The Celebrity - Chapter 1

Chapter 1 - The Red Silk Handkerchief

The young man held a sabre in his hand, the silk handkerchief on the handle fluttered in the wind.

A red piece of silk, red like the recent sunrise.

The sabre’s point flashed brightly beneath the blazing sun. The young man perspired, the moisture from the sweat penetrated his dark, satin clothes.

He was already surrounded. There were only four people surrounding him, but he knew just how fearsome these four people were. He wanted to drop his sabre several times, abandoning all resistence.

But he did not have this luxury.

Because he could not tarnish the red silk handkerchief attached to his sabre, he could not tarnish the person whom this handkerchief symbolized.

To attach this red handkerchief is to express that you are determined to struggle to the bitter end, not showing weakness to others even onto death!

This red silk seemed to bestow some kind of unwavering courage!

He brandished his sabre, shouted wildly, and charged.

The red silk danced, even more captivating than the flash of the sabre.

He immediately heard the sound of the sabre cutting into the skull of his opponent.

The man fell down, eyeballs protruding, staring at the fresh flowing blood.

He did not die under this sabre, nor did he die under this young man’s hand.

It was the red silk that took his life, because from the start, his confidence had already been shattered by the indomitable courage that this red silk handkerchief represented!

The young girl leaned on the door panel, her eyes were more gentle than the soft light of the stars in the sky.

She held on to his hand, she couldn’t bear to let him leave.

The handkerchief tied to his wrist drifted lightly in the evening breeze.

A red silk handkerchief, red like a lover’s heart.

The night was deep. He should have left long ago.

He did not leave.

Because he could not tarnish the red silk attached to his wrist. As long as you put on this handkerchief, you must not allow any young girl to be disappointed.

Not only did this red handkerchief represent courage, it also symbolizes passion. A fiery kind of passion.

He finally came over and whispered into her ear.

Their sweet whispers were more stirring than the spring breeze.

But her eyes were still fixated on the handkerchief that was tied to his wrist.

His passion vanished, because he suddenly realized that what she loved was not his person, but this piece of red silk that was on his wrist.

When she was holding on to his hand, what she was thinking of in her heart was not him, but the person this red silk handkerchief represented.

Who knew how many other young girls’ hearts and dreams contained this person.

This person was called Qin Ge.

He bathed, drew back his topknot, trimmed his fingernails nice and neatly, and then put on the newly tailored black satin shirt. He carefully tied the red silk handkerchief to his waist.

He did not like wearing black clothes, nor did he like red handkerchiefs.

However, he couldn’t avoid doing this.

Because if he didn’t do this, it would show that he did not have courage, that he did not have passion.

Ever since the Battle of Tiger Hill, ChiangNan’s dye merchants had no choice but to dye all kinds of silk handkerchiefs red, because all the young men wanted to tie a piece of red silk on their bodies.

If a young man did not carry red silk on his body, he simply didn’t dare to step outside his door.

Some people who were no longer young, but wanted to act young, would also wear a piece of red silk to show that they were not too old, that they didn’t get left behind.

Dashing young men would tie the handkerchief to their wrists or waists. Courageous young men would tie the handkerchief to their sabres or swords. The young men in the market would tie the handkerchief around their heads.

But never has anyone tied it around their necks.

No one dared!

Because Qin Ge tied a red silk handkerchief around his neck.

If you dared to tie it around your neck, even if Qin Ge was not around, other people would cut off the handkerchief. Along with your neck!

You can study him, idolize him, but can never offend him in the slightest way. If he enjoyed admiring the moonlight alone on top of a bridge, you can only admire it from underneath the bridge.

Qin Ge was Qin Ge, there will never be a second. Never have, never will!

Since the Battle of Tiger Hill, Qin Ge has become a hero in the hearts of every young man in ChiangNan, and an idol in the hearts of every young girl.

Qin Ge is obviously a big time celebrity in Tian SiSi’s heart.