The Celebrity - Chapter 4

Chapter 4 - The Elegant Madame Wang


The young fellow said: “Those two buildings have been empty for half a month, it was only early this morning that someone moved in and paid a half month’s rent, how would we know who he was?”.

Tian SiSi froze. Tian Xin was also stunned.

Suddenly somebody said: “Did someone just ask about Big Brother Zhao, who was it?”.

This person came in and walked over, his hand was carrying a whip, he looked like a carriage driver.

Tian SiSi greeted him immediately: “I was asking, do you recognize him?”.

The man nodded: “Of course I do, by just roaming about the city how can one not recognize Big Boss Zhao?”.

Tian SiSi happily said: “Can you lead us to him?”.

The man looked the two of them over several times: “You two are......”.

Tian SiSi: “We’re both his good friends.”.

The man immediately laughed: “Since you’re Big Brother Zhao’s friends, what more is there to discuss, please step up onto my carriage and I’ll take you.”.

The carriage stopped in front of a run-down building, the carriage driver said: “Right now Big Brother Zhao is drinking with a guest inside this building, I still have things to do and can’t accompany you two.”.

Without even taking the time to say “thanks”, Tian SiSi was already storming inside. She was afraid of letting Big Boss Zhao slip away again.

This Lady had never been so angry, she promised herself as soon as she sees Big Boss Zhao, shes going to box his ears at least seventeen or eighteen times.

There really were two people drinking inside this building, one of them had a face that was jaundiced and thin, as if he was sick; the other one was full of energy, a powerful looking man with a heavy beard.

Tian SiSi yelled loudly: “Where is Big Boss Zhao? Quickly tell him to come out and see me.”.

That sickly looking man measured her with squinted eyes: “Why are you looking for him?”.

Tian SiSi: “Of course it’s regarding a matter, a very urgent matter.”.

The man lifted his cup, sipped a bit of wine, and coldly said: “If you have anything to say, you may tell me. I am Big Boss Zhao.”.

Tian SiSi was startled: “You’re Big Boss Zhao? You’re not the one I’m looking for.”.

The large heavily bearded man laughed: “This is the only Big Boss Zhao there is, you won’t be able to find a second one within 800 li.”.

Tian SiSi’s face suddenly became pale. Could it be that that long-robed, sword carrying “Big Boss Zhao” was just another pretender?

That sickly looking man took another sip of wine, and casually said: “It seems like this friend must have run across ‘Qian YiTao’. Two months ago I heard that he was using my name to con others, I should have taught him a lesson earlier, but unfortunately I’ve never been able to track him down.”.

Tian SiSi couldn’t help but ask: “Who is Qian YiTao?”.

Big Boss Zhao said: “Did you meet someone wearing long satin robes, with a sword strapped around his waist, acting very stylish, who was around forty or so?”.

Tian SiSi: “That’s absolutely correct.”.

The large heavily bearded man laughed: “That was Qian YiTao, his only belonging is that set of clothes he wears in order to deceive people, that’s why he’s called Qian YiTao.”.

Big Boss Zhao said: “Although he only has one set of clothes, he has more than one method of deceiving others, it seems like you must have fallen for his tricks.”.

Tian SiSi grinded her teeth: “Can the two of you help me find this Mr. Qian?”.

Big Boss Zhao: “This person is very cunning, and he would probably be laying low these past couple of days, in order to find him, we should wait a few more days.”.

He suddenly laughed and continued: “Did he trick you out of all your belongings?”.

Tian SiSi felt her face going red, and forced herself to nod.

Big Boss Zhao: “Was this your first time here?”.

Tian SiSi could only nod her head again.

Big Boss Zhao: “None of that matters, first I can arrange for you a place to stay, allowing you a safe and comfortable place to wait. After six or seven days, I guarantee that I will find your money for you.”.

Tian SiSi blushed: “How......how would that not be an imposement?”.

Big Boss Zhao: “It’s not an imposement at all. It is commonly said: At home, one depends on their parents, outside the house, one depends on their friends. By willing to come find me, you two have already given me face.”.

Although this person appeared sickly, it seems like he was actually an honorable person of the martial world.

Tian SiSi was both embarrassed and anxious. Giving forth the appearance of not being hung up about these things, she said: “In that case, Little Brother will politely follow your orders.”.

The large heavily bearded man looked them over several times and smiled: “I suggest we invite them to stay at Madame Wang’s place. Everybody is female there, so it’ll be a bit more convenient”.

Tian SiSi became still and said: “All women? How will that do, we’re......we’re......”.

The large heavily bearded man smiled: “Aren’t you two women?”.

Tian SiSi’s face reddened even more, she turned to look at Tian Xin.

Tian Xin carried an expression of resignation, Tian SiSi could only sigh and with a forced smile said: “I didn’t think that your eyesight was so good.”.

The large heavily bearded man said: “It’s not that our eyesight is good......”.

He laughed, and left some words unsaid.

Tian SiSi pressed on and asked: “If it’s not your good eyesight, then what is it? Are our disguises not adequate?”.

Big Boss Zhao also laughed suddenly and said: “With disguises such as yours, if someone couldn’t tell you two are female, then he must be a blind man.”.

Tian SiSi gave a slight pause: “Given this, could it be that Qian fellow also saw through it?”.

Big Boss Zhao softly said: “Qian YiTao is not a blind man.”.

Tian SiSi paused again, and then suddenly took the ribbon off the top of her head, tossed it to the ground, and laughed coldly: “So what if I’m a woman, sooner or later I’ll let that one surnamed Qian know that a woman is also not good to cross.”.

Thereupon our Lady Tian returned once more to her female appearance.

Therefore her troubles only increased more and more.


Madame Wang was also a woman.

There are many kinds of women, Madame Wang is a most special kind.

Her uniqueness is something you wouldn’t be able to guess in your wildest dreams.

Madam Wang’s house is located at a peaceful alley. Two high walls blocked the sun with a branch of apricot dangling outside.

It is past noon, Zhu Hong’s door is still closed tightly, silence behind the doors.

Just by looking at the door, everyone can see Madam Wang should be an important person.

Tian SiSi feeling overjoyed couldn’t resist the question, “Do you think Madam Wang will let us live here?”

Big Boss Zhao nodded, “Rest assure, Madam Wang is not only my old friend, but also my good friend.

Tian SiSi asked, “What kind of person is she?”

Big Boss Zhao responded, “She is a nice person, but her temper can be strange.”

Tian SiSi, “How so?”

Big Boss Zhao, “If you are willing to listen to her, she can grant you anything. Living in this place will definitely be more comfortable than living at home. If you cause trouble in front of her then you will definitely regret it greatly.”

His expression while talking was very serious, intending to scare Tian SiSi.

Instead, Tian SiSi laughed, “This type of temper isn’t that strange. I don’t like people causing trouble in front of me either.”

Big Boss Zhao, “That’s good; looks at you guys will be able to bond with each other.”

He went to knock on the door and said, “I will go in first. You guys wait outside.”

Letting someone like Lady Tian wait outside is a big disgrace.

Tian Xin thought Tian SiSi was definitely going to lose her temper. However, she restrained herself. She’s only been out for less than a day, it seems like she has already changed a lot.

Finally an answer came, after a few knocks on the door.

A person impatiently answered, “It’s so early in the morning, what the hell are you guys doing here? Can’t you wait until dusk?”

Big Boss Zhao smiled, “It’s me, Big Boss Zhao.”

The door opened.

A girl with messy hair stuck her head out. Before she could look out, Big Boss Zhao already got close and whispered something into her ear.

The girl’s eye turned, looked at Tian SiSi a couple of times from head to bottom and nodded, “Ok come on in. Keep your footsteps light, the girls are still sleeping. If you disturb them, Madam Wang is going to tear your skin off.”

While they are walking in, Tian SiSi thought to herself, “Looks like these girls are lazier than me. The sun has been out for so longer, yet they are still not awake yet.”

The large heavily bearded man not only has good eyes, but also a good set of ears. He laughed and said, “As you can see how nice Madam Wang is to these girls. You guys are really lucky to be able to live here.”

Tian Xin blinked, suddenly said, “Who are all these people that are living here? Are they related to Madam Wang?”

The heavily bearded man, “Most of these people are Madam Wang’s step-daughters. No matter where she goes, no one will dare to bully her.”

Tian Sisi, “I don’t want to become her step-daughter, but I really want to be her friend.”

The heavily bearded man, “Yes, yes. Madam Wang likes to make friends, just like “Second Master” Tian, Tian BaiShi.

Tian SiSi and Tian Xin looked at each other. The two of them closed their mouths and smiled without saying a word.

At this time, Big Brother Zhao approached them full of joy and said, “Madam Wang has already agreed to let you two meet her.”

A tall pretty middle aged woman stood at the door. Although she had a smile on her face, her eyes look stern. She stared at Tian SiSi and said, “These two little sisters?”

Big Brother Zhao, “Yes that’s it.”

The pretty middle aged woman nodded, “They look pretty elegant, they are probably from a good family, Madam Wang will like them.”

Big Brother Zhao, “If they are some ordinary girls from nowhere I wouldn’t even dare to bring them here.”

The pretty middle age woman, “Good I’ll bring them in. You are finished with your task, go back now.”

Big Brother Zhao let out a big smile, bowed and said, “Yes, I am rest assured.”

Tian SiSi asked, “You won’t accompany us in?”

Big Brother Zhao, “I already spoke to Madam Wang. Just relax and stay, if I have any news I will contact you guys.”

He acknowledged the heavily bearded man on his way out without saying anything. Tian SiSi wanted to ask some more questions, but he was already too far out.

The pretty middle aged woman gestured to let them in. Tian SiSi thought about it for a second then finally walked in with Tian Xin.

The door closed. It’s as if there’s no way out.

But the pretty middle aged woman let out a warm smile, “When you guys first live here, you might not be use to it. After awhile, you will begin to like this place more and more.

Tian Xin, “We won’t stay here for too long, just 5 or 6 days.”

The pretty middle aged woman pretended like she didn’t hear what Tian Xin said. She said, “This place has a total of twenty girls. Everyone is like sisters. My last name is Mei. Everyone calls me Sister Mei. If you guys have any questions or concerns please come and speak to me.”

Tian Xin wanted to say something but Tian SiSi gave her stare and said, “This place is great, very quiet. We will like it around here, no need to trouble you Sister Mei.”

This place is no doubt peaceful and pretty. Past the courtyard in the front and through the cloister is a large garden filled with beautiful flowers, bird chirps. It is definitely comparable to Jin Xiu Manor.

The garden has a lot of little red and green platforms. There are a couple of lovely girls standing there playing with their hair, blankly staring at the garden.

These girls are pretty with high class clothes. However, everyone seems tired, like they didn’t get enough sleep.

A pair of butterflies is flying back and forth around the garden. A large cat curled under the roof, under the brim and inside the bird cage there is a pair of chirping canard birds.

When they walk into the garden, the people didn’t notice, the cat didn’t care, butterflies didn’t care, birds didn’t care either. It seems like on one cares about each other.

Tian SiSi thought about her own life and said, “This place is good except it’s too quiet.”

Sister Mei, “You like liveliness?”

Tian SiSi, “When it’s too quiet, I like to have random thoughts. I don’t really like these random thoughts.

Sister Mei, “That’s great. It’s quiet now, but at night it will be lively. Whether you like a quiet life or lively life, this place will suit both.

Tian SiSi looked up, “These girls doesn’t seem like the type that like a lot of noise.”

Sister Mei, “They are nocturnal. They may look tired now, but as soon as the night hits, they will be like dragons and tigers making so much noisy that people can’t stand.”

Tian SiSi laughed too, “I don’t mind noise. Sometimes I throw a big fit, giving everyone a headache. Don’t believe me? Ask Tian Xin.”

Tian Xin pouted her lips, “Why are you asking me? I don’t understand or know anything.”

Sister Mei, “This little sister seems to not like that place. I can guarantee that she will slowly like it here.”

Her smile is warm like that spring breeze, but her eyes are as cold as winter frost.

Tian Xin wanted to say something, but when she looked at Sister Mei’s eyes, her heart dropped and couldn’t talk anymore.

They walked past the small bridge. Next to the small bridge there is a small building. From there, a sorrow voice, “I can’t stand this anymore, can’t stand it…I don’t want to live anymore. I want to die.”

A girl with her hair disheveled and face full of tears rushed out of the small building. She is wearing a red gown with some spots severed.

No one paid attention to her. The girls that were standing at the widow didn’t even look at her.

Only Sister Mei walked towards her and whispered something into her ear.

The girl was screaming and yelling, but now she is like a little cat, lowered her head and walked back to her home.

Sister Mei’s face is still full of affection, as if nothing had happened.

Tian SiSi couldn’t help but ask, “What was wrong with her?”

Sister Mei sighed, “Before she came here, she was greatly traumatized. She goes crazy sometimes, we’re use to it.”

If it wasn’t a common occurrence how can nobody care for her.

Tian SiSi asked again, “I wonder what happened to her before?”

Sister Mei, “We are sure not sure and didn’t ask her. We didn’t want to bring up her old problems. I heard she was very badly betrayed by a man before.”

Tian Sisi, “All men are evil.”

Sister Mei nodded, “There are very few nice man around. Remember that and you won’t suffer in the future.”

They turned past some rockwork and went into a flower forest.

Although the flowers are fading, but it’s even more glamorous than when they were in season.

Deep into the flowery craven, a red building appeared.

Sister Mei, “Madam Wang lives here. She probably just woke up. I’ll inform her that you guys are here.”

She walked away with her elegant pose, like the goddess of flower.

Tian SiSi looked at her and let out a sigh, “If I can still look as pretty as her at her age, I will be satisfied.”

Tian Xin bit her lips and said, “Ms, let’s get out of here.”

Tian SiSi, “Go? Go where?”

Tian Xin, “Anywhere, let’s not stay here any longer.”

Tian SiSi, “Why?”

Tian Xin, “I don’t know…This place just doesn’t seem right.”

Tian SiSi, “Which area doesn’t seem right?”

Tian Xin, “Everywhere seems not right. Everyone seems weird. Their lives are different, I can’t even guess what this place is.”

Tian SiSi surprisingly laughed, shaking her head, “You are a suspicious frame of mind. Just because someone tricked us before, we can’t treat everyone as swindlers.”

She looked at the far red building and said, “On top of that, I really want to meet Madam Wang. I bet she is no ordinary woman.”


Anyone that meets Madam Wang will not think that she is a swindler.

If some people say Sister Mei is a elegant, standout woman, then when these people meet Madam Wang, instead these some people won’t have anything to say.

This is because there is no word on this Earth that can describe her presence and style.

Elegance is not a word that can describe her.

If there needs to be a words that describes her, then it’s:


Perfection without any flaws.

When Tian SiSi walked in, Madam Wang was enjoying her breakfast.

When woman eat, they don’t like to be seen by others. She will become very unnatural.

Madam Wang is an exception.

Whatever she does, every move she makes is flawless.

She doesn’t eat meagerly. She understands that if a person has to maintain youth and liveliness, one has to start from the diet. If a flower wants to grow well, it has to have plenty of water and sunshine.

Although she doesn’t eat meagerly, it doesn’t seem to affect her body.

Every part on her body is perfect.

Her face, her eyes, nose, mouth, even her smile is perfect like a myth. Only in a myth can we meet such woman.

Tian SiSi became attracted to her when she first laid eyes on her.

Madam Wang enjoys Tian SiSi’s company too. When she saw her, her smile became even friendlier.

Madam Wang looked up Tian SiSi and gently spoke, “Come here, sit next to me. Let me look at you carefully.”

Her gaze and smile encompasses the magic that makes you obey. No mater the gender, no one can resist her.

Tian SiSi walked over and sat in an empty chair next to Madam Wang.

Madam Wang’s gaze never left Tian SiSi. Slowly, she pushed the left over bird’s nest soup that was in front of her towards Tian SiSi and gently said, “This soup is still warm, eat some.”

Lady Tian has never used other people’s stuff before. Eat another person’s leftovers? That’s nearly impossible.

But now she held up the bow of soup, lowered her head and started sipping it.

Tian Xin was surprised, she could barely believe her own eyes.

Madam Wang, “You don’t mind eating my food?”

Tian SiSi shook her head.

Madam Wang, “If you don’t mind me, then you can use my belongings, wear my clothes, whatever I have, I can share with you.”

Tian SiSi with her head lowered, “Thank you.”

If this was someone else saying this to Lady Tian, she would probably throw a fit. However, she only has appreciation in her heart. Touched, that even her eyes turned red.

Madam Wang smiled again, “See, I don’t even your name. I already treat you like a good friend.”

Tian SiSi, “My last name is Tian, first name SiSi.”

When she came out, she didn’t want to use her real name incase her father tracks her whereabouts. But in front of Madam Wang, she cannot bear to lie.

Madam Wang, “ Tian SiSi…You are not only sweet in person, your name is also sweet. You are a sweet little sister.”

Tian SiSi blushed.

Madam Wang, “Little sister, how old are you?”

Tian SiSi, “Eighteen.”

Madam Wang, “The girls that are eighteen are like flower, but which flower in this world can compare to you?”

Madam Wang, “How old do you think I am?”

Tian SiSi, “I can’t tell.”

Madam Wang, “Take a guess.”

Tian SiSi looked at Madam Wang again.

Her face is pretty like the spring flowers, but more colorful than the flowers.

Tian SiSi, “twenty…, twenty-two? Twenty-three?”

Madam Wang laughed, “You are very sweet even when you talk. I was twenty-three at one point in my life. That was twenty years ago though.”

Tian SiSi was shocked with her eyes popped wide, “Really? I don’t believe you.”

Madam Wang, “I won’t lie to you. I’m not able to lie to you.”

Madam Wang sighed, “I am forty-three this year. Old enough to be your older sister. Is that okay with you?”

Tian SiSi nodded, she is okay with that.

She really wants to be her younger sister, even her daughter.

Tian SiSi shook her head again, “I still can’t believe that you are forty-three. I don’t think anyone else would believe it either.”

Madam Wang, “Maybe other people don’t believe it, but I can’t make myself not believe it. I can deceive you, deceive everyone in this world, but I don’t deceive myself.”

Tian SiSi lowered her head, and started to softly let out a sigh.

She felt for the first time in her life, the sorrow of losing one’s youth. She also felt the need to cherish youth.

She felt one story closer to Madam Wang.

Madam Wang, “Who’s that little sister? Is she related to you?”

Tian SiSi, “She grew up with me. She’s like my sister.”

Madam Wang, “I m going to steal your sister away from you…Are you mad little sister?”

Tian Xin pouted her lips and became silent.

Tian SiSi give her a glance and said, “She’s still a kid, not mature enough to understand.”

Madam Wang, “Sometimes not being mature is a good thing. If I can still be a immature child right now, I would trade anything for it.”

She suddenly let out a laugh, “We should be happy today. Let’s not talk about this right?”

Tian SiSi wanted to answer, but found out when Madam Wang posed this question her eyes didn’t really look at her.

At the same time, someone behind her said, “Wrong.”

His response simple but sharp, like a dagger.

His voice is even sharper, piercing through people’s ears, cutting through people’s hearts.

Tian SiSi couldn’t help but turn her head back.

She found out at the corner of the room there is another person.

A person that doesn’t really look like a person.

When he sat down, he is like a table, a chair, a piece of furniture. It doesn’t move, doesn’t talk, no one will pay attention to him.

However, if you glance at him once, you will never forget.

Tian SiSi glanced at him once, and never wanted to glance at him again.

When she looked at him, it’s like seeing a dull knife, but still able to kill; also like un-dissolvable liquid become black ice.

When she’s not looking at him, she can only think of him in her heart. It’s like a fearful nightmare; also like meeting a ghost from the nightmare.

Who would have thought a person like that would sit in Madam Wang’s room.

But he really is sitting here.

Nobody thought this person could even talk.

But he did talk.

He said, “Wrong.”

Madam Wang smiled, “Wrong? Why is it wrong?”

This person coldly said, “Because if you are happy, then whatever you say will always be happy.”

Madam Wang smiled even more, “That’s true, Mr. Ge’s sayings seem to be always rational.”

Mr. Ge, “Wrong.”

Madam Wang, “Wrong again?”

Mr. Ge, “My sayings are always with reason, not seems to be.”

Madam Wang, “Little sister, do you guys think Mr. Ge is fun?”

Tian SiSi has her mouth closed. Tian Xin pouted her lips even higher.

They cannot acknowledge that Mr.Ge is fun.

If you can describe this person, “fun” would not be the word.

Madam Wang’s notions are different.

Madam Wang, “When you guys see this person, you might think that he is very scary. But when you know him long enough, you will find out that he is a very interesting person.”

Tian SiSi wanted to say something deep down in her heart.

She wanted to ask, “How can you befriend a person such as this for this long?”

If she had to be together with this person, she won’t even survive a day.

The sun outside is leaning west, but to Madam Wang the day is just beginning.

Tian SiSi felt like she had good fortunes today.

She finally rid herself of swindlers that were trying to cheat her. Finally found good people such as Big Brother Zhao and Madam Wang.

These people are like cats, greedy cats.

Madam Wang is like a phoenix.

Now the canary bird flew towards the clouds, not even the evil cats can harm her.

Tian SiSi suddenly felt really tired. She realized that she hasn’t slept in awhile. Her eyes involuntarily saw Madam Wang’s big soft bed…