The Sword and Exquisiteness (Mingjian Fengliu) - Chapter 9

Chapter 9 A Sudden Change

Yu Peiyu, Silver Blossom and Iron Blossom were creating quite a scene, fortunately Golden Blossom walked in and saw Yu Peiyu bloody face and asked with surprise:"What is going on here? Is this your doing?"

Silver Blossom laughed:"So what if it is, are you sad too?"

Golden Blossom slapped her on the face.

That silenced the laughter of Silver Blossom and everyone was silent and Iron Blossom let go of her sister.

Silver Blossom backed away from Golden Blossom and angrilly said:"You hit me? You actually hit me."

Golden Blossom stamped her feet and asked:"Why did you do such a thing?"

Silver Blossom retorted with anger:"Why can't I do such a thing?!? You just know that Iron Blossom loves him but do you know that I love him too. Why can all of you have your perfect partner and I cannot?"

Golden Blossom said:"Didn't you hate him?"

Silver Blossom screamed:"Yes I do hate him! But I hate you even more! You just seem to care about Iron Blossom and not about me!"

Golden Blossom was silent for awhile and sighed:"I really didn't know. I really didn't know you are looking for a perfect partner. You have a lot men already, I never thought I would have to worry about your love life."

Silver Blossom was furious and stormed out the room.

Everyone heard her saying:"I hate you, all of you! I hate everyone in the world! I wish all of you are dead!"

Golden Blossom stood there and was speechless. Iron Blossom looked at Yu Peiyu and burst out in tears.

Yu Peiyu felt very tranquil and softly said:"There really is no perfect face in the world. That is something that old man Gao never would have thought of before.

I wonder what old man Gao would say when he saw my face....."

He felt that this was quite funny and laughed heartily. Somehow he felt relieved.

Iron Blossom stopped laughing and looked at him, she didn't understand his laughter. But who in this world can?

Three days later Yu Peiyu regained some strength. And he was feeling quite well but his face was wrapped in bandage.

You could only see his eyes, mouth and nose.

Iron Blossom and Golden Blossom looked at him apologetically. Golden Blossom sighed:"Do you really have to go now?"

Yu Peiyu smiled:"It is time for me to leave."

Iron Blossom hugged him and said:"Please don't go. I will always love you no matter how you look like."

Yu Peiyu smiled:"If you truly love me you should let me go."

Golden Blossom softly said:"At least let us see your face. I mean we can see how injured you are."

Yu Peiyu replied:"No matter what, I will always be myself, right?"

He gently pushed Iron Blossom away and

smiled:"Do you know what the first thing I want to do."

Iron Blossom said:"Do you want to look for my mean sister?"

Yu Peiyu said:"I do want to look for someone but not your sister. I want to pay a visit to young master Tang, and tell him to rendezvous with you here. I will also tell old Mr. Tang Wushuang that The Three Magnificent Flower Ladies are not that bad after all."

Golden Blossom said:"I don't know how to thank you."

Yu Peiyu laughed:"If you would let me go that would be thanks enough."

Golden Blossom and Iron Blossom didn't say anything anymore and saw Yu Peiyu off. They had tears in their eyes of gratitude, sadness and love.

Yu Peiyu opened the door of the secret tunnel and stood in the main hall.

However when he lifted his head he saw bodies hanging from a beam.

They were the servants of the manor and also the keeper Ma Xiaotian was dead now.

Some weapon had punched a hole through their throats and pierced a rope through the holes and hung them up.

He thought the killer was a rutheless person.

He thought of returning to the secret tunnel but it didn't seem like a good idea and proceeded forward.

He didn't want to go back and ask for help.

Suddenly he heard someone saying:"Who goes there? Stop!"

Yu Peiyu stood still. The voice said:"Come over here!"

Yu Peiyu walked over to the voice, it came from a different room.

The speaker was Jin Yanzi, he was surprised to see her here.

Jin Yanzi sternly asked:"Where did you come from? I didn't see you when I entered this place."

Yu Peiyu plainly smiled:"I entered via the entrance."

Jin Yanzi said:"Are you in league with the three flower ladies?"

Yu Peiyu said:"I don't think that is any of your business."

Jin Yanzi drew her sword and pointed it at the throat of Yu Peiyu.

Yu Peiyu remained calm and wasn't impressed by that sword. Even if there were a thousand swords pointed at his throat he wouldn't budge. All the past events have made him stronger than ever.

She didn't recognize Yu Peiyu and his face was wrapped in bandage.

Jin Yanzi was impressed and stunned by his calmness.

She slowly lowered her sword.

Yu Peiyu asked:"Where is the young master of the divine sabre?"

Jin Yanzi was surprised and asked:"Do you recognize me?"

Yu Peiyu said:"Who doesn't know that the young master of the divine sabre and Miss Jin Yanzi are never separated."

Jin Yanzi stared at his eyes and said:"Your eyes look familiar."

Yu Peiyu said:"I am not the only man with bandage around his head."

Jin Yanzi sternly asked:"Who are you?"

Yu Peiyu said:"I am Yu Peiyu."

Jin Yanzi's face changed and said:"Yu...Yu Peiyu is dead already, you...you."

Yu Peiyu said:"Miss, you should know there are two Yu Peiyus. One is dead and the other alive. I just am a bit envious of the dead Yu Peiyu, he had a lot more friends than I."

Jin Yanzi sighed and asked:"Were these people killed by you?"

Yu Peiyu asked:"Did you kill them?"

Jin Yanzi said:"Although these men deserve to die I didn't kill them."

Yu Peiyu said:"If you didn't kill them then who did?"

Suddenly another voice said:"I did."

And a man appeared in front of them, this man wore a silver brocade and he didn't have a left arm.

It was an elderly man with grey hair and beard.

He had sharp, brilliant eyes and looked very fierce.

Jin Yanzi shivered when he looked at her and Yu Peiyu.

Jin Yanzi said:"These men were killed by you?"

The old man said:"You don't believe me. If you think I only have one arm that means I am incapable of killing, you are wrong. If I didn't deal with these men more evil will roam in the realm."

Jin Yanzi asked:"Sir, may I know your name?"

The old man said:"You needn't know my name. An enemy of the Heavenly Slikworm Sect is my ally. If not I will not allow you to live."

Jin Yanzi seemed to be convinced of the old man's words and didn't attack or retort.

She asked:"Sir, have you found the three flower ladies?"

The old man asked:"Do you have any unresolved matters with them?"

Jin Yanzi hatefully said:"My hate for them is as deep as the ocean."

The old man said:"If you want to find them, follow me."

The man walked out of Ma manor, Jin Yanzi followed him. And Yu Peiyu followed her.

He was quite puzzled because he knew that the three sisters were not somewhere else but right in Ma Manor.

Why would this old man lie? What are his motives?

Even if he was capable of killing these men how could he hang them up their with one arm.

With the old man's martial arts he could easily kill Jin Yanzi.

What is he planning for Jin Yanzi? The old man ignored Yu Peiyu and couldn't care less about him.

They walked via desolate roads and it was getting dark.

Yu Peiyu finally asked:"Where are the three flower ladies hiding?"

The old man said:"Evil people will only stay at sinister places."

Young girls are very sensitive to words like evil and sinister. She asked the old man:"Where is this sinister place?"

The old man just said:"If you're tired or scared you can just go back."

Jin Yanzi gritted her teeth and followed him.

Although Jin Yanzi's martial arts and art of levitation are very good she felt quite exhausted now. But Yu Peiyu could manage to keep up with this old man quite easily.

But he was getting more and more cautious about this old man especially seeing his level of martial arts was very high.

The old man climbed a high cliff easily, Jin Yanzi and Yu Peiyu were still standing there.

The old man called:"Aren't you coming up?"

Jin Yanzhi whispered to Yu Peiyu:"This is going to be dangerous, you should go now."

Yu Peiyu smiled:"I have come this far, it is too late to be afraid now."

And he started climbing the cliff, the old man was observing Yu Peiyu. Yu Peiyu knew the old man was trying to see what the level of martial arts was of Yu Peiyu.

Yu Peiyu only used half of his internal power deliberately. The old man seemed to be disappointed to see Yu Peiyu this weak. Jin Yanzi did her best to climb the cliff and the old man looked pleased to see her level of martial arts was quite good.

Yu Peiyu found it strange that the old man was disappointed to see his martial arts were weak but happy to see that Jin Yanzi was strong.

If the old man was planning something against them he should be glad to see their martial arts were weak.

They now stood in front of the entrance of a dark cave.

There was a huge boulder blocking the entrance.

Jin Yanzi softly said to herself:"This is the secret hide-out of the three flower ladies?" She was beginning to feel suspicious.

The old man explained:"This is the secret cavern of the Heavenly Silkworm Sect. The three flower ladies are elders of the sect, that's why they are allowed to enter."

Jin Yanzi asked:"How did you know this secret?"

The old man laughed:"How many secrets in the world can be kept hidden from me."

Jin Yanzi thought:Strange, I always believed that the Heavenly Silkworm Sect was located in the southern regions of China.

The old man said:"Do you have the courage to enter this cave!"

Jin Yanzi took a deep breath and said:"Even if I have to travel to far ends of the world I have to find the three flower ladies. I have to deal with them."

The old man said:"Very good! If you have the courage and caution I can guarantee nothing will happen to you."

Yu Peiyu said:"I am not going in there."

He wanted to say:"I know the three flower ladies are not in this cave. Why are you lying to us?"

But he knew at this moment he wasn't able to overcome this old man. He wanted to see what this old man was up too and tested him with this sentence.

The old man looked at him coldly and said:"You do not want to enter?"

Yu Peiyu replied:"I'm not looking for the three flower ladies. Why should I enter?"

Jin Yanzi quickly helped:"This matter does not concern him. I don't even know this man."

The old man calmly said:"If you don't want to enter I won't force you."

He placed his palm casually on the rock surface and left a deep handprint behind.

Yu Peiyu laughed:"Originally I didn't want to enter. But now I know this cave is linked with the Heavenly Silkworm Sect I would like to know a bit more about their secrets."

The old man ignored him and turned his attention to Jin Yanzi.

He took out a short sword and a flint.

He said:"This short sword is capable of slicing stone and iron like butter and this flint is also very precious. Protect them carefully!"

The old man gave the two items to Jin Yanzi and she thanked him.

The old man easily moved the boulder aside and said:"When you're done inside come back to the entrance and used the sword to strike at the boulder seven times. When I hear the signal I will move the boulder aside."

Jin Yanzi and Yu Peiyu entered the cave, Jin Yanzi used the flint to light a small fire.

The light shone on Yu Peiyu's face, wrapped in bandages, revealing a pair of noisy eyes.

She sighed lightly:"You're very strange. This entire matter doesn't concern you, why do you tag along?"

Yu Peiyu thought:Although she is very straightforward and even rash but she is a very kind and considerate girl.

He rather liked her at this moment, all the girls he met so far whether either quite strange, rutheless or even downright maniacal.

He smiled and said:"In these dangerous places it is better to be with someone."

Jin Yanzi was surprised and asked:"You..you did this for me?"

Yu Peiyu smiled:"Miss, you're a friend of the late Yu Peiyu meaning you're also my friend."

She stared at him for awhile and blushed fortunately Yu Peiyu couldn't see her red face now in the dark.

After awhile she asked:"What do you think this old man is up too?"

Yu Peiyu thought for a moment and said:"What do you think, Miss?"

Jin Yanzi answered:"If he wants to deal with me he wouldn't lent us his sword and flint. Judging by that palm he can easily kill us both."

Yu Peiyu said:"You're right. The power of his palm was very strong but his technique was refined and gentle. His internal power has reached a very high level. He is certainly not inferior to reverend Chuchen of Wudang."

Jin Yanzi asked:"What could be his motives?"

Yu Peiyu smiled:"Let us just go straight ahead and worry about that later. He won't remove the boulder now."

Jin Yanzi smiled:"I always thought I was very courageous but you are braver than I. Even if I'm afraid now I wouldn't show it out of embarrassement."

The light shone on her face and revealed an open and cheerful smile.

Yu Peiyu thought:If all the girls in the world were like her there wouldn't be so much trouble.

Yu Peiyu lead the way and the fire shone on the walls and suddenly they saw carvings on the wall.

It was an engraving of a man and a woman making love. The engravings were very lifelike.

Jin Yanzi took one look and quickly turned her head away and blushed.

She said:"Such a disgusting place!"

Yu Peiyu also felt a bit embarrassed by it and found strange this cave would have such engravings.

Jin Yanzi quickly walked forward and suddenly in the dark two dark figures holding two broad sabres hacked towards Jin Yanzi.

Yu Peiyu yelled":"Watch out!"

During his yell he dashed forward and used his arms to hug Jin Yanzi. Both of them fell to the ground and rolled away from the hack and Yu Peiyu could just avoid the sabres.

The two figures returned to their original places.

Jin Yanzi exclaimed:"Only two statues."

Jin Yanzi said:"If it wasn't for you I would be dead now."

Yu Peiyu remembered she was still in his arms and he could smell her sweet fragrance.

Her lips almost touched his.

He quickly wanted to apologize.

But instead Jin Yanzi smiled:"If the young master of the divine sabre would see us now. He would be fuming. I really wish he could see this."

Yu Peiyu was initially afraid she would pout or feign anger but she was even more open-minded than he thought. She didn't even pretend to be angry.

Yu Peiyu was very happy to see her reaction and said:"Yes, it is strange. Why isn't he with you this time."

Jin Yanzi smiled:"He keeps following me around and gets angry when other men are talking to me. I'm so annoyed by him and this time I quickly ran away when he was not paying attention."

All of a sudden she stared behind Yu Peiyu and said loudly:"Look!"

Yu Peiyu turned around and saw a big door and there were characters carved next to the door.

The Palace of Enchantment, trespassers DIE

Jin Yanzi frowned:"The secret hiding-place of the Heavenly Silkworm Sect is here? And it is called this Palace of Enchantment?"

Yu Peiyu was pensive he knew that this was not only a sinister place but also very mysterious and the character enchantment was also puzzling.

He asked Jin Yanzi:"Are we going in?"

Jin Yanzi replied:"We're not going to be scared away by a few characters."

Yu Peiyu said:"What if the three flower ladies aren't here."

Jin Yanzi:"Aren't they here? Why would the old man lie to us?"

Yu Peiyu sighed:"To my knowledge the three flower ladies are not here. And I'm not sure why the old man would lie to us."

Jin Yanzi was pensive for a moment and said:"What do you think, shall we go back? But I don't think the old man would let us go if we went back."

Yu Peiyu seriously said:"If we enter this door every step could be very dangerous. Perhaps you should stay here and I will explore it."

Jin Yanzi smiled sweetly:"You said yourself in these dangerous place it is better to be with someone else."

In situations like these the true nature of men will surface. Kind people will become even kinder and nasty people will become even more nasty.

Yu Peiyu held her hand and smiled:"Let us go! But careful every ste......"

Suddenly the floor cracked open and Yu Peiyu and Jin Yanzi fell into a deep hole.

Jin Yanzi felt a strong surge of energy passing through her hand and she was flung out of the hole. But Yu Peiyu dropped down.

Jin Yanzi stood near the hole and screamed:"Are you allright?"

It was too dark and deep to see clearly and she didn't know whether Yu Peiyu was dead or not.

Jin Yanzi was crying and yelled:"Why won't you answer me?"

But there was no response.

She closed her eyes and wanted to leap into the hole too.

All of a sudden she was embraced from behind, she shouted:"Who is it?"

And she saw Yu Peiyu standing next to her.

She fell into his embrace out of happiness.

She was still crying and said:"Why didn't you answer me? You're very mean."

Yu Peiyu smiled:"I couldn't talk at the moment. I was clinging on to the wall with one puff of energy. If I answered I will drop down into the hole."

Jin Yanzi smiled tenderly:"I saw the flint drop down and I thought you were....gone. But now you're here."

Yu Peiyu looked at her and sighed:"Why did you want to leap down the hole?"

Jin Yanzi said softly:"If anything happens to you while you're saving me. I.I...don't want live anymore too."

But suddenly she laughed and said:"But I would have done the same thing if it was someone else who save me."

Yu Peiyu blinked his eyes and smiled:"Are you not afraid I will be disappointed by that final sentence?"

She smiled:"I know that a man like you must already have a special person. If I didn't added that extra bit, you feel bad, right?"

Yu Peiyu was very happy, he felt that Jin Yanzi was the nicest girl he had ever met.

She wouldn't pretend or feign emotions she was very open-minded and kind.

Yu Peiyu took her hand and said with a smile:"You're first girl I have ever met who didn't give me any unwanted problems."

Yu Peiyu drew the short sword and used it as an tool to climb down the hole.

It was a trap actually because at the bottom there were sharp spikes and Yu Peiyu saw the remains of dead people.

But some of the bodies were not decomposed in fact it seems some of these people died quite recently.

He picked up the flint and and climbed up.

Yu Peiyu told Jin Yanzi:"It is best that I should lead the way, don't follow to close if anything happens to me you can still get away."

Jin Yanzi loudly said:"This entire matter is not your concern. I should lead, don't treat me like a woman and take care of me all the time."

Yu Peiyu smiled:"Although I don't like to think you are a woman. But still you are a woman. And in front of women men like to play the hero."

Jin Yanzi smiled:"You're the most lovable man I have ever met."

Yu Peiyu lead the way again, but this time he was even more cautious and advanced very slowly. Both he and Jin Yanzi knew that this place was filled with traps.

A few metres further up ahead they saw two stone statues a man and a woman making love.

It was very lifelike both Yu Peiyu and Jin Yanzi blushed when they saw the statues.

Jin Yanzi grunted:"Why is this place filled with these revolting things."

After saying that she kicked the statues, Yu Peiyu wanted to stop her but it was too late.

A strange gas emitted from the statues, Yu Peiyu pulled her away and said:"Careful!"

But by saing [careful] he inhaled some of that gas. Jin Yanzi shook her head and saw that Yu Peiyu was sitting on the floor and was using his internal strength to counter the effects of the gas.

She cried out:"You...you...."

Yu Peiyu shook his head telling her not to talk now, Jin Yanzi kept quiet but was very worried.

After some time Yu Peiyu sighed:"Fortunately after all this time the effects of this gas aren't that strong anymore."

Jin Yanzi said softly:"Albeit the case but if I inhaled that poisonous gas that close I would have been dead now."

Yu Peiyu said:"Maybe."

She sighed:"You saved me again."

Yu Peiyu asked her:"Could you perhaps close your eyes?"

Jin Yanzi smiled:"Can't I watch?"

Yu Peiyu said:"I'm going to touch the statues and hopefully find the switch that will open up a new path. But I'm afraid the switch is not on a very proper place."

Luckily Jin Yanzi understood what he was getting at and closed her eyes.

Suddenly she heard the statues moving aside and she walked through the statues a path was opened.

When the light shone the path it revealed a series of tiles with a very peculiar motif.

Naked men or women engaged in all kinds of different sexual activities.

Jin Yanzi blushed again.

Yu Peiyu examined the tiles and said:"Follow my footsteps, don't divert."

His first step was on a not so proper place and Jin Yanzi followed his lead.

She pouted:"What is this horrible place anyway?"

Yu Peiyu said seriously:"The keeper of this place deliberately constructed this place like this. His intention to ward off the gentlemen of Wulin and continue his sinister activities here. Gentlemen tend to get quite embarrassed when they see things like this."

Jin Yanzi joked:"What about you? Are you a gentleman?"

Yu Peiyu smiled:"Sometimes I am and sometimes I am not."

Jin Yanzi smiled:"You're not only lovable but also very cute."

During their laughter they suddenly saw a body of a dead girl. The body was hanging from a beam, it looked ever so eerie.

Jin Yanzi said:"Trespassers, die! It seems this person really lives up to these words."

Yu Peiyu concluded that this girl only died recently no more than two days. He found it odd that a cave sealed for more than ten odd years was recently visited by someone else.

After a few steps they saw another body another young girl was killed by a trap. A huge, heavy spear penetrated her body and nailed her to the wall.

Her hands were still clutched to the spear and it seems she wasn't killed instantly and was trying to pull the spear out.

Jin Yanzi shivered at the sight.

With every few steps they saw another body of a dead girl. Some of them were killed by poison, melting their faces away and some hacked by broad sabres.

Jin Yanzi shivered and asked:"This place is filled with dangerous booby traps. If you weren't here with me, my faith would be the same as these poor girls."

Yu Peiyu said:"They made it to here, that means some of them were very smart and trained in arts of formations and traps."

Jin Yanzi asked:"Do you mean they belong in the same group?"

Yu Peiyu answered:"They probably entered the cave together."

Jin Yanzi sighed:"These girls were young and pretty. Why would they waste their lives here in this god-forsaken place?"

Yu Peiyu said:"Although this place has nothing to do with the Heavenly Silkworm Sect. But there must be another concealed treasure here."

Jin Yanzi stopped and said:"So the old man is using us to open a road for him."

Yu Peiyu sighed:"I think so too. That's why he hoped that our martial arts were good enough to survive the traps. And that's why he lent us his sword and flint."

Jin Yanzi angrilly said:"If we succeed he will know the way in and get the treasure. It is unlikely he will share it with us. And if we fail and die it doesn't matter to him. What an evil man! We haven't met before and now he is planning to use us like stepping stones."

Yu Peiyu was pensive for a moment and said:"There is another strange thing."

Jin Yanzi asked:"What...what is that?"

Yu Peiyu replied:"Did you notice that all the bodies we saw belong to women. There isn't a single corpse of a man. So the hunters for this treasure are only women. But why?"

Suddenly a voice said:"There are several reasons for that."

When Jin Yanzi heard that voice her face changed and she clutched to Yu Peiyu's arm and said:"He is here!"

The old man calmly said:"I will enter this part along with you. Thank you for clearing the way for me."

Jin Yanzi angrilly approached the old man:"

I thought you were a respectable Wulin senior, how could use us like stepping stones."

The old man said:"Although you endured some hardships on my behalf. But there will be some advantages for both of you. Even if you died here it will be for a good cause."

Jin Yanzi asked:"What is this place anyway?"

The old man answered:"Look at the bodies."

And he pointed at the characters next to the body of a girl.

The place of romance and passion, the palace of pleasure and joy. Even if the spirits will devour your bodies. But still ever so lethal, ever so vicious.

The old man explained:"Forty years ago all the handsome young men in Wulin would love to come here. Even death meant nothing to them."

Jin Yanzi asked:"Why?"

The old man laughed:"This place can give pleasures beyond men's wildest dreams. It is a pity that after joy comes death."

There was no joy in his laughter and it sounded even eerie.

Jin Yanzi trembled and said:"Why aren't their bodies of men?"

The old man said:"The men will die after they entered the Palace of Enchantment and after enjoying pleasure. The reasons why there are so many corpses of young girls are quite many. The keeper of the Palace of Enchantment was very beautiful, these women were probably related to the men who were involved with her. These women came her to kill her or were jealous of her."

Jin Yanzi said:"Even if that woman is still alive she would be an old witch. Why are there still so many young women who died here."

The old man said:"Although she is dead her secrets are still here. Her skills in preserving beauty and mesmerizing men are still wanted techniques by many women. If a girl can master these skills she can have every men she wants."

Jin Yanzi glared at Yu Peiyu and blushed and said:"I don't even want to look at those disgusting skills."

The old man laughed:"I'm afraid when after you have the manual you won't be able to put it away."

The old man looked at Yu Peiyu and said:"Your martial arts aren't good but you seem to be skilled in many other arts. I will spare your life."

Yu Peiyu smiled:"Before entering the main hall of the palace you won't kill me."

The old man stared at him and said:"If you can help me enter the main hall I will even give you a part of the treasures inside."

Yu Peiyu said:"What if I refuse."

The old man said:"Then you will die now."

Yu Peiyu said:"What if someone already took the manuals?"

The old man said:"Till now no one has successfully managed to enter the main hall. I locked nine girls in this cave with the hope they would solve the traps for me. Unfortunately after two days no one came out of the cave."

Yu Peiyu asked:"You killed Ma Xiaotian because you were afraid that he knew this secret too and you feared he might tell others."

The old man coldly said:"You talk too much."

Yu Peiyu reproached him:"You killed Ma Xiaotian and his family just because you were afraid that he might know this secret. How very ruthless!"

The old man grunted.

Jin Yanzi loudly asked:"What does this place have to do with the Heavenly Silkworm Sect? Are you in league with them?"

The old man calmly said:"You talk too much too." He placed his palm on the wall for a moment.

Jin Yanzi looked at the handprint and kept quiet.

They now stood for the doors of the main hall. Yu Peiyu was thinking for a very long time on how to open these doors.

After some time he softly said to himself:"Could we be wrong? Where could the switch be?"

The old man said:"The switch must be here somewhere, there are no other entrances to the main hall."

Yu Peiyu moved the corpse of a young girl aside. He examined the corpse and saw there were no wounds on her body but her hands were as black as ink.

He examined her hands closely and found a small puncture wounds at the index- and middle finger of the girl.

Yu Peiyu stood up and said:"I understand now. The switch is on the two characters of on the wall."

All the other characters on the wall were covered with dust except for the two characters of.

Jin Yanzi said happily:"Of course! If we press on the characters of the doors will open, right?"

So she walked up and wanted to press the characters.

Yu Peiyu quickly pulled her back and said:"Don't! If we press the characters you will die like this poor girl. It is not worth it."

The old man drew the short sword and cut off the index- and middle finger of the dead girl and used the fingers to press the characters.

The doors opened and the main hall was decorated very styleful.

I Would Like To Share The Ultimate Joy Of Life With You, Enter And You Will Experience True Pleasure

These characters were engraved on the wall.

The old man was very excited and laughed:"Finally! The secret is mine!"

He quickly advanced in. Jin Yanzi picked up the two fingers and saw that there were another two small puncture holes.

She sighed and looked at Yu Peiyu and said:"Again you saved me. I never would have thought that another trap was concealed in these small characters."

There were poisonous needles installed inside the characters if you touch the characters you will get stung.

Both Yu Peiyu and Jin Yanzi carefully entered, Yu Peiyu held Jin Yanzi's hand.

The old man said:"Half of this treasure is yours."

Yu Peiyu said softly:"This old man will not let me walk out of this place alive."

Jin Yanzi saw something and called out in excitement.

Yu Peiyu saw it too, heaps and heaps of gold, gems, jade, silver.

She turned to Yu Peiyu and said:"Look how beautiful these things are."

Yu Peiyu asked:"Do you like them?"

The old man laughed:"All the girls in the world love precious gems."

Yu Peiyu laughed:"It seems you have an interest in them too."

Jin Yanzi said:"That's different, men love gems, gold and silver because they are precious. But girls love them because they are pretty and beautiful."

She put on a pearl necklace and it made her look even more beautiful.

Yu Peiyu sighed and said:"How can those pearls match your beauty."

Jin Yanzi lowered her head and blushed.

The old man didn't look at the treasure anymore he was looking for something else.

Jin Yanzi whispered:"Is he looking for the manual?"

Yu Peiyu said:"I think so."

Jin Yanzi said:"But he isn't a woman what does he gain with those manuals."

Yu Peiyu said:"Perhaps his martial arts are very close to the keeper of the Palace of Enchantment. And combining the two will increase his martial arts. Or maybe he has a daughter...."

He was interrupted by the laughter of the old man. He had a manual in his hands and grabbed it tightly.

Yu Peiyu sighed deeply.

The old man said:"My wish came out! Why are you sighing?"

Yu Peiyu sighed:"There is saying:When the birds are gone, the bow is redundant. My sigh is for a reason."

The old man laughed:"I said I wouldn't kill you and I won't. I will even let you have this treasure for your efforts."

Jin Yanzi smiled:"Sir, you're a man of your word. Worthy of being a Wulin senior."

Yu Peiyu calmly said:"I cannot enjoy this treasure when I cannot take it outside, can I?"

Yu Peiyu with or without intention blocked the exit.

The old man laughed:"Your martial arts aren't good, but you're strong enough to take a part of treasure outside in two times."

Yu Peiyu smiled calmly:"But if you would go outside and seal the doors I will be trapped in here. How can I move the treasure outside."

The old man was furious he never thought this youngster would see through his intentions.

He angrilly shouted:"Do you really think you can stop me?"

His hand formed a claw and stormed towards Yu Peiyu.

Yu Peiyu's hand hacked at his claw, the old man was surprised that he knew such a good technique. His claw became a palm again and pushed out towards Yu Peiyu.

Yu Peiyu's palm countered the palm.

Both paced back three steps, the old man was shocked to see Yu Peiyu was stronger than he thought.

He viciously said:"I underestimated you."

He attacked Yu Peiyu with a series of ten stances, all his techniques were strange, lethal and vicious.

Yu Peiyu tried his best to counter those techniques but still stood in his way. Yu

Peiyu was still recovering and he inhaled a bit of that poisonous gas earlier.

He was feeling quite tired and had difficulty defending himself. He turned to Jin Yanzi and said:"Get out of here!" Jin Yanzi was shocked to see the current change of events but after a second she smiled:"Two against one mean old man, we have better chance of winning."

Yu Peiyu said:"Even with your help I cannot win. Just go!"

Because he was speaking to Jin Yanzi his concentration was diverted, he was pushed back by one step by the old man.

Jin Yanzi saw that Yu Peiyu and the old man were engaged in a fierce fight and saw she couldn't help Yu Peiyu out.

She sighed and pass near the old man and wanted to get out.

The old man used his palm to strike out at her, Jin Yanzi managed with effort to block that attack.

But she fell to the ground after blocking that stance.

Yu Peiyu saw a chance and attacked the old man with everything he got and asked Jin Yanzi:"Are you allright? Are you injured?"

Jin Yanzi felt numb all over her body and smiled:"I am fine, don't worry about me."

Yu Peiyu knew that she couldn't get up now and was feeling anxious because of this he pushed back by the old man's palm energy.

Jin Yanzi asked with fear:"Are you hurt?"

Yu Peiyu gritted his teeth and forcibly accepted another three stances of the old man. Both were still fighting.

Jin Yanzi cried:"Why aren't you talking? Are you injured?"

Yu Peiyu loudly said:"Don't mind me! I...."

When he spoke his internal power became a bit weaker and was forced to back away another two steps.

The old man laughed:"The two of you are truly two lovebirds. Still worried about each other in such dangerous situations. I really admire the love between you.