The Celebrity - Chapter 7

Chapter 7 – A young lady and a pig

Light of the early dawn appeared in the East.

Tian SiSi’s eyes were still bleary, she tried to keep it open, but eventually she closed it again.

She was really too tired, too weary.

Although she knew that she could not fall asleep here, she could not prevent herself.

While being half asleep, she heard some people calling, “Young lady, Lady Tian ......”

Who was calling?

This sound was very familiar.

Tian SiSi opened her eyes, as the call went nearer. She raised her head.

A row of four people walked here. The first one was Tie GeBo, next Knife Scar Six, Qian YiTao, and Boss Zhao.

Seeing these four people, Tian SiSi felt her anger welled up.

If not for these four bastards, how could she fall to the present situation.

But why were they looking for her? Had they not deceived her enough, that they wanted to deceive her again?

Tian SiSi jumped up, her hands on the waist, staring at them.

Perhaps she feared Madam Wang and Mr. Ge, but to these four swindlers, Lady Tian was actually really angry.

She was Second Master Tian's daughter after all, the head of the big escort bureau from the capital city.

Perhaps her wugong was not as high as she imagined it to be, but she had some actual skills.

When these four people saw her, they unexpectedly did not run away, instead they were smiling and approached with reverence.

Tian SiSi stared at them, “What do you want?”

Qian YiTao’s smiling face looked very natural, as he said with a smile, “The inferior is looking for Lady Tian.”

Tian SiSi sneeringly said, “You dare to look for me? Your courage is actually not small ha...”

Qian YiTao knelt down suddenly, and said, “The humble one did not know young lady's background and had offended deeply, but hopefully the young lady can forgive us.”

When he knelt down, the other three people immediately also knelt down.

Boss Zhao placed down two bundles and said, “This package is young lady's jewelry and this package is 700 silver taels, if the young lady can overlook what had happened before and accept this bundles, the humble one would be deeply grateful.”

These people suddenly became conscientious and was willing to return everything and submit.

On the contrary, Tian SiSi felt a little embarrassed.

Feeling embarrassed within but also a little self-satisfied, she put on a serious face and said, “You all realize your mistakes?”

Four people simultaneously shouted back, “The humble ones know our sins, the humble ones should die ......”

Tian SiSi’s heart became soft and wanted to tell them to stand up. The picture of four male adults kneeling in front of her was not a pretty one.

Who knew that when these four people spoke “die”, suddenly there were many holes on their foreheads.

The blood flowed immediately from the holes, the wrinkled smiles faded gradually.

Four people’s eyes still looked straight but the faces were already stiff, no shout, no struggle.

Eight eyes were still looking straight at Tian SiSi, until their faces suddenly dropped to the ground.

Tian SiSi was scared.

She simply did not see how the holes came up, she just saw these four turn-to-ugly faces from four smiling faces.

Who killed them? With what method?

Tian SiSi remembered Sister Mei’s death and her hands and feet immediately became ice-cold.

Mr. Ge!

Tian SiSi screamed, and turned around.

There was no one behind her, only a tree that could not stop shaking in the cold wind.

When she turned around again, Mr. Ge was already behind the four corpses, coldly staring at her, his long robe looked like mourning clothes in the dim light.

His cold face was entirely still, with his straight body staying motionless.

He also looked like a dead person.

Tian SiSi’s soul flew with fright and stuttered, “You ......What are you doing here?”

Mr. Ge lightly said, “I want to ask you.”

Tian Sisi said, “What question?”

Mr. Ge said, “When do you plan to marry me?”

It was a similar question, similar words, while the intonation and the expression almost did not change.

Tian SiSi did not know what to do, how to answer this stupid question.

She was confused.

Because she was really too anxious, that she could not control herself.

Mr. Ge said, “I told these four people to come.”

Tian SiSi nodded, “I ......I know.”

Mr. Ge said, “Since they have deceived you, why don't you want these back?”

Tian SiSi was nodding all the time and said, “I do not want them, I do not want them at all.”

She nodded while at the same time she said she did not want them, that was sad but also laughable.

Mr. Ge did not show any expression, and said lightly, “You do not want them, but I do.”

He lifted the bundles and then said slowly, “This is your wedding dowry.”

Tian SiSi screamed, said, “If you want anything, I will give you… I have a lot more jewelry which is worth much more than these, I will give them all to you, as long as you do not force me to marry you.”

Mr. Ge coldly said, “You certainly must marry me, you have promised me.”

Tian SiSi tried to look up to see him.

But she probably should not look at him directly.

Because when she did that, her whole body felt like it had dropped into the icehouse.

His face did not show any smile, nor any blood.

But his face was even more fearful than the bloody smiling face of that four dead people.

Tian SiSi screamed, “I never promised you ......I have never really promised you ......”

She screamed while turning around to run away.

She felt that her body was disobeying her – that she could not take another step, but it was as if she suddenly got the strength from the devil, because in one breath, she had run away really, really far.

There was no sound behind her.

She finally dared to turn her head and glance behind secretly.

The wind was blowing, but there was nobody.

Unexpectedly Mr. Ge had not pursued her.

He did not pursue her anxiously, maybe because he calculated that Tian SiSi would not be able to escape anyway.

Without pursuing her, wherever he was, his overbearing shadow had put a stranglehold on Tian Sisi.

Tian SiSi dropped down.

She collapsed next to the road.


The milky color of the early morning fog rose from the road and scattered in all directions.

From the smog, there was a faint sound of rattling wheels mixed with some gentle neighs.

Also a low voice of someone humming a folk song was heard.

Immediately Tian SiSi’s spirit was awaken, she crawled to the road as she saw a covered carriage breaking through the fog.

Driving the carriage was a white-haired old man.

Tian SiSi felt relieved.

An old man was always more trustable than the young ones.

Tian SiSi hailed, “Old gentleman, can you help bring me along? I will certainly give you rewards as a thank you.”

The old man whistled, withheld the reins and looked at Tian SiSi for a while before asking her slowly, “Where is Miss going?”

This question really stumped Lady Tian.

Go home?

How could she go home like this? Even if her father did not scold her, other people would surely laugh loudly at her.

She just went out for one day and she already turned into this dirty appearance, nothing she wore was clean, she had lost a lot of her items.

“Tian Xin, the little girl managed to run away, she is actually faring a bit better than me.”

Should she look for Tian Xin?

But where? Where could she run away to?

If she could not go home, also could not find Tian Xin, then she could only go to Chiangnan.

She had come out this far, she must go to Chiangnan.

But she had only walked 200 miles, she had already turned into this appearance, and now she was even penniless.

If she were by herself, could she get to Chiangnan?

Tian SiSi stood stunned in the roadside, the tears nearly dropped.

The old man sized her up, and said suddenly, “Is it possible that Miss has met a robber?”

Tian SiSi nodded, the person she met was much, much scarier than a robber.

The old man sighed and shook his head, “A mature lady like you should not walk alone by yourself, nowadays people have changed a lot, there are many dishonest people around ...... Oh.”

He also sighed and then said, “Get aboard, good or bad I will deliver you to your home.”

Tian SiSi lowered her head and slowly said, “My family lives very far from here.”

The old man said, “Very far, how far?”

Tian Sisi said, “In Chiangnan.”

The old man was stunned, with a forced smile he said, “Chiangnan, that is very far, what should we do then?”

Tian SiSi wondered, “Where is the old gentleman originally going?”

The old man’s wrinkled face suddenly showed a happy face and said, “I have a relative who is hosting a joyous occasion today, I am hurrying to drink and celebrate, therefore I simply had not planned on carrying passengers.”

Tian SiSi hesitated and said, “Then we shall do this: wherever the old gentleman is going, I will go with you. When the old gentleman has arrived at the place, I will alight.”

She only wanted to leave this preposterous place, as far away as possible.

The old man thought a while and then said generously, “Good, if that is so, Miss who had met some misfortune, I will not accept your fare, I might even deliver Miss to a nearby place.”

Tian SiSi felt so grateful that she could not say anything.

There were good persons in this world after all, she found one at least.

The carriage went for a long time, swinging from side to side, while the old man hummed a folk song in a low voice.

Tian SiSi was so worn out that she had quickly fallen asleep, in her dream she was a small infant again, lying down inside the swinging cradle, while her wet nurse was humming a lullaby.

This dream was very beautiful and sweet.

It was only a pity that despite of the sweet beautiful dream, one had to wake up at some point.

Tian SiSi was awakened suddenly by the sound of firecrackers, only then she realized that the carriage had already stopped.

The old man stood outside the carriage door looking at her. When he saw she opened her eyes he smilingly said, “We have arrived at my relatives place, Miss can alight.”

She rubbed her eyes and looked blearily outside the carriage.

The carriage stopped outside a house that was not small, with large frontyard, and surrounded by the wheat field, the wheat had grown tall and shone bright golden yellow in the sunlight.

Several chickens bundled together in the corner of the yard, they were obviously scared by the sound of the firecrackers a moment ago.

There were many congratulatory red papers inside and outside the house. Everyone was wearing new clothes and showing happy faces.

Tian SiSi’s heart actually felt bitter, she suddenly felt that all these people were a lot happier than her.

That new bride was certainly like a blossoming flower today.

“And I? When will I have this culmination day?”

Tian SiSi nipped her lip, jumped down the carriage, lowered her head and said, “Many thanks old gentleman, I no longer dare to ask anything else, since the old gentleman has delivered me here, I ......I feel extremely grateful.”

After speaking, she broke into sobs as she tried to hide her face.

The old man kept looking at her, while showing sympathetic expression and said, “Where is Miss going to go?

Tian SiSi hung her head and said, “I ......I have some place to go, the old gentleman does not need to worry about me.”

The old man gave a long sigh, “How about this, if Miss does not have anything urgent, you can get refreshed and drink in celebration with us.”

He had not finished his sentence, before someone else also said, “Miss already arrives here, if Miss does not celebrate with us that means you look down upon us country folk.”

Someone else also said with a smile: “Moreover, we were worried that we did not have enough people to fill the tables. If Miss is willing to be present, that will be very good, please come in without any hesitation.”

Tian SiSi found out that there were many people who welcomed her, a couple of older ladies, wearing golden hairpins and golden bracelets on the wrists had held on to Tian SiSi’s hands.

Another braided girl had also pushed her from behind, the country folk's warmheartedness and hospitability was displayed completely for her.

Although Tian SiSi suddenly felt a surge of warm feeling in her heart, she still said, “Why is there so much good intention and graciousness?”

The crowd started to advance into the house.

Some firecrackers made loud noises outside.

A pair of wedding candles burned bright, the dancing flames were like children’s smiling faces.

On the two eight-sided tables, people had covered them with large bowls of luxurious feast, sumptuous food that symbolized people's happiness and abundance.

In life, some things could change very quickly, even if someone were to befallen upon a misfortune, that was also worth enduring. If she could persevere, later she would get the rewards.

Tian SiSi suddenly felt happy, as if she had left behind these unfortunate bitter experiences.

She was gently prodded to a table on the left side, that old man sat by her.

Only five people sat on this table, she discovered that the guests that were celebrating were not that many. Besides her, the other people there seemed to have consisted only of very close friends.

Everyone seemed to be curious about her and took some measuring look at her, she became a bit uncomfortable, and could not help leaning to the old man and whispered, “I do not bring any wedding present, how can I feel right about it?”

The old man smiled, “No need, you do not need to give a present.”

Tian Sisi said, “Why don’t I need to give a present?”

The old man smiled, “This marriage celebration was decided hastily, nobody had time to prepare wedding gifts.”

Tian Sisi said, “Hasty decision? I heard that when country folks get married, they usually prepared it for a long time, why ......”

The old man interrupted her, “Ordinarily when people get married, they certainly would have a very long preparation, but this marriage is actually different. “

Tian Sisi said, “How different?”

The old man was hesitant, “Because the bride and the bridegroom are a little special.”

Tian SiSi grew more interested as she listened and asked, “What is so special? Actually how are they related to the old gentleman?”

The old man said with a smile, “The bridegroom will come out shortly, you may see him immediately.”

Tian Sisi said, “The bridegroom will come out shortly, how about the new bride?”

The old man smiled a little mysteriously and said, “The new bride is already in this house.”

Tian Sisi said, “In this house? Where?”

She looked around the house, but there were only herself, this old man, and another 6-7 people.

The two old women who pulled her in, sat opposite her, they continued to smile hee hee… the powder on the face seemed to drop off little by little.

Maybe there are 50 layers of powder on those faces.

“The uglier the person, the more you need the powder to cover it”, that saying must be true.

Tian SiSi laughed inside, the more she looked the more she felt that these two women were clowns.

Tian SiSi’s smartly said, “She is the new bride?”

The old man shook his head, and smartly said with a smile, “How come there is such an ugly new bride?”

Tian SiSi felt better inward for the bridegroom, if someone married such a new bride, the ancestors really gave him bad luck.

In her mind, a new bride would always be attractive, at least compared to the guests.

But in this house the most attractive one was the other woman, who although pleasing to the eyes, she should already be a mother of several children at least.

Tian SiSi murmured, but finally could not help blurting out, “The new bride cannot be her, right?”

The old man said with a smile, “She might be the new bride’s grandmother, how could it be her.”

Tian Sisi said, “If it is not any of them, then who?”

Although she did not dare to look around openly, but she had glanced around in all direction, in this house besides these two women, everyone else seemed to be men.

She felt even more strange as she said, “Actually where is the new bride, why don’t I see her?”

The old man said with a smile, “When the time comes she will certainly let you see her, even the the bridegroom is not anxious, why are you so anxious? “

Tian SiSi blushed, after some moments she could not no longer hold it in and asked, “Is the new bride attractive?”

The old man smiled mysteriously and said, “Certainly attractive, moreover she is the most attractive one in this house.”

His eyes looked closely at Tian Sisi as was everyone.

Tian SiSi’s face grew redder, she just dangled her head, when she saw a pair of feet in blue boots walking inside, above the shoes was a person wearing long red robe.

The bridegroom had finally come out.

How did this bridegroom look? Was he a clown? Handsome? Was he slim? An old man?

Tian SiSi tried to lift up her head to look but also felt a little embarrassed.

She was old enough to marry, but she had not, moreover she was not acquainted with this family.

Who knew that the bridegroom actually walk to her and paused in front of her.

Tian SiSi just felt very strange, before she heard the roars in the house as everyone was clapping.

Some people also complimented, “These two are really a perfect match, today they become a happy couple.”

Some people also praised, “The new bride is attractive and fortunate, in the future they will have good fortune and long lives.”

She pulled that old man's lower robe discreetly, and said quietly, “The new bride?”

The old man smiled and said, “The new bride is you.”

“The new bride is me?”

Tian SiSi had laughed, she thought this old man really could crack a joke, but while smiling she felt that this was not right, this joke had really gone too far.

The guests in the house started to grow louder, “The new bride need to quickly stand and make a bow to heaven and earth, the bridegroom is already anxious to enter the marriage chamber.”

The bridegroom’s feet seemed to be fixed on the ground, not moving from that spot.

Tian SiSi finally could not bear looking up.

With one look, she stiffened suddenly, stiffened like a block of wood.

Her soul seemed to fly away with fright.

The bridegroom, who wore the scarlet robe, the brand-new blue boots, the black cap with peacock feathers, was just like any other bridegroom.

But his face — — there was no other more auspicious face in the world

This face was just simply not a person's face.

A gloomy, icy face, the one that did not have the slightest expression, just like a dead fish's eyes. Those also did not have the slightest expression.

He continued to stand motionless, looking straight at Tian Sisi.

As if even when Tian SiSi had not been born, he had stationed himself here already!

Mr. Ge!

Tian SiSi only felt her own body slowly sliding down from the seat, as if she no longer could sit still, the teeth were also chattering “cluck-cluck”non-stop.

She felt like a pig being led to a slaughterhouse.

All this preparation, the marriage chamber, the wedding candles, the wedding guests, and all the arrangements were like the baits, waiting for her to get hooked.

She wanted to cry, but she could not; she wanted to scream, but she could not.

Mr. Ge was looking at her calmly and slowly said, “I have asked you twice, when we can get married, since you cannot decide, I have to decide myself.”

Tian Sisi said, “I ......I do not ......”

The sound percolated back and forth in her throat, but she could not say it aloud.

Mr. Ge said, “This time we should get married, not only is it perfectly justifiable, but it is also a proper marriage.”

That old man said, “Right, I am the matchmaker.”

That two women say with a smile while eating, “We are the happy mothers.”

Mr. Ge said, “All the witnesses are already present, no one can have any objection to this marriage.”

Tian SiSi felt paralyzed, with stricken face, she did not seem to have the strength to run away.

Even if she could run away, what was the use?

In any case she could not escape from Mr. Ge’s clutch.

“But am I to be dispatched like this to the marriage chamber?”

“Whoosh…”, she finally slipped from her seat and dropped down.

Suddenly someone said, “If no one else objects to this marriage, I actually have some words to say.”

The one who spoke was a short and stout young man, with a round face, long slit eyes, a tall and large forehead, the distance between the two eyebrows was nearly twice compared to other persons.

His mouth was very big, but the head was even bigger, he looked a little unusual.

But his face was actually very calm, and the words flowed naturally.

He sat on the right side, his left hand held a cup, while his right hand held the wine pot.

The wine cup was very big.

But he actually drank very quickly using his cup compared to the others, he might have already drunk several cups already.

What was strange was that no other people saw him a moment ago in the house.

Nobody saw when this person entered the house or when he sat down.

Everyone in that house suddenly was startled by this person.

Mr. Ge actually did not show any expression with this new development and said lightly, “You have something to say about this marriage?”

This young man sighed and said, “I did not want to say anything initially, but I have to say something now.”

Mr. Ge replied, “What do you want to say?”

This young man said, “Everything about this marriage is indeed ready, but there is something that is not right.”

Mr. Ge said, “Which part is not right?”

This young man said, “If she were the new bride, the bridegroom should not be you.”

Mr. Ge said, “If it should not be me, who should it be?”

This young man pointed to his own nose with the mouth of the wine pot and said with a smile, “It should be me.”

The bridegroom should be him? Who is he?”

Tian SiSi was already paralyzed, but upon hearing these words, she looked up.

This short and stout young man was also looking at her.

Tian SiSi initially did not recognize this person, but she felt that he looked a little familiar.

This young man then slowly said, “I am surnamed Yang, called Yang Fan, Yang for wood, Fan for ordinary.”

Indeed he looked like an ordinary person, only a little fatter than other young people.

Besides being fat, he did not seem to have any other strong points.

But the name “Yang Fan” actually scared Tian Sisi.

She suddenly remembered this person.

Yesterday evening when she hid in the forest, she saw a young fat person following behind her father.

He was the government officer Third MasterYang’s son, of whom Tian SiSi had heard that he was a monster.

It was said that in ten days he was rarely sober for a day, when he was sober he spent time in the temple, but when he was drunk he lived in the brothel.

Wherever he live, he still looked like a monster.

She could not think that this monster could unexpectedly appear here.

It was said that he would not stay at home, it was said that once he was grown-up, even the Third Master rarely saw this person.

It was said that he had done many strange matters, although not the proper ones.

Tian SiSi could not understand why her father picked him for her.

Mr. Ge also treated this person as a monster, he stared at him carefully for a long time, before he suddenly laughed.

This was the first time Tian SiSi saw him laugh.

She never imagined how he looked when he laughed, at one point she thought he even could not laugh.

But right now she saw that he was laughing.

That gloomy, cold face had laughed suddenly, and it really looked strangely fearful, like the laughing face of a dead person.

He laughingly said, “You also want to be a bridegroom.”

Yang Fan said lightly, “I did not really want to be a bridegroom, but good or bad I cannot avoid it.”

Mr. Ge said, “Why? Are some people forcing you with the knife behind you?”

Yang Fan sighed, “A person just cannot see his own wife becoming someone else’s bride…”

Mr. Ge said, “She is your wife?”

Yang Fan said, “Although at the present she is not, but it is practically settled.”

Mr. Ge coldly said, “I only know that she has agreed personally to marry me.”

Yang Fan said, “Even if she has promised you, that is still useless.”

Mr. Ge said, “Useless?”

Yang Fan said, “Because her father has already betrothed her to me, not only we have her parents’ wish, moreover we have proposed through the matchmaker, so everything is settled properly. Nobody can have any objection to this.”

Mr. Ge was silent for a very long time, before he suddenly said, “It seems that there is only one way that you will not marry her.”

Yang Fan said, “There is no other way.”

Mr. Ge said, “Yes, a dead person cannot marry a wife.”

Yang Fan laughed.

This was also the first time Tian SiSi saw him laugh.

His face became wonderfully rounder, the slit eyes also became longer, and like his face was beaming. This short and stout person suddenly became a little more extraordinary, and nobody could despise him.

Because of this reason, nobody in that house approached him to kick him out.

As soon as he laughed, he changed, becoming much more friendly, like he became more approachable, and the whole round face became much more attractive.

Even if the one who saw him laugh was a very repugnant person, with this laugh he would no longer dislike him, he could not let him go without trying to get to know him some more.

Tian SiSi suddenly wanted him to run away quickly, the sooner he got away the better, and he should run as far as he could.

She suddenly did not wish him to die under Mr. Ge’s hands.

Because she knew that Mr. Ge's wugong was very fearful, this young fat person smiled so lovable, she really did not wish to see blood flowing down his laughing face, smearing the face and making it ugly.

She had seen five people who had died under Mr. Ge’s hands, all five died so suddenly, with holes in the forehead. But the biggest fear was because she did not know how Mr. Ge killed those people, she did not even have a clue.

This young fat person's forehead was especially wide, Mr. Ge should have no problem with him. Tian SiSi could imagine how the blood would dripped down from his forehead.

Mr. Ge luckily had not attacked, he was still standing motionless.

Yang Fan had just drunk his bowl of wine, when he suddenly put up the wine bowl and it sounded like a “clang” sound.

Mr. Ge’s complexion changed immediately.

Yang Fan slowly put down the wine bowl, looked at it several time and shook his head while muttering, “Excellent evil and cruel hidden weapon, very formidable.”

Tian SiSi really felt he was muddled.

Mr. Ge was still standing motionless, how could he send out the hidden weapon already?

If indeed he had, how could this young fat person deflected the hidden weapon with just a small wine bowl?

The flash of Mr. Ge's hidden weapon would send a person to his doom, could split out a person’s head suddenly with holes, why couldn’t it break a small wine bowl?

Tian SiSi could not understand, she also did not believe that this young fat person could have such a solid background.

But why did Mr. Ge's complexion changed so ugly?

She heard someone sighing and said, “This kind of hidden weapon will weaken the lifespan of a person by ten years, if it were me, I would not want to use it.”

Mr. Ge was silent for a very long time, said suddenly, “Have you seen this kind of hidden weapon before?”

Yang Fan shook his head and said, “This is my first time.”

Mr. Ge said, “You are also the first person who is still alive after this hidden weapon attack.”

Yang Fan said, “After the first, there will be the second, the third, and so on. This hidden weapon is not that great, you should not use it anymore.”

Mr. Ge was silent for a very long time when he also asked suddenly, “How are you related to Song ShiNiang?”

Song ShiNiang was the famous number one hidden weapon experts, not only was she the best at evading the hidden weapons, but also releasing them and making them.

Tian SiSi always knew that Song ShiNiang was one of the great persons, she kept hearing the name all the time.

If she were not a woman, Tian SiSi would have also included her name in the list, the person to be sought for for her own.

Yang Fan actually shook his head and said, “This is the first time I have heard the name.”

Mr. Ge said, “You have never heard this name, and you have never seen this kind of hidden weapon?”

Yang Fan said, “True.”

Mr. Ge said, “But you have actually evaded this hidden weapon.”

Yang Fan smiled, said, “If I have not evaded it, there has to be many big holes on me.”

Mr. Ge kept staring at him, before he gave a long sigh suddenly and said, “Can you tell me how you evade it?”

Yang Er said, “No.”

Mr. Ge said, “Can you return this hidden weapon to me?”

Yang Fan said, “No.”

He smiled suddenly, then said easily, “But if you crawl away, I will not oppose this idea.”

Mr. Ge did not ask the second time.

He crawled away.

Tian SiSi looked stunned.

Anyone who saw Mr. Ge would think that he was harder than a stone, colder than the ice, he was simply not like a live person.

His face never showed any expression.

But as soon as he saw this young fat person, he showed all kinds of expressions, not only did he laugh, but he also almost cried, his complexion had become really ugly, and now he also unexpectedly crawled away.

This young fat person really had some real skills.

But Tian SiSi looked right and left, and yet she still could not understand how he could be such a great person.

He did not look very intelligent compared to other idiots.

Tian SiSi could not see it, others also could not see.

Everyone kept staring with eyes as big as an egg, and with open mouth, big enough to swallow two eggs.

Yang Fan drank a bowl of wine, and suddenly said with a smile, “Why don’t you all sit down, why do you keep standing? Moreover all the food and wine are ready, why no one is eating, why so polite?”

If he had said this in the beginning, others would just consider him as breaking the wind, but now everyone just followed his order immediately.

As soon as he said this short speech, everyone in the house immediate sat down, no one was standing any longer.

Tian SiSi initially sat down, but then she stood up and started walking away.

Yang Fan had not seemed to notice her as he said easily, “Mr. Ge has certainly left, if you want to look for him there is still enough time.”

Tian SiSi’s feet seemed to be suddenly nailed to the place, she turned her head to face him as she stared at this young fat person maliciously.

Yang Fan did not look at her directly, raising his glass he said with a smile, “I really do not like drinking alone, why don't you accompany me to drink several cups?”

He looked up briefly, poured out the wine, and immediately none was left in the bowl.

Tian SiSi had turned around and walked up to him, she said loudly, “Hey drunkard, why don’t you use the pot to drink?”

Yang Fan said lightly, “My mouth is too big, the mouth of this wine pot is actually too small.”

He unintentionally cast a glance at Tian SiSi’s small mouth, and suddenly laughed, “One big, one small, it is not really matching.”

Tian SiSi’s face became bright red as she said bitterly, “You seemed to be satisfied with yourself. Even if you have just helped me, it was not that great.”

Yang Fan said, “You acknowledged that I have helped you?”

Tian SiSi said, “Humph.”

Yang Fan said, “Then why don't you thank me?”

Tian Sisi said, “That is what you want to do yourself, why do I need to thank you?”

Yang Fan said, “Good good, very very true, initially I wanted to eat and now I have sated all my own appetite.”

Tian SiSi bit her lips and suddenly said aloud, “Regardless of what happened, you cannot have the notion that I will marry you!”

Yang Fan said, “You really do not want marry me?”

Tian Sisi said, “I will not.”

Yang Fan said, “You are determined?”

Tian Sisi said, “I will not marry you.”

Yang Fan said, “Will you change your mind?”

Tian SiSi’s voice became louder, “If I said I would not marry you, I would not marry you until I die.”

Yang Fan stood up suddenly and bowed to her respectfully, “Many thanks many thanks, I am deeply grateful.”

Tian SiSi was stunned, “Why do you thank me?”

Yang Fan said, “Not only must I thank you, moreover I must also thank the heaven and earth.”

Tian Sisi said, “What problems do you have?”

Yang Fan said, “I do not have any problem, but I do have a little suspecting mind.”

Tian Sisi said, “What do you suspect?”

Yang Fan said, “I always suspect that you will insist on marrying me, therefore I am always really worried.”

Tian SiSi screamed, “I want to marry you? You are confused.”

Yang Fan said with a smile, “But now my head is not confused, I no longer feel afraid, as long as you are not marrying me, we can discuss anything else.”

Tian SiSi coldly said, “I do not have any reason to marry you.”

Yang Fan said with a smile, “If uncle Tian force you to marry me?”

Tian SiSi thought and then said, “I will not go back home.”

Yang Fan said, “Sooner or later you must go back.”

Tian SiSi thought and then said, “After I get married, then I will go home.”

Yang Fan clapped his hands and said with a smile, “Great idea, it is simply a wonderful idea.”

He knitted his brows and suddenly asked, “But who will you marry?”

Tian Sisi said, “It is none of your business.”

Yang Fan sighed, “It is not my business, but I worry that you will not marry.”

Tian SiSi said, “I will not marry? You think nobody wants me? You think I am ugly and peculiar?”

Yang Fan gave a forced smile, “You certainly are not ugly, but your temperament, who can understand it?”

Tian SiSi said bitterly, “You do not need to worry about it, some people will be able to understand me.”

Yang Fan said, “He might not, for example, that Mr. Ge ......”

As soon as she heard Mr. Ge’s name, Tian SiSi’s face turned white.

Yang Fan easily said, “He might not really want to marry you, maybe he has some other motives?”

Tian SiSi could not bear it anymore and excaimed, “What other motives? What other intention does he have?”

Yang Fan shook his head, said, “I do not know his intention, I am only afraid that once he achieved his purpose he will set you aside, at that time if you want to marry me, I no longer want to be involved.”

Tian SiSi’s face became very red with anger, “You can rest assured that I would rather become a nun first before I marry you.”

Yang Fan shook his head and said, “I cannot feel relieved by that, there are things in the world that originally look difficult, and yet it may still happen.”

Tian SiSi was angry, sneeringly said, “Who do you think you are, a handsome man? On what grounds do you think I will marry you?”

Yang Fan said lightly, “Whether I am handsome or not, a pig or not, it has nothing to do with it. I only want to see you get married, and then I can feel relieved.”

Tian Sisi said, “Good, when I get married, I will let you know as soon as possible.”

She was simply too enraged.

The person who should feel relieved was her, but this pig actually took the opportunity first.

She did not want to look at him again, so after saying this, she turned to go.

Who knew that Yang Fan said again,”Wait, wait a moment.”

Tian Sisi said, “Wait what? Don't you feel relieved?”

Yang Fan said, “Indeed I do not feel very relieved. What if you meet some accident and die?”

Tian Sisi said, “What does it have to do with you?”

Yang Fan sternly said, “Of course it does. You now belong to Yang family already. If you meet some trouble, I need to solve it for you, if you meet an accident, I also have to take revenge for you, wouldn’t that be a lot of trouble for me? What I am afraid the most is trouble, how can you say that I should feel relieved?”

Tian SiSi’s face was flushed with rage, as she sneeringly said, “I will refuse you stubbornly.”

Yang Fan said, “That is actually not certain, everyone knows about the young lady’s temperament, moreover ......”

He also sighed, “…you do not know yet when you will marry someone. Uncle Tian can capture you again at any point, if he forces you to marry me, what then?”

Tian SiSi called out, “So how will you feel relieved then, say it.”

Yang Fan said, “Indeed I have a way.”

Tian Sisi said, “What way?”

Yang Fan said, “If you want to marry someone, I will deliver you to him, wait until you get married, and only then, I will feel relieved.”

Tian SiSi sneered, “It turns out you can also think thoroughly.”

Yang Fan said, “You praise too much, I am actually a very careless person, but in this matter I have no alternative but to be particularly careful, marrying a wrong wife is certainly not amusing.”

Tian SiSi stopped sneering, her face showed indescribable anger.

Yang Fan said, “Therefore whoever you want to marry, by all means say it, I will certainly deliver you to him.”

Tian SiSi bit her lip and said, “I want to marry Qin Ge.”

Yang Fan knitted his brows, said, “Sentimental elder brother (Qin Ge)? Who is your sentimental elder brother, how would I know.”

Tian SiSi really wished to give him several slaps in the face, and said,” I said Qin Ge, Qin for dynasty, Ge for song, you have never heard of him?”

Yang Fan shook his head, said, “No.”

Tian SiSi sneered, “So dumb. What else do you understand besides eating?”

Yang Fan said, “I can also drink.”

He really drank the cup of wine, and only then said, “Good, Qin Ge is Qin Ge, I will certainly find him for you, but whether or not he is willing to marry you, I dare not guarantee it.”

Tian Sisi said, “From that point on, I can find my own way.”

Yang Fan said, “Although I may accompany you to look for him, we also must make a few rules for all concerned.”

Tian Sisi said, “Makes a few rules for all concerned?”

Yang Fan said, “First, we both agree that I will not marry you, and you will not marry me.”

Tian Sisi said, “Very good.”

Yang Fan said, “Second, although we may go the same way, but you go and I go on our own way. Regarding anything, I will not force you, nor can you force me.”

Tian Sisi said, “Very good.”

Yang Fan said, “Third, if you find someone that pleases you, you can marry him; if I see someone that pleases me, I may marry her. We do not interfere with each other’s private life.”

Tian Sisi said, “Very good.”

She was dizzy with anger, besides saying “very good” three times she could not say anything else. These three conditions should be brought up by her, but this pig actually said them first.


Everyone else had slid out of that house, which was now empty.

Yang Fan drank three cups of wine in one breath and then smilingly said, “In any event, I have benefited from knowing you, that I can drink this celebration wine, I should thank you.”

Tian SiSi could not bear asking, “How did you find me here? My father?”

Yang Fan smiled, “Some matters I do not want to tell you, you cannot force me.”

Tian SiSi clenched her teeth and said bitterly, “Perhaps you are already in cahoots with Mr. Ge.”

Yang Fan nodded, said, “Perhaps, there is no sure thing in this world.”

Tian SiSi looked around, could not bear asking, “Everyone else?”

Yang Fan said, “Gone.”

Tian Sisi said, “Why did you let them go?”

Yang Fan said, “Even Mr. Ge I have let go, why should I detain the others?”

Tian Sisi said, “Why didn’t you detain Mr. Ge?”

Yang Fan said, “He only wanted to marry you, although this is a stupid thing, it did not really count as a crime; Moreover, he had also invited me to drink.”

Tian Sisi said, “But he has also killed people.”

Yang Fan said lightly, “Haven't you killed people? Many people are supposed to die anyway.”

Tian SiSi’s face became red, said loudly, “Good, sooner or later the law will find him again, and I will not be disappointed.”

After a while she said suddenly, “Can you show me his hidden weapon?”

Yang Fan said, “No.”

Tian Sisi said, “Why?”

Yang Fan said, “If I said no, that means I cannot, we already discuss this before.”

Tian SiSi stamped her feet, said, “Good, Since I cannot force you let’s go.”

Yang Fan said, “Why are you so anxious?”

Tian Sisi said, “Why am I anxious? Certainly anxious to get married.”

Yang Fan drank again and said easily, “You are anxious to go, I am not, you must go, just go first. We will walk our own separate ways anyway. I cannot let you dictate me.”

Tian SiSi grasped the wine pot suddenly, and smashed it to the floor, and then walked away.

Yang Fan sighed and muttered, “Luckily she did not see the wine pot over there…”

Tian SiSi had rushed there suddenly, “crash”, that wine pot also fell into pieces. Her anger subsided at last, before she turned around.

She actually saw Yang Fan holding a wine jug, drinking to his heart’s content. He said with a laugh, “The wine pots are all have been smashed, but I found this jug, the mouth of this jug matches the size of my mouth, so that is just appropriate.”


Tian SiSi walked while grumbling and cursing continuously.

“Dead fat person, drunkard, pig ......”

While scolding the person, she suddenly smiled.

Tian Xin was planning to write this “Young lady’s Journey to the South”, which would have a Tang Xuanzang (the holy man), a Sun Wukong (the monkey), and a zhubajie (the pig).

If this book got really written, this story would certainly be more brilliant, if Tian Xin knew that, she would certainly smile, and her pouts would disappear.

“But actually where has this little pouty mouth disappeared to?”

While smiling, Lady Tian was unable to restrain her sigh, but then she stopped her sighs.

Regardless of this turnout - - if you had someone to protect you from behind, that was always a good thing.

Although this pig looked stupid, he could scare some intimidating people on the way.

Without the pig, Tang Xuanzang probably would not reach the Paradise in the West.

Was this pig really stupid?

Perhaps in a pig’s eyes, the stupidest animal in the world was a human.