The Sword and Exquisiteness (Mingjian Fengliu) - Chapter 14

Chapter 14 Up To No Good

Silver Blossom was seemingly chit-chatting with Tang Shouqing but she secretly watched Tang Lin enter one of the stone houses. Although the door was closed very quickly, Silver Blossom could see that the man Tang Lin was talking to was not an old man. She couldn't see his face but she did immediately thought:It must be Tang Yue, Tang Wushuang must have hidden his son here.

She was extremely happy about this but didn't forget Tang Shouqing.

Tang Shouqing said:"Would you and Miss Jin join me for lunch tomorrow at my restaurant."

Silver Blossom blushed:"If sister Jin is going I will go too."

She walked to a underwater stream and said:"Could I wash my hands here?"

Tang Shouqing said:"Of course you can."

Silver Blossom put her hands in the water and washed them, Tang Shouqing was captivated by her elegant and beautiful hands.

Tang Lin came back and was quite annoyed, she said:"He's becoming very strange, he wouldn't even look at me."

Tang Shouqing said:"He's feeling a bit upset lately. Don't mind him."

Silver Blossom was certain that man was Tang Yue, she secretly dropped her purple silk handkerchief into the water. She got up and said:"Fourth sister, I have seen enough."

Tang Shouqing said:"Fourth sister...."

Tang Lin interupted:"Seventh brother, don't worry. We haven't given you any problems."

Tang Shouqing said:"Next time......."

Suddenly Tang Shouqing saw that the stream up ahead was emitting a purple smoke. The smoke turned into a thick fog. The fog was becoming very thick in short time and you couldn''t even see who was standing next to you anymore.

Tang Shouqing called out loudly:"Everyone stay at your current position and be extra vigilant!"

Tang Lin asked:"What should I do?"

Tang Shouqing said:"Stay here and take care of your friend."

Tang Shouqing took out a flint a made a small fire. He dashed into the fog and went to his position.

Tang Lin wanted to take Silver Blossom's hand but she was gone.

She called out:"Sister Hua, Hua Yingfeng, where are you?"

However Silver Blossom will never respond to her cries.

Silver Blossom already calculated the position of the stone house and when the fog was thick enough she immediately ran to it.

She quietly asked:"Tang Yue, young master Tang are you here?"

A voice asked:"Who is looking for me?"

Silver Blossom took him by his hand and said:"Don't you recognize my voice?"

Tang Yue said:"Silver Blossom?"

Silver Blossom laughed:"Yes, my sister is thinking of you. I came here to take you to see her."

Tang Yue said:"But my father...."

He was still hesistating but was already pulled out.

Silver Blossom said:"Don't you want to see my sister?"

Silver Bossom waved her hand and a silver object flew out and emitted a metalic glow. She could now distinct clearly where the exit was.

She also noticed that Tang Yue wasn't really to keen on leaving this place.

They could hear Tang Shouqing sternly giving orders:"Watch the exit don't let anyone come or go out!"

Silver Blossom said rather annoyed:"Tang Yue, don't make me use force on you."

Tang Yue now saw no choice but to follow her.

When they reached the exit, some of the men used their swords and sabres to stop two figures. Silver Blossom waved her hand and those men screamed and fell to the ground.

Both of them came out the cave, outside everything was still normal. The guards outside were unaware of the chaos in the cave, suddenly a tall man saw Silver Blossom and pulled his sabre. Silver Blossom killed him with one stroke.

Now a gong was sounded and the guards outside were also alarmed. For the past two days, Silver Blossom had already planned an escape route. She pulled Tang Yue by the hand and fled to the south.

Tang Yue protested:"But Tang Mansion is heavily guarded."

Silver Blossom giggled:"Everyone thinks the Tang Mansion is as safe as the imperial palace. But to us Tang Mansion is no different from an ordinary inn. We go and leave as we please."

Just when she finished a group of men blocked their way and the leader of these men was the stern Tang Shoufang.

Silver Blossom was a bit scared of this man and saw he had already worn his leather gloves. He was about to use his secretive weapons.

Tang Shoufang loudly said:"Who goes there? Stop right now!"

Silver Blossom giggled:"You're an expert in secretive weaponry so am I. Let us compete who is the best."

They stood face to face to each other and readied themselves.

Tang Yue suddenly took out a metal tablet from his girdle and said:"Here is the tablet of the old master! Let us through!"

Tang Shoufang respectfully backed away and said:"Yes."

He told the men to move aside and let Silver Blossom and Tang Yue go.

After running for some time both of them entered the temple of the local earth deity. Silver Blossom had already marked this temple as one of their resting points.

Silver Blossom felt relieved and said:"Well, it seems that you do have a heart. If it wasn't for you taking out that tablet we would still be stuck in there."

She lit the candles in the temple and saw that Tang Yu was wearing a mask from the Chinese opera.

Silver Blossom laughed:"Why are you wearing a mask? I thought my brother-in-law was a handsome dashing fellow."

Tang Yue said:"My father doesn't want me to be recognized."

Silver Blossom smiled:"Your old man is really a strange man, remove your mask."

Tang Yue said:"My father used a special type of glue to attach this mask. The effects of the glue will were off after a day, but if I forcibly remove it now I will pull of my skin too."

Silver Blossom was stunned and said:"How very strict! But nevermind I still remember how you look like."

Silver Blossom continued:"My sister was trying to keep you for herself but ever since I saw you. I kept thinking of you."

Tang Yue sighed:"How is your sister?"

Silver Blossom cried:"I went through al that trouble to help you escape. You didn't even thank me, all you can do is think about my sister."

Tang Yue said in a gentle voice:"Thank you for helping me. But how did you manage to come in the Tang Mansion in the first place?"

Silver Blossom said:"Do you know a girl called Jin Yanzi?"

Tang Yue said:"Yes I have heard of her."

Silver Blossom said:"I knew she was a close friend of the Tang family. That's why I became her sworn sister."

Tang Yue was surprised and asked:"She actually became sisters with you?"

Silver Blossom laughed:"She doesn't know my real identity, she just thinks I am a poor girl who nobody wants. She is a very gullible girl, fooling her is too easy."

Tang Yue sighed:"She is a very naive girl."

Silver Blossom continued:"To make my cover a bit more convincing I asked her whether I could put my precious treasures at the Tang Mansion. She complied to my request. But in fact I had already hid my treasure at a very safe place. And replaced the rest with worthless junk. I just took a few precious jewelry and gave it to your sisters and sister-in-law. As the whereabouts of my valuable luggage......that remains a secret. But I can tell you that I don't have any financial headaches anymore for the rest of my life."

Tang Yue asked:"But what about Tang Lin?"

Silver Blossom smiled:"Your little sister is in love, so I tricked her I would help her find her lover. But she had to take me to the cave where you were hiding."

Tang Yue remained silent and said:"You did put a lot of effort in this operation. Your sister will be most grateful."

Silver Blossom cried:"Again my sister, I went through al that trouble just for you. What has she done for you?"

She started to weeping sadly.

Tang Yue didn't know what to say and said:"Why are you crying?"

Silver Blossom said rather annoyed:"You fool! Don't you know these are tears because of you."

Tang Yue said:"Why...why?"

Silver Blossom said:"I feel sorry for you and I don't want to hurt you."

Tang Yue asked:"What has happened? Why would I be hurt?"

Silver Blossom said in a trembling voice:"She...she...my sister..You shouldn't be thinking of her now, because....because......"

Tang Yue quickly asked:"What has happened?"

Silver Blossom said loudly:"She has found another man."

Tang Yue was speechless.

Silver Blossom cried:"I didn't want to tell you this but I'm too confused at the moment."

She embraced and cried on his shoulders.

Tang Yue asked slowly:"Who is that man?"

Silver sobbed:"I cannot tell you, I have betrayed my own sister now."

Tang Yue said:"I just want to know,..."

Silver Blossom sobbed:"I will tell you, that man is called Yu Peiyu."

Tang Yue was surprised and said:"Yu Peiyu?"

Silver Blossom asked:"Do you know him?"

Tang Yue shook his head and said:"I have never heard of this name before."

Silver Blossom said:"Luckily you haven't met him yet, because he is the most cruel, manipulative, hypocritical and vile man in the entire realm."

Tang Yue was silent for some time and said:"Your sister doesn't love me anymore. Why are you here?"

Silver Blossom looked at him and said:"Don't you understand my feelings?"

Tang Yue shook his head and said:"No, I really don't know what you're thinking?"

Silver Blossom stamped her feet and said:"You, idiot."

Tang Yue sighed and said:"I am an idiot, otherwise...."

Silver Blossom interupted him and said:"Don't say it! Although my sister has betrayed you. I willl......"

She put up a sexy position and looked at Tang Yue.

Tang Yue embraced her too.

Silver Blossom said:"Blow out the candles."

Tang Yue said:"Don't blow them out yet, I want to look at you."

Silver Blossom pouted:"You're naugthy."

Tang Yue said slowly:"I just want to see what kind of manipulative, cruel, lying and vile woman you are."

Silver Blossom was shocked to hear such words and said:"What are you saying?"

Before she could do anything Tang Yue sealed 12 acupoints on her back.

Silver Blossom fell to the ground and said:"What are you doing?"

Tang Yue said:"You said you will never forget the voice of Tang Yue, right?"

Silver Blossom said with fear in her voice:"You...you are not Tang Yue? Who are you?"

[Tang Yue] removed the mask and revealed a very beautiful face almost perfect. But there was a scar on his face but it made this person even more charismatic."

Silver Blossom said with a shaky voice:"Yu Peiyu, it is you! How can this be? Yu Peiyu, why are you here....."

Silver Blossom was really scared, her self-confidence was gone. Yu Peiyu said with a faint smile:"You never thought this would happen. You shouldn't use Yu Peiyu in your lies when you talking to Yu Peiyu. I think your luck is running up."

Silver Blossom was too shocked to say anything and just repeated softly:"It's you.....how could it be? Yu Peiyu......"

Yu Peiyu said:"Didn't you hear from Tang Lin I went to the Tang Mansion?"

Silver Blossom said:"Of course! You came here looking for protection from Tang Wushuang. How could I oversee this?"

Yu Peiyu sighed:"I was injured and couldn't go anywhere else. Tang Wushuang helped me and even let me stay in his secret cavern."

Silver Blossom felt a bit more confident and said:"The old goat even lied to his daughter. No wonder you wouldn't talk to Tang Lin earlier."

Yu Peiyu smiled:"She won't forget the voice of her own brother."

Silver Blossom asked:"So Tang Yue was originally hidden in that house?"

Yu Peiyu said:"Yes, you're right. That day Tang Wushuang took me there and told me to exchange places with his son. I even wore his old clothes and wore the mask. Tang Wushuang even concealed this truth from his own students."

Silver Blossom said:"So the real Tang Yue has been relocated, where is he now?"

Yu Peiyu said:"I don't know, even if I did know I wouldn't tell you. I'm afraid you will never find him."

Silver Blossom felt terrified and asked:"What....what...are you planning to do to me?"

Yu Peiyu just looked at her.

Silver Blossom loudly said:"I know you hate me for injuring your face! But I just cut you lightly, someone else used her sword to stab you several times. Why won't you hate her? Why do you only hate me?"

She was referring to Lin Daiyu, Yu Peiyu sighed and closed his eyes. Silver Blossom was happy to see this change and said:"The reasons why I cursed and injured was because I love you. I love you very much, because you didn't returned my love I hated you for that."

Yu Peiyu said:"I won't harm you, don't worry. There are so many people in this world who have hurt me. Why should I hate you and punish you alone?"

Silver Blossom asked with joy:"You don't hate me?"

Yu Peiyu shook his head and said:"I don't hate you and I won't hurt you."

Silver Blossom felt relieved and also touched, she thought that Yu Peiyu was treating her better now. She was thinking:Who knows he might even start to like me?

Yu Peiyu continued:"But I will take you back to the Tang Mansion."

Silver Blossom was scared again and shouted:"You said you didn't hate me. Why do you treat me in this way? If you take me back I will die at their hands."

Yu Peiyu sighed:"I don't care whether you wounded me, cursed me, lied to me. I don't even want to think about that anymore. However I cannot allow you to continue causing harm to everyone else."

Silver Blossom shouted:"You're a hypocrite! You want to see me die, but you don't want to kill me yourself! Kill me now, if you have the guts! You're not even a man!"

Yu Peiyu ignored her and didn't become angry. After seeing that he didn't become angry she stopped. She didn't know what to do anymore and started to cry.

Yu Peiyu sighed:"If you would have treated people with a bit more respect in the past, I might have let you off."

Suddenly Yu Peiyu heard horses riding this way. He blew out the candles and sealed another acupoint of Silver Blossom, so she couldn't talk.

Yu Peiyu after enduring endless hardships had become even more vigilant. He embraced Silver Blossom and leapt up to a beam on the roof.

The three riders stopped in front of the temple and entered. Yu Peiyu could see what was going on but he couldn't see the faces of the riders in the dark. But he felt that one of the riders looked a bit familiar.

One of the riders said:"This way please." And he lit the candles.

Yu Peiyu almost immediately leapt down because he recognized two of the riders. One was the Flowered Chestnut Sword Lin Shoujuan and other was the Dragonking of Taihu. The other man Yu Peiyu didn't recognize but he was about 26, 27 years old and he was wearing leather gloves similar to Tang Shoufang. So Yu Peiyu concluded that he must be a disciple of the Tang Clan.

The Dragonking stroked his beard and said:"The Unparalleled Old Man arranged to meet with us here. But if young master Tang Yu wasn't here we couldn't find this place."

The young man smiled:"My father only instructed me to notify you. He didn't reveal any of this to my sisters and other martial arts brothers or sisters."

The Dragonking smiled:"This is a private deal Tang Wushuang made with us."

Yu Peiyu was shocked and sad to see and to hear this, what kind of business did Tang Wushuang have with these two men.

The sad part was that both imposters managed to impersonate the real Lin Shoujuan and Dragonking perfectly.

The Dragonking asked:"Will your father be coming soon?"

Tang Yu said:"This is an important matter to my father I'm sure he will come."

Lin Shoujuan said:"I have heard that that fellow has good martial arts and is very cunning. Can your father deal with him?"

Tang Yu smiled:"Although that man is cunning he doesn't suspect my father. And my father has arranged for him to hide in the most secret place in the Tang Mansion. Even if he wasn't injured he cannot escape."

Lin Shoujuan stroked his beard and said:"The Unparalleled Old Man is very crafty."

The Dragonking said:"Young master Tang, you should know that chancellor Yu has no ill intentions towards that man. He just doesn't like that man to use the name of his late son. If that fellow is up to no good it will affect the reputation of the chancellor and the late young master Yu. That's why we don't have a choice, but....."

Tang Yu quicky said:"We completely understand."

The Dragonking smiled:"After your father has rounded up this problem successfully, chancellor Yu will certainly not forget your father's help. He will and shall repay your father. However chancellor Yu is responsible for the entire safety of Wulin, his every movement and action will be watched. He is afraid that some people will talk if this problem gets leaked out."

Tang Yu said:"Don't worry, sir. My father and I won't reveal a word."

Yu Peiyu felt cold over his entire body. That man/fellow was him.

That imposter wouldn't leave him alone and that Tang Wushuang had betrayed him.

If it wasn't for Silver Blossom he would still be there. He was breaking out in a cold sweat.

Tang Yu said:"I hope chancellor Yu will keep up his end of the bargain."

Lin Shoujuan said earnestly:"The chancellor will always keep his word."

The Dragonking said:"But your father has to deliver us what he promised. We will take care of the Three Magnificent Flower Ladies. Chancellor Yu will only have to issue an order and a punitive expedition will be lead to annihilate a mere Heavenly Silkworm Sect."

Tang Yu said:"If chancellor Yu can help us to destroy this threat from now on all the Tang disciples will be most grateful to the chancellor."

Yu Peiyu now understood, Tang Wushuang betrayed him because he was afraid of the Heavenly Silkworm Sect and the Silver Blossom and her two sisters. He looked down upon Tang Wushuang the leader of the most famous Wulin family was a coward.

Suddenly the altar of the altar of the local earth deity moved and an opening appeared. Tang Wushuang walked out looking rather embarrassed.

Yu Peiyu never would have guessed that there was a secret tunnel leading from the mansion to this temple.

Tang Wushuang smiled apologetically:"My respects, I apologize for being late."

The Dragonking said:"Not at all, I take it that Mr. Tang has brought Yu Peiyu?"

Tang Wushuang said:"There is a small delay...."

Lin Shoujuan sternly asked:"What has happened?"

Tang Wushuang sighed:"He....Yu Peiyu has escaped."

The Dragonking loudly roared:"What!"

Tang Wushuang apologized:"I'm very sorry that this has happened."

The Dragonking angrilly said:"Are you making fun of us?"

Tang Wushuang said:"I wouldn't dare......"

Lin Shoujuan said:"Even so how is it possible that he could have escaped from the Tang Mansion."

Tang Wushuang said:"I lured him into our cave but I forgot that I gave him one of my metal tablets. And he used the tablet to escape. I was too negligent."

The Dragonking scoffed:"Negligent!?! I'm afraid you have your own agenda, right?"

Tang Wushuang said immediately:"Absolutely not."

Lin Shoujuan said:"If there isn't an ulterior motive you are really becoming a senile old goat....."

Tang Yu, who was already quite angry this time, hit a table with his fist and shouted:"Who are you to talk to my father in this way!"

There is a saying: The older you get the more value you place on life. Tang Wushuang had lost all his courage in his final years of his life. But his son who was still young couldn't control his temper anymore.

Both Lin Shoujuan and the Dragonking were surprised by his anger.

Tang Yu continued:"Perhaps both of you have forgotten where you are. If any of us will give the order neither of you will live to see another sunrise."

The Dragonking laughed:"Young master Tang, don't get angry. We're just a bit upset about that fellow getting away. We wouldn't dare to offend old Mr. Tang."

Tang Wushuang who regained a bit of his confidence stroked his beard and said:"Even if chancellor Yu was here, he wouldn't blame me."

The Dragonking smiled mysteriously:"Really?"

All of a sudden they heard marching sounds towards the temple and before long eight men in black robes wearing big straw hats holding swords and sabres entered the temple.

Tang Wushuang asked with fear:"What....what is the meaning of this?"

At this point an elderly gentleman wearing a long green brocade walked in. With the exception of Yu Peiyu everyone recognized him as the present chancellor of Wulin, Yu Fanghe.

Tang Wushuang was sweating and said respectfully:"I didn't know the chancellor would come. Please forgive me for not receiving you."

Yu Fanghe smiled faintly:"Brother Wushuang, you're too formal."

He looked at the angry looking Tang Yu and said:"Is this your son?"

Tang Wushuang said:"Yes, chancellor. He is my unworthy son, Tang Yu."

Yu Fanghe smiled:"Not bad! Worthy of being the son of the Unparalleled Old Man, how old is he?"

Tang Yu replied:"I'm 26 years old, chancellor."

Yu Fanghe said calmly:"It is amazing you're able to become 26 with your temper."

Tang Yu was stunned and angered by this remark.

Yu Fanghe continued:"Young men should respect seniors and the last thing they should consider to do is hitting a table and roaring to them. Don't you think that's a bit too rude, brother Wushuang."

Tang Yu said loudly:"But I wasn't wrong."

Tang Wushuang quickly said:"Please forgive him, chancellor Yu. I will apologize on his behalf."

Yu Fanghe coldly said:"I was talking to your son, brother Wushuang."

Tang Wushuang remained silent. Tang Yu took a deep breath and said earnestly:"I too know that one should respect your seniors, but if other people would mock or insult my father I will not tolerate that."

Yu Fanghe asked:"Not tolerate? Please elaborate?"

Tang Yu said:"I will defend my father and his honour with everything I have. Even if it means dying."

Yu Fanghe smiled:"Hmmm. Very good, I admire your principles."

When he finished he waved his hand very quickly and slapped Tang Wushuang twice on his face.

Nobody knows whether it was the fear that he was dealing with the chancellor of Wulin here but Tang Wushuang couldn't or didn't avoid those two slaps.

Yu Fanghe turned to Tang Yu and asked with a smile:"Well?"

Tang Yu was furious and was about to strike, Tang Wushuang yelled:"You unfilial son! Don't be rude in front of the chancellor!"

Yu Fanghe smiled and said:"He wouldn't dare to be rude."

Again he slapped Tang Wushuang, Tang Yu had tears in his eyes and said:"Father, please forgive me for not obeying your commands."

He leapt up and flew towards Yu Fanghe. Tang Wushuang shouted:"Yu'Er, stop!"

But it was too late, Tang Yu's fist had struck Yu Fanghe on his shoulder. Tang Yu's wrist was broken and he flew backwards and landed heavily on the floor.

Yu Fanghe looking very carefree and smiled:"Brother Wushuang, your son is very bold."

Tang Wushuang knelt down and was kowtowing to Yu Fanghe. He begged:"Chancellor Yu, my son is ignorant. Please forgive him!I beg of you....."

Yu Fanghe sighed:"Of course I won't take this matter seriously, but you were also present during the gathering at Lake Huang. We agreed that anyone who offended the chancellor of Wulin should be punished. But I forgot what that punishment was?"

Tang Wushuang quickly pleaded:"I just want the chancellor to spare his life, I will chop off his both hands. And force him to acknowledge his mistakes in front of you."

Yu Fanghe casually turned to the Dragonking and asked:"Well?"

The Dragonking loudly said:"No, the rules are set we cannot change them. If we do, the principles at the gathering will never be the same again."

Yu Fanghe sighed:"Brother Wushuang, I cannot help you."

The Dragonking picked up Tang Yu and dragged him outside and in an instant they heard a cry of pain.

Tang Wushuang collapsed and cried.

If Yu Peiyu wasn't eager on finding out the truth he would have leapt down and stopped this tragedy.

Yu Fanghe sighed:"With the lost of your son, brother Wushuang must want to take revenge, right?"

Tang Wushuang got up and lowered his head and said:"My....my son was ignorant and sought his....his own....de....death...I won't blame anyone for this tragedy."

Yu Fanghe smiled:"I knew brother Wushuang was a reasonable man."

Tang Wushuang lowered his head even more, even Yu Peiyu felt embarrassed for him.

Yu Fanghe asked:"Brother Wushuang, do you know why I came here?"

Tang Wushuang said:"It must be because of that Yu Peiyu."

Yu Fanghe smiled:"You're mistaken."

Tang Wushuang said with surprise:"I'm wrong."

Yu Fanghe calmly explained:"I wanted to find out a bit more about the antecedents of this young man, I was afraid he might be my....unworthy late son. But after some investigation I know he is someone else. I do not care whether he's alive or dead."

Yu Peiyu and Tang Wushuang were both surprised to hear this, Tang Wushuang stuttered:"But...but why are you here chancellor Yu?"

Yu Fanghe said:"I want you to meet a friend?"

Tang Wushuang asked:"A friend? Which friend do you mean?"

Yu Fanghe smiled:"This is a funny situation. Brother Wushuang has seen him numerous times but he has never even met you before."

Tang Wushuang had no idea what he was talking about and was also completely in the dark who he was going to meet.

But he just saw that Lin Shoujuan, the Dragonking and those eight men were smiling strangely.

Yu Peiyu was thinking too:Why is this Yu fellow here? Why did he kill Tang Yu like that. Is it because Tang Yu wasn't allowed to meet this "friend."

Who is this "friend?"

Yu Peiyu was breaking out in a cold sweat. Yu Fanghe nodded his head and one of those eight men went outside. In a minute he lead another man in wearing a long robe. However Yu Peiyu couldn't see his face from up there.

But he did noticed that Tang Wushuang was becoming very very scared when he saw that man.

Yu Fanghe smiled:"Brother Wushuang, does he look familiar?"

Tang Wushuang shouted:"He.....he.....I.....I....."

He was totally lost for words.

Yu Fanghe continued:"He wanted to meet you for a long time already. However I felt that the time wasn't right yet. Do you know why?"

Tang Wushuang trembled and said:"I don't know."

Yu Fanghe smiled:"I didn't want to see brother Wushuang die so soon."

Tang Wushuang was sweating heavily and shouted:"What do you mean with that?"

Yu Fanghe smiled:"Very simple! The day you meet him is the day you die."

That man walked up a bit more closely and Yu Peiyu saw his face, he looked exactly like Tang Wushuang. Identical!

He finally discovered the secret of these monsters.

Tang Wushuang was speechless.

Yu Fanghe smiled:"What do you think? A masterwork don't you think? Painters can only draw paint beautiful paintings but our masterpieces are alive. We spent a lot time and energy in producing a second Tang Wushuang. Much more than our other masterworks. Brother Wushuang should feel proud."

Tang Wushuang trembled and asked:"But why?"

Yu Fanghe said:"You don't understand, do you? I will explain, the first Tang Wushuang has lived long enough, the second Tang Wushuang will take his place and live on."

Now the real Tang Wushuang laughed loudly.

Yu Fanghe looked at him coldly and said:"What is so funny brother Wushuang?"

Tang Wushuang laughed:"Why won't I laugh! I think this is all very amusing. You created a puppet to replace me, the real Tang Wushuang?"

Yu Fanghe coldly said:"We have succeeded many times."

Tang Wushuang said:"Now I believe the words of the dead Yu Peiyu. But I am different from Yu Fanghe, Wang Yuluo, Ximen Feng and others."

Yu Fanghe asked:"How so?"

Tang Wushuang said:"Those people do not have an entire clan like me. How can you fool al those family members of mine? Do you know the habits and my relationships towards my family members and pupils?"

Yu Fanghe said:"You're right we don't know that, but soon we will."

Tang Wushuang said:"How?"

Yu Fanghe smiled:"That is not your concern anymore. And furthermore we will learn a great deal from you."

Tang Wushuang scoffed:"Do you think I will reveal anyting to you and your lackeys! If you do you're mad!"

Yu Fanghe said calmly:"I'm confident you will. We have our own methods....of persuasion. Up to now no one has been able to resist us."

Suddenly they heard a whistle, Yu Fanghe said:"Someone is coming, everyone leave this place quietly!"

The Dragonking looked at Tang Wushuang and said:"What about him?"

Yu Fanghe said:"Cover his head and take him along."

Tang Wushuang took advantage of the situation and took out his secretive weapons and shot them toward his enemies. Yu Fanghe ordered:"Don't move! I will deal with him personally."

He took one of the those straw hats those eight men wore and twirled it around to block those 10 odd secretive weapons.

Tang Wushuang raised his palms and advanced forward, the Tang Clan was also famous for their palm and fist techniques.

Tang Wushuang fiercely attacked Yu Fanghe, Yu Fanghe avoided those stances and asked:"You really dare to attack me?"

Tang Wushuang scoffed:"You wouldn't kill me, I'm still of use to you."

Tang Wushuang only used the most lethal stances, stances to kill the oponent but also disregarding your own life.

Yu Fanghe didn't counter-attack he just simply avoided the stance of Tang Wushuang. Lin Shoujuan, the Dragonking and those eight henchmen stood there looking confident. It seems that they already know the outcome of this battle. And the loser is sure to be Tang Wushuang.

Yu Peiyu was very anxious to see the martial arts of this Yu Fanghe, he hoped to determine this imposter's identity by looking at his martial arts. But when he saw his movements to block the secretive weapons of Tang Wushuang and how he avoided the stances he was shocked. This imposter was using orthodox Xiantian Wuji School martial arts, and judging by his movements he was certainly not inferior to the real Yu Fanghe. But how can this be?

Yu Peiyu recognized the movements of this Yu Fanghe, the martial arts of the Xiantian Wuji School place emphasis on elegance and refinement. The imposter has managed to master both these qualities.

Yu Fanghe laughed:"Brother Wushuang, you're trapped. What can you do anymore?"

During his laugh he struck out his right palm gently and easily avoided the block of Tang Wushuang. Tang Wushuang received a blow on the chest and fell down.

It was unbelievable that within one stroke the famous Unparalleled Old Man was defeated.

Yu Fanghe turned to those men and said:"Take him away!"

Yu Fanghe, Lin Shoujuan, the Dragonking and others left the temple.

Yu Peiyu was horrified but also happy that he finally found a clue to their plans.

Fortunately Yu Peiyu was able to stay hidden from these conspirators. He thought this was the best chance to follow them and find out what their plans are.

Silver Blossom who was unable to move or speak heard everything. Yu Peiyu whispered into her ear:" I wanted to take you back to the Tang Mansion. But now.....from now on whatever happened between us will be forgotten. You will be able to move in a short while. I hope you won't come after me again and I will also not see you anymore in the future."

He wanted to leap down and follow Yu Fanghe and his henchmen.

By this time the Dragonking and two other men came back to the temple.