The Sword and Exquisiteness (Mingjian Fengliu) - Chapter 15

Chapter 15 A Strong Will

The Dragonking ordered the two men:"Clean up the mess here! And put the statue back at his original place. We don't want any Tang disciples finding out that old man Tang was here."

Yu Peiyu was going mad he hoped that they would hurry up and finish, he was afraid that Yu Fanghe would be too far gone.

But these three men were very careful and thorough, suddenly three metalic objects shot towards the Dragonking and the two men. The two men were hit and fell down, the Dragonking leapt away just in time.

He took out his Golden Dragon Whip and shouted:"Who dares to injure the warriors of chancellor Yu!"

He whirled his whip in front of him and dashed out the door, there was a strange sinister evil laughter coming from outside.

Yu Peiyu was surprised to see this, but he knew that the attacker was an expert and his secretive weapons were very lethal.

Could it be that the Tang disciples have arrived?

Before long the Dragonking backed into the temple again, he had lowered his weapon and was sweating heavily.

A voice said:"Friend, who are you? Why are you here?"

The voice sounded tempting and mesmeric.

A figure walked into the temple too, it was a tall character. Yu Peiyu could now see that it was an elderly looking distinguished man. But his eyes looked very sinister.

The Dragonking responded:"My family name is Wang, I'm from Taihu Lake."

The elderly man said:"You're the Dragonking of Taihu, but why are you here?"

The Dragonking said:"I was here with the chancellor of Wulin."

The man asked:"Yu Fanghe?"

The Dragonking said:"Yes, we were here to meet Tang Wushuang."

The Dragonking couldn't help himself, he answered every question this man asked him. Yu Peiyu was glad too because he could finally learn a bit more about the secrets of the mastermind.

The man asked:"Why did Yu Fanghe meet Tang Wushuang here? What were they discussing? Was is it a secret?"

The Dragonking said:"There is a secret, chancellor Yu......"

Yu Peiyu was now very anxious. But the Dragonking stopped talking. The man asked:"Tell me the secret."

The Dragonking was sweating heavily, the man continued:"You can tell me, I won't harm you."

The Dragonking was trembling he couldn't help himself and said:"I cannot tell you. I can't tell you!"

The voice continued:"Don't forget you belong to me. Your soul and body are mine."

The Dragonking laughed loudly and said:"No, I belong to chancellor Yu. I can't betray him and I won't betray him if I do I will die."

He raised his iron whip and hit himself on the head.

The man was surprised too, the Dragonking lied dead in a pool of blood.

Suddenly Yu Peiyu heard a young woman's voice saying:"They're all dead."

The man turned around said:"You are right, they are all dead."

The woman's voice sounded familiar to Yu Peiyu but he couldn't think of who it was.

The young woman said:"Why did you kill them? They haven't done anything to you."

The man smiled:"You're right again, I shouldn't have killed them. Your eyes look so pretty. I fell in love with your beautiful eyes."

The girl blushed and felt very happy, at this time she entered the temple too.

Yu Peiyu recognized her as the Huashan disciple Zhong Jing, Yu Peiyu thought it was strange that she would be in the company of this strange man.

Zhong Jing sighed:"I just want to spend the rest of my life with you. I don't want to get involved into the realm of martial arts anymore."

The man said:"Soon there will be such a day."

Zhong Jing sighed:"If that day comes I will be so happy, then all the things I did were worth it."

The man inspected the Dragonking's body and said softly to himself:"Even with my hypnotic powers I couldn't force him to reveal his secrets. That Yu Fanghe is really something."

Suddenly he saw something at the altar and said to Zhong Jing:"There is a secret here, it must be some sort of secret tunnel."

Zhong Jing asked:"Where does it lead too?"

The man smiled:"This temple is build on the land of the Tangs and over this hill is the Tang Mansion."

Zhong Jing said:"Yes, of course it must lead to the Tang Mansion."

The man praised:"You're a very smart and pretty girl."

Zhong Jing pulled the man's arm and said:"Let us go, we shouldn't be here."

The man said:"No, my biggest joy is finding out the secrets of other people."

Zhong Jing asked:"Don't go."

The man coldly said:"Why? Are you afraid that I won't come back."

Zhong Jing who hadn't noticed the change in his voice said:"No, but I'm just worried about you. Tang Wushuang and Yu Fanghe are very formidable people."

That man laughed:"They can't harm me. Just stay here and wait for me, allright." He gently touched her hair.

That man entered the secret tunnel, Zhong Jing stood there and softly said:"Is this right what I'm doing?.....I don't know......"

At this moment she heard a voice saying:"No, this is not right."

Zhong Jing called out:"Who is it?"

She saw a handsome young man making a somersault down from a beam.

The young man smiled:"I am Yu Peiyu."

Zhong Jing shrieked:"Yu Peiyu?"

She knew a Yu Peiyu once but he is dead, and hearing the name of a dead man is quite eerie. Especially in the night and in an old temple like this one.

But she was quite captivated by this young man but she still backed away and said:"I know a Yu Peiyu, but you're not him. I don't know you."

Yu Peiyu smiled:"But I know you, you're Miss Zhong Jing of the Huashan School."

Zhong Jing sternly said:"You're here to capture us!"

Yu Peiyu asked:"Miss, what have you done? Why are there people after you?"

Zhong Jing felt relieved when she heard that and smiled:"I didn't do anything, I was just testing you."

Yu Peiyu sighed:"I didn't mean to overhear your secret, but I would advise to go back."

Zhong Jing asked with surprise:"Go back? Where to?"

Yu Peiyu continued:"To your teacher, she will protect you."

Zhong Jing loudly said:"I don't need protection and who are you to give your opinion about my life."

Yu Peiyu smiled:"It is not my custom to interfere with other people's affairs but there are some things I have to say. Whether you listen to my advice is entirely up to you."

He looked at the bodies of the Dragonking and the two men and sighed.

He looked at the beam and knew Silver Blossom would be allright, an intelligent girl like her knows how to take care of herself.

Before Yu Peiyu walked out the temple, a shadow blocked his way. Zhong Jing happily said:"You're back so soon."

The man said:"Maybe a bit too soon?"

Zhong Jing didn't hear the sarcasm in his tone and asked:"Have you seen Yu Fanghe or Tang Wushuang?"

The man said:"I didn't see any of them." He turned to Yu Peiyu and said:"Isn't that strange?"

Yu Peiyu didn't know who this man was and also didn't know on which side he was.

Suddenly Yu Peiyu was captivated by the man's eyes.

The man repeated his question:"Isn't that strange?"

Yu Peiyu smiled and said:"That is strange."

The man said:"Well, why won't you tell me what you saw."

Yu Peiyu only stared into those strange eyes of that man and didn't know what to say now.

The man looked at Yu Peiyu too and said:"You have a very handsome face. Even I am charmed by your appearances. You should make use of your face, if you don't know how to do that. I will help you make use of your handsome face."

Normally Yu Peiyu would become very angry when he heard something like this but now he seemed to be very calm and listened only to the man.

The man continued:"What did you see earlier? Why were Tang Wushuang and Yu Fanghe meeting each other here?"

Yu Peiyu said:"I don't think you want to know."

The man said in a serious tone:"I want to know. And if I tell you to tell me, you should just tell me."

The eyes of the man seemed to be glowing but Yu Peiyu still said:"I really don't think you want to know."

The man became a bit annoyed and took out a necklace and dangled it before Yu Peiyu and said:"You are my slave, my every word will be your command. You won't resist me."

Yu Peiyu smiled:"I don't like being a slave, I like to be free and hate taking orders."

The man was sweating now, because if the user of the hypnotic fails to put his victim under it, he himself will fall victim.

This man didn't know that Yu Peiyu had an extremely high self-control. His father had trained very well, and his will power was unbelievably strong.

Yu Peiyu smiled:"You were just joking, weren't you?"

The man replied:"Yes, I was."

Yu Peiyu asked:"What is your name?"

The man said:"Guo Pianxian."

Guo Pianxian finally had a taste of his own medicine he was victim of his own hypnotic spell.

Yu Peiyu said:"Guo Pianxian? Your name doesn't ring a bell, is that your real name?"

Guo Pianxian said:"Yes, it is."

Yu Peiyu was a bit surprised too, he wondered why Guo Pianxian would answer all of his questions.

Yu Peiyu asked:"Are you and Miss Zhong running from someone? And who are you running from?"

Guo Pianxian said:"Yes we are being pursued by Xu Shuzhen."

Yu Peiyu was surprised and said:"The leader of the Huashan School? Were you captured by master Xu? And I take it that Miss Zhong fell in love with you and secretly freed you?"

Guo Pianxian said:"Yes, that is what happened."

Yu Peiyu sighed and turned to Zhong Jing:"Miss Zhong betrayed her school and teacher for Guo Pianxian. Miss Zhong must be really....."

Because Yu Peiyu turned to Zhong Jing, Guo Pianxian didn't feel the pressure Yu Peiyu was giving him anymore. He flung his necklace towards Yu Peiyu.

Yu Peiyu was surprised that this man would attack now. He spinned around and faced Guo Pianxian. Yu Peiyu's arms folded open, like lotus opening his petals.

His movements were very graceful like an immortal performing a graceful dance. The necklace was broken and fell into pieces on the floor.

Zhong Jing felt a powerful energy forcing her back and she saw that Yu Peiyu's movements were utterly magnificent. She thought she saw an immortal in front of her moving gracefully.

The martial arts of the Xiantian Wuji School place emphasis on elegance, refinement. The stances of this school appear to graceful, ancient and a hint of divinity.

Zhong Jing called out:"Good martial arts!"

Guo Pianxian attacked with four stances, his palms were directed towards the chest of Yu Peiyu. He didn't attack with full power, he was a bit cautious especially seeing Yu Peiyu's movements. He only used 50% of his internal strength, he didn't want to use up all his power now.

Yu Peiyu avoided his attacks and said:"Do you really want to kill me? But why? We haven't met before."

Guo Pianxian continued his attacks and said:"With you alive I will feel most restless."

Suddenly he changed from fast to slow, his fists were moving very slow but were more stable and powerful.

Yu Peiyu called out:"Taiji Fist?"

The Taiji School and Xiantian Wuji School were befriended with each other. Yu Peiyu leapt away and asked:"Sir, are you a senior of the Taiji School?"

Yu Peiyu knew with Guo Pianxian's internal strength and age he should be a senior of the Taiji School.

Guo Pianxian scoffed:"Taiji School isn't good enough, I don't belong to such an inferior school."

Now his stances became fierce and robust, Yu Peiyu recognized this form and thought:Shaolin's Arhat Tiger Subdueing Fist!

Then he changed style again, now he used the Gigant Wave Fist.

After two stances he changed styles again now his fists aimed at the shoulders of Yu Peiyu, but suddenly he quickly changed positions and were headed for his chest.

Guo Pianxian laughed:"Do you recognize this style?"

Yu Peiyu had no alternative to counter this technique and used his palms to receive his two fists. Guo Pianxian felt an enormous surge of energy coming through Yu Peiyu's arms and staggered backwards.

Guo Pianxian was unable to cope with Yu Peiyu's internal strength. Yu Peiyu was born with tremendous strength and he received a very good internal energy training from his father. So his internal power was as good as any top experts in Wulin, perhaps even better.

Furthermore Guo Pianxian only used 50% of his power.

Zhong Jing yelled:"Don't harm him!"

She turned to Guo Pianxian and said:"Let's go! You don't have to fight him."

Guo Pianxian turned to Yu Peiyu and smiled wryly:"Your martial arts aren't that refined either. You just have tremendous strength and in combination with good internal strength. I've never seen anything like this before. I am no match for you."

Yu Peiyu said:"Why won't you leave?"

Guo Pianxian sighed:"You leave me no other choice."

He got up and was about to leave but suddenly he threw a dozen black objects towards Yu Peiyu. Zhong Jing shrieked:"Why...."

Before she could finish Guo Pianxian picked her up and chucked her towards Yu Peiyu too.

Guo Pianxian quickly shifted behind Yu Peiyu's back.

A very lethal and vicious technique this was.

If Yu Peiyu wanted to avoid those metallic objects, which by the way wasn't easy. But if he did Zhong Jing would come crashing down on him, and if he turned around to defend himself from Guo Pianxian it would be likely he will be hit by Zhong Jing.

But if Yu Peiyu would try to catch Zhong Jing, Guo Pianxian will attack him in the back.

This change of events was too quick for words, the metallic objects came flying towards him and Zhong Jing was just behind those secretive weapons.

Yu Peiyu could use his sleeve to repel those weapons but then Zhong Jing will be killed by those secretive weapons.

Guo Pianxian guessed that Yu Peiyu wouldn't let Zhong Jing die.

However Yu Peiyu did counter-attack those two flying objects, he generated a Yin power to his left palm and a Yang force to his right palm.

He pushed out his left palm first, a gentle force pushed Zhong Jing softly away and he soon pushed out his right palm repelling those metallic objects.

At this time Guo Pianxian generated his internal strenght to his palms and was about to strike Yu Peiyu on the back. Anyone else would likely be killed by Guo Pianxian. Suddenly Yu Peiyu changed the energy to his right palm from Yang to Yin. The repelled objects were hit by a gentle force and made a U turn and flew towards Guo Pianxian.

Guo Pianxian never expected to see his own secretive weapons flying towards him, if he struck Yu Peiyu he will be hit by his own weapons.

Although the attack of Guo Pianxian was crafty but Yu Peiyu's counter-meassure was even more superb.

He quickly leapt back to avoid the nails, but his sleeve was pierced anyway.

Yu Peiyu was furious, how could Guo Pianxian treat the woman who saved his life and loves him this way. Yu Peiyu now attacked fully and showed no mercy in his stances.

Guo Pianxian had no choice but to fight back, Guo Pianxian was no match for you Yu Peiyu. Also he was injured by Jin Yanzi not too long ago. Before long he could only defend and not attack anymore.

Yu Peiyu was still very vigilant he learnt from first hand that this Guo Pianxian is very crafty and mastered many types of martial arts.

Suddenly Guo Pianxian asked:"Do you really want to kill me? But why? We haven't met before."

He used the same sentence Yu Peiyu used earlier to question his attack.

Yu Peiyu answered:"With you alive I will feel most restless." Yu Peiyu used the same answer Guo Pianxian used earlier. At this moment Yu Peiyu really did want to kill this man, he felt that he was a menace to Wulin.

Guo Pianxian was driven into a corner, Zhong Jing stood near the door and cried.

Guo Pianxian sighed:"Very good! I might as well die, the most dearest woman in my life won't even help me now."

Zhong Jing cried:"If you're dead I will die too."

Guo Pianxian sighed:"No, you don't have to die. Follow him!"

Yu Peiyu was even more angry now and struck out his palm out with full force.

Guo Pianxian's palms suddenly folded open like the petals of a flower. Yu Peiyu couldn't continue his attack and was also a bit surprised to see this technique. This was a secret stance of the Baihua Association.

Guo Pianxian didn't want anyone to know his relationship to Madame Hai Tang, that's why he isn't too keen on using her martial arts. And he likes to keep his identity as an elder of the Beggars Association hidden too, that's why he won't use the martial arts of the Beggars Association either.

But if he is really in lots of danger he will have no choice but to use his most skilled martial arts.

Yu Peiyu thought:Is his original martial arts school the Baihua Association?

Yu Peiyu leapt aside and asked:"Are you a disciple of the Baihua Association?"

Guo Pianxian said:"Haven't you heard that that association only accepts women."

Yu Peiyu said:"But how do you know the martial arts of the Baihua Association?"

Guo Pianxian loudly said:"I also know the martial arts of Shaolin and Wudang."

Yu Peiyu stared at him for some time and said:"It is obvious you're connected to the Baihua Association, but why conceal it?"

Guo Pianxian laughed:"I only regret that my wounds are not recovered yet. If I wasn't injured in the first place you wouldn't gain the upperhand this quickly, I have nothing else to say. I will not beg for my life!"

Yu Peiyu was surprised to see pride in this man, he thought a vile man like him would not have such a grandeur.

Yu Peiyu sighed:"Since you have your pride why use such lowly techniques?"

Guo Pianxian scoffed:"I only place value on my own life. If you think you can threaten my with death you're sadly mistaken."

Yu Peiyu was stunned, he already knew this man was shameless but his pride was something he didn't count on.

From the beginning he had an entirely wrong impression of this man.

Guo Pianxian asked:"Why do keep asking about my connection to the Baihua Association?"

Yu Peiyu said:"I vowed never to fight with disciples of the Baihua Association."

Guo Pianxian's face changed and said:"Why! Are you related to Madame Hai Tang?"

Before Yu Peiyu could answer, Zhong Jing stormed towares Guo Pianxian and shouted:"You promised me you wouldn't mention her name again."

Guo Pianxian gave her an angry look, Zhong Jing shouted:"Why are you interested in the relationships of that woman? Are you jealous?"

Guo Pianxian stared at her for some time and sighed:"You're the one who is jealous."

Zhong Jing shouted:"I knew that you didn't love me, from the moment you flung me towards this man I knew it. You wouldn't use her like that. Now you hope I will die soon, right?"

Guo Pianxian said:"If you're dead I will die too."

Zhong Jing was calmed down by this and started to cry again, Yu Peiyu was completey confused by this strange situation.

Guo Pianxian said:"Now you know my relationship with the Baihua Association?"

Yu Peiyu sighed:"Yes, I do."

Guo Pianxian gently stoked Zhong Jing's hair and said:"Such a sweet girl! I never thought she would become this jealous."

Yu Peiyu asked with surprise:"Are you going to kill her?"

Guo Pianxian said:"No I won't kill her. Although she revealed my secret to you but I won't blame her. I can kill many people for many reasons but I won't kill people for becoming jealous."

Yu Peiyu looked at him in a suspicous way and said:"You actually are touched by this?"

Guo Pianxian suddenly looked lonely and said:"Although I have had many women in my life but those women never showed such jealousy before."

After a moment Yu Peiyu said:"Those are your secrets. Why are you telling me?"

Guo Pianxian smiled lightly:"If I failed to kill a certain person I will consider him my best friend. That way I will feel much better in my heart.....But I can tell you this, up till now I only have three friends."

Yu Peiyu just looked at him and didn't know what to do with such a remark.

Guo Pianxian said:"You're number three."

Yu Peiyu laughed:"How do you know that I will consider you a friend."

Guo Pianxian said proudly:"I'm a very powerful man in Wulin, and one of the richest man in the world. Whoever becomes my friend will only benefit from my friendship."

Yu Peiyu said casually:"I am not a man who only makes friends with people because they rich and powerful."

He walked towards the door.

Guo Pianxian yelled:"Friend, please wait!"

Yu Peiyu stopped walking but didn't turn around, he said calmly:"Are you going to try to kill me, because we couldn't become friends."

Guo Pianxian said:"I don't need to try and find out whether I can kill a certain or not. But....why do you keep me at arm's length."

Yu Peiyu sighed:"I don't want to fight you because of your.....connection with the Baihua Association. As for being friends, well I wouldn't dream of imposing."

Guo Pianxian asked:"Do you find me vile and repulsive?"

Yu Peiyu said:"Well, aren't you?"

Guo Pianxian smiled:"Poison can kill people but if you use it correctly it can also be used to cure people. Do you agree? Fight poison with poison! Evil people work the same way, change its direction and the outcome might not be as bad as you think."

Yu Peiyu thought over his words and said softly:"Fight poison with poison."

Guo Pianxian said:"With your abilities and if we work together within three years I can promise you. We will rule Wulin."

Yu Peiyu said calmly:"I do not have such ambitions."

Guo Pianxian said:"A man should always try to build an empire of his own. To be successful in life. If Yu Fanghe can become the chancellor of Wulin why can't you and I become it too? Furthermore this Yu Fanghe may look like a gentleman but there is something sinister about him. Sooner or later I will find out his secrets......"

Yu Peiyu turned around and looked very excited and loudly said:"Allright! It's a deal. From now on we will join forces and unite ourselves against those hypocrites. I want them to know who Yu Peiyu is."

Guo Pianxian was a bit startled by his sudden change but soon he felt happy too and put out his hand and said:"It is a deal! We won't regret this. No one will be allowed to back out of this alliance" And started laughing loudly.

Yu Peiyu laughed:"Do I look like a man who will go back on his words."

A voice from the roof laughed:"I don't think the two of you are able enough to rule Wulin."

Yu Peiyu knew it was Silver Blossom, she could move again. Yu Peiyu didn't use much force to seal her acupoints.

Guo Pianxian was shocked but didn't show it and asked in a sinster way:"In your opinion what is still missing?"

Silver Blossom smiled:"Me!"

She gently descended from the roof and looked ever so charming, Guo Pianxian was also surprised to see such a beautiful young girl.

Silver Blossom asked:"What do you think?"

Guo Pianxian nodded:"Not bad, not bad at all."

Silver Blossom sighed:"Unfortunately I don't have a mirror, otherwise I would like to see for myself."

Zhong Jing was angered by Silver Blossom and asked angrilly:"Who are you? What do you want? Why were you eavesdropping on us?"

Silver Blossom smiled:"You gave me quite a scare. Don't talk to loud I scare easily."

Zhong Jing said:"Allright! Leave!"

Silver Blossom laughed:"No need to get jealous, if I really wanted to steal away your man. All I have to do is wiggle my finger and he is mine."

Zhong Jing was very angry but didn't know what to say. Yu Peiyu said:"You shouldn't bully honest young woman like Miss Zhong."

Silver Blossom giggled:"I knew my young master Yu is a real gentleman, please don't get angry with me. I'm only afraid of you in this entire world."

She looked at Guo Pianxian and said:"He and I both lost at the hands of young master Yu. If young master Yu wants us to sit down we wouldn't dream of getting up."

She easily aligned herself with Guo Pianxian with just a few words. Yu Peiyu knew she was up to her old tricks but didn't know what to do with her. So he sighed:"What are you thinking of?"

Silver Blossom said:"I just told you."

Yu Peiyu said:"Do you care to explain that?"

Silver Blossom smiled:"If the both of you want to dominate Wulin, you're still missing one important aspect. But if I join forces with you.....We will surely succeed, we will become unstoppable."

Guo Pianxian laughed:"You want to join our alliance."

Silver Blossom smiled:"I'm your fourth friend."

Guo Pianxian examined her and said:"With your credentials you can even be the concubine of the emperor, but being my fourth friend.....You're not fit yet."

Silver Blossom said:"What? Am I not as good as your lovers?"

Guo Pianxian said:"Lovers and friends are two entirely different things. I have so many lovers that I lost count, but I only have three friends. Two of them are long dead now."

Silver Blossom asked:"What does it take to become your friend?"

Guo Pianxian asked:"What do you have to offer?"

Silver Blossom said:"Although I'm not the most beautiful woman in the world, but I can make men very happy. Care to try?"

Guo Pianxian smiled:"I'm sure you are, and I will soon find out. But still not enough."

Silver Blossom continued:"I'm also a very powerful woman, with one order I can call up about 3000 men at my disposal."

Which is true as an elder of the Heavenly Silkworm Sect she can easily call up her disciples.

Guo Pianxian said:"Extra help is always good, but we need to feed those extra men too."

Silver Blossom said:"I'm also a very rich woman and if you don't believe I will show you."

Guo Pianxian said:"You're getting close."

Yu Peiyu said:"That's not enough."

Silver Blossom looked at him and said:"Don't forget I'm a vile woman. If you want to fight poison with poison I'm your woman....Besides sometimes the best man for the job is a woman."

Yu Peiyu thought about what she said and smiled:"You're right. Accepted."

Silver Blossom asked Guo Pianxian:"What about you?"

Guo Pianxian laughed:"You're number four."

Silver Blossom clapped her hands and giggled:"Now, who dares to oppose us? Whoever is in our way we regret the day he/she was born."

Exactly one day ago Yu Peiyu would have never dreamt he would become friends with Guo Pianxian and let alone join forces with the likes of Silver Blossom and Guo Pianxian. However now he thought differently.

At the gathering of Lake Huang all the orthodox Wulin people have been subjected to Yu Fanghe. They see Yu Fanghe as their leader, how can Yu Peiyu fight him. Yu Peiyu has no power and no support. He has to take another route to battle his enemies, fight poison with poison.

He now found out that the leader of the famous Tang Clan was in fact no better than Silver Blossom. Or even worse than her.

By joining forces with this lot he has gained a few strong allies against his so-called righteous enemies.

Silver Blossom lead the way, she lead them to a graveyard. Zhong Jing tightly held on to Guo Pianxian's hand.

She hatefully said to Silver Blossom:"Why are taking us here? What are you planning?"

Silver Blossom giggled:"Are you afraid little sister? These places can be eerie but also lots of fun."

Zhong Jing said with surprise:"Fun?"

Silver Blossom said:"Yes, nights like these the spirits come back and perform a nice dance."

The wind was howling at this moment and Zhong Jing got the shivers just by hearing the wind.

She deliberately said:"If they do appear I will dance with them."

Silver Blossom laughed:"They love beautiful young women like you, I'm sure they won't like it to part with you. They might even take you back to their graves."

Zhong Jing was shivering, and Silver Blossom was laughing loudly to see her afraid.

Guo Pianxian:"Very clever of you to hide your treasure here."

Silver Blossom praised:"Very good! You guessed that I hid my treasure here. We're really made from the same type of wood, we really belong to each other."

Yu Peiyu sighed:"I do hope that there aren't many people made from that type of wood in the world."

Silver Blossom smiled:"Don't worry there aren't many. Furthermore two are enough."

And she smiled towards Guo Pianxian, who returned the smile.

Zhong Jing angrilly said:"If you want to seduce men, pick a different place!"

Silver Blossom giggled:"My, my aren't we a jealous little girl!"

Yu Peiyu frowned:"Did you put your belongings into a grave?"

Silver Blossom said:"Yes, I found two unemployed bums invited them for some drinks. When they were tipsy and lured them here and told them to dig up a new grave. Anyway I removed the corpse and put my treasure inside."

She asked Yu Peiyu:"Clever, right? You only have poor people living in this small town. Even grave robbers wouldn't bother in this town. The only things that will know about my little treasure are the ghosts."

Guo Pianxian smiled:"What about those two bums?"

Silver Blossom giggled:"You're very sharp. Since they helped me I invited them for another drink just to reward them. Not everyone is lucky enough to taste my special wine. (sigh*) Unfortunately before they could finish the bottle they somehow dropped dead."

This sort deceiving, killing is absolutely natural to her. She didn't feel ashamed of it, in fact she felt quite proud about it. She even thought it was a funny anecdote.

Guo Pianxian smiled to Yu Peiyu:"Brother Yu, those two men were willing to work for her. It is unlikely that they were any good characters. I don't mind even if a dozen of those men died, do you agree with me brother Yu?"

Yu Peiyu didn't know what to say, he just sighed.

Silver Blossom suddenly stopped in front of a grave and said:"This is it, the 27th grave counting from the east. There is even a little plant which I planted."

Yu Peiyu casually said:"We trust you on matters like these."

Silver Blossom said:"There is no corpse in here just some dirt."

Yu Peiyu nodded, Silver Blossom said:"I know young master Yu doesn't like to rob graves. But digging up dirt is not too much to ask, right?"

Yu Peiyu didn't speak, but in fact she didn't need to say that. The Yu Peiyu we see before us is different. He understands that in times of chaos extreme measures have to be taken, he isn't that strict anymore with values and etiquette.

After digging for some time they found the coffin, Silver Blossom said:"This is the coffin. I made a small mark on it, I also remember that the deceased was a young married woman. She was very angry that her husband took a concubine that she got a heart attack and died."

She turned to Zhong Jing and smiled:"She is almost as jealous as you."

Zhong Jing grunted.

Silver Blossom giggled:"I heard that if you remove the body from the coffin the spirit will still rest in it. If I open I'm sure she will look for Miss Zhong. I suggest you stand back."

Zhong Jing tried to be courageous but still paced back a few steps.

Silver Blossom who wanted to scream loudly to scare Zhong Jing suddenly shrieked:"AHHHH!"

There was no treasure but only a decayed corpse of a young married woman. It seemed that she was looking at Silver Blossom and said:"Not only has my spirit returned but my body is back too."

Silver Blossom said:"Impossible! I....I....put the treasure...the body was....removed....."

She sat down totally confused and scared.

There was a note in the hands of the body, Guo Pianxian took out and read: The little tramp drove me to death when I was alive, now that I am dead you want to steal my house as well.

Guo Pianxian was shivering too, this was too strange even for him.

Only Yu Peiyu remained calm, he has seen things ten times stranger that this. He asked:"Did someone see you burry the treasure?"

Silver Blossom who already got up said:"No....no..."She was still shaking with fear.

Yu Peiyu said:"That is strange. The only possibility I can come up with is that those two bums came back from their graves. But other than......"

Suddenly they heard a loud voice saying:"Good wine! Give me another bottle!"

Another voice said:"It is a good vintage, but after drinking it my stomach hurts."

In a distant they saw two figures holding red lanterns walking, but in the dark it felt like two red glowing apparitions. It looked very eerie.

Sudddenly Silver Blossom shrieked:"Those....those are the two bums...it is them."