Full Moon and Curved Saber (Yue Wan Dao)

This story is a continuation of “Third Young Master Sword”, but the main character is no longer Cia Siauhong but Ting Peng. Ting Peng had just appeared in the martial world. In a short time he has defeated 3 of the most famous swordsmen in the martial world. Unfortunately, when he challenges the next swordsman, Liu Yoksiong, he is deceived, defeated and horribly humiliated.

Desperate Ting Peng almost killed himself, It was just before killing himself that he discovered a miracle.
Getting a beautiful wife and unrivaled machete knowledge under the sky.

A machete that is played with a curved machete, curved like a crescent moon. The crescent moon machete is indeed a mustika, but no matter how great a mustika machete is, it is just an inanimate object. What is extraordinary is the 7 letters written on the body of the machete. Seven letters that hold the dark story of the Martial World in the past
Author:Gu Long
Associated Names:圓月彎刀