The Sword and Exquisiteness (Mingjian Fengliu) - Chapter 6

Chapter 6 Mysteries Of Life And Death

Xie Tianbi couldn't retort back and didn't say anything anymore. Ji Lingfeng turned her attention to Yu Peiyu and said:"You were dead and your enemies examined your body. I, however brought you back to life you must be wondering how I did that."

Yu Peiyu said:"I think the answer must lie in that cup of wine."

Ji Lingfeng coldly smiled:"Although you're not the most intelligent man on the world. At least you're not too stupid. You didn't drink the Heart-broken Wine but you drank from the Wine of Escapism."

Yu Peiyu smiled:"A very interesting name."

Ji Lingfeng said:"It is said that the winegrower of this fine beverage was a very talented man. However three women fell in love with him and he couldn't deal with any of them anymore so he created this wine. Anyone who drinks of it will stop breathing and his limbs will turn cold. After two days the drinker will automatically wake up. He used this wine to escape from those three women and lived happily after without any disturbance. It was even said that at his deathbed he was so proud of himself for creating this special drink he wrote a short poem.

With the name Escapism I name this wine, with it I roamed and toured the realm with freedom.

Even till now this is a rather famous anecdote."

Yu Peiyu sighed:"Never thought the amorous escapades of a winegrower would save my life."

Ji Lingfeng said coldly:"Do not forget I saved you not the wine."

Yu Peiyu said with a smile:"I will never forget that, Miss."

Ji Lingfeng stared at him and said:"Do you know why I saved you?"

Yu Peiyu said:"I was about to ask you."

Ji Lingfeng said:"If you think I am in love with you and I save because of this. You are very wrong. I am not that sort of woman."

Yu Peiyu blushed when he heard this.

She continued:"The reason why I saved you is similar to why I saved Xie Tianbi. I want you to be in my debt too."

She suddenly asked Xie Tianbi and Yu Peiyu:"Do you know who this man is?"

She pointed at the body of Ji Zanghua's father.

Yu Peiyu answered:"He was the father of Ji Zanghua."

Ji Lingfeng said:"You're right. His name is Ji Kuqing. The reason why I respect him isn't because he is my grandfather and not because he cured my deadly illness. I respect him because of his wisdom...

He predicted that a great calamity would fall upon Wulin and only I am destined to face that calamity."

Suddenly she said with passion:"I shall lead Wulin, this generation will belong to me. YOU BELONG TO ME! You will help me accomplish my dream. I saved you and you should prepare to die for me and my cause at any time."

Yu Peiyu and Xie Tianbi were scared stiff that a young woman not even 20 years old would have the ambition to rule Wulin.

She took out a small bottle and said:"There are two pills in here, each of you will take one. After eating this pill you'll become two new humans. No one will remember who you were and you won't remember your past. The only two main things you will not forget are serving me and your lifes were given by me."

Xie Tianbi's face changed and said:"If we refuse?"

Ji Lingfeng smiled evily:"Don't forget I gave back your life. And I can take it away at any time."

She walked tho steps in their direction and Xie Tianbi and Yu Peiyu backed away with two steps.

All of a sudden a voice arrogantly shouted:"Little witch! You will die soon and yet you want the lives of others!"

The voice sounded maniacally evil.

Yu Peiyu exclaimed:"Ji Zanghua!"

Ji Lingfeng quickly passed by him and Yu Peiyu followed. She locked the door.

Ji Zanghua was still laughing maniacally:"Little witch! Do you really think everyone is afraid of this place! Do you really think I didn't see through your intentions? You negligence will cost you your life!"

Ji Lingfeng's cold face was begin to show signs of fear, she knew if the bolt outside was secured it was impossible to get out.

Ji Zanghua laughed:"You should know that nobody leaves the House of Death alive! I deliberately told you the secret of the house hoping to catch you in it some day. Finally that day has arrived!"

After saying this he left and his mad laughter died out.

Ji Lingfeng was crying not because she was afraid of dying. But she was sad that her ambition to dominating Wulin will never be fulfilled.

Yu Peiyu and Xie Tianbi were stunned too at the current situation.

Ji Lingfeng stood there in a daze, after some time she walked to an empty chair and sat down.

She too began to laugh frantically:"At least I won't be lonely. There are so many people here to keep my company."

Xie Tianbi said:"Miss Ji, are we just going to wait for death?"

Ji Lingfeng said:"Waiting slowly for death. I think that is quite amusing."

Xie Tianbi said:"Aren't you even going to try to escape?"

Ji Lingfeng laughed:"The door is locked from the outside."

Xie Tianbi said:"Isn't there a different way?"

Ji Lingfeng said:"There isn't."

Yu Peiyu asked:"What about the men who carry the bodies into this house."

Ji Lingfeng smiled evily:"No one carries the bodies in here. They walk into this place and wait to die."

Xie Tianbi said:"Are you joking?" But he shivered at the thought of being trapped here.

Ji Lingfeng said:"I don't like to joke and especially not in moments like these."

Xie Tianbi said:"Even so, someone must come in and stuff these bodies."

He was still shivering after saying this.

Ji Lingfeng calmly said:"Before they want to die they will take several different kinds of poison. These different types of poison mixed together will slow down their deaths and preserve their bodies. When they feel that the poison is about to kick in they walk to this house and sit in these stone chairs and wait for death. Also they enjoy watching when their limbs turn stiff and the poison slowly begins to take effect. They just adore death."

Xie Tianbi was too scared to say anything anymore.

The house was filled with evil to them. Yu

Peiyu said:"No wonder Madame Ji said every Ji was crazy."

Ji Lingfeng said:"Because of this special poison these bodies will never rot."

She turned to Xie Tianbi and asked:"Now, do you understand."

Xie Tianbi trembled and said:"They burry themselves...."

Ji Lingfeng said:"Our situation is very similar to theirs we just have to wait."

She looked at Ji Kuqing and said calmly:"I remember when it was his time everyone went to see him off. He turned around and smiled to us. Probably he was thinking that we will never understand the joy of dying."

Xie Tianbi didn't want to hear anymore of these stories.

Ji Lingfeng continued:"When he turned around he also said [Someday you will find out that living doesn't mean happier. Death can also be very joyful]. His face was starting to stiffen and his jaws couldn't move anymore but he was still laughing. I was so scared that I cried for days."

Ji Lingfeng loves to torture people and play mindgames with them. If other people are suffering she will be very happy. If you don't want to hear something she will make you hear it lots of times.

Xie Tianbi was totally of the world when he heard her story. He didn't move or say a word for a long time. Suddenly he began laughing very loudly.

He didn't stop laughing.

Yu Peiyu called:"Master Xie! Master Xie! What is wrong?"

Xie Tianbi didn't answer he just laughed.

Yu Peiyu shook him a few times but in vain he couldn't stop laughing anymore.

Yu Peiyu slapped him on the face and then he stopped laughing and started crying.

Ji Lingfeng said calmly:"He has gone mad. Good! At least he doesn't have to stay sane and suffer that much..."

Yu Peiyu walked to her and faced her and said seriously:"You have saved my life once, but now all of us are facing death. So in other words I have returned my life back to you. There are no grudges and no debts anymore between us. But if you keep provoking him I will not be friendly anymore!"

Ji Lingfeng stared at him for a moment and turned her head away.

Yu Peiyu used his sleeve to wipe his sweat on his face. It was becoming very warm in here.

Ji Lingfend suddenly called out:"Fire! The madman is trying to burn us to death."

Smoke was coming in through the ceiling.

Ji Lingfeng said:"He must feel that we are dying to slowly."

At this moment Xie Tianbi softly said:"That is strange....that is strange...."

Nobody paid any attention to him, Ji Lingfeng has accepted her faith. Yu Peiyu was looking about hoping to find a way out.

Xie Tianbi walked towards the body of Ji Kuqing and laughed:"Come look at this! It is very strange! Even a dead man is sweating!" He continued his mad laughter.

Yu Peiyu was sighing and thought it was sad that the leader of the Diancang School would become like this.

Yu Peiyu walked over and took a look at Ji Kuqing and saw that he was sweating.

Ji Lingfeng shouted:"He....he is...is real really sweating....."

Xie Tianbi laughed:"I think this dead man is afraid too."

Yu Peiyu leapt up and yelled:"Of course a wax statue!"

Yu Peiyu pulled the head and it fell off.

Ji Lingfeng said:"Impossible I saw him enter this house. But where did he go and why did he put a wax statue in his place?"

Yu Peiyu knew that Ji Kuqing must have fooled everyone else and cheated death. So there must be an exit.

He felt confident he could find it. Being a disciple of the Xiantian Wuji School he was an expert in secrets and formations.

Yu Peiyu examined every little corner in the house but couldn't find anything unusal.

Ji Lingfeng said suddenly:"Perhaps there isn't a secret tunnel. It could be that someone opened the door for him."

Yu Peiyu's hope sank away and thought that she might be right.

Xie Tianbi was mumbling and suddenly loudly screamed:"The dead man is gone! Where did he go?"

Yu Peiyu took a glance and saw that the statue of Ji Kuqing had melted but the wax on the floor was not much. Where did the remaining wax go?

Yu Peiyu knelt down and happily said:"Just as I thought there is a secret."

On the stone armchair there was a little hole all the wax went through that hole.

Ji Lingfend coldly said:"If there is a secret passage beneath this stone chair and if Ji Kuqing left through that passage. How could he have placed the statue on the chair?"

Yu Peiyu said:"That is the clever part of Ji Kuqing's plan. If someone would discover this body was just a statue they still wouldn't know how he escaped."

Ji Lingfeng asked:"How do you explain this?"

Yu Peiyu answered:"The little hole here is the answer. Ji Kuqing attached a string to the bottom of this statue. He went through the secret passage and held on to the string. When he closed the passage he pulled the string and the statue was hoisted up the stone chair."

Ji Lingfeng exclaimed:"Ingenious!"

Yu Peiyu said:"Ji Kuqing thought of everything, except for the fact that years later his son would set fire to this house."

Ji Lingfeng remained silent for awhile and finally she sighed:"You're smarter than I anticipated. Much smarter!"

Yu Peiyu pushed away the stone chair and saw there was indeed a secret tunnel.

Ji Lingfeng walked down and Yu Peiyu helped Xie Tianbi go down the tunnel too.

It was pitch dark and they couldn't see a thing. After walking for some time they saw a light up ahead.

Yu Peiyu quickly advanced forward to see where the light came from. It was a lamp the same lamp he used earlier.

That meant if they went up now they would arrive in the room of Madame Ji.

They have walked around in a circle.

Everyone was quiet again and sad. Suddenly Yu Peiyu said:"There must be another exit."

Ji Lingfeng asked:"How come?"

Yu Peiyu explained:"Ji Kuqing and that Mr. Yu (the lover of Madame Ji) couldn't have left via Madame Ji's room or the pavilion. So there must be another exit around here somewhere."

Yu Peiyu took the lamp and lead the way, they walked the path leading to the exit via the pavilion. Yu Peiyu asked Ji Lingfeng:"When did that Mr. Yu come to the manor?"

Ji Lingfeng replied:"I remember very clearly. It was the third day of the first month of the lunar year.

It was also the third day which Ji Kuqing took the poison. He took the poison on New Year's Day he wanted everyone to be sad on a joyous holiday. After that everyone was busy preparing to see him off and that's when that Yu fellow disappeared."

They arrived in the little room with the bed and the bookcase. The statue of Ji Kuqing was still there and that piece of jade was still on the bed.

Xie Tianbi laughed:"No wonder that dead man wasn't there, he sneaked out here."

Yu Peiyu said:"I think Madame Ji has wrongfully accused that Mr. Yu."

Ji Lingfeng asked:"Why do you say that?"

Yu Peiyu said:"When I take a look at this piece of jade I just feel suspicious. Even if he didn't give a toss for that pouch he wouldn't leave such a precious object behind."

Ji Lingfeng said:"Right, it seems that this jade is a family heirloom. But he could have lost it in a hurry."

Yu Peiyu said:"Why should he leave in a hurry? He found out about a fourth exit and nobody knew about his whereabouts.

So why the hurry of leaving?

Unless he didn't leave on his own will."

Ji Lingfeng exclaimed:"You mean he was found by Ji Kuqing?"

Yu Peiyu said:"Very likely. Ji Kuqing entered the secret passage and discovered another man here. He couldn't let others know about his secret."

Ji Lingfeng added:"So that Yu fellow must have been taken away by force or even killed."

Yu Peiyu said:"Most likely he is dead now."

Ji Lingfeng said sadly:"If my mother knew this she wouldn't be that sad."

Yu Peiyu said:"But if she knew that the man she loves is dead wouldn't that shock be bigger."

Ji Lingfeng shook her head and said:"Do you know what the worst thing is that could happen to a woman?

Being deserted by her lover. If she found out that he died the pain would hurt but it will pass. But the pain of losing him to another woman is too great to bear."

Yu Peiyu said:"So if she found out that Mr. Yu is dead, she would be happier?"

Ji Lingfeng said:"Much happier than now."

Yu Peiyu shook his head and said:"I will never understand how women think."

Ji Lingfeng coldly said:"Men just shouldn't try to understand women. They should just respect them and love them."

Yu Peiyu didn't answer and took the lamp and was searching for the fourth exit.

After looking for awhile Yu Peiyu sighed:"I just cannot find anything in this darkness."

Ji Lingfeng said:"You don't have to look for the fourth exit."

Yu Peiyu asked:"Why do you say that?"

Ji Lingfeng said:"If you just told my mother that her lover is dead. She will not hate you anymore and even let you go."

Yu Peiyu didn't answer, but another voice said:"No, this plan will not work."

Ji Lingfeng asked:"Why will it not work."

The voice replied:"Because Yu Peiyu is dead, how can he walk out alive."

Ji Lingfeng now realise the speaker wasn't Yu Peiyu and certainly not Xie Tianbi.

Ji Lingfeng loudly said:"Who are you?"

The voice said:"Don't you recognize me anymore?"

A light shone on the figure they saw an old face standing in front of them. Both Yu Peiyu and Ji Lingfeng exclaimed:"Old man Gao!"

Old man Gao smiled at Ji Lingfeng mysteriously and said:"Of course an old servant shouldn't even be here. You know me as old man Gao. But do you also realise who I really am?"

Ji Lingfeng now noticed that they eyes of this old man were very sharp and brilliant. She was a bit afraid and backed away with one step and asked:"Who are you?"

Old man Gao answered:"I am the man who caused Ji Kuqing to sleep uncomfortable and to eat uneasy. I am the man who caused him to repent..."

Yu Peiyu interrupted and said:"You were the one who forced him to retire. He was afraid of you?"

Old man Gao laughed:"Never thought he would be afraid of an old fool like me."

Ji Lingfeng was surprised and shocked and asked:"All this time he knew who you were?"

Old man Gao said:"Of course he knew. But he didn't say anything and pretended not to know. Because I knew of his big secret."

Ji Lingfeng was puzzled and asked:"What secret is that?"

Old man Gao said:"More than 20 years ago, many people were murdered in Wulin. Also lots of precious goods were stolen too.

The perpetrator was highly skilled in martial arts and was very cunning. Several top martial artists investigated these crimes but in vain. Nobody suspected the perpetrator would be Ji Kuqing, who retired years ago and repented for his crimes."

Yu Peiyu said:"I knew there was something behind all of these secrets of Ji Kuqing."

Ji Lingfeng said:"I don't believe he commited those crimes."

Old man Gao sighed:"You're not the only one who doesn't believe it. I think not many people will believe me when I say this. The reason why I came to Murder Manor was to investigate this matter."

Ji Lingfeng said:"If so why did Ji Kuqing allow you to stay in the manor?"

Old man Gao said:"If he didn't allow me to stay it would mean he was afraid that his secret would leak out. And if he tried to kill me, that meant I was right on his trail. He was a very cautious man and didn't take any chances. He knew I was spying on him and he didn't care. Fortunately he didn't, otherwise I could have stayed here all these years."

Old man Gao sighed:"Ji Kuqing is a very clever man with one look he's able to see through you. When I arrived here I also knew that I can never solve those crimes and find any evidence to support my suspicions. But even so my presence made sure he wouldn't commit anymore crimes."

Yu Peiyu was filled with admiration and respect for old man Gao and said:"Mr. Gao, you have taken effort to protect Wulin. Not only did you sacrifice your own life but also your fame and status to becoming a lowly servant here."

Old man Gao looked a bit sad when he heard this, these past ten odd years were not easy to pass.

Old man Gao said:"Alhtough I sacrificed a part of my life but I made sure that Wulin was safe from his terror for years."

Yu Peiyu said:"He couldn't kill Mr. Gao and couldn't escape. So he faked his death."

Old man Gao said:"I knew he had the ambition to dominate Wulin but I never thought he would fake his death and fool me too."

Ji Lingfend said:"Since you found out his death was an act, why didn't you go and find him."

Old man Gao said:"At the beginning I thought he really died but after awhile I knew that he wouldn't let his dream die out. Also I...I never really had a home I roamed the realm and within realising I stayed here for years and saw you and your sister grow up. I don't have children or students of my own and watching you grow up..."

Ji Lingfeng interrupted him and coldly said:"I don't need your love, I don't care why you stayed here. I have nothing to do with you. Now that he's gone you will never find him."

Old man Gao said:"You're right if he keeps a low profile I won't be able to find him. However if he starts to wreak havoc again I will certainly be ready to stop him."

After saying that he looked very impressive and confident.

Ji Lingfeng asked again:"Who are you?"

Old man Gao smiled:"Since you're not willing to know me why bother to know my true identity."

Ji Lingfeng grunted but didn't say a word again.

Old man Gao turned to Yu Peiyu and said:"When I heard that you died I went to the room of Madame Ji to take a look. By coincidence I discovered the secret passage via the wardrobe."

Yu Peiyu said:"Now everybody thinks I am dead I can leave this place."

Old man Gao said:"But since you died how can you walk out of here alive."

Old man Gao glanced at the statue of Ji Kuqing."

Yu Peiyu understood his meaning, pretending to be dead he could continue his search for the truth.

Ji Lingfeng scoffed:"Unfortunately everyone knows the famous Yu Peiyu."

Old man Gao said:"Nobody is perfect in this world. Let us not talk about the personalities of men. But appearances there is no perfect face in the world. Even the most handsome man or most beautiful woman througout history didn't have a perfect face."

After saying this old man Gao looked at Yu Peiyu and continued:"Take you for example, you can be called one of the most handsome young men of your time. But your eyebrows are too thick, your eyes a bit too small. Your nose and mouth are not too matching either."

Yu Peiyu didn't understand what he was getting at and smiled wryly:"Mr. Gao, you must be joking how can I be considered a handsome young man."

Old man Gao said:"If the personality of a man is faulty no one can repair it. But inconsistencies on the face can be corrected. I have long examined to create the perfect face and I have finally found a method. However finding a suitable person to work with is very difficult, no matter what I cannot transform an ugly man into a handsome dashing young man."

He looked at Yu Peiyu:"Your manners and grandeur are superb even perfect. And those small inconsistencies can be helped by me. After searching for many years I have found the suitable person. You!"

Yu Peiyu was surprised and asked:"Mr. Gao, you want transform me into another man."

Old man Gao smiled:"There are lots of advantages of being the perfect handsome man. Women for example won't bear to harm you..."

Yu Peiyu quickly interrupted:"But I am very pleased with this face."

Old man Gao said:"The best advantage is nobody will know you are Yu Peiyu."

Yu Peiyu asked:"But won't such a perfect face draw too much unwanted attention?"

Old man Gao said:"Everybody will be impressed and in awe of your appearances. So they won't pay attention to your manners and grandeur."

Yu Peiyu was silent for awhile and sighed:"Mr. Gao, I will comply."

Yu Peiyu looked at Xie Tianbi and saw him looking at the wax statue and talking softly to himself. Ji Lingfeng stood in a corner and couldn't care less.

Old man Gao went out and brought back food and water lots of candles and two mirrors.

Yu Peiyu was lying on the bed and old man Gao used a cloth to cover his face. Yu Peiyu could smell a very strong herbal aroma and his face felt numb.

During a daze he could hear old man Gao saying:"Just rest! When you wake up you will become the most handsome man throughout history."

Yu Peiyu woke up after a long sleep, his face was wrapped up with the cloth after seven days the cloth could be removed.

On the seventh day old man Gao removed the cloth and stared at the face of Yu Peiyu. He admired the face like a painter admiring his greatest work and felt very proud. He softly said to himself:"Who....who else in the realm can create such a perfect face. Of course the face alone isn't enough, but..."

He patted on Yu Peiyu' shoulder and smiled:"Luckily you had such a good father, a wonderful discipline and powerful will. Wihtout it you wouldn't be able to match your manners and grandeur with this face. Also your strong will helped you staying sane through all these past events."

Ji Lingfeng said coldly:"I am very fortunate to have such a good-looking subject."

Old man Gao asked:"Who is your subject?"

Ji Lingfeng calmly said:"Yu Peiyu and you are my subjects. If you do not comply I will expose your secrets to everyone."

Old man Gao sighed:"Go ahead! Tell everyone! I don't care"."

Ji Lingfeng was shocked to see this reaction and stammered:"You..you're not afraid?"

Old man Gao smiled:"You won't tell anyone, will you? You look and try to come over as evil. But you're a very kind and gentle girl in your heart. I know I watched when you were an infant."

Ji Lingfeng stood there and suddenly broke out in tears.

Old man Gao patted her on the shoulder and said:"Dear child, you think everything is that simple? Becoming evil is more difficult than you think. Sometimes being evil is more difficult than being good?"

Yu Peiyu wanted to touch his face, but old man Gao grabbed his hand and said:"Don't touch it for three days and don't use water."

Yu Peiyu asked:"Do I have to stay here another three days?"

Old man Gao laughed:"If you can't wait you can go now. I, for one am very eager to show you off to the world. Let the world know a new perfect handsome young man was brought to this world by me."

He pushed away the pillow and said:"Off you go now!"

Yu Peiyu was still uncertain and asked:"I can really go?"

Old man Gao smiled:"Yes, you can. And the best part nobody knows you're Yu Peiyu."

Yu Peiyu looked at Xie Tianbi, Xie Tianbi was saying softly:"The dead man is gone....he is gone now...he is sweating...."

Yu Peiyu sighed and took him by the hand and said:"Master Xie...."

Ji Lingfeng turned around and said:"He will stay here, I drove him mad and I will take care of him. In this manor nobody will know my secret and harm him."

Yu Peiyu was surprised and said:"You want to stay here?"

Ji Lingfeng coldly said:"Why? Am I not allowed to stay?"

Yu Peiyu said:"But Ji Zanghua..."

Ji Lingfeng coldly said:"If he sees that I didn't die he will be too shocked to do anything. From now on he will never be able to harm again. I am in control."

After she stopped weeping she became her coldself again. And she added:"Go now! Before I change my mind."

Old man Gao said:"You should go now. Women do change their minds a lot."

Yu Peiyu walked out the secret passage with a set of new clothes and a new hope.

After encountering the strange and eerie events in Murder Manor he felt almost every place must be ten times better than this spooky place.

He walked over to a small brooke and looked into the water. He saw a dashing young man and thought:Is that really me? Is that really Yu Peiyu?

Yu Peiyu walked around in the courtyard for some time he heard several men talking.

One said:"Murder Manor is said to be hell on earth. I think there is nothing special to that place."

The other said:"You don't know a thing. When you enter that place you can be killed at any time. You're here for the obsequies, that's why you find nothing special to this place."

A third man said:"Well I don't really care much for the obsequies. I just wanted to visit the famous Murder Manor."

Yu Peiyu's curiosity was aroused and walked over to them.

The three men walked into the hall and Yu Peiyu followed them. He could see a crowd in there.

One man said:"Although it wasn't a glorious death, but the funeral does seem impressive."

The other replied:"That is because of his father."

Yu Peiyu couldn't help patting the man on his shoulders and smiled:"May I ask who passed away?"

The man turned around and looked very annoyed but as soon as he saw Yu Peiyu's face his attitude changed. He smiled friendly and said:"Haven't you heard yet? The chancellor of Wulin organised this funeral."

Yu Peiyu smiled wryly:"Oh, it is him."

The man put up his thumb and praised:"Chancellor Yu is fit to lead Wulin. His only son died here but he doesn't even want to pursue the matter and even said[This unfilial son will only create more havoc if he is alive. But now that he is dead I still must organize a funeral worthy of him].

Everybody praised the benevolence and righteousness of chancellor Yu. Although this Yu Peiyu didn't die with honour but his funeral is something grand."

The man added:"I forgot to ask your name, good friend."

Yu Peiyu smiled lightly:"My name is Yu Peiyu."

The man was very surprised and said after awhile with a laugh:"People with the same names isn't unusual. But your grandeur is better than the late Yu Peiyu."

Yu Peiyu smiled:"Well, perhaps not that much better."

During the conversations some people backed away now to make room. Yu Peiyu saw the famous Madame Hai Tang walking by.

She held the hand of a young girl with a veil. This young girl was crying very sadly. Yu Peiyu already knew who this girl was.

He couldn't help looking at this girl and Madame Hai Tang noticed. She smiled at Yu Peiyu.

Some people were whispering:"That is Lin Daiyu, she is the fiancee of Yu Peiyu. She already fainted three times."

Yu Peiyu wanted to go over and comfort her and tell her he isn't dead. But he also knew he couldn't.

Another man said:"Yu Peiyu has a wonderful father and a loving fiancee. If he only stayed on the right path...It is his own fault for..."

Before he could finish someone loudly scolded:"Yu Peiyu is my good friend. Whether he is good or bad, it is not your place to talk about him. If I hear another bad word about him I will not be friendly."

The speaker was Hong Lianhua.

Yu Peiyu was very sad and wanted to go over to them.

At this moment the chancellor of Wulin Yu Fanghe walked by and had tears in his eyes, of course.

When Yu Peiyu saw him he was about to explode. But no matter how he felt anger, sadness he couldn't let anyone know this Yu Peiyu and the "late" Yu Peiyu are the same man.

Everyone was rather pleased to see such a dashing young man and all people treated him with respect.

Even the lord of Murder Manor the wicked Ji Zanghua smiled at Yu Peiyu and said:"My dear friend, I do not recognize you. But I am very captivated by your elegance. Would you like to join me for a cup of wine in my manor?"

His words were sincere, and looked very amicably. Anyone else might have gone with him.

But Yu Peiyu knew better and friendly rejected:"Thanks lord Ji! But I wouldn't dare to impose."

Ji Zanghua smiled:"My friend, if you won't join me I will take that as an insult."

He took Yu Peiyu by his hand and walked with him.

Yu Peiyu felt disgusted that this madman was touching him.

Suddenly a girl walked over and said:"This young master already promised my mistress for a cup of wine later."

Her hand was aimed for Ji Zanghua acupoints on his arm with or without intentions.

Ji Zanghua had no choice but to let go.

He saw a young woman in a red dress staring at Yu Peiyu. She looked very naughty.

Ji Zanghua laughed:"You're very cheeky. Do you know who I am?"

The girl giggled: Do you know who my mistress is?"

Ji Zanghua said:"I just wanted to ask you."

She blinker her eyes and said:"Well, my mistress is Madame Hai Tang."

Ji Zanghua was stunned and quickly turned around and walked the other way.

Yu Peiyu felt relieved that he was gone.

The girl laughed:"He wanted you to stay at his manor, do you know the reason?"

She stared at Yu Peiyu without blinking, Yu Peiyu blushed a little bit.

Yu Peiyu smiled:"I don't know."

The girl said:"He wants you to stay at his manor so that he can kill you. He has never killed anyone as handsome as you before. And I think he gets a thrill by killing handsome people over ugly ones."

Yu Peiyu smiled:"Do you feel the same?"

The girl giggled:"Even I did I can never harm you. I wouldn't think of it."

She laughed and put a small note in Yu Peiyu's hands and walked away.

She turned around and said:"Silly boy! Don't you know yet the most gorgeous flower is the cherry blossom. And she is waiting for you."

Yu Peiyu could smell a sweet fragrance and it was similar to the fragrance of Madame Hai Tang.

The note said: Around midnight outside Murder Manor, a gorgeous flower and a fine wine will be awaiting you. Will you join me?