The Celebrity - Chapter 5

Chapter 5 -The real side of Madam Wang

Night arises.

The room is lit. The lighting coming out of the pink cover has a gentle touch to it like the moon light.

The person who lit the room is not here anymore. The room is quiet, Tian SiSi can only hear her own heart pounding uniformly.

She feels her body is weak, too lazy to even move. But she is too thirsty, so she couldn’t help but think about the iced lotus soup back at home.

Where’s Tian Xin?

Who knows where that little rat went?

Tian SiSi sighed, got out of bed, but the shoes that she just took off were missing.

There it is. She found her expensive clogs.

The clogs are light. When you walk it makes a “Di-ta Da-ta” sound. It’s like rain dripping on bamboo leaves.

She likes this sound. She starts to walk for a little bit, then stops. Looking down on her feet, the white socks are already dirty. She takes them off, exposing her fine white feet.

“If it is frost like above a woman’s clogs, then it will keep the crows away.”

She laughed to herself when she thought of this famous line from a poem.

If there is music, she really wants to perform a traditional Chinese dance.

Opening the window, there really is wavering music in the night wind.

Inside the garden, it is illuminated by bright lights, accentuating the flowers even more.

The nights are definitely lively around here. Madam Wang is a host that loves guests.

Tian SiSi wanted to walk there to look at the guests and share their joy.

“If Qin Ge came to here to visit how great would that be!”

The strong and emotional young man, the flying red handkerchief, Tian SiSi’s face turned red as these thoughts filled her head. Red like the red handkerchief.

In a soothing summer night like that, which young woman wouldn’t feel lustful?

She did not feel Madam Wang’s footsteps.

When she heard Madam Wang’s warming voice, Madam Wang was already next to her.

Madam Wang’s place her hand softly on her shoulder and said, “You are so focused on thinking about something. What are you thinking about?”

Tian SiSi responded, “I’m thinking about where that little brat Tian Xin went.”

She has never lied before.

She never thought she would lie. She never thought the lies would just naturally pour of her mouth. It’s like water pouring out of her mouth.

Of course she doesn’t understand lying is natural to women. Ever since a woman could talk, she must learn to lie to project herself.

When a person lies for the first time, it’s to protect oneself. However, after a person lies multiple times, then that person can understand how to use lies to deceive others.

Madam Wang grabbed her hand, walked by that small rounded table and sat down. She warmly asked, “Did you sleep well?”

Tian SiSi smiled, “I slept like a child that has just been born.”

Madam Wang smiled too, “If one sleeps well, then one should be hungry. What do you want to eat?”

Tian SiSi shook her head, “I don’t want to eat anything. I want to…”

Excited, Tian SiSi continued saying, “There are a lot of guests today.”

Madam Wang, “Not really, only about twenty or so.”

Tian SiSi, “You have this many guests everyday?”

Madam Wang, “How can I live if I don’t have this many guests.”

With her eyes wide and surprised, Tian SiSi, “So do the guests have to bring a gift.”

Madam Wang, “If they want to, I won’t refute it right?”

Tian SiSi, “Where are they from?”

Madam Wang, “All over the place.”

She continued, “There is also a special guest today.”

Tian SiSi’s eyes brightened, “Who? Is it Qin Ge? Is it Liu FengGu?

Madam Wang, “You know them?”

Tian SiSi with her head down, bit her lip and said, “I don’t know them. However, I really want to meet them. I heard they are big time celebrities.”

Madam Wang laughed, pinched her face and said, “No matter how big the celebrity status, when they see a pretty girl like you, they will turn stupid. If you remember this, you will enjoy a happy life.”

Tian SiSi likes to pinch Tian Xin’s face too, but doesn’t like to be pinched herself.

However, she isn’t mad right now. Instead, she has a warm feeling inside of her.

Madam Wang’s fine finger tips are as smooth as jade.

Someone is knocking on the door.

The person that is knocking on the door is a pretty girl. She brought a few aesthetic looking dishes.

Madam Wang said, “Let’s eat here okay? We can quietly eat here. No one will disturb us.”

Tian SiSi rolled her eyes and said, “Why can’t we go eat with those other guests?”

Madam Wang, “You are not afraid that those people are annoying?”

Tian SiSi lower her head again, “I don’t know many people. I’ve heard people say, the more friends you have the better.”

Madam Wang laughed and said, “I think you want to know more people so you can pick out a husband right?”

She smiled tenderly and pinched Tian SiSi’s face again.

Tian SiSi’s face is burning.

Madam Wang stuck her face onto Tian SiSi’s face and said, “I have friends coming in here everyday. You can get to know anyone you want. But, you are mine tonight.”

Her face is cold and smooth at the same time.

Tian SiSi did not like her actions, but didn’t want to avoid her.

“Everyone is female, what is there to worry about?”

But for some strange reason, her heart stopped beating faster.

No one has touched her face before. No one was this intimate with her before.

Not even Tian Xin.

Tian SiSi suddenly said, “Where’s Tian Xin? How come I don’t see her?”

Madam Wang, “She is sleeping.”

She smiled, “Besides you, no one has ever slept in my room. And no one even dared to sleep in my bed.”

Tian SiSi’s heart is even warmer now, showing even more affection.

For some reason, her face became hotter too.

Madam Wang, “Do you feel hot? Let me take off your shirt for you.”

Tian SiSi, “I really don’t feel hot.”

Madam Wang, “Even if you don’t feel hot, you still have to take it off. If other people see you wearing these male clothing, they might think there is a man in my room. I can’t let that happen.”

She is already reaching for Tian SiSi’s shirt button while speaking.

Her hands are like a snake, gliding over Tian SiSi’s wrist, and gliding over her chest.

Tian SiSi couldn’t just sit still anymore.

She feels really itchy.

While gasping, and letting out a charming smile, she said, “You can’t take off my shirt. I’m not wearing anything inside.”

Madam Wang let out a strange smile, “What’s the matter with that? Are you afraid of me?”

Tian SiSi, “I’m not afraid, but…”

Her hand suddenly moved up to Madam Wang’s chest.

She jumped, shaken in her body, and shared at Madam Wang, with a quavering voice, “Are you a female or male?”

Madam Wang, “What do you think?”

Tian SiSi, “You…You…You…”

She can’t say.

Is that because she can’t tell Madam Wang is male or female?

No matter who sees Madam Wang, they wouldn’t think that she would be a man.

Even a retarded person won’t think that.

But her chest…

Her chest is as flat as a mirror.

Madam Wang, “You can’t see?”

Tian SiSi, “I…I…I…”

Madam Wang, “It’s okay if you can’t see. You’ll know the truth tomorrow morning.”

Tian SiSi backed away, and said, “I don’t want to know. I’m going to leave.”

She suddenly turned her head trying to dash out.

But there’s no door in the back.

When she’s back again, Madam Wang already blocked her way and said, “How can you leave now?”

Tian SiSi irritated, screamed, “Why can’t I go? I didn’t sell myself to you!”

Madam Wang responded, “Who said you didn’t get sold to me?”

Tian SiSi terrified, “Who said I got sold to you.”

Madam Wang, “I said because I already gave Big Brother Zhao seven hundred silver taels.”

She laughed and continued, “You are of course worth more than seven hundred silver taels. But he only dared to ask for this much. However, even if he wanted seven thousand taels, I still would have paid him.”

Tian SiSi’s face turned white from her anger, “You said Big Brother sold me to you?”

Madam Wang, “He sold you from top to bottom.”

Tian SiSi now shaking from anger said, “Who the hell is he? He can’t just sell me to you.”

Madam Wang, “Well he can sell you because you are a ignorant person that didn’t even know that you were being sold. As soon as you stepped into this city, they have already targeted you.”

Tian SiSi, “Them?”

Madam Wang, “They are Tie GeBo, Knife Scar Six, the heavily beard man, and Big Brother Zhao.”

Tian SiSi, “So they colluded together?”

Madam Wang, “You are correct. The mastermind behind this plan is the person that you treat as friend, Big Brother Zhao. He not only wants your money, but your body as well.”

She laughed and said, “You are lucky to have met me. You are pretty lucky. If you obey my orders, I won’t treat you unfairly; I won’t make you greet guests either.”

Tian SiSi, “Greet guests? What does that mean?”

Her anger is ready to explode, but she is trying to hold it back because there are many things that she still does not understand.

Madam Wang, “You silly, don’t even know what greet guests mean. That’s okay I can slowly teach you. We will start tonight.”

She slowly walked towards her.

While talking, something is already protruding below “her” belt.

Tian SiSi’s face turned red again, “You are a male?”

Madam Wang, “Sometimes a male, sometimes a female too. Therefore, it is your luck that you can meet someone like me.”

Tian SiSi suddenly wanted to throw up.

When she thought about the places that Madam Wang felt with her hands, she itched to cut the meat out of those places.

Madam Wang is still smiling, “Let’s have a drink first, then slowly…”

Tian SiSi suddenly screamed.

She screamed charges with both hands.

Lady Tian sometimes gentle like a canary bird, sometimes fierce like a tiger.

Her hands ordinarily look weak, smooth as shallot, but now it has turned into a pair of tiger claws, able to clutch Madam Wang’s throat.

Her move not only fierce, but fast, and with variations.

Inside the Jin Xiu fortress, there are a lot of top level fighters. Everyone said Ms. Tian’s martial arts can compare with the top fighters.

The armed escort from Beijing was taken down by her in one move. When he got knocked down, he couldn’t get up for a very very long time.

The move is one of Lady Tian’s favorite moves.

She is completely sick of this weirdo Madam Wang. This move is a lot more forceful than the one that she took down the Bejing escort with. If Madam Wang gets knocked down, she may never be able to get up again.


Madam Wang didn’t get knocked down.

The one that got knocked down was Lady Tian.

She has never been knocked down by others.

A person that has never been knocked down before is very hard to realize what it feels like to be knocked down.

She first felt like the hand that she used to strike was seized, which caused her to lose balance. Suddenly felt a floating feeling.

Then she heard her body fall on the ground.

After that she lost all her feelings. She became empty. The blood from her whole body rushed to her head, stuffing her head like a piece of wood.

When she gained feelings again, Madam Wang is smiling at her. A smile that is so gentle, so affable, she said, “Does it hurt?”

Of course it hurts.

She finally felt pain. Pain that would cause her joints to disperse open, pain that makes her see starts in front of her, pain that caused tears to slowly jerk out.

Madam Wang shook her head, “It’s a surprise that someone with martial arts skills like you would even dare to try to hurt others.”

Tian SiSi, “My martial arts is really bad?”

At this moment, it is surprising that she asked such question.

Madam Wang was shocked, “Do you know how bad your martial arts skills are?”

Tian SiSi doesn’t know.

She always thought she was considered to be one of the top fighters of the wuxia realm.

Now she knows. Others praised her skills because she was “Second Master” Tian’s daughters.

This feeling is like falling from the highest buildings. This fall hurts even more than the previous fall.

She felt for the first time that she wasn’t as smart and as talented as she thought she was.

She really wanted to slap herself on the face a couple of times.

Madam Wang looked at her with a smile, said, “What are you thinking about?”

Tian SiSi bit her lips, didn’t say anything.

Madam Wang, “Do you realize that I can rape you at anytime. You are not afraid?”

Tian SiSi’s body contracted, and began to shake.

Because up until now, she never thought about how frightful, how serious this situation was. She was still very confused on this situation.

She didn’t even know what trepidation was.

But the word rape is like a knife. It cut open her dazed concept. Fear jumped out like an egg without shells.


This word is too scary, too sharp.

She has never heard of this word before. Never even thought about it.

She felt the goose bumps coming out of her skin. Every goose bump filled with cold sweat. Her whole body burning like someone with a fever.

She screamed, “I’ll give you back the seven hundred silvertaels. I’ll multiply it by ten times.”

Madam Wang, “You have it?”

Tian SiSi, “Although I don’t have it now, if you let me go I will give it to you within two days.”

Madam Wang smiled and shook her head.

Tian SiSi, “You don’t believe you? I can guarantee it, if you know I am the daughter of…”

Madam Wang cut her off and said, “I don’t want to know. I don’t want you to give back my money nor find someone to seek revenge.”

Tian SiSi, “I won’t seek revenge. Never. If you let me go, I will be thankful for my whole life.

Madam Wang, “I don’t want you to thank me. I want…”

She stopped her voice and didn’t continue.

But sometimes not speaking is scarier than speaking.

Tian SiSi’s body already rolled into a ball and said, “You really have to rape me?”

Never in her wildest dreams, would she think she would say that word. After saying it her face felt like a fire was burning.

Madam Wang, “I don’t want to rape you.”

Tian SiSi, “Then what do you want to do?”

Madam Wang, “I want you to willingly obey me. And I know you will willingly obey me.”

Tian SiSi screamed, “Never, even if I die.”

Madam Wang, “You think dying is easy? Then you are completely wrong.”

There is a gold bell on the table.

She grabbed the bell and shook it.

When the bell rang, two people walked in.

These two people simply cannot be considered to be human. One looks at a bear, another like an ape.

Madam Wang smiled and said, “What do you think about these two guys?”

Tian SiSi shut her eyes, too afraid to even look.

Madam Wang, “If you don’t obey me, I will ask these two guys to rape you.”

Tian SiSi screamed again.

This time she used all of her energy to scream.

After the scream, she fainted.


It’s not a bad thing if a person can faint at the right time.

However, those that fainted will wake up.

When Tian SiSi woke up this time, she wasn’t as fortunate as last time.

She didn’t hear her own heart beat nor did she hear gentle music.

She heard moaning sounds even more miserable than crying.

Cuddled up in a corner, the eeriness light illuminated on her.

The pink gown that person had on was completely torn. It showed a body that was bruised up from beatings. A lot of the places started to gush out blood as well.

Tian SiSi felt this gown looks really familiar. She immediately thought of the girl that was traumatized and sent to her room by Sister Mei.

She wanted to stand up, but she couldn’t. She wouldn’t even feel the pain. Her body felt numb.

She can only struggle to crawl over.

That girl suddenly lifted up her head, and stared at her. A pair of eyes filled with red veins, she looks like someone that has been tortured into a crazy animal.

Tian SiSi’s was shocked.

What shocked her wasn’t these pair of eyes, but the face.

When she saw this girl during the day, her face looked pretty, comely, but now it’s all distorted. Her nose was moved by two inches, the corner of her eyes and month bleeding, and the face book like a watermelon that was broken.

Tian SiSi wanted to cry and wanted to vomit.

She wanted to hold it back, but her stomach already contracted like a bow, and finally vomited.

The vomit was sour and bitter.

This girl coldly stared at her. A pair of eyes became cold and blank, no longer showing pain and fear.

When she was done vomiting, the girl suddenly said, “Madam Wang wanted me to ask you something.”

Tian SiSi, “She wants you to ask me?”

Girl, “She wanted me to ask you whether you want to look like me?”

Her voice did not convey any feelings. It doesn’t sound like something that would come out of her mouth.

No one thought she would ask this question.

But it’s really is her asking the question.

The question coming from her mouth is a lot scarier than coming from Madam Wang.

Tian SiSi, “You…How did you become like this?”

Girl, “Because I didn’t listen to Madam Wang. If you copy my actions, you will be just like me.”

Her voice is calm and cold, it’s like she is describing another person’s befall.

She has already turned into a talking machine.

A person turns like this only when their pain has reached zenith, fear has reached the limit, and when they are completely hopeless.

Tian SiSi realized what fear was when looking at her.

She suddenly lied on the ground and started crying.

She is almost hopeless.

The girl is still looking at her with a cold stare and said, “Did you already agree?”

Tian SiSi pulled her hair and said, “I don’t know…I don’t know.”

Girl calmly said, “If you don’t know then that means you have agreed. You should have agreed”

Tian SiSi suddenly rushed over by her side, and said, “Why did you stop talking?”

Girl, “I already said what I had to say.”

Tian SiSi, “Why don’t you think of a way to escape?”

Girl, “There’s no way.”

Tian SiSi pulled on her hair forcefully and loudly said, “There must be a way. You can’t just wait here to die.”

The girl’s head got dragged up, looked at Tian SiSi and her face suddenly showed a special type of smile and said, “Why can’t I wait to for me to die? I can die, I am much better off than you. You will understand, death, isn’t scary, the scary thing is wanting to die but can’t.”

Tian SiSi’s hand slowly let go.

Her hand turned ice cold.

As soon as she let go, this girl put her head down, lied on the floor like someone that never wants to see anyone or anything on this world ever again.

Is life really this vapid?

Tian SiSi bit her teeth, and stood up.

Tian SiSi wore she will live. No matter what, she will live.

She refuses to die!

There a flambeau on the wall.

The flame is almost exhausted, giving it a gloomy feel.

The gloomy light shined on the swarthy wall. The wall is build by stones, with each stones weighing two hundred to three hundred pounds.

What about door?

There is no door.

There is only a small window.

The window is forty or fifty feet away from ground with a width less than 2 feet.

The room is so high. The window is so smll.

Tian SiSi knew she can’t jump that high. However, she still wanted to try.

She used all of her strength and jumped up.

She fell, so she climbed.

Every stone is tightly put together. She forcibly pulled from the stone slots slowly climbing up.

Her hands started to bleed. The coarse stones were sharp like knives.

The bleed gushed out her hands, the pain bore into her heart.

She fell again, even harder this time.

She is longer letting out tears.

An interesting matter is when a person is bleeding, they usually don’t let out any tears.

She decided to try again, going to keep trying until she dies.

At the time, she discovered that a rope was hanging down from the window.

Someone is trying to save her!

Who’s trying to save her? Why save her?

She didn’t even think because she didn’t have time.

She forcibly tapped that girl wanting her to see the rope.

The girl looked up for a second and said, “I don’t want to leave. I rather die.”

Only looked up once, and said one thing.

Tian SiSi stomped her feet, grabbed onto the rope and climbed up.

Her slim body was just barely able to crawl out of the window.

There was no one outside. The rope was tied to a tree from the window across.

Tian SiSi climbed over, slide down the tree trunk.

It’s pitch black everywhere, which road will enable her to escape?

She doesn’t know and can’t choose.

Facing her is a flower forest, she doesn’t know what flower. She only smelled the fragrance, so she went in.

She immediately heard the sound of joy coming from the wind, then approached the light in front of her.

The gentle light is from the window. The cheerful sound is even more gentle than the light. The sound even has a interlude of laughter.

Go backwards? Or go around the house?

Tian SiSi hid behind a tree. Just when she didn’t know which route to take, two people emerged from the house.

When she saw these two people, Tian SiSi’s stopped breathing.

On the left is a charming person with a smile like flower. That person is Madam Wang.

On the right is a up straight person, cool and natural. That is of course the philanthropist, The “Second Master” Tian Bai Shi.

So the special guest that Madam Wang has been talking about is him.

Not even in her dreams would Tian SiSi thought she would meet her dad at this place and under these circumstances.

She almost cried out loud with feelings of joy.

She didn’t scream out loud. At this time two more people emerged behind her dad.

One is old and one is young.

The old one is short and chubby, with a round fair, nearly bald, and without much facial hair. There is a long sword hanging from his wrist. The sword is twice as long as his legs, making him extremely funny looking.

The younger one looks even shorter and chubbier than the older one. He looks even funnier. It’s always funny when a young person looks chubby. He probably either eats too much, is too lazy, too thickheaded, sleeps too much or uses his head too little. Maybe he has a little bit of each of these traits.

Tian SiSi knows this older person is one of her dad’s good friends. He is “Third Master” Yang from the “famous” manor.

What about the young one?

Is he “Third Master” Yang’s precious son Yang Fan?

“Dad wanted me to marry him?”

Tian SiSi’s face turned red from anger. She would rather marry Wang DaGuang than this pig.

She decided not to meet her dad.

It will be too embarrassing if I just run out like this.

Madam Wang laughed, “It’s late, why don’t you stay “Second Master” Tian?”

“Second Master” Tian, “I can’t. I have an urgent thing that I have to do. I need to find someone.”

Madam Wang, “Who are you trying to find? Maybe I can help…There are a lot of people that come and go around here.”

“Second Master” Tian smiled and said, “You won’t be able to find this person. This person won’t come to a place like this.”

He sighed then said, “Even I don’t know where to find this person. But no matter where, even to the ends of the earth, I will find this person.”

The person that he wants to find is his fond and only daughter.

Tian SiSi’s throat suddenly got stuffed.

She finally realized, in this world only her dad really care for her and love her.

This is already enough. She already doesn’t care about other matters.

She wanted to charge out, regardless of what happens; charge into her dad’s arms.

If she can charge into her dad’s arms, everything will be solved. Her dad will retaliate for her to get even with what she went.

Too bad she didn’t have a chance to rush out.

Suddenly a pair of hands stuck out behind her, and covered her mouth. The hand is rough, big and powerful.

With these hands covering Tian SiSi’s mouth, she not only can’t scream, she could barely breath.

This person of course only has two hands. His other hand clinching onto Tian SiSi, Tian SiSi could barely move. She can only use her feet to kick back. Kicking the leg of a person like that is like kicking a rock.

The harder she kicks the more pain she feels in her feet.

This person held her up like carrying little chicken, backing up.

Tian SiSi can only look, as she gets further and further away from her dad. Finally she can’t even see him anymore; maybe she won’t see him ever again.

When her tears started to come down, this person already turned around to rush out. His strides are huge. With every stride covering four or five feet, they rushed out of the flower forest.

Other the forest, it is also very dark. This person kept on going. After two or three turns, they suddenly went in a stone house.

The ceiling of this house is high, the room is big. There is a bed, table and chair inside.

The bed is huge, the chair is also huge. The chair is larger than a regular table. The table is larger than a regular bed.

This person closed the door, then put Tian SiSi on the bed.

Tian SiSi finally saw his face.

She almost fainted again.