The Sword and Exquisiteness (Mingjian Fengliu) - Chapter 18

Chapter 18 Remembrance Of The Past

Yu Peiyu thought over the old man's words:Although he hates men, but he does still have a conscience and is still upholding chivalry. Killing pirates is a good thing.

He now had a lot of respect for the old man.

The old man looked at him and asked:"Do you know who that man was I rescued?"

Yu Peiyu thought for a moment and asked:"Is it the merchant?"

The old man looked at him an revealed a small smile and said:"Yes. Do you know who killed him?"

Guo Pianxian said:"Dongfang Daming?"

The old man nodded and said:"Yes, when he delivered the letter to Dongfang Daming and was waiting for his reward. Little did he know that Dongfang Daming killed his entire family of 37 people. The merchant took his entire family of 37 on his houseboat and found the Sun and Moon Isle after searching for it for years. Fortunately he managed to escape but was mortally wounded. He stayed alive because he wanted to expose the crimes of Dongfang Daming."

Yu Peiyu sighed:"It seems justice prevails after all, Heaven kept him alive so he could tell sir what happened."

Guo Pianxian sighed:"If I were that merchant I would not have delivered that letter in the first place. Dongfang Daming and his son will never allow this secret to be known. The messenger was bound to get killed."

The old man said:"All of these merchants on the sea are clever businessmen, he thought of that too. He just wanted to cheat Dongfang Meiyu of that large sum of money and throw away the letter. What could Dongfang Meiyu do? However curiosity killed the cat, he shouldn't have opened the letter and read it."

Silver Blossom said:"I would have done the same thing."

The old man said coldly:"That why I don't pity nosy people when they die."

Silver Blossom lowered her head and kept quiet.

Yu Peiyu asked:"But what was in the letter?"

The old man said:"Dongfang Meiyu, the bastard, said he was held captive by Zhu Mei. He requested his father to save him, he also asked his father to heavily reward the messenger. He told his father to give the merchant so much money that it will never be used up."

The old paused for a minuted and continued:"But there is no such thing as money that will never be used up. No matter how much money you have, some day it will run up. Unless you die that way your money will never be used up."

Guo Pianxian exclaimed:"Of course Dongfang Meiyu wrote that to remind his father tokill the merchant. The poor fool was blinded by greed."

The old man said:"Dongfang Meiyu knew that the merchant would read the letter, so he added that extra bit to tempt him. Greed drives men mad."

Yu Peiyu said:"Sir, you must have felt that their actions were too discpicable so he hasted to assist Zhu Mei."

The old man said:"Yes, indeed. But he told something else, do you know where Zhu Mei retreated to?"

Yu Peiyu said:"They retreated, so....."

Guo Pianxian said:"Of course they hid in some small town, not drawing any unwanted attention. Just leading a normal life."

Yu Peiyu asked:"You mean, they hid in this small town?"

The old man sighed:"This is a rather small town, nobody is really interested here to dig up someone's past. Some Wulin people occasionaly pass by. But they would not pay any attention to an ordinary woman and man. Zhu Mei could have lived her for 80 years and still nobody would know who she really was. The merchant's name was Li Mengtang, he was born in this village but left it many years ago to do business elsewhere. That year he came back to visit his relatives and Dongfang Meiyu deliberately got himself acquianted with him."

Guo Pianxian asked:"Didn't Lady Zhu suspect anything?"

The old man sighed:"Zhu Mei had devoted herself to the care of Lei'Er and Dongfang Meiyu. Futhermore how would she have guessed the motives of Dongfang Meiyu? Talking to some neighbours is very natural and normal. Everybody in the town knew she was a very good wife and mother, everybody praised her even. But when Li Mengtang read the letter he was shocked, but he was blinded by greed and lead to his demise."

He angrilly wanted to smash another table, Zhu Lei'Er put out her hand and stopped him.

And said:"Third uncle don't get upset anymore."

Yu Peiyu and Guo Pianxian were both surprised to see that this young girl had such high martial arts.

Guo Pianxian thought:She is not inferior to me and she has learnt a great deal from her mother's mermerizing skills too."

The old man sighed:"When I heard Li Mengtang I was furious. I never thought there would be such a heartless man in the world. I asked Li Mengtang where the Nocturne City was, he told me the location and knew I would avenge him. He closed his eyes and died."

Yu Peiyu said:"So sir you rushed over to the Nocturne City?"

The old man answered:"Yes, but I was too late. Dongfang Daming and others had left the Sun and Moon Island."

Silver Blossom and Guo Pianxian thought:Why would he put so much effort in this entire situation? It is none of his business anyway. Furthermore he said that he was tired of men and their affairs.

Only Yu Peiyu guessed the motives of the old man:He must have met a heartless woman in his younger days. That's why he can't stand people who treat their lovers that ruthless.

The old man was panting heavily now.

Yu Peiyu wanted to ask:What happened to Zhu Mei and Dongfang Meiyu? Why were you injured?

But he restrained himself from asking these questions.

Zhu Lei'Er said:"The congee is ready, you must be hungry too."

Guo Pianxian smiled:"We wouldn't dare to ask you to serve us."

Zhu Lei'Er ignored him and went downstairs.

Silver Blossom begged:"Miss Zhu, please save me. I will do anything you ask of me."

Zhu Lei'Er said coldly:"Receive my manual and become my pupil. Always listen and obey my teachings, disobey me and suffer the consequences."

Those were the words Zhu Mei left behind in the Palace of Enchantment, after Yu Peiyu and Jin Yanzi discovered the secret a lot of unexpected events happened.

Both of them totally forgot about the manual, it was later found by Silver Blossom. She started to read and study it a bit and felt it was a marvellous manual and the methods of Zhu Mei were quite close to her personality too.

But she had already forgotten the warnings of Zhu Mei, now she heard Zhu Lei'Er say them again.

She sat down and was very afraid again.

Suddenly Zhu Lei'Er turned to Guo Pianxian and asked:"Who is downstairs?"

Guo Pianxian said:"A friend of mine."

Zhu Lei'Er scoffed:"Just a friend?"

Guo Pianxian smiled:"Miss Zhu has very sharp eyes."

Zhu Lei'Er said:"Why did you leave her downstairs?"

Guo Pianxian thought:It is your fault that she is in her present condition. Why all of a sudden the corncern for her welfare."

Of course he wouldn't say that to Zhu Lei'Er and smiled:"I felt that it may not be that suitable for her to be upstairs. So I left her downstairs."

Zhu Lei'Er said coldly:"Another heartless man."

Guo Pianxian was very anxious when he heard that remark and quickly carried Zhong Jing upstairs again.

In awhile Zhu Lei'Er came back with a few bowls of congee for everyone, Yu Peiyu stared at his bowl and looked very pensive.

Suddenly the old man said:"Someone is here."

Everyone kept quiet and didn't hear a thing, they were thinking that the old man was hearing things.

But then they heard a three strange knocking sounds like a bird was pecking at the door, and a voice said:"My name is Tian Jiyun, I am here to deliver a letter."

The voice sounded young and clear.

Zhu Lei'Er frowned:"What kind of letter? And who is this Tian Jiyun?"

She started to walk downstairs, the sick old man said:"Be careful this Tian Jiyun has fairly good martial arts. It also seems that he has learnt the Vigorously Eagle's Claw. If you cannot stop him let him come upstairs."

Zhu Lei'Er answered:"I know what to do."

But she was not convinced by her uncle's words.

Yu Peiyu and Guo Pianxian were shocked that the old man could distinguish the martial arts of the messenger just by hearing him knock on the door.

Needless to say the messenger had a very high level of martial arts if he could come near the door without being noticed by Guo Pianxian and others.

Yu Peiyu said:"I'll have a look too."

Zhu Lei'Er had already opened the door downstairs, there was a young man in a purple robe standing in front of her. He looked quite handsome but had a very arrogant look on his face.

Zhu Lei'Er said:"Are you the messenger? Where is the letter?"

The young man, Tian Jiyun smiled:"I cannot give this letter to you little Miss, can I come in?"

His tone sounded very arrogant.

Zhe Lei'Er smiled lightly:"I have never heard that a messenger can barge into someone's house like that. If you don't give me the letter now I suggest you would take your letter and leave."

Tian Jiyun laughed:"You have a very sharp tongue there, little Miss. I'm not sure if you can receive the letter."

He took out the letter and respectfully put the letter in front of Zhu Lei'Er.

Yu Peiyu saw that his arms were bent a little bit and knew that he generated his internal power to his hands.

If Zhu Lei'Er would take the letter she might get injured.

Yu Peiyu wanted to intervene, but Zhu Lei'Er said coldly:"Just put the letter on the floor."

Tian Jiyun smiled:"Are you afraid the letter might hurt you?"

Zhu Lei'Er coldly said:"You look like a decent man, haven't you heard that men and women should put some distance between themselves."

Tian Jiyun laughed:"Good little girl! Now I know why so many people have fallen for your tricks."

He slowly moved the letter to Zhu Lei'Er's face, although it was just an envelope with a sheet of paper but in the hands of Tian Jiyun this letter was no different from a sabre.

Zhu Lei'Er still stood there and said again:"I told you to put the letter down on the ground."

Suddenly he swiftly moved around Zhu Lei'Er, she couldn't stop him from going upstairs anymore.

Tian Jiyun smiled:"Since you said that we should put a distance between us, I will deliver the letter personally."

A voice said:"No need you can give the letter to me."

Tian Jiyun stopped and saw a handsome young man blocking the stairs, Tian Jiyun always felt proud of his appearances but when he saw this young man he felt that he looked ten times better than himself.

Tian Jiyun asked:"Do you live here?"

Yu Peiyu said:"No, I don't. The lord of the mansion is asleep, you can......"

Tian Jiyun said:"Since you don't live here I cannot give you the letter."

He pushed out his palms, but Yu Peiyu didn't avoid his palms and used his palms to receive his blow.

Tian Jiyun said arrogantly:"Can you really block my stance?"

He snapped his finger and the letter flew back into his sleeve, he generated his internal strength to his both palms and pushed out towards Yu Peiyu.

When the both of them received each other's palms both were shocked.

Yu Peiyu was born with immense strength which no one could match, but this young man could force him to bend his palms backwards a bit.

But Tian Jiyun was even more surprised, he never would have guessed that his refined looking young man has such extraordinary strength. He should have gained the advantage, because he leant forward crashing on Yu Peiyu.

It felt like the palms of Yu Peiyu were made out of metal, he increased the energy to his palms as did Yu Peiyu.

Both were sweating and Tian Jiyun regretted to have started this competition of strength with this young man.

Zhu Lei'Er walked towards Tian Jiyun and said:"As the two of you are competing with each other, I will take the letter and deliver it."

Tian Jiyun couldn't defend himself against Zhu Lei'Er and Yu Peiyu, but Yu Peiyu couldn't drop his counter-attack either.

Suddenly Tian Jiyun gracefully leapt into the air and over Yu Peiyu's head and was upstairs.

Both Yu Peiyu and Zhu Lei'Er rushed upstairs too, they heard Tian Jiyun saying:"This lowly disciple is Tian Jiyun. I hope sir can grant me an aundience."

The old man asked casually:"Who sent you?"

Tian Jiyun said:"Everything is explained in the letter."

He took out the letter and held in front of him, he kept looking at the sick old man. Suddenly his eyes looked sinister and cold.

Zhu Lei'Er screamed:"Third uncle, be careful his hands......"

The old man raised his hand and the letter flew out of Tian Jiyun's hands and the old man had taken the letter from him.

Tian Jiyun paced three steps back and said:"I've completed my task, I will take my leave now."

He turned around and started to walk down the stairs, but he quickly shifted his position and had grabbed Zhu Lei'Er by her hands. She couldn't move anymore.

Tian Jiyun said:"Everyone don't move! If you want her unharmed all of you stay right were you are. I promise you, she will return shortly."

Nobody could do a thing at this moment, the sick old man asked:"Where are you taking her? Who wants to meet her?"

Tian Jiyun said:"My teacher......."

The old man interrupted him coldly:"If he wants to meet her, tell him to come here!"

He flew out his bed and his movements were spectacular. He was a like a dragon soaring through the sky or even a phoenix dancing in the clouds.

Tian Jiyun said loudly:"Sir, don't you value......"

Before he could say [her life]. The old man was closing in on him and he saw that the hand of the old man formed a claw was aiming for his neck. He couldn't even escape now, let alone harm Zhu Lei'Er. He let go of her and raised his palms to counter-attack.

But the old man movements kept changing mid-air. He looked like a graceful phoenix and before Tian Jiyun knew what happened, the old man had grabbed hold of him and Tian Jiyun was unable to move now.

Silver Blossom, Yu Peiyu and Guo Pianxian knew that this old man must be an extraordinary martial arts expert but nobody had anticipated that he would be this powerful. The experts they had seen so far were nothing compared to him.

Guo Pianxian thought:Well, this arrogant little brat will lose his internal power now.

But the old man scolded:"I will let you go this once. But remember to behave yourself in the future. Leave!"

He chucked Tian Jiyun out of the window and he himself swiftly returned to his bed panting heavily.

They could hear Tian Jiyun saying:"Sir, you have amazing skills. I hope to see a bit more of your abilities in the future."

His tone was still very arrogant.

Yu Peiyu thought:Impressive young man! I wonder who his teacher is?

The old man scoffed:"Yu Fanghe and his lackeys are not fit to be the teacher of this young man."

Yu Peiyu said:"Indeed, he isn't a disciple of the 13 schools. I wonder who his teacher is."

The old man closed his eyes and shook his head.

Zhu Lei'Er asked:"Third uncle, why did you just let him go like that?"

The old man said coldly:"When two countries are at war it a custom not to kill the emissaries or messengers."

Zhu Lei'Er said:"This Tian Jiyun came here to see whether you have regained your health, third uncle. Now that he has gone back Yu Fanghe and others will surely return."

The old man said:"Even if we were to die today we cannot throw away our pride and principles."

Zhu Lei'Er nodded and said:"Yes." She lowered her head and remained silent.

Yu Peiyu admired the old man very much now, Guo Pianxian smiled:"Even so, sir you could have drained his internal energy first."

The old man didn't answer and looked at him with disgust. Zhu Lei'Er scoffed:"My third uncle only absorbs the energy of people who are willing to give up their martial arts or people who deserve to lose their martial arts. Someone like Mr. Guo has passable internal power, why wouldn't my third uncle use your internal strength too?"

Guo Pianxian stayed quiet, normally he was a very arrogant man but he didn't dare to retort back. Nonetheless he was a bit angered and after awhile he couldn't help but to ask:"Miss Zhu, forgive me for asking. But who would be willingly give up his internal energy?"

Zhu Lei'Er looked at Silver Blossom and said:"Who knows? Some people might want to lose their martial arts."

Silver Blossom got goosebumps again when she saw Zhu Lei'Er giving her a cold look.

Yu Peiyu asked:"What is in the letter?"

After he had asked this question he immediately regretted asking because he thought the old man wouldn't answer anyway.

But the old man threw the letter to Zhu Lei'Er and said:"Read it the letter out loud."

Zhu Lei'Er took out the letter from the envelope and read:"Dear Sir ......,

We have admired your chivalry for many years, we are very pleased that you are here in this town. We take it that Sir will not harbour the daughter of a .......... Around midnight we will pay our respects to you.

Your sincerely,

Yu Fanghe and others."

Zhu Lei'Er deliberately ignored three characters, everyone knew those characters were bound to be insulting towards her late mother. She also didn't read out the family name of the old man.

She didn't want Yu Peiyu, Guo Pianxian, Silver Blossom and Zhong Jing know the identity of the old man yet.

The old man sneered:"Yu Fanghe and others, (*humph). They're not worthy enough to pay their respects to me."

Zhu Lei'Er said softly:"They must have found someone powerful to support them. If not they wouldn't be this audacious."

Yu Peiyu and Guo Pianxian looked at each other and thought that this girl was very intelligent. She could clearly analyze the situation and come up with a reasoable deduction in a matter of moments.

Yu Peiyu thought:Could that powerful expert be the teacher of that Tian Jiyun?

He felt worried about the old man and Zhu Lei'Er. The old man said:"We should deliver a message too. Lei'Er, tell them I will be awaiting their arrival right here."

Guo Pianxian scoffed in his heart:In other words you are sending a reconnaissance party too.

Zhu Lei'Er shook her head and said:"I won't go."

The old man asked:"Why?"

Zhu Lei'Er looked at Guo Pianxian and Silver Blossom and said:"I will stay here and look after you."

Yu Peiyu understood that she was worried about the old man, she feared that Guo Pianxian and Silver Blossom might harm him.

By the looks of it the old man wasn't capable of defending himself against Guo Pianxian or Silver Blossom. When Yu Fanghe,Tian Jiyun and his teacher arrive they have no means of defending themselves against them.

Yu Peiyu said:"If Miss Zhu cannot go, I'm very happy to go on her behalf."

The old man looked at Yu Peiyu and asked:"You?"

Yu Peiyu smiled:"Do you think I am suitable for this job, sir?"

The old man looked at him for some time and said:"Come over here!"

Zhong Jing suddenly yelled:"Don't go! He wants to absorb your internal energy."

Yu Peiyu still walked to the old man and said:"Sir, I await your instructions."

The old man whispered something very softly in Yu Peiyu's ears. Nobody could hear what he said, but they saw that Yu Peiyu looked pleased and happy.

He said:"Thank you, sir."

The old man asked:"Do you understand?"

Yu Peiyu closed his eyes and looked very pensive, after awhile he opened his eyes. He stretched his arms and made a few gestures. It looked like he was drawing a series of circles. With the exception of Guo Pianxian no one understood what he was doing.

But Guo Pianxian saw that within every circle there was a lethal stance hidden. Yu Peiyu increased his speed and was drawing more circles and faster, suddenly he turned from fast to slow.

His face was turning red now and he stopped and took a deep breath.

He asked the old man:"What do you think, sir?"

The old man looked pleased and said:"Very good! You can go now."

Yu Peiyu bowed to the old man and left. Guo Pianxian already figured out that the old man taught Yu Peiyu a powerful technique. The old man was afraid he might get injured when delivering the message.

Guo Pianxian regretted why he didn't volunteer himself, that way he could have learnt a new formidable stance.

But he was also surprised that Yu Peiyu could master that stance in a short while. I wonder how that is possible.

The old man could see what martial arts Yu Peiyu had learnt in the past, so he taught him a stance that was quite similar to the style of Yu Peiyu. Furthermore Yu Peiyu is a very intelligent young man who easily integrated this stance into his own martial arts.

The old man closed his eyes and fell asleep again, Zhu Lei'Er said softly:"Another 10 hours before midnight."

She turned to Silver Blossom and said coldly:"I can guarantee you that you won't be around by that time."

Silver Blossom begged:"Miss, please save me. Do remember I belong to the Palace of Enchantment too."

Zhu Lei'Er said:"Now you admit that you're a disciple of the Palace of Enchantment."

Silver Blossom lowered her head and stuttered:"I.....I....."

Zhu Lei'Er said coldly:"I'm afraid it is too late now."

Silver Blossom was completely lost and didn't know what to say or to do anymore.

However, Zhu Lei'Er continued:"If you want to live, there is still one option left."

Silver Blossom happily:"I will do anything. Please tell me?"

Zhu Lei'Er said coldly:"Can't you think of it yourself?"

Silver Blossom thought:Little b-i-t-c-h- if I could think of a way to save myself why would I beg for your help.

Silver Blossom smiled:"I am a stupid and dumb woman. How would I know a mysterious secret like that? Miss Zhu, please tell me?"

Zhu Lei'Er turned around and ignored her.

Silver Blossom was so frustrated and angry that she wanted to cuss Zhu Lei'Er.

Guo Pianxian now suddenly said:"I think I know the method Miss Zhu is referring to."

Silver Blossom was surprised and said:"You do?"

Guo Pianxian nodded.

Silver Blossom said anxiously:"Tell me! Tell me now!"

Guo Pianxian said coldly:"What do I gain by telling you?"

Silver Blossom was furious but smiled seductively:"Please tell me! I will always remember you and......"

Guo Pianxian interrupted:"I don't want you to remember me."

Silver Blossom said:"I will do and give you anything you want."

Guo Pianxian asked:"Anything?" He looked at Silver Blossom's parcel full of treasures.

Silver Blossom nodded.

Zhong Jing thought:This woman is really a shameless b-i-t-c-h-.

Guo Pianxian smiled:"I think I understand the words of Miss Zhu now, about the absorbing internal energy of willing people."

Silver Blossom slowly began to understand where he was getting at and was breaking out in a cold sweat.

Guo Pianxian explained:"If you're willing to give your internal energy away. Sir, will absorb your energy and your poison away."

Silver Blossom stuttered:"But...but....that way won't he be poisoned too."

Zhu Lei'Er scoffed:"That little bit of poison is nothing compared to what my third uncle is used to."

Silver Blossom thought about this and looked at her hand and screamed:"Allright, take my internal strength."

Zhu Lei'Er said:"If it's fine that you're willing to donate but we might not want to accept your internal power."

Silver Blossom begged:"What do you want?"

Guo Pianxian said:"You can beg people to absorb your skills."

Silver Blossom was stunned and sighed deeply:"Please Miss Zhu! I beg of you....."

Zhong Jing felt very happy and thought:Justice prevails!

Zhu Lei'Er smiled:"Remember you came crying to us."

Silver Blossom couldn't control her tears anymore and started to cry loudly.

The entire town was deserted, Yu Peiyu didn't see a living soul. It was quite eerie to walk here.

After walking for some time he could hear some soft talking, he walked to the noise and saw the villagers were rounded up outside the town.

Yu Fanghe must have forced them to stay here, all the villagers were looking angry and shocked.

They must be thinking what these strangers want in their hometown.

Two muscular men walked up to Yu Peiyu and one of them said:"My friend, where are you headed for?"

These two men didn't know who Yu Peiyu was, but Yu Peiyu could tell from their clothes that they were warriors of Yu Fanghe. He disliked them immediately and said coldly:"I'm here to deliver a message, could you lead the way."

The other man smiled:"Chancellor Yu predicted that someone would deliver a message, so he instructed us to await your arrival. Even you must respect and admire the intelligence of chancellor Yu."

Yu Peiyu just grunted, the man was not pleased to see Yu Peiyu's expression and coldly said:"Follow me if you want to deliver a message! If I didn't have orders of chancellor Yu (*humph)."

But Yu Peiyu wasn't angered by his reaction and thought:If this Yu Fanghe had more henchmen like these two reckless idiots, he won't be difficult to deal with.

The two men lead Yu Peiyu to a Taoist temple, because most of the villagers of this town had the family name Li. They worshipped Lao Tse, whose family name was also Li.

The temple looked very impressive and not too old, the villagers always maintained the temple in an excellent state.

The two men stopped in front of the doors and said coldy:"Wait here and don't start lurking about! We will inform chancellor Yu, that you are here. Do you understand."

If someone else would hear this he/she would certainly slap these two men silly for their rude behaviour. But Yu Peiyu just smiled:"Thank you."

The two men coldly smiled and entered the temple. They were taking to each other but it was loud enough for Yu Peiyu to hear.

"Chancellor Yu has overestimated his adversaries. Just look at this messenger, looks pretty weak to me."

"It is a shame that he has a scar. Otherwise he could sing in the opera and he doesn't have overdress to look like a woman. Hahahaha!"

Yu Peiyu wasn't angered in fact he felt rather pleased that these two men looked down upon him. Young people usually are afraid that others will look down upon them and treat them with scorn.

Even Yu Peiyu was like that in the beginning, but he has learnt that keeping a low profile and being humble has many advantages.

A voice from inside the temple said:"Where is the letter?"

Yu Peiyu said:"I am the letter."

There was no response anymore, Yu Peiyu stood outside and waited for some time. Yu Peiyu loudly said:"The message is here."

There was still no response, Yu Peiyu laughed:"Aren't you interested in the message?"

Again no response, Yu Peiyu walked inside and was in the main hall of the temple. He saw a big cauldron in the middle and on the altar was a big statue of Lao Tse.

There were 12 armchairs in the main hall, Yu Peiyu understood now. They were afraid that the old man was sending someone over to gather information about them.

But why the mystery? Who was their powerful and mysterious ally?

Suddenly Yu Peiyu thought of something and bowed to an armchair and said:"Yu Peiyu is here to pay his respects to chancellor Yu."

He respectfully bowed to the armchair and his tone was filled with respect. He did as if Yu Fanghe was really in the armchair.

Yu Fanghe's voice said:"Young master Yu is here. My apologies for not receiving you earlier."

Another loud and clear voice shouted:"Are you sent by Feng San!"

At this point Yu Peiyu knew that the sick old man was called Feng San, he felt that the other person was a very reckless and rash man.

Reckless and rash man seldom could learn and master superior martial arts, but the this man had very powerful and profound internal energy. Yu Peiyu's ears were a bit numb by his hard roar.

Yu Peiyu knew that this man's martial arts was very high, he was probably the best expert he had encountered his entire life. His martial arts should be at least one level higher than the 13 leaders of the orthodox schools.

The man roared angrilly when Yu Peiyu didn't answer his question:"I asked you a question! Why don't you answer!"

Yu Peiyu said:"Yes, I was sent by old Mr. Feng to deliver a........"

The voice shouted:"What is your relationship to Feng San! Is he your teacher!"

Yu Peiyu said:"I hardly know old Mr. Feng, because......"

The voice angrilly roared:"Hardly know him! Why are you helping him to deliver a message! Don't you have something better to do!"

This man would interrupt Yu Peiyu before he could finish his sentences. Yu Peiyu thought:How did this man master such high martial arts with a bad temper like that?

Learning and mastering martial arts requires patience and dilligence. Yu Peiyu doesn't know that this man has really studied hard to reach this level of martial arts in his younger years.

Yu Peiyu smiled:"Delivering a message is a trivial matter. I was very happy to help out."

The man grunted and said:"Where is the letter!"

Yu Peiyu said:"Old Mr. Feng didn't write a letter."

The man laughed loudly:"What can't Feng San even pick a brush anymore?!?"

His laughter was very loud and even the altar was shaking.

Yu Peiyu waited till the man finished laughing and continued:"Old Mr. Feng wants to tell to everyone that he will be awaiting your arrival at midnight. Mr. Feng also hopes you will be on time....."

The man angrilly shouted:"What does he mean with that? Is he implying that I am afraid of him?"

Yu Peiyu explained:"Old Mr. Feng is merely......"

The man roared:"How would you know what he is thinking? Little (*humph). Get out now, before I smash your little head!"

Yu Peiyu smiled:"I will take my leave now."

Initially he was happy that these people weren't troubling him, but now he was worried again. First of all he was worried about the old man, Feng San. Secondly he wanted to contact Hong Lianhua and explain the entire situation to him and hoped he would not be a part of this expedition.

But it seems he couldn't stay here any longer and had to leave now.

He turned around was was walking towards the exit, suddenly he noticed someone attacked him from behind with a sharp blade.

The attacker was very fast, didn't give his adversary a chance to avoid his attack.

Yu Peiyu turned around and drew two circles in mid-air. The blade was stopped by the energy released from the circles. The sword broke into halves.

Yu Peiyu saw that the attacker was the Flowered Chestnut Sword Lin Shoujuan. Lin Shoujuan stood there surprised and shocked.

Yu Peiyu understood now, the conspirators were still suspicious of him and decided to test Yu Peiyu's abilities. They wanted to see what martial arts he learnt.

However Yu Peiyu used the new stance Feng San taught him, Lin Shoujuan stood there a bit embarrassed.

Someone else would have scoffed something like:Mr. Lin, you're a respected martial arts expert. I would never have guessed that you would....(*humph)

But Yu Peiyu just said:"Mr. Lin is a very fast swordsman."

He turned around and walked away again, but now a loud voice roared:"Don't move!"

The voice caused the leaves to fall down and a figure stood in front of Yu Peiyu.

Judging by the voice one would expect to see a giant. But it was skinny and short old Taoist priest in a blue robe. He had a robust beard and had a precious sword stuck in his girdle.

Yu Peiyu was shocked to see his lightning speed movements and said respectfully:"What can I do for you, reverend?"

The Taoist roared:"What is your relationship with Feng San? Is he your teacher?"

His eyes looked very fierce and and his grandeur was very awesome.

Yu Peiyu said:"I just told reverend earlier that I just met old Mr. Feng......."

The Taoist priest roared:"Rubbish! If you're not the pupil of Feng San, how would you know to use his martial arts. That stance Travelling On Clouds, Bestowing Rain And The Phoenix Dances Through The Ninth Heaven where did you learn it from?"

Every word of this Taoist was very loud and made one's ears very uncomfortable.

Yu Peiyu sighed:"Old Mr. Feng imparted my this stance when I was about to deliver the message. Reverend, to be honest I don't even know the name of that stance."

The Taoist yelled:"Rubbish! Nonsense! Mad! If Feng San would JUST teach you that stance like that he is a bigger idiot than I thought."

Yu Peiyu thought the cultivation of this Taoist had yet to be perfected, nonetheless he was a bit afraid of him.

Yu Peiyu replied:"Mr. Feng was afraid that I would disgrace his reputation in front of......"

The Taoist interrupted angrilly:"Even if he did teach you that stance. It is impossible for you to master it in a short time. Nobody can learn superior techniques in a few moments, if you can do that you're not human!"

This Taoist priest was not a very intelligent man, he worked very hard to learn and master his martial arts. So he doesn't believe that there are people who can learn sophisticated skills in a flash.

Also because he endured many hardships in mastering his skills, his temper also grew. When he finally mastered his skills, he also became a very hot-tempered man and often would blame and scold everybody else for little incidents.

Yu Peiyu saw that he couldn't explain this situation and smiled wryly:"Reverend, if you don't believe I don't know what to say....."

The Taoist priest stamped his feet and angrilly said:"Of course you don't know what to say. But if I were to test you, you will probably say that I am bullying a junior......"

He suddenly became even angrier:"You're saying that I'm bullying you right now, are you not?"

Yu Peiyu couldn't help laughing a bit and said:"But reverend you said that yourself. I didn't....."

The Taoist yelled:"Fine! You didn't say it, but why are you laughing?"

Yu Peiyu sighed and thought:What an unreasonable Taoist priest!

He was lost for words and thought the best thing to do is to keep quiet now.

But the Taoist roared:"Why aren't you answering? Have you become mute!"

Yu Peiyu smiled wryly:"But reverend you said yourself that you couldn't test me yourself. If you don't mind I would like to take my leave now."

The Taoist yelled:"Stand still! If you weren't the pupil of Feng San I would have let you go. But now I want to see how many great techniques he has imparted you."

The Taoist turned around and yelled:"The students of Feng San are displaying their skills here! Why are my students? Are they dead or something, come out now!"

A voice said:"Master, you called? What are your orders?"

Yu Peiyu thought Tian Jiyun was the disciple of this Taoist priest, but now he saw that the student of this hot-tempered priest was a young and handsome Taoist priest. The young Taoist priest looked very elegant and refined, he wore a green robe and Yu Peiyu almost took him for a young girl.

The old Taoist priest yelled:"Yes, I called! Are you dumb? Can't you figure out what I want?"

The young Taoist smiled:"Master, do you want me to examine the martial arts of this young master?"

The old Taoist priest shouted:"If you know that already, why ask me?"

Yu Peiyu now understood that this old Taoist priest was always this hot-tempered. Even his own student received a loud scolding for nothing.

The young Taoist priest walked up to Yu Peiyu and smiled elegantly:"This lowly Taoist is called Shiyun. I hope young master Yu can give me a few pointers in martial arts."

Yu Peiyu liked this Shiyun immediately, he was a very kind and gentle person.

Yu Peiyu thought it was strange that the old Taoist priest would have a pupil like Shiyun. But soon he realised it was only natural. Because only someone with an extremely good temper like Shiyun could put up with a teacher like that. Someone else would have been banned by the old Taoist within three days, or would have left who wants to receive a loud scolding for nothing.

Yu Peiyu respectfully said:"Reverend, you're too kind. I wouldn't dare to battle you, but...."

The old Taoist priest yelled:"Don't just talk! Fight already!"

Yu Peiyu smiled wryly, and Shiyun said respectfully:"Please forgive me for being rude now."

Shiyun raised his palm and pushed out, the energy released by this stance was amazingly powerful. Yu Peiyu couldn't imagine that a young Taoist priest who looked like a young girl would have such force and power.

Yu Peiyu realised that the style of the old Taost was fierce and dominating. Not strange with his hot-temper.

After 20 stances Yu Peiyu started to pant, Yu Peiyu could use the stances of the Xiantian Wuji School to block or counter-attack some techniques. But he was afraid that Yu Fanghe, or the old Taoist pries would see through this.

Yu Peiyu just used some stances that he came up in his head at this point.

But he was being forced backwards.

The old Taoist priest yelled angrilly:"Little brat! Use the martial arts Feng San taught you! Are you afraid that I will see and know his martial arts stances!......Use more force, you little idiot! Where did you run off to last night! Didn't you sleep and rest where did your strength go!.......Yes, A Warrior Facing Arrows Backwards, A Fierce Tiger Opening The Mountain.......Damn! do you call that stance [A Warrior Facing Arrows Backward[/I]? It is like your rubbing the back of your opponent!"

The first part he was scolding Yu Peiyu, the latter part was adressed to Shiyun.

The old Taoist priest thought Yu Peiyu didn't use the stances of Feng San because he was afraid that he would reveal the mysterious stances of Feng San to them.

But only Yu Peiyu knew the real reason for his current situation, and Shiyun attacked with everything he had.

All the other experts were impressed byt Shiyun's martial arts.

After another 20 stances Yu Peiyu was facing a dangerous situation he used the stance of Feng San again, Travelling On Clouds, Bestowing Rain And The Phoenix Dances Through The Ninth Heaven to counter the attacking stances.

Every time he was in danger he would rely on the technique of Feng San to save himself.

The old Taoist priest shouted:"Little brat! Use the other skills of Feng San! Why do you only use that one stance! If that idiot of a disciple of mine was any good, you would have died 80 times now!"

The Taoist was convinced that Yu Peiyu was the student of Feng San and had learnt many skills from him. He saw that Yu Peiyu had very powerful internal energy not below that of any martial arts expert of this time. It is not realistic that he would only know that stance, Travelling On Clouds, Bestowing Rain And The Phoenix Dances Through The Ninth Heaven.

Yu Peiyu was a dire situation, fortunately the Taoist's yells distracted Yu Fanghe, Lin Shoujuan and others. If not they would surely be suspicious to why Yu Peiyu only used one stance over and over again.

Yu Peiyu was panting and sweating heavily, everyone was convinced that he couldn't last for another 30 stances. But somehow he managed due to his extraordinary strength.

After another 30 stances he was panting and sweating even more, everyone thought:Let's see if he can last for another 30 stances.