Sword of the Third Young Master - Chapter 3

Chapter Three – Odd Thousand Snake Sword

The adults walked inside. A very handsome child wearing a little green hat, however, walked out, took out a piece of bright red silk ribbon, and tied a knot on the tree branch at the edge of the forest. The child then also walked into the deeper area of the forest. Yan ShiSan sighed and said, “Looks like we’d better go drink at a different place.”

The Raven asked, “This place isn’t good?”

Yan ShiSan replied, “It’s very good!”

The Raven asked, “If it’s very good, then why must we go elsewhere?”

Yan ShiSan replied, “Because of this ….”

He pointed at the red silk ribbon on the branch.

The Raven asked, “What does this mean?”

Yan ShiSan replied, “This means that, this place has momentarily become a forbidden ground, and no one else can enter.”

The Raven laughed coldly, “Whose rules are these?”

Before Yan ShiSan could reply, the sound of a zither suddenly flowed out from the forest. The sound was melodious and delightful, and was filled with happiness and joy.

The Raven however, tightly clenched his fists.

Just now, eleven fast horses suddenly galloped down the road. The riders on the horses were dressed lightly, and were agile and fierce. Each carried a great saber on his back, and the red silk bound to the sabers danced in the wind. As soon as the fast horses rushed into the forest, the riders stepped off. Each one’s movements were all very energetic.

There were not many true skilled masters in the martial world, but these eleven men all appeared to be skilled masters.

The one with the swiftest movements was a one-armed fellow, as soon as he rushed into the forest, he shouted fiercely, “Brings your lives here!”

The sound of the zither in the forest did not stop, and still sounded so melodic and delightful, and so happy and joyous.

The eleven guys already stormed inside.

The Raven asked, “Are these men from Mount Tai Hang?”

Yan ShiSan replied, “Yes.”

The Raven said, “The Tai Hang Great Sabers do indeed have courage.”

Yan ShiSan replied, “Hmm.”

The Raven asked, “What do you think they are doing here?”

Yan ShiSan replied, “To die!”

Just as he had finished this sentence, a man flew out of the forest and forcefully fell on the ground. He stopped moving as soon as he hit the ground, without even making a single sound.

This man was that most agile and fiercest one-armed fellow.

The delightful zither sound still did not stop.

From the forest, however, bodies continued to fly out nonstop, one after another, a total of eleven.

The eleven men, as soon as they flew out, would fall to the ground and be unable to move.

Their movements were very fast when they stormed in.

They came out even faster.

The Raven coldly said, “They had indeed come here to die.”

Yan ShiSan replied, “It seems that they’re not the only ones who came here to die.”

The Raven said, “There is still me.”

Yan ShiSan replied, “Now is not your turn yet.”

The Raven asked no further. He had already seen two people approaching on the road – one adult and one child.

The adult was not very old, and was at the most around thirty-something. Moreover, it was a woman, a woman that appeared very delicate and very pretty. Her face had an expression of indescribable sorrow.

The child was younger than the child who came out a moment ago to tie the silk ribbon, and had a pair of large eyes that were constantly looking around. Anyone could tell that this was a very smart child – very smart and very cute.

But the thing he was about to do did not seem too smart.

They were about to walk into the forest.

Even The Raven could not bear to see them go to their deaths and was already planning to stop them.

They had also seen the red silk ribbon on the branch, and the woman, who was dressed in jade green clothes, suddenly said, “Untie it!”

Thus, the child stood on his toes and untied it, but then also replaced the knot with a piece of jade green silk ribbon that he took out.

Then the two slowly walked into the forest.

It was as if neither of the two had seen the dead bodies on the ground nor The Raven and Yan ShiSan. The Raven originally planned to stop them, but now, for some reason he had changed his mind. Yan ShiSan did not even move.

But their eyes both showed a strange expression.

Just now, the sound of zither in the forest suddenly stopped.

The wind blew through the woods and the sunlight basked the earth.

A very, very long time after the zither had stopped, still no sound came from inside the forest.

No one knew just what had happened inside.

Who was the one playing the zither?

Why would the zither playing suddenly stop?

Would that woman and the child also be thrown out like the fellows from the Tai Hang Great Sabers?

Anyone would want to know the answers to these, The Raven and Yan ShiSan were no exceptions either.

Therefore, they did not yet leave. Even the carriage drivers following behind were staring intently, waiting to watch the commotion.

There was no commotion to see. No one was thrown out.

They only heard a series of footsteps treading on the foliage. The footsteps were very light and very slow. Walking in the front was the child who moments ago came to tie the red silk ribbon onto the branch. Two people slowly walked behind him - a man and a woman who seemed to be husband and wife. They both were not very old, their attire was very elegant, and their demeanor was very good.

The man carried a long sword at his waist, and looked handsome and suave. The woman was not only beautiful but also gentle. If they really were husband and wife, then they really would be an enviable pair. Only now, both of their faces were a bit pale and they seemed to be a bit angry.

They were initially planning to step into the carriage, but changed their minds after they saw The Raven and Yan ShiSan standing outside the forest.

The two, in a low voice, gave a couple of instructions to the child, and the child ran over and stared at them with his pair of big eyes, and said, “Have you been here for a long time?”

Yan ShiSan nodded.

The child asked, “You saw all the things that just happened?”

The Raven nodded.

The child asked, “Do you know where we’re from?”

Yan ShiSan replied, “The XiaoHou Manor in the Scarlet Cloud Valley in the Flaming Mountains.”

The child sighed and said, “You seem to know quite a few things.”

Although his voice was clearly that of a child, his tone and facial expressions, however, were very mature.

Yan ShiSan asked, “What’s your name?”

The child said with a serious face, “You don’t need to ask for my name. I’m not here to make friends with you!”

The Raven asked, “What are you here for?”

The child replied, “Our master want to borrow three things from you, three things from each of you!”

The Raven asked, “Which three?”

The child replied, “A tongue and two eyes.”

Yan ShiSan laughed.

The Raven also laughed unexpectedly.

The two suddenly reached out simultaneously, one grabbing his arms and the other grabbing his legs, and in chorus said in a low voice, “Fly, boy.”

Then the child flew up with a “Whoosh” sound, like a missile shooting straight up into the sky.

That man placed his hands behind his back, as if he did not even see this, but his wife frowned.

Only then did the child fall back down.

The Raven and Yan ShiSan reached out simultaneously again, caught him gently, and gently placed him on the ground. The child was now scared out of his wits and even his pants were wet.

Yan ShiSan, smiling, patted his head and said, “Don’t worry, when I was little, I was often thrown up like this by others.”

The Raven added, “This way helps develop courage.”

The child rolled his eyes and was prepared to flee.

Yan ShiSan said, “You didn’t take the things you came here for, how are you going to explain it when you go back?”

The child replied, “I ….”

Yan ShiSan said, “I can teach you a method.”

The child listened.

Yan Shisan continued, “Would your master happen to be Master XiaHou?”

The child nodded.

Yan ShiSan asked, “Did he ask you come get these things?”

The child nodded nonstop.

Yan ShiSan said, “Then you can go back and ask him, if he’s the one who wants these three things, why doesn’t he come get it himself?”

The child did not nod anymore, and at once turned around and ran.

Master XiaHou’s face was still expressionless, but his wife walked over. Her walking posture was graceful yet noble, her voice was also very refined, and she gently said, “My name is Bi KeRen. The man standing over there is my husband XiaHou Xing.”

Yan ShiSan lightly said, “So it is the young master of Scarlet Cloud Valley.”

Bi KeRen replied, “Since both have heard of his name, then you should know what kind of a person he is.”

Yan ShiSan said, “I don’t know.”

Bi KeRen replied, “He is a genius. Not only is he skilled at both literary and martial arts, the skills of his swordplay is even less matched by the average person.”

Even if women admired their own husbands, they would still rarely praise their husbands like this in front of others. Even if they did praise, they would at least still blush a little. Nit only did she not blush, however, she did not even look embarrassed. Her beautiful eyes were filled with love and admiration for her husband.

Yan ShiSan sighed to himself, “It’s really great luck to be able to marry such a woman.”

Bi KeRen said again, “You two would of course not fight with someone like him!”

Yan ShiSan replied, “Oh?”

Bi KeRen replied, “Because not only is he from a prominent family background, he’s also great himself. If you two fought with him, it would be like eggs hitting a rock. Therefore, I’d advise that you both should still …”

Yan ShiSan said, “Should still obediently cut off our tongues and gouge out our eyes to give to him?”

Bi KeRen sighed again and said, “Although that method is not very convenient, it is at least better than losing your lives.”

Yan ShiSan laughed again and suddenly asked, “This young master of yours who’s both skilled in literary and martial arts, is he mute?”

Bi KeRen replied, “Of course not!”

Yan ShiSan replied, “Then why doesn’t he come here and say these things himself?”

The Raven coldly said, “Even if he was mute, he still has an anus. Why can’t he let out these farts by himself?”

XiaHou Xing’s facial expressions changed.

Yan ShiSan continued, “Since he won’t come over, why can’t we go over there?”

The Raven replied, “We can.”

Yan ShiSan asked, “Should you go? Or should I go?”

The Raven replied, “You!”

Yan ShiSan said, “Legend has it that his “Lotus Breaking Silk Remaining, Star Rain Covering the Sky” Thousand Snake Sword is not only a great sword, but also a unique sword!”

The Raven replied, “Hmm!”

Yan ShiSan asked, “If he died, who does his sword belong to?”

The Raven replied, “You!”

Yan ShiSan asked, “You don’t want that sword?”

The Raven replied, “I do!”

Yan ShiSan asked, “Then why are you not fighting to go first?”

The Raven said, “Because I’m too lazy to fight with brats like that. He annoys me the second I see him.”

Before he could finish, a shadow flashed before his eyes and XiaHou Xing was already standing in front of him. His face was pale and he said coldly, “But the one I want to fight is you!”

The Raven replied, “Then draw your sword quickly!”

XiaHou Xing’s sword already left its sheath.

“Lotus Breaking Silk Remaining, Star Rain Covering the Sky” Thousand Snake Sword.

This was truly a unique sword.

With one shake of his hand, the single sword seemed to have transformed into a thousand of silver snakes, into a star rain covering the sky.

This one sword suddenly seemed to have broken into innumerable pieces, each piece aiming for a critical point.

The Raven’s critical points.

Although The Raven could fly, he now could not take off. He turned around and a sword light flew out and protected his body.

A “Ka” sound was heard and the thousands of broken swords suddenly merged again and pierced towards his throat. This sword had a marvelous and special switch installed, which was connected by a silver thread. When the silver thread tightened, the switch operated and transformed into a single sword.

Yan ShiSan sighed again and said, “I should have fought this battle. I also want this sword.”

Suddenly, a series of “Ding Ding” sound was heard, as if heavy rain knocking on the window or pearls falling into a jade plate.

In this short moment, The Raven had also pierced out forty-nine stances, each hitting a broken sword piece of the Thousand Snake Sword.

The Thousand Snake Sword immediately softened as if it was a long, silvery whip. The Raven’s sword had already wrapped around the tip of the whip.

XiaHou Xing’s facial expressions changed, and he turned around and leapt into midair, the tip of the whip spun and left The Raven’s sword hold with his body.

With a “Ka” sound it merged into a single sword again.

Yan ShiSan immediately interrupted, “Neither of you won this battle, now it’s my turn!”

XiaHou Xing laughed coldly. He looked around in all four directions and his facial expressions suddenly changed again and turned worse than a moment ago.

He suddenly realized that there was one person missing.

The child was lying on the ground, as if someone had sealed his pressure points. But Bi KeRen was nowhere to be seen.

XiaHou Xing kicked open his pressure points and fiercely asked, “Who did this?”

The child was pale and replied, “It … it was the Mistress!”

XiaHou Xing asked, “Where is the Mistress?”

The child replied, “The Mistress ran away.”

The child was still sitting on the ground crying, but XiaHou Xing had already left in pursuit. Yan ShiSan and The Raven did not stop him.

If a man’s wife suddenly ran away, they could guess what that feels like. But they could never have dreamed that such a gentle and virtuous woman who so admired her husband, would suddenly run away while her husband was in a battle of life and death. They seemed like a perfect match, a happy couple. Even Yan ShiSan felt very envious of them.

Why would she run away?

Yan ShiSan suddenly felt very sorrowful, never for himself, and even less for that young master.

He felt sorrowful for man.

For mankind – Who knew that so many of mankind’s unfortunate, unlucky, and unhappy things were hidden within fortune, luck, and happiness?

Who knew?

The child crying on the ground had left, but another even younger child ran out smiling.

He did not run very fast, but arrived in front of Yan ShiSan and The Raven at once. He was at most seven or eight years old. No one would believe that a seven or eight year old child could have such Qing Gong. Yan ShiSan and The Raven had no choice but to believe, since they had witnessed this with their own eyes.

This child was also looking at them and smiling. His smile was really very cute.

The Raven usually did not like children. He always thought that little children were like kittens and puppies, and a man should walk very far away as soon as he sees them. This time, however, he did not walk away, but asked, “What’s your name?”

The child replied, “I’m Little Nuisance (Xiao Tao Yan).”

The Raven asked, “You’re obviously anything but annoying, why are you called Little Nuisance?”

Little Nuisance replied, “You’re obviously a person, why are you called The Raven?”

The Raven wanted to laugh, but did not.

Was a raven not just exactly what everyone was annoyed at? How many people remained in this world who liked to listen to the truth?

Yan ShiSan could not help but ask, “You know he’s called The Raven?”

Little Nuisance replied, “What a waste of breath.”

Yan ShiSan’s question really was a waste of breath. If Little Nuisance did not know he was called The Raven, then why would he call him that.

Little Nuisance said again, “Not only do I know that he’s called The Raven, I also know that you’re called Yan ShiSan, because there used to be a man called Yan Qi, and another called Yan Wu, and you felt that you were still a bit stronger than the two of them combined. Therefore you’re called Yan ShiSan.” [Translator’s Note: To those unfamiliar with the Chinese language, Yan ShiSan means Yan Thirteen, and Yan Qi means Yan Seven, and Yan Wu means Yan Wu. So Yan ShiSan thought that he was better than seven and five combined, hence thirteen.]

Yan ShiSan was stunned! This was indeed his intention, and also his secret. He could not guess how this Little Nuisance knew about it.

Little Nuisance said, “To be honest, I really don’t know much about you. I only heard about this from my older sister!” This was another bit of surprise. The woman who just then walked into the forest together with him actually looked like his mother.

Yan ShiSan asked, “Does your sister have a name?”

Little Nuisance replied, “Of course she does.”

Yan ShiSan asked, “What’s her name?”

Little Nuisance asked, “Are you mute?”

Yan ShiSan shook his head.

Little Nuisance asked, “Do you have legs?”

Yan ShiSan lowered his head, as if he also wanted to check if he still had legs.

Little Nuisance said, “Since you have legs and aren’t mute, then why not go ask her yourself?”

Yan ShiSan laughed and said, “Because I’m not blind either, I can still see.”

Little Nuisance asked, “See what?”

Yan ShiSan pointed to the green silk ribbon on the tree branch, and said, “Since you’re the one who tied this knot, then of course you should know its meaning.”

Little Nuisance replied, “The meaning is, this domain is ours now. If you’re not mute, then you’d turn mute once you go in. If you have legs, then you’d lose them once you go in.”