Divine Sword of the Sky - Chapter 3

Chapter 3 Unpredictable Human Heart

It turns out that Wang Zhikui, Zhang Yi, and another named Wu Zhaoyun, also known as the three masters of Jinling, Wu Zhaoyun has the highest martial arts, and the sword in his palm is derived from the true biography of the Diancang school, and the people are also very decent. Although Zhang Yi is rude, but unintentional, free and powerful, martial arts But it's not very high. Wang Zhikui has nothing to do except for his light work, and he is the first in Jinling. When the master of the rivers and lakes mentioned Su Qin, everyone has a headache because of his scheming, mixed eyelids, and wide hands. Officials, privates, underworld, and Baidao, as long as they touch him, they will all be taken advantage of by him, but there is nothing to say. Zhang Yi is even more convinced by him. Although Wu Zhaoyun is dissatisfied with him from time to time, they If the righteousness is first, it has to be nothing more than three points for everything.

The reason why he became acquainted with Xiong Di was also out of ulterior motives. When Sa Tianji left, he didn’t explain anything. That’s why everyone wanted to take the position of the head of the dart board. At this time, Wu Zhaoyun and Zhang Yi were both the first dart board. Wang Zhishu used these two people to get In the position of the head of the dart, the rest of the darts were also scattered for most of the time.

As a result, Mingyuan Escort had a big foundation, and the wind was about to disappear. But Wang Zhiqiu had other means. He actually obtained the cooperation of the government. In this way, the business of Mingyuan Escort was prosperous.

Not long before Xiong Di arrived at the Escort, at the foot of Xunshan Mountain at the junction of Zhejiang, Anhui, and Jiangsu, a branch of Shouwu suddenly appeared. , The woodman worked hard all the year round and didn't know what this thing was. He just thought that it must be valuable, went to the drugstore and sold dozens of silver.

The owner of this medicine shop is a fan of officials. He was overjoyed when he got this thing. He took it to Jiangning Mansion and wanted to dedicate it to the emperor, hoping to win a position as an official and a good honor. Jiangning Mansion also wanted to use this promotion, but knowing that people from the rivers and lakes heard this kind of news, they would inevitably come to snatch it along the way.

Although Mingyuan Escort’s dart banner can sell for some friendship, this kind of thing is not comparable. As soon as the news came out, Wang Zhishu knew that many people were using their brains, and even some of the retired seniors also came to stir this. Wandering in the muddy water is of great benefit to those who practice martial arts. Wang Zhiqiu, no matter how much he thinks, is as anxious as an ant on a hot pot, especially if this thing is too related, it is really unthinkable in case of loss.

That's why when he saw Xiong Di, he was not only martial arts profound, but also a young child who was easy to hide from him when he first made his debut, so he had a plan in his heart, and wanted to use Xiong Di to send this Zhi Baoan to the Jingshi.

So he coaxed Xiong Di with words and asked him to escort him to Beijing.

That night, Yu Zhiqiu had a banquet. The Mingyuan Escort in Jinling was brightly lit, and the heroes and heroes who became famous on the ground in Jiangning were almost all invited.

There are always one or twenty heroes in attendance. Among the more prestigious ones are Dongshan Shuangjie, the Wang brothers, the hero of the Yangtze River, Huang Liangyi, the hero of the Yangtze River, the head of the four-way escort, and the eight-handed swordsman Xu Baoyu. Flying swallow Xu Tao, and inside and outside the provincial capital of Jiangning Prefecture, there are more than 10,000 leading bosses who rely on horizontal arms to eat, Jiang Wenwei, a small mountain god, and some others, all of which are also famous rivers and lakes.

Fan Mian Su Qin brought Xiong Di to introduce such characters one by one, and praised Xiong Di’s martial arts as rare in the sky and unparalleled on the ground. Everyone thinks that he is just a young boy, although he knows that he is the clothes of Xingyue Shuangjian. The body is passed down to people, but listening to Wang Zhikui's boasting, he felt a little skeptical and despised in his heart, but from the face of Jinling Sanjie, he also strongly complimented Xiong Di.

When everyone was happily drinking, the mountain god Jiang Wenwei suddenly stood up and said loudly, "Brothers, I am fortunate to know these young heroes today by the patronage of President Wang. I know you must be very good. Happily, it's just wine and color. Heroes must match beautiful people. Although you and my brothers cannot be called heroes, they are not far behind. I advocate flying by flying flowers and calling all the ladies on the Qinhuai River. Everyone is here. A piece of music.” As

soon as he finished speaking, he immediately heard a rush of applause, and some even clapped.

The little mountain more proud, and said: "I heard there's Orchids have a sister like now as pretty flower water green onion like, call her, and we bear the brother is the one pair."

Then they are Laughed loudly.

Before the laughter fell, Xiong slapped the table and stood up and said, "You have to show respect when you speak. How come you claim to be a hero, but you say so shamelessly?"

Jiang Wenwei, a small mountain god, can be regarded as a hegemon in Jiangning Mansion. How can he stand this kind of words? It is also a slap on the table. When Su Qin saw that things were going to be stiff, he quickly stood up and persuaded him loudly, "Forget it. Everyone is your own, and you can say anything.”

Jiang Wenwei added another sentence: “The two stinky ladies of the Zhu family, what ca n’t I say about Laozi?”

Xiong leaped suddenly and flew from the table. When he came out, he actually performed the stunts in the sky thirteen styles. With his stature frustrated, he leaped out of the crowd and landed at the entrance of the lobby. He pointed to Jiang Wenwei and said, "You shameless person, I don't have to do much with you. Say, hurry up and get out with me, let me teach you a lesson."

Xiong Wei first showed his skills and shocked the crowd. Even Su Qin Wang Zhiqiu, who is known for his light work, and Xu Tao, the flying swallow, took a look at Xiong Qi's body skills. , I secretly sighed that the difference is too far, the mountain god Jiang Wenwei was shocked when he saw it, but he is a famous figure in the end, and he is also a figure who stomped the four cities in Jiangning Mansion. How can he not shrink his head by naming and scolding. ? With a hard scalp, he didn't have the skill to leap forward. Under the attention of everyone, he kicked the table away and cursed: "Dare to love that bitch is your big girl." The man also went out with him. As soon as the small mountain god went out, Xiong Di’s body was hovering over his head. Under panic, his body was short, raised his hand one square, and made a move to "Remove the Overlord's Armor". Caught, followed by a burst of pain, and then fainted.

Wang Zhiqi just ran out, and he saw that one of the right arms of the small mountain god was broken by Xiong Di. He couldn't help but frowned. He glanced at Xiong Di and saw that Xiong Wei was still glaring at the small mountain god. His heart moved and thought. "This Zhu family sister must have a deep relationship with Xiong Wei, otherwise he would be so resentful if others insulted both of them. But I have been in Jinling for a long time, and I often go to the Zhu family’s sisters. How come you don’t know about this? You have to inquire carefully.”

The lights in the lobby illuminate the yard like daylight. With so many people standing in the yard, no one speaks out. Wang Zhishu looked at him lying down. The small mountain god on the ground wants to have a long dispute in the future, but in order to send the formed Shouwu to the capital, he can't take care of anything else. Besides, he has a lot of official and private friends in Jiangning Mansion, and his influence is also great. Not a small mountain god can compare, he is confident that he can suppress this matter far.

So he opened his heart and said with a smile: "Jiang Wenwei begs himself for being boring and suffers, but all of you are covered by his light, so you can see the rare "sky thirteen style" stunts in the martial arts. Don't scan it. If you’re happy, you’d better drink from our bar.”

He ordered the escort again: “Send Uncle Jiang back in a car and tell his brother that everything will be counted on my Wang’s account.” When everyone saw it, the matter was over. Now, since it’s nothing to do with him, and after Xiong Ti’s stunt, he immediately became the object of the group’s desire to make friends, so they swarmed Xiong Ti, returned to the hall, and everyone talked about it. Wang Zhiqiu saw that he had been awarded the martial arts, and he couldn't help being exasperated.

After Xi Chung was separated, Xiong Di lay alone on the bed, reminiscing about what happened to him in the day. He is still an unknown young man. Except for the Zhu family sisters, his behavior has not affected anyone, and no one has affected him. , But at this moment, he has become a hero in the crowd. Two people have lived their lives and changed their destiny in his hands, and his destiny has also been stained with bright colors by others.

So he laughed alone.

A not very bright oil lamp hung on the wall. The dim light shone on his face through the gauze tent. After this colorful day, his face seemed to be more mature. He turned over and opened his left hand. The tent, a wave of his right hand towards the oil lamp, the light went out immediately.

The room suddenly became dark.

The story of Xiong Di's injury to the small mountain god spread all over the country the next day. Everyone knew Xiong Di's name.

These were things that Wang Zhiqiu had already expected. When the news had dissipated, he decided to set off. He naturally agreed with Xiongqi first, but all his plans and his real strategies, except for his own. Besides, no one can know.

On the first day they were about to leave, Jiangning Mansion came to two famous figures from the rivers and lakes. They were the Dongfang brothers and sisters of Jiangsu Tiger Qiu Feiling Fort, the dusty swordsman Dongfang Ling, and his sister Fendie Dongfangying. Fandie Dongfangying, besides the sword skill is not weak, but also with dexterity in mind, created a strange secret weapon, and evil like hatred, encounter the villain under her hand, nineteen can not escape justice, unlike her brother, what Everything is righteous and righteous, and everyone is forgiven, and the net is always on the front line.

With the reputation of the two, they would actually come to visit Xiong Di. This was unexpected to Su Qin's fanmian. He was happy and fearful in his heart. The happy thing was that Xiong Di actually shocked such a character, and what he feared was Xiong Di, one who couldn't cope with it, some of the things he planned so painstakingly, not only couldn't be implemented, but they were self-defeating.

Wang Zhiqiu went to Xiong Qi very cautiously and told him that there were two such characters that he was about to come to see him, and he repeatedly warned him not to act arbitrarily.

In the evening, the autumn sun has fallen, the sunset is gorgeous, the brilliant earth is colorful and brilliant, Dongfang Ying in white shirts and white shoes, wearing a pink outfit, Qingqijian, quietly came to Mingyuan Inlay Game.

Dongfang Ling has a fate with Su Qin Wang Zhiqiu with the noodles, and Wu Zhaoyun, the sword of broken souls. He wanted to give up his hand to Wang Zhiqiu with a smile as soon as they met: "It is really hard to be safe, and the younger brother is really presumptuous. Suddenly come to interrupt, please let the boss head Haihan."

Wang Zhiqiu said: "The castle owner has been well these days, how can you say this to the little brother, like the castle owner, you can’t invite you, I can come to our bureau today, little brother I'm very happy."

After he said that, he saw the white butterfly Dongfangying was still standing far away, and said quickly: "It must be the Oriental woman who is standing over there. Please come over and let the little brother see the woman who is long-lasting. Hero."

Dongfang Ling smiled modestly and beckoned Dongfang Ying over. Dongfang was originally a family with strict family education. Although Dongfang Ying is a girl who is not afraid of heaven and earth, she is terribly afraid of her elder brother.

At this moment, she was standing behind Dongfang Ling, with a well-mannered appearance, no one could tell that she was actually a famous and difficult figure in the world.

When he entered the hall, Wang Zhiqiu introduced Xiong Di to the Dongfang Ling brothers and sisters, and said, "This is the Taishan Beidou in the martial arts, and the Dongfang Bao master brother and sister of the Huqiu Feiling Fort in Jiangsu. This is the bear who has been famous in the world recently I hope you will get closer and closer."

Xiong Di was very cautious, but he didn't panic with them. He carefully looked at the Dongfang brothers and sisters, and saw that Dongfang Ling was less than 30 years old, and he was very handsome, especially Fengshen. Chic, really fluttering with the dust, worthy of the name of the dust swordsman.

However, Dongfang Ying was not there yet. Xiong Ji saw her beautiful figure, but he did not dare to look carefully at her face. He only felt that her two eyes were like sharp scissors, only staring at herself, and he was scared to lower his head quickly.

Dongfang Ling's general Xiong Wei also looked up and down, and suddenly smiled: "Brothers have heard rumors that Jiangning Mansion has come out of a young hero. He is so happy that he can't wait to see an expert, like a bear. This is the first time I have seen a figure like brother, who has traveled all over the country." After speaking, he smiled at Dongfang Ying.

Dongfang Ying also lowered her head quickly, red cheeks, as if she couldn't lift her head in embarrassment.

What kind of character Su Qin is a fan. Turning his eyes, he suddenly realized at the time, he secretly smiled and said: "A good swordsman, I came to visit Xiong Wei when he was really a hero, but I didn't know that he was looking for a younger sister for his younger sister. Yes, since you have this heart, I might as well make a booze, and everyone is happy, if Xiong Di really becomes the good brother-in-law of Dongfang Fortress, then my dart, no need to use other tricks, is quite safe. He thought about it. At this point, he agreed with a smile: "The vision of the castle master is indeed not bad. My virtuous brother not only has nothing to say in martial arts, but also has a good literary talent. It can be said that he has both civil and martial arts."

Dongfang Ling said, oh. Staring at Dongfang Ying, she couldn't help but smile when she saw her look. Their brother and sister had a good relationship. This visit to Xiong Wei was really missed by Wang Zhiqiu, who wanted to find a good man for his sister.

Because Dongfangying is smart, high in martial arts, and because she is a well-known savage temperament, ordinary people, she will not see it. Dongfang Ling is for the gods of Tianshan as cold as water, but Dongfangying is not 10,000. Yes, as long as she sees the cold as water, she will try her best to avoid him, and as cold as the water, she will always look cold and cold, so Dongfang Ling can't.

So when he heard that Jiangning Mansion had produced a young hero, he was very good at it. He immediately remembered his sister's life-long event, and then took Dongfang Ying straight to Jiangning.

When he saw Xiong Di, he knew that he was indeed extraordinary, but he was still thinking: "This person is too young, at most only sixteen or seven years old, I'm afraid it's not very good..." Then he thought, "But If the two match each other and look at my sister’s appearance, what’s wrong with age?” It’s important to

know that the more stubborn girls are, the gentler boys will be preferred. Takeo is someone with a strange personality, so when she sees Xiongdi, she is a handsome young man without losing her character in gentleness, and she falls in love at first sight. This is human fate.

But Xiong Di didn’t know this at all. In his heart, Ruoxin had already taken up half of his heart. The other half was also full of revenge and hatred. His ambition to become famous is no longer a place to accommodate Dongfang Ying. Of this tenderness.

He tried his best to avoid the gaze that the Dongfang brothers and sisters cast at him. He was thinking about things in a mess. He didn't even pay attention to what they said. Although Su Qin was very eloquent, he was not the target of Dongfang Ling's speech. Yes, Dongfang Ling has never been able to turn her words into the main topic, and this is anxious for Dongfang Ying. Although she is interested in Xiong Di, a girl's family can't speak to the other party first.

After talking about this for a while, Dongfang Ling thought, "This kind of thing is the most impatient. Anyway, if you come to Japan for a long time, you are not afraid of not having a chance in the future. Besides, Su Qin Ruoguo knows that he will definitely make it in secret, because it is also beneficial to him. It’s better to go back for the time being, and make plans later.”

So he stood up and said to Su Qin, Noodles: I’ve been disturbing for a long time, and it’s time to say goodbye. If you have time in the future, please come to our office and sit down. Support. "When Dongfangying heard that her brother was about to leave, she was unwilling to go, but she couldn't. She also stood up, stared at Xiong Di, and thought to herself: "You talk, what I mean to you, you are I don’t know, I should talk too.”

Wang Zhikui quickly stood up and said, “The castle owner is going to leave at this moment. Brother has prepared some water and wine. Please be sure to ask the castle owner to appreciate it and leave at this moment. NS."

Dongfang Ling said with a smile: "No, I always have the dart head warmly, and I will lead the heart, but the little brother has some mundane things, so I will disturb you next time." After that, he bowed his hand to Xiong Di and said, "I have to meet today. It’s really a comforting life. Brother Xiong is a young talent. If we don’t dislike the foolish brothers and sisters, we will definitely make friends in the future. The younger brother also wants to go north to Kyoto recently. Maybe he will meet him on the road.” After that, he looked at Dongfang Ying again. .

Xiong Di quickly stood up, his eyes touched Dongfang Ying by accident, Dongfang Ying smiled at him, this smile made Xiong Di suddenly feel helpless, blushing, and reluctantly said: "My little brother is young and shallow, and everything needs to be done by the castle owner. The advice is, I hope I can continue to teach and benefit in the future."

Wang Zhikui laughed and said: "Since ancient times, heroes have borrowed from heroes. This is true and true. Both of them are martial arts wizards Toshihiko who have been hard to see for thousands of years. Get close..." He smiled and squinted at Dongfang Ying again, and said, "If the two can form a family, that would be a martial art story."

Dongfang Ying suddenly faced Feixia, bowed her head, and walked out first. , Dongfang Ling knew that the sophisticated Wang Zhiqiu knew his intentions, he smiled and nodded slightly at Wang Zhiqiu, and then walked outside.

There was only Xiong Wei, who was still standing there, playing with Wang Zhiqiu's words carefully. After thinking for a while, he always felt that these were impossible things, and he put aside.

The next morning, when dawn broke in the sky, the Mingyuan Escort Club became busy, set up cars, and boarded animals. It was obvious that a very valuable dart was about to set off. All the darts were dispatched, and none of them were idle.

Su Qin Wang Zhiqiu, the head of the dart head, is more like a sleepless night. Although he is not in good spirits, he looks a little happy when he is exhausted, as if this dart will definitely be delivered safely.

After a while, there were a lot of people, and everything was done. The strange thing was that there were seven dart cars.

It should be understood that what this dart protects is only a formed Shouwu, which is why so many vehicles are needed. This is secretly strange in everyone's heart, but no one asks it.

Wang Zhiqiu quietly summoned Xiong Wei and Wu Zhaoyun to the inner room. Xiong Wei entered the room and saw that there were seven small red wooden boxes of the same size in the quiet room. The decorations were all very elegant. The boxes were tightly made of steel bars and iron sheets. The only difference between these seven boxes is that each box is tied with ribbons of different colors.

Wang Zhiqiu closed the door very carefully, pointed to the seven boxes and said to Xiong Wei and Wu Zhaoyun: "These seven boxes are tied with red, yellow, blue, white, black, brown, and purple ribbons. The two virtuous brothers should remember that only the mouth with a black ribbon is true. In case someone guards the dart, you must pay special attention to this box, but you should not show that you are particularly concerned about this box. Don’t leak the wind.”

Wang Zhikui said to Wu Zhaoyun again: “If you meet friends on the road, or pass by the escort, be sure to ask them to inquire about the whereabouts of BMW’s whip Sa Tianji. Tell them that as soon as they have news, they will fly to inform them. I won’t be able to delay a moment.”

Xiong Di was very grateful when he heard that, and Wang Zhiqiu pulled his shoulders closely, and said, “This dart is related to the future of Mingyuan’s dart board, as well as Brother Yu’s wealth and life. Brother, I will leave the dart to two virtuous brothers for this trip. Brother Yu’s mind is confused and it’s useless to go. Besides, there are still a lot of things to be done in the dart board..."

Xiong Wei said, "How can you do it if you don’t go, everything on the road? You can’t do it.”

Wang Zhikui said, “My second brother can take care of everything on the road. It’s too much. It’s really useless to go there.”

Xiong Wei glanced at Wu Zhaoyun and saw that he was still silent as usual. There was no such thing as worry or surprise because of Wang Zhiqi’s refusal to go, so he stopped talking.

Xiong Wei and Wu Zhaoyun rode side by side behind the row of dart carts, the trip hand occasionally called Miao, and his voice was scattered among the woods. He looked at the squiggly front row, with an indescribable taste in his heart. So he clamped the horse's belly and put the horse far in front. On the night when the dart car started, Wang Zhikui suddenly walked out of Mingyuan's escort, dressed in the clothes of a traveling merchant, with a baggage on his back, but Pi Liangjun was riding hurriedly through Xiaoximen out of the city. No one knows his intentions and where to go.

He drove around Shaobo Lake, and when he reached the shore of Gaoyou Lake, Xiong Di looked around and saw the lake.

The water is vast, the waves are flat like a mirror, and it is a thousand miles away. Compared with the Mochou Lake he has seen, it is really different.

He couldn't help but sigh secretly the greatness of the world and the wonder of all things. At this time, the trip hand yelled in front of him again: "Ming Yuan... Raise the prestige..." The sound was unusually loud on the quiet lakeside, and the breeze blew over. Floating, Xiong Di only felt that this body was not his own.

Suddenly the dust rose in the distance, and several healthy horses rushed towards him. Wu Zhaoyun waved his hand, and the dart cart stopped immediately. Xiong Wei thought that the job had come, and hurriedly guarded.

Immediately, the horse rushed, and a few hard-wearing men jumped off the horse, and from a distance, they hugged Wu Zhaoyun and said: "This time it turned out to be the dart used by the second chief dart. We are here to pay our respects. I would like to ask what the second dart has instructed so that we can cover his old man."

Wu Zhaoyun did not get off his horse, but immediately clasped his fist and said, "The hospitality of the head of Ni is led by the heart, this time The Escort Bureau borrowed from Gaoyou, and let the master of Ni’s master let it go. Next time, Wu will definitely go to the village to thank you."

"The headed Han Dynasty Xiong Qi also said: "This must be the hero Xiong who is famous in Jiangning, we The master repeatedly asked us to say hello to Xiong Yingxiong when he saw him."

Xiong Di hurriedly clasped his fists as a salute.

So the imposing big man waved his hand, bowed slightly to Erren, jumped on the horse's back, and turned his head away.

Only then did Xiong Di realize that he was just a false alarm, and he sighed unconsciously. Wu Zhaoyun smiled and said, "This place is originally the Fenshui cunning of Gaoyou Water Village. The dart car of Mingyuan Escort Bureau has been unimpeded so far. Fenshui Cunning and my elder brother have a very good friendship, but I can't understand him. After a long pause, he said again: "What I am worried about this time is not the darts of the Anyaolizhai and those underworld friends who eat the beams, and the darts of the far dart board. Forgive them for not having the guts to move. The only thing I'm afraid of is that a handy figure in the martial arts will also come to this muddy water." The

dart cart walked along the official road, and it was still dark. They stayed in the shop at the top, and as soon as dawn came, they hurried with all their strength, so that they walked very quickly, and within a few days, they passed the traffic center between the north and the south.

Qingjiangpu, the junction of the Huai River and Yunhe River, passes through Suqian and enters Shandong from Taierzhuang.

When the dart cart entered Shandong, Xiong Wei felt that some places were very inconvenient, especially in terms of language. Fortunately, Wu Zhaoyun and the escort players are all familiar with the dialects of the provinces. Only then did Xiong Di know that if he wants to travel all over the world alone, How difficult it is.

Wuyuan’s escort’s drifting car has traveled to and from Lincheng many times. Wu Zhaoyun greeted the escorts to unload the seven boxes into the house, and the shop's second person delivered tea. These were all customary. Wu Zhaoyun saw that it was still early, and he didn’t expect an accident. The shop second asked, "There are some eye-catching people in Lincheng these days, and are there any special people coming to invest in the shop." The

shop second said, "I don't know this little guy , but the beggars in Lincheng are like these two days. Especially many."

Wu Zhaoyun said, did not care, waved to the shop Xiaoer to retire, and then said to Xiong Wei: "Shandong's grilled chicken pancakes are the most famous, and it's fine anyway. You and I will go out on the street together. Also taste the flavor of braised chicken shochu, do you think it is good?"

Of course, Xiong Wei said yes, and followed Wu Zhaoyun to the street. This Lincheng is not a big city, and cannot be compared with Jiangning, Yangzhou, etc., but the flavor of a small city is intoxicating every year. They wandered down the street without any purpose. Xiong Wei bought a few pieces of Shandong high-quality products and held them in his hands. He was curious and found everything extremely interesting.

After wandering for a while, Wu Zhaoyun saw that there was a restaurant in front of him, which seemed to be of a large scale, and walked upstairs with Xiong Wei at will.

Although it was time for dinner, the business here was not so good, and only a few guests were sparsely seated. Wu Zhaoyun's eyes swept around, and they were all ordinary visitors. So he and Xiong Di picked up a seat by the window facing the street, and the rusher hurried over, Zhang Ba tea, Wu Zhaoyun ordered grilled chicken, pancakes, etc. Xiong Di started chatting.

Suddenly another visitor walked up to him under the lights. His face was pale, and the strangest thing was his black shirt and black shoes. The braids on his head were even more black and shiny. There was no trace of blood, he went upstairs to look around, and walked over to the sitting place where Xiong Di was waiting, Wu Zhaoyun's expression suddenly changed.

But when the man walked to their neighboring table, he sat down, beckoned to the store clerk, and called Lai for himself. Wu Zhaoyun felt relieved when he saw this, as if he was very scrupulous about him.

When Xiong Di saw it, he felt strange in his heart, but the man was sitting at the next table, and the two stations were very close to each other. He couldn't ask Wu Zhaoyun who he was, but he was wondering.

The wine and food came very awe-inspiring. Wu Zhaoyun seemed to be in a hurry. Without saying a word, he quickly finished eating. He whispered to Xiong Wei, "Hurry up after eating, otherwise it must be troublesome."

Xiong Wei was surprised, and suddenly the black-clad NPC next to the table was surprised. He laughed and said, "You are smart, but you want to leave at this moment, but it's too late." The laughter sounded cold and cold, and it didn't look like a human being.

After the man in black had finished speaking, Wu Zhaoyun's expression became even more ugly. He pulled a bear and thought about leaving, the figure flickered, and the black-clothed stranger was obviously standing in front of him, and Wu Zhaoyun smiled coldly. , Said: "Do you know who I am?"

Wu Zhaoyun waited to answer, and the man sneered a few more times, and said: "With my clothes, if you just walk around the rivers and lakes for a year or two, even if you don't know them, you should I've heard of it, not to mention the second dart head of your dignified dart board.

Wu Zhaoyun laughed a few times and said, "Tianshan three dragons, no one in the martial arts knows anyone. I just don't know if Zhong Shaoxia is here, what is your order?"

When Xiong Di heard this, he suddenly remembered that this person must have been mentioned by Wang Zhiqiu. One of the three dragons of the Tianshan Mountains, Molong Zhong Tianqiu, thought to himself: "How can this person be so arrogant? In this way, that Chen Swordsman Dongfang Ling is different, no wonder everyone in the martial arts admires it."

Zhong Tianqiu swept the two of his eyes and said, "This time I came to Lincheng, I was dedicated to waiting for the two of you. If you want to come here, it must be a recent trouble. It's the vigorous young hero Xiong Di."

After saying that, he sneered again, his expression looked like he was very disdainful, Xiong Di couldn't help but bump up, and retorted, "What is it? What is it not? You can control it. Isn’t it?”

Zhong Tianchou’s expression changed, and he said repeatedly, “Okay, okay, this place is not a place to talk. Although someone Zhong is not talented, he also came here specially for the things that the two have protected. Isn’t it just Xiong Shaoxia? ......" He paused for a while, laughed a few times, and said, "Someone

Zhong wants to learn." Wu Zhaoyun frowned and was about to speak, but he knew that Zhong Tianchou had turned away and said before leaving. "At three shifts tonight, someone from Zhong will definitely come to visit, please wait for the two of you." After

he walked down the stairs, Wu Zhaoyun sighed and said, "The virtuous brother doesn't know something. Although they are not some wicked figures, as long as they commit crimes, no one has ever escaped. Brother Yu is not afraid of things. It's just that we have a task to do now, and it is a great trouble to get this demon again."

Xiong Di puffed and said, "This is my fault. I will take care of everything by myself. Don't worry."

After speaking, he went downstairs. Wu Zhaoyun knew that he had misunderstood his meaning, but he didn't want to explain.

As the night got deeper and quieter, Xiong Di counted the drums coming from a distance, knowing that it was nearly three watches, he stroked the handle of the sword behind him, wondering.

"Tonight, it’s time to decide my destiny. If I can defeat that Zhong Tianchou, it would be a blessing, but if I lose, even if I'm lucky enough to not die, then everything I planned is what I imagined. Everything is over. Zhong Wuqiu can enjoy such a great reputation in the arena. Of course, martial arts is not comparable to Zhang Yi and others. I practiced hard for seven years. Today is my real test. I should do my best. Do your best to deal with it. The strange thing is, how did my confidence in my past disappear tonight?" After

three more knocks, Xiong Di's mind became tense, he clenched his fist, his sight and hearing were trying his best to search. Then, he began to hope that Zhong Tianchou would come sooner and let everything be done sooner.

At this time, there was already the sound of night walkers wearing clothes and wind, but Xiong Di’s experience in the world was so bad that he had never heard it, but Wu Zhaoyun’s door suddenly opened, and Wu Zhaoyun rushed out of the house like an arrow. , Whispered: "Attention, Zhong Tianchou has come."

Sure enough, he hadn't finished his words. Zhong Tianchou's thin and refined body appeared on the roof, and under the night, he looked like a blue sky. Eagle, hovering down.

Zhong Tianchou floated to the ground and said, "The two have been waiting for a long time. The place is very quiet and it is just right to ask for advice."

Although he spoke politely, his voice was cold, as if from a tomb. Coupled with his ice-like appearance, it is really chilling.

Wu Zhaoyun said: "Zhong Daxia has no hatred with me, but I hope to stop it."

Zhong Tianchou said: "You probably made a mistake. I am not looking for you. If you can click it, don't you? Knowing the temper of Tianshan Flying Dragon, I think someone in Zhong is the most polite.”

Xiong Di couldn't help being furious, and he squatted and stopped in front of Wu Zhaoyun, saying, “The surname Zhong, whoever you sell is crazy, some people are afraid of you. The three dragons of the Tianshan Mountains, in my eyes, you are just little mud loaches that have not formed a climate. What are you proud of!"

Zhong Tianchou said, "Within 20 strokes, if I can't hurt you by the sword, even if I learn If you are not good at art, I immediately kowtowed your head and worship you as a teacher, and from then on, where there is your surname Xiong, there will be no such character as Molong and Zhong Tianchou."

Xiong Wei sneered and drew out his sword. In the dark night, like an electric flash, the long sword flicked backwards, from bottom to top, a move "Golden Bird Rising" suddenly stabbed at Zhong Tianchou.

Zhong Tianchou bowed, his slender body pulled up straight, avoiding Xiong Di's attack, stretched his left foot back, kicked with his right foot horizontally, instigating, instigating, and instigating three swords in a row, leading to the big fight. The three sword flowers attacked Xiongdi directly. This is exactly the unique trick in the "Flying Dragon Seven Styles", "Yunlong Sanxian".

Xiong Wei was unavoidable, his sword turned back, and when he grasped it, he was quick and accurate. The counter-sword straightened Zhong Tianchou's sword light. Zhong Tianchou knew that if he was picked up by him, his sword would definitely be broken. , Pinching the sword body flat, a sudden turn, "the dragon swings its tail," and pierced the empty door to the left of Xiong Qi.

Xiong Di suddenly lifted his breath and jumped up to the right, just to avoid this sword. Once Zhong Tianchou's sword fell to the ground, there was nothing to regret. His feet sank, but his head and feet were still on the ground. At this time, Xiong Di was already on the ground. On the other hand, "Swiss Wind and Cloud": Brushing, brushing, and brushing are also three swords. The key points of Zhong Tianchou's "six suns" and "nipples" are both accurate and ruthless.

Zhong Tianchou didn't dare to use his sword unstoppable, bowed his head and sprang out from under Xiong Di's sword light. The sword light swept his head, shocked in cold sweat, and never dared to underestimate the enemy.

With this careful gesture, he could see that the "Flying Dragon Seven Styles" can be called the martial arts. The swords are as spicy as the swords, and the swords are swept fiercely, like a blue dragon, stretching its teeth and dancing claws in the air.

This battle between the two of them is indeed something Wu Zhaoyun has never seen before. They only watched a little bit of swordsmanship, like a meteor flying down from the sky to the ground, and then leisurely leaping from the ground into the air.

Xiong Di failed to gain any advantage in his moves because he had too few enemies and often lost many critical opportunities, but he was extremely clever, knew Zhong Tianchou’s sword, did not dare to touch himself, so every time he arrived At a critical juncture, instead of stabbing the enemy with the sword, he looked for Zhong Tianchou's long sword, so that Zhong Tianchoukong suffered a lot of dark losses, but he couldn't imagine it.

The two are evenly matched. They don’t need 20 strokes. They even have 40 strokes. Wu Zhaoyun moved in his heart and suddenly shouted: "Xiong Xiandi, please stop. Zhong Daxia said that within 20 strokes, we will see victory and defeat. Now the 20 strokes are over. I want Daxia Zhong to believe what he said, so he won't fight anymore."

When he said this, although Xiong Di did not stop, Zhong Tianchou's face could not be hung up. At this time, he was using the "Golden Dragon Probing Claw" long sword to strike, and when he heard the words, he closed it in half sword style, and his feet stretched out. , The long sword twirled, pulled his body up abruptly, turned and fell on the roof, without a word, drifting back into the shadow behind the house.

Wu Zhaoyun said, "Brother Xian, I really convinced you. From now on, in the martial arts, it all depends on your skill."

At this time, there was a cock crying in the distance.

When the dart car left Lincheng, Soul Broken Sword felt that something was wrong. There were always flying rides along the way, and the horses were all sturdy men in sturdy clothes. The look was different, and the look was different. It's irrelevant, but his face is full of wind and dust, as if he's all rushed across the long road.

When I was approaching Teng County, a few horses rushed in front of Tudi, about seven or eight. In a moment, they rushed to meet the dart team. They were knights at once, dressed in black and wearing black heads. Ma Lianpo's big straw hat, with black tipped shoes on his feet, black leggings that drove the waves. The best thing is that even the horses are black, and all of them are carrying a mouth like a sword but not a sword on their back. An outer weapon that looked like a knife or not, it was black and black without a trace of luster, and it was neither copper nor iron. I don't know what it was made of.

The horses and horses rushed forward, as if they had never seen the dart team in front of them, they divided into two teams, rubbing the sides of the dart team, Wu Zhaoyun secretly counted, no more, no less, exactly eight people.

At this moment, even Xiong Di felt that something was not good, so he drove his horse to the front of the dart team to pay attention to the obstacles.

After a short while, he rushed over for a few more rides. This time even the horse and the people were pure white, and the knights on the horse were all female, but they were all dressed up and grazed from both sides of the dart team.

Xiong Yu gave a cry and turned around to look at Wu Zhaoyun. Wu Zhaoyun behind also felt that things were too bizarre. The two teams of men and women could hardly see the path. Wu Zhaoyun couldn't help playing drums in his heart, hoping that the two teams of knights had nothing to do with his dart car.

So he urged the horse to rush forward and said to Xiong Di, "I also see that the road is wrong this day. When I get to Teng County, it's better to rest early..."

When he was talking, there was a sound of hooves, and the two teams of knights who had just passed by came back on horseback, but this time they came back with 16 horses, and when they galloped, the black horse and the white horse were alternately the same. The horse rushed past the dart team again.

Wu Zhaoyun thought secretly: "It's not like stepping on a plate in the underworld, and there are no Anyao villages nearby, so what kind of people are these people, and they are so powerful."

He was thinking to himself. , A forest appeared on the road ahead. Although the forest was not too big, it was the place where the strong beams appeared in the Qingsha Tent, and the Soul Broken Sword couldn't help frowning.

In a blink of an eye, the dart was approaching the woods, and there was a loud hoof sound from behind. The woods in front made a sound, and dozens of strong horses were turned out for a moment. At this time, the horse team behind was also outflanking them. Ten healthy horses are at the core.

Wu Zhaoyun hurriedly raised his left hand. The darts of Wuyuan Escort had gone through a big battle, and were not panicked. They all leaned against the dart cart and waited for Wu Zhaoyun's instructions.

Wu Zhaoyun looked at the men on these horses for a moment, and knew that they were all his men. The master hadn't arrived yet, so he stood beside Xiongdi and rode, waiting for the change.

Xiong Wei asked Wu Zhaoyun in a low voice, "Why are these people not the knights just now?"

Wu Zhaoyun was also wondering in his heart. As expected, none of the black and white knights had been seen at the moment.

After a while, dozens of more horses rushed over. Wu Zhaoyun was panicking in his heart. People in the green forest seized darts on the road. He had never heard of such a large number of people being dispatched.

After a while, seven horses turned around behind the woods. At first, the head of the man was like a fight, and the figure was tall, riding on the horse as if riding on a donkey, with his legs almost touching the ground.

Wu Zhaoyun recognized that this person was Bao Dugang's scoop horse, the long tower king Ye Kunran.

Sitting on the second horse was a head wearing hair, and Wu Zhaoyun also recognized that it was a famous lone pirate sun and moon head.

The third and fourth persons were two thin men with exactly the same appearance. Wu Zhaoyun thought about it and remembered that they were the double cranes of Laoshan. They were well-known Zheng Jianping and Zheng Jianqing in the Shandong Peninsula.

The fifth person is a young offspring in the clothes of a scribe, with a very delicate appearance, bare hands, but with a deerskin dart bag hanging on the left, and a pair of gloves that look like green and not green, and shiny black with both hands.

The sixth man is even more strange, with golden armor and tall stature, like a general in the battle.

The seventh man is a skinny old man.

Wu Zhaoyun only recognized the first four people, but Mingyuan Escort had no grudge against them. I don't know why they teamed up to win the dart, because unless there are people with deep hatred in the green forest, they never teamed up to win the dart.

When the seven horses came to the front, the headed King Tota clasped his fists slightly and said, "Wu Biaotou has always been good, but it's rare these days. My brothers miss it very much." After speaking, he laughed wildly.

Wu Zhaoyun also smiled and nodded and said with a smile: "Is it okay for Ye Masters? How come the two masters of Zheng have also come together with Master Sun and Moon, is there any improper courtesy in the escort?"

Then Sunyue Toutuo haha laughed. "What to say, what to say, wait for the poor monk to introduce a few

experts for Erbiaotou ." He pointed to the fifth person and said, "This is Tang Yu, the scholar of the Seven Poisons, and this is this one. Zhao Peixia, the master of the Black Sea, the sea dragon king. This is the life and death Tang judge Xiaohong Tang at the edge of Weizhen in the past. I think Wu Biaotou must have heard of it," Wu Zhaoyun couldn't help but smoke when he heard the names of these three people. With a sigh of relief, as long as one of the three of them is here, there is no way to deal with it, let alone all three of them have come.

So he immediately

clasped his fists and arched his hands and said, "I have seen the three great names for a long time. It is really comforting for my life." The Seven Poison scholar also immediately clasped his fists and said, "You must be Wu Daxia, the second dart-headed soul-breaking sword of Mingyuan Escort. He squinted at Xiong Wei and said, "This one is very unfamiliar."

Wu Zhaoyun went on to say, "This is Xiong Wei, the descendant of the Xingyue Double Sword in the past."

Tang Yu said with a smile, "I often hear from friends from the rivers and lakes these days that Jiangning Mansion has produced a great hero, but I didn't expect to meet it today."

Xiong Di also gave his hand immediately.

Tang Yu said: "Ming people don’t talk secretly. We are here today. I think you two must also know. Originally, the head of Ye and the two heads of Zheng, and the head of the head of the Gui Escort had another Liangzi, but today, the head of Wang is headed. Since the head is not there, I don’t have to mention it, but the darts held by your dart board this time, the younger brother and these few are very interested. If Wu Baotou can leave the dart cart, then I don’t guarantee it. If not, I think Wu Biaotou is a wise man. Please look at the situation today. You don’t need to say more, but I hope

Wu Biaotou will think twice.” Wu Zhaoyun is already in chaos at this time . , The sweat bead on the forehead, Lailai drew down. For a while, he was shocked, and I don't know how to agree.

Although Xiong Di did not know the names of Sea Dragon King and Life and Death Judgment, Tang Yu, a scholar of the Seven Poisons, he heard Wang Zhishu say, plus these hundreds of rides, knowing that his side is really hard to ask for today, but Entrusted by others, under this situation, he was a man for himself, and he was unable to give the dart cart with both hands. After thinking for a long time, he actually came forward.

He immediately clasped his fists to the other seven, and said loudly, "My little brother is young and shallow, and does not understand the rules of the world, but I think you are all famous heroes. Everyone’s face will be very detrimental, but you are bound to win. The little brother is entrusted by others, and he must be desperately protected. Then the little brother has a humble opinion. I don’t know if you can agree?"

He sat down and waited. In reply, everyone did not expect that Xiong Wei would come forward. After a long while, Tang Yu said, "Unexpectedly, this Xiong Hero is really quick to talk. No wonder he is famous for Jiangnan. I don’t know what Xiong Xiong has, please say it quickly, if it is true. It’s reasonable, my brothers must have nothing to say.”

So Xiong Di waved his hand to completely unload the seven boxes, put them on the ground, and said, “There are seven boxes here, but there is only one that contains the treasure, and you just happen to be Seven people, now I put these seven boxes on the ground, and each of you can take a bite. Whoever has the best luck will get this treasure."

As soon as Xiong Di had finished speaking, Riyue Toutuo and Tota Tianyu all agreed in unison, but Tang Yu and Tang Xiaohong did not say a word.

It should be noted that the martial arts of Sunyue Toutuo, Laoshan Shuanghe, and Tota Tianwang are far beyond the life and death sentence and Tang Yu. They came to cut darts this time because they had eaten noodles and Su Qin Wang Zhikui suffered a great loss. Therefore, Tang Yu and others came to retaliate. As for the formation of Shouwu, they did not dare to get it, and the Sea Dragon King just came to join in the fun this time, and there was no ambition to get this treasure.

Now that Xiong Wei's opinion is like this, they think that they have a chance to win this treasure, of course they agree.

So Xiong Di went on to say: "So that the Mingyuan Escort will give away the treasure with both hands, of course you have nothing to say, and you will not leave anyone who is difficult to Mingyuan Escort, but the little brother is entrusted to protect this treasure. I'm not willing to be taken away in vain. Anyone of you who took the box of real treasures, but the younger brother knows. In his conscience, the younger brother wants to snatch the treasure back from that person. I think you are all famous heroes. If my brother is defeated, then naturally I should return the treasure to my brother. Do you think this method is feasible?"

Tang Yu and others said a lot while being rounded by Xiong Di, but they were silent. Tang Yu suddenly moved his heart and turned to life and death. The judge took a look and saw that he was nodding and smiling, so he immediately replied: "This method is very fair. Just follow what Xiong Hero said."

So Xiong Di arranged the seven boxes in a neat row. Put it on the ground in front of them.

Suddenly there was a sound of a branch, and nine people jumped from the tree. They were also neatly arranged in a row. They jumped to the front of the box. There was a commotion in the circle. Xiong Di was also shocked immediately. It was a beggar in a pigeon coat, and the laughter never stopped.

After the nine beggars fell on the ground, before others could speak, one of them laughed loudly and said, "This is a great idea, but our brothers have to count it." Xiong Wei has not yet answered, Tang Yu has already He immediately jumped out, landed on the box lightly, and replied: "Who am I? It turns out that it is Mr. Lan Da who has arrived. Since Mr. Lan Da is also interested, it should be counted as a copy. It is natural that I should be. Although they agree, if others don't agree, the younger brother won't be able to." After speaking, he giggled.

Mr. Lan Da listened, stared at him, and said, "I came here from a long way to

beg for food . Who is ashamed to kick me?" At this time, the Sea Dragon King Zhao Peixia said loudly with a smile: "The little brother didn't think this had happened. That’s the case. Now that’s the case, the younger brother is ready to withdraw. How about the younger brother’s share with Mr. Lan Da?"

Xiong Di looked up and down this powerful beggar gang leader in the arena, and saw him look at him at first sight. Ordinary beggars are no different, but their eyes are full of light, and although the clothes are full of holes, they are repaired and repaired, but they are very clean, especially the dazzling is that the hands are like white jade, and the right middle finger is worn. The odd-shaped ring, the style is strange and ancient.

Mr. Lan Da smiled and said, "Since someone cuts off love, that's the best thing. It's not early at this moment. I see one person take a box first, and then see who has the greatest blessing and fate to get this thing."

Tang Yu said, "My people have the same intention. It's best to break it earlier." He said and picked up a box.

Qunhao also dismounted, and took a mouthful of the box.

The mouth that Tang Yu picked up was bound by a purple ribbon. Mr. Lan Da chose blue. Laoshan Double Crane took two colors of yellow and red. The life and death judgement took the white one. Tota Heavenly King The one I chose was brown, but the bite tied with the black ribbon was taken away by Sunyue Toutuo.

Xiong Di Zhaoriyue Toutuo said: "What this master took is the real treasure box. Now let’s talk less nonsense. If you can beat me, this box should belong to you. Otherwise, Just ask the master to return the box, please, please."

After speaking, he stared at the sun and the moon.

There was another commotion in the field immediately, and the face that didn't get it immediately showed disappointment, but Tang Yu and the judgment of life and death did not change their expressions, as if they were not concerned about gains and losses.

This sudden surprise made Sunyue Tutuo stay for a long time before he laughed loudly: "My monk is really blessed by the Buddha, but I have a treasure, okay, okay, little brother, I will accompany you on a few tricks to let you Have something to say." After speaking, there was endless laughter, and he was extremely proud.

Xiong Wei was still benevolent, fully guarded, Sunyue Toutuo tied the big robes tightly, walked over to him, and said, "Sajia will play with you empty-handed."

He hadn't finished yet, Xiong Qitu. The ground has no moves and no gestures, slashes the palm diagonally, and the position of the palm is extremely sloppy. This is exactly the change from the several sword styles taught by Hou Sheng.

Before seeing the mystery, Sunyue Toutuo casually hid and raised his hand. He was still thinking: "This baby is messing up everything on himself. I think he really has two sons, but he is such an idiot..." He hadn't finished his thoughts yet, only that Xiong Di's right palm suddenly slapped, cleverly cleverly pierced his time, turned his palm into a fist, and slammed under his right fist. He didn't even have the idea to dodge. And give birth, it's already a moment.

Xiong Di smiled and said, "I have accepted it." It is said that

people in the martial arts are more skilled, and if they are half of their skills, they have to admit the plant. Moreover, he actually took a punch. But he didn't care about his face, and shouted: "The kid is tricky, what a good guy." Fist and tigers attacked again.

Sunyue Toutuo was originally an abandoned disciple of Shaolin Temple. At this moment, once his "Fasting Tiger Arhat Boxing" was used, his fist wind was strong and he was quite skillful. However, Xiong Di did not return the move. He surrounded himself with his clever figure. He turned around, Sunyue Tou Tuo Kong focused on himself, but he couldn't even touch his clothes.

Everyone in the field is a martial arts expert. This situation can be seen at a glance. Knowing that Sun Moon Toutuo is definitely not an opponent, Mr. Lan Da can't help but nod, Tang Yu and the judgment of life and death are even more condensed. , Watch Xiong Di's body style very carefully.

After a long while, Sunyue Toutuo is already tired. It is important to know that this style of play is the most exhausting.

Xiong Di suddenly let out a long roar, his figure soaring into the sky, his arms like iron, he pierced through the shadow of the fist of the sun and moon Tutuo, and with 70% of his strength, he slapped the head and shoulders of the sun and moon Tutuo with a palm.

Fortunately, Sunyue Tou Tuo was practicing horizontally, but couldn't support it. His whole body was soft and fell to the ground.

Xiong Di's toes came out abruptly, and he took the box with the black ribbon on the saddle of the Sunyue Tutuo in his hand. With a slight pressure on his hands, the person snorted again.

Mr. Lan Da immediately drank and said, "Although my old beggar was not lucky enough to get this treasure today, but it is not bad at all. Seeing this rising star in the martial arts, it is true that there are talents from generation to generation, and the new generation replaces the old. I laughed a few times after speaking, and said to the disciple who was sitting there: "Small beggar, I have finished watching the play. Why are you sitting there? Why don't you stand up and walk?"

Xiong Di said, "Accept. After this incident, the younger brother will go to the senior mansion to greet you. Today, please let the younger brothers go.”

Tang Yu said, “Slow down, slow down, what this brother said just now is very self-explanatory. It makes sense, but it doesn’t say that others are not allowed to grab a mouthful from you again. What's more, what you have defeated is only Sunyue Toutuo. It has nothing to do with us. If you can defeat all of us, I will wait for nothing. By the way, everyone sees what I said makes sense." When

Xiong Di heard this, he was shocked.

Mr. Lan Da frowned and was about to come out to say a few words of justice, but there was a silver bell of laughter from the top of the tree, and then a clear girl accent said: "Brother Bai, you said these people are ridiculous. It’s so big, and so stupid.”

Another child’s voice continued with a smile, “Yes, for the sake of a few empty boxes, I actually beat you to death and refused to let it go. It’s really funny.” After speaking, the two voices joined together. Laughing endlessly.

Everyone was stunned when they heard that, the Seven Poison Scholar suddenly probed the dart bag, took out two of his only non-toxic hidden weapon "Fei Huang Shi" in his bag, and shot it backhand at the vocal tree.

After the stone was shot, it sank like a stone into the sea, without any response. The girl with a crisp voice said, "Oh, these people don’t know good people. We even rushed to tell them that the box was empty, but they took it. You say that you can hate the stone."

The boy went on to say, "Yeah, if they invite us down without being polite, we just leave it alone, and let them break their heads. It doesn't matter to us. Matter." When

everyone in the field heard this, their expressions changed drastically, knowing that there must be a lot of things in it.

Mr. Lan Da said: "Which hero is from the road, why hide in the tree and play with each other? Please come down and explain if you have any words, or else I have to go to the tree personally if I always beg."

Just listened to the girl again. smiled and said: "No wonder Master says this on a number of sub-aging hardest mess, and if offended him, he beat the master regardless, I think we should go on."

voice had just finished, all eyes flowers, has been more than before There were two children, one black and one white, the girl in white and the boy in black.

As soon as the little boy in black clothes landed, he clasped his fists in salute and said, "Bai Jingxiang and Ye Qingqing, the priests of the altar of Tianyin in the Taihang Mountains, follow the main decree, and bring a special letter, saying hello to the seniors." After finishing the circle, he made a big deal.

It didn't matter what he said, but each of the heroes present was scared into a cold sweat.

The girl in white also bowed and said, "The leader also said, tell us to take this man named Tang Xiaohong, who is called the judge of life and death, to Mount Tai. The leader has something to do."

The boy in black, Bai Jingxiang, immediately embraced himself. Taking out a letter, Mr. Lan Da hurriedly took it, tearing open the letter, his expression changed drastically after reading it.