The Sword and Exquisiteness (Mingjian Fengliu) - Chapter 10

Chapter 10 Lovers in Peril

Yu Peiyu wanted to attack the old man fiercely while he was talking. However he was at this moment too weak to launch such an offensive.

He was drenched with sweat, maybe if he now turned around he might escape. But he couldn't just leave Jin Yanzi behind.

The old man knew what he was thinking and smiled evily:"If you don't return now I will close the doors and she will die alone in there."

Yu Peiyu sighed:"Step aside! I will go in now."

The old man was pleased and laughed loudly. He stepped aside and saw Yu Peiyu walking towards the doors silently. But when Yu Peiyu passed the old man he viciously attacked the old man with his two fists.

The old man was taken by surprise and the force of those fists was formidable. He backed away a few steps, Yu Peiyu yelled to Jin Yanzi:"I will block him. Go now!"

Jin Yanzi ran out the doors but stopped again and asked:"What about you?"

Yu Peiyu was almost going insane. He wanted to grab her and shake her around and say:"You can come back and rescue me afterwards!"

Unfortunately he couldn't speak now because he couldn't even catch his breath.

The old man laughed:"Are you really going to leave him behind? Can you really be that cold-hearted?"

Jin Yanzi said:"I won't leave without him, I would rather die here with him."

The old man laughed:"That's more like it."

Yu Peiyu was furious, he wanted to kick Jin Yanzi out of here. Because he couldn't control his temper his concentration slackened the old man forced him into the main hall again.

This time he had no strength left to launch another attack.

The old man said:"Miss, would you please join this young man."

Jin Yanzi yelled:"I will go in! You don't have to remind me."

Yu Peiyu wanted to tell her to go back, but it was too late. She had already entered the main hall and embraced Yu Peiyu.

The old man laughed arrogantly:"I told you I won't kill you. So I won't, but if you would die of natural causes here that is not my concern."

And he closed the doors again.

There was an awful silence in the main hall.

After some time Jin Yanzi started crying and said with sobs:"It's my fault! Why didn't you run off?"

Yu Peiyu sighed:"Why didn't you go? You could always come back for me afterwards. Now both of us are stuck here."

Jin Yanzi was stunned for a moment but suddenly she began to smile.

Yu Peiyu frowned and asked:"What is it?"

Jin Yanzi said:"If you had thought of that, why didn't you leave and come back for me afterwards."

This time Yu Peiyu was stunned. He thought for a minute and smiled wryly:"I thought you were a silly girl earlier. It seems I am even sillier than you."

Jin Yanzi said tenderly:"You're not silly. You only thought of me, you put the lives of other people above your own. That doesn't make you silly it just shows how heroic you are."

Yu Peiyu was touched by her words and gently caressed her hair and said:"What abou you? You only thought of me and forgot all about yourself too."

Jin Yanzi fell into his arms.

Yu Peiyu lost his mother when he was very young, his father was very strict. Although he was engaged he never had any intimate contact before with women.

He didn't know what to feel now, shock, sorrow, joy or love.

But usually in situations of life and death like now emotions run amok.

After awhile Jin Yanzi looked up and blushed, she said:"Aren't we both silly? I mean the keeper of the Palace of Enchantment could probably open the doors on this side too. So all we have to do is find the switch on this side."

She felt quite happy about her own deduction and looked very pleased.

However Yu Peiyu sighed:"The old man knows where the switch is. And with his sword he must have destroyed the mechanism. He wants us to be trapped in here, so he must have thought of that too."

Jin Yanzi couldn't smile anymore and said:"But what about this treasure? Doesn't he want it?"

Yu Peiyu sighed:"We can't take the treausre away. So sooner or later it is his anyway. He will claim it after he's sure that we have died."

Jin Yanzi's hope was gone, she sat there dazed. But in an instant she was smiling again and said:"This morning I wouldn't have dreamt to die with you here. But now I know death is not that scary. Anyway I am more fortunate than those eight girls, at least you are by my side when I die."

Yu Peiyu's eyes blinked and asked:"Did you say eight girls?"

Jin Yanzi was surprised to see him like this and said:"Yes, eight."

He held her hand and asked:"Are you sure? Eight girls? Not nine?"

Jin Yanzi thought for a minute and nodded:"Yeah! Eight girls I counted the bodies. What is this all about, eight or nine?"

Yu Peiyu loudly said:"It does matter. It matters a lot."

Jin Yanzi said:"But what? I mean those eight girls are dead."

Yu Peiyu said:"The old man said he lured nine girls in here and sealed the cave. With his eyesight and intelligence he couldn't have miscounted. But you only saw eight bodies, right? So where is the ninth girl? Where did she go?"

Jin Yanzi was still looking puzzled and said softly:"Where did the ninth girl go?"

Yu Peiyu said:"She cannot have disappeared without a trace."

Jin Yanzi nodded again.

Yu Peiyu smiled:"Don't you see? That ninth girl must have found another way out. She can't hide here, can she?"

Jin Yanzi understood now and jumped up and laughed:"You're not a bit silly. But I am really one very silly girl."

But they seem to have forgotten that if the ninth girl did find another passage, why didn't she take a part of the treasure along? But having a bit of hope is better than none.

The old man found the manual in a stone cabinet, he didn't close the cabinet afterwards.

There was a cushion in front of the cabinet.

Yu Peiyu remembered the trap door under the cushion at Murder Manor. He tried to remove the cushion. But in vain, the cushion was attached to a stone slab.

Yu Peiyu sighed out of disappointment but when he looked up he saw a series of characters on the cabinet.

Receive my manual and you will become my pupil. In order to study my skills first kowtow in front of my statue. Always listen to my teachings no matter what. Disobey me and suffer the consequences.

After reading this there were another serie of characters:

After receiving my manual and treasure you should respectfully pay respects to me. Kowtow 81 times to me, and you will receive a reward. Disobey me, my spirit will come and haunt you.

The old man ignored these warnings, but Yu Peiyu knelt down and kowtowed.

Jin Yanzi smiled:"Are you actually on acknowledging this dead woman as your teacher?"

Yu Peiyu smiled and replied:"This keeper of the Palace of Enchantment was incredibly clever when she was alive. Her last words must have a deeper meaning."

Jin Yanzi sighed:"A woman like her must have refused to die peacefully."

Yu Peiyu agreed:"That is why I think she must have gone through a lot of trouble to carve this characters behind. There must be another secret contained in her words."

Jin Yanzi asked:"But what can a dead person do? Maybe.....maybe she isn't...isn't dead!"

After she said this, Yu Peiyu already finished the 81 kowtows.

Suddenly the slab slide opened and Yu Peiyu slid down the hatch.

After the slide down he landed on something and that thing cracked open and emitted a gas. Because Yu Peiyu was taken by complete surprise and inhaled the gas.

Jin Yanzi was flabbergasted when she composed herself the slab returned to its original place. However Yu Peiyu was gone.

She was scared and worried but what was going on here. She took a deep breath and calmed down, and remembered what Yu Peiyu did before he disappeared.

She knelt down and started to kowtow too. But when she reached 81 times the slab didn't move, she was puzzled. And kowtowed a few more times, after six, seven times the slab opened and she slid down.

Because she was too light, the mechanism didn't work properly after a few more kowtows it worked.

When she slid down she saw Yu Peiyu, he was sitting on the ground and was panting heavily.

Jin Yanzi was very worried and asked:"What happened to you?"

She walked over to him to help him, Yu Peiyu gritted his teeth and closed his eyes.

She wanted to hold his hand but he flung her hand aside.

Jin Yanzi asked:"What are you doing?"

Yu Peiyu grunted:"Don't mind me! Let me rest for awhile."

He said those words with extreme difficulty.

Jin Yanzi stayed silent and she saw a stone coffin and another stone cupboard.

There were a few bottles in there and some of them were broken.

Further ahead was a door and it was open. That must be the exit out of this god-forsaken place.

Next to the bottles was a manual, Jin Yanzi picked it up and read it.

My secret manual, study it and master extreme joy. This is my true manual, only destined for the one fortunate girl. After one year she can have all the men she wants and three years she can be the most desired woman in the world. The other manual was fake, do not study it or else you will be tormented by uncountable pain till death follows. I will bestow you this manual and numerous joy, never forget my teachings and words.

Jin Yanzi stopped reading, she felt that this woman was very cruel and formidable. She never dreamt of becoming the most desirable woman in the world in fact she felt that this manual was very revolting and wanted to tear it apart. But she couldn't bear it.

Suddenly she thought there might be a cure for Yu Peiyu in this manual.

She read on.

Within these bottles is a very powerful aphrodisiac, in gasous form, liquid form or in solid form. If men take it and do not act on their desires, death will follow.

Jin Yanzi looked up and saw Yu Peiyu staring at her with wild eyes.

She became a bit frightened but also she felt quite warm.

Yu Peiyu gritted his teeth and said:"Quickly go! Leave now!"

Jin Yanzi stared at Yu Peiyu, she couldn't let this young man die.

She smiled tenderly and walked over to Yu Peiyu.

She felt very weak all over, she felt a bit scared, ashamed, shocked but mostly in love.

Yu Peiyu shouted:"Don't come over!"

Jin Yanzi closed her eyes and fell into his arms, she was ready to sacrifice her virginity in order to save Yu Peiyu. But to her this wasn't really a sacrifice she was doing for the man she loves deeply.

She still had her eyes closed and relaxed, she was ready to accept his love.

But all of a sudden she felt one of her acupoints being sealed. And she was flung out the door, Yu Peiyu quickly closed the exit again.

Jin Yanzi knew that Yu Peiyu didn't want her to do this. She felt glad, thankful but moreover disappointed.

The exit was sealed and judging by it, it could not be opened from the inside.

There was nothing else for Yu Peiyu now but to wait for death.

Jin Yanzi was crying and sobbed:"Why? Why are you this stupid? Do you think I just did that because I wanted to save your life? I am very willing......Don't you know that I love you very much!"

Yu Peiyu could clearly hear Jin Yanzi, but even if he was to change his mind it was too late.

He hit the sealed entrance and yelled:"You know, why I can't do it! I don't want to harm you."

Jin Yanzi could hear him too and replied:"But if you don't......you will die!"

Yu Peiyu stammered:"I....I..."

Jin Yanzi was crying and said:"You choose death above me?"

Yu Peiyu said:"I hope you can forgive me."

Jin Yanzi said:"I hate you, I hate you....

I will never forgive you. I know you don't want to harm me, but turning me down is the worst thing that could happen to me."

She didn't know why she said these strange things. Perhaps she wanted Yu Peiyu to come out.

Yu Peiyu felt he was on fire and shouted:"I was wrong! I was very wrong! I like you too!"

Jin Yanzi thought there was still hope and said:"Why don't you come out now?"

Yu Peiyu said:"It is too late."

Jin Yanzi was crying:"If you don't you will die!"

Yu Peiyu said:"Even so I thank you for your love."

His body felt like it was on fire, it was consuming him.

Suddenly the lid of the stone coffin opened and a figure stepped out of the coffin.

It was a young beautiful woman, she looked very cold and indifferent.

A zombie?!? And a beautiful one too!?!

She wore a white dress and she looked very pale.

She turned to Yu Peiyu and coldly said:"The two of you are truly devoted lovers in peril. After both of you died I will bury you together."

Yu Peiyu could now see her face, it was Lin Daiyu.

The nine girls locked here were all disciples of the Baihua Association. Lin Daiyu was the ninth girl.

Yu Peiyu asked with extreme difficulty:"Lin Daiyu, what....what are you...you...doing here?"

Lin Daiyu's face changed and asked:"Who are you? How do you know my name?"

Yu Peiyu replied:"I am Yu Peiyu."

She was stunned for a minute and regained herself very quickly:"Oh! You're that Yu Peiyu. Haven't you changed your name yet?"

Yu Peiyu said:"I am Yu Peiyu, why should I change my name."

Lin Daiyu coldly said:"I don't care what your name is. You will have to die, everyone who knows the secret of this place must die."

Yu Peiyu stood up and looked into the coffin and saw a corpse of a beautiful woman.

He exclaimed with shock:"Who is this?"

Lin Daiyu coldly explained:"This is the true keeper of the Palace of Enchantment. Even when she died she used different kinds of poison to preserve her beauty."

Yu Peiyu asked:"What about you?"

Lin Daiyu said:"I heard someone sliding down here, so I quickly hid myself. I also put the bottles of aphrodisiac there."

Yu Peiyu now understood everything and said:"Since when did you become so ruthless and calculating?"

Lin Daiyu scoffed:"Everyone in this world is selfish and vicious. In order to survive you have to become ruthless."

Yu Peiyu smiled tragically:"But I am your fiance..."

Before he could finish she slapped him very hard.

She scolded:"My fiance is dead, how dare you bring up his name."

Yu Peiyu felt nothing of the slap, he just had his eyes on Lin Daiyu.

He softly repeated to himself:"You're my fiancee...you are my fiancee."

Lin Daiyu got scared seeing Yu Peiyu in this state. She asked with a trembling voice:"What do you want?"

Yu Peiyu smiled strangely:"You're my fiancee...you are my fiancee..."

With difficulty he could use his internal strength to surpress the aphrodisiac, but now he caved in. He stormed towards Lin Daiyu, in his eyes this young woman was his future wife.

Lin Daiyu was scared and slapped him again and yelled:"Don't touch me! You're insane!"

Yu Peiyu didn't avoid that slap and continued to storm towards her.

Lin Daiyu used her fist to strike Yu Peiyu on the chest. But he remained unharmed and kept advancing towards her. She got scared and turned around and ran.

He chased her. This normally very gentle and sophisticated young man became a beast now.

Jin Yanzi who was outside and could picture the entire incident and yelled:"Yu Peiyu, what are you doing in there?"

She could only hear panting now. She became furious and couldn't control her rage and shouted:"Why did you choose her instead of me?"

Yu Peiyu said:"She is...."

Jin Yanzi was crying again and said:"You said you liked me."

Yu Peiyu said:"I...yes, no....no...."

Lin Daiyu became even more angry and shouted:"You're insane! If that's case you should go after her instead of me!"

Yu Peiyu said:"I love you! You are my fiancee."

Lin Daiyu angrilly chided:"Rubbish! Who is your fiancee?"

Jin Yanzi was crying even louder now.

This situation is too bizarre for words, even unbelievable. No one can explain it clearly, the three of them share a very unique relationship with each other. Love and hate are even more troublesome emotions.

Somehow fate has organized that the three would meet in this place arranged this bizarre incident for the three of them.

Jin Yanzi was crying, she didn't know why she was crying. Perhaps it was because she was sad, heart-broken and disappointed. Or the humiliation of being rejected.

All of a sudden she heard Lin Daiyu screaming, Jin Yanzi knew Yu Peiyu managed to grab her.

There were noises of struggling, cursing and panting. But after awhile the noises stopped.

Jin Yanzi felt even more sad now, she couldn't stand the silence. And her tears were running up, it was too much for her to handle this entire incident and her emotions overwhelmed

her. Jin Yanzi passed out.

After some time she woke up and heard footsteps.

She was quite happy and thought Yu Peiyu had come for her.

She wasn't a petty person and she could

never hate a person very long.

But the footsteps came from her side and someone was walking towards her.

She heard a voice from the cavern next to her. If they opened the doors to this cavern they will see her. Unfortunately she can't move yet, because Yu Peiyu sealed her acupoints.

A sweet voice said:"I must thank you very much. You're indeed a great craftsman if it wasn't for you I would have never found this cave."

The sweet voice sounded very sexy and seductive.

The other person replied:"Besides my two brothers and I no one can find this entrance as quickly as me."

The girl smiled:"Knowing such a talented man like is my luck. You must have many lovers. Why aren't you married yet?"

The man answered:"I am waiting for you."

The two of them were flirting with each other. If Yu Peiyu was here he would have recognized that voice. It was that mean Silver Blossom.

Unfortunately Jin Yanzi didn't know her and only found them very annoying.

She was also afraid that these two were sent by the one-armed old man.

The man exclaimed with surprise:"That's strange it seems that someone beat us to this place."

Silver Blossom responed:"That is impossible. Our father only told my two sisters and I about this secret."

The man replied:"It seems that somehow this secret must have been exposed by someone. We should be careful."

Silver Blossom smiled:"No matter who that person is. My third young master of the Wishful Hall will deal with him."

The man laughed:"I am only afraid of you. After you've learnt the abilities of the keeper of the Palace of Enchantment. I will be begging for mercy."

Silver Blossom smiled:"I will use those skills to serve you."

They opened a door and saw Jin Yanzi lying there.

Jin Yanzi saw a young man holding two short swords and a young pretty girl.

The man laughed:"Well! Someone did enter this place before us and a beautiful young girl too. Who sealed her acupoints?"

The man walked over to Jin Yanzi and used the tip of his foot to push Jin Yanzi.

He looked very frivolous, Jin Yanzi was furious.

The man laughed:"Miss, please tell me who sealed your acupoints? This fellow doesn't know how to treat a lady. Tell me where he is and I will teach him a lesson."

Silver Blossom smiled:"Young sister, this is the third young master of the Wishful Hall. He loves young beautiful women and when he sees them bullied he will certainly help them out."

The man laughed:"Aren't you jealous?"

Silver Blossom hugged him and said:"I'm jealous because I love you."

The man felt weak all over his body and smiled:"I don't need other women when I have you. When I think of your graceful legs....AHHHHHH!"

The man yelled out and fell to the ground, he never knew what hit him and why he was killed.

Jin Yanzi was stunned and didn't speak.

Silver Blossom walked to her and said:"Men like him deserve to die. Taking advantages of women when it suits them.

Although if it wasn't for you I wouldn't have killed him."

Jin Yanzi was surprised and asked:"You killed him because of me?"

Silver Blossom said:"You didn't recognize me. But I recognized you. You are the famous heroine Jin Yanzi, right?"

Jin Yanzi nodded and asked:"Who are you?"

Silver Blossom sighed:"I'm a poor girl who nobody wants."

Jin Yanzi laughed:"You have a father and two sisters, you're not alone."

Silver Blossom started weeping:"Although I have parents and two sisters but they don't like me. And they are also very vicious."

Jin Yanzi frowned and said:"You just killed a man."

But she did feel compassion for this poor Silver Blossom.

Silver Blossom sobbed:"You don't know what I went through on my way here with him. If I didn't kill him I will never escape from his clutches."

Suddenly she fell in Jin Yanzi's lap and cried:"Do you understand now? Can you forgive me?"

Jin Yanzi sighed:"You're right some men in this world really deserve to die."

Jin Yanzi believed this treacherous Silver Blossom. If Silver Blossom meant any harm she would have killed Jin Yanzi on the spot.

However she will never understand vile and cunning people like Silver Blossom. Although Jin Yanzi has roamed the realm of martial arts for some time now she is obviously no match for the cunning Silver Blossom. In fact she would be sold out by her in second and still wouldn't know what happened to her.

Silver Blossom already unsealed her acupoints and smiled:"Thank you for forgiving and understanding me."

Jin Yanzi sighed:"I should thank you for freeing me."

Silver Blossom lowered her head and said:"I...I...have a suggestion."

Jin Yanzi asked:"What kind of suggestion?"

Silver Blossom said:"Well, I...I would like us to become sisters."

Jin Yanzi was surprised and said:"We just met."

Silver Blossom started weeping again:"My own sisters don't even want me. I'm so silly to think that...."

Jin Yanzi gently took her hand and said:"Who says I'm not willing. Tell me what is your name?"

Silver Blossom smiled sweetly and said:"I totally forgot. My name is Hua Yinfeng (Yinfeng = silver phoenix). Please accept my respects."

She wanted to bow to Jin Yanzi. Jin Yanzi quickly stopped her and laughed:"I'm Jin Yanzi, a golden swallow and you're Yinfeng, a silver phoenix. It seems we're destined to become sworn sisters."

Jin Yanzi was an orphan and was very happy to find a friend and a sister. Little does she know that her sister is everything but a silver phoenix. In fact a fierce wolf would be a better term. She can and will devour this golden swallow whenever it suits her.

But what is Silver Blossom up too? I'm afraid only time will tell.

Jin Yanzi lead the way and both of them entered the palace again.

Of course Silver Blossom didn't ask and just listened to Jin Yanzi's warnings.

Suddenly Jin Yanzi was shocked to see no one was in here anymore. Yu Peiyu and Lin Daiyu were gone.

Silver Blossom had her eyes on the treasures in this room. Jin Yanzi softly repeated:"Where have they gone?"

Silver Blossom asked:"Who are they?"

Jin Yanzi didn't answer and saw that the coffin was moved. She took a closer look and saw the coffin initially blocked a hole. Yu Peiyu and Lin Daiyu must have fallen into this opening.

Also another two bottles of aphrodisiac were broken.

She instantly guessed what happened. During their struggle Lin Daiyu must have broken these two bottles of aphrodisiac too and inhaled it. So in the end she didn't resist Yu Peiyu anymore.

And during their struggle they must have activitated the mechanism and opened another chamber.

Jin Yanzi told Silver Blossom:"I'm going down there to look."

Silver Blossom said:"Do be careful!"

Jin Yanzi smiled:"Thanks, but I have no intentions of dying yet."

She carefully slid down the hole.

And found out there was another secret down here. This was the real Palace of Enchantment. The place was beautifully decorated with fountains, carvings and paintings.

But there was still no sign of Yu Peiyu. But she did find the another exit, Lin Daiyu and Yu Peiyu must have left here.

She felt very sad to know that Yu Peiyu just left her here.

And started crying again.

Silver Blossom called out:"Are you allright?"

Jin Yanzi responded:"I'm fine. You can come down now." She wiped her tears and decided to pretend that this day never happened and she never met Yu Peiyu in her life.

However she forgot that Lin Daiyu must hate Yu Peiyu now. Why would they leave together? Have they resolved their issues?

Silver Blossom was moving the chests of treasures outside.

Jin Yanzi sighed:"How can all these treasures compare to that drop of dew on that flower."

Silver Blossom smiled:"But that drop of dew cannot provide us a good life and luxury. Not to mention with money we can force people to respect us and have fame."

Jin Yanzi said:"Don't forget there are many things in life we cannot buy."

Silver Blossom said:"Wait for me a minute."

She went away and Jin Yanzi just sat there waiting and pondering. After about an hour Silver Blossom returned with three carriages and two horses. There were also three men and Silver Blossom instructed them to put the chests on the carriages. The men didn't ask anything and only obeyed her every command.

Silver Blossom and Jin Yanzi both rode on a horse and went off, the carriages followed them.

After riding for some time they passed a brook, Jin Yanzi saw a white cloth on a stone. She got off her horse and recognized it to be the bandage wrapped around Yu Peiyu's head.

She was thinking:He must have removed his bandage here and washed his face. I wonder how he looks like. What was he thinking when he removed his bandage and saw his reflection in the water? Was Lin Daiyu with him at the time?

Doesn't she hate him anymore? Is he really the same Yu Peiyu? But that is impossible everyone saw the body of that Yu Peiyu.

She angrilly tossed the bandage away and thought: I must forget him. I will never think of him again.

They were headed towards the west, Sichuan province. On their way a lot of people recognized Jin Yanzi but none of them approached her and only a few just greeted her from far away.

She wanted to ask whether they had seen a young man with a wound on his face travelling with a young woman. But she restrained herself from asking.

Silver Blossom smiled:"Thanks to your fame we can travel in peace. Or else two young girls with three carriages will attract a lot unwanted attention."

Suddenly a horse rode their way, the rider was a young man wearing a fine brocade. He looked quite handsome and had a sabre in his girdle. It was the young master of the divine sabre.

Jin Yanzi quickly turned away hoping he wouldn't see her. But it was too late. He happily approached her and said:"Yan'Er, here you are. Why did you just leave without telling me? I have been looking for you everywhere."

Jin Yanzi was looking very annoyed and said:"Who told you to look for me?"

The young master of the divine sabre was stunned and puzzled and stuttered:"If I..I don't look for you...who should I look for?"

Jin Yanzi scoffed:"I don't care who you should look for! There are so many people in this world who need to be found, why don't you look for them! Don't bother me!"

She rode ahead ignoring him completely.

The young master of the divine sabre was stunned, his joy was gone now. He felt that she was even colder towards him than before.

Why is that he wondered?

Silver Blossom turned to the young master of the divine sabre and said:"Sister is feeling a bit restless. Just wait till she is a bit calmed down and then approach her."

The young master of the divine sabre said:"Sister?"

Silver Blossom smiled:"Don't you like me to be Jin Yanzi' sister."

At this point the young master of the divine sabre noticed Silver Blossom. He was instantly captivated by her charm and stared at her.

Silver Blossom pinched him in the waist and said with a smile:"If you want to be my brother-in-law, you should befriend yourself with me. And listen to me."

She rode a bit further ahead and turned around and laughed:"Aren't you coming?"

The young master of the divine sabre followed without question and his disappointment was gone now.

Around noon they reached the Family Yue Village.

They stayed at an inn and Silver Blossom and the young master of the divine sabre were having lunch.

The young master seems to have forgotten entirely about Jin Yanzi. If Silver Blossom smiled he would smile, and when Silver Blossom asked him anything he would answer.

Silver Blossom touched his sabre and laughed:"This is the famous divine sabre, no wonder you're called the young master of the divine sabre."

The young master was very pleased and said:"Do you know how many swords, sabres and other weapons of famous martial artists were broken by this sabre."

Silver Blossom touched his wrist and said:"Please tell me how many."

The young master was very pleased and said:"About seventy, eighty."

Silver Blossom looked like she was very much impressed and admired him. She gently said:"With someone like you around I won't be afraid of anyone."

The young master's heart was beating faster and faster and didn't know what he should do.

Although Jin Yanzi didn't love the young master she was very annoyed by his attitude and behaviour now.

No girl in the world would like to see one of her suitors flirting with another girl right under her nose.

She couldn't stand it anymore and was about to leave and go back to her room.

The young master quickly composed herself.

He quickly said to Jin Yanzi:"Do you remember Yu Peiyu?"

The name [Yu Peiyu] had a very powerful magnet on Jin Yanzi. She immediately stopped walking and regained herself. She coldly asked:"Isn't he dead?"

The young master said:"One is dead, there is another one alive."

Jin Yanzi wanted to pretend that she didn't care. However she knew that she wouldn't be able to trick anyone with her facial expression.

So she stood with her back towards the young master and Silver Blossom.

Before she could ask anything else, Silver Blossom loudly asked the young master:"Do you know both Yu Peiyus?"

The young master scoffed:"I saw them both but I am not acquainted with people like them."

Silver Blossom smiled:"I heard that the dead Yu Peiyu was the son of the present chancellor of Wulin. He was quite gentle and handsome, I wonder how the live Yu Peiyu would compare to the deceased one."

The young master's face turned red and angrilly scoffed:"No matter what, the live Yu Peiyu is ten times better than the late Yu Peiyu."

He deliberately was putting down the late Yu Peiyu, however Jin Yanzi's heart belonged to the live Yu Peiyu. But she never guessed that both Yu Peiyus are the same.

The young master stared at Jin Yanzi's back and loudly said:"This Yu Peiyu is really one handsome young man, alhtough he has a scar on his face he still more handsome than the late Yu Peiyu."

His intention was to make Jin Yanzi upset however at this moment Silver Blossom was fuming. But she didn't show it, but Jin Yanzi was very happy and surprised. She softly said to herself:"So they are not the same person, like I thought. So he isn't the fiance of Lin Daiyu and his injury on his face isn't that bad. So he is very handsome too."

The young master loudly asked:"What are you saying?"

Jin Yanzi calmly said:"I had some questions but thank you for answering them."

The young master was puzzled and asked:"What do you mean? I don't understand."

Jin Yanzi said:"It is best that you do not understand."

Silver Blossom smiled:"Where did you meet him? We would like to see him ourselves."

The young master answered:"Last night I saw him for the first time and I didn't know he was called Yu Peiyu too. But I do recognize the girl he was with."

Silver Blossom was quite anxious and said:"There is only one girl with him?"

The young master scoffed:"Isn't one enough?"

Silver Blossom thought: Shameless little tart! Leaving behind eldest sister and....

She deducted that that girl must be Iron Blossom.

However the young master joked:"This is very funny. This girl used to be the fiancee of the late Yu Peiyu and now she is getting quite friendly with this Yu Peiyu."

Silver Blossom was surprised and asked:"Who is that girl?"

The young master replied:"The daughter of The Flowered Chestnut Sword, Lin Daiyu. Who else?"

Silver Blossom was very happy and laughed:"Wonderful! He does seem to be a playboy."

She was very happy because she thought Yu Peiyu dumped Iron Blossom for this Lin Daiyu.

The young master didn't know why she laughed but just noticed that she looked very charming when she laughed.

After a moment he continued:"I saw that Lin Daiyu wasn't wearing mourning clothes and was travelling with another man so soon. I always thought that she was a serious girl but it seems that although she has cold appearances she is no different from tarts."

Silver Blossom smiled:"Travelling with men doesn't necessarily mean she is a tart. I mean we travelled together too."

The young master was very happy and wanted to touch her and said:"We are different of course,...."

Jin Yanzi interrupted them and loudly asked:"What happened afterwards?"

The young master coughed and sat straight and said:"Then I saw them lodging at an inn and enter the same room."

Jin Yanzi scoffed:"You were spying and following them."

Silver Blossom smiled:"Why did you follow them? What were your intentions? Are you a voyeur?"

The young master blushed and loudly said:"I am not that kind of man! There was only one inn so I had to lodge there too."

Silver Blossom said in a sweet tone:"Don't get upset! I always thought that all the men were quite eager to meet tarts. And if they did they would want a piece of her too. But you are an exception."

Initially the young master was upset and angry but now his anger was gone.

Silver Blossom joked:"But did you spy on them during the night?"

The young master retorted:"I'm not a pervert, but it happens we were neighbours and during the night they were argueing very loudly."

Jin Yanzi couldn't help but to ask:"What were they argueing about?"

The young master said:"The first time I saw them; Lin Daiyu seems to have fallen ill. She could barely walk, Yu Peiyu was by her side taking very good care of her. He treated her with utmost love one would think they were a loving couple. I thought it was quite shameless of them.

But when I heard them argueing I was very surprised too."

Silver Blossom smiled:"So you couldn't resist but to eavesdrop after all."