The Sword and Exquisiteness (Mingjian Fengliu) - Chapter 5

Chapter 5 Back From The Dead

The lord of the manor put the cat into the hole. He was burrying the cat, and Yu Peiyu could hear the lord talking to himself softly:"It is said that a cat has 9 lives, but why do you only have 1. Poor thing! Are you trying to fool me? Or am I easily tricked?"

Yu Peiyu sighed when he saw that this little man had such a benevolent heart.

The lord heard the sigh and called out:"Who is there?"

Yu Peiyu walked out and gently said:"Don't be afraid. I have no ill intentions."

The lord was looking at him in a nervous way and asked:"Who are you?"

Yu Peiyu tried his best not to scare him and smiled:"I am a guest at your manor. My name is Yu Peiyu."

Yu Peiyu didn't want to lie to this poor man. Also he felt that this man was very kind. Anyone who takes the effort of burrying a dead cat can't be all bad, can he?

The lord seemed to have calmed down and smiled:"You're a guest, I am your host. I am Ji Zanghua."

Yu Peiyu said:"I know, I met the lady of the manor and your daughters."

Ji Zanghua smiled wryly:"It seems that everyone meets them first."

He added:"But don't listen to them. My wife is a bit mad, quite mad. No, she is a madwoman. My eldest daughter is very fierce, nobody would dare to offend her. Even I am afraid of her. Although she is pretty she is ruthless. The next time you see them, quickly hide."

Yu Peiyu was surprised that he would talk about his wife and daughter in this way. He didn't know if he was telling the truth. But why would he lie to him.

Ji Zanghua said:"I'm just giving some advice, they are my family I wouldn't tell lies about them."

Yu Peiyu sighed and said:"Thank you, Mr. Ji."

Yu Peiyu asked:"What about the girl who talks to birds?"

Ji Zanghua laughed:"You mean Lingyan, she wouldn't harm anyone. She is...she is mentally handicapped."

Yu Peiyu said softly:"Oh I see, mentally handicapped."

Suddenly they heard some people walking this way.

Ji Zanghua grabbed Yu Peiyu's hand and said:"It is probably them. Don't let them see you, they will kill you. Come, follow me!"

Yu Peiyu remembered the well incident, the strange Madame Ji. So he quickly followed Ji Zanghua. Ji Zanghua swiftly made a few turns here and there.

They arrived at a small pavilion, Ji Zanghua said:"You'll be safe here, nobody will come here."

Yu Peiyu asked:"What is this place?"

Ji Zanghua said:"This is where my late father would study Buddhist texts. When he was 50 years old he stayed here and never left this place for 25 years."

Yu Peiyu asked:"But this is such a small place, why did old Mr. Ji have to spend his days here?"

Ji Zanghua said sadly:"My late father felt that he had killed too many people in his younger years. He wanted to repent for his mistakes. He reached a very high cultivation and said that any hardship to the flesh was irrelevant."

Yu Peiyu sighed:"Old Mr. Ji was a remarkable man."

Yu Peiyu shook his head when he remembered that Madame Ji said that everyone in the Ji family was crazy.

Ji Zanghua said:"You can stay here, I will bring you food and water. There is already too much bloodshed in this manor. I don't want to see anymore bloodshed."

Yu Peiyu watched him when he walked away and thought:He is wife is mad, his daughter mentally handicapped. He himself is a midget. He is even more unfortunate than I, but he managed to be an altruist. I wonder if I can do the same thing in his position.

He sat on the pillow and saw that they were no windows. Just those paper walls surrounding the pavilion.

Suddenly he saw some markings on the floor, he wiped away the dust and saw the 8 trigrams were carved on the floor.

Being a disciple of the Xiantian Wuji School learning and studying the secrets of divine formations was compulsory.

So he knew that there was something strange about this carving of the eight trigrams. So he used his knowledge of this art to find out what secret was hidden here.

He used his finger to touch some lines of the eight trigrams and suddenly the pillow shifted and a secret passage beneath was opened.

Yu Peiyu was curious and entered the secret passage. At this point suddenly 20 odd swords pierced through the oil paper walls. Missing Yu Peiyu by a hair.

Yu Peiyu broke out in a cold sweat, if he hadn't discovered the markings and if he didn't study the art of formations he was dead now.

He quickly entered the secret passage and sealed the entrance with the pillow again.

The wielders of the sword stormed in and saw no one was here.

They were all Kunlun and Diancang disciples.

One of them said:"Where did he go?"

Baihe said angrilly:"How did he know we were coming?"

"He cannot have gone far, let us search!" someone said.

All of them left the pavilion and continued their search.

Yu Peiyu crawled out when he was sure everyone was gone for some time.

He know knew that everyone in this manor is stark raving mad.

Suddenly he heard someone calling:"Young master Ye. Ye Peiyu."

He knew that only Madame Ji and her daughters would call him by this name.

He quickly hid in the secret passage again.

Although the secret passage was quite long and was bound to lead to a particular place, Yu Peiyu just stayed near the entrance. He was too tired to go and investigate.

After some time he fell asleep.

Suddenly the pillow shifted and Yu Peiyu was startled and looked up he saw Ji Zanghua.

Ji Zanghua said:"Thank goodness! You're allright."

Yu Peiyu gritted his teeth and said:"What are you trying to pull now?"

Ji Zanghua hit himself on the chest and said:"It is all my fault, my wife saw me taking you here. So she must have informed those Kunlun and Diancang killers."

Yu Peiyu scoffed:"Why should I believe you?"

Ji Zanghua said:"If I betrayed you why would come here and help you now."

Yu Peiyu felt that he was right and said:"My apologies for being rude."

Yu Peiyu leapt out and Ji Zanghua put the pillow back in place.

Ji Zanghua said:"This isn't the time for apologies."

Suddenly arrogantly said:"Do you think you can escape now, Yu Peiyu!"

3 swords stabbed towards Yu Peiyu. Ji Zanghua screamed:"Stop! Don't fight!"

But nobody paid any attention to him and those attackers continued their assault on Yu Peiyu.

Yu Peiyu was cut on 2 different places, the disciples of Kunlun and Diancang had him surrounded.

Yu Peiyu did his best to ward off the attacks, but he was heavily outnumbered and before he knew it he was cut again.

Baihe said:"Keep him alive! We want to interrogate him first."

Yu Peiyu flew up towards Baihe, suddenly he changed direction and one of the pillars of the pavilion was struck down.

It was Yu Peiyu who broke the pillar with his bare fist. The roof came crashing down, Yu Peiyu picked up the heavy pillar and swept it towards the Diancang and Kunlun people.

Everyone screamed and panicked and one Diancang disciple was hit on the chest and fainted. A few of his ribs were broken. 2 swords were hit out of the hands of 2 disciples.

Baihe shouted and directed the attack:"He is insane! He is not even human. If we can't take him alive we will take him dead."

Yu Peiyu whirled the pillar and nobody could get close to him.

Ji Zanghua who stood far and far away from the fight said softly:"What an impressive strength! What an impressive power!"

Everyone wielded their swords around hoping that they could see a window of opportunity to attack Yu Peiyu.

Yu Peiyu was unaware of everything around him at this time. He was in a trance he just wanted to get away from them. Suddenly he chucked the pillar straightforward. The pillar travelled with incredible speed and was headed towards a Kunlun Taoist. It was too late for him to avoid the pillar and the pillar pierced right through his body.

He screamed in pain and wasn't dead yet. Blood splattered everywhere, everyone was too frightened and quickly moved aside.

Yu Peiyu closely followed the pillar and stormed out.

He just ran and ran and suddenly saw that strange house.

The house of death.

He thought a tomb is perhaps the best hiding-place.

A sword blocked his way and a girl said:"Whoever enters, dies!"

Yu Peiyu recognized her as the eldest daughter of Ji Zanghua. He said tragically:"It is best that I can die at your hands. At least you are not mad..."

Yu Peiyu was too exhausted and fainted again.

When Yu Peiyu woke up he saw he was in the room of Madame Ji.

There was nobody in the room, but now someone opened the door. It was the lord of the manor, Ji Zanghua. Even till now Yu Peiyu had no idea whether this midget was good or evil.

Yu Peiyu got up and said:"There are no grudges between us, why do you want to harm me?"

Ji Zanghua walked to the bed and said apologetically:"I am very sorry. I wanted to help you, but now I have only made things worse. I didn't know that those men were following me."

Yu Peiyu said:"Why don't you go now?"

Ji Zanghua said:"I cannot let you fall into the hands of those women."

Yu Peiyu smiled sadly:"But they just saved me."

Ji Zanghua sighed:"Young man, you don't know what they are planning. They want to torture you and play with you before they kill you."

Yu Peiyu shivered and asked:"Why would they? I haven't done anything to them."

Ji Zanghua said:"You really don't know?"

Yu Peiyu replied:"I haven't the foggiest."

Ji Zanghua explained:"Have you forgotten that my wife hates everybody with the family name Yu?"

Yu Peiyu said:"Of course, I did forget about that."

At this point he believed Ji Zanghua and was ready to go with him.

Ji Zanghua said:"Follow me."

At this moment someone opened the door, it was the eldest daughter of Ji Zanghua.

She coldly looked at Ji Zanghua and showed no signs of respect and love. Only resent and hate.

She coldly called out:"Leave!"

Ji Zanghua jumped up and angrilly shouted:"Ji Lingfeng, don't forget I am your father. Show a bit more respect when you talk to your father!"

He was jumping up and down and was pratically foaming at the mouth.

Yu Peiyu was stunned that this normally friendly looking midget turned into a frantic madman.

Ji Lingfeng was not afraid and scoffed at her father:"You're refusing to leave?"

Ji Zanghua made a fist and stared at his daughter eyes filled with hate.

Ji Lingfeng stared at her father with scorn, and Ji Zanghua looked at his daughter with hate.

Yu Peiyu was puzzled, how it happened that the relationship between father and daughter had become this bad between both of them.

Ji Zanghua suddenly took a long breath and seemed to have composed himself and said:"Dear daughter, don't get angry. Father will be very sad when you're angry. If it means this much to you I will leave now."

He walked out the door and softly mumbled:"What is this world coming to. Fathers afraid of daughters."

Yu Peiyu was quite shocked to see this entire situation.

Ji Lingfeng coldly said:"Go back to bed!"

Yu Peiyu said:"I do not want to impose anymore. I think it is best that I take my leave."

Ji Lingfeng said:"You believe those words of that midget. Do you really think I would hurt you?"

Yu Peiyu said:"He is still your father, how could you.."

She yelled:"HE IS NOT MY FATHER! HE ISN'T! HE ISN'T...."

Yu Peiyu was a bit surprised of this reaction and didn't know what to say.

After a few moments she composed herself and returned to her normal cold self.

She asked:"Do you really think he is a good man?"

Yu Peiyu didn't answer because he didn't know for sure what Ji Zanghua was.

She laughed and said:"Many people are deceived by him. And till their deaths they don't even know they were betrayed by him."

Yu Peiyu said:"There are no animosities between him and I."

Ji Lingfeng said:"This place is filled with hatred and do you know why?"

Yu Peiyu answered:"I don't know."

Ji Lingfeng loudly said:"Because he...he loves to kill and adores death. He loves to see the lives of others destroyed at his hands. The more tragic you die the happier he will be."

Yu Peiyu was flabbergasted by this abnormal home. Wife hating husband, husband afraid of daughter and daughter despising father.

Ji Lingfeng said:"You don't have to believe me. Why should you?"

Yu Peiyu said:"It is not that I don't believe you, but I saw your..him taking the effort of burrying a cat. So I think he cannot be that bad."

Ji Lingfeng smiled coldly:"He killed the cat."

Yu Peiyu exclaimed in surprise:"He did?"

Ji Lingfeng said:"He loves to destroy things, no matter it is a cat, dog, a flower, a tree and even humans. He cannot stand other beings alive."

Ji Lingfeng said:"You can dig up a hole anywhere you want, you'll bound to find a skeleton of some animal or man."

Yu Peiyu sighed:"I just want to leave this place." and sat down on the bed.

Ji Lingfeng said:"If you want to live you will have to listen to me. If not you're free to go as you please."

After she said this she opened the door. Ji Lingfeng said:"Ji Zanghua won't dare to come in here. I have some hold over him and with that I can protect you."

Yu Peiyu asked:"You're willing to protect me?"

Ji Lingfeng said:"With me around no one will be able to harm you."

Yu Peiyu said:"You're right! This is the safest place at this moment. But I rather risk my life than beg for help."

He stood up and walked to the door.

Ji Lingfeng said:"Do you really want to die?"

Yu Peiyu didn't answer her and kept walking.

She continued:"There is no other way for you. Why are you so keen on being a hero?"

Yu Peiyu turned around and said:"Thanks for your concern. I will choose my own roads."

Ji Lingfeng scoffed:"Go ahead! I don't give a toss about your life."

Although she said that she looked at him completely dazzled.

After resting for a half day he felt recharged. Also the reason why he could get better this fast had to do with the Lesser Return Pill of Kunlun.

Yu Peiyu felt that only old man Gao can be trusted and he is trying to find the way to his cottage.

However walking around some time he still couldn't find it but wandered to the small pavilion.

The pavilion has collapsed now thanks to him.

Suddenly it dawned to him he would try the secret passage. Perhaps that would lead to safety.

It was pitch dark in the tunnel, Yu Peiyu stretched out his hands to feel the way ahead. Suddenly he touched someone in front of him.

He could feel that this person was wearing a robe made from linnen. He asked:"Who are you?"

The person didn't move and didn't speak.

Yu Peiyu was sweating and asked again:"Who are you? Why are you hiding here?"

The figure didn't speak, Yu Peiyu was moving around the figure and was using his hands to touch around and fortunately he found a lamp.

He quickly lit the lamp.

Yu Peiyu saw an old man sitting cross-legged on a pillow. His hair and beard were white but he did look a bit like Ji Zanghua.

Yu Peiyu said:"Are you the father of Ji Zanghua? Weren't you dead?"

The old man didn't move even his hair and beard were motionless. It was very eerie.

Yu Peiyu walked up and touched him again and realised it was a wax statue.

Yu Peiyu laughed and was also curious:"This is must be the wax statue of Ji Zanghua's father. But why is it here?"

There was also a bed and a small bookcase, these were just ordinary furniture but somehow it seemed out of place in this secret hiding-place.

Yu Peiyu thought about this for some time and finally it dawned to him. Old Mr. Ji must have been forced to retire. And announced he was going to repent in the above small pavilion. But he secretly constructed this tunnel to hide and he would put the wax statue on his place above. And everyone will believe he was sincerely repenting.

Yu Peiyu laughed when he figured this out.

He took a look at the books on the case and glanced through them. They weren't martial arts manuals. They were just some love poems written by a woman.

He put the books back and saw a pouch on the bed. He opened it and found a piece of ancient jade in it. There were characters carved on it [Xiantian Wuji] and the character [Yu].

Yu Peiyu recognized the jade and knew only members of his Yu family had this kind of jade.

He found a piece of family treasure in this secret place. He was very puzzled and looked at the pouch. There was an image of a beautiful woman embroided on it.

The woman was Madame Ji and the characters next to her were:

Always at your side, never leaving never stop hoping.

Yours Meiniang

Meiniang was obviously the name of Madame Ji.

Yu Peiyu began to understand, he remembered the hate Madame Ji had against people with the family name Yu.

She must have had a lover with the family name Yu. This man came here probably to escape from his pursuers and Madame Ji hid him in the secret hideout of her dead father-in-law.

She must have fallen in love with this man or knew him before she married Ji Zanghua.

Anyhow this lover must have left her and causing her to be grief-stricken with sorrow and eventually lead to her present mental state.

Yu Peiyu thought if the lover left he must have left via another secret exit. Perhaps it was here.

He continued his walk down the tunnel. After walking for a very long time he finally saw some light shining through the ceiling of the tunnel.

He was very happy and pushed against the stone tile and climbed up.

As soon as he climbed up someone grabbed him and shouted:"You have returned! I knew you would come back to me."

Yu Peiyu saw that it was Madame Ji who grabbed him and he was back in her room.

She was crying and said:"How could you leave all those years ago? I waited and waited how I hated you for leaving without a word. But now you've returned I will forgive you."

Yu Peiyu knew that Madame Ji must have mistaken him for her long lost lover. He sighed:"Madame Ji, you're mistaken. I'm not the man you have waited for. Please let me go."

Madame Ji was crying and laughing:"I will never let you go. If I release you, you'll leave me again like all those years ago. I will never, never let you out of my sight."

Yu Peiyu didn't know what to do with this predicament and saw that Ji Lingfeng was here too. He happily said:"Miss Ji please explain to your mother who I am."

Ji Lingfeng watched him coldly and laughed:"I know who you are. You're the man my mother has waited for all these years."

Yu Peiyu yelled:"Why do you make of fun of me too!"

Ji Lingfeng smiled lightly:"You have kept my mother waiting for all these years. You should make her happy."

Yu Peiyu couldn't break free from the strong grip of Madame Ji.

She pushed him on her bed and said lovely:"How are you doing? Do you realise how much I have longed for you?"

Yu Peiyu stuttered:"I...I..."

Madame Ji said:"I know you must be tired. I'm so happy that we are reunited. I'm so happy...Lingfeng bring us some wine. I want to celebrate."

Ji Lingfeng did as she was told and brought back a bottle of wine and 2 jade cups.

Madame Ji picked one cup and brought it to his lips and smiled tenderly:"I have never been this happy in a long time. You must drink up."

Yu Peiyu saw that she was very pretty and looked happy. He also knew that he couldn't explain this to her and the best thing to do is wait and see. He drank the wine.

Madame Ji continued:"Do you remember the first time we drank together. You told me you would never leave me. Do you remember?"

Yu Peiyu smiled awkwardly:"I...I.."

Madame Ji said:"Although you lied to me then, but now you cannot lie to me anymore. At least now that you have drunk this cup of wine."

Yu Peiyu was startled when he heard this and suddenly felt weak and dizzy.

He cried out:"Poison....wine.."

Madame Ji smiled:"This is called the Heart-broken wine. After drinking it you can never leave me again."

Yu Peiyu said:"I'm not,....I am not...."

Before he could finish he passed out already.

Madame Ji stopped laughing and touched Yu Peiyu's hair and face and softly mumbled:"I

remember the first time he climbed out that secret tunnel. I was just changing my clothes and saw him. He was standing there looking at me, smiling. Although I was shocked and angry at first but when I looked at his handsome face and those beautiful eyes. I was....I was. I couldn't attack him."

She was reminiscing about the past.

Ji Lingfeng asked her:"You must be very lonely then?"

Madame Ji said:"I was very lonely, married to a man like Ji Zanghua. How can a woman not feel lonely? Because of loneliness I fell for him."

Ji Lingfeng said:"Well, he was quite good to you."

Madame Ji smiled charmingly:"He is. He gave some of the sweetest moments in my life. Just the sheer memory is enough to lighten up my day."

Ji Lingfeng continued:"Because you were too happy. And when he left you, you were even feeling more miserable."

Madame Ji said:

"Yes...yes...but now I don't hate him anymore. He is mine, totally mine and nobody can steal him away from me anymore."

Ji Lingfeng said coldly:"Unfortunately you have killed the wrong man. This man is not the man you have waited for."

Madame Ji screamed:"You're lying! Besides him who knows this secret tunnel!"

Ji Lingfeng said:"That man knew this secret, although it was a secret he could still figure it out. This man could too, because they are both members of the Yu family and have studied the art of secrets and formations."

Madame Ji shouted:"Shut up! Shut up!"

Ji Lingfeng continued:"You know as well as I do that this man isn't [him]. But you just like to fool yourself and keep living in a dream."

Madame Ji began crying:"Why did you have to destroy my dream? Why? Why?"

Ji Lingfeng said:"You brought us into this world of darkness and unhappiness. Because of you Lingyan has become mad. And I...and I hate you."

After saying this tears welled up in her eyes.

Madame Ji dragged Yu Peiyu off her bed and shouted:"You're not him! You're not him!"

Ji Lingfeng opened the door and yelled:"Yu Peiyu is dead now. Come and watch!"

A group of people immediately ran over. The first man to arrive was Baihe, he took Yu Peiyu's pulse and said to the others:"He is dead!"

A Diancang disciple regretfully said:"It's a shame that we couldn't kill him ourselves."

Baihe said:"Although I cannot kill him. I will cut up his body."

He drew his sword and wanted to hack at Yu Peiyu's body.

Suddenly everyone heard a Ping and Baihe dropped his sword. He turned around and saw Ji Zanghua smiling.

Baihe asked him:"Benefactor Ji, why did you do that?"

Ji Zanghua said calmly:"A Taoist priest should know when to stop. Cutting up a body is not befitting for a true cultivated priest."

Baihe was stunned by his remark and scoffed:"Since when did benefactor Ji become this caring?"

Ji Zanghua was angered now and said:"When wasn't I kind and caring?"

Baihe thought this midget is the lord of Murder Manor. How can he claim to be benevolent. But Baihe was afraid of him and his martial arts and didn't want to offend him.

Baihe apologized:"Benefactor Ji, forgive me. It is just that Yu Peiyu has commited an unforgivable crime and we're just not satisfied that he died this easy."

Ji Zanghua said:"No matter what he did, it is over now. He is dead. We should respect the dead."

Baihe couldn't retort this argument and said:"Since he is dead already why do you still..."

Ji Zanghua said seriously:"This is my manor, dead people are my true guests. If he was alive you're free to do what you please. But now he is my guest and my responsibility is to take care of him."

Baihe said:"So be it. We will take our leave now. We will take the body back with

us. Although he killed our master but still he is a disciple of the Kunlun School. Anyway, thank you for your hospitality."

Ji Zanghua said:"I don't care whether he was a Kunlun disciple or a Huashan disciple when he was alive. His body now belongs to me. Whoever wants to take him away will have to defeat me first."

Ji Zanghua stood there ready to fight anyone who would dare to take this body away. The disciples of Kunlun and Diancang looked at each other and were lost what to do. Baihe sighed:"Anyway Yu Peiyu is dead! We have avenged our teacher. Let us comply to the wishes of lord Ji."

Ji Zanghua quickly picked up the corpse of Yu Peiyu and ran off.

Ji Lingfeng stood there observing the entire situation with a cold shoulder. It seems she expected things would turn out this way.

Baihe wanted to say something but Ji Zanghua was gone already.

Baihe stamped his feet and said angrily:"Everyone in this manor is a complete idiot! Let us quickly go and put a distance between us and this accursed place."

Ji Zanghua changed the clothes of Yu Peiyu

and washed away the dirt on his face. He

carried him to the the courtyard with utmost

care. He used a shovel to dig a hole and mumbled:"Poor child! Dying at such a young age. It is a pity you didn't listen to my advice otherwise you wouldn't have died at the hands of that witch."

Suddenly someone said:"If he listened to you he would suffer even more."

JI Zanghua turned around and saw Ji Lingfeng and jumped up again:"What are you doing here? Won't you leave me alone?"

Ji Lingfeng said lightly:"He is dead already, leave him alone."

Ji Zanghua said:"I am giving him a good place where he can be alone."

Ji Lingfeng scoffed:"People burried by you always come back to haunt you."

Ji Zanghua angrilly said:"How dare you talk to me in this way? Even though I am not your father you should still respect me. Do you really think I am afraid of you? Get lost now! Before I burry alongside this man."

Ji Lingfeng was not impressed and said:"You would actually dare to touch me.....Have you forgotten when grandfather died he told me lots of secrets. And one of those secrets is your worse nightmare."

Ji Zanghua became scared now and asked:"What is it that you want?"

Ji Lingfeng said:"I want this body, don't touch him again."

Ji Zanghua laughed:"Since when did you begin to like corpses. Could it be that you and I are alike. Of course, your family name is Ji too."

After saying this he walked away.

Ji Lingfeng picked up Yu Peiyu and said softly:"Everyone thinks you're dead. But sometimes people come back from the dead."

Ji Lingfeng brought the body of Yu Peiyu to the ancestral tomb house of the Ji family.

He was put on the ground, after some time Yu Peiyu's body began to move.

He woke up and sat up he saw he was in the ancestral tomb house of the Ji family and shivered.

He suddenly saw someone sitting in front of him. He thought it was a wax statue but when he blew the hairs of this man moved.

Yu Peiyu moved towards the man and took his pulse, it was a dead man, a corpse.

He looked around and some more of these corpses. He dawned to him the ancestors of the Ji family weren't burried or cremated but stuffed.

Yu Peiyu was terrified to learn this macabre custom.

Yu Peiyu got goosebumps all over when he saw these bodies. All these bodies sat in armchairs and they looked like they were watching Yu Peiyu.

Yu Peiyu wanted to get out of here as quickly as possible and swiftly tried to find the exit.

He walked pass a few bodies when he suddenly saw the father of Ji Zanghua.

Suddenly the corpse next to old Mr. Ji got up and said:"You are here too."

Yu Peiyu was scared stiff he saw that this corpse wore a long white robe and had a white cloth covering his face.

The corpse walked towards Yu Peiyu, Yu Peiyu backed and backed and stuttered:"You....you..."

He was so terrified to say another word,

the body suddenly said:"Don't be afraid I'm not a ghost."

Yu Peiyu somewhat assured by this stammered:"Who...who..are you?"

The body thought for a minute and laughed:"I am Yu Peiyu."

Yu Peiyu said completely scared stiff:"If you're Yu Peiyu. Who am I?"

The body removed the cloth from his face, the face had some healed wounds on it.

Yu Peiyu exclaimed with utmost surprise:"It is you, master Xie of Diancang!"

The real Xie Tianbi was also in the house of death. This was indeed the shock of his life.

Xie Tianbi laughed tragically:"Yes I am Xie Tianbi. Never thought you would recognize me."

Yu Peiyu smiled sadly:"Master Xie, you gave me a true scare just a moment ago."

Xie Tianbi smiled apologetically:"I am very sorry. I was just locked up here for days and when I saw you I was so happy that I decided to play a little joke on you."

Yu Peiyu asked:"Master Xie, I think you wanted to see whether I was really Yu Peiyu. By watching my reaction to your words you could see whether I was real or an imposter."

Xie Tianbi sighed:"I think at the moment only you can understand my feelings. And only I will believe and understand your problems."

Yu Peiyu was a bit saddened and asked:"Master Xie, are you too..."

Xie Tianbi sighed:"Although I believe you now. It will be of little help to either of us. I am afraid we will never see another sunrise again."

Yu Peiyu asked:"But how come you're here."

Xie Tianbi said:"That day, after the ceremony at the gathering, I drank a bit too much wine and was feeling woozy. I returned to my tent to rest after a few hours someone woke me. And asked me who I was."

Yu Peiyu was puzzled and said:"He entered your tent and asked Master Xie who you were. That is strange."

Xie Tianbi said:"At that time I was annoyed and got up and saw that this man looked exactly like me. I was too surprised to talk. It was like looking into a mirror."

Yu Peiyu said angrilly:"It was that bastard."

Xie Tianbi said:"I looked at him and he looked at me. He said [I am the leader of the Diancang School Xie Tianbi. Why are you sleeping in my bed.]

I was still feeling woozy at the time and yelled out [You're Xie Tianbi? Who am I?]"

Yu Peiyu said:"Master Xie's experience earlier gave you the idea to test me, right?"

Xie Tianbi said:"Exactly, when that fiend heard my reaction he scolded me and said I was an imposter. And wanted to fight with me using Diancang martial arts. The loser would be the imposter and the winner the real Xie Tianbi."

Yu Peiyu said:"That fellow cannot be your match."

Xie Tianbi sighed:"That man was very good and I was drunk that night and I think they even put a sleeping potion in my wine. After 3 stances he knocked my sword out of my hand and he used orthodox Diancang swordsplay."

Yu Peiyu said:"Were you driven away just like that?"

Xie Tianbi continued:"At that moment chancel...Yu....Yu Fanghe, Wang Yuluo and others entered the tent. They were near my tent all the time and deployed all the Diancang disciples to different locations..."

Yu Peiyu asked:"Master Xie, I think you weren't aware that they were imposters too."

Xie Tianbi said:"I never would have dreamt that they would be imposters too. However at that time I was happy when the chancellor appeared. Before I could speak all of them accused me of being a fake."

Xie Tianbi now held Yu Peiyu's arm and said:"Then I realised how it felt like being wrongfully accused of something. I felt like exploding but couldn't resist and was tied up and thrown on a carriage."

Yu Peiyu said:"Was Yu...that Yu character also on the carriage?"

Xie Tianbi said:"He wasn't, but his henchmen had orders to take me to a remote place and kill me."

Yu Peiyu said:"In that case master Xie, you were lucky to have escaped."

Xie Tianbi said:"If they weren't too cautious I wouldn't be here now."

Yu Peiyu asked:"What do you mean?"

Xie Tianbi explained:"If they had killed me somewhere remote I would be dead now. But they were afraid someone would find my corpse so they brought me to Murder Manor. Everyone knows that bodies disappear very easily here in Murder Manor."

Yu Peiyu sighed:"The people here do kill very easily."

He waited for Xie Tianbi to continue but Xie didn't say a word anymore.

Yu Peiyu said:"It seems you're still not completely healed from your wounds. I bet those henchmen had something to do with your injuries."

Xie Tianbi said:"You're right."

Yu Peiyu asked:"If I may ask, master Xie. How did you escape death in the end?"

Xie Tianbi said:"This involves a third person without this person's consent I cannot reveal his identity."

He asked Yu Peiyu:"But why are you here?"

Yu Peiyu looked sadly and said:"I am a dead man now. And someone put me here."

Xie Tianbi said in surprise:"Dead man? Could it be..."

A voice coldly said:"Yes, you have died once and have returned from the dead."

The speaker is Ji Lingfeng.

Xie Tianbi was dazzled by her beautiful appearance and smiled:"Miss, what do you mean? How can dead people be brought back to life?"

She said calmly:"I brought him back to life."

Her voice was calm and mysterious. It really seemed that she had that ability.

Xie Tianbi and Yu Peiyu looked at each other and didn't speak.

Ji Lingfeng walked up to the corpse of Ji Zanghua's father and knelt down and kowtowed 3 times.

She said:"You must be wondering why I only pay respects to him only. He save my life once and if I wasn't saved, you two would be dead now."

Yu Peiyu and Xie Tianbi were silent.

Ji Lingfeng turned to Xie Tianbi and said:"You were almost dead, they were ready to give you the final blow. But I tricked them into believing you already died. I lured them away from you and saved you."

Xie Tianbi said:"I am forever in your debt, Miss."

Ji Lingfeng scoffed:"You must feel embarrassed that you, the leader of a prominent Wulin school was saved by a unknown girl. Is that the reason why you didn't reveal who saved you?"

Xie Tianbi laughed wryly:"Miss, you're mistaken. I just...."

Ji Lingfeng rudely interrupted him:"I am a very petty woman. If I saved someone I want that person to be in my debt and remember me forever. If not I will personally kill him. Never forget this."