Divine Sword of the Sky - Chapter 2

Chapter 2 Diligent Practice

The flowers of the Qinhuai River sang songs and gathered the golden powder of the Six Dynasties. It was midnight, but the joyous son Kuo Shao hadn’t dispersed yet. Xiong Di walked to the river and saw signs hanging on each boat with famous words written on it. , Some ships’ lights are still on, with laughter inside, but some ships’ lights are out. He saw a boat parked far away, not connected to each other like other boats, and the lights were still on, so he walked over.

The window of the ship was supported outwards. He stood on the shore and looked for a while. There was no laughter inside. After a while, the window suddenly crawled out of the head of a little girl, about eight or nine years old. The moon was very bright this night. Xiong Di was standing in the moonlight and was seen by the little girl in the boat. The Qinhuai River was conquered by alcohol and meat. Few children came. The little girl saw Xiong Di and waved to him. . Xiong Di saw her two big and bright eyes from a distance, and smiled like she had two deep dimples. He didn't realize that he walked forward. Suddenly the soles of his feet slipped, and he screamed and fell into the river. The little girl screamed when she saw it.

Everyone in the boat ran out. The little girl screamed at her sister. After a while, she walked out of the rear cabin. A young girl who was not too old came out of the back cabin. She was beautiful and beautiful, with a very thin body and a look on her face. With a sad face, she frowned and asked, "What's the matter?"

The little girl pointed to the surface of the water and said, "There is a child who has fallen down. My sister hastened to call someone to save him." The girl looked

out the window and saw a child's head. As he moved further away from the shore, he hurriedly shouted: "What did you do, hurry up and save people." On the

boat, a rough guy with his trouser legs jumped out of the water. Fortunately, the water near the shore was not too deep. , Xiong Di was saved. The rough man put Xiong Di upside down on his lap, and spit out a lot of water. The girl Yun Temple and the little girl also walked out. Xiong Di was slowly waking up on her own. At this time, a woman of more than 40 people walked out of the cabin. When he walked out, he said to the girl, "Still standing here so late, don't wear any clothes, beware of the cold." He turned to look at Xiong Di, and said to the two men, "Where is this child? Coming, it made the boat dirty, so send him away

soon .” The girl frowned and said to the woman, “Why is my grandma like this? This child is shaking with cold, how can I send him away? "The language is crisp and beautiful, like a yellow driving out of the valley.

The woman hadn’t answered yet, Xiong Di suddenly jumped up, knelt to the girl and the little girl, begging: "This aunt and this sister will help me, don’t drive me away. I have no home anymore. I would rather help you. Whatever you do, you can do anything.” As he spoke, tears flowed down.

The little girl looked at it and couldn't help but pull the corner of her sister's clothes, and whispered, "Sister, don't you chase him away. Look at him, look pitiful." The

girl glanced at Xiong Di and saw that although he was He was drowning out of the water, with dripping clothes and very embarrassed, but he was very handsome, without a messy look at all, and liked it in my heart, and said to the woman sideways, "Since this child is homeless, we

Just accept him so that I can do the

chores for me." The woman said, "Girl, isn't it enough for you to have girls to serve you? This kid is of unknown origin, how can you accept him?" The girl shook her hand. Angrily said, "No, no, I beg you to do nothing, but next time you beg me, I won't agree to you."

The woman quickly smiled and said, "Well, how can I dare to be a girl? Don’t listen.”

He said loudly to the two girls who were standing next to him, “Bring this kid to the back and find a dress for him. Have you heard it?”

The little girl smiled happily. Holding the corner of the girl's clothes, she smiled and said, "My sister is so nice." The girl

listened and sighed, seeming to have infinite concerns, and said softly, "It's not all for you."

The little girl listened. With red eyes, she threw herself into the girl's arms, and the two of them hugged tightly, and they all shed tears.

It turned out that the two of them had a very miserable encounter. Their father turned out to be a Confucian scholar. Although he was a talented scholar, he had a high temperament and was unwilling to take the test. Opened a Mongolian museum and relied on some meager restraints to make a living. His wife died early, had no children under her knees, and only had two empathetic daughters. Life was miserable, but also very quiet.

This old gentleman's surname is Zhu, whose name is Hongru. He was originally descended from Ming Dynasty. The eldest daughter Ruolan and the youngest daughter Ruoxin. Because he had no sons, he treated his two daughters as men since he was a child and taught poetry and books until Ruolan was sixteen. In 1970, Mr. Zhu suddenly got a serious illness and died. When he was dying, he looked at his two distressed daughters, and it was hard to look down on him.

The Zhu family was already poor. Zhu Hongru couldn’t make a living when he died. Zhu Ruoxin was only seven years old. She couldn’t get enough food every day. She was so skinny and hungry. The Zhu Ruolan sisters were very affectionate and looked extremely uncomfortable. A singing girl on the banks of the Qinhuai River. "Zhu Ruolan is born with beauty, plus she is a scholarly family, and she is perfect in poetry, calligraphy and calligraphy. In less than a year, she became famous and became the leader of the Qinhuai flowers. If her name is, Zhu Ruolan is as quiet as an orchid in the empty valley. There are very few people who have to be able to kiss Fangze a little bit, but the human nature is low. The more she is, the more the dandy who walks along the stage will be eager. However, Zhu Ruolan set the rules and stopped staying guests after midnight. The old bustard on the boat regarded her as a cash cow. How could he not listen to her, so when Xiong Wei came at night, the song was over. Zhu Ruolan's life is as thin as possible. Paper, I know that Xiong Ti is also a homeless orphan, and she has the same sickness. He takes great care of Xiong Ti. Zhu Ruoxin is still young and has always been someone else’s sister. Now there is a Xiong Ti who is younger than her, too. I was busy all day long, taking care of Xiongdi. After the rest of his life, Xiongdi’s life is nothing but heaven. Xiongdi has gone through most of the sorrows in the past six months. People are always easy to grow in suffering. He He also has some sophistication that a nine-year-old child should not have, and he knows his life experience is extremely secret, so he never mentions the Zhu family sisters whom he regards as siblings, only that his parents are dead, and nothing Just go home. Zhu Ruolan was fine during the day, so she taught two children Ruoxin and Xiong Di to study. Xiong Di grew up in the palace, had a very early enlightenment, had a foundation in writing, and was extremely clever. Over and over, Xiong Di will read books that he can’t remember, and Ruolan likes it even more. Sometimes when he dreams deep in the night, Xiong Di secretly takes out the book that Dai Mengyao gave him and sheds tears, so he works harder during the day. Studying, because the words and sentences contained in the booklet are very profound, he needs more knowledge to understand. At night, there are passengers in the front cabin, and the excitement is very busy. Xiong Dixing is also very young, but He can never look around in the front cabin. He knows that his position does not allow him to enjoy happiness. He just hides behind to study alone, and sometimes Ruoxin comes to accompany him. Ruolan accompanies him in the front cabin. Feeling of her life, she always shed tears. Gradually, Xiong Di also knew what this was. He couldn’t help but feel uncomfortable for Ruolan in his heart. He vowed to save them from the fire pit when he grew up. In one year, Xiong Di not only memorized "Youxue Qionglin" and other books so well, even the Four Books and Five Classics, but also catchy, only then picked up a moonlight night, sneaked to the desolate place on the shore, Two booklets on In front of him, he respectfully worshipped four times, praying silently for the spirit of his father and uncle in the sky to help him succeed. At this time, the moonlight was like silver, and Qinhuai fireworks were vast. Xiong Di carefully opened the two booklets. The covers were made of Huang Jun. The white silk inside was neatly written with words and some pictures. Xiong Wei opened the first book. It was the "Xingyue Thirteenth Style" which became famous for the star-moon double sword fight, but the "Sky Thirteenth Style" is full of subtle sword styles of soaring and stabbing. Xiong Wei has no master. Guidance, without a deep foundation in martial arts, how he could learn it, he read it for a while, and couldn't help crying with disappointment, so he opened the second booklet. It was the Heavenly Thunder Movement Skill that the Xingyue Swords failed to reach the peak. Xiong Di followed the instructions to practice. After that, every day before dawn, Xiong Di secretly got up and ran to the secluded river alone to welcome Learning the art of respiration with vigor, he had a lot of difficulties when he was a beginner, but he overcame them with great perseverance. Sometimes when he encountered difficulties, he was bored all day, and occasionally got a solution. Excited. After two years of hard training, he felt that his muscles and bones could contract freely with breathing, and his vigor was doubled. The body seemed to contain a thousand pounds of power, but he couldn't vent it. He didn't know him these days. The hard training has reached the most profound state of internal strength. It is exactly what the martial arts people want to achieve for the whole life: "Three Flowers Gathering" and "Five Qi Chaoyuan". If you can get through, or even a martial arts master, you won’t be able to hurt him. For more than two years, Ruoxin has been more than a dozen years old, and she was very beautiful. Xiong Di was sleeping with their sisters, but now it’s because the people are so big. For the next day, Xiong Wei was going to practice exercises at night. It was very inconvenient to sleep with her sisters. So she moved to the back cabin, a small room on the corner to sleep, and even practiced breathing exercises all night long. One morning, Xiong Di slipped out again and went to the river to practice qigong. He was thinking of the subtleties in "Tian Lei Xing Gong". He didn't notice the boat board in front, and he stomped on the air. When he was about to fall into the water, he instinctively lifted his breath up, but unexpectedly he seemed to be attracted by the whole body. He pulled up a few feet up. He was happy in his heart, and his qi was relieved, but he threw himself into the water. Fortunately Qinhuai River Lehu would not get up until three poles in the day, and he would not get up, nor did he notice him. But he knew that he could already practice "Sky Thirteen Stances". The years were fast, and three years later, Xiong Wei was already fourteen years old. He has been cutting bamboo into a sword and has been learning the sword for three years. The "Sky Thirteen Pose" has been able to be used freely, "Tian Lei Xing Gong", but he has not made any progress. Apart from feeling that he is lucky, the thunder in his body is slightly louder than before. In addition, but every time I practiced to a critical juncture, the true qi in the body could not be merged into one, and I was extremely annoyed in my heart. It's fifteen, early in Jiangnan, the fifteen-year-old girl already looks like an adult. Gradually, she became rusty with Xiongdi, but she cared for him more emotionally. In the early morning of this day, Xiong Di went to the shore to practice exercises. When he was getting lucky, he was venting the true energy in his body to the point of the sword. He suddenly felt someone slap on his shoulder. He was startled, and he instinctively backhanded a sword, a sword. Although it is a bamboo sword, it can be used in Xiong Di's hands to cut the enemy and wound people. Xiong Di's sword stabbed out, and suddenly he felt his right help weakened, his true strength was lost, and his sword was also lost at the same time. It was as if he had handed the sword to someone else. He hadn't made any movements yet. A flower was in front of him, and there was an extra figure. To him coldly he said: "Who taught you your swordsmanship?".

In shock, Xiong Di looked intently and saw a monster that looked like a man and a ghost standing in front of him. His whole body was pure white. Not only his clothes and shoes were white, but his hair and eyebrows were all white, and his face was even paler. A trace of blood, as if he had just run out of the grave.

Xiong Di Qiangsha is also a fourteen-year-old child. When he saw this ghostly character, he turned around and ran away. He didn't know that he was soft again just after the others got out, as if something had touched him. With a bang, it fell to the ground, causing a dull pain in the buttocks.

The man didn’t see it moving at all, but he moved over, still coldly. He said, "Who taught you your swordsmanship?" After

the man asked, he stood there motionless, with no face on his face. With a trace of expression, Xiong lay down on the ground and adjusted his breath for a while. He suddenly slammed his waist, legs and time together, and the figure bounced like a spring. He leaped forward, which was three or four feet away. He was full of expectation that he would be able to escape this time. No, he just touched the ground, but the weird man was standing right in front of him again. He didn't think about it. With a shake of his arms, the man went straight up, but the weird man also pulled up everywhere at the same time, exactly the same. Faster or slower, wherever he pulls it out, wherever he pulls it out, as long as Xiong Di looks forward, the cold and pale face of that strange person is always in front of him.

Xiong Di couldn't help being anxious. He even took the lead and slammed into the stranger, but the strange man didn't dodge, and he could hit him. But the strange man drifted away with his coming, and Xiong Di ran out of power. , He also stared to stop, still keeping the distance just now.

Xiong Di rushed to the west, but he could not escape the weird person. He thought of the person he met for the first time after five years of hard training, but he couldn't hit him, and he couldn't even escape. How can we talk about revenge? , Could not help sitting on the ground and crying.

The strange man had an ice-like face, and when he saw Xiong Di crying, he began to change, and then he twisted his whole body, as if he was extremely restless, but tried his best to endure it.

Xiong Di cried for a while, remembering what Dai Mengyao said to him before he died, crying even more sadly. The strange man seemed unable to bear it, and sat on the ground and cried with Xiong Di, even more sad than Xiong Di.

It turned out that the strange man was an orphan. After he was born, he was left on Badaling outside Juyong Pass, but he was picked up by a different species of monkey born in the deep mountains and fed with monkey milk. The strange man grew up like monkeys, running around the mountains. He was talking monkey language. One day, a swordsman who wandered the mountain found him. He took him home. He cleaned all his fur with a potion. He was given martial arts skills. He named him Hou Sheng.

The swordsman had been in Badaling for ten years, and he passed on Hou Sheng's skills. Hou Sheng was born with special talents. He learned internal and external kungfu twice with half the effort. , He killed them, and his whereabouts were erratic, and his lightness was surprisingly high, and no one could help him.

Later, when he got older and was too lazy to walk around, he married a wife and lived in seclusion in Badaling. The master of Xingyue Swords was living in seclusion in Qinglong Bridge at that time. It is very congenial.

Hou Sheng's internal and external skills have reached the top, almost indestructible, but he is most afraid of hearing people cry. As long as someone cries, he will cry with them, and when he cries, he loses his martial arts and is completely with ordinary people. The same, it's just that people in the world have never cried in front of him, so no one knows his shortcomings.

But Hou Sheng married the one who was too old in his later years, but it was best to cry. When she cried, Hou Sheng would cry with him. If others kept going, he couldn’t stop. Later, his wife discovered the problem and threatened him with crying when she was okay. , It made him really intolerable and escaped.

He ran to the master of Xingyue Swords and lived for several months. When he thought of visiting the Guan, the master of Xingyue Swords asked him to take care of his apprentice. At this time, Xingyue Swords took Xiong Ji and Geerqin to escape with him. , He followed behind to protect, and later Lu Fei in the outskirts of Nanjing uttered wild words. In his anger, he coldly said "a big tone" and left, but he didn't know that both the Xingyue Sword and the Sword A bad hand.

He played around alone for several years, and then he spoke to the south of the Yangtze River, but he heard people say that the Xingyue Swords were dead, but everyone said how to die. He was so anxious that he felt sorry for the Xingyue Swords. master.

He also knows that Xingyue Shuangjian took two children with him. Now that Xingyue Swordsman is dead, he wants to find two children to make up for his guilt. Even after looking for it for a long time, he couldn't find it. .

Early that morning, he was going to Mochou Lake to see the fog. He happened to walk to the Qinhuai River and saw someone flying across Qinhuai with the kung fu in the "Thirteenth Style of the Sky". He just said "Hey" and followed. He saw that Xiongdi was a teenage boy. He thought that maybe it was the person he wanted me. Then he ran over and asked. He was strange and moody. He saw Xiongdi. When he wanted to leave, he forced Xiong Di, but he started to cry when he knew Xiong Di.

Xiong Di cried for a while, and found that Hou Sheng was crying too, and he was crying in a funny way. He suddenly laughed. When Hou Sheng heard him laugh, he stopped crying. Xiong Di thought it was very funny, so he asked: "Hey, why don't I cry, you cry too, I don't cry, and you don't cry anymore."

Hou Sheng stared at Xiongdi and said, "Why do you cry so hard that I can't cry."

Xiongdi saw him white. White-bearded, he is already an old man, but when he speaks, he is like a child, and he can't help laughing.

When Hou Sheng saw him smiling, he stood up, patted the dustman on the white clothes, thought for a while, and asked, "Who are you with Xingyue Swords?, Xiong Di's laughter stopped, and he looked in amazement. Hou Sheng glanced at him without answering. Hou Sheng looked at him and felt that although he was young, his eyes were full of light, his skin was like jade, and his internal strength was strong. So he began to think of pity and talent. Spicy hand, poisonous heart, known as the poisonous heart god and demon, has never shown such a good impression on life for decades, and it is indeed an anomaly. After a while, Hou Sheng put his voice down and said: "Don't be afraid, just say Come out, I won't hurt you."

Xiong Ji saw that there was no more coldness on his face, and he suddenly felt affectionate towards him. In the past five years, except for the Zhu family sisters, others have treated him coldly. Although Hou Sheng was frightened by his strange whereabouts, but now his tone was stern and concerned, Xiong Di thought that his most beloved uncle was like this, and couldn't help crying again.

When Hou Sheng saw Xiong Di cry, he was anxious, but he had the instinct of a Badaling alien ape in his blood. As long as he saw people crying, he couldn't help crying.

Xiong Ti was originally a very clever person. Seeing him like this, he understood a little bit in his heart. Suddenly Fu Er stopped crying and said, "Uncle, I don't cry anymore. It's only because I think of my dead uncle, so I can bear it. I couldn't help crying."

Hou Sheng said, "Dai Mengyao is your master?"


Hou Sheng said, "You will show me the Tianlei exercises that Dai Mengyao taught you."

Hou Sheng watched him practice. There was a joy on him. At this moment, he suddenly ran over. Somehow he stretched out his hand and lifted Xiong Di upside down. He patted him indiscriminately. Xiong Di only felt comfortable all over, and there was no pain at all.

He patted Xiongdi for about a cup of tea before putting Xiongdi down. He pulled Xiongdi's shoulders with both hands and told Xiongdi to open his mouth. He also opened his mouth and blew out a breath at Xiongdi. A gas of substance was thrown into Xiong Di's mouth.

As soon as the gas entered Xiongdi's mouth, Xiongdi only felt cold all over, and a cold air circulated in his body. After a while, sweat was already on Hou Sheng's forehead, and Xiongdi felt that the cold gas gradually became hot and hot. He was sore and painful all over, Hou Sheng's two hands clasped like iron hoops, and he couldn't move.

After another while, Hou Sheng let go of his hand, but he sat down on the ground, panting with exhaustion.

Xiong Di loosened his limbs and felt that he had never had Shutai before. Seeing Hou Sheng was looking at him to adjust his breath, he sat down and tried a little luck. The infuriating qi was poured into his limbs and merged into one. Can't help but be overjoyed.

At this time, the sky was bright and the sun was rising, shining the water of the Qinhuai River, sparkling golden light, Hou Sheng stood up and said to Xiong Di, "I have opened up the two channels of the "Supervisor" for you. From then on, you have no obstacles in your practice. When you have practiced so that the light thunder in your body no longer rings, you can come to Juyongguan, you don't have to look for me, I will look for you." Said that the figure did not move, and the person was no longer seen.

Xiong Di stood up, he was so happy that he couldn't describe it, and he thought to himself: "How can this man be so strange, as if he is friends with my Uncle Dai. I thought he was a ghost at first."

Then I thought about it again: "Ah! I don't even know his name, and I didn't even thank him. It's damn it, next time I see him..." He was thinking of this, suddenly the white shadow flickered, and Hou Sheng stood up again. In front of him, Xiong Di couldn't help being overjoyed. He was about to kneel. Hou Sheng stopped his hand and withdrew a long sword with a strange shape from behind. He stretched out his hand and drew it out. Only feeling chilly, he put the sword on Xiong. He handed it a hand, and said in his mouth: "Remember." He stabbed a few sword styles in the void, as if there was no coherence, but the sword and sword were strange, Xiong Di wrote down all of them.

As soon as Hou Sheng took the sword, he also handed it to Xiong Ti, and said, "I can't use this sword anymore. You can take it, but this sword is too glaring in the rivers and lakes and can't be revealed easily." He thought for a while. I thought, and then said, "From now on, if you are looking for your sister, you can teach her the sword trick I just taught you. Besides, you can't teach it to anyone, you know?"

Xiong Di quickly knelt Going down, he bowed his head and said, "The disciple knows." When he looked up again, Hou Sheng was gone.

Xiong Wei held the ancient sword in his hand and loved it so much. He looked at it carefully for a long time, only that the word "Yitian" was threaded on the handle of the sword. With a wave of it, there was a cold glow on the tail of the sword, knowing it was a sword. Standing on the ground, he taught Hou Sheng's sword skills according to the position and practiced. He always felt that the moves seemed inconsistent and slow to use. But he knew that Hou Sheng's martial arts were unfathomable and taught him. Swordsmanship must also be a martial arts mastery, so keep it in your heart.

Xiong Di quietly returned to the boat. The people on the boat were still lying high. He returned to his small cabin that could only fit the knees, put the sword away, and went out to wash. He was happy when he thought of today's adventure. Thinking: "If Uncle Dai and the others are still there, they will be happy for me when they see me like this. Today the uncle said that I still have a younger sister. What's going on, I’m really surprised, why I never thought of her before, ah! I still remember that she was so small, she only cried all day long, now she should have grown up a little bit, I really hope I can find her in the future , Give her all the martial arts that I know, so that she can also take revenge with me."

He thought about it, with a smile on his face, at this moment Ruoxin also ran over and saw Xiong Wei's footsteps. After a while, he lowered and said, "How early you are!"

When Xiong Di saw her coming, he turned his head and ran away, saying, "

Miss Sister, early." In a flash, it was another two years, and Xiong Di had already practiced "Tian Lei Xing Gong" to the silent state, "Sky Thirteen Styles" "He is more familiar and familiar. It's just the weird sword skills Hou Sheng taught him. He hasn't fully understood it yet. He wanted to leave long ago, but when he saw the Zhu family sisters, he seemed to feel that there was something invisible. The thread is holding him, preventing him from leaving.

By the time Xiong Di was sixteen years old, he looked like an adult. Smart people were mostly precocious. What's more, he practiced martial arts since childhood and was tall. Although he still had a childish air on his face, he could no longer do it anymore. Staying on the flower boat on the Qinhuai River, he thought for a long time. He wanted to sneak away so as not to feel uncomfortable. But thinking of Ruolan's kindness for seven years, it was really unbearable.

Finally, one night, everyone on the boat fell asleep, and he ran into the cabin where the Zhu’s sisters lived and called Ruolan to the side of the boat.

The night was deep, and the river was very chilly. Ruolan didn't know what was wrong, so she followed Xiong Di and asked, "Brother, what's the matter with you?"

Xiong Di looked at her blankly, and she was full. Her face is full of concern. In the past seven years, she has been melancholy, even thinner and pitiful. Moreover, Yue Yiren is in Yunyun Jinfen. She is not as red as before. Xiong Di thought that she would leave her, his heart was sour, and the corners of his eyes were sour. Shed tears.

When Ruolan saw Xiong Di crying, she ran to Xiong Di. Xiong Di was already much taller than her. She looked up at Xiong Di’s face, gently stretched out her hand to wipe Xiong Di’s tears, and said with concern, “Brother , Why are you crying? Did you feel wronged again?”

Xiong Di was even more uncomfortable. When he turned around, he saw the water of the Qinhuai River, flat like a mirror, reflecting the stars in the sky, and the breeze blowing, as if you were in the cold and deep. Place.

Ruolan only felt that the chill was getting heavier, and gently approached Xiongdi, she felt for the first time that he was no longer a child.

Xiong Di lowered his head and said blankly, "Sister, I'm leaving." Before he finished speaking, tears fell in his eyes.

Ruolan was surprised and asked, "Where are you going?"

Xiong Di said, "Sister, I want to leave you and go to a place far, far away, because there are many things waiting for me to do there, but I will definitely be back soon, I must take my sister out."

Ruolan faintly took him out. Said: "I knew you were going to leave a long time ago, but why are you walking so fast? Anyway, my sister won't live for many years. Can't you wait any longer?" .

Suddenly, Xiong Di hugged Ruolan and cried, "Sister, I really don’t want to leave you. It’s just that I’m really unspeakable. There are many things I have to do well. But, elder sister, I swear, I I will definitely be back. I will stay with my sister for a few years and let my sister enjoy it for a few years. Don't spend any more time in this kind of place."

Ruolan cried so much that she couldn't speak, and after a while, she stopped. He cried and pushed Xiong Di away. He

lowered and said, "When are you leaving ?" Xiong Di lowered his head and said, "I told my sister, I will leave soon. If you are with sister Ruoxin, you will say for me. I won’t say goodbye to her anymore.”

Ruolan thought of the people who depended on each other for seven years, she was about to leave, couldn’t help crying again, and said, “Can’t you stay for a few more days? Let my sister have more Look at you for a few days."

Xiong Di shook his head cruelly, and said, "No, I will leave right away. Staying for a few more days will make my heart even more uncomfortable. Sister, go back to the room! Be careful of catching a cold."

Ruo Lan Tudi turned around and ran in crying. Xiong Di watched her disappear, feeling like she had lost something. He walked away lonely, packed up a few frequently changed clothes, and carefully wrapped the sword in cloth. Leaning back behind him, watching his small cabin carefully, this place that was unbearable for him on weekdays, but now he feels infinitely warm.

He stood in front of the bed blankly, the door was gently pushed open, Ruoxin walked in with tears, holding a handkerchief bag in her hand, and saw Xiong Di standing there in a daze, holding back. Tears, walked to Xiong Di's side, put the small bag in his hand on the bed, and said with tears, "This is a little jewelry for my sister and me, and a little silver. Take it, you always use it on the road. Xiong Di turned his face and looked at her gratefully, only to see tears on her long eyelashes, and suddenly there was an unspeakable feeling in her heart. He opened his mouth to say something, not knowing what to say, and the two fell silent. Yes, Ruoxin raised her eyes and glanced at him sadly, her eyes full of sadness, and she slowly turned around and walked two steps.

Xiong Di pressed the emotions in her heart. At this time, she couldn't bear it anymore, and cried out with a choked voice, "Miss!" Ruo Xin stopped when she heard her footsteps. Xiong Di took a step and stood behind her. Turning around, Xiong Di took advantage of the momentum to hold her tightly in his arms, and the two suddenly realized that there was nothing left except the two of them.

Ruoxin snuggled in his arms obediently, leaned on her chest, and said lowly, "You won't come and tell me if you are leaving, don't you care about anyone anymore except your sister?" "

bear Ti gently touched her hair, on Ai said:" I thought, you do not Ruoxin rushing said: "Do not say, I know what you're thinking, you silly, do not even Can't you see my feelings for you at all?" After

she finished speaking, she felt very shy again, and she drilled her head and hid it deeply in Xiongdi's wide chest.

At this time, Wan Lai was silent. Only the water waves clapped and made a dreamlike sound. The two did not know how long they had been cuddling with each other. Xiong Di gently pushed Ruoxin away and said, "I should go now. ." Ruoxin’s eyes blushed and tears came again. He complained, "Will you wait till dawn to leave?"

Xiong Di shook his head and said, "I will walk in the dark. In the daytime, I won’t have anymore. I have the courage to go."

Ruoxin picked up the handkerchief bag, wiped her tears, tucked it tightly in Xiong Di's skirt, and said, "Don't take it off, there are my tears on it."

Xiong Di After gritting his teeth, turning around and picking up the burden, he suddenly saw Ruolan standing by the door. He felt that if he didn't leave, he would never be able to leave.

He walked up to Ruolan and said, "Sister, I'm leaving."

Ruolan slowly stepped aside and said, "Be careful on the road!"

Xiong Di looked back at Ruo Xin again, she was already crying. Yu Lihua, Xiong Diqiang held back his sorrow, and said to Ruolan, "I will be careful, sister, don’t worry."

After saying that, he rushed out of the cabin door and disappeared into the darkness. Ruolan walked over and took Ruoxin’s hand, like It was telling Ruoxin, and it was like telling himself, and he firmly said, "Don't cry, he will come back." When

Xiong Di walked off the boat, the earth was still dark, and there was no one in the wild at this time. He could have run wild. But he felt confused and at a loss in his mind, as if there were many things to think about, and he didn't know where to start.

He walked forward. In the dark, he felt safer in his heart. In the past seven years, his footprints have never left the Qinhuai River. Everything outside is extremely strange to him. Facing the vast sea of people, he I was a little scared and didn't know what to do.

He thought: "I should go to Mochou Lake first to see where Uncle Dai and I parted, and then..." He stroked the long sword wrapped in his clothes, thinking: "I'm going to find and kill. Uncle Dai’s enemy is dead, BMW’s whip Sa Tianji, I’ll never forget this name until his blood stains my sword.”

He thought, “Then, I’m going to find mine. My sister, I remember when she was still young, and she always cried. There was a nurse who was always with her. What was her name? How could I not even remember her? I remember that Uncle Lu once told me that Uncle Lu was there that day. Brought me out at night, took me to a carriage, told me that my father was dead, told me to follow him, he wanted to teach me martial arts, revenge for my father, he pointed to a little girl and said yes to me My sister, and even told me her name to tell me to remember, but now I forget her, how can I find her?"

He turned to think, "It's strange, why was she at home at that time? At that time, I never seemed to know that I had a younger sister, and I had never seen her, maybe she was her size, so dad wouldn’t let me play with her.”

He rushed for a while and arrived at Mochou Lake for a moment. Although the personnel had been completely absent for seven years, Mochou Lake was still the same. He had been standing by the lake for a long time, thinking repeatedly in his heart, and gradually there was a cock crowing in the distance.

Xiong Di was startled in his thoughts. It was already twilight at this time. He adjusted his clothes and thought to himself: "I don't know how Jiangning Mansion moves. I also forgot where Sa Tianhai is in the dart board. I had to find a pedestrian to ask for directions. After I arrived at Jiangning Mansion, I tried to find out about Sa Tianji's escort."

Xiong Di walked into the city, entered the teahouse, and after sitting down, he asked the hallkeeper: "Hey , Buddy, did you know that there is a man named BMW

Magic Whip Sa Tianji in Jiangning Mansion?" The boy smiled and said, "The head of the Mingyuan Escort in Nanjing City, the name of BMW Magic Whip Sa Tianji, who? I don’t know?"


Wei said, "Where is Mingyuan’s Escort?" Tang Wei said, "You were looking for Sa Tianji! The Mingyuan Escort is easy to find. Cross two blocks from here, turn left, you You can see the big sign of Mingyuan Escort at home, but you are looking for Sa Tianji, but he came five years late."

Xiong Di was surprised: "Is he dead?"

Tang Duan said, "Many years ago, Two men, a woman, and two children came to Mingyuan’s escort. I heard that those two men were also famous martial artists. Later, somehow, Sa Tianji killed the two men, and the older children didn’t even know how to run. Where did he go, but Sa Tianji had sex with that woman. At first, everyone didn’t know, but after a year, Sa Tianji married that woman. The escorts are all heroes, and everyone is not satisfied with him. , But because he drove the escort, there was nothing he could do. I didn’t know that after a while, Sa Tianji suddenly handed over the affairs of the escort to Luo Yongsong, Zhen Sanjiang, Zhen Sanjiang for no reason, but he took the woman and the child with him. a. "

bear Ti hurriedly asked:" you know where they go "?

waiter replied:" this I do not know, you would be better to Ming Yuan Escort去打听打听, maybe someone knows where "

bear Ti this When there was a mixture of grief and anger, no matter where I could eat, I hurriedly paid the bill and walked to the Mingyuan Escort.

Xiong Di saw that the two dark doors of Mingyuan Escort were still closed tightly, and he didn't care, walked forward and knocked loudly on the door.

After a while, I only heard someone muttering and cursing inside: "Which dejected ghost is here to call funeral so early."

Xiong Di heard the furious, the door slammed, opened a small slit, and drilled. A person came out, sleepy eyes, and he said, "Who is it? What are you here for?"

Xiong Wei was out of anger, pushed casually, and the door opened, and the person fell back along with the fall, Xiong Wei. Saying loudly to the man: "Find out your head."

Seeing that Xiong Di was young, the man thought he was deceiving, and cursed, "You fucking deserve it."

A slap on the backhand to Xiong Di. Face fanned.

With a wave of his right hand, Xiong Di grabbed the man's shirt with his left hand. He tossed and gave him away, and the man fell far to the ground with a loud bang.

After a while, a large group of people came out of the room, all of them in disheveled clothes and sleepy eyes. Apparently they had just been pulled out of the bed. Among them, walking in front was a very tall man with dark skin. From a distance, it looks like a King Kong made of pig iron. This person is one of the dart heads of the pillars in the Mingyuan Inlay Game, the god sword overlord Zhang Yi.

He walked to the door of the house, stopped suddenly, separated his hands greatly, stopped the person behind, looked up and down Xiong Di, laughed suddenly, and said, "I heard Wang San said that someone was coming to kick the dart board. I think I am a good guy with three heads and six arms, but I turned out to be such a little bastard." The man who

followed him also coaxed and laughed, as if he was completely shoulderless and looked at Xiongdi in his eyes.

Zhang Yi turned around and said to the people behind him: "This bastard looks pretty, but it's so small and tender. I'm afraid I won't be able to stop me." The

tall and short reckless guys behind them are even more so. Laughing forward and backward.

Suddenly, Xiong Wei rushed forward, and without using any tricks, he slapped Zhang Yi both positive and negative. Zhang Yi only felt a flower in front of him, and there were two marks on his face. He opened his mouth and squirted blood in his teeth. Splashed all over the floor.

Zhang Yi shouted angrily: "What a little bastard, I will start without even

saying hello." As soon as he finished speaking, he stretched out his long arms and moved "Golden Leopard Claws" to grab Xiong Di.

Xiong Di gave a sneer, waved his right arm, and moved forward with his left hand, preparing to grab the medicine according to the prescription. Like just now, he threw his four feet upright, but Zhang Yi is far from the Yusan who just opened the door. He is known for his magical sword. What's more, with this wave of Xiong Di, it took only 20% of his force to open him. Zhang Yi moved to the position, and with a backhand "golden wire cutter", Xiong Di's right hand was blocked and he grew up. , Leaning slightly outwards, "Kui Xing Kick Dou" violently mouthed his right hand and kicked towards Xiong Di with a sharp leg.

Xiong Di suddenly encountered a dangerous move, and it was the first time he made his move. He couldn't help being flustered, but after all, he had a deep skill. With a little qi, the infuriating qi was poured into his limbs, his left palm was bent down to cut the kicked foot, and his right hand was slightly harder. Zhang Yi felt that he couldn't hold it, and suddenly returned his hand to retract his leg. With a force on his left heel, "Golden Carp pierced through the waves", he dashed backwards in order to protect himself. At this time, Xiong Di only needs to go home and give another blow. , You can compete, but in the end he has too little experience in facing the enemy, and he can't use the moves in a series. It should be known that he practiced all alone, and even his opponent did not use any moves. Naturally, this phenomenon is unavoidable when he first moves.

Zhang Yi had just set up his body. Although he was discouraged, he still refused to stop. He was about to rush forward, suddenly thinking again: "Even though this man is young, his martial arts is unfathomable. I don't know what school he is. What is going on here? It’s not clear whether it’s an enemy or a friend. Why should I stay like this? Even if it hurts my life, what's the use..."

So he stopped making moves, but he was a reckless guy, not good at words and competitive. After speaking to inquiries, Xiong Ji saw him standing opposite, wondering why, he secretly said: "I often hear Ruolan say that the world's human heart is the most sinister. If you don't hurt people, people will hurt you. Now he I just stand here, but I don’t know what bad thoughts are turning in my heart. It’s better for me to preemptively, and I will send him first, so as not to lose money."

At this moment, his heart of underestimating the enemy is gone. In the trick, the body was slightly frustrated, and the person had risen off the ground like an arrow. "Fan Du Yinhe" took the palm of the sword as a sword, and with the normal wind, he swung his head at Zhang Yi.

Zhang Yizheng figured out how to speak, Xiong Diren had already attacked. The "Overlord of Divine Power" has been through the rivers and lakes for a long time, knowing that this kind of move has been made when you are in the air. I want to avoid this move by turning right, but the "Thirteen Sky Thirteen Forms" can be used in one move, and the rest of the moves will be used in a series. Unless the opponent also has extremely high martial arts, it is impossible to escape, Xiong Di is outside of his right leg. Stretching out and putting his hands down, Zhang Yi only felt that the whole sky was the shadow of Xiong Di, and he couldn't even hide.

Suddenly a person rushed out from the inside and shouted: "Hurry up and hide." But Zhang Yi was already under the palm of the wind, and he was already involuntary. Xiong Di's right hand beveled "Landing Meteor", and Zhang Yi's right neck was numb. , The person has passed out.

The person who rushed out laughed loudly and said, "Good posture, good posture, I can’t think of the Weizhen Jianghu "Thirteen Stances of the Sky" in the past, and it will be reproduced here." After speaking, he said deeply, "This is my little brother. I asked the guards of the Escort. My friends on the rivers and lakes called me Jinmian Su Qin, and Wang Zhikui was here. Actually, it was all praise from my friends.” After speaking, he laughed loudly, and then said, “Look at the brothers. His body style must be the descendants of the Xingyue Double Swords who used the "Thirteen Sky Thirteen Styles" to praise the world. I think that the seniors of the rivers and lakes, who is wrong with Dai and Lu, admire the five bodies, but since the Xingyue Double Swords So after the death, the "Thirteen Stances of the Sky" became extremely popular. I didn't expect my brothers to be destined to see the strange skills again today." Xiong Wei said, "The younger brother is the direct disciple of the Xingyue Swords. My teacher wanted to ask for advice about things that were unfinished in the past, but the big darts of your dart board are very powerful, indiscriminately, they have to try their hands with the younger brother, and the younger brother is offended. Please forgive the general dart head."

Wang Zhiqiu Haha laughed and said, "It's all to blame for the little brother being too lazy, getting up too late, and the reception late." He glanced at Zhang Yi who was still lying on the ground, a strange light appeared in his eyes, but he disappeared, and he verbally recruited. He waved his hand, told the guys to take care of Zhang Yi in, sighed, and said, "My brother, is so reckless. It must be that he offended his brother, so you punish him. This is because he takes the blame for himself. How can he blame others? If you don’t mind Xiongtai, please talk about tea inside. If Xiongtai tells you something, if the younger brother can do it, you will definitely be of help.”

So Wang Zhiqiu handed over to the guest, and Xiong Qi was also calm.

The two exchanged their names. After a polite conversation, Wang Zhiqiu said: "Brother Xiong is afraid of not knowing. Over the past few years, there have been a lot of talents in the arena. There are several rising stars of the powerful martial arts in both black and white. , There are descendants of the Leng family brothers and sisters of Tianshan, Leng Rushui, Leng Rushuang and Zhong Tianchou, the newly elected leader of the thirteen provinces of Begonia, Mr. Lan Da, the scholar Tang Yu from Tangmen, Sichuan, and the Dongfang brother from Huqiu, Jiangsu In addition, Emei’s Lonely Sword, Emei Shuangxiao, and Wudang Siyi swordsman are all martial arts Junyan, who is hard to see in a century. What’s more shocking is that the Tianyin Sect, which used to traverse the world in the past, is in the Taihang Mountains of Shanxi. The resurrection, the leader is a man and a woman, two young men and women of unknown origin. If the rumors are true, I am afraid that the martial arts will inevitably be robbed." After

he finished speaking, he laughed again and raised his thumb to Xiong Qiyi. Yang said, "But in my opinion, although these people are all martial arts masters, they are all inferior to Brother Xiong. Brother Xiong has come out to roam the rivers and lakes this time. Move the rivers and lakes."

Xiong Wei laughed and said: "The general dart has passed the prize. It’s just that the younger brother came this time. There are indeed a few very important things that will be dealt with. The escort here was created by Sa Tianji in the past. I heard people say that this person is already far away, and I think that the head will know where he is going."

Wang Zhiqiu said: "Brother Xiong asks about other characters, as long as he is a little famous in the rivers and lakes, the younger brother dare not say so well. But he knows a thing or two, but this Sa Daji deliberately prolonged his voice and glanced at Xiong Qi. When Xiong Qi mentioned Sa Tianji, he seemed very resentful, and he was secretly happy in his heart, knowing what he expected. It’s not bad, so he quickly continued: "It is said that Sa Tianji, the southern whip, is also a very famous figure. He is really difficult."

Xiong Di listened, and his expression became empty and disappointed and indignant. He stood up and said: "This surnamed Sa and I have a vengeance. Also look for him, since the head of the head doesn't know where this guy is going, then don't let him go."

Wang Zhiqiu quickly grabbed him and said, "Brother Xiong shouldn’t be too impatient. I think that Brother Xiong is a first-timer and has friends since he was young. The younger brother sees it as a friend, so he will take care of the matter and leave it to the younger brother. The younger brother decides to do his best to visit the whereabouts of Chu Sa Tianji. Wouldn’t it be better than if you visited alone.”

Xiong Qi is in chaos at the moment, and it makes sense to think about it. , Bowed down and said with sadness: "The little brother has no relatives. He can only rely on the master dart in everything. In the future, he will be broken and will be repaid."

Wang Zhikui also bowed down, supporting Xiong Qi with both hands, and said, "Brother Xiong don't do this. I’m sorry, I’ve got something to discuss slowly. I always want to think of something for Brother Xiong, but I don’t want to be impatient.”

Wang Zhiqiu helped Xiongqi onto the chair, and Xiongqi was still sorrowful, Wang Zhiqiu said. "Brother Xiong, who is single, must have nothing to worry about. If you don’t think this place is simple, you might as well move to live there. It will save you the inconvenience elsewhere. If you have something in the future, you can discuss it."

Although Xiong Ti is extremely smart, but After all, the experience was not enough, and he agreed.

Seeing that he had agreed, Wang Zhiqiu was overjoyed, and said hurriedly, "Brother Xiong has any luggage and clothes, but I have to take it together. If Brother Xiong needs it in the future, please just speak up. From then on, you and I will be a family. ."