The Celebrity - Chapter 9

Chapter 9 – Full display of wealth

In a restaurant waiter’s mind, there were two kind of visitors who came to eat.

Tian SiSi was one kind, a guest that had a special menu of prepared meal, certainly the lowest class of guests. He did not need to greet them specially, he did not need to even give her a smiling face.

Yang Fan was another kind of guests, who ordered many different dishes and drink, their rank was certainly elite.

Because when he had drunk a lot, the tip they left behind was not small.

Moreover, if someone had selected 4-5 different dishes, they usually could not finish them, and the waiter possibly could have some night time snack, and even some wine to go with it, that would be good.

In a waiter’s eyes, initially there were two kinds of people, but today these two persons actually seemed to be of another strange kind.

These two people obviously knew each other, but they actually sat on two separate tables.

They obviously spoke to each other, but their eyes did not look at anyone in particular, like these two were speaking while thinking aloud.

“Perhaps they were young husband and wive who just quarrelled.”

The waiter decided to flatter the female guest, if his judgment was good, today perhaps he could reap some benefit, because there was opportunity with a woman who quarrelled with her husband, moreover this woman did not look very smart.

A waiter in a small restaurant did not have many advantages, but sometime they could reap some big benefit.

He suddenly heard the clanging bells outside, two shiny mules had stopped outside the gate, two people alighted while holding up their head and entered, who turned up to be two children.

These two mules seemed even more spirited than a horse, the whole bodies were as smooth as glass, and colored brown, they wore new saddles, the shining stirrups, and the bright red reins.

These two children also seemed more spirited than adults, they were both about 14 years old, the hairs were combed up into high braids, with embroidered clothes, big eyes looking straight, even without the smiles, there were two dimples on their faces.

The one on the left raised his horsewhip and pointed to the waiter's nose, “Is your restaurant the biggest place in this town?”

The waiter just smiled and did not open his mouth, but the cashier had interjected, “This is the biggest restaurant in town, anything that you two would like to eat, this restaurant can prepare it.”

This child knitted his brows, turned to the other child and said, “I know already that this is a poor place, it does not even have a decent restaurant.”

The other child had observed Tian SiSi several times, and said along, “Since there is no other place, let it be.”

The child with the horsewhip said, “Such a dirty place, how can Miss eat something here?”

The other child said, “You tell them to make everything especially clean, that should be the end of it.”

The cashier interrupted, “ Yes, yes we can certainly attend to the kitchen carefully and use all new utensils.”

The child with the horsewhip said, “How much does your best table of dishes cost?”

The cashier said, “The best elegant and expensive banquet costs 5 taels ......”

He had not finished his sentence, this child had wrinkled his eyebrows and said, “How can you eat with only 5 taels? What person do you think we are? Country folks’ first time in a restaurant?”

The cashier smiled, “If the customer asked for 10 taels, 20 taels banquet table, we can also provide that.”

This child nodded reluctantly and said, “Good, prepare a table of 20 taels for us.”

He took out a spindle of money and, “trang” he had thrown it on the counter and said, “This is the installment, we will come back.”

He also stared at Tian SiSi twice before pulling the other child to go, these two whispered together some words, and together suddenly laughed. They laughed while turning at Tian SiSi, and then they jumped onto the saddle.

Immediately the two mules took to their heels and disappeared.

Someone said, “Those are very pretty mule, I have never seen such on this road.”

This person with full beard, opened shirt, and holding a wine cup, just walked out of the private room, his face looked like a tyrant.

Another person replied with a smile, “If Master Niu said so, these mules must be good.”

This person’s complexion was greenish, the eyes were red, he looked about 40 years old, but already had bended waist and humpbacked, if not a deformity, it must have been because of excessive wine and women.

There were also two other people, a tall thin person, wearing a black sword on his waist, a long one but actually of not so high-quality iron, the eyes upturned, with continuous sneers at the corners of his mouth, looking like he was a lot more outstanding than the rest of the world.

Finally the one behind was the oldest, most of the teeth had come loose, the face was wrinkled unevenly. He wore a long green robe and held a golden folding fan, “spew” he expelled a thick phlegm on the ground, the lewd eyes cast a glance at Tian SiSi.

Tian SiSi immediately wanted to vomit.

These people not only had made her want to vomit, compared to the big head, this bunch of people really did not look pleasing to the eyes at all.

Master Niu had just drunk up the wine in his cup, also said, “Looks like the Missy of these two children must be a little extraordinary.”

That ill-health demon replied immediately, “However extraordinary, since she has arrived here, she must first visit Master Niu.”

Master Niu shook his head, sternly said, “ZiXiu, how can you speak so wildly, aren’t you afraid that MeiGong and Gentleman Ji will laugh at you? You should know that there are many capable people in jiang-hu, a person like me is not really that important.”

This lewd old man was originally called “MeiGong (beautiful male)”, while swinging the folding fan he said with a smile, “Brother Niu is too modest, if your reputation is nothing, my Ouyang MeiGong’s reputation would not be worth even a single cent.”

Although Master Niu wanted to give a modest appearance, he could not help smiling and said, “Brothers, although I have a little reputation at the border, but once inside the country, I am just a country folk. Therefore I only dare to stay in this place, I do not dare to walk to a big place, how can I compare favorably with MeiGong?”

Ouyang MeiGong said with a smile, “Brother Niu should not forget, we have come from a big place precisely just to visit Brother Niu, as long as the person is outstanding, it should be fine.”

Thereupon Master Niu laughed loudly, Tian SiSi actually felt nauseated, but remembering “Niu mo-wang” (Cow demon), was secretly amused.

In this Young lady’s journey to the south, encounters with demons and monsters happened many times, if Tian Xin really wrote this journey notes, this would become very brilliant.

Master Niu smiled, also said, “MeiGong has so much experience, do you know these two children's origin? “

Ouyang MeiGong continued fanning himself while saying hesitantly, “Looking at their style, if they are not some high-ranking senior official’s people, they would be the descendants of an old martial world family. Even if they are of the royal family’s descendants, I will not feel surprised.”

Master Niu nodded and said, “MeiGong has a wise insight, perhaps in my opinion, these two children are of royal descendants in Beijing who are visiting some relatives in their home village."

Gentleman Ji’s hand continuously held on to his sword hilt, rolled back his eyes, and sneeringly said, “I am afraid the two of you are mistaken.”

Ouyang MeiGong frowned and said reluctantly with a smile, “According to Gentleman Ji, you already know her origin?”

Gentleman Ji said, “Mmm.”

Master Niu said, “Who is she?”

Gentleman Ji coldly said, “She is not considered as a person, just a whor3.”

Master Niu was stunned and said, “A whor3?”

Gentleman Ji said, “What a whor3 does, Master Niu will surely know?”

Master Niu said with a smile: “But how can a whor3 have such a grandiose style? I am afraid Gentleman Ji is mistaken.”

Gentleman Ji said, “I cannot be wrong, not only is she a whor3, moreover she is a very special whor3.”

Master Niu’s voice thickened, “How special?”

Gentleman Ji said, “Other whor3 is selected by a client but this whor3 actually will select the client. Not only that, the money has to be substantial, and the place has to be luxurious.”

Master Niu gave a forced laugh and said, “Does her hidden passage have flowers on it?”

Gentleman Ji said, “Not only without flowers, it even lacks any grassy roots.”

Master Niu laughed so hard and so loud that the wine cup he held sprinkled its content all around.

Ouyang MeiGong laughed out loud too, while at the same time casting a glance at Tian Sisi.

Tian SiSi felt bewildered, she could not understand what they were saying, and she decided that she would ask the big-headed ghost later, what “a whor3” means.

Master Niu also said with a smile, “Even if she were a white tiger, yet she did not have any specialty, why would her fee be so high?”

Gentleman Ji said, “Because all men are bums, the higher the fee, the more men who wants to go to bed with her.”

Master Niu nodded said with a smile, “She really knows a man’s heart well, even my heart has been moved a little, perhaps I should wait here to give her a try.”

Ouyang MeiGong clapped his hands suddenly and said, “I just remembered.”

Master Niu said, “What has Mei Gong remembered?”

Ouyang Mei said, “Gentleman Ji, is she Zhang Haoer?” (Haoer = good child)

Gentleman Ji said, “Precisely!”

Master Niu said with a smile, “Zhang Haoer, how is she a good person? Why is she good?”

Ouyang MeiGong said, “Not only is she the number one prostitute in jiang-hu, but also skillful in martial arts. Not only her skill in bed exceeds other people, her hands are not too shabby either.”

Master Niu said with a laugh, “So, Mei Gong has been moved too, I wonder who she will select this evening?”

The two laughed while looking at each other grudgingly.

As soon as it related to “money” and “woman”, many good friends could become enemies.

Moreover they were not really good friends to start with.

Master Niu also glanced at Gentleman Ji and said, “Gentleman Ji, since you knew already about the lack of grass, is it possible that you already had an encounter with her?”

Gentleman Ji heh heh smiled.

Anyone who saw this kind of smile, would feel the urge to hit him on the face.

He sneeringly said, “What is strange is how Zhang Haoer is willing to come to this place, does she know that she will meet such a good-humored person as Master Niu?”

Master Niu’s laughter had turned into a sneer and said, “I have prepared 500 taels for her, will it be enough? “

Gentleman Ji heh heh smiled, and did not say anything.

That “Zi Xiu” had not spoken for a long time, but at this point he interjected with a laugh “Even if this place is made of gold, 500 taels will be enough to buy it, I will prepare a bridal chamber for Master Niu.”

This person never missed an opportunity to flatter him.

Master Niu actually shook his head and said lightly, “Slow down, even if she is willing to sell, I may not necessarily want to buy, after all the 500 taels are not obtained without hard work.”

The person who flattered could not say anything.

Ouyang MeiGong laughed, “You can prepare the chamber by all means, as long as there is a new bride, you can always find the bridegroom.”

Tian SiSi could not bear it anymore, as soon as these people returned to the private room, she quietly asked, “What does a whor3 do? Is she a new bride?”

Yang Fan smiled and said, “Sometimes.”

Tian SiSi said, “Whose new bride?”

Yang Fan said, “A lot of people.”

Tian Sisi said, “How can a person be a new bride of a lot of people?”

Yang Fan looked at her up and down twice before saying, “You really do not understand?”

Tian SiSi pouted her mouth and said, “If I had understood, why should I ask you?”

Yang Fan sighed and said, “She can be many people’s new brides, because she exchanges the bridegroom every day. “