Broken Gold, Incomplete Jade (Can Jin Que Yu)

All the swordsmen who were there asked together, "Who is he?" their tone was full of surprise.

Lin Pei Qi said again, “To think that Can Jin Du Zhang (Poisonous Golden Palm) who had been missing for 17 years could suddenly reappear now, suddenly appearing we will have another calamity.”

Can Jin Du Zhang's words just mentioned, Ma Zhan Yuan and the two Bao Ding brothers, felt a little surprised, but the older generation like Wei Shou Ru and Si Tu Xiang Cheng were really very shocked.

Under Guo Zhu's chest, there was a golden scar that pierced through his skin and was of a very strange shape. Three fingers and middle finger as if severed. Seeing these palm prints, his face went pale and fell down on a chair……
Author:Gu Long
Associated Names:殘金缺玉