Eerie Moon and Evil Star - Chapter 2

Chapter 2 

There is a huge mansion in the huge port in the south of the Yangtze River, in the north of Wuhu city, in an alley facing south.

This huge mansion occupies almost half of this side alley, which is about tens of meters long, and the black-painted gate is black and shiny, because at the moment after the new year, there are still red spring festival couplets on the gate.

There are two stone lions squatting down beside the gate. This kind of stone lions are still common at the gates of high-ranking officials in the capital, but they are a bit distinctive in front of the houses of this kind of Jiangnan residence. No ordinary people live in such a huge house.

That evening, the setting sun of early spring dragged the shadows of the two stone lions at the gate to the east for a long time. At the gate of this huge mansion, there was a lot of traffic and bustle at this moment.

The two black gates were also wide open at this time, and people flowed in and out at the gates. Although some were ordinary merchants, most of them were darts with slender waists and wide shoulders. At first glance, they were all darts. The martial arts tycoon.

It turned out that the famous martial artist from the south of the Yangtze River, Wuhu Dahao, and the multi-armed sword Yun Qian lived in this huge house.

Today is the 70th birthday of this old martial artist Yun. Not only are there famous figures in the Wuhu realm, they are all here. There are also martial artists from all over the world who are rushing to celebrate the birthday of the old martial artist Yun.

The multi-armed sword is not only famous, his eldest son Yun Zhongcheng is also a hot figure in the martial arts at this moment. He has commanded 26 escorts in the eighteen places in the south of the Yangtze River. Seventy-year-old life, the excitement can be imagined.

Starting from the alley of this side lane, there were sturdy big men who were receiving guests. Although these people were wearing long gowns, they all had condensed eyes and full expressions. It was obvious that they were all practising families with two sons under their hands. It turns out that these people are actually the guards of the escorts in Jiangnan.

The courtyard of the Yunzhai is divided into five entrances. The longevity hall is located on the first entrance hall. The style of the house in this martial arts man’s house is very strange. Ten feet, the wealthy can put down dozens of round tables.

It turns out that the multi-armed sword is hospitable by nature, and especially likes the beauty of adults. No matter whether he is in black and white in the martial arts, his popularity is very good, and he is an old hero with good luck and longevity.

At this moment, the hall was as bright as daylight, with two huge red candles burning in it, one longevity peach, made of glutinous rice as big as a table of eight immortals.

Sitting on a white-haired old man in a master chair next to this table for life peaches, he is naturally the multi-armed divine sword Yunqian who is full of martial arts. Although this seventy-year-old old man has white hair and beard, his appearance is not a bit old. , Sitting in the chair, laughing haha, socializing to the martial arts juniors who came to worship the birthday, not only the voice is like Hong Zhong, but the laughter is also extremely clear.

His eldest son, Renyi swordsman, Yun Zhongcheng, stood beside him respectfully, wearing a purple satin gown with a small beard under his chin. If it were not stated in advance, no one would have seen this gentleman, like a scholar in learning. The middle-aged man would be a martial arts fighter who stomped Jiangnan chaotically.

Someone who came to pray for birthdays was known by Mr. Yun, but there were also Mr. Yun who did not know him. Whether he knew him or not, Mr. Yun greeted them politely. Some people who wanted to give a big gift, his old man would try his best to stop him, but except There are several old heroes of his peers, and martial arts magnates from all over the world bowed their heads respectfully in front of this old hero, and did not dare to be sloppy.

Although the group of tycoons on the birthday hall have been gathered, the people coming in from behind are still flowing. But just as the wine feast was about to open, a young man covered in yellow shirt walked outside the door and walked in front of the old birthday star, but only gently With a click, there is no meaning to click down.

The old hero Yun was kind in nature and didn't care at all, but Yun Zhongcheng, the benevolent swordsman standing behind him, was a little dissatisfied in his heart, and couldn't help but glance at the yellow shirt boy.

I saw this young man with a long jade body, a bee-backed waist, a straight back, and his eyes were full of light, but they did not leak out, but the corners of his mouth and eyes were slightly indescribable with arrogance.

Yun Zhongcheng's heart moved, and he secretly thought: "This young man is already quite hot. Although he still can't see the depth, his skill is quite high, but there is no doubt that this young man has a very raw face and came by himself without a name. , Did not report the name of the teacher, and his expression is so arrogant, but who is it?" The benevolent swordsman was suspicious in his heart, but naturally would not say it, plus He Keyingmen, there are many things. After a while, the so-called cautious Yun Zhongcheng forgot about it.

After a while, the wine banquet in this hall was huge, and 36 tables were set up. Among the more than 300 martial arts magnates present, nine out of ten were in the martial arts.

Sitting on the middle table with the old hero Yun are all top-notch figures in today's martial arts.

These are all friends who started their business with the multi-armed Excalibur in the past. Now they are well-known and have been enjoying themselves at home for more than a year. Therefore, the seven people sitting at this table are all lucky and long-lived. The characters, except for the old man of the eagle-nosed harrier.

It may be too early to say that this man is an old man, because this man is only about forty. At this moment, he is sitting between the longevity Yunqian and the giant Hengjiang Jinsuo Chuzhanlong on the Yangtze River. It can be seen that this man is not old. Big, but the status in the martial arts is very high.

The man in the hall, nine out of ten, knew this person, and those who didn't know heard others say, they were all screamed and moved. It turned out that this person was the chief rudder of the Jiangnan Black Rice Gang, and the wingless condor was in charge of Yichai.

This Guan Yichai actually came to Yun Qian for his birthday today. Qunhao is a little strange. Some people are talking about "Guardian Shenying has also come. This master usually has a higher eye than the top, and no one in the world put him on him." In my eyes, I see him as a weasel giving New Year greetings to the rooster. I'm afraid I don’t want to have a plan today!" Some people argued: "Guan Shenying is crazy and doing it, but what kind of character is Mr. Yun? In addition, I think you should say a few words less and take care of the chicken legs!" Some people sighed because of this: "I am afraid that peace in the martial arts will not last long. Look, just take care of the three years. How many new sects and gangs have been established on both sides of the Yangtze River and the north of the Yangtze River, and all of them are three-point evil. Look at it, in the martial arts, there will be a mess. "His friend hurriedly pulled his sleeve. Stopping: "My friend, just say a few words. You can guarantee that there are no such characters on the table nearby. If you are heard by others, you will not be able to eat it. Just run around." Hao Shi talked a lot in private, and the old longevity star multi-armed sword Yun Qian would naturally not hear it. This tall, stunned old man picked up the wine glass, stood up, and made a circle to the four group of tycoons, and then sounded like a bell. He said: "Everyone has come from afar to celebrate Yun Qian's fateful birthday. Yun Qian is really happy, but Yun Qian is a rude person and doesn't say anything polite. You can eat more and drink more, just because I can be respected. Qian, I'm happy when Yun Qian is happy, and I have to live for another ten years." The white-haired old man smiled up to the sky after speaking, and was so energetic, no less than a teenager.

The group of heroes under the hall also immediately rang out a enthusiastic applause. The applause was mixed with laughter, and the laughter was mixed with Yun Qian's high-pitched laughter, mixing into an auspicious and rich voice.

Then, the contented old birthday star sat down, and a brawny man in a long gown standing next to him filled him with wine, and then he took up the wine glass, and said to the high spirits of this table: "You and my brothers also have a toast. Come!" The wingless condor sitting beside him with his long eyebrows smiled again: "The master of the rudder came from a long way, and the old man should have a glass." The eagle eyes flashed and raised. The cup came, but he said with a smile, he said: "Old hero Yun is famous all over the world, I should have paid a visit to Yichai long ago, how can I be worthy of a toast from hero Yun, hahaha." He laughed a few times and looked up. After finishing the glass of wine, he said, "I'll take care of the firewood and do it first." The wingless divine eagle said in his mouth, but his body has not stood up, Yun Qian laughed, but he felt a little bit more in his heart. Dissatisfied, I also looked up and drank the wine in the glass. Suddenly he frowned and put the wine glass on the table again with a loud sigh. There was one missing person. Alas, even though there was only one missing, the old man felt a little--oh. "This multi-armed divine sword suddenly seemed to think of something, and even sighed again and again, and the two pale brows were also tight. Wrinkled together, the huge palms tightly squeezed the wine glass, and with a loud bang, this wine glass made of Jiangxi fine porcelain was crushed by him.

The crowds in the seat were stunned for a moment. Among them was a short and chubby old man who laughed and said: "Brother, let my little brother guess what you are thinking about. It's sure that you won't leave ten." Yun Qian glanced at the old man, temporarily sorrowful, and smiled: "Okay, okay, the old man has to see if you, the old fox, can guess the heart of the old man. If you can't guess it, let me see your spirit. The nickname of the fox must be changed from today onwards. "It turns out that this short and fat old man is exactly the famous think tank in the Chivalrous Way—Linghu Zhishu.

This Linghu Zhishu laughed again, raised his thumb, shook it up and down, and said with a smile: "Is the old brother thinking in his heart that Zhuo Haoran who went to Huangshan and never returned?" Yun Qian suddenly said. He slapped the table and said: "Oh, you fox, you really guessed it again, it's just—oh, brother Haoran hasn’t even had any news in the past ten years. If someone like him knows He died silently, but it really taught me a little bit of disbelief. If he is not dead, alas—"This upright old man Jing sighed again, took another glass of wine, and then said: "How can he get any news? No, did he forget my old brother. "It turns out that the thrilling past under the Shixin Peak of Huangshan in the past did not spread to the rivers and lakes. It is a man in the martial arts, and he does not know the hero Zhuo Haoran of the Central Plains. It's already dead.

At this moment, Hengjiang Jin Suo Chu Zhanlong smiled and said: "Brother Yun, don't worry, think about what kind of martial arts that Daxia Zhuo is, and who can kill him, Brother Yun, today is your birthday. , Everyone is not allowed to say anything to be disappointed, come, come, come, the younger brother will offer another cup of eldest brother." The two old brothers were raising their glasses, but Guan Yichai, who was sitting in the middle, suddenly sneered, and slowly said: "Think of Na Zhuo Although Haoran's martial arts are high, if you say that no one can control his death in the world, I am afraid that it may not be possible. If not, then Zhuo Qiaran has gone there in the past ten years, and even the shadow is gone. Did he go to the sky?" Yun Qian had two white eyebrows, stood upside down suddenly, and suddenly raised his eyes to the sky for a long laugh, and said loudly: "It's a pity, it's a pity that the rise of the Black Rice Gang has only been the past two years. , The name of the master of the rudder has only been used in the past few years. If the master of the rudder made his debut four or five years earlier, the reputation of Zhuo Haoran's number one master in the world must be given to the master of the rudder." Guan Yi Chai Ying had a look, and said coldly: "This is also a very possible thing." The multi-armed divine sword laughed angrily, and suddenly slapped the table, his tall body stood up, and said in a deep voice: "Master Guan Ruo , Today you are giving birth to the old man, thank you very much, the birthday has already been celebrated at this moment, the old man dare not leave the rudder master's driving, please, please, please. !"

This multi-armed divine sword, at this moment, actually issued an order to dismiss the guests.

This wingless condor took charge of Yichai. He made his debut early and had no name to borrow. Later, somehow, he learned a fascinating skill and built a black rice gang in Hedong.

The black rice gang has done several important things in the Jiangnan martial arts. This wingless condor takes care of a firewood, and its reputation immediately shakes the world. It can be said that it is the top figure in the martial arts today. At this moment, the black rice gang master is angry. Green for a while, Bai for a while, also burst into laughter, pointing to Yun Qian and shouting loudly: "You can estimate that the surname is Yun, today you dare to be so mad about Yichai, you bad old man wants to be alive. I'm getting impatient, I don't care that you can gather all the world's tycoons today to teach you," he said, rolled up his sleeves, and stood up.

Yun Qianhu's eyes were angry and he pushed with both hands to almost overthrow a table. The cups and plates were all messed up. Fortunately, all the people present were talented in the art industry, and they avoided it in time.

This time the crowds all stood up, shocked, Yunzhong Cheng's face changed with anger, and he sternly shouted: "Boy friend, what are you doing, you want my Yun to look good--" Guan Yi Chai sneered and said: "What if you want you to look good? Others are afraid of you, the Yun family and the three. I don’t care about Yi Chai and don’t buy this account. The kid surnamed Yun, from today onwards, your few escorts If I still do business, I will take care of Yi Chai's surname and write it upside down!" This Guan Yi Chai Yi is mad, and in this kind of place, if you dare to say such crazy words, both Yun family and his son Angrily, the Linghu Zhishu waved his hands and said, "Guan Ruozhu, look at the face of my Zhishu, one less word!" Then he said, "Brother, what do you do today? It's your happy day, why bother you!" Waved your hands all around: "Come, come, everyone sit down and toast our birthday stars." This Linghu Zhishu saw that things were so bad, for fear of having a good birthday banquet. I couldn't get the rules, and I tried to persuade him again and again, but at this time, there was already a mess.

The multi-armed divine sword roared and said: "Someone points to my Yun's nose and scolds me, but if someone arranges my Haoran brother, I Yun somebody just fights out this old bone, and he has to stretch out. What has changed!" Cheng Yixi, a benevolent swordsman in the cloud, persuaded his father to curse at Guan Yichai.

Guan Yichai just sneered, and stood still. The Black Rice Clan leader really looked like a generation of heroes. Under this kind of battle, there was no trace of panic.

Although the benevolent swordsman was aggressive, he couldn't bear it at this moment. He pointed to Guan Yichai and shouted: "My name is Guan, you are making trouble like this today. You must have two strikes under your hand. Come, come, I will stretch out today. You, let's go out and do it." While speaking, the first person in the Jiangnan Chivalrous Road slammed the gown, stamped his feet, and whizzed the ground, and slammed his legs into the yard with the kick of his legs.

The benevolent swordsman showed this light skill, and the group of lords in the audience drank it and secretly said: "It's still the kung fu handsome of the old father and son Yun, you see, the hand of the young Yun Xiaoxia will be enough for a long time, no wonder people People are really good at commanding so many dartboards." Everyone is complimenting secretly, but the wingless condor sneered, and the figure did not move, just like this, he sprang up and twisted his waist in the air. Like an arrow, it shot into the sky above the yard, then turned slightly, and fell lightly.

As soon as this wingless condor displayed such a skill, all the tycoons became discolored. Yun Qian stroked his long beard and followed out. The crowd of tycoons stopped eating and squeezed into the yard.

However, on a table in the corner of the hall, there is still a person beside him eating and drinking, his face is completely indifferent, his life is like something just now, he has neither seen nor heard it. , Did not take this matter to heart at all.

This man was handsome in a yellow shirt and turned out to be the strange and arrogant young man.

At this moment, he seemed to have finished eating, stood up, wiped his mouth, his eyes swept over the remaining half of the crispy fried chicken on the plate, and he sighed slightly, as if he was still in the mood, and tore it again. I took a piece and put it in my mouth to chew.

Then, he walked slowly to the entrance of the court, slowly separated the Qunhao who was at the door, and walked out slowly, unexpectedly quiet and pretty--the original leader of Jiangnan Chivalrous Road, and He Donghei The master dipper of the Mi Gang has already started.

The yellow-shirted boy walked out of the hall slowly, only to see that there was no sound in the yard, and hundreds of eyes were fixed on the benevolent swordsman Yun Zhongcheng and the wingless condor Guan Yichai who were doing their work.

These two people are extremely loud figures in the martial arts. In this life-and-death struggle, this person did not take off the gown. He only tucked the hem of the gown on the ribbon around his waist, and he was still wearing it under his feet. The official shoes of the foundation and vermilion noodles.

But this kind of attire seems to have not affected their dexterity in the slightest. Just around the corner, the yard is full of martial arts, with a radius of less than three feet in the middle. But seeing this benevolent swordsman Yunzhongcheng's figure Circling, his shirt sleeves fluttering, his posture is extremely chic, and he is completely different from his usual restrained appearance.

But this wingless condor took charge of a firewood, and his body skills were light and quick, but it seemed to be above him. All around Qunhao felt dazzling, and the two figures were everywhere.

Hengjiang Jin Suo Chu Zhanlong, the great tycoon of the Yangtze River, stood tightly beside Shou Xing Yunqian. These two martial arts fighters with almost white beards and hairs were all nervous at the moment, because the two were fighting. People, no matter who wins or loses, it is inevitable, and it is bound to cause great disturbances in the arena.

Although the Wu Lin Qunhao who stood solemnly had a deep relationship with Yun's father and son, no one dared to intervene in this matter, but secretly hoped that Yun Zhongcheng would win.

But the skill of these two people can be regarded as first-class masters in the martial arts, but the victory or defeat can not be judged in a moment.

At this moment, the night is quite deep, and dozens of torches made of pine branches have been added to the high walls on the four sides of the courtyard. The flames of the torch up to the height of the torch, following the spring breeze from the southeast, fell diagonally to the northwest. Go down.

When the pine branches burned, the sound of peeling, in these courtyards, and the applause of the two people when they started, formed a very inconsistent sound.

In an instant, the two men had already taken hundreds of moves, but the wind from their palms seemed to be stronger than when they first started. After a pause, the peak waist fumbled, the figure twisted away, and with a cry of both palms, full of true strength, he hit the middle of the cloud that was closing the chest like a seal with a trick.

He has been unable to fight for a long time, and now feels impatient, so he has abandoned the changes in his moves, and wants to judge the victory by the strength of his true power.

Most of the onlookers were Lianjiazi. Of course, they knew the purpose of Guan Yichai's move. They also knew that as long as the benevolent swordsman reached out to take this palm, it was time for this element to determine the outcome. Four Hundreds of eyes of the tyrants could not help looking at the two hands of the benevolent swordsman Yun Zhongcheng.

With a multi-armed sword with a long beard in his right hand and his right elbow in his left hand, this martial arts fighter who has been in the world for decades, at this moment, although he still seems to be able to resist the excitement in his heart, in fact, his waist and legs are full. Zhenli, as long as Yun Zhongcheng loses, he will fly to rescue immediately.

The wingless condor Guan Yichai had just spit out the palms of both hands, but Yun Zhongcheng snorted, stomping seven-star steps under his feet, and his body turned slippery, racing to go behind Guan Yichai.

The true power in the palm of this wingless condor was already like an arrow on the string, and it had to be sent out, with only a whisper, the light and shadow in the courtyard were divided, and the torch on the wall was separated by the wind of his palm three or four feet away. , The flame was dimmed and almost extinguished.

The light and shadow were dim, and Qunhao's tightly clasped heartstrings let out a sigh of relief, but after seeing the wingless condor Guan Yichai hit the air with a palm, his figure never stopped, in this moment when the old power was exhausted and the new power was not born. , He could still make a forcible twist at his feet, shaking his wrists and twisting his waist, the king of heaven removed his armour, and with no time to let go, he forced the benevolent swordsman's move from behind.

Shouweng Yunqian's right hand slid along the long beard and landed on the ribbon around his waist. Although he was relieved in his heart, he couldn't help but palpitations secretly, this dipper of the Jiangnan Black Rice Gang.

His martial arts accomplishments have indeed reached the point of proficiency. No wonder, in this not too long period of time, his reputation has risen and he has gained a big name.

My beloved son is in the middle of the journey. Although martial arts has achieved his own true biography, although he is named as a swordsman, he is not weak in his hand, but at this moment he is used to deal with this wingless condor. On the other hand, it failed to beat others by half.

When Yunqian, the multi-armed sword, wandered through the rivers and lakes in the past, he had beckoned with others many times. At this moment, there is no reason for the current situation. He couldn't help feeling depressed. He had a good birthday feast. Shengsheng was disturbed by this pipe.

The courtyard was solemn again, and every pair of eyes of everyone followed the wingless condor Guan Yichai and the benevolent swordsman Yun Zhongcheng without blinking.

Some of the martial arts were poor and their eyes were weak. They couldn't see clearly the origin of these two people's moves, but they kept their breath, and praised the martial arts of these two people in secret.

Some of them can see their moves clearly, and even more refuse to give up the opportunity to observe this kind of master's skills, and even more mentally higher, they even learn a move and a half from it.

As all the tycoons stared, there was a sudden sneer at the entrance of the hall.

This sneered voice was extremely loud and harsh, and then a clear voice, slowly said: "What's the meaning of this style of play? It's really hard to tell you where you learned this martial arts. The body styles are all empty doors, but no one can see it." Qunhao couldn't help turning his head to look at each other as soon as these words were heard. On the stone steps at the entrance of the hall, there was a young man in yellow shirt standing with his hands behind his back.

This young man was standing there with a long body, half a head taller than the person beside him, with a narrow waist, narrow brows and eyes, arrogant, and a sneer still hung on the corners of his mouth.

This shocked Zhonghao, who was actually an unfamiliar young man borrowed from the martial arts.

Zhonghao's hundreds of eyes stared at his face like a sharp blade, but the young man with a stubborn expression was still innocent, and the traces of sneer at the corner of his mouth were again revealed.

His words are clear and clear, and the wingless condor Guan Yichai and the benevolent swordsman Yun Zhongcheng who are moving their hands, although they have no other heart, they have heard every word.

Given the status of these two people in the martial arts, no matter who said these words, it was an unbearable thing. The two people withdrew their moves and stance back, and they actually stopped together.

At this moment, no one of the tycoons in the courtyard was stunned. Some guessed about the origin of the boy in yellow shirts, while others cursed secretly in their hearts, thinking that the person who said this must be a lunatic. In the martial arts of Chai and Yunzhongcheng, how many people can say such things in the world, what is this boy who is not a lunatic?

The wingless condor Guan Yichai, and the face of the benevolent swordsman Yun Zhongcheng at the moment, are naturally even more ugly, and the four gazes are naturally full of coldness and stare at him.

Only Shouweng Yunqian had another thought in his heart. Even though this young man was either sick or mad, his few wild words made his mind half put down.

Because he saw at this moment that his beloved son's skills are no longer as strong as before, and if he fails again, the reputation he has struggled for many years must be ruined.

At this moment, the courtyard was so solemn again. It must be understood that what the yellow shirt boy said was indeed too shocking, and the group of lords were stunned when they looked at each other.

Guan Yichai and Yunzhongcheng were furious in their hearts, but as their identities, they would not swear.

In awe, but seeing the yellow shirt boy wave his sleeves, he slowly walked down the steps.

The wingless condor Guan Yichai suddenly sneered, and said in a deep voice: "The high-level theory of the talented person must have been said by this friend. I really admire Guan Yichai. My martial arts is too bad. I am really happy to meet my friends today. I hope my friends will give me advice and tell me the empty gates of the next move, so that even the next one is easy to learn the great tricks." The young Huang Shan laughed loudly. Repeatedly said: "Okay, okay, your Excellency is indeed very humbly, but although your palms seem to be beautiful, but there are so many empty doors, so you can tell me for a while, how can I finish it?" He turned his head. He smiled to Yun Zhongcheng again: "Your palm skills are half a catty with him. If you don't practice well, I'm afraid that in the future, if you encounter a master, you can't even stop others' three moves. Isn't it ugly." This yellow shirt boy, He was so old-fashioned that he said this, Guan Yichai and Yun Zhongcheng, both of their faces changed color, and his eyebrows stood upside down.

In the cloud, Cheng Jian's eyebrows were erected, and Fang Dai said with a sneer, but when he heard his father suddenly cough, as if to stop himself, he put down the words in his mouth again.

But the leader of the Jiangnan Black Rice Gang was arrogant and domineering, but he couldn't bear it.

He already sneered himself and said: "Okay, what a friend said, presumably a friend is an expert, then please ask a friend to let the martial arts heroes of the world see how I care about Yichai's martial arts, even the three tricks of others are blocked. but." He flipped his hand and rolled up the sleeve of his right hand again. The wingless condor was obviously angry and was about to shoot immediately.

The crowds onlookers were dissatisfied with what the yellow-shirted boy said, but at this moment they couldn't help but secretly worry about him. As soon as this wingless condor took action, I was afraid that this boy would be killed, because at this moment, the condor would lose his life. His shots will never show mercy anymore.

But the boy in yellow shirt laughed loudly again, and said loudly, "Although you can't be considered superior, but if you want to deal with your skill, I'm afraid that there are three or five tricks that are enough, sir If you don't believe it, you might as well give it a try. It's just a mere mere word. You'd better forget it. Why bother to show your eyes in front of so many people?" After that, he burst into laughter again.

Although these tycoons were astonished, some experienced old rivers and lakes, such as Hengjiang Jin Suchu Zhanlong, Linghu Zhishu, multi-armed sword Yunqian, etc., have already seen that this yellow shirt boy is extremely arrogant, but Since he dared to do this, he was definitely not without background.

That’s why Yun Qian secretly stopped his beloved son’s rage. Anyway, he knew that Guan Yichai would never let this boy go. As long as this boy and Guan Yichai get started, then with his own vision and experience, this boy I will never fail to see its origin.

Sure enough, under the anger of the Guan Shen Ying, he already said to himself: "Accept the kindness of my friend, but my surname Guan is born with this kind of temper. My heart will not die until the Yellow River, my friend, if you don't let me see you. What kind of skill is the skill, just barking and barking indiscriminately here, then my surname is in charge of you, but you are not polite to friends." The yellow shirt boy laughed and said: "Until the Yellow River, the heart will not die... OK, OK, Since your Excellency insists on this--" he said slowly, his laughter stopped suddenly, his eyes became cold and stern, and he said coldly, "No wonder it's down!" His cold eyes rolled: "Which friend will come out to be a testimony. If you can't make this friend lose in three moves, then you will crawl out of this yard, but if it is—" he said, his eyes After falling on Guan Shenying again, Sen coldly continued: "But if a friend is within three moves," Guan Shenying gave a stunned shout, cut off the yellow shirt boy's words, and sternly said: "Then I will Do whatever you want." Slightly stretch your upper body, stepping forward: "My friend, just take the move." He turned suddenly, turned to the left side of the boy in yellow shirt, and cut his right palm across the boy's shoulder. However, the left palm came out from the right side, with two fingers in the middle, and violently tapped the blood sea point under his ribs. The palm was sunken inward, but it was full of the power of the small sky star.

Although this wingless condor is arrogant and domineering, it can be seen that he does not underestimate the enemy at all, and he is definitely not using the kind of body method of stepping on the Hongmen and walking to the side of the palace to attack the weak. He avoided the heavy and the slightest, first went around to the left of the young man, and between the moves, although offensive and defensive, he had already reserved his own way of retreat.

At this moment, when the Shenying made a move, it turned out to be more careful than before when he started with Yun Zhongcheng.

His two moves were as fast as electric fire, and his figure stretched out amid the long laughter of the yellow-shirted boy.

Regardless of Shenying's palm, he suddenly felt that there was nothing in front of him. At this moment, the boy in yellow shirt turned out to be like a ghost.

In shock, he heard a violent shout from behind him: "The first move." Guan Yichai lost his heart and soul, and turned around to look back. He suddenly jumped forward and turned several somersaults on the spot. This Jiangnan hero , The leader of the black rice gang, at this moment actually resorted to the shameless move of "lazy donkey roll", which is simply the way of a rogue.

The tycoons are in a big shock, these tyrants who have been in the martial arts for many years have never encountered one thing more curious about it. An unknown young man actually made a move that caused the black rice gang's head in the martial arts side to manage the Shenying. Although he was not defeated, he had already lost his face.

Qunhao was in an uproar, Guan Shenying stood up, and saw the yellow shirt boy standing in front of him, looking at him with a disdainful smile, and said coldly: "There are two more tricks. "At this moment, in the heart of this wingless condor, there are two thoughts of shame, like the tide, the expert can tell the strength of the skill without looking at it.

This Guan Yingying is not a discerning person. Not only does he see this kind of body style, he has never even heard of it. He has always been quite proud of his skill, but at this moment, even people's body style is The ministry did not see clearly, it fell into ruin.

The complexion of that multi-armed divine sword changed drastically at this moment, because he had already thought of a person from the yellow-shirted boy. He was convinced that he was old-fashioned and that what he saw could never be wrong.

The yellow shirt boy slowly raised his head, his eyes turned from Guan Yichai to the sky, and the smile on the corner of his mouth spread more cheerfully. Then, he lowered his head and said loudly: "There are two more tricks." These four words, like arrows, shot into the heart of the leader of the Jiangnan Black Rice Gang, Guan Shenying. He felt it, all over the house. , Seems to be looking at him with a cold look. If he was as young as twenty years ago, he would definitely jump forward like a mad tiger.

It's just that he is old enough at this time, and his life experience has also made him sufficiently sophisticated. He is the so-called old rivers and lakes that can be seen through a single point. He knows his martial arts to dominate the martial arts, here. In front of the young man's weird physical skills, it was like the light of fireflies under the sky of Haoyue.

So he sighed and looked at the boy in yellow shirt with dull eyes, and said in a deep voice: "I care about Yichai with no eyes and no beads. I can't see that my friend is an expert, but I am not a blind man in charge of Yichai. The remaining two tricks of my friend do not need to be displayed." Qunhao made another uproar, and the two thick eyebrows of the multi-armed sword Yunqian wrinkled tighter, and suddenly attached his ears to Hengjiang Jin Suchu Zhanlong. In other words, the two gazes of the waterway Dahao immediately swept across the yellow shirt boy.

The boy in yellow shirt turned his eyes upwards, only slightly "Oh", and did not react at all to this wingless condor Guan Yichai's recognizing words.

Guan Shenying coughed dryly, and said, "I don’t care that Yi Chai knows that he is not good at learning, but he is not a mediocre person. I dare to say that I am a good person like a friend. I don’t know if you can give your name to your Friends and friends of the world martial arts, it is good to know that there is another alien star in the martial arts today." This Guan Yichai can become the leader of a gang. As expected, apart from being a little arrogant and domineering, the city is extremely deep. At this moment, his thoughts have changed. Suddenly, he complimented the boy in yellow shirt.

When he said this, Qunhao couldn't help but prick up his ears, wanting to hear the name of this weird and exquisite young man in martial arts. These sloppy hawks are all rectal guys. Although they were dissatisfied with the young man's madness before, they are now for him. Deterred by martial arts, he couldn't help being a little overwhelmed by him.

The boy in yellow shirt suddenly burst into laughter. In the long laughter, he said loudly: "You don't care about the outcome of your friends. They are indeed heroes with upright minds, and you are more offended below!" Guan Yichai's gaze shifted. , I already know that this boy in yellow shirt, although he is very good in martial arts, is a fledgling character, and he is a character that likes people. He knows that his chess move is undoubtedly the right one.

But after listening to his voice for a while, he glanced at Qunhao with bright eyes, and then said: "In Xia Cenchan, I am out of the world for the first time, and I will ask my friends to take care of them in the future. The two characters of aliens are in millions of dollars. Can't bear it." After that, he laughed again, but in this laughter, he glanced at Qunhao again, as if he was paying attention to the expressions of others towards him.

As the fire flashed in the courtyard, all the lords in the courtyard were staring at him.

As a result, his laughter became more cheerful, but in the midst of this kind of laughter, someone suddenly flew in from outside the door and shouted again and again: "Qiaomou is late, damn it, damn it again, yelling:" Yun Father, the little one is here to pay your birthday to your old man. "Amidst all the tyrants' gaze, he saw a thin man covered in brocade clothes snatching into the door, holding a sandalwood box in one hand, and holding a three-axis scroll in the other hand, flying over likewise.

Qunhao again There was a burst of laughter immediately, because as long as most of the people who had been in the rivers and lakes knew this person, the yellow shirt boy frowned in the long laughter, and the laughter stopped suddenly.

The thin man covered in brocade rushed in. , Turned over and bowed in front of Yun Qian, and said with a smile: "My nephew is moved, I wish Mr. Yun a happy life in the East China Sea and a longevity than Nanshan. "That Shou Xing Yunqian laughed loudly, bent over to make a decision, and said, "It's easy to say, it's easy to say, nephew, hurry up." "One side said again: "Zhong Cheng, don't hesitate to help your third brother Qiao up. "Yun Zhongcheng grabbed a few steps, and said with a smile: "Brother, please get up quickly and see that you are holding something in your hand, and you have brought something good for our old man. " The thin man covered in brocade clothes is the most popular ghost in the martial arts. In addition to being known for his light work and jumping skills, he is also a thief in the rivers and lakes.

It's just that this ghost moves and comes from a family. He is originally a millionaire son. Although he is good at stealing, he is unpleasant, and he is generous and righteous. Although the description is ruthless, he is a man who is unobstructed.

At the moment of the housewarming, people have stood up from the ground, looked around, haha laughed: "Look at it, Master Yun is highly respected, is it damned if I moved? So many martial arts friends have all come, I The housewarming came the latest—" He turned his gaze to the young man in the yellow shirt who was standing in the courtyard with an unpleasant face. He spoke unconsciously, and then he lost control of the condor. With a glance, his eyes rolled, as if he had already guessed what was going on, he laughed and said: "Before the little brother was still wondering, why don't my friends drink in the hall, but they are standing in the yard, it turns out that someone is there. Here is a contest on the birthday of the old man, please, please, please, please, please, please, take care of the big father, just start, and the younger brother will stand aside." Yun Zhongcheng coughed, secretly thinking that he is a child at the age of housewarming, but he is still a child. My temper, why didn't I figure it out, so I yelled first, hurriedly laughed and interrupted: "Brother Qiao, you made a mistake--" The words are still in the air, but the condor suddenly laughed and said loudly. "Yun Zhongcheng, don't round your face for me, I don't care about your affection, Qiao San, I honestly tell you that I have worked with this young hero Cen before." Ghost Ying'er The housewarming's eyes rolled a few more times, and he was a little surprised at the bottom of his heart, but he listened to Yi Chai and said: "But, the third son of Qiao, I tell you, it is only a move, and I lost the battle. The third son of Qiao is you lucky today. , Come, come, let me bow for you; see this earth-shattering young hero, this is Shang Cen Shang Chan, Cen Shao hero. "Ghost Ying'er can't help but keep his eyes wide open when he moves. It was planted in the hands of this yellow shirt boy, which is simply unbelievable.

The yellow shirt boy Cen Can was ran over by this ghost, so disturbed that Qunhao’s attention was turned away from him, and his heart was a little unpleasant, but that’s not the case for the condor." An arrogant smile reappeared, and my heart couldn’t help but increase his affection for Guan Shenying. When he was young, he was taken away from his home by a martial arts stranger. For more than ten years, he has learned a great art. At this moment, when he left the rivers and lakes, he had already caught the very unusual temper of his teacher. He acted according to his own likes and dislikes. As for whether that matter was right or wrong, he didn't care. The housewarming was stunned for a long time, but he saw this Guan Shenying all around. After a round, he said loudly: "Everyone, Guan Mou is leaving. "

He was thinking about it, but when he saw Guan Yichai put down the gown that was tucked around his waist, he turned and walked out without even looking at Yun's father and son.

The face of the benevolent swordsman changed greatly again, his eyes fixed on the back figure of Guan Yichai, and he suddenly stepped forward, but his arm was pulled by someone, but he was caught by his father's multi-armed sword.

Ghost Ying'er moved her eyes and sneered again, and said with a sneer: "Everyone, what are you doing here? Don't go in for a drink. Apart from bringing one thing to Master Yun for his birthday, there is another new thing that I want to tell you. "Yun Zhongcheng settled down, barely recovered his expression, and also greeted Qunhao to take his seat. The multi-armed sword Yun Qian and Hengjiang Jinsuo Chu Zhanlong looked at each other, and walked slowly to Cen Can's side, slightly With a tick, he laughed loudly and said: "Xiongtai's so handsome skill is really a hero from a young man, and he teaches the old man a lot." The yellow shirt boy Cen Can also arched his hands and said with a smile: "Older Yun is just as talented as a young man. Do you feel dissatisfied with your actions?" Yun Qian's eyes flashed, but his mouth quickly recovered. He laughed and said, "Cen Shaoxia said that this is just a confession. You see, everyone has entered the hall. Why don't Cen Shaoxia also go in and have two more drinks? The old man has one more thing, I need to ask Cen Shaoxia." Cen Can laughed loudly: "This is natural." He

walked into the hall with his head up, and walked straight to the chief, the one who was sitting in front of Shenying. The empty seat sat down proudly, and Qunhao glanced at him again as he glanced around.

Shou Xing Yun Qiang stroked his beard, walked to the first seat, and Fang Zi picked up the wine glass, but saw Ben, the benevolent swordsman Yun Zhongcheng, and Linghu Zhishu standing together with Ghost Shadow Housewarming, holding the wooden box in his hand, and walking up again. Came forward, clamped the three-axis scroll under his ribs, held the wooden box in both hands, and said with a smile: "My nephew is moving, I would like to give you a pair of flat peaches for your old man's longevity." Yun Qian laughed and took it with both hands. , Qunhao's gaze couldn't help but turn to this wooden box again, wanting to see what the wealthy thief was sending out this time.

As soon as Yun Qian opened the box, he heard a soft "cock", and suddenly stood up from the box two dolls that were not taller than a ruler. They were all shaped like powder jade, one man and one woman, in his hand. Holding a pair of jasper flat peaches, it is the golden virgin who lives for the queen mother.

Qunhao couldn’t help having great fun. Shou Xing Yunqian laughed louder. He turned around and put this delicate birthday gift on the altar, but he heard that Ghost Ying’er said to himself: “It stands to reason that today is the birthday of Mr. Yun. It is still possible to say that others come late, why did my housewarming come so late? Ha, there is a reason for this." He stretched out a finger, and said: "Because of the difference, I suddenly heard a piece of news. This news, I dare say that all martial arts friends all over the world would like to hear it, but at the time, I was a little unbelievable, so I especially ran to Tianmu Mountain to take a look. Only then did I know that the news was true." He gushed. At this point, Qunhao had gradually moved. The yellow shirt boy couldn't help showing his attention, but the ghost withdrew his hand, smiled slightly, and said: "Everyone, the old saying goes well: learn amazing art, sell I know the goods family. Everyone, just ask yourself if there are still two things under your hand. Hurry up and pack your baggage and go to Tianmu Mountain. I will move to ensure that you will never go wrong this time." He paused, and his eyes rolled around. Sure enough, Hao Ran was all shocked.

Shou Weng Yunqian patted him on the shoulder and laughed haha: "Nephew, if you have anything to say, just say it all quickly, why bother." Housewarming grinned and said with a smile: "It's just the news from me." Once I say it, you have to give me something. Everyone, I ran back and forth to Tianmu Mountain this time, but I can’t run for nothing." Qunhao laughed in an uproar. Some people are more familiar with this housewarming. In the laughter, he cried: "San Ye Qiao, we want to give you something, but can you see what we send?" Some cried out again: "Master Qiao, you always laugh and talk. I think this 80% is a joke again. I have been running in the rivers and lakes for so many years, but I don’t know that the moon will suddenly fall from Tianmu Mountain." At this moment, the whole hall of laughter has obviously forgotten the unpleasant things that had happened before, Yun Qian Fang changed his mind in secret, thinking that the housewarming was really just a joke, so as to make everyone happy.

Unexpectedly, I saw this huge wealthy thief, suddenly moved the cup on the table aside seriously, and made a space, put the three scrolls under his ribs on the table carefully, and said: " Guys, if you think I’m joking, then you’re wrong, guys, tell you the truth, on Tianmu Mountain, you are setting up a ring at this moment. As long as you can dominate the ring and show your face on the spot, uh, uh, These are yours. "Speaking, he picked up a picture from the table, rolled it with brilliant golden light, and painted countless gold ingots.

Cen Can, a young man in yellow shirt, raised the wine glass in front of him and took a sip, stretched out his chopsticks and held a piece of sea cucumber in his mouth to chew.

Among the group of tycoons, someone sitting at the back stood up and looked away.

The ghost house moved carefully and rolled up, and said: "This is not surprising, everyone will look at this again." After that, he picked up another scroll of the painting and opened it, but Qunhao uttered an uproar. The eyes opened wider.

The yellow-shirted boy Cen Can, his eyes slanted slightly, couldn't help taking a look at the painting.

On this, Jing Guang was dazzling, and I didn't know what to use to draw many long swords on it.

It is important to know that martial arts people often value some sharp weapons and warriors more importantly than treasures. The second painting opened by the ghost image is obviously more sensational than the first.

Housewarming held the upper end of the picture with his left hand, stretched out the index finger of his right hand, pointed at the long sword on the drawing, and smiled slowly: "Golden Snake, Teng Snake, Flying Phoenix, and Horned Dragon, you all should have heard of these swords. His name, but who of you has seen it?" He deliberately dragged the long tail sound, laughed, and said: "But if you go to Tianmu Mountain, you can show your hand in the things that others set up, ha, then Of these swords, one of them belongs to you." A loud voice roared among the crowd: "San Ye Qiao, you are not lying to me, are you?" Housewarming flashed a glance and saw only the speaker. , It is Guo Tuoping, the famous Jiangnan Sancai sword, can’t help laughing: "Uncle Guo, when I lied to you, Qiao San, if you get the Flying Phoenix Sword, then you can use the sword, but no one can. I can withstand it... "The words are still in the air, Guo Tuoping has jumped up, walked out, stared at the painting hard, and slapped his head at Shouweng Yunqian, and said in a rough voice: "Old Man Yun , My nephew has taken a step first." He arched his hand towards the four seats, and walked out without waiting for Yun Qian's retention. This Guo Tuo Pingyuan has a quick temper with burning eyebrows.

But the boy in the yellow shirt still eats and drinks on his own. These martial arts weapons coveted by everyone in the martial arts can not attract his interest, as if he doesn't need these at all.

Old man Yun frowned slightly, and said to Housewarming: "Nephew, you are not pretending to be shocking, otherwise the joke will be too big!" Housewarming put away the painting again and picked up the third one. The picture came, and he said with a smile: "Master Yun, don't worry, your old man, if my nephew is joking, you can ask Yun Zhongcheng to cut off my head." As he said, he slowly unfolded the third picture, this Once, even the yellow-shirted boy Cen Can, who had always been quiet, couldn't help but shook his face, pushing the cup, and the uproar of Qunhao became louder.