The Celebrity - Chapter 6

Chapter 6 - The pink falchion


The person isn’t human, but an ape. The ape that Madam Wang asked to rape Tian SiSi with.

Although his face still resemble that of a human, but it is filled with hair. The hair isn’t very long, but every strand is couple inches long. It’s not bad looking when with he’s not smiling, but when he smiles all the hair on his face starts to move.

That appearance is something that we won’t even see in your nightmares.

He is smiling, smiling at Tian SiSi.

Tian SiSi’s bones chilled, jumped up with all her powers, and tried to strike him in the nose.

She heard the softest part in an ape is his nose.

She couldn’t hit his nose.

This person just moved his hand, like trying to get rid of a mosquito, Tian SiSi already fell to the floor.

She would rather get beaten to death, but unluckily she’s still alive.

When she’s alive, she has to face this person. Don’t want to look, too scared to look, but she has no choice but to look.

This person is still smiling and said, “Don’t be afraid, I’m here to save you.”

This person spoke like a human, but his voice doesn’t seem like it’s from a human.

Tian SiSi clenched her teeth and said, “You…You are here to save me?”

The person smiled gain, and got something out.

He got out a circle of rope. It’s the same rope that Tian SiSi used to escape from the window.

Tian SiSi was shocked, “You were the one who put the rope there?”

The person nodded, “Who else would it be?”

Tian SiSi even more shocked, “Why did you save me?”

The person, “Because you are cute, I like you”

Tian SiSi’s body contracted again, contracted into a ball.

She saw this person’s hairy hand extend over trying to touch her face.

She immediately started to scream, “Go away! Get away! If you touch me, I’m going to die.”

The person took his hand back and said, “You’re afraid of me? Why are you afraid of me?”

A glimpse of sadness started to show in those eyes hidden by the hair.

This made him more like a human.

But this made Tian SiSi’s more afraid, she wanted to throw up.

The nicer the person is to her, the sicker she feels. She was itching to die.

The person, “Although I am ugly, but I am not a bad person. I don’t have ill intentions towards you. But I want too…”

Tian SiSi, “You want what?”

The person lowered his head and said, “I don’t want much, as long as I can see you then I am happy.”

He was a fearing wild animal, now he is a pitiful beast.

Tian SiSi stared at him.

She feels he is no longer fearing, only sick, very sick.

She suddenly blinked and said, “What’s your name?”

When she asked this question, she is already treating this person like a human.

This person’s eyes showed a sign of joy and said, “QiQi, my name is QiQi.”

“QiQi” what kind of name is that?

No one would have a name like that.

Tian SiSi inquired, “Are you human?”

When she asked this question, she felt nervous inside. She didn’t know if it would set this person in anger.

QiQi’s eyes was instantly filled with anger, but after a while he calmed himself and said, “Of course I am human just like you. I became like this because of Madam Wang.”

If a person can answer these questions honestly, then this person definitely isn’t a dangerous person.

Tian SiSi feeling more confident now, “How did she harm you?”

QiQi’s clinched his fist, his joints made a cracking noise, after a while with his rattling voice, “Blood, poison, blood…She forced to drink poisonous blood everyday. She wanted me to become a monster so I can scare people.”

He looked up at Tian SiSi, signs of sorrow showed in his eyes, “But I am a person. She can change my appearance, but not my heart.”

Tian SiSi, “Do you hate her?”

QiQi didn’t answer, he didn’t have to.

He’s clinched his fist harder, it’s like he is pinching Madam Wang’s neck.

Tian SiSi, “If you hate her then why don’t you find a way to kill her?”

QiQi’s body suddenly shrunk, even his started to shake.

Tian SiSi sneered, “So you are afraid of her.”

QiQi bite his teeth, “She’s not human…She is the real monster.”

Tian SiSi, “If you are so afraid of her, why did you save me?”

QiQi, “Because…Because I like you.”

Tian SiSi bit her lips, “If you want to treat me well, then kill her for me.”

QiQi shook his head again and again.

Tian SiSi sneered, “Even you are afraid to kill her, at least let me go.”

QiQi shook his head again, “No, there’s no way you can escape by yourself.”

Tian SiSi sneered, “Even if you are human, then you are a useless human. No one is going to like you.”

QiQi’s face turned red, suddenly looked up and said loudly, “But I can help you escape.”

Tian ShiShi, “Really?”

QiQi, “Although I am human, but unlike other people I don’t lie.”

Tian ShiShi, “But I cannot leave by myself.”

QiQi, “Why?”

Tian ShiShi, “My sister is still here, I cannot leave her.”

She suddenly winked, “If you can save her, maybe she will be nice to you.”

QiQi’s eyes showed signs of joy, “What kind of person is she?”

Tian ShiShi, “She is a pretty girl. Her small mouth is usually pouted, her name is Tian Xin.”

QiQi, “Ok, I will go find her…I can definitely save her.”

The sentence wasn’t even completed when he got to the door. He turned around and looked at Tian SiSi, “You…Will you leave?”

Tian SiSi, “No, I will wait for you.”

QiQi suddenly charged back, kneeled in front of her, kissed her feet and charged out with joy.

Tian SiSi became soft after he charged out. She looked at her feet that had been kissed, she wanted to cut it off.

She couldn’t even believe herself how she just said those words.

Now she wants to throw up.

Suddenly a person sneered, “It unbelievable that out of these guys, Ms. Tian would chose such a person. What insight, what vision.”

Tian SiSi looked up and found out Mr. Ge is already sitting on the windowsill.

He is sitting there without any moments at all, it’s like he became a part of the window.

It’s like even before the window was made, he was already sitting there.

Tian SiSi’s face became red, and shouted, “What did you say?”

Mr. Ge, “I said he really likes you. You treat him pretty well too. You guys are a match from heaven.”

There is a big teapot on top of the table.

Tian SiSi suddenly jumped, took the teapot and threw it towards him.

It seems like Mr. Ge didn’t even see the teapot, he waited until the teapot flew in front of him then lightly blew a stream of air on it.

The teapot suddenly turned around, slowly flew back, and placidly landed on the table. Somehow it landed at the same spot.

Tian SiSi’s eyes became shocked.

“Does this person know magic?”

If this is martial arts, then she has not seen it before nor heard about it.

Mr. Ge’s facial expressions are still calm, “I’ve always liked to help somebody help. You guys are a match from heaven. I will definitely ask Madam Wang to have you marry him.”

He continued, “You know Madam Wang always listens to me.”

Tian SiSi bursts in a scream, “You can’t do that!”

Mr. Ge sneered, “I am going to do it and what are you going to do about it?”

Tian SiSi wanted to stand up but flapped on the ground and her body started to shiver.

She knows when somebody like Mr.Ge says something, he will do what he says.

She suddenly turns and tries to hit her head onto the wall. The wall is made up of solid rocks, if you hit it, not only will your head bleed, it will probably become two or three pieces.

She would rather be dead and done with.


She didn’t die.

When she hit her head, the solid rock wall suddenly became soft.

She fell face forward and found out that she hit her head on Mr. Ge’s stomach.

Mr. Ge glued himself onto the wall, and it’s like his body became apart of the wall.

It was like he was there before the wall was even built.

He stood there motionless, still no expression from his face, “Even if you didn’t agree, you didn’t have to die.”

Tian SiSi clenches her teeth, tears pouring down.

Mr. Ge, “If you don’t want to marry him, then I have a solution.”

Tian SiSi couldn’t help but ask, “What solution?”

Mr. Ge, “Kill him!”

Tian SiSi terrified, “Kill him?”

Mr. Ge, “No one can force you to marry a dead man right?”

Tian SiSi, “I…I can kill him.”

Mr. Ge, “Of course you can, because he likes you, that’s why you can kill him.”

What he is said is interesting.

A woman can hurt you only when you truly love her.

The majority of the woman can only hurt the man who loves her.

Tian SiSi lowered her head and stared at her hand.

There is a falchion next to her hand.

A falchion that is out of its scabbard.

The falchion has a strange color. It’s pink, like a young woman’s veil.

Mr. Ge, “This is a good falchion, it is extremely sharp, it can kill when it sees blood.”

He continued on slowly, “Every good falchion has a name, this falchion’s name is called woman.”

The falchion’s name is called “woman”, that is indeed very strange.

Mr. Ge, “Because it is sharp like a woman’s mouth, poisonous like a woman’s heart. There is no better sword than this to kill a man that likes you.”

Tian SiSi reached out, wanted to seize the falchion, but drew back.

Mr. Ge, “He is almost back. Marry him or kill him it’s up to you, I won’t force you…”

After saying the last sentence, his voice was already fading.

Tian SiSi looked up and found out that this demon like person is no where to be found.

He is like a demon.

Because he lures and doesn’t force.

From a woman’s point of view, temptation is always harder to resist than force.

Tian SiSi reached out again, but retracted again.

She took the falchion and hid it behind her back when her heard sounds of footsteps outside the door.

QiQi charged in.

He came back by himself, looked at Tian SiSi, joy filled his eyes and he walked over in jubilation, “You didn’t leave, you waited for me.”

Tian SiSi avoided his gaze, “Where’s Tian Xin?”

QiQi, “I can’t find her because…”

Tian SiSi didn’t didn’t let him finish this sentence.

The falchion already penetrated into his chest, pierced into his heart.

QiQi was stunned, suddenly in frenzy and grabbed Tian SiSi’s throat, and shouted, “Why did you kill me? What did I do wrong?”

Tian SiSi couldn’t respond and couldn’t move.

If QiQi uses the slightest of force, her neck would snap like straw.

She is already frightened to death.

She knows QiQi will not forgive her this time. No one will forgive her!

However, QiQi’s hand slowly let go.

The anger started to fade in his eyes. The only thing that left is sorrow and pain, the pain of being hopeless.

He stared at Tian SiSi and said, “You should have killed me, I don’t blame you…I don’t blame you…”

“I don’t blame you.” He repeated these four words over and over. His voice gradually started getting weaker and weaker, his face started to contort and finally that pair of eyes slowly became dead.

He slowly fell.

While he was falling down, his eyes was still fixed on Tian SiSi, struggling to say the words, “I couldn’t find your friend because she already escaped…I did try to find her. I didn’t lie to you.”

After saying these words, he died.

He died calmly because he didn’t lie to anyone, nor did he do anything nefarious deeds.

He had a clear conscious when he died.

Tian SiSi stood there lethargically, and found out that all of her clothe is wet.

“I won’t blame you…I didn’t lie to you…”

He definitely didn’t lie.

But she lied to him, used him and even killed him.

What did he do wrong?

“Dang”, the falchion dropped on the ground.


Where are the tears? Is it because there are no more tears?

Suddenly someone said, “Did you know that he could have killed you at any moment during that time?”

Mr. Ge came out of nowhere all of a sudden.

Tian SiSi didn’t want to look at him and said, “I know.”

Mr. Ge, “He didn’t kill you because he really loves you. You were able to kill him because he really loves you.”

His sounded like it was coming from a distance and slowly said, “He loves you, that the only mistake he make.”

Was he really wrong?

If a person falls in love with someone that he or she shouldn’t have, then that is definitely a scary mistake.

This mistake cannot be excused.

But Tian SiSi’s tears all of a sudden started to pour out.

She never thought she would shed tears for this kind of person, but she already did.

Then she suddenly heard a voice that is gentle and Sister Mei like, “Go back, the guests are gone, Madam Wang is waiting for you, hurry and go back.”

When she heard the name “Madam Wang”, Tian SiSi felt like she just got whipped.

Her body immediately shrunk, and with a quavering voice, “I won’t go back.”

Sister Mei’s smile is still gentle and friendly, said, “How can you not go back? You want me to carry you back?”

Tian SiSi, “Please, let me go…”

Sister Mei, “You can’t go. You are already here, no one can leave.”

Mr. Ge suddenly said, “If you really want to leave, I have a solution.”

Tian SiSi ecstatic, asked, “What solution?”

She knows Mr. Ge’s solution will work for sure.

Mr. Ge, “If you agree to one thing then I will let you go.”

Tian SiSi, “Agree to what?”

Mr. Ge, “Agree to marry me.”

Sister Mei started to laugh, “Mr. Ge you must be kidding.”

Mr. Ge, “You really think I’m kidding?”

Sister Mei’s smile became reluctant, “Even if Mr. Ge agrees, I am not going to agree.”

Mr. Ge, “Then I will have to kill you.”

Sister Mei’s is still smiling but the smile is even more forced, “But Madam Wang…”

When Tian SiSi heard the name“Madam Wang”, Tian SiSi clenched her teeth and screamed, “I agree!”

After these words, Sister Mei already collapsed.

She is still smiling.

When she was smiling, the corner of her eye and forehead were filled with wrinkles.

Blood started to flow along the wrinkles on her face.

Her gentle and friendly face turned scarier than a demon.

Tian SiSi’s teeth trembled, slowly turned back.

Mr. Ge disappeared again.

She no longer worried about anything else, didn’t look back again and charged out of the door.

In front the corner of the wall.

Near the corner is a door.

The door was open.

Tian SiSi charged in.

She isn’t looking at anything or thinking about anything. She just kept running forward.


It’s deep into the night.

It’s dark all around.

She couldn’t see anything.

But if she stops, she would appear to see Mr. Ge’s shady, cold and stern face in the dark.

So she can only continue to run, without knowing the road or direction.

She finally fell down.

The place where she fell down has a monument.

Right after she fell, someone said with a cold voice, “You are here? I am waiting for you.”

It was Mr. Ge’s voice.

Mr. Ge was already sitting on the monument, appearing to be apart of it.

It was as if he was here sitting here even before the monument was even built.

This isn’t an illusion, this definitely is Mr. Ge.

Tian SiSi was almost scared to death, “You are waiting for me? Why are you waiting for me?”

Mr. Ge, “I have something to ask you.”

Tian SiSi, “What do you want to ask me?”

Mr. Ge, “When are you going to marry me?”

Tian SiSi screamed, “Who said I was going to marry you?”

Mr. Ge, “You said it yourself, you already agreed to it.”

Tian SiSi, “I didn’t say it, I didn’t agree…”

She screamed and ran away.

Fear gave her another extra burst of energy.

She rushed out, after running a long distance, she finally looked back.

Everything is dark behind her. Mr. Ge didn’t chase after her.

Tian SiSi took a breath, and felt she couldn’t hold herself up anymore and fell down again.

The place she fell this time has an incline.

She couldn’t help herself and rowed down the included into a shallow den.

A rabbit hole?

A fox’s den?

A snake’s den?

Tian SiSi no longer cared, didn’t matter whether it was fox or snake. Nothing was worse than Mr. Ge.

This person is craftier than a fox and scarier than a snake.

Tian SiSi prayed that Mr. Ge wouldn’t appear again. Regardless of what will be asked of her, she would do it without any regrets.

Her prayers somehow worked.

It has been a long time and Mr. Ge was still no where to be found.

The stars are fading.

The long night is almost over. This day is finally over.

Tian SiSi took a deep breath, and felt her body was about to collapse.

She couldn’t help but ask herself, “What did I do today?”

This day seemed longer than her eighteen years of life.

This day she lied and got lied to.

She even killed.

The person that lied to her is who she trusted. Everyone who lied to her, she trusted.

The only person who didn’t lie to her and treated her well was killed by her. She finally understood you wouldn’t judge a person’s heart by appearance.

“What did I do?”

“What kind of person am I?”

Tian SiSi’s heart was wrenched, her whole body was wrenched. It’s like an invisible rope that is whipping her constantly.

“Maybe this is life? Is this just life?”

“Does a person have to live like this?”

She doubts it, she doesn’t understand.

She doesn’t understand that life has a lot of unfair things, unfair tribulations.

Only when you accept them can you become a real individual.

When a person lives, one must be able to tolerate.

Tolerance has another meaning and that is to fight!

Continue to tolerate is continuing to fight,or else your life would have no meaning.

Life molds itself from tribulations.

Stars fades there is sign of light in the east.

Tian SiSi believes she grew up a lot.

Whatever she did, right or wrong? She finally tasted the true meaning of life.

Even if she did wrong, she should have forgiven. She didn’t do it willingly.

It wasn’t a day in which she wasted.

She grew up a lot, no longer a kid.

She is already a woman. A real woman, a woman that this world needs.

She lived for eighteen years, only until day did she realize her existence.

The happiness and sorrow that is apart of this world is apart of her now.

Whether it is happiness or sorrow, she must accept it no matter what.