Poison of the Sword and Fragrance of Plum Blossoms - Chapter 2

Chapter 02

Xin Jie heard the girl in the car scream in surprise, and said: "You are evil..." But before she finished speaking, she suddenly stopped. Xin Jie knew that she had been restrained by Yu Yifei.

Sure enough, Yu Yifei shouted out of the car window: "Brother Xin go on." Xin Jie turned his head and saw that Yu Yifei had thrown a person out of the window. Xin Jie subconsciously stretched out his hand and easily followed her, but suddenly remembered. With their disguised identities, the whole body was weakened, and following the momentum of the throwing, the two fell to the ground together.

Xin Jie immediately felt a very soft and warm body pressing on him, and it happened to be facing him, breathlessly and vomiting on his face.

Xin Jie’s face was hot. He knew that the girl must have been spotted by Yu Yifei, but the girl was still sane. She saw that her face was touching a man’s face, and she heard each other. Suffering from not being able to move, so ashamed that he had to close his eyes.

Yu Yifei flipped in from the rear window and saw the two men curled up on a small area in the carriage. He laughed, stretched his ape arms, and picked up the girl.

Only then did Xin Jie struggle to get up, panting, and said complainingly: "Brother Yu doesn't know how can

he catch it." He saw that the girl had been placed on the seat by Yu Yifei. He smiled and said, "Brother Xin should be grateful to the little brother. For sending such a beautiful woman to your arms, he

blames the little brother for coming." Xin Jie saw that the girl was indeed a beautiful woman despite her messy hair and messy clothes. At the moment, she was still closing her eyes, with long eyelashes covering her eyes, and her plump chest was rising and falling sharply. Xin Jie thought of the scene just now, her face was hot again.

He cleared his throat hurriedly, concealing his embarrassment, and asked: "Why did this girl jump on the roof of the car I was waiting for late at night, please make me clear." The girl

heard it and opened her eyes suddenly. The way was black and white, and Qiu Shui’s divine vision swept across Xin Jie and Yu Yifei’s faces. They seemed to find that they weren’t the person they had imagined. When they felt relieved, a smile of relief appeared on their faces, and they opened their mouths to speak. But she immediately realized that apart from opening and closing her eyelids, she didn't even have the strength to speak.

Xin Jie glanced at the acupuncture technique used by Yu Yifei. Although it restrained people, it didn't hurt people. He couldn't help but secretly have a slight affection for Yifei, and felt that he still had a sense of measure.

Yu Yifei smiled, stretched out his hand very quickly under the girl's flanks, and patted her back. The girl let out a heavy breath, raised her hand, and her body could actually move.

At this time, the traffic has slowed down, the street outside is extremely quiet, shops and people have turned off their lights and went to sleep.

Suddenly, a voice with a rough throat shouted: "Side by shoulder, go up, the young man has entered the living kiln."

Yu Yifei's sword eyebrows are another Xuan, but the girl kneels on the ground, begging to say: "Two people Be sure to save me, these are not good people, they want to..."

Her face flushed and she couldn't speak anymore, but Xin Jie and Yu Yifei both understood what she meant, Yu Yifei It was the authentic martial arts school, and he couldn't help being furious, and said: "This kind of guy is too nasty, and he is acting wildly in this city." He turned his head and asked the girl: "Who are they, do you know them? "The

girl just shook her head, and there were "pounces" on the street outside the car, as if a few people had jumped from the house, the coachman also exclaimed, and then the voice of the rough throat was screaming. "Hey, stop this car for me."

Although Xin Jie couldn't do it himself, he knew that with Yu Yifei's skill, it was too easy to deal with this rogue-like robber, so he was quiet. Sitting on the ground, it depends on how Yu Yifei handles the matter, and also wants to see what Yu Yifei has achieved in swordsmanship.

The car stopped, and the girl shrank in a panic in the corner of the carriage, looking outside with fear.

Xin Jie also looked out and saw seven or eight men standing in front of the car with bright sharp knives in their hands.

One of them danced with the knife in his hand and said, "Hey! Listen to the people in the car. We are the brothers of the little dragon, He Xinxiong, the master of the lower Yangtze River. We passed by here today and didn’t want to disturb Liangmin. It’s just that there was someone from us just now. The woman who escaped from the boat, jumped into your car, you quickly put her down, nothing happened."

Yu Yifei snorted, pushed the car door, walked proudly, and screamed: "There are no women in this car, even if there are, they can't be handed to you."

Those guys saw Yu Yifei carrying a sword behind his back. , Speaking is not at peace, I don't know what he came from.

The man who had spoken earlier seemed to be the leader. He walked up at this moment, clasped his fists, and said, "A good friend is also an online friend. There is a place to make up for the report."

Yu Yifei raised his eyes and said coldly: "What kind of friendship is not friendship, the uncle doesn't understand this set, if you are witty and get out with your tail, otherwise you want to go but can't go. "

The man thought he was rigorous, but he knew that he was not stunned, and he didn't seem to see his group in his eyes. He cried out with anger, "Alright, you dare to want to die." While speaking, a stride rushed up, the blade flashed, and the "strength split Huashan" slashed towards Yifei's head.

On a fly to avoid not flash, he saw Daoguang has been on his head, his right hand stretched it out, with the food, the finger actually nipped straight Downward sword, waved his left hand, hoot said:. "Lie down,"

That guy really Obediently, as Yu Yifei waved his hand, he fell far to the ground. Xin Jie in the car felt a little disappointed when he saw that the man was so puffy. He had wanted to take this to see Yu Yifei's martial arts. Knowing that Yu Yifei raised his hand, he had solved one. The rest of the men were in chaos at once, but they were only worth three moves and two. If you talk about martial arts, you can't talk about it, but only because of the large number of people and bad battles. They met Yu Yifei. The masters of the inner family with stunts are exactly what they deserve to be unlucky. Seven or eight people came up with their knives, and they had not yet figured out what was going on. They had fallen into a haze, even Yu Yifei's clothes. Did not come across.

The man who fell to the ground first got up and suddenly exclaimed happily: "Okay, okay, the second master is here, let's stop side by side, and see if this kid is still swaying."

As expected, all the guys stopped. A tall, white-robed guy rushed forward. Some of his brothers fell to the ground, and some stood beside them with their swords in frustration. Standing beside the car as steady as a mountain, Yu Yifei understood what was going on. He frowned, walked up, and said to Yu Yifei, "This friend has invited me. If you don’t offend the river, could it be that your friend has something to do with the young lady and insists on setting up this beam. That’s to say, friends only need to report a million, if it is really a famous person, I will clap your hands and walk away immediately, this young lady counts. It's your friend." When

Yu Shifei heard the name of Bailong in Jiangli, he knew that this person was also a role, because in the area of the Yangtze River, although the waterway green forest was honoured by the dragon god He Xiong as the master, he was a big helper. Little things, however, are all made by Jiangli Bailong Sun Chaoyuan.

In this river, the white dragon not only has two kung fu on the water and on the land, but also has a lot of wisdom. In the Yangtze River area, it has a reputation. He has also heard his name when he walks around the rivers and lakes.

At this moment, he saw Jiangli Bailong's long stature, his eyes pierced, and he looked like a person, and he said: "In fact, this lady has nothing to do with someone, but I am not used to others bullying weak girls. I think that the person in charge of Sun’s house is also a well-known hero, why bother pressing a woman, just look at my Yu Yifei, let her spare her."

Di Juejian Yu Yifei is not really a character who is righteous and strong, just now Motivated by a moment of loyalty, he took care of the matter. Later, he regretted that he was nosy, why bother to forge such a strong hatred. At this moment, when he said this, he thought that Jiangli Bailong could sell his own face, and talked about it. Just forget the past, so as not to cause more trouble.

Then the white dragon in the river gave a startled cry, looked up and down at Yu Yifei a few times, and said: "It turns out that your excellency is Di Juejian Yu Erye in the'Kongtong Sanjue Sword'. In fact, with a word from your Erye, What can I say to let this young lady go. "

Yu Yifei happily thought that the white dragon in the river really knew what was good or bad, so Sun Chaoyuan went on to say, "It's just that this young lady is not a part of the bad gang, but someone else entrusted her to keep it." Our gang really can't afford to provoke this person. Speaking of which, Yu Erye may also know this person, and will sell him a friendship. "

To fly a busy and asked:" Who is this? "

Sun Yuanchao smiled mysteriously, pressed his left palm into the air, and made a gesture with a thumb of his right hand, and said, "It's him." When

Yu Yifei saw this hand gesture, his complexion changed and he groaned for a while, and said: "Since this young lady was entrusted by this person, of course there is nothing to say." He pointed to the inside of the car and said, "Well! This young lady is in the car.

Master Sun will do it by himself." Xin Jie was in the car. When I heard it, I was even more startled, and he secretly said: "This place Juejian Yu Yifei is quite famous, his martial arts is not weak, and he has a backing. Relying on the sword god Lie, he is so arrogant, why look at it. With this hand gesture, she obediently stopped talking. Isn’t the character represented by that hand incredible, but who is it?” The girl saw that

Yu Yifei calmly defeated those guys, just happy that she had already After being saved, Nazhi things became like this, she glanced at Xin Jie sadly.

Xin Jie only felt that her eyes seemed to pierce people's heart, and he was about to step forward to help him desperately, but he then thought of his mission and his ambitions for the future, a stronger force. , So that he suppressed the excitement at the moment.

In a blink of an eye, the Jiangli Bailong walked to the car, stretched his head and smiled and said to the girl: "Miss Fang, I think you should follow me obediently! What's the use of running away? With this skill in you , Do you want to escape somewhere?" The

girl shrank her body further in a corner and curled her whole body into a ball. Xin Jie looked at it and felt very uncomfortable. After thinking about it, she suddenly said, "Hurry up and go with someone. Right! Otherwise, when the girl saw Xin Jie's words, she stared at him fiercely. This look contained such resentment that Xin Jie's heart moved again and she had to suppress her emotions as much as possible.

Jiang Li Bailong stretched out his hand and pulled. She dragged her arms out, the girl waved her hand, resisted, and said bitterly: "Leave and go. If you drag the girl, you will be scolded. "

She suddenly back straight, stand to the ground, out of the carriage, then do not look Xinjie one.

River Bailong micro a schematic, there are two thick long Han Jia Zhu side of the girl's hands, although the maiden to struggle, But she has the brute force of those two big guys.

Sun Chaoyuan followed Yu Yifei with a fist, and said: "Daxia Yu raised his hands high today. Not only is my Sun and Mr. Sun grateful, it is also our Master He and the master. If we know it, we will have to report to the hero. Today Don't pass it this way." As he said, he left.

Yu Yifei stepped into the car in a distracted manner and grudgingly smiled at Xin Jie: "We are really boring today. Alas, if it wasn't for this lord, it would be

fine , but it would be him." Xin Jie asked hurriedly: "Who the hell is he? My little brother is in the dark." Yu Yifei shook his head and said: "There are things in the martial arts that Brother Xin can't understand, so I have a chance to talk about it in the next day."

Xin Jiezhi He didn't want to say it, anyway, he had plans at this time, so he didn't ask any more.

The car quickly arrived at the Shanmei Jewelry Store set up by Xinjie. It was a very large-scale store. The coachman encountered these things on the road, and he couldn’t wait to get back into the bed and sleep. At the moment, he was back home and jumped quickly. Get out of the car and knock on the door.

A sleepy statement in the store asked in an angry

tone : "Who is knocking at the door?" The coachman replied, "The boss is back." The voice immediately became enthusiastic and flattered, and shouted: "Come, come. It’s coming

, I’m coming soon. ” Yu Yifei seemed to feel that his face couldn’t hold back after this incident, listlessly. After entering the store, Xin Jie greeted him to go to sleep.

As the night got deeper, a figure suddenly appeared in the Shanmei Jewelry Store and flew towards the river bank.

That kind of superb light effort is indeed rare in martial arts. It only touches the roof a little and crosses far away, so that it looks like a smoky light, and the outline of his figure cannot be seen.

With dazzling eyes, the figure reached the river, but he didn't seem to know where his purpose was. He only floated on the river bank, looking for his goal.

At this moment, there are no lights on the boats moored on the shore, only a few fishing boats in Jiangxin, lighting up a scorpion fire, flashing a dim yellow color.

The image of the man was a little disappointed. After a pause, he suddenly flew like an eagle and landed on a larger merchant ship.

Then, he flew to the second and third ships, but none of them seemed to be what he was looking for.

Suddenly, he found that two large ships were mooring side by side far away from the shore, and one of the ships was still lit. Looking from a distance, there seemed to be a moving figure in the window.

Those two boats were still more than twenty feet away from the shore. Even if they were standing on the closest boat, they were still more than ten feet apart. He hesitated for a while, obviously the distance was indeed too far.

The wind on the river was so strong that lanterns hung on the boat and swayed in the wind. As soon as the figure stretched out his hand, he held the hanging lantern in his hand for a moment.

He seemed to have an idea suddenly, so he flew gently, put the lantern on the rope, and put the lantern on his feet.

So he gave a violent breath, and sprinted into the river in a violent stature, at least five or six feet away.

When he fell into the water, he patted the lantern tied to his feet flat on the surface of the water, and he took advantage of the momentum to jump three or four feet, and took a breath in the air, turned the side gracefully, and untied the lantern on his feet. inside.

At this moment, he was still five or six feet away from the two ships, but he saw him falling into the water as if he was exhausted, and suddenly before falling into the water, he swept flat on the surface of the water, holding it in his hand. The lantern was slapped on the water again, and the body was like a dragonfly copying the water, falling silently on the two boats, as if there was no weight.

All this was wonderful and amazing, even he himself was secretly happy, the starlight reflected his eyes behind a veil embroidered with plum blossoms, flowing triumphant brilliance.

He straightened a long sword of ancient form that was slanting behind his back, and scattered it to the window where the light was still lit. He looked in through the gap in the window and saw a table of Eight Immortals in the boat. , There were two men drinking wine at the table. There were a few dishes on the table. He recognized that one of them was Jiangli Bailongsun Chaoyuan. "He thought to himself: "This other person must be the little dragon god He Xinxiong. "

Then he flew to the other window very quickly. Although there was no light in the window, there was still some light due to the light of the adjacent window. He looked sideways and saw that there was indeed someone lying on the bed inside, staring at two. With big eyes, looking at the window panel, I don't know what I'm thinking.

He put his palm on the window paper, and for a while, the window paper seemed to be melted by the heat, and it broke a large piece silently. The woman still didn’t realize it, as if what she was thinking was a problem she was very concerned about. I didn't pay attention to other things at all.

Suddenly, he no longer worried that he would make a sound, and when he reached out his hand to pat the window, the window was smashed to pieces.

Then he rushed to the bed in a flash and reached out to the "Yongquan Point" next to the panicked woman's feet, and stopped the woman's unnecessary exclamation and movement.

At this moment, the two people sitting outside had rushed in at the same time, and sternly asked: "Who is it?" But

he held the woman sideways, his figure moved slightly, and he passed through the two people's side, stabbing the ground. Sit on the chair beside the table, and leaned the woman leaning against the table.

Those two are really the masters of the Yangtze River Waterway, Xiaolong God He Xinxiong and Jiangli Bailong Sun Chaoyuan, and they are not weak in martial arts, but at the moment they are wiped by the person's own side, and they can't help but be shocked.

They shoved a turn around, surprised to find that people have been sitting front cabin, did not escape the way, the mind is a strange, small Dragon He Xinxiong shouted: "?? Who is a friend to this ware,"

the man clear the land He smiled up to the sky and pointed to the embroidered handkerchief covering his face and said, "Don’t you know this?"

The embroidered handkerchief is a rose pink silk, embroidered with seven bright red plum blossoms. There are also small dragon gods and white dragons walking in rivers and lakes. For more than ten years, suddenly remembered a person at the same time.

But this person has been extinct for ten years, and it is rumored that he has been lost in the hands of the heads of the four major sects. How can he appear here again at this moment, the little dragon god can't help but wonder: "Aren't you—?" That person was another moment. Long laughed, interrupted the words of the little dragon god, and then yelled: "Hainei Zun Qi Miao." The

sound persisted, and he drew out the long sword after he suddenly shook it obliquely, and suddenly felt the sword's shadow heavy, the sword flowered a little, shaking. Seven circles like plum blossoms were formed, and the sword suddenly retracted and turned around.

He drew his sword and slashed it almost at the same instant, looking like the little dragon god and the white dragon in the river, he only felt that seven twinkling plum blossoms swept in front of them, and immediately disappeared. At this time, where is their heart? There was also a sense of suspicion, and he blurted out: "Seven Wonderful Gods", and suddenly half of his body was almost weak in fright.

It is said that Jiangli Bailong Sun Chaoyuan and the little dragon god He Xinxiong are the masters of the green forest on the Yangtze River. They can also be regarded as famous figures in the martial arts. How can they hear the title of "Seven Wonders God" immediately Scared like this.

But it should be noted that the reputation, status and martial arts of the "Seven Miaoshens" in the martial arts can be said to be unparalleled, and the famous hand is hot, and they often kill people by talking and laughing.

Seven wonderful gods had been away from the rivers and lakes for ten years, but at this moment they suddenly appeared on the boat of both of them, but could not see the expressions on his faces, and a chill arose from his spine and went straight to the top of his head.

Jiangli Bailong Sun Chaoyuan, who is known for his alertness, was a little calm, and saw that the girl surnamed Fang was being held by the Seven Miao Gods, knowing that he would definitely come for this, and he thought to himself: "Long heard about the Seven Miaos The last art in the "seven arts" of the gods is the word for sex. It must be for this woman today. Anyway, this woman has another master. I am happy to ignore it and wait until that person comes. difficult to provoke the rivers and lakes to enjoy long-name characters, one is the beginning of the rivers and lakes will Jingzhen devil martial arts, just a fight. "

he thought to this, and my heart then it calmed down, said:" the long-awaited gods dead, who had been privileged to think of today's younger generation Seeing above the gods, the junior dared to guess, the gods came to our boat late at night, but for this woman."

Seven Miao gods sneered again, and said, "Your Excellency is very clever."

Sun Chaoyuan gave a dry smile and said: "Since it is the meaning of the gods, the younger generation dares to violate it, but this woman is entrusted to the younger generation by others..." The

Seven Miao gods snorted and said: "What if others entrusted them, can't the Seven Miao gods take people away? ? it "

Sun Chao far busy, said:" the younger generation do not mean just the younger generation do not know whether your predecessors left behind a keepsake, so that the younger generation Ye Hao others have confessed. "

Sun Chao Yuan said when the remark, really pinching a cold sweat, He knows that the Seven Miao Gods have a weird nature. Maybe this sentence provokes his temper, so I am afraid that it will be ugly at the time, but if I don't say it, there is another character he can't afford to provoke.

Unexpectedly, the Seven Miao Gods pondered for a while, took out a gold medal, and threw it on the table, saying: "This card is my token. If someone is not convinced by my Seven Miao Gods, just say it and don’t want him. Look for me, I will look for him.”

Sun Chaoyuan, He Xinxiong hoped that the Seven Miao Gods would do this, but he didn’t expect that he would agree so easily. They couldn’t help but have the same two thoughts in their hearts, that is, the master of the rivers and lakes. The Seven Wonders, who are afraid of hearing it, don't seem to be as perverse and terrible as in the legend.

However, how do they know that there is another hidden secret in this, this seven wonderful gods is no longer the seven wonderful gods ten years ago.

They gazed at the gold medal on the table with joy, and saw seven plum blossoms cast on it.

Following the words, Qi Miao Shenjun hugged the girl in his arms and walked out of the cabin.

Looking at a piece of river water, the seven wonderful gods murmured secretly in his heart. At this moment, there is one more person in his hand. How can he fly across the river surface of more than twenty feet with the supreme effort like just now.

But he couldn't ask others to prepare a boat to send him over. Wouldn't it mean that he had lost his identity.

He looked at the heart of the river, but found that the lantern he had just used to fly across the river was floating on the surface of the river at a distance of six feet from the ship, and he thought in his heart: "If I use the scent in the dark incense floating shadow Wenshili's body technique may be able to cross this section of the river, but for this'xiangwenshili' body technique, I only sit in a stone room to practice qi, but I have never used it before. Besides, there is still one person in my hand. If one is not good, Isn't it even more embarrassing

? Although it is the key to the practice of internal strength, it incorporates the wonderful body technique of the light energy. This method of practicing internal strength and light energy together is the reason of the Qi Miao God's light function single-step martial arts.

This idea thought quickly in his heart, and at this time, Sun Chaoyuan and He Xinxiong also came to the bow.

The little dragon god bowed his fist and said: "The gods come and go in a hurry, and the younger generations have not been able to admire them all, but I hope that in the future, I can see the gods again and learn a little."

Seven Miao Shenjun waved his hand slightly, and thought again in his heart: "Look at their respectful look to me. You can know the status of the four words'Seven Miao Shenjun' in the martial arts. From now on, this'Seven Miao Shenjun' four I'm going to carry it forward."

He thought so far, and without thinking about it, he even pushed the girl's body straight away.

His internal strength was amazing, but the girl's body, like an arrow from the string, flew straight out.

Jiangli Bailong and Xiaolong God He Xinxiong Qi were all startled. I don't know what he did.

Knowing that the other party left his hand, he also flew straight out, and he was even more anxious than the thrown girl. At the tip of her toes, she found the lantern floating on the water. At this time, the girl's body was also flying.

He put out his hands and gently supported the girl's body. The person floated with the castration, with his toes still on the lantern.

Sun and He looked from a distance, only to feel that he was flying in the air, like a god, and they were even more shocked in their hearts.

In this way, he slid ten meters away on the surface of the river with a superb posture, only six or seven meters away from the shore.

There was a slight joy in his heart, that knowing how to use this kind of inner family skill, his mind was not loose at all, he was joyful, and his feet sank, he knew that the true energy was going to dissipate, and his heart was shocked again.

Suddenly he felt that the sinking lantern suddenly rose up again. It turned out that at this moment, a wave surged and held the sinking lantern down. He practiced light work to the subtle point, even the power of the fly. He lifted his body, not to mention that this force is stronger than the waves that are tens of thousands of times stronger; his mind moved slightly, and his body floated with the rising momentum of the lantern. When the wave was the highest, he stepped hard on his toes, and his figure bowed. He flew out.

Although he was holding a person in his hand, when he flew in the air, his figure was still so peaceful and beautiful, and his broad clothes fluttering with the river breeze, the situation is hard to describe.

By the time he fell this time, he was already on the shore. He was exhausted and stood still for a while, mixed the true energy in his body, and put the girl's hands flat, a few extremely fast Jumping forward, flying towards the city. Dazzling then disappeared in the darkness.

When the girl woke up, she found herself in an extremely gorgeous room. It was a gorgeousness she had never enjoyed before, and even the bed she was sleeping on was so soft and warm.

The fringed tent hanging on the bed and the quilt made of brocade. The room is not what a commoner can dream of. She stretched her limbs, and the moment she woke up, all of this really made her She was confused.

Then, she suddenly remembered that she was trapped in the boat. A sudden figure made

Bianbi her "make her unconscious. After that, she didn't know anything. But now why would she lie here again?" ?

she is more confused, she remembered it all encountered more than two months, but so far the rest of her life long time more than the total volume, this is not a strange thing it.

she remembered her "home" It was a peaceful and comfortable home. His father Fang Yunqi opened a small martial arts school in the local area. He accepted 30 or 40 students. Although he was not very wealthy, he was well-off. A resident of the small city. She also respected them very much. But one day. She thought that was the day when bad luck began. A gorgeously dressed young man broke into her life and made her lose peace and comfort.

But her parents were so happy with the boy’s life. When I came back, I asked me to call him brother, and later I called him elder brother, and told me that his name was Jin Jian, his father’s biological son who had been missing for more than ten years.

I began to wonder why the father’s biological son was named Jin and was missing For so long.

My father told me that in the past ten years or so , he has encountered many strange things outside, and there is a very capable person who taught him martial arts.

Although I heard these things interesting, But somehow, I have an unspeakable dislike for my "Brother Chu". He is always so yin and yang, and his eyes are fierce, cruel, and cold. He looks like he wants to It’s like someone else eats it.

But these are not the worst. The worst is that my father suddenly asked me to marry me. I was so scared to death. How can my sister marry my brother? My father told me. , I am not his biological daughter, and I also said how big the talents are and how big the status is outside.

I refused. I refused. My father became angry and said, "If you don't marry, you must marry."

I don't know how long I have been crying. Brother Nazhang suddenly stood beside me. I don't know how he came in. He asked me why I refused to marry him and said,'He likes me very much. "At this time, I hate it. I hate my father for why I must marry him. If he doesn't say anything, I will say angrily, "As long as his father and mother are killed, I will marry him," he stood. After a while, I went out. I originally said a moment of anger: "After knowing it for a while, he held his father in one hand and his mother in the other. He walked into the room and threw it on the ground. Look, yeah, his father and mother were really killed by him."

At this time, I was so scared that I couldn’t speak. I never thought he was so inhumane. I cried, made troubles, and scolded. He just Standing there coldly, without saying a word.

I was even more scared. I knew that there was no other way to escape from him except death. So I picked up the knife and killed myself. Then when he moved my knife, my knife ran into his hand. "

In this way, I will die, but I am more determined not to marry him. One day he said: "Don't think that I really can't help you." In fact, I have a little hand, I can do what I want you, but I really like you so much that I don't want to force you. "

He looked at me day and night, and one night I heard a strange sound, like a bird's call, but also like a monkey's cry. He heard it too, and his complexion immediately became so ugly."

This night, He hadn't slept, was thinking, and took me away the next day. I already knew that he did have incredible skills. I was afraid that if he was strong, I would have no choice, so I had to follow him. After walking for a long time, when he reached the bank of the Yangtze River, he looked around, found a small boat, and said a few words that were worthless to me. After a while, two big boats came from the shore, and he did not wait for the boat to get to the shore. , I jumped on board with me. The people on the boat looked like he was coming. They were all surprised and scared. They all asked him respectfully what was wrong, so he left me on the boat and told them to guard me. , And if you want to treat me well, you leave by yourself.

I lay on the boat for two days before I realized that it was a robber boat. There was a leader named Xiao Shenlong and a surnamed Sun, who was very kind to me, but called a robber with a clean face and a beard to look at me day and night, not allowed. I'm like this, I'm not allowed to be like that.

One night, the beard drank a lot of alcohol, and suddenly fell on me, touched me, kissed me, and insulted me even more. My mouth was blocked by them again, and I wanted to scream but couldn’t scream.

At this moment, the surnamed Sun came and pulled the beard up and said that he was going to kill him. The beard was in a hurry, so he fought him. I saw it and took the opportunity to escape from the boat. NS.

Nazhi was later arrested by them. The two people I met on the road looked like heroes, but they weren't useful at all, especially that one.

After I was caught on the boat again, they actually sailed the boat to Jiangxin, and I knew there was no way to escape. Besides, it was the person named Sun who looked at me personally, but why did he come to this place now? Is this their robber den? "

She lay down on the bed, the past was like a dream, scenes flashing from her heart, this wandering and helpless young girl, at this moment with knotted intestines, lay down on the bed, and swallowed.

Suddenly she heard someone coughing behind her . , She jumped up in shock and sat on the bed to see, but she met in the car, the young man she thought was the most useless.

Xin Jie was looking at her with a smile and said: "Girl, wake up NS? "She was even more weird. How could this young man suddenly come here? Could it be that this is his home? Did he save herself? She was

stunned for a while and could n't speak. Xin Jie again He smiled and said: "The girl does not have to be suspicious. Although she is incompetent, she has a very capable friend who rescued the girl from the boat. It is better for the girl to stay here for a while. No one will harass the girl. After

Xin Jie finished speaking, without waiting for her consent, he turned and walked out, walked through several rooms, and walked to the hall, only to see Yu Yifei sitting there sipping tea, and when he saw him coming, he stood up. He smiled and said: "Why did Brother Xin get up so late, the little brother has gone to the front for a while, and he heard the shopkeeper talk about something. "

Xin Jie smiled and said, "How can my little brother compare to Brother Yu, I am getting up early today." Then

he asked, "What is the strange thing that Brother Yu has heard?"

Yu Yifei said, "Last night. Several fishermen on the river bank all said that they saw the dragon king Jiang Xin, walking up and down on the surface of the water. This morning, it spread to Wuhan."

Xin Jie snorted in his heart, knowing that he was on the surface of the river last night. Performed light work, but was recognized by those fishermen as the dragon king and saintly.

Yu Yifei said again: "From my younger brother's point of view, that's just a man of light work and wonderful work on the surface of the river."

Xin Jie frowned and said: "If he can walk freely on the surface of the river, isn't this person's light work?

Has it really reached the point of flying with Qi?" Yu Yifei smiled: "Brother Xin really thinks that the man is'walking at will'? The younger brother thinks that most of them are fishermen, so it's a mystery, but in a nutshell, this I must be a good hand, but when I suddenly appeared in Wuhan, did it come to me, Yu Yi?"

Xin Jie suppressed a smile and said, "Brother Yu is too worried. Then Li Zhihua just asks for help. Come on!"

Yu Yifei blushed,

and said hurriedly : "I'm not afraid of him asking for help, it's just a bit weird." Xin Jie was afraid of him getting embarrassed, so he hurriedly changed the subject and said, "Little brother arrived in Wuhan for the first time. Brother Yu has been walking around

for a long time. He must have come a lot. I don’t know if I can walk around with my little brother." Yu Yifei said: "This is natural." The

two came out of the shop and did not take a car . They walked on the street at will. The important town of Ezhong is also a distribution center for cargo transportation on the Yangtze River. The streets are bustling and lively, and it is extraordinary. Xin Jie has been living in the stone room for ten years. This time, he is very happy to see this colorful world, and the advanced level of cultivation. .

The two of them used some wine and food in the restaurant at will, and then turned back to the shop. When the shopkeeper saw that the owner was back, he greeted him with a flattery and said, "Master is back." Xin Jie nodded slightly.

The shop clerk said: "Just now, two guests came to visit the master, one with the surname Meng and the other with the surname Fan. The little one knew it was a famous town in the city, so they entertained them and they are still inside at the moment."

Xin Jie smiled and turned to Yu Yifei and said, "I didn't expect Fan Zhentou and Meng Zhentou to worship back and forth today." He

said that and Yu Yifei walked in.

When Fan Zhicheng saw the two of them walking in, he laughed and said, "The two are really nice. They ran out shopping so early in the morning, but they went to Fenglin Ban."

Xin Jie said: "Brother Fan had to make fun of him, but it made the two wait a long time. The younger brother is really uneasy." The

four made fun for a while, and the silver gun Meng Bo suddenly said to Yi Fei: "I am waiting for coming today, except for worshipping back. Xin Xiong addition, there is a big thing to say and to know ...... brother, "

Meng Bo from the Road:" that Warren a decade ago on the lakes 'seven wonderful gods' last night suddenly appeared in the Wudang. "

in After hearing this, Yi Fei's face changed, and he said, "I'm afraid it's impossible! According to the family master once said to the younger brother, ten years ago in the Wuhua Mountain, the Seven Miao God Sovereign was caught in the palm of the master, and was also touched by the palm of the master. The clergyman tapped two acupuncture points with his seven absolute hands. How can he live to this day?"

Meng Boqi said, "This is absolutely true. The younger brother has a great friend named Jiangli Bailong Sun Chaoyuan, and Brother Yu must have known this too. Human, I saw the Seven Miao

Gods with my own eyes last night." Yu Yifei's expression became more ugly, but Xin Jie sat down and looked attentively listening.

Meng Boqi went on to say: "Brother Sun Chaoyuan came to the little brother early this morning and told the little brother about the incident, and told the little brother to pay special attention to the situation in the past few days, saying that there is going to be a storm in the rivers and lakes."

Jin Gong Shen He flicked and said: "In fact, Brother Meng is too worried. No matter how big the storm is, he won't be able to provoke you or me, so let him fight his personality. What's up with you and me?"

Xin At this time, Jie was at a loss and said: "The little brother has also heard of a strange man in the martial arts, the Seven Wonders God Sovereign.

Fan Zhicheng said: "Speaking of this person, there has been a lot of talk in the arena recently. Everyone only knows his last name is Jin, and he is known as the'devil', but no one knows his origins. He has only been in the arena for a few years. He has done several amazing things. It is said that not only the martial arts is incredible, but also the vicious methods are unbelievable. The leader of the martial arts in the two rivers, "Eight Fengyou Shenzhang Hu Dazhi" somehow offended him, and was actually singled by him. Ma, killed the entire gate overnight. At that time, the well-known swordsman'Eight Steps to Cicada Gul Sword' and'Five Tiger Broken Door Sword Peng Tianqi' were also present, but these three famous martial arts masters did not. He could be beaten by one person, and all were

dealt with badly. This time the Seven Miao Gods took his girl, how would he give it up." Yu Yifei said with a cry, and said to Xinjie: "I can't think of the woman last night. Miao Shenjun also moved his hands."

He pondered for a long while, and then said: "This time the Seven Miao Shenjun's emphasis on people is indeed a major event. After this matter, the younger brother will immediately return to Kongtong and report to the master, the demon. No

matter how beautiful the excitement of Jin Zhan and Qi Miao Shenjun is, the younger brother has no intention of watching it." Xin Jie cursed inwardly, and said: "You have to watch my excitement, don't you know that your own excitement is better?"

Yin Gun Meng Boqi sighed and said: "The martial arts has been calm for nearly ten years, and I knew it must be the prelude to the big storm in the square. As expected, at first glance, there will be a bloody storm in the rivers and lakes. The five major martial arts sects in the Central Plains have their own After the disputes, now the Seven Miao

Gods are heavy on the rivers and lakes, plus the gods and gods, oh!" The Golden Bow and the magic bullet also said with a sad face: "The chaos in the rivers and lakes does not stop there. 'Haitian Shuangsha' Tiancan and Tianfei brothers are said to be very quiet and want to regain their prestige. Our escort line of food is already eaten with blood at the edge of the knife. In this way, this line of food seems to be unsatisfactory. Now."

Xin Jie was shocked when he heard the four words "Haitian Shuangsha". Fortunately, the three of them were thinking about their own thoughts and did not notice his actions.

He said, "Does both Haitian and Shuangsha really have to

pay more attention to people?" Golden Bow God Bullet looked at him strangely and said, "How can Brother Xin know the martial arts characters so clearly, but fortunately Brother Xin is not in the martial arts. People, no matter how big the storm is on the rivers and lakes, it won't get entangled in Brother Xin's head."

Xin Jie smiled, of course they wouldn't notice the strangeness of his laughter.

Three days later, Di Jue Sword Yu Yifei was black, so he sat quietly in the room, adjusting his breath and movement. Xin Jie met, can not help but secretly nod, speculation and said:. "No wonder this land must fly sword in a name full of rivers and lakes, although Jiaokuang others, but you hear the real enemies, but not sloppy,"

Ion night there half At that time, Yu Yifei packed up, put the long sword close and properly slanted behind him, tried it without hindrance to his hands, and walked out of the room.

Xin Jie was wandering in the yard waiting for him. The moonlight was very clear. At this time, the moon was in the middle of the sky. After Yu Yifei walked out of the yard, he saw Xin Jie still wandering and asked: "Brother Xin, why don't you have a rest earlier? What's wrong, please rest assured Brother Xin."

Xin Jie secretly said: "This man is a straight man, and he still thinks I care about him." After thinking about

this, Yu Yifei really got a lot of benefits in the future, but it was not. Yifei can expect it.

Xin Jie smiled and said, "Brother Yu doesn't know that the younger brother is the best martial artist. With such a lively scene, how can the younger brother not go?"

Yu Yifei shook his hand and said, "Brother Xin can't go, just imagine Brother Xin has no hands. The power of the chicken, when you arrive at the murder place, if one of the younger

brothers can’t take care of him, and teach others to hurt Brother Xin’s daughter, the younger brother will never be able to bear the burden of this day.” Xin Jie said: “It’s Brother Yu. ? go without a little brother, little brother also followed the rush, those with no complaints Wu Chou brother, why would the younger brother how to do "

on a fly exclaimed:" Xin Xiong both insisted that, little brother can not be discouraged, but When the time comes, Brother Xin must remember not to move, stand aside and take a look, it is not impossible."

Xin Jie said: "This little brother will take care of it." The

two drove to the shore, Xin Jie had already prepared the ferry, when crossing to the other side. , It happens to be the time of Zizheng.

The Yellow Crane Tower was by the Dutou, and there was an open space downstairs. It was originally a gathering place for street vendors during the day, but it was midnight, and the empty place had been empty for a long time. Yu Yifei said strangely: "How can there be no one under Wudang Gate? Come here, their shelfs are a bit too big!"

Xin Jie smiled slightly and said: "The Wudang faction is the seat of the Central Plains martial arts faction, so the style is naturally different."

Yu Yifei snorted, and couldn't help but deepen his grudge against the Wudang faction.

The two were waiting anxiously, Xin Jie suddenly saw the three people walking in the distance, and blurted out: "Come, here."

Yu Yifei went with the reputation and found that he hadn't thought about it carefully. Why Xinjie looked faster than him.

The three people thought they could see them, their bodies rising like flying, they were not far apart, and they came to the front with dazzling eyes. Yu Yifei saw that the first one was actually the Wudang faction and the group of swords came later. The most outstanding person is Shenhe Zhanping, and the second person is Wudang's head and apprentice Lingfeng Swordsman.

The last person was Li Zhihua, the root of the trouble.

Yu Yifei moved in his heart and thought: "Today, I didn't expect that the god crane Zhanping and Lingfeng swordsman would come together. Both of them are said to be the most outstanding masters of the second generation of Wudang. If you start, I will resist one person. There is not much difference, if he and the two are on the same side, it will be hard to

tell ." He knew that the Ling Fengjian and the Shenhe Zhan Ping had come here, but they made up their minds to humiliate the Di Jue Sword.

In recent years, although the Wudang faction still holds the best of all factions in the Central Plains martial arts, in fact, the Kongtong faction's sword god Lie defeated eleven opponents' famous swordsmen in a row in Taizhe and obtained the'Tenth Sword in the World'. After the name of', the momentum has surpassed Wudang in many places.

Therefore, the two factions of Wudang Kongtong have created a situation of mutual hatred. Kongtong who is dissatisfied with Wudang is still advertised as "authentic in the inner family and the leader of the martial arts factions." In recent years, he has become increasingly domineering and hateful.

The disparity between the two factions has been around for a long time, but it has always hindered face, and there is no fuse.

Among the Wudang faction, the god crane Zhanping is the most arrogant. He is quite talented and hardworking. Although he is young, he has learned the truth about Wudang and wants to do something earth-shattering all the time. He became famous, and secondly he wanted to revitalize the power of the Wudang faction.

And the three factions of Diancang, Emei, and Kongtong each have secret skills. Why don't you want to be a leader? The martial arts faction is always waiting for opportunities, just because the time has not arrived.

Although Mei Shanmin hadn't left home for ten years, how could such a delicate situation in the martial arts be concealed from him.

He has a deep resentment towards these five sects. After Xin Jie's skills are achieved, he certainly wants Xin Jie to avenge himself in the Wuhua Mountain, but he knows that Xin Jie alone, wants, wants to deal with the martial arts. The “five major sects” deeply rooted in China are really impossible. This is how he awarded Xinjie. Let the five sects kill each other, and then defeat them one by one.

Meishan’s people’s livelihood is inherently remote, and after he strayed, he became even more radical about the matter. Therefore, he would never think about what kind of turmoil was going on in the martial arts, not to mention how many people would die because of this. Xin Jie was lonely as a child, and he also had a strange view of the world.

When Yu Yifei saw Lingfeng Swordsman, Shenhe Zhanping and Jiugongjian came to the front, smiled coldly, and said: "Oh, I can’t think of it, I can’t think of it, but a martial arts pawn in the area of Yifei worked with Lingfeng Swordsman and Shenhe. The two heroes of

Zhan ." Shenhe Zhanping didn't wait for the senior brother to speak, and turned his lips back: "The three great swords in Kongtong are full of famous names. There will be me and the Wudang faction right there, and I will listen to the younger brother when he comes back. Knowing that with our two-handed and three-legged cat swordsmanship, we are absolutely not the enemy of Kongtong swordsman, but I, Zhan, is not able to help, but I want to ask Yu Daxia's tactics."

Yu Yifei looked over and smiled at the side. Li Zhihua, the Jiugong Sword, said that he might say something more ugly in front of them, but he was arrogant and wanted to find the Wudang school. In this way, he was in the middle of his arms and said coldly: "Daxia Zhan is really too much. You're polite,

I'm not good at words, so I have to ask for advice under his hand." He said that I can't speak to you, but he is unambiguous under his hand, Lingfeng Swordsman, Shenhe Zhanping , They are all shrewd and capable roles who have been in the world for a long time, how can there be no reason to hear.

Lingfeng Swordsman sneered and said: "Yu Daxia is really quick to talk, it couldn't be better." He looked at Xin Jie sideways and said, "This is..."

Yu Yifei said, "This is my friend Xin Jie. I have been admiring Wudang swordsmanship for a long time.

Jiugong Sword Li Zhihua rushed and said, "This is the boss Xin I mentioned to my senior."

Lingfeng Swordsman screamed, looked up and down Xin Jie a few times, smiled and gave Xin Jie a fist.

Xin Jie also hurriedly smiled and replied.

Shenhe swept forward and said: "Then I will learn from the heroes first."

Although the two are polite on the surface, they have murderous intentions in their hearts, and they both deliberately destroy each other under the sword. It's not the mentality of asking for advice in martial arts.

Therefore, the two of them did not answer even more.

Xin Jie had already stood far away at this time, as if he was afraid that the sword light would fall on him.

At this moment, a few people suddenly rushed to the shore, and you can see that the skill is not weak under the footsteps.

Shenhe Zhanping changed his color and asked, "Yu Daxia has hired a lot of helpers," he said with a sneer.

Di Juejian Yu Yifei was also shocked. Several people walked closer and stopped. They stood aside and did not come over. Yu Yifei took a look, but it was the golden bow magic bullet Fan Zhicheng and the silver spear Meng Bo lifted up. And several famous figures in Wuhan.

These people are familiar with both sides, but they only hold their fists from a distance, obviously to watch the excitement.

Di Jue Sword Yu Yifei didn't let anyone else make sense, and said coldly: "Although Yu is not a talent, he won't find a helper." What

he meant was that Yu Yifei came single-handedly, and you came. But more than one person.

Shenhe Zhanping snorted coldly, his face was pale, his footsteps were wrong, his backhand was gripped, the sword was out of the box, and he said: "It's arrogant." Qingguang quickly took it straight from Yifei's shoulder blade.

Wudang was originally a swordsmanship of the inner family and was not known for its lightness, but the sword of Shenhe Zhanping was just a false move, and did not display the essence of Wudang swordsmanship.

Yu Yifei stared at the sword head, waited until the tip of the sword was in front of him, then suddenly withdrew, his heel half-turned, the sword light flashed, I don't know when he had already withdrawn the long sword in his hand, taking advantage of the situation, and making a move. It is Kongtong’s Zhenshan swordsmanship. The “Flying Dragon First Appearance” sword in the “Shaoyang Nine-Year Pose” brings wind and thunder.

This "Shaoyang Nine-Yi Pose" was sharpened by the sword god Li E based on Kongtong’s original sword technique. The sword god Li E obtained the title of “The World's Number One Sword” ten years ago with this sword technique. Head, famous all over the world, from this one can imagine the power of this swordsmanship, it is extraordinary.

"As soon as an expert makes a move, he will know if there is any." Di Jue Sword Yu Yifei sword light a bunch, Shenhe Zhanping knows that he has indeed encountered a strong enemy today. He suddenly sinks his elbow and frustrates his wrist. Wrist.

This move is even cutting and hitting, but it does not show the edge, which is exactly the coup in Wudang's "Nine Palaces Sword".

Yu Yifei said in a deep voice: "Good swordsmanship!" The sword light withdrew, and then rose again, and the sword shadow immediately put a sword around him, amidst the dazzling light, the sword body burst from top to bottom. The sword is cut, it is the "Shenlong presents the tail" in the "Shaoyang Nine-Yi Pose".

Shenhe Zhanping made a clear whistle, and Lingfeng Swordsman was so angry that his junior was so angry because of the origin of Zhanping's "Shenhe" name, that is, every time he kills, he will inevitably make a whistle.

Sure enough, the sword of the god crane Zhanping was like a rainbow, stepping on the position under his feet, and every sword issued, it must be the key to Yu Yifei.

Xin Jie watched it, but it was exactly what he wanted. He knew that as long as one of the two was injured, it would be impossible.

The swordsmanship of the two was derived from famous masters. The "Shaoyang Nine-One Style" moves are exquisite, Yu Yifei's internal strength is thick, and the swords and swords carry the sound of wind and thunder, which seems to be amazing.

But Wudang's "Nine Palaces Sword" has been respected for decades in the Central Plains martial arts, and its moves are steady, but it is a chain of swords, and its moves are straight like the water of the Yangtze River, and it is endless.

When the two of them moved their hands, dozens of them met each other, and everyone felt that the sword light was dazzling, and the sword energy filled the sky.

It was Xin Jie who also secretly nodded and praised "Wudang" and "Kongtong" for being famous.

He watched every move secretly, and felt that although the swordsmanship of the two of them was tight, there were still gaps exposed, even though the gap was in a place where ordinary people would never make a move.

He smiled secretly, and suddenly understood that there are some seemingly useless moves in "Swordsmanship of Qiuzhi", which were designed to face these gaps, and he learned that Meishan people studied the heavens and humans, and when the "Swordsmanship of Rainbow Branches" was first established. , Has already understood the weaknesses of the various schools in the Central Plains.

After dozens of moves passed, the two of them still did not decide the victory or defeat, and the sky was covered by a dark cloud, covering the moonlight, the earth became darker, and the sword light of the two men became more dazzling.

For a moment, it rained violently. It rained heavily in the night, and the raindrops were quite heavy. The onlookers hurriedly hid under the eaves of the Yellow Crane Tower, but the two men in their hands were still fighting fiercely in the rain.

These two people can be said to represent the essence of the second generation of "Kongtong" and "Wudang". Although they are not disciples in charge, they are both highly prestigious. They also know the seriousness of today's battle, so they are both They were so absorbed in that they couldn't even care about the rain.

Suddenly, there is the sound of singing in the rain came, someone singing: "There was once a JiangTaiGong, not with the seventy, Dan Zhao took to the streets to sell flour, but hit the rain and wind."

Morohito Ju Dou Daqi, in the middle of the night, no one would sing the lotus flower.

The singing was getting closer and closer. I saw someone shaving and dragging in the rain, singing and knocking at each other with two long sticks in their hands. Everyone was even more surprised and surprised.

The man laughed when he saw someone competing with swords, and sang as he slapped: "Haha, it’s so lively, scratching, the two are really lively, scratching, there is a Xueli Temple in Yangzhou, and there is a series in Zhenjiang. ......" While singing, walked under the porch chair, sat next to Xin Jie, and sang: "There is a good place in front of Cong. What is the name Fengyang? Fengyang came out with Zhu Hongwu. There have been nine years of famine, bang bang spear, bang bang spear..."

He sang and knocked, making a noise, as if there was no one beside him. When Jin Gong Shen Dan saw him dressed and dressed, he looked like a flower, but his head and face were clean and his hands were clean. White as jade, with long nails, suddenly remembered a person, whispered a few words to the silver gun Meng Bo, Meng's complexion changed drastically, and he turned to look at this person in amazement.

Xin Jie sat down cross-legged when he saw the actions of the two of them. The man turned his head and saw Xin Jie sitting beside him, his expression changed, he looked at Xin Jie carefully, but smiled at Xin Jie again.

Xin Jie also smiled at the man, Jin Gong Shen Bullet and Yin grabbing Uncle Meng met, and looked at each other, as if they were surprised.

Di Juejian Yu Yifei and Shenhe Zhanping both sang so much bitterness by him. You must know how to move them manually, and your mind can't be disturbed. At this time, the rain is strong, and this person sings and knocks, and the two fight hard. Still, my heart began to become impatient.

Both of them felt a little bit weak, and their sword skills were not as vigorous as before, but both of them knew that at this time, it was the moment to tell the winner.

The Lingfeng Swordsman cared the most, and moved forward step by step, even standing under the rain without realizing it.

At this time, the sacred pigeon Zhan Ping took a dangerous move and bullied him sideways, drawing a sword tactic with his left hand to hit Yu Yifei's sword-holding wrist, and his right hand flew a flat finger to cut Yu Yifei's Liuyang.

This trick is really dangerous. The master makes a trick. You can leave after a little touch. There is a bully like him. Lingfeng Swordsman looked at him and couldn't help but cried out, knowing it was going to be bad. Flew to the place of competition, but it was already a step too late to know.

Di Jue Sword Yu Yifei's feet were firmly nailed to the ground, his figure suddenly leaned back, and when he let go of his right hand, he actually loosened the long sword. When the sword fell, he copied his backhand suddenly, with the handle of the sword outside, One point, one point to Shenhe Zhanping's "Jiantai" key point.

His hand is indeed very weird. The sword in his hand is loosened and released, avoiding the finger of the god crane Zhanping, but the sword is out, and he points to Zhanping. This kind of move, any sword There is no spectrum, but it is just what Yi Fei has thought of in an emergency situation. Shenhe Zhanping has a big accident, unable to hide, and fell to the ground.

The Lingfeng swordsman was shaped like the wind, but when he rushed, Zhanping, the god crane, had fallen to the ground, still holding the sword in his hands, his face was tinged with blue and yellow, and his eyes closed.

Lingfeng Swordsman was shocked, and could not care about anything else, hurriedly bent over to hold Shenhe Zhanping in his arms and check his injuries.

The onlookers also exclaimed to themselves, dripping with the falling rain, all ran to his side.

Seeing the weird man, Xin Jie sang to himself as if he hadn't seen these things in his eyes, so he also sat and didn't leave.

Seeing that the god crane Zhanping was hit by the "Jian Ping", the Lingfeng swordsman was anxious and kind, and said, "Okay, okay, the Kongtong swordsman really has a good skill and a good technique. The Wudang sect is planted in your hands today. Here."

Di Juejian Yu Yifei was soaked in his clothes at the moment, physically and mentally exhausted, knowing that if the Lingfeng swordsman had acted on himself at this moment, he would not be a rival, he said first: "Do you want to try your skills?"

Ling Feng The swordsman said angrily: "Pan Dao won't take advantage of the fight. Your surname is Yu, and sooner or later Pang Dao will learn."

He spoke very beautifully in front of these famous heroes in Wuhan, but he knew that he was not. He didn't want to take advantage of people's dangers, but Shenhe Zhanping had a fate at this time, and he had to be treated quickly.

He hugged the body of the god crane Zhan Ping, and said angrily at Jiugong Li Zhihua who was stunned by the side: "

I'm not leaving yet." Di Juejian Yu Yifei said again: "Your Excellency, please tell Lingshi, that is Xikongtong. The deceased of Wang asked him if the old things he had left ten years ago were left. Please order the teacher to return it to Kongtong Mountain as scheduled."

Lingfeng Swordsman said angrily: "Within one month, the family teacher will definitely come to Kongtong, please rest assured.

"Yes ." Di Juejian Yu Yifei said with a smile to the sky: "Okay, okay, this autumn's Taishan meeting, I hope you will also show

off your skills." Ling Fengke screamed: "Of course." His

figure shook, holding him. Shenhe Zhanping galloped away.

Xin Jie heard what the two said and knew that the two schools of "Wudang" and "Kongtong" have become fire and water. He turned his face to look at the weird man and saw that his voice became smaller and smaller, and he seemed to be asleep at this time.

Xin Jie smiled slightly and stood up. Walking towards Yu Yifei, he smiled and said, "Brother Yu is really excellent in swordsmanship. Today, the younger brother really opened his eyes."

He said to Fan Zhicheng and the others: "Today's younger brother is the host, please drink in that Fenglin class. To celebrate brother's work, can you agree?"

Yu Yifei hurriedly said: "Brother Xin's kindness, the younger brother has received it. The younger brother must return to Kongtong overnight and report the matter to his master." He paused and said: "There is also the'Seven Wonderful Gods' reappearing in the rivers and lakes. , The younger brother should also immediately

report to the Ming family teacher to make preparations.” Xin Jie said: “If Brother Yu has a business matter, the younger brother can’t be strong, but if you leave today, you will be indefinitely later, but the younger brother is very sad.”

Yu Yi Fei smiled and said: "The little brother is alone, coming and going freely, just waiting for things, and the little brother will come here again to spend ten days with you, and today will be

goodbye ." After saying that, he arched his hands and moved himself, such as Flew away, there was no trace in an instant, and disappeared in the rain.

The golden bow magic bullet Fan Zhicheng came over suddenly and whispered, "Brother Xin knows that person?" He pointed at the weird person who was still sitting under the porch.

Xin Jie shook his head and said: "I don't recognize it."

Jin Gong Shendan was about to speak, when he suddenly yawned when he saw the man looking up to the sky, he swallowed what he was about to say.

Silver Spear Meng Boqi also walked over and said, “It’s not a place to talk in the rain. It’s better to take a boat

across the river with the brothers.” Xin Jie smiled: “The little brother is most curious and wants to stay here, Fan. Brother Meng, please come back first!"

Jin Gong Shendan muttered for a while, and said, "That's okay, maybe Brother Xin has adventures, but the little brothers have to take a step first."

Meng Boqi didn't seem to think that As if wishing to stay here for another moment, he arched his hands and took Fan Zhicheng and the others away in a hurry.

Xin Jie stretched out his hand to wipe the rain on his face, then walked back under the coffin. Seeing that the weird man seemed to be asleep again, he stood there thinking for a while, and then he sat next to him again.

After sitting for a while, the rain gradually stopped, and the sky was about to light up. The weird man was still quiet, and Xin Jie gradually became impatient, thinking: "If someone comes to see it at this time, isn't it a joke again."

Chenxi Twilight In the middle, Xin Jie saw someone coming by the river, and it seemed that there was more than one person.

His eyesight is so strong that from a distance, there are all women. Four of them are carrying something like a sedan chair. The other woman walks in front, but is empty-handed.

Xin Jie murmured secretly in his heart again. Just imagine a gorgeously dressed young man sitting side by side on the ground with a well-dressed Hanako in such an early morning, and how decent he was when he was seen.

He was beating a drum in his heart, but when he saw that the leading girl touched where he was sitting with her hand, her face seemed to be happy.

He was even more strange. He had never lived with this girl. How could this girl point to herself? Is it laughing at how funny my situation is, but it seems that a girl shouldn't be like that.

The young girl was wearing an emerald green dress with high-stretched hair. In this twilight morning, looking straight at the person in the painting, Xin Jie didn't feel silly. The girl came closer and closer, and she was coming towards where Xin Jie was sitting. The other four girls behind seemed to be slaves, each carrying a soft couch in one corner.

Xin Jie was really like falling into the clouds for five miles, and the more he looked at it, the more strange it became. What was even more curious was that the girl raced up to him, quarreled, smiled lightly, and bowed down to him.

Xin Jie was overwhelmed by the laugh and bowed, and stood up in a panic, staring there.

The four servant girls behind also bowed to him, but they knelt in front of the eccentric who looked like a beggar, lifted the eccentric flat and placed it on the collapse, the eccentric opened his eyes slightly. After looking around, he fell asleep again. This really made Xin Jie even more bewildered. He looked at the girl blankly. The girl smiled again. Xin Jie hurriedly said, "Girl..." But he only said these two words. , But he couldn't talk about it anymore, because he didn't know who this girl was, or the relationship between this girl and the weird person, why did he lead the four handmaid rings to carry this weird person, let alone this girl Why smile to yourself. As soon as the girl saw Xin Jie's appearance, she smiled again for the third time. At this moment, when the sun rose, Xin Jie's pale face was faintly red at this moment.

After the four maidservants placed the weird man on the soft couch, another person lifted a corner and walked back and forth with the soft couch.

Girls beautiful eyes of a turn, Tude sweetly said:. "My father take care of more than Chenggong Zi, cheap jump very grateful tonight, cheap jump prepared a watery liquor, came to town in a spacious boat waiting son, chatted reported this situation,"

he finished and After a deep bow, he turned his head and left.

Xin Jie was even more confused. He couldn't figure out that this majestic girl was actually the daughter of the beggar, and he couldn't figure out why this girl invited herself to the boat to drink, and said that he had taken care of her father. , Is this beggar really her father? Even if this beggar is her father, she has never taken care of this beggar.

Besides, which one is her ship? There are many boats on the river, how do you know which one is? Even if I want to go to the appointment, I can't always ask questions all the time.

Many of these questions were turning around in Xin Ting's mind. He muttered to himself: "Adventure, adventure, it is indeed an adventure. This girl is strangely beautiful and strangely strange. This time, Fan Zhicheng was right."

Speaking of which, he threw a shot forehead, busy: "I'm really confused, it seems that Fan Zhicheng know the ins and outs of this strange beggar, go back today, I always ask him, do not know anything yet?"

so he will for the time being these The problem was put aside, he straightened his clothes, and walked to the ferry that was still waiting for him on the river bank.

But when the boat reaches the heart of the river, Xin Jie looks at the river in the vast harbor, and his mind is still very disturbed in the stone room for ten years. He is used to a monotonous and boring life. He is used to not thinking about anything except martial arts, but at this moment He left the stone room and stepped into the arena for only four or five days, and there are so many things that he needs to consider and think about.

What Mei Shanmin gave him was such a difficult and complicated task.

A painful memory ten years ago. He has not forgotten because of the long time.

Coupled with the kind of "sweet troubles" that he himself only recently felt, the sad and beautiful eyes of the girl surnamed Fang whom he had tried so hard to save, and the sweet smile of the emerald girl downstairs in the yellow crane. , All caused ripples in his heart.

Even the prostitute in Fenglin's class, Zhifeng, although he despises her career, the tenderness of a mature woman is something he has never experienced before, and it makes him deeply irritated, even though he can't distinguish it. Qing that belongs to the soul or the body.

The ship came to the shore.

The coachman was sitting in the car, waiting for him tired and lost in his collar. He couldn't help but begin to show pity and sympathy to the poor and humble people in the world.

Seeing him coming, the coachman jumped out of the car happily, opened the door, and asked respectfully: "Master, go home!"

Xin Jie nodded, and he began to think: "How different people's desires are! This coachman felt very satisfied and delighted when he saw me coming, because he could also go back to his uncomfortable bed, no Then I have to wait for me in the morning wind, and what about my desire? Until now, I still don’t know what my desire is. I only know that it is a strong desire. I hope that all I get is supreme. Perfect."

"But can I get it?" He sighed and walked to the car.

The carriage was lonely and small. He looked at the corner. At this moment, how he hoped that the girl who had huddled in the corner was sitting with him in the car now.

So he urged the coachman to hurry up. In fact, he knew that it was only a short journey home from the river.

The Shanmei Jewelry has just opened and the store clerk is sleeping and doing chores.

Xin Jie nodded indifferently to the shop clerk who greeted him graciously. He walked straight to the girl's room.

He didn't knock on the door. For many years, living alone in the stone room made him unable to observe some secular etiquette at all. Although he has read many books, he always forgets when he does it, but just does it at will according to his own likes and dislikes.

The girl was leaning on the bed boredly, and when he saw him coming in, she opened her mouth to call him, but immediately realized her misconduct again, and blushed and leaned back.

Xin Jie only felt sweet in his heart, smiled, and said softly: "Is the girl comfortable here?" As the girl raised her

eyelashes, the sadness and melancholy color in her bright eyes was reduced by more than half, and she replaced it with An intricate light.


shyly said: "My name is Fang..." Xin Jie hurriedly said: " Miss Fang,"

he felt a sense of tranquility in his heart . Seeing this girl, he seemed to have a feeling of emotion. Where you can rely on, don’t worry about your loneliness.

The girl was so embarrassed that she lowered her head again. She had to know that an unmarried woman told a strange man her surname. The meaning was very far-reaching. It means that in the woman’s mind, at least she has something for the man. A deep affection.

The men she had seen since childhood were not villagers, but poor thief, and the strange Jin Shao, Xin Ting Shuangqi's heroic posture, and kind smile, made her girl's sacred and strict heart slowly open.

Although she doesn’t understand Xin Jie or even recognizes him at all, human emotions are the strangest. Often the emotions you have for a person you meet for the first time are much deeper than those you get along for a long time, especially between men and women. The emotions between them are more often the same.

Of course Xin Jie didn't know what she was thinking in her heart. His understanding of human psychology was far less than he had imagined.

The two people in the room didn't speak any more, but the air was filled with an unusual kindness. As long as the two feelings are happy, how can they be represented by any words.

Xin Jie looked for the title at a loss, and then asked: "Is the girl comfortable here?" The girl

shook her head. He whispered: "I'm very lonely, I have nothing to do, and I don't dare to go out."

Between her and Xin Jie, it seemed that she had a deep understanding at this time, so she didn't conceal herself. The words in my mind.

Xin Jie nodded, and did not feel that what she said was too straightforward for someone who knows many things. He thought for a while and said sincerely: "The girl must have a lot of thoughts, I don't know. Can the girl tell me something?"

He murmured, and said movingly: "And I know that girls must have many sad things. In fact, I am just like a girl, and the past always makes me very uncomfortable." The girl

whispered. Sobbing, all the grievances she suffered during these many days and the grievances she couldn't tell anyone about, at this time, it seemed that she had an object to tell. She swallowed, telling her own experience, and talking about her "father" side. The old martial artist, speaking of her "Brother Jian", speaking of her own loneliness and loneliness, and the bullying she has suffered.

Xin Jie was obviously deeply moved. He listened very carefully. When he heard the name "Jin Jian", he immediately felt an "unable to be two-sided" anger in his heart.

He gently persuaded her, holding her hand, and she obediently let him hold it. In each other's hearts, they felt that this was so natural, there was no reluctance or jerky.

When Xin Jie left her room, she felt that she was no longer empty. In his heart, the innocent emotions of a young girl were already filling. Two lonely people relieved each other’s loneliness. How wonderful and wonderful it is. What happened!

He whispered: "Fang Shaobi, Fang Shaobi!" He smiled. For him, these three words are more than just three words, and the meaning contained in them is indescribable.

This kind of warm feeling was entangled in his heart, but other problems finally came.

There are many things that he needs to solve. The most urgent one is the appointment made by the strange beggar and the lady in green under the yellow crane.

He was indeed attracted by this incident. In addition to curiosity, there was a desire to get something, so he decided that he had to go to the appointment. He thought of Fang Shaobi, so he comforted himself: "The reason for my appointment is just for curiosity. No matter, the beauty and smile of the girl are not important to me anymore, because my emotions are so fulfilled that I no longer need others."

This is the feeling that every person who has fallen in love at the first time has, and the problem lies in him. How long can this feeling last.

So he asked people to prepare the car. He was going to find Fan Zhicheng, the golden bow magic bullet, to ask the origin of the strange beggar and the girl. Of course, he also went to ask if the boat they were on had any special marks.

Xin Jie stepped out of the door, but saw a healthy horse stopped quickly in front of the door, and it was Fan Zhicheng that he was going to visit the golden bow magic bullet that jumped from the horse's back.

Fan Zhicheng saw Xin Jie walking calmly as if nothing happened at all, and said with joy, "Brother Xin has returned? Great."

Xin Jie said with a slight surprise, "Of course I am back. Isn't it strange that you ask this." "

Fan Zhicheng pulled Xin Jie into the store and asked as he walked: "Then Jin Yipeng had anything to say to Brother Xin."

Xin Jie is the same again, thinking: "Who is Jin Yipeng?" But he immediately understood: "It must be that strange beggar." So he said, "Nothing, but..."

That's not even Xin Jie. Hou Er, who knew the origin, was sitting at the counter at this time. He heard Jin Gong Shen Dan say the three characters Jin Yipeng. His complexion changed. It seemed that the three characters "Jin Yipeng" made him feel great astonishment and surprise. With a hint of fear.

He stood up, wanted to get out of the counter, thought for a while, glanced at Fan Zhicheng, and sat back again.

Of course Fan Zhicheng would not notice this. He heard Xin Jie say: "It's nothing." A copy on his face, like happy and disappointed, but Xin Jie immediately said: "But..." He immediately stopped the conversation. Asked: "But what?"

Xin Jie smiled, and then said: "But he has a daughter, but he invited me to meet him in

Zhouzhong tonight." Fan Zhicheng was surprised and asked: "Really! "

Xin Jie said swiftly: "How dare you deceive Xiongtai,"

Fan Zhicheng said hurriedly, "Little brother, it's just that this matter is too weird. Brother Xin doesn't know the origin of this person, so he is calm in his heart, but the younger brother has some Are you anxious for Brother Xin?"

They said as they walked, Fan Zhicheng didn't wait for Xin Jie to speak, and then rushed: "There have been many strange incidents in the three towns of Wuhan in the past three days, which really confused my little brother."

Xin Jie had guessed . The father and daughter of Jin Yipeng must be very human. He was looking for Jin Gong to find out the origins of the two. Hearing this from Fan Zhicheng at this moment confirmed the speculation in his heart.

Although his entry into the world is shallow, his mind is full of opportunities. Seeing that Fan Zhicheng is like this, he knows that he does not ask, Fan Zhicheng will also tell the origin of this person, so he acted indifferently.

Sure enough, as soon as he walked into the back room, Fan Zhicheng couldn't help but said, "Brother Xin, do you know what kind of person you met?"

Xin Jie smiled, shook his head and said, "Little brother doesn't know it."

Fan Zhicheng sighed: "If Brother Xin knew, he wouldn't be so comfortable thinking about it at this moment."

He sat on the sandalwood armchair in the hall and said: "I didn't believe this person was really Jin Yipeng before. Later I thought about who else besides him. Brother Xin is not from the martial arts, he is younger and younger. I don’t know this person, but I’ve been in the rivers and lakes for 20 to 30 years, and I don’t know how many times I have heard the legend about this person. So I can recognize this person when I see this person. The origin of the person.

Seeing that he has not yet turned to the subject, Xin Jie couldn't help but ask, "Who is this person?" "

Fan Zhicheng sighed again: "More than 20 years ago, there was a saying in the arena, saying: "When you meet two monarchs, you will get restless." 'Chickens and dogs are still upset, let alone people? The people in the rivers and lakes even curse with this that no one wants to meet these "two monarchs". One of these two people is the old Miao Shenjun Meishanmin, and the other is the poisonous monarch Jin Yipeng. They are known in the country under the name of "Seven Arts". One shocked the world with "poison". Jin Yipeng's body was all poisonous. If it was stained with some, it would die within twelve hours, and there was no medicine to solve it in the world. The mention of Poison Lord in the rivers and lakes really changed the color by smelling it. . "

Xin Jie "Oh", he searched his memory, but Mei Shanmin never mentioned this person to him, and he couldn't help showing a look of surprise.

Fan Zhicheng glanced at him and said: "This person and Qi Miao The gods, one south and one north, were originally non-aggressive. Somehow they knew the seven wonderful gods, but ran to the north of the big river, looking for this person, and wanted to share his strength and weakness. The detailed situation, the people of the world said Renshu, no one knows the truth, but since then, the poisonous monarch has disappeared from the rivers and lakes, and he has not reappeared. "

This matter spread all over the rivers and lakes instantly, everyone touched their palms and cheered, even some people even chanted:'Seven Miao Chutoxu, the rivers and lakes are peaceful.' "He smiled bitterly and said to Xin Jie: "The Seven Wonders of God is a character that everyone on the rivers and lakes has a headache when they see it, but everyone prefers that the Seven Wonders of God be in addition to this Poison Lord, so Brother Xin can want to see this Poison Lord. 'Poison'. "

Xin Jie was very interested, and asked: "What happened later?" "

Fan Zhicheng said: "Later, the'Seven Miaoshen' was in Wuhua Mountain for a while, and it was rumored that the Jiu Hao in Guanzhong was dead, and everyone was celebrated in the rivers and lakes. From then on, they were truly'peace'. In fact, The rivers and lakes have indeed been peaceful for a few years. Then I know that these long-existing rivers and lakes, and even the devil who has been rumored to be dead, have actually appeared in Wuhan one by one."

He said, his eyebrows were tightly frowned. At the same time, he said: "The only thing the little brother is puzzled is why this demon seems to favor Brother Xin so much, and although this demon is strange and strange, he has never heard of appearing as a beggar. It’s not because I saw his hand and his skin that was different from ordinary people. I would never think it was him. If Brother Xin is going to make an appointment tonight, would he have to think twice?" Xin Jie groaned for a long while. Suddenly asked: "The Poison Lord's daughter seems to be very young. I don't know if it is really his daughter." When

Xin Jie asked the woman, Fan Zhicheng secretly said: "This person is really a stranger. The young man in short pants, as soon as he encounters this kind of thing, he is still

thinking about beating other people's daughters." Then he changed his mind and said : "I have never heard of a demon's daughter before, ah...oh, I want to come there. When the daughter was young and still young, naturally no one in the rivers and lakes would know that he had a daughter."

He looked up and saw Xin Jie still waiting for his reply, and then said: "This little brother is not very clear. However, Yi Yi From my brother's point of view, it is better not to go to the appointment for Brother Xin tonight." Fan Zhicheng persuaded.

Xin Jie smiled and said, "Since the Poison Lord is such a character, the boat on which

he rides must have some special marks, does Brother Fan know?" Of course , Fan Zhicheng knew his question, and he said that he must go. He thought: "I don't have a close relationship with this person, he must go to find trouble, why bother me, this kind of brother, not really suffering, anyone said it is useless."

Although Fan Zhicheng has a lot of experience, But I never thought that this wealthy and rich young man was actually a Geishi man with special skills.

So he no longer scrupulously said: "I don't know what special markings are on his boat, but according to rumors, wherever the poisonous lord is, all the items thrown are green. If you want to come to the boat he rides, it must be green. , Brother Xin is not difficult to find."

Seeing that he had gotten answers to what he asked, Xin Jie spoke in other words and stopped mentioning the poisonous lord Jin Yipeng. The two had their own things in their minds, and then they gradually stopped speculation. Jin Gong Shenzang sat for a while, consciously boring, got up and left.

Xin Jie cared about his current status and didn't want to offend him, so he kept a few sentences and sent it to the door in person.

He looked at the people on the street lonely, thinking that there are a few people who will not run for fame and fortune at this time, and he couldn't help but sighed, turned and walked in.

Hou Er, who was sitting at the counter, greeted him and said, "Master, I have a few words to say to

Xin Jie ." Xin Jie looked back at the shop associates who stood beside him respectfully and said:" If you have anything, go in with me and say it!"

Hou Er said hurriedly: "Yes." Following Xin Jie into the backyard room, he closed the door casually, looking a little panicked.

Xin Jie knew that the second uncle Hou must be a very human person, and neither the rich experience nor the calmness of the situation can be expected. At this moment, something must happen, so he asked: "Uncle Hou dare to love is there any important thing to follow. Did you say my nephew?"

Hou Er opened his eyes and fixed his eyes on Xin Jie's face, and said, "Did you see Jin Yipeng?"

Xin Jie nodded, and Hou Er asked again : "Have you ever seen Jin Yipeng's daughter? Are you here?"

Xin Jie Daqi, how could this "Hou Ershu" leave the house at the end, but he is insightful about the matter, and even the golden bow and magic bullets that are rolling in the rivers and lakes all day long don't know that Jin Yipeng has a daughter, but he knows.

Xin Jie lifted his gaze and saw Hou Er's always cold face. At this moment, he seemed so warm and strange because of the emotional excitement in his heart. He couldn't help but feel surprised. He had never seen him since getting along with Hou Er. Had such a look.

He began to feel that everything about Hou Er had become a great mystery. He already knew that Hou Er must have a lot of origins. At this moment, he deeply considered it, and he was even more sure that he must have a great hidden feeling and had been deeply stimulated. , Even now it has become like this, even the name is unwilling to show others, the word "Hou Er" is nothing more than a pseudonym, but who is he? And judging from his expression at the moment, is there any connection between him and the poisonous lord Jin Yipeng?

All this made Xin Jie confused, he did not answer Hou Er's question.

Hou Er's eyes changed, and he asked again: "Have you ever seen his daughter."

Xin Jie was startled, and hurriedly replied: "My nephew has seen it, and the girl invited my nephew to go on her boat tonight. During the meeting, my nephew thought about it and didn't know what the reason was."

The muscles on Hou Er's face suddenly had a strange convulsion, I don't know whether it was happiness or resentment.

He clenched his fists and said with a smile, "God pity me, let me finally get their whereabouts here."

Seeing his expression and hearing his words, Xin Jie felt even more puzzled and endured . I couldn't help asking: "Uncle Hou..."

I didn't know Hou Er sighed long, waved his hand, and said: "Don't tell me, sit down first, I will tell you a story."

Xin Jie knew that this story must be a lot. The article, no longer said, sitting on a chair against the wall.

Hou Er cast his gaze into the sky of white clouds outside the window, and said leisurely: "A long, long time ago, there was a very happy man in Hebei. He was born in a family with huge wealth and traveled all over the world. He has practiced excellent martial arts since his childhood.

Two words in black and white, when he hears his name, he will raise his thumb and say "OK", and his family has a sweet wife, beautiful and beautiful, and he is young." He retracted his gaze and looked at Xin Jie and said: " Isn't such a person the happiest person?"

"Later, when he had a little daughter, he felt that everything was enough. But he lived in Hebei for a long time and never went out, thinking of the ancients' travel thousands of miles and reading thousands of books In the words of "Books", I heard others talk about the famous mountains and rivers in the country, and I was always fascinated."

He narrated slowly and clearly, as if these things had been turned over thousands of times in his mind.

"Finally, he resisted everything and went out to travel. In the past year or so, he has indeed broadened a lot of knowledge and opened a lot of horizons. He feels that he has no regrets in this life. Then, when he returns home, The family has completely changed?" At this point, his gaze was dazzling again, and the resentment in that eye made Xin Jie start a cold war.

He went on to say: "Seeing everything in the house, they are all changed to green. Even his wife and his one-year-old daughter are wearing green clothes. The people in the house are all raw faces. Looking at him with a strange look, he was surprised, so he asked his wife, who knew that his wife was also indifferent to him, as if very strange. He was surprised, strange, and angry, but he was I don't know the reason for all this." He paused for a moment, and the spitefulness in his eyes became heavier.

When he saw a man wearing a fire-red dress coming out from behind, he knew that he had been away from home for a year, his home and his wife had been occupied by others, and the people who occupied it were actually the rivers and lakes at that time. One of the most powerful characters on the "Poison Lord Jin Yipeng".

Xin Jie began to feel that the master in this story, "Hou Er", also began to understand the origin of the spiteful color in his eyes when he mentioned "Poison Lord Jin Yipeng".

Xin Jie felt that all this was incredibly malicious, and he couldn't help but glance at "Hou Er" sympathetically and understandingly. Imagine a person traveling away from home. When he returned home, he found that everything that belonged to him suddenly no longer belonged to him, he How should it feel?

Hou Er smiled bitterly, and said: "Although he knows the name of the Poison Lord, he himself possesses special skills. When he is angry, he is going to fight Jin Yipeng desperately, but he knows that Jin Yipeng smiles and says to him:'You Don’t work hard with me. It’s your wife who likes me and wants me to live here. You can’t control your wife. Why do you come to me desperately?” When he heard this, he suddenly felt as if he had stumbled in Wanzhangjiang’s heart. My heart was at a loss, and all his strength was lost. He never thought that his beloved wife was such a person."

"He went to see his wife and saw that his wife was sneering at him. He was originally The indomitable man suddenly encountered this kind of incident. He only felt that the heroes and lofty ambitions of the past were all turned into ashes, and there was still the courage to find others to work hard."

Hou Er also fell on his chair when he said that, Xin Jieyi He slapped the table and cursed his wife's shamelessly in his heart. It had reached the point of inhumanity.

Hou Er said again: "At this moment, he suddenly saw his little daughter smiling at him. He felt sore in his heart. He held back his tears and reached out to hug his little daughter, knowing that his hand touched his daughter’s clothes. The whole body seemed to have been electrocuted and became collapsed. The two arms were better as if they were being bitten by thousands of ants. It was extremely painful and itchy. It turned out that the poison of the "Poison Lord" was indeed incredible. It was actually in his daughter. There was a poisonous substance applied to his clothes. As long as he touched his hand, it would be incurable."

Xin Jie only felt a breath of cold air from his back. This kind of poison really makes people feel so horrible.

"He was slumped in the chair at the time, but the Poison Lord was hugging his wife and kissing him in front of him, only seeing fire in his eyes, but his limbs were weak, and there was no way." Hou Erjiang The teeth in his mouth squeaked like the situation at that time, and it still made him extremely angry at this moment.

Xin Jie thought of his own experience. When his mother was humiliated by the two monsters, his father was also watching him? But at that time his father was not weak in limbs, but for him to endure the insult, Xin Jie's eyes were also wet.

Hou Er gritted his teeth and said: "When he was dying to die immediately, somehow suddenly there was another person in the room, wearing the clothes of a scribe, pointing at Jin Yipeng and cursing, "You poison is so poisonous that it can occupy others. My wife, I want to kill others, I can't see

Mei Shanmin a bit.' When he heard that the scribe was actually the Seven Wonders, Mei Shanmin, he opened his eyes wide to see the development of this matter." Xin Jie suddenly knew After the seven wonderful gods removed the cause of the poisonous king, he couldn't help admiring "Uncle Mei" even more, and he became more confident in what "Uncle Mei" asked him to do.

Hou Er said again: "Sure enough, Qi Miao Shenjun and Jin Yipeng started their hands. When he saw the two of them, he realized that his martial arts are too far apart. The Poison Lord's skills are incredible, but the Seven Wonders God But it was even more powerful. He only felt that the house was full of the shadows of the two of him. The sound of the wind, the tables, chairs and furnishings in the room, all hit the pieces flying, his little daughter was even more scared and burst into tears. Even he himself was knocked to the ground by the palm of the wind, but he opened his eyes to watch the two of them compete."

"After playing for a while, he saw Jin Yipeng's palm slowly, and an empty door was exposed on his right shoulder. Mei Shanmin slanted his palm and patted it up. He suddenly remembered the poison in him. The poisonous lord can attach the poison to his daughter. The old body can also be attached to himself. Meishan Min's palm is like the wind. Just in the middle of this moment, he tried his best to roar: "Poisonous!" Move, point on Jin Yipeng’s'shoulder entry' point. It turns out that Mei Shanmin’s internal strength has reached the point of hitting a hole in the air."

"He saw Jin Yipeng being hit in the acupuncture point and also fell to the ground. Mei Shanmin turned his head and smiled at him. Nodded gratefully, and said:'Don't move, I will help you and my antidote.' With that, Mei Shanmin ran to the back, his heart widened, looking at Jin Yipeng, and said:'As long as I solve it. Poison, you must kill you with your own hands.'"

"Then I know that Lord Poison’s internal strength is excellent. Although he was tapped, he can explain himself. When he saw Mei Shanmin ran to the back, he jumped up quickly and held him with one hand. His wife, holding his daughter in one hand, flew out from the window. He watched and couldn't help it."

"When Mei Shanmin came back looking for an antidote, Jin Yipeng had already left, and Mei Shanmin detoxified him. , But his arms were poisoned for too long, and Mei Shanmin didn’t know the toxicity. Although his life was harmless, his arms could no longer be used."

Hou Er looked at his arm blankly, Xin Jie was completely completely at this time. Knowing everything, the poison to Jin Yipeng, and the shamelessness of the woman, he also hates himself. At the same time, he understands that the so-called daughter of Jin Yipeng is actually Hou Ersheng's. Emoticons.

Hou Er said: "From then on, he no longer mentions his name, the poisonous lord Jinyi" Peng is like a stone sinking into the sea, and there is no news at all. It has been more than ten years and almost twenty, but he will never forget this hatred. "

Hou Er stretched out his hand to wipe the teardrops from his eyes, and said with a strong smile: "The story is over. "The

twilight has fallen, and the light outside the window has dimmed.

Xin Jie looked at the deep wrinkles on his face, a kind of compassion, making the two heroes with unique skills stay in silence.

As night falls, the streets of Hankou are still bustling and lively as usual. In the Shanmei Jewelry Shop, there are several gorgeously dressed men and ladies who are shopping for spring jewelry.

Xin Jie, who hurriedly walked out of it, frowned and looked solemn, without even looking at these people.

The horse whip raised, brushed the ground, and the carriage rushed towards the river. The driver felt that the owner was a little strange today, and looked so restless, not as peaceful as usual.

Xin Jie, sitting in the car, is now considering everything with his own wisdom.

There are many things that make him confused, especially in the mouths of Jin Gong Shen Dan and Hou Er Shu, the poisonous lord Jin Yipeng was supposed to be a sinister character, but why would he fall into the yellow crane downstairs singing wildly in the middle of the night, but it looks like a game. Where's the madman of the wind and dust.

"? Maybe that person is not Jinyi Peng it" dark Ancun he said: "He does not look like so sinister and inhuman character ah!"

The car into the river, told the coachman points slip along the riverside, from car Looking out the window, there are so many boats anchored by the river, how can he tell the difference? Even though he knew that Jin Yipeng's boat must be green!

"Green..." He murmured, suddenly remembering the girl's emerald green dress, and then confirmed his doubts, and said with a wry smile: "Is there any poison on her clothes now?" The

car drove along the river. After walking back and forth twice, Xin Jie suddenly saw Jiang Xin slowly approaching a big boat, mooring on the shore, setting up a springboard on the boat, and after a while, four young girls carrying green gauze lanterns came out.

Xin Jie's eyesight was different from ordinary people. At this moment, with a little glimmer, he could see the four girls clearly.

He saw that the four girls were all dressed in green, and Nana came down from the springboard, not Huang Crane, who were the four girls who carried Jin Yipeng from downstairs?

So he drank the car quickly and walked down slowly.

When the four girls saw him, they thought they recognized him. They greeted him with a smile, and said, "My master and lady are waiting for the son on the boat at this moment. Please get on the boat soon!"

When Xin Jie came here, he was determined to find out, and upon hearing the words, he said: "Then ask the girls to lead the way!" The girls hid their mouths and laughed, playing the lanterns, leading Xin Jie to the boat.

Xin Ting looked up and saw that the boat was really painted emerald green, and the lights inside were all green. It looked so chic and pretty by the river in the middle of the night.

But who knows that on this chic and pretty boat, there is a demon who shocked the world?

When Xin Jie stepped on the boat, the girl in the cloud-haired and green suit had already greeted her. In this emerald green light like smoke and fog, she looked even more beautiful, as straight as a fairy Guanghan.

The girl greeted Xin Jie with a smile, and said, "Xin Xianggong is really a believer. I thought I was not coming?"

Xin Jie was startled and secretly said, "Ah, she actually already knows my name, is she? Did you invite me here after you knew my details? If so, then I would have to be more careful."

Although he was muttering in his heart, his expression was still extremely relaxed and calm. This is him. A place different from ordinary people.

He laughed loudly and said: "Since she is favored, there is no reason to come, but she is disturbing." The girl pursed her lips. Xin Jie only thought that she had a deep smile, but she didn't know what she meant. My heart is banging drums.

It should be noted that the words of Jin Gong Shen Dan Fan Zhicheng and "Hou Er" have left the ancestors' opinions in Xin Jie's heart, making him a little afraid of the "poison" of this "poison monarch", so He thinks about the worst in everything, I'm afraid the "Poison Lord" knows his details.

Of course, the restlessness in his heart is not all afraid, but a little nervous. This is a phenomenon that people must have when facing the "unknown".

Suddenly, on the back of the ship, a figure floated in a whisper, with a body style like a dragon, extremely fast, and dazzling, it will hide in the darkness.

He couldn't help but was shocked again, and thought to himself: "This person is so fast, who is

leaving the ship at this moment?" The girl saw Xin Jie hadn't spoken for a long time, and then smiled slightly, and said: "Manimate pays back Please sit in the cabin, my father is still waiting for the driver?"

Xin Jie only felt that the girl smiled before she said a word, smiled like a lily, and a clear flower bloomed on her face, which made people feel like a spring breeze and could not tell.

When the girl saw Xin Jie staring at herself idiotically, Li Wu reappeared and turned and walked in. Xin Jie's face was hot, and he was busy following in. At this moment, even if the sword forest was in front of him, he did not hesitate.

Inside was a layer of emerald green thick velvet curtain, Xin Jie raised the curtain, but felt a chill in front of him, as if he had entered the Jade Palace of Guidian.

Although the cabin is not very large, there are countless jade slabs embedded on all sides, floating light and glancing, reflecting this small cabin like a hundred rooms.

There was no one in the cabin. "The girl thought she went inside again. Xin Jie saw that the utensils in the cabin were all made of jade, a cup and a bottle, not to mention all valuable treasures, and the strangest thing was even the table. Xin Jie felt as if he had all become green too.

He sat down on a chair at will , only feeling the place where he touched his thighs, the coldness was in his bones, and he was like himself. In the underground stone chamber where he lived for ten years, he secretly said: "It seems that Jin Yipeng did encounter an anomalous person. Take this cabin as an example. I don't know how he built it. "

Suddenly there was a laughter from the inside, as if to hear the girl groaningly: "Well, I'm not coming. "After a burst of laughter, an old man with a red body came out.

It was like a ball of flames among the lush forests, and dozens of jade stone slabs embedded in the cabin appeared. The flaming shadow, the scene is so strange, and the characters in it are so breathtaking, Xin Jie unknowingly increased his vigilance.

He glanced at the old man, and saw that his skin was like sapphire, with the corners of his eyes. There was a hint of chill, but there was a smile on the corner of his mouth. Although the costume and temperament were different, it was not the yellow crane downstairs. Who is the mad beggar who sang in the rain? In this situation, this mad beggar is not a "poison king". Who is it?

"But how can Jin Yipeng's temperament and form become so different between this day? "This question was held in Xin Jie's mind for a long time.

He stood up, gave Jin Yipeng a deep thought, and said, "How lucky is the kid, thanks to the favor of the old man?" "

Jin Yipeng looked like an eagle, and looked at Xin Jie up and down, then turned his head and smiled at the girl in the green shirt standing at the door: "Unexpectedly, your vision is really great. This young man is not only full of pearls, but also very tall. , And he's still a master of the inner family?"

Xin Jie listened, the surprise was even more serious. He tried his best to pretend to be, but he didn't think that the " Poison Lord " could see his own possessions at a glance, but what was strange was that It seems absolutely harmless.

He couldn't guess what Jin Yipeng, who shocked the world with "poison," he thought about him, and he couldn't even guess what the cause of the change in the identity and temperament of the poisonous king over the course of the day, but he was born with it. A calm character that is superior to ordinary people, so that there is no suspicion on his face.

He pretended to be puzzled, and said in

amazement : "The kid is mediocre, the old man says so, and he really teaches the kid to be ashamed." Jin Yipeng looked around, haha laughed: "This means that the real person does not show up, and the show does not show up, Xin The son is imaginary, it is indeed not something ordinary people can see through."

His laughter stopped, and a cold expression suddenly appeared on his face, and said: "It's just that the light in your eyes is contained in your eyes, and you are calm and calm. Nothing else. , Let’s just talk about my cold jade chair. How can ordinary people sit on it? If you hadn’t got a deep inner strength, I’m afraid it would have been chilled at this moment."

Xin Jie knew that there was no way to hide it, and said frankly:" Lao Zhang is indeed a master. Although the kid has practiced some kung fu since childhood, if he is a master of the inner family, it is indeed not what the kid dreams of."

Jin Yipeng smiled and said: "It is not my unique vision, but the little girl Mei. Ling, you can tell at a glance that you must be very human, and you don’t have to hide it."

Xin Jie raised his eyes and saw that the girl in the green shirt was looking at her with her mouth pursed and smiling. Said: "This poisonous lord seems to be innocent to me, and he has a good opinion of me, but he can't think of it, but I want to take his life."

He looked at the girl again, and said: "The girl's name, I want to come. It's Meiling, but she should be called'Hou Meiling'. When I avenge her, and then tell her the whole story, she doesn't know how to thank me."

Thinking of this, Xin Jie had a smile on his face. Although he also knew that the "poisonous lord" Jin Yipeng was not easy to follow, he was well-informed and had a comprehensive plan for everything.

He has a keen mind. He already knows at this moment that all Jin Yipeng knows is that he is Xin Jie, a rich man with internal skills. With his reputation in the three towns of Wuhan in the past few days, it is not difficult for Jin Yipeng to find out. Secretly sneered: "But how do you know that I am your big adversary, the Seven Wonders of Gods?" At this moment, he not only inherited the mantle of the "Seven Wonders of Gods", but also he was the "Seven Wonders of Gods". This is the incarnation of Meishan people. This is what Meishan people hope and are created by Meishan people.

Jin Yipeng would know what he thought. At this moment, he saw Xin Jie in the emerald green brilliance of the surroundings. He looked more like a jade tree. Zhuo Xiu was extraordinary. He secretly said: "Meier's vision is really good. She is so young, and she There should be a destination. Although the surname Xin has martial arts, he is not a person in the martial arts.

He is the best target." He looked back at Jin Meiling and saw that she was staring at Xin Jie with her eyes in her eyes, and laughed. "Although the old man has a weird temper, he likes young and powerful offspring the most. Brother Xin, not the old man, is always a few years older than you. When you meet me, I will get together more."

He patted again . Palm, and said: "Send some wine lai up quickly."

Xin Jie was even more curious, and thought: "This golden duck is famous for its poison in the rivers and lakes. When I saw it today, it treated me like this. Why? "

If he knows that Jin Yipeng has regarded him as a son-in-law at this moment, he would not know how to think about it. Each of the three people in this cabin has a different mind, and the grievances between the three of them are entangled with each other, and they are intricate and intricate. They are by no means explainable in a few words, especially Xinjie, who is suspicious at this moment, even though he is superhuman. Can not explain one by one.

The wine and dishes were delivered immediately, and the cups and plates were all made of jade.

Guests sit Jinyi Peng, Jin Mei Xiang Pei Ling sat Ceshou, Jinyi Peng toast smiled and said:. "Advise you to drink with a glass of wine, and the king of the same consumer drown, come, come, come, Cheers"

upturned drained, He smiled again: "Brother Xin, you are from a family of jewellers, look at my set of cups, can anyone get an eye?"

Xin Jie smiled secretly in his heart. Jin Yipeng really regarded himself as a family of jewellers. In fact, he knew nothing about jewellery, but he had to pretend to copy for a while, and praised him enthusiastically.

Jin Yipeng laughed again, and said triumphantly: "It's not that the old man is crazy, or this set of utensils. I'm afraid I don't even have the imperial palace?"

Xin Jie dealt with it casually, but Jin Yipeng seemed to be in high spirits, pulling him to chat. , Talking endlessly, Xin Jie listened to it casually, feeling that this "Poison Lord" really contained a lot of things in his chest, not under the "Uncle Mei".

That Jin Meiling was also smiling, and Xin Jie felt that compared with Fang Shaobi's shyness, she was otherwise intoxicating.

Although he was laughing at Yan Yan on the surface, his heart was always ready to stop Jin Yipeng as soon as he made his move, and then in the face of Jin Meiling, he would expose the old things that happened more than a decade ago.

However, Jin Yipeng’s eyes were piercing, and he did not dare to shoot casually. Although he was young, he was very cautious in doing things. I was afraid that he would miss a shot. So he hasn't done it yet.

At this moment, the poisonous lord Jin Yipeng was already a little bit drunk, and he slapped the table abruptly, watching Xin Jie closely.

Xin Jie was taken aback, Jin Yipeng let out a long sigh, his eyes dropped to the table, and said: "I have known all over the world, and I know a few people. My Jin Yipeng is famous all over the world, and who knows the distress in my heart?" , Drank it on his back.

Na Jin Meiling hurriedly picked up the pot, filled a cup for him, and looked at her "daddy" very much.

Xin Jie secretly wondered: "What kind of

distress is in the heart of this demon ?" Jin Yipeng sighed again, his eyes seemed to be happy, and he said : " Hua Fa is already spotted, everything can be done by itself, but it will only end up infamous, alas. "Brother Xin," the

ship’s side of the pool slammed slightly. Although it was extremely slight, Xin Jie already felt that it was the footsteps of a nightwalker.

Jin Yipeng raised his eyebrows and shouted sharply: "Who is it?" He replied outside the window: "Master, it's me."

As the door curtain was lifted, he walked into a pale-faced young man, who was very well-dressed, and when he stepped through the door, his gaze was like a knife, and he fell on Xin Jie's face.

Jin Yipeng saw him, smiled slightly, his face was very amiable, and said: "Why are you back? Have you found the person you are looking for?"

The young man stabs the ground and sat down on the chair. Jin Meiling handed over a glass of wine and he looked up and drank it. Xin Jie saw that Jin Meiling and the young man seemed to be very enthusiastic, and felt that he was not full of taste. Xin Jie saw him with a broad-faced cheeks and a sly look on his face, even more This person feels sick.

After drinking the wine, the boy said to Jin Yipeng: "I thought there was a huge crowd, where to find her, then I knew that she was sitting in a shop, and I was hit by me, and I didn’t I was very sensual, and when there were two drums in the sky, I went in and invited her out."

Jin Yipeng smiled, as if he was very affectionate to the boy, and said after hearing that: "That's great, take her in and let me see."

The teenager stared at Xin Jie again, and Jin Yipeng smiled and said, "Oh, you don't know each other yet. This is Young Master Xin of the Shanmei Jewelry Number. This is my big apprentice."

The teenager gave a sigh, his face was full. Expressionless, not knowing whether it was joy or anger, Xin Jie groaned in his nostrils, only slightly arched his hands.

The boy turned and walked out of the cabin, and then the hull swayed, as if walking away slowly. Xin Jie was shocked again, thinking about what would happen to the boat to drive away, but there was a sudden cry and bang outside the door, and then a young girl stumbled in.

Xin Jie glanced at the girl, Rao, no matter how calm he was, he couldn't help but stand up in shock. The girl's eyes waved four times, and when she saw Xin Jie, she also exclaimed. After two steps, she wanted to run in front of Xin Jie and stopped again.

The young man had followed in coldly, and said

gloomily : "Do you know each other?" This sudden change not only caused Xin Jie to be confused, but Jin Yipeng and Jin Meiling were also greatly surprised.