Sword of the Third Young Master (San Shao Ye Di Jian)

Storywise, this novel has initial premise for a duel between two swordsmen, Yan 13 and The Third Master of Xie Family (the title of the book is The Third Master). But then to make it a long story, the duel can't be happening at the first part. Then the sub-plots appeared and rolling continuously.

It's a good read from Gu Long, with his distinctive writing style. There're lots of betraying and plot twists in such a short novel, sometimes resulting in confusion for readers. The Third young master is a good character, with his personalities unravel mostly through other characters.

Long story short, the duel was inevitable. The surprise at the end of duel was made this wuxia story uncommon.
Author:Gu Long
Associated Names:三少爺的劍