Eerie Moon and Evil Star - Chapter 3

Chapter 3

The third painting of Heshuo's wealthy, martial arts thief, and ghost housewarming is the third painting, the hall full of tycoons, is even more sensational, even the indifferent yellow-shirted boy Cen Can, the pair of shining shining brilliance He could not help but stare at the painting without blinking.

I saw that this pale yellow silk was painted with a stunning beauty, with high clouds on the temples, pink face and peach cheeks, eyebrows like spring mountains, nose like hanging gall, a pair of bright eyes like a moon, looking at her faintly. Spring onions, a bit of cherries, slightly revealing the half line of jade in the lips, wearing a light red shirt, it is even more lined with hair like green silk, skin like jade, full of people, although the rivers and lakes have been in the past, the rouge in the north, the beauty in the south , I have seen a lot of them before, but when compared with the stunning beauty in the painting, they were all overshadowed immediately.

At this time, the huge hall was almost as quiet as a deserted suburb, but after hearing the sound of Qunhao's breathing, one after another fell.

Ghost Shadow Housewarming still holds the picture frame in his left hand, and gently wipes the short beard under his chin with his right hand, haha smiled and said: "Don’t tell me, if my third son Qiao hadn’t really seen the person in the picture, I really didn’t believe in Chen. There will be such beauties in decline, and although this painting is vivid, but no matter how tall the world is, it can't paint the stunning beauty of the people in this painting. "The voices of the people who have been silent for a long time resume their masterpieces. Cen Can, a young man in yellow shirt, has a thoughtful look in his eyes, and slowly sits back on his chair. Although the beauty of the beauty in this painting dazzles him, it is the face of the beauty in this painting that surprised him even more. He seemed familiar, but he searched for his memories, but he couldn't figure out where he saw it.

Third Master Qiao laughed again, raised his left hand, and raised the painting a little bit, and said with a smile: "Everyone, if you can not only get in and out of the stunts set in Tianmu Mountain, you can also beat your skills." On the spot, the great lords, then—"He pointed his right hand toward the painting, and continued: "Not only will you own a thousand pearls, but also a thousand gold, and the beauty in the painting will become your golden house. The middle man, but it’s just the same—" He deliberately paused, and slowly rolled up the painting. When his eyes flickered, I saw the hall full of tycoons, most of them stood up and craned their necks. Listen to what I have said below.

Multi-armed Excalibur smiled slightly and said: "Nephew Qiao Xian, if you have any words, just say it quickly, don't make everyone anxious." Ghost Yinger laughed and said: "But I want to be the dragon of this peerless beauty. So son-in-law, you must be young and have not married a family, like me, let alone martial arts is far behind, even if martial arts are really successful, they will only stare, it's just because it's a small one. Family, even my son was born. If I had known this kind of thing, I would put a knife on my neck, I wouldn’t have married so early." Qunhao laughed suddenly. The loud voice said: "Is anyone qualified except those who have been married?" Ghost Ying'er moved to move his eyes, and saw the person speaking is tall and strong, with a blushing face, and his head pricked. Among the martial arts with the word "king", it is the famous martial artist Vulture Yin Laowu in Jiangbei. The housewarming couldn't help laughing again, and then said: "Yes, it's not bad at all, let alone a talent like Yin Laowu, you, even if it is a marijuana seed, a one-eyed dragon, or even missing a leg and a broken hand, as long as it is a hand. There are two underneaths, and they can also be favored by this beauty." The bald eagle Yin Lao Wuyi patted his forehead, his face was already greasy, and a bright red light appeared, and he replied. Said: "If there is such a thing, then I said I must not go to Tianmu Mountain." I sat down on the ground, picked up a large glass of wine, slurped it down, wiped it with my right hand, and lifted my head. Yes, the word "gan" was wiped off from Wusheng, but a bald head was revealed inside.

Qunhao rushed to take their seats again. Ghost Yinger moved to place these three paintings carefully by his time, and then sat down, but saw the multi-armed Divine Sword Yun grandfather said sternly, "Nephew Qiao Xian, now you say I've also said it out. I want to ask you, what the hell is going on in this matter? Who the hell is that made such a vigorous event in Tianmu Mountain? Don't you tell me about it, my nephew Qiao Xian. It seems that it is indeed a bit weird. There is no one in the world who hardly send gold ingots to people?" Ghost Yinger moved to raise his cup, took a sip of wine, and said with a smile, "Master Yun," Let’s not hide from your old man, what is the origin of the people in Tianmu Mountain? My nephew can’t tell it right now, but it’s really true. People who go to Tianmu Mountain will return empty-handed even if they fail in martial arts. I will never suffer." The two thick eyebrows of the Multi-armed Excalibur frowned, and suddenly smiled: "Since this is the case, the old man might also go and see it. I am afraid that the famous people who show their faces will be exposed there." The voice was over, and suddenly there was a burst of laughter on the banquet. I saw the yellow-shirted boy Cen Canlang laughed and said: "In fact, you can't make martial arts. It’s better not to go, or you’ll stick to the toll on the road instead of stealing the chicken, but eroding the rice. That’s wrong!" Yun Zhongcheng, a benevolent swordsman who has always been standing behind Yun Qian, said at this moment, Xuan Mei said: "In this way, Isn’t it enough for your Excellency to go alone?" Old man Yun frowned again, looking back at that Yunzhongcheng, and seemed to blame him for not provoking the yellow shirt boy, because the old rivers and lakes had only done so from this boy. Out of the Shenfa, see his origin.

Unexpectedly, the yellow-shirted boy Cen Can sneered again: "It is, it is, like your type of body, it is better not to go." Cheng Jianmei Yixuan in the cloud, the class on the table is all martial arts The elders of the first-class figures are all discolored by it, but the yellow shirt boy is still indifferent, as if he didn't put these martial arts masters in his eyes at all.

He turned his gaze and turned to the three paintings on the side of Gui Yinger's housewarming, and smiled slightly: "You don't have to carry these three paintings on your body to tell stories everywhere -" he stretched out slowly in the voice. When the left hand came, he grabbed the three paintings.

Ghost Ying'er could not help but his face changed drastically at this moment, and said coldly: " This does not bother you. "The right hand holding the wine glass suddenly pressed on the three scrolls.

The yellow-shirted boy Cen Can sneered, and his left hand was already on the picture scroll. Housewarming only felt that his right hand was pressing on the picture scroll. Suddenly, the wine in the glass poured out like a fountain, splashing him all over.

The group of lords on the banquet could not help being awe-inspiring. Cen Can, a young man in the yellow shirt, sneered, holding three scrolls in his hand, and sneered: "It's better to leave it to the next." Ghost Ying'er moved around for a lifetime and talked to each other. The black and white friends in the world of martial arts, as a last resort, never do anything with others, but at this moment they can't help but change their colors, sitting on the chair, twisting the waist slightly, stretching out their hands, and hitting this place whizzingly. Young Cen Can's ribs.

He screamed: "My friend, you are too crazy." The yellow shirt boy Cen Can's eyes were dazzling, and he said coldly: "You want to do it." The left hand grabbed the scroll, swiped it horizontally, and then swiped it swiftly. This ghost image moved the veins of the palms of both hands, and it was quick to respond, like lightning.

Moved and raised his elbows and wrists, and the palm edge changed to cut to the shoulders of this young man. This ghost is known as a thief in the martial arts. At this moment, he changed his move very quickly.

Both of them are still sitting in their chairs, but in a flash, they have already taken a few tricks. This kind of close-to-hand strokes seems not surprising, but they are all immediately judgeable. Wonderful.

Sitting next to the yellow shirt boy, it is the Yangtze River Waterway Dahao and Hengjiang Jinsuo Chuzhanlong. At this moment, he has thick eyebrows and axuan, and said coldly: "Friend, this is not the place for you to do it." His left elbow sank. An elbow punch hit the right rib of the yellow shirt boy.

Cen Can, a teenager in yellow shirt, held the scroll with his left hand and opened a letter outside, sealing the palms of the housewarming. The right palm suddenly turned inward, and pointed like a sword, pointing to the Quchi acupoint in Chu Zhanlong's time.

The boy in the yellow shirt actually split his left and right hands and shot them in different directions. Moreover, he was able to attack and control the enemy first. His skill was amazing, no wonder he was so arrogant.

Unexpectedly, at the same moment, a silver light flashed before his eyes, and two cold winds came across.

At this time, he was attacked on three sides, and they were all as fast as thunder. The martial artist on the bench saw that this arrogant young man was already under the attack of these three sides—however Qunhao only felt in front of him ~ the flower, the yellow shirt boy No trace, the hands of Hengjiang Jin Suo Chu Zhanlong and Gui Ying'er moved to the next table. The two silver lights hitting him by the split face were still strong, and they flew to the neighboring table with the sound of the wind. , Unbiased, happened to hit the bald head of the bald eagle Yin Lao Wu.

Vulture Yin's face changed, his body grew up, his iron palm selected a place, and he swung the two silver stars out of the hall. Amid the uproar of the hall, he felt the multi-armed sword change color and whispered: "Mystery Track seven changes." Just now, in a rage, he sent out a pair of silver chopsticks on the table as a hidden weapon, and hit the benevolent swordsman Yun Zhongcheng at the door of the Huangshan boy. The man sat with a chair in front of the Eight Immortals table on which Shou Tao was placed, with a sneer at the corner of his mouth.

At this moment, there is another chaos in the hall. Hengjiang Yu Suo Chu Zhanlong and Ghost Ying'er have moved from the cup. Although the yellow shirt boy is still sitting still, he is slowly unfolding the picture scroll, but his face is angry. , With awe-inspiring eyes, murderous intent has been revealed.

The healthy man in the gown holding the bowl and waiting to serve the food can't help but stop at this moment. They are holding the abalone big fin that they have to eat hot, but at this time they can only let the dish cool. At this moment, because the sword in the hall is at a stretch, it is already on the verge of breaking out.

Unexpectedly, there was no silver bell-like laughter outside the hall at this moment, and a delicate accent smiled: "It's a pity to lose such a good pair of chopsticks!" Qunhao immediately looked back in surprise, and saw outside the hall. Nina walked into two red dress beauties. His head was full of blue silk, raised high, with a soft voice, and his posture was like a willow. One person stretched out a jade hand that deceived Sang Saixue, and he held the silver chopsticks that had just been swung out of the hall by the bald eagle.

At this moment, Gui Ying'er's gaze turned away from the boy in the yellow shirt. As soon as his gaze touched the faces of the two red shirt girls, he was shocked and rushed to greet him.

The two red girls, with silver chopsticks in their right hand, turned around and saw Housewarming, they stretched out their hands together, covered their mouths with a smile, and said softly, "So it turns out that Sanye Qiao is here too!" The wide sleeves of the Hong Luoshan shirt dropped halfway down slightly, revealing a pair of freely enamel wrists inside. The beauty of the smile is not to be exaggerated.

Qunhao in the hall was lightly smiled by the two red girls, only to feel dizzy, and hundreds of eyes couldn't help staring at the two girls without blinking.

Ghost Ying'er moved to the girl’s side and bowed and bowed and said, "Why are the two girls here?" The two girls in red dress stretched out their right hands together and took the silver chopsticks in their hands. Passed it to the third master Qiao's hand, gently lifted his left hand upwards, straightened out the messy hair on the sideburns, and laughed in unison: "We are here to pray for birthday, Sanye Qiao, you give us an introduction and birthday. Who is the old man of Yun?" The whole hall was brightly lit, and the torch that was just inserted in the courtyard wall was not removed. At this moment, inside and outside the hall, everything is bright as day, and the crowd in the hall is stunned. Among them, I found that these two beauties in red dresses are not only the same posture and smile, but they are all beautiful and moving. The appearance of these two people is actually the same. They are like creations from the heavens, and they have created such a beauty. But I still felt that the meaning was still unfinished, so I made another one in exactly the same way. It only suffered from the eyes of all the tycoons in the hall, and I didn't know who to look at.

Shouweng Yunqian had walked out slowly at this moment. He had only seen the costumes of these two red girls, and he had guessed at the turning of his heart. This is like two girls flying out of the sky and suddenly appearing. They must be with that painting. The beauty in China has a relationship.

He stepped out of the banquet room, and the two red-sleeved girls had already taken a step forward. They stretched out their jade hands together, draped them around their waists, and were deeply blessed, and said with a sweet smile: "This man It must be Mr. Yun. Our sisters are too late for birthday. Please forgive me." Longevity Weng Yunqian smiled and said with a smile: "It's easy to say, easy to say, how dare you work with the two girls in the old man's cheap time." ""This multi-armed divine sword, in his birth, has encountered so many wild changes, but this old man full of rivers and lakes is still smiling and calm at the moment, and he is indeed an open-minded person. These two red dresses The girls stood up together with Tingting, and hid their mouths and smiled: "Master Yun wants to say that, but we can teach our sisters to break down. Our lady often tells us that in today's martial arts, only Master Yun is a great old man. This time, our lady sent our sisters to pay birthdays to Mr. Yun. Our sisters were very happy because we finally saw Mr. Yun. Your old man Qin doesn’t dislike our sisters, so don’t be so polite. "These two girls in red dresses are smiling and eloquent. They talk like a yellow eagle. They said such a big story, but the crowds all over the hall can't help being surprised. At the same time, a thought arises in their hearts: "It turns out that these two A girl is just a maid, so what kind of person should they be, Miss? "So in Qunhao's mind, they all thought of the beauty in the painting, and they had a little more faith in the trip to Tianmu Mountain.

Shouweng Yunqian laughed, and said to himself, but the two girls laughed softly again. Tao: "We only talked about ourselves, but forgot the serious things. "Turn around quietly together, moved the lotus step lightly, walked to the entrance of the hall, stretched out four jade palms, and patted a few crisply. While

looking back , she smiled and said : "Our lady also asked us to bring some small gifts. , Give Grandpa Yun your old man's birthday, and tell us to tell you that she can't come with him, and ask your old man to forgive me. "Yun Qian smiled and thanked him for a long time, but saw that in the two doors that had been open all the time, two young girls who were also dressed in red robes walked gracefully, holding a golden worship box in their hands, no matter what they were inside. What is it, just these two worship boxes are very valuable.

Qunhaofang glimpsed from secretly, but the two girls walked into the courtyard by themselves , but they turned into the courtyard again. A pair of red-dressed girls with hanging hairs also held a pair of pure gold worship boxes in their hands.

Shouweng Yunqian stroked his long beard, walked to the entrance of the hall, and continued to say, "Two girls! How can this...the old man can afford it." The words were still not there, and the eight pairs were walking in gracefully outside the door. The pure gold worship box came for the young girl in the red dress. One by one, Lianbu Shanshan walked to the entrance of the hall, holding the worship box in one hand, and putting one hand on the waist to face Shouweng Yunqian, giving a deep blessing.

The crowds all over the hall can't help but feel moved. Only the boy in yellow shirt is still sitting in the chair, with the silk painting unfolded in his hand, and his eyes are fixed on the stunning beauty in the painting, as if he is reminiscing about something.

The two girls in red dress turned around together, and said with a smile: "Such a few small gifts are nothing, Mr. Yun, don't be polite. Our sisters come to worship the old man for birthdays, but we have nothing to bring. We have to pay respects. Your old man has a glass of birthday wine." Xuan Na walked to the banquet, and there was already a strong man in a long gown handing two wine glasses. Shou Weng Yunqian also strode forward and laughed: "Okay, okay, that's what the two girls said. , The old man suffers first." Raising the glass, drank it all.

The two red-sleeved girls took a sip in the cup, and then smiled to themselves: "Today, Mr. Yun has a birthday, a martial arts hero in the world, everyone who knows must have arrived. My two sisters borrowed flowers to offer Buddha, and I also offer you a cup. "At this moment, most of Qunhao has been seized by their glamour, so naturally they all raised their glasses.

The two girls in red clothes smiled slightly, Qiubo turned around, and suddenly their smiles narrowed, and their four bright eyes, which were as bright as autumn water, stared at the yellow-shirted teenager Cen Can, who was sitting still and holding a picture scroll in his hand.

Ghost Yinger moved to the house and took three steps, attached to the side of the two girls in red, and said a few words, only to see the two girls suddenly turned into a sigh, and then smiled and said: "Unexpectedly, our sisters have come like this. Coincidentally, I was in time to see such a young hero. In this case, our sisters must have a toast. "The girl standing in the right corner suddenly raised her right hand, "Zheng" With a sound, he flicked the celadon cup in his hand.

Qunhao saw the wine glass, like a top, spinning straight to the front of the yellow shirt boy, suddenly drew a half arc around the scroll displayed in front of him, and suddenly hit him on the cheek. Despite the urgency, the wine in the glass did not overflow at all.

Qunhao couldn't help but cheered, but the yellow shirt boy was still motionless, as if he hadn't seen it at all.

I saw that the wine glass with the sound of the wind was able to hit his cheek, and he turned aside, opened his mouth and inhaled, the celadon wine glass flew straight back like an arrow.

But the wine in that glass fell into his open mouth like a silver thread.

This incredible skill, of course, made Qunhao blurt out again.

The two girls in red dresses also changed suddenly. The girl on the right made a slender hand and took the wine glass in her hand, but saw that the yellow shirt boy had already laughed and laughed loudly: "Good wine, good Wine." He said with a smile: "Go Go draws a picture, since your Excellency refuses to cut love, Xiao Ke has only the original thing back." This thin silk painting, at this moment, looks like a thousand hooks, those two red Chang Mai, she felt awe-inspiring from a distance. Although the martial arts of the two of them were not weak, they did not dare to reach out to pick it up.

Although the writing was slow at the moment, it was like lightning at the time. In the blink of an eye, this silk painting that was swayed by the yellow-shirted boy with the ultimate strength of the inner family had already flew to the eyes of the red dress girl with the sound of the wind.

Hengjiang Jinsuo Chu took the dragon's hair and beard, yelled loudly, and was about to wave his palms, but the two red girls suddenly chuckled, twisting the willow waist, they looked like two colorful phoenixes flying here. On a silk painting.

The painting was still in a hurry and flew straight to the outside of the hall. The two girls in red skirts fluttered and flew to the outside of the hall with the painting.

The yellow shirt boy slapped his palms and laughed and said: "Toast me a glass of wine, return a cloud, and the cloud sends the fairy to the fairy skirt. The wind blows the fairy skirt." Amidst the roar, the figure grew violently and he swept out of the hall.

Qunhaos all over the hall saw this spectacle and heard the roar, and turned their eyes to the outside of the hall, but saw that the castration of the "colorful cloud" had slowed down, but it had not fallen. They turned slightly, and it really looked like a colorful cloud. Like, circling and dancing in the courtyard.

There were sixteen girls in red dresses standing in the courtyard. At this moment, they all laughed sweetly, put down the worship box in their hands, twisted the willow waist, and danced with this "colorful cloud", the jade hands beckoned in the palms Each waved a strong wind, holding this piece of "colorful clouds" flying high.

Qunhao, but seeing the red sleeves flying in the courtyard, a piece of colorful clouds, hugging two fairies, dancing slowly in the sky, they all rushed to the entrance of the hall, craned their necks to look at the wonder, all of them were dazzled and couldn’t. Autonomy, even the cheers were completely forgotten.

The yellow-shirted boy glanced back, and laughed loudly: "What a fairy with colorful clouds!" A little bit on her toes, she actually leaped on this "Caiyun", and the girl in red chuckled, suddenly shook out four jade palms, and hit To the shoulders and chest of the yellow shirt boy Cen Can.

This "colorful cloud" is no more than four feet long and two feet wide. At this moment, there are three people standing on it. There is no room for gaps. With a slight wave of their dresses, the two girls in red dresses can be ashamed of this young man. Body.

Cen Can felt that in the long red-sleeved shadow, the four white palms slammed over like a phoenix, and the chest and abdomen hurriedly sucked in. Although the palm shadows were lost, the colorful clouds under his feet were already gone. Ran Ran Fei and drove away, no matter how high he was, he couldn't stand in the air, and it was bound to fall to the ground.

The two girls in the red dress took advantage of the wave of their palms to take away the "Caiyun" and floated to the ground. At this moment, they stretched out their jade palms together and patted them again crisply. The silk paintings on the ground, standing in the corner of the wall, suddenly began to sing in a low voice—the sixteen girls with red skirts hanging down, at the moment when the figure of the yellow-shirted boy fell, each patted the jade hand, the figure moved, With red sleeves fluttering and dress flying, following the singing of these two stunning girls, they curled up and danced. In the blink of an eye, I saw a red shadow in the courtyard, swirling like swirling light, but there was a pale yellow figure wrapped in it, just like A pillar in the difficult light.

The singing voice is graceful, the dancing shadows are graceful, the stars are rare in the sky and the moon, but the courtyard is as bright as the day, but the crowds feel dazzled, and they don't know how to sing and dance in this world.

However, the yellow-shirted teenager in this light red dance shape is almost standing like a mountain at this moment, and his complexion is solemn, because only he knows that these down-bearded girls dance gracefully, but the pair of jade hands in their red sleeves It is every place where you move, which is to greet the deadly place on your body.

Every time the Xuanguang rotates, there are dozens of slender hands, dancing with incomparably graceful posture, but with incomparably fierce moves sandwiched between them, electricity also strikes the body of the yellow-shirted boy Cen Can.

But he was stepping on red and broken steps, and his body was slightly twisted. These dozens of slender hands did not even touch the corners of his robe.

The flame of the huge torch inserted on the wall was swaying non-stop, and the light and shadow flickered. I saw Yun Qian, the multi-armed divine sword, with his long beard, standing on the stone steps of the hall, with a crimson face. At this moment, it seemed to have changed color. A pair of tiger eyes stared at the dancing shadow without blinking, suddenly sighed, and said in a deep voice: "Unexpectedly, this is actually a neon costume fairy dance that has been extinct in martial arts for many years — —" Before he finished speaking, the Linghu Zhishu standing next to him, Hengjiang Jin Suo Chu Zhanlong had already stretched out his head together, and blurted out exclaimed: "Neon clothes fairy dance?!" The multi-armed sword nodded slightly. He sighed: "I just saw this mad boy's body style, and I have seen that he is actually the lost seven changes of the former magical real man Wolfstep Rivers and Lakes. I don't know that these girls at the moment are the female devil in Miaojiang. The descendants of, see that the rivers and lakes have been peaceful for a long time, but there will be chaos again." Chu Zhanlong and Linghu Zhishu could not help changing their faces. Hengjiang Jinsuo coughed dryly and said in a low voice: "No, neither of these two monsters have heard of a descendant--oh, but who can predict the changes in the past ten years?" He sighed, and he also admitted to Yun Qian. In his opinion, the two thick eyebrows were deeply wrinkled, but they said alone: "However-although these girls' body styles seem to be passed down from Miaojiang, the yellow-shirted teenagers may not be magical. Real disciple--" However, a long laugh suddenly sounded in the courtyard, which interrupted him with a bit of self-comfort. In the long laugh, only the figure in the yellow shirt in the pale red swirling light in the courtyard was soaring to the sky. rise.

The laughter didn't stop, the figure of the yellow-shirted boy turned in the air, suddenly the head and feet were swept down like arrows, the iron palm stretched out, and the electricity smashed to the shoulders of the two hanging girls.

But the two girls did not stop at their feet, they still danced around. How can I know that the figure of the yellow shirt boy Cen Can can be moved freely in the air, twisting his waist slightly, and two iron palms have been divided into grasping Into the flying sleeves of two hanging girls.

But after hearing a soft cry, Cen Can laughed a lot, and made a big shot again, her legs stretched back, with the help of this grasping power on her hands, her figure vacated again, brushing, brushing, two palms, with sharp palms. The wind swayed to the other two girls in the red dress.

This kind of amazing light work immediately evoked the group of lords in exclamation, and the dance steps of the sixteen slum girls were immediately in a mess.

The singing of the two girls in red dresses also healed and sang more and more eagerly. They were originally dancing shadows spinning around the courtyard, but at this moment, only the pale yellow shadows of the cencans were left, flying all over the sky.

At the frown of the multi-armed Excalibur, he turned to Hengjiang Jin Suo Chu Zhanlong and whispered: "Under the whole world, except for the seven animal body techniques and the five flying dragon styles handed down from the Tianshan line, and the youth star and moon double swords alone in the sky of martial arts. In addition to the thirteenth formula, the only one who can volley against the enemy and take advantage of the momentum is the only way to make the world famous. The goshawk in the Seven Changes has changed. Brother Chu, now you should also see whether this young man is that demon. Descendants of the head, right?" Chu Zhanlong sighed, and when he was waiting to answer, he saw the two girls in red dress singing gracefully. Suddenly they patted their palms and the singing stopped.

The dance steps of the dangling girls had already fallen apart. As soon as the singing stopped, the figures of these dangling girls immediately spread out. A few of them frittered their eyebrows lightly, bit their vermilion lips secretly, and were holding a jade bowl. It is obvious that the wrist has been injured, but the yellow shirt youth seems to be very pitiful, and the attack is not serious, so they are not badly injured.

Cen Can, the boy in the yellow shirt, swept his eyes, brushed his clothes, and smiled again: "Jiangnan spring night, the fairy scattered flowers, plus the singing and singing of these two peerless beauties, it's really singing. Miao Wu, Shuang Jue world, does not want to be a mere today, but also bowed to this kindness and opened up such an eye." The two red dress girls also smiled to themselves, stretched out their jade hands, and gently covered the corners of their smiling mouths. , Came over curly, and said with a soft smile: "Oh, why are you so polite, what our sister sings with a thick throat and a broken throat, it is said that it is a clear song, which is really embarrassing to us. "Amidst the laughter, the jade hand covering the corner of his mouth suddenly stretched out like lightning. Ten jade fingers, like a king onion, are now competing like sharp blades, and they immediately point to the smell of fragrance and four whites on the face of the yellow shirt boy. There are six large acupoints at, Dicang, Xiaguan, and Jianjing and Jianzhen on the left shoulder. The accuracy of the acupoint recognition is unparalleled.

This was not only unexpected, but also violent. Seeing that this slender jade finger had already touched the acupuncture path of the yellow-shirted boy, the crowds all over the courtyard sang in surprise, and they couldn't help but secretly said in their hearts: "These two This young girl is so quick-working and so cruel that she can kill people in the middle of talking and laughing. "While the yellow-shirted boy seems to be caught off guard, in fact, she is in the chest, and she smiles and said:" I am not a Vimalakīrti, it is difficult to be a loose hand, and the kindness of the two girls is not very dare to be. "In the long laugh, the figure has already slid five feet away, and the two jade hands of these two red dress girls fell to nothing.

The multi-armed divine sword Yun Qian in front of Ren Lijie kept frowning, and at this moment he sighed and said: "In these ten years, it seems that the magical demon's skill has deepened a little bit, even his own. My disciple, martial arts is no longer under Nai Shi, and even the Chang Xian Wu Formation can’t be troubled by him. Alas—ten years, it’s not a time to wait, it’s just my awe-inspiring brother? Why are you gone without a trace, are you? Have you also practiced a few special skills?" This upright old man couldn't help but look up, and saw the palms flying in the courtyard, and the palms of the wind screamed, the two girls in red dresses were in this moment. , Even attacked dozens of moves in a row, but Cen Can's figure flickered, moving like a wind, although he did not use his full strength, he was able to deal with it calmly.

These two red-sleeved girls couldn't help being horrified. The strength of their opponents' martial arts was far beyond their expectations. What made them more anxious was that although the opponent's opponents seemed to be chic, they were extremely fierce in their actions. The combo of the two sisters who have been practicing hard for many years was broken by the young man's gestures. His pale yellow figure seemed to be staying between his sisters, but he hit it with a palm. Always hit the air.

Although these two red-sleeved girls waved their five fingers and looked at Feihong, their graceful postures shocked and admired all the elites in the courtyard, but at this moment they knew that they were definitely not the opponents of this yellow-shirted boy. .

The yellow-shirted boy laughed loudly, avoiding the move of the girl on the left, the blow of the left palm with a "call", but the figure turned to the girl on the right, and whispered with a smile: "Girl, you again What's the problem? I'm exhausted, and I look uncomfortable." The girl Liwo on the right appeared slightly, with a soft smile, and she said to herself, "Thank you." She turned her slender waist and smiled pleasantly. Exhales like orchids, but in this clever smile, a pair of jade hands has already snatched out like the wind. With the twist of the slender waist, a jade foot also kicked out, and in the blink of an eye, it attacked three times. trick.

Cen Can laughed, her body slid away like flowing clouds and flowing water, and she smiled and said: "What a cruel girl." The sleeves of the two red-sleeved girls were stretched out, and the two girls in red, only felt the strong wind of the palms. I pressed it down, and the two of them rolled their eyes and looked at each other. Suddenly they turned and giggled at the same time. The left palm held the left palm, and the right palm pushed out, but the body shape took advantage of this push. Retreated to the corner in shock.

Qunhaofang was stunned by himself, but the two red-skinned girls were stunned and said with a smile: "We are tired, we are no longer fighting. If you want to fight, just hit it alone." The torch on the wall has been burned. Near the end, the flames seem to be stronger than before, flashing light and shadow, working on the faces of these red girls, I saw the corners of their mouths with faint smiles, and the waves of their eyes flowed around, like playing children with hanging feathers. , I'm tired of riding a green bamboo horse with my male partner, and once the bamboo pole is thrown away, it won't come.

It's like playing catching rice bags and losing, and throwing away the rice bags, acting like a spoiled child, but it doesn’t look like a martial arts master after a fight. The yellow shirt boy, let's see how he deals with this charming, naive, but spooky girl.

At this moment, there are more than a dozen big men wearing long gowns, leaning on the foot of the wall, bowing their heads and rushing, replacing the burnt torches. The two girls in red dresses are at the foot of the wall, arranging the clouds on the temples, and the big one, Luo Chang. In the yard, there was only the boy in the yellow shirt standing in the center, his eyes turned around, and he didn't seem to know how to deal with these two savage girls.

Sixteen shining golden boxes of worship were still in front of the steps, but it was the two girls in red, who suddenly smiled softly, and said softly, "Our two sisters are here here. Wishing Grandpa Yun birthday, but unexpectedly brought so much trouble to Grandpa Yun. We wanted to stay here for a while, but we were afraid that the lady would be anxious--" Then, she took a deep blessing and said with a smile: "This is how our sisters retired." Liu Yao was folded, and before Yun Qian could answer, she turned her head and walked out.

Cen Can, a young man in yellow shirt, took a step forward and saw the two girls laugh again: "You are both high in martial arts and handsome. Don’t forget to go to Tianmu Mountain before Mid-Autumn Festival in August. Come on, maybe--"Hide your mouth and smile: "You will be our young lady's new uncle in the future." These two girls smiled pleasantly, and their voices were like pearls. The yellow shirt boy Cen Can's eyes turned a few times and crossed. He laughed aloud and said: "Okay, okay, I must follow the order to attend the appointment, but if your lady is as cruel as the two girls, I will be a little bit timid at first." In the long laughter, his eyes were on the faces of the rich in the courtyard. With a sweep, suddenly flew up like a swallow. Ghost Yinger moved to stand on the front steps of the hall. At this moment, she saw the girls in red dresses leaving. She slightly lifted the corners of her clothes and walked down. But there was a sudden flower in front of her. With a "pop", someone was on her cheek. He slapped a crisply, and he gave a startled scream, but saw a yellow shadow, already with a long smile, and rushed out of the wall like a long smile, and disappeared in the blink of an eye.

Although the housewarming was famous for his trivial feats, when he discovered this figure, he had already disappeared. For a while, he stood in the courtyard in astonishment, his face turned from blue to red, and finally he sighed and stomped. Also swept out.

The benevolent swordsman made a stride in the middle of the cloud, rushed over, and hurriedly shouted: "Brother Qiao, Brother Qiao..." But under Housewarming's shame, he didn't even turn his head, his toes were a little bit on the courtyard wall, and his stature disappeared into the dark night.

Ghost Ying'er moved to the world and walked the rivers and lakes all his life. He was so well-known that there was no other person in the martial arts. At this moment, he suffered this kind of humiliation.

The two red girls looked at each other, moved the lotus step lightly, and walked out the door slowly. The sixteen girls with braided bridles holding the gold box followed behind them with a long sigh of multi-armed swords and strode. When they arrived at the door, they saw that they had stepped on four gorgeous red-painted carriages. The doors of the carriages had all been closed.

With the sound of the carriages, the four carriages drove out of the alley, and the multi-armed Excalibur looked at the dust raised by the wheels on the ground, coughing dryly, annoyed in heart.

He walked into the courtyard with his hand in his hand, only to feel that the courtyard was full of tycoons, in twos and threes, gathering together and whispering, Linghu Zhishu and Hengjiang Jinsuo came side by side, seeming to want to say a few words to comfort the longevity, but he didn't know. How to put it right, no matter who, during his birthday, encounters such unsatisfactory things, even if he is open-minded, he will inevitably be annoyed.

The benevolent swordsman Yun Zhongcheng saw the look on his father's face, hahaqiang laughed: Although the wine and the food are cold, you can still relive it, you might as well invite you in the hall again and have a few drinks. Da Dan. "Qunhao screamed and reunited in the hall again. Yun Qian looked round and swallowed slightly: "The back waves of the Yangtze River push the front waves, and the new generation will replace the old. Alas-brother Chu, you and I are really old It's no use, look at the talents of those young people just now, I'm afraid it will be their world today. "It's too much to sigh.

Linghu Zhishu slowly stepped up the steps, but smiled: "Bro Yun, it's not a little brother who is boasting. Although you and I are old, your muscles and bones are not too old. If you really encounter problems, you can still compete with such a generation, Brother Yun, why should you grow their ambition? "Hengjiang Jinsuo frowned deeply, and sang from himself: "Brother Zhi's words are good, but the old man of martial arts with the surname Cen in the yellow shirt has walked the rivers and lakes for many years, but he hasn't seen it before. When the uncle was in his heyday, his skills were no more than equal to him, and the rest of the people were even less important. "The multi-armed divine sword has long eyebrows and tiger eyes. Under the eaves in front of the hall, a person suddenly walked out and said loudly: "The arrogant young man just now has high martial arts, but if he is the best in martial arts today, My nephew thought it was still a long way away. "Yun Qian, Chu Zhanlong, and Zhi Shu are all shocked, and they look at him flashingly, only to feel that this person is wearing a light blue gown, his body is bloated, his abdomen and thighs are short, and he looks like a mango at first glance.

The multi-armed divine sword suddenly suddenly said, "Who am I?" It turned out to be Su Xian's nephew. "Chu Zhanlong and Zhi Shu groaned displeasedly in their hearts. It turns out that they also recognize this person. He is just a dart head in one of the smallest escorts among the seven provinces in the south of the Yangtze River. Although he is also famous in the martial arts, But there is always something wrong with saying this in front of oneself.

This short and bloated fat man laughed and said: "Master Yun, your old man knows that on the ground in the south of the Yangtze River, a strange person has recently appeared. It’s a long way away." Chu Zhanlong snorted and said coldly: "Su Shiping, have you seen this person again? How come the old man has never heard of it?" Su Shiping grinned and said, "Xiao Ke Ruowei has his own eyes. I have seen it, how dare I say it in front of the old seniors!" He said, the small eyes on Chu Zhanlong's face rolled over Chu Zhanlong's face, and he said with a smile: "It is indeed unbelievable to say. But the person my nephew saw, not to mention other martial arts, was just like a light kung fu, and he jumped into the air and was able to fly five feet. Old man Yun, tell me, is this light kung fu, isn't it a bit shocking? "Yun Qian frowned slightly, his heart moved, and he asked quickly: "Do you see this person's appearance, how old he is, if he is not tall, with some short beards on his jaw, and the Chinese character is about There are middle-aged people in their fifties." Su Shiping stretched out a pair of fat hands, shook them several times, and said: "No, no, that person is not very old, at most he is only in his twenties, and he looks so beautiful. It’s beautiful and bright, and—and he wears a yellow gown, just like the one with the surname Cen just now, except that he is shorter and fatter.” Yun Qian sighed when he heard the words and stepped on his feet. After entering the threshold, he whispered: "So, this person is not my Haoran brother." Linghu Zhishu frowned, and asked: Is the person you saw wearing a yellow gown? "Su Shiping nodded repeatedly, and Chu Zhanlong snorted again: "Since you have seen this person, do you know his surname? what is it call? Do you know him? "Su Shiping grinned and smiled again: "This little nephew is not clear. To be honest, he only met this person and didn't know him. It was just that the little nephew took a dart that day and passed by Yandang Mountain. , Suddenly--" Chu Zhanlong snorted impatiently, and said coldly: "You don't know him, so you don't need to say more. "Striding in the hall, Su Shiping secretly curled his lips, cursing in his heart: "What's so great about you, old fellow!" " He also walked into the hall by himself, found an empty seat and sat down, eating and drinking.

The dawn gradually revealed, and the torches in the courtyard were also removed. A row of golden worship boxes listed in front of the steps were sent to the inner house, in exchange for countless praises from the inner house female relatives, secretly guessing who is so grandiose The shot brought such a heavy birthday gift.

Although some of them are local tycoons in Wuhu, most of them are from other places. As soon as the birthday date has passed, most of them leave the Yunzhai with a sense of wine, walking on the dawn, but these martial arts tycoons In Zhizhi's heart, almost coincidentally, there was an idea, that is, to rush to Tianmu Mountain before August, even if his martial arts is not good, but the excitement is always to be seen.

In the hall of Yunzhai, there is no one at this moment except for some housekeepers who clean and tidy up, but in an elegant room in the backyard of Yunzhai, there is another table of exquisite wine feasts.

Although staying up all night, the few old people sitting at the wine feast at this moment are not tired at all. The benevolent swordsman Yun Zhongcheng sits respectfully in his seat, and is constantly hungry for his father’s fate. The wine, and these are the old heroes who have long been famous all over the world, and they are all talking about this mysterious action in Tianmu Mountain, and the mysterious person who presides over it.

Although they all know that this incident must be related to Wen Ruyu, the weird man in the martial arts of the past years, but what is hidden behind this incident is not what they can guess!