ankles.

Everything is soft, but there is a heart-beating enthusiasm in the softness, and Xin Jie is eager to touch this soft curve.

The desire was so strong, so he pulled out his arm around his waist, and when his hot palm touched her, the heartbeat of both of them almost stopped.

She closed her eyes as he touched, and this feeling was strange and unfamiliar to her. She heard his breathing getting heavier and heavier.

Finally, she realized that he had gone a step further. Although she had no such need, she was willing to obey him and do everything.

After a long time, Shino regained tranquility.

The dark clouds were hidden, and a light rain was floating in Zheli, she nestled deeply in his chest, she had given him everything she had completely.

They don't even have a place to shelter from the rain, but they don't even have the idea of sheltering from the rain at all.

Time slipped away moment by moment, Xin Jie felt that he was getting closer to death, just now, although he forgot the numbness and pain in his right arm, but now he feels it again, coupled with the fatigue after satisfaction, he seems The breath of "death" has been smelled.

Looking at the man who was tired in his arms, he deeply apologized, and he secretly cursed himself why he should occupy the body and mind of a young girl when he was dying.

However, at the same time he was proud, satisfied and happy.

This is the contradiction of life. Not only can he not explain it, but who can explain it?

When the rain stopped, he suddenly felt abnormally cold. The tremor on his body made Jin Meiling feel it too. She raised her head and asked, "Are you cold?" There was more tenderness in her voice, and Xin Jie nodded, so She stood up and said, "I'll make a fire for you, so Xinjie shook his head and said, "No, anyway, I..." It was cruel, but of course Jin Meiling could understand the meaning of his words. Sadness, and deeply occupied her heart.

This beautiful girl quietly turned her head and wiped the tears from her face with the back of her hand. She really wanted to speak up. Crying, but she forced herself to stop herself, unwilling to make her crying more uncomfortable for Xinjie, who was dying, she wanted him to die in peace and happiness, because the two of them were already bathed together.

On this river bank There was almost nothing to light a fire. She remembered that there were two flints in the small purse on her belt. They were used for smoking a cigarette for her "daddy". She reached out and touched it. She was still there and took out one. Look, although it's wet, it can barely be used.

But where's the firewood? She searched, and the river bank was full of sand and rocks.

Suddenly, she found that the bed board that had just rescued them was still on the river bank. Secretly said: "This must be a fire."

So she walked over and moved over.

Xin Jie watched her struggling hard to do these things for him, but the shadow of death was getting heavier and heavier, he said: " Sister Ling, don't light a fire. I only want you to lean on me. I... I haven't been able to be with you for a long time. I hope you will take care of yourself in the future. "

Jin Meiling snorted and threw herself into his arms, her shoulders rushing eagerly, crying like a pear blossom, Xin Jie did not realize the truth, tears fell in her eyes. For some time

, Xin Jie only felt that his whole body was getting worse. As the cold came, and her arms became more and more swollen, Jin Meiling got up in choked up, and took a look at Xin Jie's coat. The dark color had already spread to her shoulders.

Xin Jie smiled miserably, "How long will it be?" "Jin Meiling gritted her teeth, suddenly opened her mouth to bite Xinjie's shoulder, sucking blood for him, bit by bit, but the darkness did not fade at all.

Xin Jie was even more moved. As soon as his shirt was removed, he became more cold, and his teeth trembling. He hadn't escaped the cold and heat for ten years in the stone room. At this moment, there was a poisonous attack, so he felt so cold.

He shuddered and said: "Sister Ling, you can make a fire! I can't stand it."

Jin Meiling nodded, and only then he sucked the poisonous blood, and there was no effect at all, knowing that Xin Jie's life can only live one or two more. It's time.

But she has made up her mind now that as long as Xin Jie dies, she will never live anymore. The power she felt just now to stop her from doing this is no longer at this moment, so she feels calm.

She walked over and picked up the bed board. Although she didn't have a knife or axe, when she moved her mind, when she stood up and slashed, the bed board was split in half. She had already split half of it into many small pieces, and started a fire with a hundred points of fire. Putting Xin Jie by the fire, the two sat cuddling.

At this moment, their precious moments are far from being comparable to anything else, but they are speechless. Although they are close to death, they only feel tender and sweet and full of heart.

The bed board was made of sandalwood, and it burned very quickly. After a while, it burned out. Jin Meiling stood up and went to split the other half of the bed board.

Xin Jie counted the time silently. At this moment, the feeling of numbness spread all over his body, "Alright, soon," he whispered.

The other half of the bed board was split into two again. Jin Meiling was full of distress, and his right palm was full of power, and he "slapped" the ground with one palm, smashing the bed board.

Suddenly, a few small bottles rolled out on the edge of the bed board. Jin Meiling moved in her heart, ran over to take a look, and exclaimed with

joy : "The antidote." Xin Jie was gradually unconscious. Hearing these two words, he felt energetic. After a shake, seeing Jin Meiling screaming and jumping with joy, a smile appeared at the corner of her mouth, and she fainted dazedly.

When he woke up again, it was already dark.

Jin Meiling waited anxiously next to him, saw him open his eyes, and said with joy, "Brother Jie, don't move, you're all right now."

It turns out that this bedboard is where "Poison King Jin Yipeng" placed the antidote. Jin Meiling also knew it. The usage of the antidote, Xin Jie leaned on this bedboard again, and escaped from death.

Although Jin Yipeng's poison was extremely overbearing, the antidote was also extremely miraculous. Although Xin Jie felt exhausted at the moment, he no longer felt that kind of numbness.

When Jin Meiling saw him wake up, she cried and laughed with joy. She had a foundation in her internal skills and was busy using her own skills to massage for Xinjie for a while, but she herself was tired and hungry. From early morning to this moment, she Having been waiting by Xin Jie's side, without drinking or eating, at this moment, when he relaxed, he leaned against Xin Jie and fell into a deep sleep. Xin Jie also knew that his life was okay. His gratitude and love for Jin Meiling was also unforgettable. He stared at her blankly, his long eyelashes covered his eyes, and he fell asleep again without noticing it.

After this sleep, Jin Meiling opened her eyes and saw that Xin Jie was awake, she was looking at herself fascinatingly, and said with a sweet smile: "Look, I slept so

deeply ." Xin Jie joins in . I kissed her on the forehead and smiled: "You slept so heavily, and someone abducted you, you don't even know."

Jin Meiling smiled: "You are necrotic." Thinking of what happened yesterday In the scene, Hongsheng’s cheeks were ashamed as a peach blossom. Xin Jie couldn’t help but kissed her on the nose again. She smiled and got up and said, “Hey! You should get up too.”

Suddenly, she bent down again, and saw that the black on Xin Jie's arm had been completely retreated, and smiled and said, ""Brother Jie, try to see if you can stand up. We can't stay in this ghost place anymore. And, my stomach is so hungry. "

Xin Jie smiled and nodded. With a slight effort, he stood up, and he was cured.

He smiled and said, "Your father's antidote is really good." "

The poison is also good." "He smiled and added another sentence.

Jin Meiling blushed, pursed her mouth, turned her back, and suddenly saw that it looked like a book from a distance. She slid forward and picked it up. Xin Jie leaned forward. Look, that is a booklet made up of yellow twists. On the cover are two seal scripts with the words "Poison 笈".

The two of them walked and watched, and they almost forgot that they were hungry, because it recorded the properties of poisons in the world, and the preparation methods of various poisons, Xinjie had never seen it, unheard of, only saw some poisons on it, it was incredibly poisonous. , She couldn’t help but admiringly said to Jin Meiling: "Sister Ling, speaking of conscience, your father is really a strange person. He knows all the poisons in the world clearly. If nothing else, it is absolutely colorless and tasteless poison. There are several kinds, I really don’t know how he made them."

Jin Meiling sighed quietly, and said: "His old man has been rolling in poison all his life. Now even his old man himself has been harmed by the poison. Sometimes people change. It's crazy, sometimes it's fine, now his old man doesn't know where he is going."

Xin Jie hurriedly persuaded him: "His martial arts is extraordinary and enters the sacred, will there be any accidents?"

Jin Meiling hung one hand. Holding Xinjie's arm, he said, "We have to find a place where someone has a house. Now we don’t know where we are. Look, I’m dirty and smelly. The water in the Yangtze River, what am I looking at? There's everything."

Xin Jie smiled, moving around and using the posture technique, and his speed immediately increased many times. Although he recovered from the poison and his physical strength was slightly weaker, Jin Meiling, who was hanging on his arm, was already secretly praised. He was so good about his kung fu and asked, "Where did you learn your kung fu?"

Xin Jie smiled and said, "I'll tell you more slowly."

Suddenly, they heard a woman's exclamation. , The two stopped in their footsteps, and rushed in that direction at the same time. At this time, Xin Jie's feet were faster, and in a blink of an eye, he saw two human figures rolling, and the woman's exclamation must be one of them.

He moved in his heart and said, "I'll take a look first." Putting away Jin Meiling's hand, she was a long body, like a swallow, three or two leaping forward, and his eyes flashed, and he shouted angrily: "It's you! "The

rolling two people stopped when they heard the voices, but they were the two of the heavenly demon Jin Jian and Fang Shaobi.

It turned out that the Golden Song of Heaven Demon knew a little about water. When the ship sank, he hugged Fang Shaobi tightly, drifted along the river for a while, grabbed a piece of wood, and floated to the shore.

At that time, the two of them also lost consciousness. When Fang Shaobi woke up, he noticed that he was kissing his face with a mouth, so he yelled in fright. When he opened his eyes, Jin Yanqiu crawled on his body and kissed his face. Anxious and angry, he pushed him abruptly.

Heavenly Devil Jinqi's whole body martial arts, a person ten times stronger than her martial arts, can't push him away.

But he was dizzy at this time, and his whole body was weak. Pushed by Fang Shaobi, he fell to the ground. Fang Shaobi supported the ground with both hands, sat up, touched a sharp stone on the ground, and said, "If you come back again, I'll use this thing to cut my face." The

heavenly devil Jin Jian loved her so much, and he didn't dare to go there. But Fang Shaobi looked at the empty surroundings, no one was there, and he was too scared to move.

The two of them were like this, and they actually spent the night. Later, Fang Shaobi was tired and hungry, and couldn't support it anymore, so he took a nap.

Na Zhitian Demon Jin Jian took the opportunity to jump on it, hugged her first, snatched the stones from her hand, put one mouth together, and moved the other hand.

Fang Shaobi yelled in fright, struggling desperately.

The two were tossing and rolling, and the Tianma Jinjian wanted to take advantage of the danger to claim love and create the truth, but he didn't know that Xin Jie just heard the call and walked into it.

Fang Shaobi saw Xin Jie in his eyes and exclaimed with joy: "Brother Jie." He

crawled away and rushed over, while shouting: "Brother Jie, come and save me, he wants...he wants to bully me."

Tianma Jin Jian, when he saw Xin Jie, his eyes seemed to burst into flames. Suddenly he saw Jin Meiling following him and shouted: "Junior sister, come here, and I will kill this kid."

Jin Meiling saw Jin Jian He Fang Shaorong was also extremely surprised when he heard that Jin Yan wanted to help Zai Xinjie by himself, without saying a word, walked to Xinjie's side and leaned close to him.

At this moment Fang Shaobi also ran, he was slightly shocked when he saw the situation, but he still threw himself on Xin Jie.

With a roar of anger, Tian Mo Jinzhu ran up and grabbed Fang Shaobi's back. Xin Jie was furious and shouted: "Let go!" With a wrong step, he slashed his palm, his palm swish.

Seeing Xin Jie’s palm, the wind was strong, and the color of his palm was the same, he felt strange, and suddenly saw the yellow silk booklet in Jin Meiling’s hand, sneered, and said: "Good boy, you actually seduce my junior sister. "I stared at Jin Meiling again: "Why did you steal the master's secret book?"

Jin Meiling said: "You can't control it."

Looking sideways, he saw Fang Shaosu still hanging on Xin Jie's neck. He leaped over and patted. On her shoulder, he said: "You fall down."

Without knowing that Fang Shaobi hugged tighter, he also said: "You can't control it."

Xin Jie cried secretly. He couldn't leave Fang Shaobi behind, but looked at Jin Meiling who was full of anger. , And can't let Fang Shaobi hug him, he is in a dilemma, plus he has to deal with the powerful enemy, the demon Jin Jian, and he is momentarily stunned, not knowing what to do.

Jin Meiling is also angry and jealous. She has a tender face and is embarrassed to pull Fang Shaobi, but now she hopes that Jin Jian can snatch Fang Shaowang away.

Tianmo Jinzhe and Xin Jie had handed in early in the cabin, knowing that his martial arts was slightly worse than Xin Jie, he was a sinister man, and secretly figured out how to deal with it.

The relationship between the four people is complicated, and they have their own concerns, and they are all shocked.

Suddenly, Jin Meiling made a "gurg" in her abdomen. It turned out that she was extremely hungry. Fang Shaobi laughed. Jin Meiling shouted: "What are you laughing at, so shameless. I have never seen anyone shameless than you." What are you doing holding me tightly?"

Fang Shaobi retorted: "You are shameless, I like to hold Brother Jie, Brother Jie likes me to hold him, why do you have any qualifications? Oh! Brother Jie, don’t you say it? "

Xin Jie groaned even more, unable to speak, the god demon Jin Yan sneered repeatedly, and Jin Meiling flushed with anger, suddenly said: "I am Brother Jie's wife, of course you can manage it."

Fang Shaobi loosened his hands and clapped his hands. He smiled and said: "Ah, this man is so shameless, he insists that he is his wife, not ashamed or ashamed."

The Tianmo Jinchao was very surprised. He knew that although this junior girl was as beautiful as a peach and plum, she was cold and frosty. Normally, a man would be unlucky to look at her more. Today, how can he change his normal state in front of people, saying that she is someone’s wife. Can’t help shouting: "Junior sister, what's the matter with you?"

Jin Meiling was ashamed, anxious and angry, and tears fell again and again. Xin Jie saw it, remembering everything she had to herself, and remembering that she submissively endured her madness. Shi's charming, couldn't help feeling very unbearable, "swish" her figure and pulled Jin Meiling by her side, and said loudly, "She is my wife."

Tianma Jinzhao was even more strange, but Fang Shaobi over there. With a wow, he sat down on the ground and started crying. The Tianma Jinqi secretly said, "This is my opportunity." He walked over, patted Fang Shaobi's shoulder and said, "Don't cry, don't cry." Fang Shaowang saw Xin Jie. He actually admitted that the other woman was his wife, and thinking of his affection for him, the more I thought about it, the more I felt wronged and crying miserably. After hearing someone persuade her, she didn't care who that person was, so she burst into tears when she fell into that person's arms. Tianma Jinge was

secretly proud, but the door cursed: "This kind of hypocritical person, what do you care about him, let's go elsewhere."

Xin Jie was also sad, not that he didn't love Fang Shaosu. But you can't help but do so.

Na Zhifang Shaobi jumped up suddenly and ran to the river. It turned out that this place was also very close to the water. Xin Jie was shocked and thought, "Could it be that she is going to commit suicide." Before he could think about it, his figure swayed and rushed over.

His martial arts were many times higher than Fang Shaobi's. Seeing to catch up, there was a sudden strong wind behind him. He wanted to copy it backhand, suddenly remembering the poison in his body, twisting his body, a stone flew by itself, and then the sky magic golden slap Has hurried over angrily.

Xin Jie's two palms are wrong, the ten fingers are full, and there are six key acupuncture points: "Agarwood", "Xuanzhu", "Dingyu", "Xuanguan", "Jiantai" and "Shoulder Point".

Tian Mo Jinqi yelled again and again, and performed the "72 Yin Palm Stance". The palms flew, smashed, pressed, flicked, hit, and tapped, all of which were offensive.

The two were so fast that they flicked their eyes and attacked a dozen tricks. Suddenly, Fang Shaobi had already jumped into the Yangtze River.

The two of them didn't care about it anymore, and Qi stopped their hands and ran towards the river, but the river was long and there was Fang Shaobi's figure.

Neither of them knows how to water. Although Jin Jian knows a little about water, if he wants him to go into the water to save people, he can't do it. The two of them are stunned by the river and neither dare to jump down. Jin Meiling also ran over. , Seeing Xin Jie's desperate look, I was angry, but thought that Fang Shaobi lost his life in love, and felt sorry.

Xin Jie thought that Fang Shaobi had a deep affection for him, but now he died unclearly, full of anger, all on the body of the heavenly demon Jin Jian.

Na Zhitian Demon Jinjian hated Xin Jie, and said: "It's all you!" Both palms came out, "Zhubi Dianji", "Wrong soul bound legs", two moves up and down, as fast as thunder.

Xin Jie’s left palm was shot and suddenly turned into three palm circles. It was the "three clubs of plum blossoms" in "Rainbow Sword Technique". Xin Jie used his palm as a sword. Left wrist.

Jin Jian's heart shuddered, withdrew his moves, and the two fought again. Both of them were resentful in their hearts, and they were even more intolerant when they started their hands. They shook Jin Meiling's garments into flying colors.

Jin Meiling saw that the two of them had moved their hands again, her heart was disturbed, she did not know what to do. One of the two was her senior, and the other was her "husband". She couldn't help either side. With her skill, It can't be resolved, only to watch and forget about being hungry.

Xin Jie fought with Tianma Jinqi three times, but couldn't win. He was secretly anxious. Since he came out of the teacher, the first time he fought against someone, he couldn't fight hard and talked about other major issues.

How did he know that although this "Sky Demon Golden Song" was young, it was already famous, and even the arrogant characters like "Kongtong" Sanjue Sword would be afraid of him by three points. Someone can draw a tie with the "Tian Devil Golden Snake", afraid not to jump up in fright.

What's more, the experience of the Tianmo Jinjian against the enemy is far better than Xin Jie, which is slightly better than Xin Jie's strength, but it can only draw a tie.

But after a long time for the two of them to start their hands, the magic gold 欹 gradually felt uncomfortable that day. For more than a day, not only did he not drink or eat, but he also took a rest without taking a break.

Jin Yan knew in his heart that he knew that if he continued to fight, he would definitely lose. Depending on the appearance of his junior and sisters, not only would he not help himself, it would be good if he didn't fight him the other way around.

He knew that the place where he started his hand was the wilderness on three sides, but the Yangtze River on the other hand, he couldn't even escape, he whispered "Bitterness", his moves were sharper, and he was desperately desperate.

Xin Jie didn't dare to relax even more. After he was poisoned once, he was deeply afraid of the poison of "Poison Monarch". On this day, Mo Jinjian is Jin Yipeng's big disciple, maybe there is some poison, so he I didn't dare to relax at all, for fear that Jin Zhu would take advantage of the gap to apply poison.

He didn't know that if all the hidden weapons of poison in the magic gold pouch were carried by his side, he was afraid that they would be used soon, and he would wait until he had already started using them.

It turned out that Jin Chu had never encountered an adversary before coming out of the arena. He was arrogant and put all the hidden weapons in other places. At this moment, he regretted that he hadn't put the hidden weapons of poison on him.

Suddenly, a small boat drove up in the middle of the river, riding the wind and waves, walking fast on the surface of the river, at an astonishing speed. Jin Meiling watched the four roads and saw that the boat was actually coming to where she was. She was shocked. She followed Jin Yipeng’s invitation to swim many places. At a glance, she could see that the boat is coming at an amazing speed. With such a boat, it has such a speed. , The people who want to see the boat are not ordinary people.

The boat swung around on the shore, and then moored on the shore. Three people jumped from the boat. Xin Jie and Jin Jian were on the shore where they started their hands. Both of them were masters. Although they were all-powerful against the enemy, they also found out. Several people came on the shore, but neither of them dared to stop first and gave each other a chance.

Those who got off the boat were two men and a woman, one was a thin old man, and the other man and a woman were young men, all dressed in gorgeous clothes, like the sons and daughters of a wealthy family.

When the three people got off the boat, they stood on the shore without making a sound, but the three of them looked at the battle between Xin Jie and Jin Zhu with surprise on their faces, and the girl whispered to the old man. For a few words, the old man shook his head slightly, but their voice was extremely low, and they couldn't hear what they were saying.

The young man stared directly at Jin Meiling with both eyes, spinning up and down on her.

Jin Meiling saw that the young man was also very handsome, but her eyes were drooping, her eyesight was not correct, and she was not like a good person,

she couldn't help being angry, and she thought to herself: "The girl will have to teach you a lesson." Suddenly she saw that the three of them were all slanted. Carrying a buckskin dart bag on his back, his heart moved, and he thought: "Could it be them?" Suspicion arose in his heart, and his eyes couldn't help looking straight over there. The young man walked over slowly with a smile, and said in a soft voice: "Miss Jin, hello."

Jin Meiling was startled when the boy said her last name.

She wanted to ask: "How do you know my surname", but seeing this young man's eyebrows, her heart became even more angry, so she turned her head and ignored him.

The young man giggled and said, "Miss Jin is such a big air." Jin Meiling slammed up, suddenly thinking about it, holding back his anger, and said, "Your surname, your name?"

The young man 's eyes narrowed. , Just about to speak, suddenly became angry, and then there was a big shock. Turning to see, the two fighting with each other had already decided the winner at the moment.

It turned out that the Tianmo Jinqi moves are getting sharper, but he himself knows that it is the end of the crossbow. Without a dangerous move, he is bound to survive today.

Xin Jie also wanted to get rid of it earlier, mixed with swordsmanship in his palms, and his figure was erratic. He circled around the golden song. He was extremely clever. Seeing Jin Jian's fierce beating, he knew it in his heart and knew that he was really angry. Unsustainable.

At this time, Jin Jian filled his palm and hit him on the shoulder. He simply did not fight, poured his whole body of vitality on his shoulder, and slapped him with a palm.

Tian Mo Jin Ge turned into anger with a palm, and hit him with a palm. Na Zhi slammed a punch in his chest, and his body flew straight out, vomiting a mouthful of blood, panting.

Although Xin Jie had to get rid of a strong enemy, he hit a palm on his shoulder. Although Jin Ge was already weak and he was prepared, his body was also numb. He secretly sighed, ambitious. Suddenly cooled down by half, he thought: "I even beat him so hard. Wouldn't it be even harder to win the first sword of the day."

Seeing Xin Jie, Jin Meiling seemed to be stunned, she rushed over in exclamation, stretched out her hand to support him, and asked in a low voice: "Are you hurt badly?"

The Chinese suit boy saw that Jin Meiling was so affectionate with him, and the corners of his mouth rose. With a smirk, he thought: "Even this kid will be sent to the end." Reached out and took out a black glove, put it on the left hand, walked over to Jin Meilingyin and smiled: "Now the girl knows who I am? "She raised her hand and placed the gloved hand in front of Jin Meiling's eyes.

Xin Jieju fights Jixiu. Looking at these people, I was wondering about the origins of these people. At this moment, I saw the young man approaching with a sneer, and wondered: "Do these people have anything to do with her father and daughter?"

Jin Meiling When I saw this glove, my complexion had already changed greatly, and the young girl and the thin old man also slowly walked over, but ignored Jin Meiling and looked at Xin Jie with all four eyes.

Xin Jie saw that these three people were walking weirdly, and their eyes were full of inflated eyes. They were all good at home, especially the skinny old man. His temples were bulging. He thought that his internal strength was even more amazing. He thought about his status. With future plans, I didn’t want to offend people in the world, especially these good players. What's more, my strength is now weak and my shoulders are faintly aching. I really can’t make a strong enemy anymore, so I smiled at the old man and said, "What advice does the old man have? "Just after speaking, she realized that Jin Meiling was pulling her sleeves secretly.

The old man looked left and right, glanced at Xin Jie, then at Jin Meiling, he was also surprised: "This young man's martial arts is amazing. I don't know where it came from. I haven't heard of such a character in the martial arts recently. The strange thing is that he and Jin Yipeng’s daughter behaved very intimately, but they fought fiercely with Jin Yipeng’s disciple, not knowing whether it was a friend or an enemy."

He speculated in his heart, quite intent to win Xinjie, and will He arched his hands and said with a smile: "In Tang Bin, Sichuan, I have had a little feast with Jin Yipeng. My friends have a good skill. I don't know the name of Gao. Who is the teacher? It seems that he is also a little bit like a poisonous gentleman. , You and I might as well make friends."

Tang Bin was cunning and cunning. He took the words and pulled Xin Jie to his side. Xin Jie smiled, his belly bright and secretly said: "This is the best, I don't want to make enemies with you." It turned out that Xin Jie had also heard of Sichuan. The name of the Tang Sect, especially the poison hidden weapon of the Tang family, has changed in the world. Moreover, the Tang Sect is the least popular, and it will be reported. As long as you provoke them, there will be no end in your life.

Xin Jie let out a cry and said, "It turns out that Lao Zhang is actually a well-known old Tang hero. He is disrespectful and disrespectful." He avoided Tang Bin's two questioning questions without mentioning his surname, and then cleverly said: "Zai Xia has no enmity or relationship with Jin Yipeng. Tang Hero wants revenge, just ask for it, but Jin Yipeng is not here at the moment." When the god

demon Jin Jian heard that the master’s enemy has arrived, he was injured again at this moment, unable to respond to the enemy. The people in the Tang Sect of Sichuan are all cruel, and Tang Bin is even more famous as a reminder. Today, he has a strong vengeance. It seems that he is more auspicious, so why not be a good guy with great joy. The mule was fierce, enduring the pain in his chest, and sprinted over, shouting: "If you are looking for my master, just come to me Jinjian. Although the uncle is injured, you are still unambiguous with you juniors."

Tang Bin Yin gave a long smile and said, "It is, the fifth is. Although Jin Yipeng is not there, it is the same with his apprentice daughter. Ling'er and Man'er, you always say that the hidden weapon target is not good, these two people Isn’t it your best living target?” The

young girl laughed and said, “The second uncle still loves us, hey! Brother Ling, you hit the boy, I hit the girl, see who hits more.”

That boy is exactly what he hits. Tang Ling, the head of the Tang Sect chasing the soul of Tang Lei’s beloved son, Poison Langjun, said with a smile: "I'm not like you. When you greet this girl, don't break her delicate face. , Otherwise, I'm not polite to you." The

two sang and regarded Jin Jian and others as things in their pockets. Jin Jian was a vulgar bird. The more people scolded him, the less angry he would be, but a secret tone. , Ready to take a blow, first destroy one.

Jin Meiling flushed with anger, and was about to go out, but was held back by Xin Jie.

Xin Jie said with a long smile: "It has long been heard that the old hero of Tang is a senior in the martial arts, and he has always admired him very much. I know I saw it today, but I couldn't help but disappoint him."

Tang Bin's expression changed. He really couldn't see Xin Jie's origin. He only felt that this young man was not only martial arts, but also sharp in his words.

"It's only Jin Yipeng who wants to form Liangzi with the old hero of Tang. What's the matter with his descendants? What's more, these two people, one is a female generation, and the other is injured. Going out, isn't it in the name of bullying the small and taking advantage of others? I think the old Tang hero will not be like this!" Xin Jie was stabbed in his words, but he said nothing.

Tang Bin's complexion changed. It turned out that when he just went ashore, he saw Jin Jian fighting with people, and there was a conflict between cranes and clams. The fisherman's mentality was profitable, so he just watched from the sidelines and wanted to wait until Jin Jian was defeated. It didn't help until Jin Jian was tired of fighting before he took the shot. At that time, only Jin Meiling was left. With the power of three of her own, wouldn't it be too simple.

He only regards Xin Jie as Jin Yipeng's enemy, so do you know that the relationship between them is very complicated? At this moment, Xin Jie's words were stabbing, but he was piercing his heart disease, but he didn't want to form this beam before he knew the origin of Xin Jie. Not only was he cruel, but also treacherous and gloomy. Musical Tang Ling Yin poison but laughed: "My friends not Jinyi Peng's son, I advise you mind your own business is still good."

Xin Jie laughed and said: "if so it is Jinyi Peng's son?"

Poison Musical face Once he sank, he probed the human capsule, and then raised his hand, sending out a few very small hidden weapons, dividing Xin Jie's throat, shoulders, front chest, and lower abdomen.

He probed the human pocket, took out the hidden weapon, and then sent it out, almost at the same instant. It was really fast to the extreme, and the hidden weapon was silent and colorless when it was emitted, and it was extremely overbearing.

Qi Miao Shenjun didn't use hidden weapons in his life, but he knew the origins of all hidden weapons in the world and broke the law.

For ten years in the stone room of Xin Jie, he could discern autumn leaves in secret, not to mention that in broad daylight, he knew that this must be the "Tang Sect's hidden weapon'arsonite, poisonous lily'. He sneered, and his wide sleeves stretched out, although his left shoulder He felt slightly inconvenient, but his right hand was still okay. A strong wind blew up on the sleeve of his robe, and he waved all the six hidden weapons on the ground far away, and the figure finally moved half a step.

With his shot, not only the three people, young and old, from Tang Sect were shocked. Tianma Jinzhan also abruptly changed his expression, and said: "This hand is so powerful that I have only seen it in my life, but when he only started with me, he didn't seem to have such a deep skill."

How could he know Xin Xin It’s almost impossible to say that there is no experience in facing the enemy quickly. Although the rising star who is just out of the arena has a lot of experience in facing the enemy, when he is in the school, it is often because the master or the same school brother has used his hand. There is no experience department, so when he and Jin Zhu started their hands, the ten successful husbands only used 60% at most.

But when he took the hidden weapon at this moment, he was very calm, because he could see the hidden weapon that was difficult for others to see clearly.

It should be known that the silent and colorlessness of the Tang Sect hidden weapon is the most important reason, because the hidden weapon can be silent and colorless, and teach people how to hide.

Xin Jie was able to understate the most difficult things that others saw, so he felt that the hidden weapons of Tang Sect were not terrible at all, and even a little blamed "Uncle Mei" for exaggerating them, but he didn't. Know how others feel about him at the moment.

Tang Bin swept over to Xin Jie and said, "You really want a friend, and you must be an apprentice of a famous teacher, but now there are not many people who are qualified to be your master. The teacher is probably the first person to play today, the sword god Li Daxia."

Xin Jie was secretly amused: "Your old eyes are dazzled."

Seeing that he didn't speak, Tang Bin thought he had acquiesced, and said, "The old man and Li Daxia are the same. It’s a familiar knowledge, and you have several ties with your fellow apprentices. They have never seen you before, but they can be considered as a family. Why should you come to drown in this muddy water.”

He thought that these words were worth mentioning. Everything was covered, because he not only didn't want to provoke the Kongtong faction, but also didn't want another master to insert this matter, so I hope Xinjie best let go.

Nazhi Xinjie laughed and said, "I don’t understand what Old Hero Tang said, what sword god Li Daxia, I don’t even recognize him, and I don’t even dare to care about the things of Old Hero Tang. I want to be the next one. The nameless man, there is no famous teacher, but he smiled and said: "It's just a matter, but I want to ask the old hero for convenience. "

Tang Bin said

hurriedly : "Just talk about it." Xin Jie said : "Old hero Tang is selling the next level of face today. Let this matter go for a long time, and there will be some supplementary reports in the next day. The masters of the rivers and lakes will surely hear about this. Said that the hero of Tang is magnanimous, and

he is not as

knowledgeable as the younger generation ." Tang Bin sneered repeatedly, with both eyes open, and said: "What if I don't sell your face?" Xin Jie laughed: "Then I have to let go . Let the old hero of Tang treat Jin Yipeng's descendants." As

soon as he said this, all the five people present were surprised and never thought he would say this again.

Especially Jin Meiling, feeling cold, almost fainted with anger, and secretly said: "Unexpectedly, I have a deep affection for him, but in exchange for him such a sentence, stop, stop, I will die in front of him." Can't speak anymore.

Tang Bin was also stunned, and then thought: "This person is a smart person. He is really a bachelor who doesn't suffer from immediate losses."

With a smile, "Your Excellency is like this, that's great. I, someone Tang, is grateful.

"No way ." "However," Xin Jie said with a grin, "Old Tang hero only wants to deal with Jin Yipeng's relatives. If it weren't for Jin Yipeng's relatives, Tang Old hero would probably not do it."

"That's natural." Tang Bin said. Xin Jie's words are strange.

Xin Jie said: "Okay, okay, so now, there are no more descendants of Jin Yipeng except for the god demon Jin Jian."

Tang Ling sneered and interjected, "I'm afraid there is one more!" Xin Jie said. "I'm afraid it's gone!"

Tang Ling said, "I have visited Jin Yipeng for more than a day. I don't even know that this lady is Jin Yipeng's daughter. If my friend wants to treat me Tang Ling as a idiot, then you will make a mistake. It’s an abacus.”

Xin Jie laughed and said: “This girl is just the wife of a mere descent, I don’t even know if she is a descendant of Jin Yipeng, you must know that you are not a fool, and you are not a fool.”

Jin Meiling This suddenly understood Xin Jie's intentions.

It should be noted that Xin Jie has a peculiar nature and never wants to do things that cannot be done. He thought for a moment. The other three seemed to be experts, but he was already half-hearted and unable to function well. Jin Huiling was also hungry and tired. After yesterday's incident, she was afraid that she was weaker.

As for the Heavenly Devil Jinzhao, in this case, he would naturally join hands with himself as an enemy, but Xin Jie certainly knew his palm strength. He was hit by a palm of his own for fear of being seriously injured. Compare these three with each other. The odds of winning were very few, after thinking and thinking, Xin Jie decided on the plan.

That's why he said so.

Tang Bin was stunned again when he heard Xin Jie's words. Tang Ling shouted angrily: "Who are you lie to? Second uncle, let's not listen to his nonsense."

Tang Bin was lowering his head in thought, suddenly raised his head and asked: "You are serious about this. . " "

who is not a lie to you? "Xin Jieang then said," although nobody next on the rivers and lakes, can not utter a word of visiting liar. "

Tang Bin frowned, eyes like a knife, firmly fixed On Xin Jie's face, he suddenly said: "Ling'er, Man'er, pick up that surname Jin."

Tang Ling and Tang Man responded, each probing their hands, and drew out a soft golden whip, which is also from Tang Sect. The unique weapon is made of pure gold, soft and rigid, and its moves form a separate family.

It should be noted that in addition to the "three hidden weapons", the "Seven Evil Whip Technique" in the palm of Tangmen's powerful martial arts in Sichuan also has wonderful moves, and the most powerful one is the Tangmen. The hidden weapons are all issued by the left hand. , So when the whip is being used, you can also use a hidden weapon, so that people can hide from the whip and cannot hide from the hidden weapon. Tang Sect has stood for more than a hundred years in the martial arts.

When the two of them shot their long whips, their bodies moved, with two golden rays of light, they divided the two large holes of the "period gate" and "liguan", and they actually used the soft blade as an acupuncture device.

What kind of character is Tianmo Jinqi, although he has been seriously injured, Yu Weiyou is in the wrong shape, and he walked out from the gap of the flick, brushing, brushing, two palms attacking Tang Ling and Tang Man, and shouted loudly. : "Sister, don't you really recognize the master?" Brush, brush, two palms again.

Tang Bin sneered at Xin Jie: "This girl is not Jin Yipeng's descendant, who's descendant?" Xin Jiefang wanted to answer, then Jin Meiling suddenly waved his hand and said, "Jin Yipeng is my father, you just care Just come up here, and the girl is unambiguous."

Tang Bin laughed haha, "Okay, okay, that's ambition." Before he finished speaking, he slapped his face. He relied on his identity and did not show off his weapon to deal with this empty-handed man. Junior.

The situation changed sharply. Xin Jie knew that it was impossible for him to stay out of the matter today. Although he could watch "Haitian Shuangsha" bullying his mother and killing his father, he was just a young child at that time. It's very different. At this moment, he possesses special skills, how can he watch Jin Meiling's life and death struggle with others coldly, not to mention that if he fights on his own, it is not impossible to win.

The other side is ready to do it, and it is a melee, and the lives and deaths of both sides are still unknown.

At this moment, an astonishing incident happened, which caused all these people to stop. It turned out that at this moment a young girl wearing a veil suddenly appeared on the shore. Chang Chang came along and said

softly: " Oh , you don't want to fight, the fight is annoying." Xin Jie and others were all taken aback. , Because the place where they were was extremely empty, the girl unexpectedly appeared suddenly without knowing it. It should be known that he and the six people are all first-class roles in the martial arts. And this girl has been coming to them all the time, and they realized that how not to be surprised?

Xin Jie saw that this girl was only sixteen or seven years old at most, with only a large piece of pure white veil on her body. She wrapped her body in this veil. The bright array was like a star, and her complexion was like jade. The posture is not as beautiful as a human being, but like a nine-day fairy. In addition to beauty, she is very visible, and she has a feeling of being out of the dust. Xin Jie secretly thought: "This girl is so beautiful, sister Ling and Sister Bi I had thought that few people were more beautiful than them, but with this Compared with girls, it’s incomparable.”

Except for Tang Bin, they were all bewildered by the beauty of this girl. Jin Meiling unconsciously took care of her messy sideburns, and secretly said, "I don’t know if I compare to this girl. How come..." Looking at Xin Jie's expression sideways, he secretly sighed: "It seems that I can't compare to her."

Tang Fu thought: "Where did this girl come from, it's almost impossible, who is she?"

Although the six people had different minds, they were all shocked by the sudden girl. Only eyes were fixed on this girl's face.

The girl smiled, showing a row of crystal teeth, and said with a clever smile: "What is fun in fighting? If you have nothing to do, hide and seek, why bother fighting?

Mom said that those who like fighting are not good people, hey! Isn't he a good person?"

Tang Bin waited until he heard that one by one, he couldn't laugh or cry.

For many years, Tang Bin is known as a reminder. He is seen in the martial arts, fearing like a snake and scorpion. Now he is seen by a little girl as a child. He is secretly angry, but this girl is not only as beautiful as a heavenly person, but also behaves strangely, Tang Binyue There are so many people, but he hasn't seen such a character yet. He turned his mind twice, thinking that this girl must have a lot of origin.

He was about to speak, but Xin Jie suddenly said, "Okay... OK... Let's hide and seek, can this girl participate?" The girl

clapped her hands and laughed, "This brother is really nice. I like hide and seek the most. It’s a pity that those people ran too slowly. I caught them as soon as I caught them. It didn’t mean anything. You must run faster than them. I’ll be a ghost first. If you are caught by me, then you will be a ghost for me. Okay?"

Tang Bin waited until he heard that he couldn't say anything . Tianma Jinzhao had the worst temper and was cold in nature. Even his biological father had the heart to kill. When she walked to him, she smiled and said, "Are you coming?" Jin Ge was stunned by her gaze. She felt that she was robbed of her soul, and said, "I'll come, I'll come." The

girl walked to Tang again . In front of Ling, he asked: "Where are you?"

Tang Ling was originally a hungry ghost in the color, and he was fainted by the beauty of this girl. Hearing the words, he said: "Come...come...come"

Tang Bin's face was gloomy and uncertain. He couldn't decide what to do. Among the six people, he had the most experience. He had seen Xin Jie before and was already amazed at where such a young man came out of the rivers and lakes, but it was not unbelievable. Now I saw this girl, but it was really strange, knowing that this girl did not have the extraordinary effort to become a saint, how could she suddenly appear in front of these six masters, and in an open land.

He was secretly surprised, the girl had walked up to him and smiled: "This old brother, are you coming?"

Tang Bin blushed. He has not been called an old brother since he was born. The beautiful girl called out, feeling a little embarrassed in her heart, but she was very useful, and secretly said: "This girl is really cute." He also said, "Okay, I will also participate."

Tang Man didn't blink when he saw the murderer. The second uncle of Wang also became hide-and-seek and blushed. He couldn't help but laugh out loud with a "puff".

Tang Bin glared at her. She stuck her tongue out secretly, and smiled: "I'm coming too." The

girl was full of smiles on her face and said, "You are all here, great." She walked to Xin Jie and said: "Brother, look for a handkerchief and

cover my eyes. Xin Jie saw the girl smile like Lily, she couldn't help but look stunned . The girl smiled again, her face seemed to be red.

Jin Meiling is again Jealous and angry, he suddenly said, "I'm not coming. "

Xin Jie gave her a wink, she just didn't see it. The girl was startled

, and then smiled again: "It's okay if this sister doesn't come, she will notarize for us. "

Tang Bin physique of a move, Luedao front of Jin Mei-ling, said coldly:" You can not come, but they were not allowed to escape. "The

girl clapped her hands and smiled again: "This old brother runs really fast, much faster than Ahua and Agou. "

Tang Bin was happy when the girl praised him, but when she heard her compare herself with "Ahua" and "Agou", his face was

pale with anger, and he couldn't speak. Xin Jie "poof" With a smile, Tang Man turned her face, her mouth bulged round, it turned out that she wanted to laugh, but she didn't dare to laugh out loud.

The young girl glanced at Xin Jie, chuckled, and said, "Hey, you can tie a handkerchief to my eyes."

Xin Jie took out a handkerchief from his arms, took out a handkerchief, and looked sideways. Jin Meiling, seeing her eyes looking at her, her face changed color, she secretly smiled: "She is so jealous." She stretched out her hand and handed the handkerchief to the girl, saying: "Tie it yourself!" The

girl He pursed his mouth and took the handkerchief and said, "If I tie it myself, I will tie it myself. Who cares about you."

Tang Ling ran over and said with a smile: "I will tie it for the girl." The girl

glared at her and said, "Who I want you to tie it up."

Tang Bin seemed to go back decades ago, when he was hiding and seek in the graveyard, and saw Tang Ling touch a nail, but smiled: "The flattery hit the horse's feet."

If this is true. Others said that Tang Ling must be furious, but what Tang Bin said, Tang Ling could only stare, his face was blue and white, and there was no way.

The girl tied the handkerchief herself and said, "I said three times, "Is it okay?" and I started to catch it. You have to be careful."

Jin Meiling was angry and stood far away, hating Xin Jie for suggesting this ghost trick. To please the girl.

The girl said loudly, "Are

you okay?" Everyone performed their exercises.

Tang Bin shouted: "Don't go too far." Following the god demon Jin Jian, he was afraid that Jin Jian would take the opportunity to slip away.

Jin Yan glared, and said, "What are you yelling about? Uncle wanted to go, so he left."


girl cried out again , "Are you okay ?" Xin Jie thought secretly, "See how you can catch these people. , Unless you have the ability to reach the sky." He thought to himself, if he waited for these people to go so far, he would tie his eyes again, afraid that no one would be able to catch him, and he was secretly worried for the girl.

The girl shouted again: "Okay." The

voice fell, and her figure floated out. Jin Meiling who was standing there was startled, and secretly said: "This girl is really evil, she's just flying. , That's still light work."

The pure white veil was like a puff of smoke, and Chang Chang was flying. The girl's toes never touched the ground, and the person flew against the ground, as if walking in the wind.

Tang Bin saw her so many unsuccessful attempts. Tang Bin secretly increased the amount with his hand. Fortunately, he was not reckless. He secretly said: "Is it because I ran into a ghost today? Where are these young men and women from the rivers and lakes? One, this girl’s light work has really reached the point where the legendary "volley and emptiness" is true. Today I really opened my eyes."

"But who is she? Among the martial arts, I haven't heard of anyone yet. The light work of the people has been practiced to this point." Tang Bin thought again.

He secretly guessed that he was patted on his back suddenly. He turned around in a shock, but saw that the girl was standing behind him, unbuttoning the handkerchief and smiling, "I have caught one."

Unbuttoning the handkerchief, he again He smiled and said, "It turned out to be old brother, this time it's your turn to be a ghost."

He cried again: "You guys come back soon! I have caught one." He turned his eyes around and saw only three people in the distance. But two were

missing, he wondered : "Pancreas! Where's anyone else?" Tang Bin searched hurriedly, seeing Tang Ling and Tang Man running around, but the heavenly demon Jin Jian ran straight to the distance, and looked at it again, Xin Jie and Jin Meiling have disappeared.

He was anxious and roared: "Ling'er, Man'er, chase!" Regardless of the girl in front of him, she went after a few ups and downs and chased after Jin Yan.

The girl was surprised: "What these people do, they are so crazy, they have caught them well, why they suddenly stopped playing."

Although she is sixteen years old, she has always lived alone overseas with her parents. On the island, she didn’t know anything about the world. This time she followed her parents on the boat to Zhongyuan, and her mother did not allow her to disembark along the way. Finally, she found a chance to slip off and met someone to play with her. I was happy, especially the young man, with big eyes. Looking at her, she felt uncomfortable. Then all of a sudden, these people were gone.

She was very happy. She wanted to chase all those people back, but was unwilling to force them. She was standing there quickly. Suddenly there was a voice in the sky, as if from a far away, saying: "Jing'er, quickly Come back to the boat, father will hit the palm of his hand if he doesn't come back again."

The voice was delicate and tender, and it sounded very comfortable, but it came from so far away, and the voice was very clear, as if speaking in your ear, she knew it was mother’s voice when she heard it. Wrinkled, with a tongue, turned and swept towards the surface of the river.

When she reached the riverside, she paused slightly, seeming to take a breath, and then swept across the river surface and moved forward against the surface of the river. There was not even a leaf under her feet, and she could already cross the river. This light work is simply unbelievable. Yes, not to mention that for a while, she flew to a boat in Jiang Xin.

The boat is twice as big as the boat that usually travels on the river. From the outside, it seems that every piece of wood on this boat is so delicate, and the wood and the wood are so well matched. It is like a very perfect combination, which makes people feel like "No matter how big the wind and waves are, this boat can travel steadily".

The door of the cabin is made of two wooden boards carved with patterns, and there is a pure white curtain in the door.

At the moment, the hatch was half open, and a middle-aged beautiful woman was standing beside the door with a smile. She was also wearing a pure white Qingluo long gown, with a look of nobility that people dare not look at.

The girl named "Jing'er", as soon as she got on the boat, she threw herself into the arms of the middle-aged beautiful woman, and screamed, "Mom."

There was a radiance of love in the eyes of the middle-aged beautiful woman, and she patted " Jing'er's head smiled and said, "Your father is already scolding you, saying that if you don't come back, we will go home."

Jing'er said coquettishly: "People only go to the shore for a while. What is your temper? "The body twisted, nestled in the arms of the middle-aged beautiful woman.

The middle-aged beautiful woman took her hand and walked into the cabin with a smile.

The cabin is pure white and spotless. Anyone who walks into this cabin will breathe a lot of breath, all vulgar worries will disappear, and the heart and mind will be clear.

The windows on both sides of the cabin were erected high, and a middle-aged scholar in white clothes by the window was leaning over and looking outside. When someone came in and turned around, the girl whispered "Daddy".

The middle-aged scholar smiled: "Hidden and catch is fun! It's a pity that everyone is gone, no one is playing with you." When you laugh, it makes you feel extremely amiable.

Jing'er seemed to be very afraid of her father, and put away her mischievous expression, bought it in a low voice, and played with the handkerchief on her hand.

The middle-aged scholar raised the corner of his eyes and said, "Where did you get this handkerchief? Show it to me." The

girl didn't dare not take it.

The middle-aged scholar said: "This is the piece you blindfolded just now!" As he unfolded the handkerchief on his hand and looked at it, suddenly his complexion changed, and said: "Come here."

Jing'er saw her father's color change and her eyes circled. Scared red.

The middle-aged beautiful woman smiled and said, "What is your temper?" The

middle-aged Gongsheng waved the handkerchief, and the handkerchief flatly floated to the beautiful woman's hand, and said, "Look at it." The middle-aged beautiful woman took the handkerchief. After

opening it, she changed her color and said, "How could it be him?" Jing'er walked to her father aggrievedly, and the middle-aged scholar pointed out the window and said to her, "Let's see if that gave you this handkerchief. People."

Jing'er looked out the window and saw a small boat moving on the surface of the river. There were two people sitting on the boat. Her eyesight was also different from that of ordinary people. Upon closer inspection, she saw that the two of them were the ones who gave her eyes with the handkerchief just now. The big young man sat next to the girl who refused to hide and seek.

So she nodded.

It turned out that Xin Jie was very clever. When he saw the girl, he knew that he would be very human. Later, when the girl said "hide and seek", he had already thought about it and said to himself, "I have a chance to get out." So he rushed to propose hide-and-seek, he knew that the Tang Sect three would not and dare not object.

As expected, when Tang Bin, Tang Ling, and Tang Man walked around, and Tang Bin’s attention was all on Jin Jian, Xin Jie was overjoyed, but he stood beside Jin Meiling and didn’t move. Moving, the girl's eyes were blindfolded, listening to the wind, and chasing Tang Bin and the others, she naturally wouldn't catch Xinjie who didn't make a sound of action at all.

As soon as the girl moved, Xin Jie grabbed Jin Meiling and swiftly swept towards the river. He got on the boat and palmed the mud on the shore. The boat swiftly drove towards the heart of the river.

He operated the boat with the light work of "dark fragrant floating shadow", and after a while he was far away from the shore. It was estimated that Tang Bin would never be able to chase him, so he stopped and smiled at Jin Meiling: "You are still jealous of eating."

Jin Meiling blushed and said. He was ashamed and said: "Are you so rare, everyone will eat your jealousy?" He was happy in secret and thought: "I just blamed him."

Although there are oars on the boat, neither of them can row, Xin Jie After pulling the oar twice, the boat turned around in the water instead, leaving it to flow with the waves.

Secretly proud, he did a little trick and got out of the business, but he didn't know that his handkerchief with seven plum blossoms embroidered on the corner was causing him more trouble.

It turns out that the middle-aged scholar on this ship is Wuhensheng, the owner of the East China Sea Wuji Island in the "Three Immortals" in the martial arts regarded as the fairy Buddha.

East China Sea Wuji Island, located outside Hangzhou Bay, in Yupanyang, is a small island between Dazhe Mountain and Xiaozhe Mountain. Wuji Island advocates Ge. It was originally a talented talent, angry and jealous, and came to this famine. On the island, I knew but inadvertently served a strange fruit with extraordinary functions, and got a secret cage left by a strange knight Xie Zhenren from the Southern Jin Dynasty.

Zhang Ge spent more than ten years on Wuji Island, and he developed unpredictable skills. He returned to Zhongtu and did a few earth-shattering things.

But he is like a dragon, coming and going in waves. The world only knows that there is a strange knight who calls himself "No Hatred", but no one can see his true face.

So the people in the martial arts called him and the ordinary master of Dajidao, the master Hui of Xiaojiwu, and called them the "

Three Immortals outside the world." In 1 year, his appearance remained unchanged. By chance, he went to Zhongzhou again and met a woman with extraordinary skills. The two fell in love at first sight and they became a couple. That is now his wife, Jiu Tian Xuan Nu Miao Qiniang. .

The couple wandered on the sea. The Nine Heavens Profound Daughter gave him a smart daughter, named Zhang Jing. After a few years, Wu Hensheng managed the Wuji Island into an overseas fairyland, and found some poor people in the coastal areas. He came to serve as a slave, living comfortably and happily, without hate, and no idea of fighting for martial arts, but his cynical nature was dysfunctional, and he never wanted to return to Middle-earth.

One year, Zhang Jing was only eight years old. Compared with the "rash", Wu Hengsheng is pedantic, but can't cure the disease. "The rash" is a common disease in children, but it can't be cured by internal skills. The Nine Heavens Profound Girl and her lover were eager, so they went to Zhejiang with Wu Hensheng and found a very famous doctor to come to the island to treat Zhang Jing.

On the road, they met a skinny and nervous woman, but her martial arts was very high. The Nine Heavens Profound Girl became curious. When she went up to see, it was her youngest sister, the Jade Face Fairy Fox, Miao Jiuniang. She was shocked. Bring her back to Wuji Island.

Ying Jiuniang was crying and laughing all day long, holding a handkerchief embroidered with seven plum blossoms, and yelling frequently: "Meishan people, mountain people..."

Upon hearing this, Jiutian Xuannv knew that this Meishan citizen was on the rivers and lakes. The famous "Seven Wonderful Gods" couldn't help being furious.

In short, one of the "Seven Arts" of the "Seven Miao Gods" is the word "color". As everyone knows, the Seven Miao Gods have the most romantic affairs.

From this, Jiutian Xuannv thought that her sister had been manipulated by the "Seven Miaoshenjun" and had a nervous breakdown. When Miao Jiuniang died, the Jiutian Xuannv hated the people of Meishan even more, but she didn't know that his sister's madness was for Meishan. Min's "death" was not the reason she had expected.

It turns out that the jade-faced fairy fox and the "Seven Miao Shenjun" have the deepest emotions. When the "Seven Miao Shenjun" has been lost in the Wuhua Mountain, Miao Jiuniang went to avenge him on Kongtong Mountain alone, knowing that she is not the sword god. Li E's opponent was driven off Kongtong Mountain by Li E's scolding and sarcasm.

She was arrogant and humiliated. In addition, her lover was dead, and she lost her senses. She went crazy all day long. It didn't take long for this peerless beauty to lose her fragrant beauty.

Nine Heavens Profound Girl went to Zhongzhou again, trying to find Meishan people to settle the accounts, but she heard that the "Seven Miao Gods" was dead, she went back to the Wuji Island in shock, and it was another seven or eight years, and the couple did not. Did not leave the Wuji Island for a step, but tuned their daughter all day long.

The skills Zhang Jing has trained since childhood in the hands of her parents "Wu Heng Sheng" couple is also extraordinary.

She grinned her parents and came out with a broad vision, Wu Hengsheng really loved his daughter so much, so she took a boat and sailed up the river, preparing to visit Zhongzhou's scenic spots.

I didn't know that when Zhang Jingou stole ashore, the handkerchief he brought back was the same as the one with Jiu Niang's tears facing each other all day long.

Wu Hengsheng was furious when he saw the embroidered handkerchief. He had a profound vision, and he could see clearly what happened on the shore from the ship window.

When Xin Jie fled to the boat, he was still complimenting the person's wit. At this moment, he saw Zhang Jing nodding his head and turning to her wife and said, "It turns out that the Meishan people are not dead. They are on the boat outside at this moment."

Jiu Tianxuan women also conspire window and saw angrily: "this Sri Lanka has cheated a girl, such a person must no longer let him Liuzaishishang, whatever the outcome, we have to be a servant for the world In addition to this damage,"

Zhang Jing puppy love, just one side of the At the same time, he had a good impression of this "young man with big eyes". After hearing this, she looked at her mother with a pair of bright eyes. Hate so much.

Wu Hensheng smiled coldly and said: "This is natural." His body whirled and floated out of the window.

Xin Jie abandoned the oar, Ren Xiaozhou drifted along with the river, he leaned against the ship's side, still can't forget the shadow of the veiled girl just now.

Jin Meiling

licked her mouth and pointed at him and said: "You!" Xin Jie took advantage of her hand and smiled and asked, "What about me?"

"I know what you are thinking?" Jin Meiling let him hold his own. Hand, smiled and said, "You are still thinking about the girl just now."

Xin Jie smiled and said, "I was thinking about a girl." He put Jin Meiling's hand on his mouth and kissed him, "But I am not Thinking about that just now, I was thinking about this now."

Jin Meijiao smiled and said, "You are the worst." But her heart was sweet.

The two of them murmured and laughed, putting everything away, without thinking about it, each other only knew that there was only "you" in the world, and nothing was worthwhile except "you".

At least for this moment, Xin Jie felt that he felt that way. This girl gave him everything. Shouldn't he treat her like this? "

But Xin Jie really understands that so far, his own emotions have not had a fixed direction. His emotions for Jin Meiling seem to be more grateful than love. What

about the other party, Shaobi? He once thought he loved her. Yes, but now she died, she died for him, but he did not feel sad for this tragic fate of the girl. He sighed, rather than saying that he is amorous, it is more appropriate to say that he is a lover .

"but this is my fault? "He secretly said, "What can I do when a young girl makes it clear that she loves me?" "

Jin Meiling suddenly broke free of his hand, took out a book from her arms, and handed it to Xin Jie, "This is good for you." "

Xin Jie saw that the book is written by poison Jinyi Peng Jun" poison Ji ", lightly:" This is your dad's stuff, or put you there as well. "

Since he heard a story told by Jin Yipeng, he unconsciously forgot that Jin Meiling's "daddy" should be Hou Er.

But after he said it, he couldn't help but blame himself secretly, feeling that he had some sorry "Uncle Hou". , But this feeling is so weak, so weak that he can't tell whether he is ashamed? Or is it just a little uneasy.

Jin Meiling stuffed the poison into his arms and said: "It's better to leave it with you. , Put it on me bulgingly, so uncomfortable to death. "

She straightened her messy hair on her temples, blushed, and smiled and said: "You are really the same person, mine is not the same as yours." "

Xin Jie smiled, and carefully received the poison in his arms.

Since the first time he saw this thing, he was deeply fascinated by the things recorded in it. He was very curious, and he had to learn anything new and strange, and to know some desires. All these "poison caskets" contained some incredible poisons, relying on these, Jin Yipeng has been in the world for many years, making people in the martial arts intimidated by hearing it, so you can imagine the extraordinary effect of this "poison cage". And people are always most interested in "out of the ordinary" things.

What's more, people like Xin Jie who have a strong thirst for knowledge and have great ambitions for everything.

When he put away the poisonous book, his heart beat with ecstasy. At this moment, the setting sun will fall, and the sky will be full of sunset clouds, which will reflect the already yellow river water into a piece of rotten gold, and the water is rolling, and it is like countless golden snakes squirming there.

The setting sun shone on Jin Meiling's face, and she looked even more beautiful.

She turned her face, closed her eyes to avoid the strong light reflected from the water, and said softly: "I'm so hungry, Brother Jie, can you find something for me to eat?"

In fact, Xin Jie is not hungry. With a wry smile: "Wait for a while when we get to the shore, let's have a big meal..."

Jin Meiling rushed and said: "I want to eat ham and chicken soup and rock sugar elbow."

Xin Jie swallowed and smiled: "Right , rock sugar elbow. , And..." Suddenly, he stopped talking again.

Jin Meiling followed his eyes and saw a faint white figure floating from the window of the big ship, which looked like a plume of smoke.

Strangely, the smoke floated towards her own boat. Her expression changed, and she thought: "Looking at this kind of transcendent sanctification, it may be that girl again. Why did she run here again? Is she really right? ..."

Before she could finish her thoughts, the light smoke had stopped on their boat. Jin Meiling raised her eyes, but saw that she was a middle-aged scholar.

The boat never fluctuates at all because of this person's arrival.

Xin Jie was completely shocked by the sudden change. He vaguely felt that this person's coming was definitely not well-intentioned. This can be seen from the coldness of the corners of his mouth. Xin Jie thought about his ability and felt something very keenly. That is, he is by no means an opponent of this person.

This can be seen from his amazing physical strength, Xin Jie is secretly anxious: "If he really wants to be against us, I really don't have the power to deal with him."

This is what makes Xin Jie different from ordinary people. He can make a fair comparison between himself and others very quickly, and his judgment is often the most correct. This correct judgment enables him to have a cool head to think about how to deal with it.

Wu Hengsheng stood proudly on the bow of the boat, as stable as a stone statue, only the robe fluttered slightly with the wind on the river.

At this time, Jiutian Xuannv was explaining to her suspicious daughter why this happened.

Wu Hengsheng suddenly looked at Xin Jie.

His two cold and sharp gazes made Xin Jie feel a little uneasy, so Xin Jie laughed at himself: "How come I suddenly become so useless, even afraid of others' eyes."

In order to prove his courage, Xin Jie stood. He got up, bowed his hand

at the strange guest in white, and smiled: "Your Excellency, what do you do?" Wu Hengsheng still looked at him calmly, thinking about whether the "Seven Wonders" who is "the first person in China" can resist. He had three tricks, because Xin Jie seemed to be too young. No wonder Wu Hengsheng felt this way, so he proudly said, "Do it!"

Xin Jie was surprised. It is difficult for him to understand the stranger in white clothes. Suddenly asked him to do something, "I have no hatred with him." Xin Jie secretly thought.

Wu Hengsheng frowned and thought: "Anyway, he is also a famous person. If he doesn't do it first, I will do it first." So Wugensheng waved his left palm to Xinjie lightly.

Xin Jie is a self-awareness. Although he saw this palm seem to be unremarkable, but the changes contained in it were too many, so many that he did not dare to parry at will, because he clearly knew that, Only "not parry" is the best "parry".

Wu Hengsheng sneered, and thought: "This guy knows the goods." His right palm drew a half circle, swished out, and his left hand changed his move, changed his swing to push, his palms were filled with real power, he didn't want to tear it too much. Zang, because of that trick just now, he has tried out this "Seven Wonders of God" is really not a leisurely time, he wants to use the internal strength of decades of cultivation to win in one fell swoop.

Because in this small boat, the other party has no room to evade, and can only do their best to slap him.

However, Wu Hengsheng is a master of the different fruit, and he has a secret pan, plus decades of cultivation. The strength of his palm and the size of the world are unique. Although Xin Jie is also a wizard of heaven, But in the end, being young is far from being born without hate.