The Sword and Exquisiteness (Mingjian Fengliu) - Chapter 8

Chapter 8 The Poison Of Happiness

The energy that Yu Peiyu focused through his branc and the secretive weapons punctured a hole through the web of love.

The three sisters were shocked to see their web being penetrated and stamped their feet and fled into the woods.

Iron Blossom said:"Excellent! We never thought that someone could break through our web. You should feel proud and arrogant...."

She drew a sabre and chopped off the arms of the five men lying under the tree.

The five men were not bothered and still smiled happily.

Iron Blossom threw the arms to Yu Peiyu.

Yu Peiyu angrilly yelled:"At this point you're stilling harming innocent people!"

He leapt up and wanted to grab Iron Blossom but he tried to avoid the flying arms. He knew if the arms touched him he will be poisoned.

With success he avoided and descended down on Iron Blossom. But suddenly the arms exploded and the blood turned into a reddish fog. The fog floated towards Yu Peiyu.

Yu Peiyu could manage to flick backwards and landed far away from the fog. The fog slowly dispersed, Yu Peiyu could hear Iron Blossom saying:"We will never leave you alone... Just wait and see!"

When the fog cleared the three sisters were gone and only the golden sabre was stuck in the tree.

The reeking of blood made Yu Peiyu sick and he felt like throwing up.

Tang Wushuang sighed:"This is another deadly skill of the Heavenly Silkworm Sect. Namely "The Alteration Of Blood And The Blood Breakout". Few people in the realm can capture them."

Tang Wushuang looked a bit pale and very scared.

Yu Peiyu sighed:"Such an evil sect! Why doesn't anyone organize a punitive expedition against them?"

Tang Wushuang said:"No one would dare to antagonize them. Their martial arts is ferocious and deadly, their poison is extremely lethal."

Yu Peiyu asked:"Who is their leader?"

Tang Wushuang answered:"Their leader is a very mysterious man and his whereabouts uncertain. No one in Wulin has ever seen his true appearances."

Yu Peiyu said:"I don't believe that no one can defeat this heretic sect."

Tang Wushuang sighed:"Although this sect is very deadly but they hardly come to China and stay in the southern regions.

Most people are happy that they stay at their own place. Why make them angry?"

Yu Peiyu was silent for awhile and said:"There will be someone to deal with them."

Tang Wushuang looked at Yu Peiyu and said:"You are young and have excellent martial arts, if there is someone who can eradicate them it must be you."

He continued with a sigh:"As for me, I....(*sigh) When I was young I was very outrageous; women, drinking were my favourite leisure activities. I never put much emphasis on self-control and self-discipline. So that's why the skills of the Heavenly Silkworm Sect are my greatest fears."

Now Yu Peiyu understood why this Wulin dignitary was so scared of these three sisters. And didn't do a thing earlier.

But he was able to tell this matter to Yu Peiyu without any restriction. Yu Peiyu admired his broad-mindedness, and thought he was very fit to be the leader of the famous Tang clan.

Ximen Feng came out now and smiled strangely:"They will never leave you alone till the day you die. Young master Yu should be very careful now."

Yu Peiyu said casually:"Thank you for your concern. But this matter does not concern you, Mr. Ximen."

Ximen Feng's face changed and said:"So be it. I will take my leave now."

He turned to Tang Wushuang and said:"Master Tang,..."

Tang Wushuang spoke to Yu Peiyu:"Young master Yu,...."

Yu Peiyu interrrupted him:"Don't worry master Tang. I can take care of myself."

Tang Wushuang thought for awhile and said:"I know you can take care of yourself.

Remember this the sect members of the Heavenly Silkworm Sect will be quite lethal on the first seven days. If you can avoid of them for the first seven days you will be fine."

Ximen Feng strangely said:"Till now, no one has been able to stay away from them for the first seven days."

He picked up the fainted Wang Yuluo and didn't look at Yu Peiyu anymore and left.

After Tang Wushuang left Ji Lingyan came out and smiled.

Suddenly Yu Peiyu fell down, Ji Lingyan quickly helped him up and cried:"You are poisoned too. Why didn't you say anything earlier?"

Yu Peiyu saw Ji Lingyan crying and didn't want to make her anymore sad and said:"This little poison cannot harm me."

Ji Lingyan cried:"But why didn't say something earlier?"

Yu Peiyu said:"That Ximen Feng is up to no good and if he knew if I was poisoned he might use force against us."

Ji Lingyan said:"You, humans are so strange. Birds are...."

Yu Peiyu didn't hear her words he was thinking about the three sisters that might come back anytime.

He told Ji Lingyan:"Why don't go and play with your friends."

Ji Lingyan shook her head:"No I will stay with you. You are injured and I should take care of you. I will give you one of my pills which I give to my friends when they're ill."

She took out a pill and gave it Yu Peiyu.

Yu Peiyu looked at her innocent smile and said:"How can I eat pills of birds?"

She put the pill in his mouth and Yu Peiyu swallowed. But after awhile he did feel a bit better and the pill tasted quite sweet.

After some time he fell asleep.

Sometimes he would wake up and wanted to tell Ji Lingyan to run away. Because he was afraid she might get hurt by the three sisters.

But after awhile he wouldn't feel worried about it anymore.

After a very long time Yu Peiyu gradually woke up and found himself sleeping in the same room in the inn.

Ji Lingyan smiled:"My medicine is very good, isn't it?"

Yu Peiyu said:"Yes, very good."

He quickly asked:"How many days have I slept in total?"

Ji Lingyan said:"Nine days."

Yu Peiyu was surprised that already nine days have passed and could avoid those three sisters.

Ji Lingyan asked:"Are you still thinking of them?"

Yu Peiyu smiled wryly:"Why would I think of them? But why didn't they look for me?"

Ji Lingyan said:"You never left why would they look for you?"

Yu Peiyu said:"Of course! They must have thought that I am long gone now and never suspected I would stay here. A great plan of you!'

Ji Lingyan smiled in a silly way:"What plan?"

Yu Peiyu watched her and thought is she really mentally handicapped or is she pretending.

Ji Lingyan said:"We must go now, my friends told me that they are still looking for you everywhere else."

Yu Peiyu could hear the chirping of birds outside.

When they walked out Yu Peiyu thought what happened to the corpses and those five men who were lying under the tree. And why weren't the local authorities here to investigate the murder scene?

He looked at Ji Lingyan and thought she might have something to do with this. Again he asked himself is she really mentally handicapped?

But if she is just pretending what could be her motive? Yu Peiyu suddenly thought she saved my life I shouldn't suspect her.

Ji Lingyan suddenly happily said:"My friends tell me that up ahead is a nice place. We could play there. Shall we go?"

Yu Peiyu smiled and stared at her pretty innocent face and said:"No matter where you will go I will follow you."

She was very happy and hugged Yu Peiyu and gave him a kiss on his cheek.

Yu Peiyu slowly began to forget about The Three Magnificent Flower Ladies.

Ji Lingyan asked:"It is very far, are you tired?"

Yu Peiyu said:"Nope, I have never felt stronger before."

After walking for some time Ji Lingyan wanted to stop for some food. At an inn they rested but somehow Yu Peiyu didn't feel like eating. Ji Lingyan was full after eating something they continued their walk, after awhile Yu Peiyu felt very tired. The vitality he had earlier was gone.

She asked again:"Are you tired?"

But Yu Peiyu didn't want to ruin her joy and said:"Not at all."

But with every step he felt more and more miserable and tired. He just wanted to sleep.

They arrived in a town and walked to a big manor. Ji Lingyan said to Yu Peiyu:"This is the Golden Shell manor, the keeper of the manor is called Luo Ziliang. He knows some martial arts and is very rich.

However he is vey thrifty and he doesn't indulge in luxuries. He isn't all to keen on hiring servants."

They continued their walk in the town

Yu Peiyu was too tired to respond actually but after hearing that she even knew these little things he couldn't help asking:"How do you know all these matters?"

She smiled:"My friends told me."

Yu Peiyu smiled back:"You have very smart friends."

She said:"My friends fly all over the world and see many things. And they tell me all about it."

Yu Peiyu said:"Luckily you are a nice girl if not with all those secrets. You can become a very scary person."

They stopped at another rather big manor not as big as Golden Shell Manor.

Ji Lingyan laughed:"Let's enter. It is very nice inside."

Yu Peiyu said:"This is the manor of someone else. We can't just go in."

Ji Lingyan walked in and walked to the main hall and sat down. No one was there and Yu Peiyu said:"Let us leave before the keeper comes out."

She loudly called out:"Why is there no tea!"

A man came out and brought her a cup of tea and respectfully put it on the table.

Ji Lingyan said:"I am hungry."

A few men came out and brought out a few dishes and put it on the table. She started to eat and said to Yu Peiyu:"Sit down eat some too."

Yu Peiyu was too surprised and he wasn't feel hungry.

He asked:"Do you know the owner of this manor?"

She didn't answer and called out:"Come here!"

Some men frantically walked over and stood in front of her.

Ji Lingyan asked:"Who brought this dish, it is too salty."

She pointed at one of the plates at the table.

One of the men knelt down and said:"It was me."

Ji Lingyan said:"It is too salty! What is the idea!"

Yu Peiyu said:"He just brought it over, he didn't know it was too salty. Don't be upset now!"

Ji Lingyan smiled sweetly:"I don't know anything. Don't be mad at me."

Yu Peiyu sighed:"You..."

The man interrupted with them and said loudly:"I shouldn't have brought this dish to you. I deserve to die....I will chop off this hand."

He drew a blade and chopped of his hand without hesistation.

Ji Lingyan said:"That is more like it."

Yu Peiyu said:"Why are you so vicious?"

Ji Lingyan said:"They're are not birds."

Yu Peiyu angrilly said:"You shouldn't behave like this!"

Ji Lingyan said:"They're are all very willing to chop off their hands. I will proof it. All of you cut off two of your fingers."

The men all drew a blade and cut off two fingers without thinking twice.

Ji Lingyan asked:"You are all very willing to do that, right? And you're all very happy, is it not?

All the men replied:"Yes, we're very willing to cut off our fingers."

Ji Lingyan continued:"If you're happy why aren't you laughing."

The men all started laughing.

Yu Peiyu was too shocked and scared to speak anymore.

Ji Lingyan said:"They sold their souls and

bodies to me. Soon you will do the same thing."

Yu Peiyu angrilly said:"YOU ARE MAD! I will never..."

Ji Lingyan interrupted him:"You don't even have the strength to stand up now. With one finger I can push you over."

Yu Peiyu tried to get up but his legs were wobbly and sat down again.

Ji Lingyan lightly said:"Soon you will feel very cold and suddenly very warm. And later on you will feel like thousands ants are crawling over your body and biting you."

Yu Peiyu screamed:"What have you done to me? Why won't you just kill me?"

She smiled:"It will be a pity to kill a man like you."

Yu Peiyu asked:"What do you want from me?"

Ji Lingyan said:"Soon you feel like you have entered a living hell. But I can make you feel like you have entered paradise."

He was starting to tremble with cold.

Yu Peiyu asked again:"What do you want?

Ji Lingyan said casually:"I just want you to kill all the people in Golden Shell Manor."

Yu Peiyu said with difficulty:"I have no strength left in my body, how can I kill anyone."

Yu Peiyu felt more miserable he was very warm now.

Ji Lingyan said:"When you arrive at Golden Shell Manor you will have your strength back and you will even feel more powerful."

The torment Yu Peiyu went through was too much he tried to get up and walked to the door. And suddenly he stopped and said:"I cannot kill innocent people!"

Ji Lingyan laughed:"Do you want to bet with me?"

Yu Peiyu shouted:"I thought you were an innocent naive girl. But I never would have thought you are such a monster. I never suspected you. You're even worse than your sister Ji Lingfeng."

Ji Lingyan smiled mysteriously:"Who do you think I am?"

Yu Peiyu look at her with difficulty and saw her eyes were different. Very sharp and brilliant.

He was trembling and said with utmost shock:"You...you are Ji Lingfeng!"

Ji Lingfeng laughed:"I prentended to be an idiot for more than ten days. And you fell for it. Birds, talking? You actually believe that nonsense. I used a lot of people to retrieve the information I need.


Yu Peiyu was shaking:"You..knew that The Three Magnificent Flower Ladies would not..."

Ji Lingfeng said:"You were poisoned but only lightly. I examined you and you seem to have taken some sort of medicine which protected you from that lethal poison."

Yu Peiyu said:"Yes, the lesser return pill of Kunlun."

Ji Lingfeng smiled:"Unfortunately the lesser pill can't even counter-act my pills of happiness."

Yu Peiyu began to understand:"These men sold themselves to you because they took your poison. This pill of happiness."

Ji Lingfeng said:"It is not a poison. The pill itself can give people lots of joy and strength. But if you do not take it anymore after a long time you will feel very bad."

Yu Peiyu angrilly said:"These pills are addictive!"

Ji Lingfeng said:"You're right I just mixed these pills with some seeds from the opium plants."

She turned to those men and asked:"Are you happy? And would you even sell your own parents, wife and children just for these pills?"

The men answered:"Yes, we will."

Ji Lingfeng said:"If I would stop giving you my pills?"

Before she finished all these men look terrified and begged:"Miss, everything except that. Please don't do that to us."

Yu Peiyu was sweating.

She held the bottle in her hands and told Yu Peiyu:"If you obey my commands this is all yours."

The men were staring at the bottle and were very anxious.

She continued with a gentle voice:"If you comply you can have all the pills you want. You will become very happy."

Yu Peiyu said:"No, I won't take it anymore."

She smiled and took out on pill and held it in her hand. She said:"Here take it!"

He lifted his hand and was about to take the pill when he suddenly saw those men.

They were knealing at looked at the pill and panted heavily, like dogs. Yu Peiyu thought he wouldn't and will not allow himself to become like them.

He screamed and kicked down two men and ran to the door.

Ji Lingfeng didn't stop him and said:"If you can't stand the pain, you can return at any time."

She smiled evily:"Even if there are chains around your feet you wil find a way to come back. They always do."

Yu Peiyu ran and ran. He reached a desolate place and started to roll on the ground to stop the pain. He hit himself on the chest and bumped his head against a rock.

He remembered the words of Ji Lingfeng about going back.

He didn't care anymore he wanted to go back.

But suddenly a voice said:"Here you are! We've been looking for you."

The Three Magnificent Flower Ladies blocked his way.

Yu Peiyu had lost his senses now and yelled:"Out of my way"!"

He wanted to pass around them and pushed out. Iron Blossom used her leg and tripped Yu Peiyu with ease.

Silver Blossom used her foot to step on his back and said with surprise:"What happened to this man? Has he forgotten his martial arts?"

Golden Blossom said:"Is he the man we're looking for?"

Iron Blossom said:"It is him allright! I recognize his face. He is behaving like an animal now. What happened?"

Yu Peiyu shouted:"I will kill everyone in the Golden Shell Manor. I will do whatever you want me to do. Just give one of those pills of happiness. Please!"

Golden Blossom said:"He must be poisoned. What a strong poison this pill of happiness is!"

Iron Blossom said:"Never mind that! Let us take him along with us."

She took a large linnen bag and put Yu Peiyu in it and took him away.

Not even Ji Lingfeng would have guess that Yu Peiyu would be captured by these three sisters.

Golden Blossom said:"This is a very strange poison. I'm not sure how to create an antidote."

Iron Blossom said:"If we cannot create one no one can."

Silver Blossom coldly said:"Eldest sister, have you forgotten that he is our enemy?"

Golden Blossom sighed:"Even if he is our enemy we should help him. Look at him."

Iron Blossom smiled:"I knew eldest sister wouldn't just love one man."

Golden Blossom smiled:"I'm doing it for you."

Iron Blossom asked:"Me?"

Golden Blossom said:"Yes, I am helping him for you."

Iron Blossom blushed:"I don't even know his name. I...."

Her face was entirely red now and turned away.

So the three sister and Yu Peiyu travelled in a carriage. They were heading south.

Yu Peiyu was feeling horrible and would often scream and yell. But the three sisters didn't torture him or hit him. In fact they took utmost care of him. Especially Iron Blossom looked very worried about Yu Peiyu's condition. Golden Blossom knew she was worried that Yu Peiyu might not recover.

Only Silver Blossom was quite sarcastic all the time.

Silver Blossom said:"Third sister shouldn't fall in love with our enemy."

Golden Blossom said:"If he would take that silly girl as his wife he would become our brother-in-law. So we won't be enemies anymore."

Silver Blossom was stunned and said:"I don't understand what she sees in him."

Golden Blossom smiled:"Not only is he handsome, his martial arts is superb. He is really a good match for her."

Silver Blossom didn't say anything anymore and felt angry.

After crossing Chang Jiang (The Great River)numerous members of their sect would welcome them.

Some of them were even men and women of wealth.

Yu Peiyu gradually felt better and could sit up and eat some porridge from time to time. Iron Blossom was very happy to see him recovering slowly, only Silver Blossom was very upset.

Although the side-effects of the pills of happiness were unbearable but if one can resist the addiction with help. Breaking free from the opium is not impossible. Also The Three Magnificent Flower Ladies are not only good nurses but also skilled physicians.

When they entered a rather large town everyone was captivated by these three sisters. By their beauty and manners.

Silver Blossom walked to a man and asked:"Do you know where Ma Xiaotian lives?"

The man was too happy to see such a pretty woman talking to him and replied:"Miss is a friend of Mr. Ma. Just turn left at the end of this street and you will see a manor with big vermillion doors. That is the residence of Mr. Ma."

She softly said to him:"Come and see me tonight." And she blew in his ear.

The man blushed and said:"I wouldn't dare."

She touched his face and smiled:"Coward."

She walked back to her sisters.

The man stared at her and said softly:"Damn that Ma Xiaotian. All the good things go to wealthy.."

Before he could finish his face was itching and when he touched it he noticed it was swollen up. And there was a piercing pain in his ear. He fell to the ground and screamed in pain.

Golden Blossom heard the cries of the man and said:"Why did you do that?"

Silver Blossom smiled:"These lecherous blokes must be taught a lesson. Since when did you become such kind and caring woman. I see you're preparing for your job as the virtuous Mrs. Tang, right?"

Golden Blossom was angered and ignored her and walked ahead.

They walked to the manor of Ma Xiaotian and saw some local ruffians gambling at the stone lions.

Silver Blossom kicked one of them down. The men turned around to see a pretty young woman and were silent.

Silver Blossom tenderly said:"Is this the residence of Mr. Ma?"

All the men stared at her and were under her spell. One of the men laughed and said:"My family name is Ma. You can call me Mr. Ma too. Little Miss, what can I do for you?"

Silver Blossom smiled:"You don't look like the Mr. Ma I am looking for."

She put her face very close to that man, the man thought she was going to kiss him.

But suddenly she slapped him and send him flying. The other men angrilly shouted and came to the man's help.

Silver Blossom smiled:"I'm not preparing myself in becoming young Mrs. Tang so I won't be kind and caring. Being a bit more vicious is fine with me."

She is deliberately making fun and irritating Golden Blossom. She heavily hit those men who obviously were no match for her.

Golden Blossom was very angry but didn't say anything but just grunted coldly.

A voice loudly called out from the mansion:"Who dares to fight in front of my manor? Stop it at once!"

A middle-aged man in an expensive brocade walked out.

Silver Blossom laughed:"Mr. Ma, you look very majestic today. Very impressive!"

The men got up and wanted to wanted to attack again. Ma Xiaotian saw Silver Blossom and looked frightened. He quickly knelt down and respectfully said:"This lowly disciple, Ma Xiaotian pays his respects to the three elders. Please forgive me for not welcoming you earlier."

Silver Blossom scoffed:"Mr. Ma, you finally recognized us. If you would come out later we would be dead now and thanks to your servants."

In fact she was the one who started the fight.

Ma Xiaotian broke out in cold sweat and apologetically smiled:"These dogs don't know any better. I will severly punish them for this..."

Golden Blossom finally said something:"It doesn't matter. I won't pursue this matter. Mr. Ma can you find a suitable place for us to stay? I prefer somewhere tranquil because we have a friend who has fallen ill."

Ma Xiaotian nodded and said he would do his best to find the best place for the three elders to stay. He looked very humble and scared.

Everyone was surprised to see the ever so arrogant Ma Xiaotian this respectful to three young woman.

When Golden Blossom entered the Ma manor, Silver Blossom turned to Ma Xiaotian and coldly said:"My eldest sister won't pursue this matter. That doesn't mean that I will do the same."

Ma Xiaotian stuttered:"I...I will know what to do."

Iron Blossom was a bit annoyed by her sister and said:"Second sister, you know that eldest sister is a bit depressed. Don't irritate her, please."

Silver Blossom scoffed:"She didn't find me a perfect husband. Why should I please her?"

She turned her head around walked into Ma manor.

When Ma Xiaotian accompanied the three sisters to the main hall he ordered his servants to leave them.

Ma Xiaotian respectfully said:"I already have a place for the three elders to stay."

Golden Blossom asked:"Where is this place?"

Ma Xiaotian said:"In my residence."

He removed a painting from the wall and opened a secret door. Through the secret tunnel they entered a series of very refined decorated rooms.

Silver Blossom coldly asked:"Are we that ugly? Can't we be seen by others? Do you want to us to hide in this basement?"

Ma Xiaotian was initially quite happy but now he was afraid again and stammered:"If the second elder is not please with these chambers I will..."

Golden Blossom interrupted him:"This place will do fine."

She entered the room and a few servants helped Yu Peiyu to his room.

Yu Peiyu felt worried, he didn't like these secretive chambers. But wasn't able to do anything about it.

The servants placed him on a bed and he was lying there and was pondering.

Suddenly Iron Blossom entered his room.

She sat at his bed and smiled at Yu Peiyu but didn't speak.

Yu Peiyu couldn't stand her looking at him like that and asked:"I would like to thank you for helping me, if not for you and your sisters I would be...."

Iron Blossom sweetly smiled:"Don't you hate us anymore?"

Yu Peiyu didn't know how to answer this question just sighed:"I never hated any of you, but I just hope you will..."

She interrupted him:"Never harm innocents again?"

Yu Peiyu wryly said:"Miss, you said yourself killing won't do your beauty much good."

She stayed quiet and stared at him suddenly she smiled:"Do you like me being pretty?"

Yu Peiyu stuttered:"I...I..."

He didn't know how to respond he felt it was inappropriate to say yes and felt bad if he said no.

He felt it was very difficult to answer the question of this young girl.

She stared at him and said:"Yes is yes and no is no. It is not that difficult to answer."

Yu Peiyu said:"Yes, I like you to be pretty."

She smiled sweetly and said:"So you want me to listen to you?"

This strange, vivacious girl's words were becoming more and more strange.

Yu Peiyu wryly smiled:"I wouldn't dare to hope you will listen to me."

Iron Blossom gently said:"If you want me to listen to you just say so. I will always listen to you."

Yu Peiyu stuttered again:"I....I..."

Iron Blossom said:"Do you like me to kill innocent people?"

Yu Peiyu said:"Of course not."

Iron Blossom smiled:"So you want me to listen to you?"

Yu Peiyu sighed:"Yes."

Iron Blossom was feeling very happy and kissed Yu Peiyu on his cheek and giggled. She left and closed the door.

Yu Peiyu stared at the door and softly said :"Why is she so happy? I..I didn't agree to anything."

But suddenly he remembered their actions against the Tang clan and felt scared.

In these couple of days he would often sleep through the days and wake up in a daze.

One day he felt someone crawl under his sheets and softly biting his neck and ear.

And softly blew in his ear, Yu Peiyu woke up but couldn't move, he couldn't see who it was. The candles were out, he asked:"Who are you?"

The person didn't answer and removed his clothes and gently caressed his back.

Yu Peiyu knew it must be Iron Blossom and he felt his heart beating quicker and quicker. He composed himself and seriously said:"Miss, if you really listen to me. You should go now."

The person tenderly said:"Who wants to listen to you? I want you to listen to me..."

Her voice was very seductive and sexy.

Yu Peiyu exclaimed with surprise:"Silver Blossom?"

She seductively said:"If you listen to me I will never let you down."

Yu Peiyu couldn't move and was sweating, he was panting heavily and his heart was beating very quick.

He asked:"Could you light the candles?"

Silver Blossom said:"Don't you like it this way?" Yu Peiyu said:"I want to look at you."

Silver Blossom giggled:"I never thought you are such a experienced lover."

She lit the candles and stood naked in front of Yu Peiyu and smiled:"You can look at me as long as you want."

Yu Peiyu coldly said:"I just wanted to see what kind of shameless woman you are. You think you're the most beautiful woman in the realm, but you make me sick."

Yu Peiyu never said words like this before but his entire purpose was to make her angry.

Silver Blossom's passion was gone into blind anger and yelled:"You dare to mock me!"

Yu Peiyu continued:"Look in the mirror, you can see what kind of shameless woman you really are...."

She cursed back:"And you think you are very handsome, right? Well, I think I will like to see how handsome you can be after I'm through with you."

She drew a blade and walked to him and said:"Let us see how many women will fall in love with you now. After I have turned you into the ugliest man in the realm."

She used the blade and gently cut his face. Yu Peiyu wasn't scared in fact he felt it was quite ironic. So he laughed loudly.

Silver Blossom saw his face was bleeding and wanted to cut another time. But she felt a bit bad about ruining this perfect face.

Yu Peiyu looked at her and loudly said:"Do it! Do it! This is not my face! Destroy it, you'll only make me happy!"

The blood was oozing out his wound and his loud laughter made him look like a madman.

Silver Blossom's hands were sweating and said:"If you won't find it a pity that your face is ruined someone will. If I cannot have you, no one can. I will rather turn into an ugly madman than give you up to her."

She too started to laugh loudly and wanted to cut again. Suddenly the door was kicked open and Iron Blossom pulled her away from Yu Peiyu.

She shouted:"Eldest sister, come quickly! Second sister has gone mad!"

Silver Blossom laughed:"I'm not mad! Your perfect husband is! He says this face doesn't belong to him. I don't want a lunatic like him."