Sword of the Third Young Master - Chapter 5

Chapter Five – The Lion Opens His Jaws

They were silent, and the forest was quiet.

Yan ShiSan stared at the withered tree branch in her hand, as if he was deep in thought.

MuRong QiuDi asked, “Why have you still not drawn your sword?”

Yan ShiSan replied, “My sword’s in my hands. I can draw it at any time. What about you?”

MuRong QiuDi said, “This is my sword.”

Yan ShiSan replied, “It’s not.”

MuRong QiuDi said, “In my hands, this becomes a killing weapon.”

Yan ShiSan replied, “I know that you can use it to kill, but it’s still just a piece of withered tree branch in itself.”

MuRong QiuDi said, “As long as it can kill, is there a difference between a withered tree branch and a sword?”

Yan ShiSan replied, “There is.”

MuRong QiuDi said, “Tell me.”

Yan ShiSan replied, “It can kill, but it had not killed before. My sword, however, is different.”

He gently stroked his sword, “This sword has accompanied me for nineteen years. There are already sixty-three men who died under this sword.”

MuRong QiuDi said, “I know that you have killed quite a few people.”

Yan ShiSan continued, “This originally was only a very plain sword. But now it has already drank the blood of sixty-three men, sixty-three ruthless killers, sixty-three evil spirits and wronged souls.”

He was still gently stroking his sword, and slowly continued, “It is as if this sword now has a life of its own, and desires to taste others’ blood, and desires others to die under its sword tip.”

MuRong QiuDi laughed coldly, “It told you this?”

Yan ShiSan replied, “It didn’t, but I can feel it.”

MuRong QiuDi asked, “Feel what?”

Yan ShiSan replied, “As long as it leaves its sheath, then it must kill. Sometimes even I myself cannot control it.”

He was not telling empty myths. If you also had a sword like this, and if you also had killed sixty-three men, then surely you would also have this kind of feeling.

Yan ShiSan again stared at the withered tree branch in her hand, and said, “This piece of withered tree branch in your hand, however, is dead. It would never have the desire to kill, and you yourself also don’t really want to kill me.”

He lifted up his head and stared into her eyes, and continued, “Because you’re also simply not Xie XiaoFeng.”

MuRong QiuDi’s lips were beginning to turn pale.

A piece of foliage floated down. She silently stood up and asked, “Is this leaf now also dead?”

Yan ShiSan replied, “Yes.”

MuRong QiuDi said, “But it was just now still on a tree branch, and was still alive.”

As long as the leaf did not yet wither and fall, then it would still have life!

MuRong QiuDi asked again, “Can it be that a person’s life is also like this leaf?”

Yan ShiSan replied, “I understand your meaning.”

MuRong QiuDi asked, “Do you really understand?”

Yan ShiSan replied, “To bear that child, you must have suffered through many hardships. Therefore your love for him absolutely cannot compare with the hatred in your heart.”

MuRong QiuDi did not deny.

Yan ShiSan continued, “Therefore you already are not at all reluctant to part with your own life. So as long as I can break through this sword stance, even if you’d die under my sword, you’d still be willing to.”

He let out a long sigh and said again, “But you’re wrong.”

MuRong QiuDi asked, “I’m wrong?”

Yan ShiSan replied, “Because even if I could break through your sword stance, I still may not be able to break through Xie XiaoFeng’s sword.”

He looked into her eyes, “Because you are not using a killing sword, and you’re also not Xie XiaoFeng.”

MuRong QiuDi’s hand suddenly lowered, the killing aura suddenly disappeared, and the tears already streamed down her face.

Yan ShiSan said, “But I promise you, as long as I have a chance, I will certainly kill him!”

MuRong QiuDi’s spirits rose again, and she asked, “How much certainty do you think you have?”

Yan ShiSan laughed bitterly, “Originally I didn’t even have one percent certainty!”

MuRong QiuDi asked, “What about now?”

Yan ShiSan replied, “Now I have at least four to five percent certainty.”

MuRong QiuDi asked, “You have already figured out the breakthrough method?”

Yan ShiSan suddenly also broke off a withered tree branch and replied, “Take a look.”

His movements were simple yet awkward, but a light appeared in MuRong QiuDi’s eyes.

She knew that he already figured it out. If Third Young Master’s swordplay was a lock, then he had already found the key to open the lock.

One sword strike pierced out, and a wind blew by.

The withered tree branch in Yan ShiSan’s hand suddenly turned into dust, and in the blink of an eye was blown away without a trace.

If his hand was holding a sword, then what kind of force would this one sword strike have been!

MuRong QiuDi gently sighed, slowly sat down, and said, “You can go.”

When Yan ShiSan walked out of the forest, Little Nuisance was still strolling outside,

Little Nuisance was the only person there. His left hand held onto a chicken drumstick, and his mouth was chewing on a pear. There were not at all any booths in the surroundings that sold fruits or stewed vegetables, so it is unknown where he had gotten these things from.

As soon as Yan ShiSan saw this child, he was fond of him. When he thought of his life story, he felt even more sympathy. Luckily this child now seemed to already be able to take care of himself very well. Little Nuisance was just staring at him with his pair of big eyes.

Yan ShiSan walked over and patted his head, and said, “You should go back soon, your sister’s waiting for you.”

Little Nuisance said, “What’s she waiting for me for?”

Yan ShiSan replied, “Because … because she cares about you.”

Little Nuisance said, “What’s she caring about me for?”

Yan ShiSan asked, “Do you think that there was never anyone who cared about you?”

Little Nuisance said, “Never, not even half a person. I’m a little nuisance, so there are quite a few people who are annoyed with me though.”

He took another bite of the chicken drumstick and continued, “But I don’t care even a bit.”

Yan ShiSan looked at those sweet little cheeks of his, and suddenly felt some grief in his heart.

There was not even a trace of another person around. He could not help but ask again, “Where’s that friend of mine?”

Little Nuisance replied, “What friend of yours?”

Yan ShiSan replied, “The Raven!”

Little Nuisance said, “There are no ravens in this forest, only sparrows.”

Yan ShiSan replied, “I meant that man who was just with me, whose name is The Raven!”

Little Nuisance blinked, and asked, “Did you pay me any guarding fees, and asked me to guard him?”

Yan ShiSan replied, “No!”

Little Nuisance said, “Since you didn’t, why are you asking me?”

Yan ShiSan replied, “Because … because I think that you surely must know where he went.”

Little Nuisance said, “Of course I know. But why do I have to tell you?”

Yan ShiSan could only laugh bitterly. He actually often could not give any answer to this child’s questions.

Little Nuisance took another bite of the pear, and suddenly said, “But it’s not like I certainly won’t tell you.”

Yan ShiSan asked, “How can I make you tell me?”

Little Nuisance replied, “If you have to ask me questions, then you should more or less pay me some questioning fee.”

Yan ShiSan was already feeling into his pockets. But after feeling around for a long time, he could not feel anything.

Little Nuisance said, “Even though you appear to be dressed decently, could it be that you’re nothing but a hollow shell?”

Yan ShiSan laughed bitterly, “Because no one has ever asked to collect questioning fee from me.”

Little Nuisance sighed and said, “Since I can’t press any oil from the wood, then I can only admit to having bad luck. Why don’t you just write a debt bill.”

Yan ShiSan asked, “A debt bill?”

Little Nuisance said, “If you want to ask questions, then you must pay a questioning fee. You don’t have money now, but you will later.”

Yan ShiSan asked, “There are no paper or pen here, how can I write this debt bill?”

Little Nuisance said, “Use your sword to chop off a tree bark, and then use your sword to write the words onto the tree bark.”

Yan ShiSan laughed bitterly, “You are really thoughtful.”

His only choice was to write!

“How much should I write?”

Little Nuisance said, “One word you’d have to write, ten words you’d still have to write. Since it’s a debt bill, then you should write a bit more.”

His eyes turned a bit and continued, “You just write me ten thousand taels to be fair.”

Yan ShiSan looked at him, carefully looked him up and down several times.

A seven year old child asked for ten thousand taels as soon as he opened his mouth. How is it going to be when this child grows up.

Little Nuisance said, “I know you’re probably thinking right now, if I’m already so good at taking advantage of others now, what’s it going to be like when I grow up?”

Yan ShiSan asked, “How did you know I was thinking that?”

Little Nuisance said, “Because I don’t know how many people have already asked me these questions.”

Yan ShiSan asked, “How do you answer?”

Little Nuisance said, “If I’m good at taking advantage of others now, then obviously I’d be a man of great wealth when I grow up. Can’t you even understand such simple reasoning?”

Yan ShiSan laughed. He really laughed, this child really knew how to take care of himself.

If a child, who did not have anyone else to take care of him, could not even take care of himself, then that would truly be disastrous.

Thus, the debt bill Yan ShiSan wrote was not for ten thousand taels, but for fifty thousand taels.

Little Nuisance laughed and said, “You’re asked for ten thousand, but gave fifty thousand. Although you seem to be poor, your spending habit is quite big.”

Yan ShiSan asked, “How can a person with small spending habits be poor?”

Little Nuisance said, “Good point.”

Yan ShiSan replied, “If it’s a good point, then you should remember it. If you don’t want to be poor, then you can’t have too extravagant spending habits, and should even less randomly spend money.”

Little Nuisance said, “What’s the point of not spending money if you have it? What’s the difference between that and not having money?”

Yan ShiSan laughed again. He really was very fond of this child, but he had not thought of another point – he also really wanted to kill this child’s father. Really wanted to.

So was a man of the martial world.

The thoughts of a man of the martial world could often baffle others!

A debt bill for fifty thousand taels, a debt bill that definitely was collectable. Little Nuisance, however, casually stuffed it into his pockets, as if he thought that it was a piece of scrap paper.

Yan ShiSan said, “Although I have no money now, I could have money at any time.”

Little Nuisance said, “I can tell, otherwise why would I accept your debt bill?”

Yan ShiSan replied, “Any time you see me, you can collect the money from me.”

Little Nuisance said, “I know.”

Yan ShiSan replied, “Therefore you should safely keep this piece of paper, so you won’t drop it.”

Little Nuisance said, “If I drop it then just count it as your good fortune and my bad luck. Then it’s alright, nothing special.”

He blinked again and said. “It’s just like if you died very soon, then I can only admit to bad luck. People like you could die at any time anyway.”

Yan ShiSan laughed loudly.

He was really laughing loudly. But what really was he feeling in his heart? Who knew?

Could it be that people in the martial world were just like the foliage in the wind, the duckweed in the water?

After he finished laughing, Little Nuisance finally said, “That friend of yours went to the back of that hill in front of us!”

Yan ShiSan asked, “What did he go do?”

Little Nuisance said, “It seemed that he went to a battle of life and death!”

Yan ShiSan asked, “A battle of life and death? With who?”

Little Nuisance said, “It seemed to be with some guy named Bin.”

It was Cao Bin!

Could it be that he had followed them the entire time? Could it be that the bills on this trip were all paid by him? Then why would he now engage in a battle of life and death with The Raven? Yan ShiSan was not worried about The Raven, he knew that Cao Bin would never be a match for The Raven.

But he was wrong.

The grass on the back of the hill was already withered, but the blood was still bright red.

It was The Raven’s blood. The Raven had already fallen, fallen onto the hill. The blood coloured the autumn grass red, and also coloured his shirt red.

The blood flowed from in between his collarbones beneath his throat, its distance from his throat was only three inches. It was only because it missed by these three inches that he was still alive.

Who was the one that injured him?

Yan ShiSan walked over, “Was it Cao Bin?”

The Raven nodded. Yan ShiSan looked at him surprised, and asked, “Did you let him on purpose?”

The Raven shook his head.

Yan ShiSan was even more surprised. Although this was obviously the truth, he still could not believe it!

The Raven laughed bitterly, “I know you don’t believe it. Not even I believe it. I saw that guy’s strikes before.”

Yan ShiSan said, “But you …”

The Raven said, “I originally was certain that I could make him fall within three stances. I was absolutely certain.”

Yan ShiSan replied, “But the one who has fallen now is you!”

The Raven said, “That is only because I was wrong!”

Yan ShiSan asked, “Where did you go wrong?”

The Raven said, “I’ve seen him strike before, and I had already found out the transformations of his swordplay. DianCang Sect’s swordplay could never hurt a hair on my body.”

Yan ShiSan replied, “He did not use DianCang swordplay?”

The Raven said, “Definitely not.”

Yan ShiSan asked, “What swordplay did he use?”

The Raven said, “I don’t know.”

Yan ShiSan replied, “Even you can’t tell?”

The Raven said, “The transformation of that one stance, not only couldn’t I tell, I couldn’t even think of it.”

Yan ShiSan asked, “Which one stance? He only used one stance and you already were injured under his sword?”

The Raven coldly said, “If it was you, you also would not have been able to meet that stance.”

He suddenly let out a long sigh, and said, “Until now, I still cannot think of who there is that can meet that one stance?”

Yan ShiSan did not open his mouth again. But his body already had some movements.