Consort Xiang's Sword (Xiang Fei Jian)

It is said that Siu Tok, Siu Su's father, was a great warrior in his era. Because his behavior and actions were considered arbitrary, Jit-Kiam-Sam-Pian (Seven swords 3 ruyung) by behavior and gang managed to kill Siu Tok who was already half paralyzed.

Using the trick of the BEAUTIFUL WOMEN'S TRAP, Mao Kau baited his beautiful sister to approach Siu Tok, even this sister managed to pin Siu Tok's pulse during practice, causing him to be paralyzed.

Thanks to this success for a dozen years Mao You managed to master the world of martial arts.
Siu Su is in a dilemma, should he kill the enemy whose mother is his mother, or should he forgive him?

It turned out that he faced a shocking event, one of the members of Jit-Kiam-Sam-Pian before committing suicide stated that the real killer of his father was his own mother!
Author:Gu Long
Associated Names:湘妃劍