Sword of the Third Young Master - Chapter 1

Chapter One – One Sword Strike Pierced the Heart

The sword’s aura travels across 30 000 miles.

The sword’s light shivers through nineteen states.

It was early autumn.

The tree’s leaves were dreary, the setting sun filled the sky.

Underneath the dreary leaves stood a man, who appeared as if he was one with the earth’s autumn hues.

It was because he was so still.

Because he was so cold.

He carried a sense of indifference and fatigue that seemed to seep through his marrows, but as well as a threatening killing aura.

He was fatigued, perhaps because he had already killed too many people, some of which still should not have been killed.

He killed, only because he had no other choice.

He held a sword in his hand.

A long sword that had a black murrel skin sheath and a golden sheath opening, and was decorated with thirteen large pearls.

Not many people in the martial world were unfamiliar with this sword, and not many were unfamiliar with this man.

This man and his sword had been famous within the martial world since he was seventeen. Now, he was nearing middle age and he could not set this sword down anymore. Others would not allow him to set his sword down.

When he sets down this sword, his life would end. Fame sometimes was like a baggage, a baggage one can never get rid if.

“September 9th, dusk. Underneath the ancient tree on the side of the ancient road outside of LuoYang City. Cleanse your throat, and bring your sword!”

The sun set at dusk. The autumn sun had set, and the fallen leaves fluttered. A man strode down the ancient road. He was dressed in clean fancy clothing, his face was pale. A long sword hung diagonally behind his shoulders. His eyes were like swords that left their sheaths, and were staring at the sword underneath the tree. His steps were steady, but he walked very fast. He stopped seven feet away and suddenly asked,

“Yan ShiSan?”


“Your ‘Life-Taking Thirteen Sword Stance,’ is it really unmatched in the world?”

“Not necessarily.”

This man laughed. His laugh was derisive but callous, “I am Gao Tong, the ‘One Sword Strike Pierced the Heart’ Gao Tong.”

“I know.”

“Did you ask me to meet?”

“I know that you are looking for me.”

“That’s right. I am looking for you, because I definitely must kill you.”

Yan ShiSan lightly said, “You’re not the only one wanting to kill me.”

Gao Tong replied, “Because you’re too famous. I only need to kill you, in order to instantly become famous.” He laughed coldly and continued, “It’s not so easy becoming famous in the martial world. Only this method is relatively easy.”

Yan ShiSan replied, “Very good.”

Gao Tong said, “Now I’ve already come, and have brought my sword, and have cleansed my throat.”

“Very good.”

“Where’s your heart?”

“My heart is already dead.”

“Then I’ll let it die once more.”

A flash of the sword and it has left the sheath. Like lightning, it pierced towards Yan ShiSan’s heart.

One sword strike pierced the heart.

It really was not known how many people’s hearts he pierced with just this single sword strike. This was supposed to be a fatal killer! But he did not pierce through Yan ShiSan’s heart. As his sword struck out, his throat suddenly felt ice cold. Yan ShiSan’s sword had already pierced through his throat.

It pierced one inch and three points in.

Gao Tong’s sword dropped, but he had not died yet.

Yan ShiSan said, “I only hope you know that, to become famous isn’t really something to feel good about.”

Gao Tong stared at him, his eyeballs already protruded out.

Yan ShiSan continued lightly, “Therefore, you’re really better off dead.”

He pulled out his sword, very, very slowly pulled it out of Gao Tong’s throat.

Thus, the blood did not splatter onto his body.

He had much experience with these kinds of matter. If bloodstains blemished one’s clothes, then it would be hard to wash them clean – to wash clean the bloodstains on one’s hands would be even harder.

The twilight grew darker.

The blood on the sword had dripped away completely.

When the sword returned to its sheath, another four men appeared in the twilight.

Four men, four swords!

The four men’s clothing were all very extravagant, their styles were all very grand. The eldest had completely white hair, the youngest was still in his youth.

Yan ShiSan did not recognize them, but knew who they were.

The eldest was famous for over forty years, though he always remained outside the city borders. He singly created the “Flying Hawk Thirteen Thorns” stance, and his fame shook the borders. He came into the city this time only to look for Yan ShiSan.

He did not believe that his Flying Hawk Thirteen Sword Stance was not a match for Yan ShiSan’s Life-Taking Thirteen Sword Stance.

The youngest was a promising youth who recently rose to fame in the martial world, and was also the best student of the DianCang Sect.

He had great potentials and he was willing to endure hardships.

His heart was also cruel enough.

Thus, though he had only debuted for a year, the name “Heartless Youngster” Cao Bin had already shook the martial world.

The other two men were of course also highly skilled masters.

Qing FengJian’s swordplay was light and spirited, and struck out like the wind.

Iron Sword Zhen SanShan’s swordplay was calm and vigorous. His sword weighed a good thirty-three pounds.

Yan ShiSan knew them. They came, because he had asked them to come.

The four men’s eyes all stared at him, no one even glanced at the corpse on the ground.

They did not want to break their own spirits before they even attacked. No matter who it was lying dead on the ground had nothing to do with them. As long as they could stay alive themselves, they did not care about others’ life or death, irregardless of who it was.

Yan ShiSan smiled. His smile was very weary, “I can’t believe you all came.”

Guan Wai Fei Ying (The Bordertown Flying Hawk) coldly replied, “I thought that you only invited me.”

Yan ShiSan replied lightly, “If something can be taken care of once, why waste more time on it.”

Cao Bin interrupted, “Since four people came, who goes first?”

He was in much hurry.

He was in a hurry to become famous, and in a hurry to kill Yan ShiSan.

Iron Sword Zhen SanShan suggested, “We could use rock paper scissors. The winner gets to go first.”

Yan ShiSan replied, “That is not necessary.”

Iron Sword Zhen SanShan asked, “Not necessary?”

Yan ShiSan replied, “You can strike at the same time!”

Guan Wai Fei Ying said angrily, “What do you take us for, to use many against one!”

Yan ShiSan replied, “You’re not willing to?”

Guan Wai Fei Ying said angrily, “Of course not!”

Yan ShiSan said, “But I’m willing!”

His sword already left its sheath. The sword flash was like flying rainbows and rapid lightning, and suddenly it had flashed by the four men’s eyes at the same time.

Now even if they were unwilling, it was too late. Their four swords also left their sheaths at the same time. Cao Bin’s attack was the fastest, the cruelest, and the most heartless.

Guan Wai Fei Ying leapt up into the air and attacked downwards from above. The Flying Hawk Thirteen Sword Stance originally was the same style of martial arts as the Seven Avian Fist – from high up attacking downwards, using the strong to conquer the weak. Unfortunately, his opponent was stronger.

In a blink of an eye, Cao Bin had struck out nine sword stances. He did not pay attention to the others, but only stared at Yan ShiSan. His only wish was to have this man die under his sword.

Unfortunately, all nine stances missed. Yan ShiSan, who was originally in front of his eyes, was now nowhere to be found. He paused, and then realized a very frightening thing.

Three more dead people appeared on the ground.

Each one of their throats had a hole.

Guan Wai Fei Ying, Qing FengJian, and Iron Sword Zhen SanShan, these three first-class swordsmen in the martial world, had all in the blink of an eye died under Yan ShiSan’s sword.

Cao Bin’s hands were ice cold. He looked up and had only then seen Yan ShiSan already standing far away underneath that ancient tree.

The killing sword now returned to its sheath.

Cao Bin’s fists clenched, “You …”

Yan ShiSan interrupted him, “I don’t want to kill you yet!”

Cao Bin asked, “Why?”

Yan ShiSan replied, “Because I want to give you another chance to kill me.”

The veins popped up on Cao Bin’s hands, cold sweat that were the size of beans formed on his forehead. He could not accept such an opportunity. This was an insult. But he also did not want to give up this opportunity.

Yan ShiSan continued, “Go back and practice for three years, then come back and kill me.”

Cao Bin clenched his teeth. Yan ShiSan continued, “DianCang’s swordplay is really not bad. As long as you’re willing to practice, then you’ll surely have a chance.”

Cao Bin suddenly asked, “What if after three years you had died under someone else’s sword?”

Yan ShiSan smiled and said, “Then you can go kill the person who killed me.”

Can Bin replied bitterly, “Then you best take much care, and best not die!”

The twilight grew even darker. Darkness had enveloped the earth. Yan ShiSan slowly turned around and faced the darkest part of the night. Suddenly, he said, “How do you do.”

After a long time, the darkness indeed had a reply, “Not well.”

A cold voice, hoarse yet deep. A man slowly emerged from the darkness. Black clothes, black hair, black sword, and his face black as if carrying an expression of death. Only his pair of pitch black eyes was shining. He walked very slowly, yet his entire body seemed very light. It was as if his feet did not even touch the ground, and was like a spirit in the dark.

Yan ShiSan’s pupils suddenly contracted, he suddenly asked, “The Raven?”


Yan ShiSan deeply sighed, “At last I finally got to meet you!”

The Raven replied, “Meeting me isn’t a good thing.”

Indeed it was not. The raven is not a magpie, no one liked to see a raven. Even in very ancient times there were legends – the arrival of the raven must mean catastrophe.

What kind of catastrophe did he bring this time? Since it is unavoidable, then why bother and worry about it? Yan ShiSan already restored his calmness.

The Raven stared at him and stared at his sword and said, “Great sword!”

Yan ShiSan asked, “You like swords?”

The Raven replied, “I only like great swords. You not only have great swordplay, but also have a great sword.”

Yan ShiSan asked, “You want my sword?”

The Raven replied, “Yes.”

His reply was straightforward yet simple. Yan ShiSan laughed. This time, his smile no longer had that weary expression, but only a killing aura! He knew that he had at last met a true opponent.

The Raven said, “Magpies bring luck, but ravens, however, bring catastrophe.”

Yan ShiSan asked, “You came to bring catastrophe?”

The Rave replied, “Yes.”

Yan ShiSan asked, “I will face catastrophe?”

The Raven said, “Yes.”

Yan ShiSan asked, “My catastrophe is you?”

The Raven replied, “No.”

Yan ShiSan asked, “If not you, then what is it?”

The Raven replied, “It’s your sword!”

The carrier was innocent, but carrying jade was the crime. Yan ShiSan obviously understood this principle. His fame and his sword were like the musk deer’s fragrance and the antelope’s antlers.

The Raven said, “I have already collected seventeen swords.”

Yan ShiSan replied, “Quite a few.”

The Raven continued, “All seventeen are famous swords.”

Yan ShiSan said, “Looks like you’ve also killed quite a few famous people.”

The Raven said, “I also want Gao Tong and Fei Ying’s swords.”

Yan ShiSan replied, “If you take care of their corpses, all three swords are yours.”

The Raven said, “I only want swords, not corpses!”

Yan ShiSan replied, “But you only want dead people’s swords.”

The Raven said, “That’s right!”

Yan ShiSan replied, “If you kill me, my sword’s yours as well!”

The Raven said, “Of course.”

Yan ShiSan replied, “Very good.”

The Rave said, “Not good.”

Yan ShiSan replied, “What’s not good?”