Sentimental Swordsman, Ruthless Sword - Chapter 38

Chapter 38: Grandmother and Granddaughter

The autumn wind blew in his face. It felt like winter already.

One can barely feel the remnants of autumn.

Li XunHuan’s heart is just like the autumn, withering away.

“You’ll only increase her suffering by staying…”

The old man’s words constantly rang in his ears.

He also realized that not only should he not see her again, he shouldn’t even think about her.

That old man’s not only a wise man, he’s also a mysterious man, a preeminent martial artist. He also seemed to know just about everything in the world.

But what exactly is his identity? What’s he hiding?

Li XunHuan admired Hunchback Sun.

Anyone who can wipe tables for fifteen years to return a favor should be admired.

But what’s he doing there?

What’s he guarding?

As for Sun XiaoHong… how could he not know her feelings?

But he can’t accept that, he’s afraid to.

Anyway, this whole family is just filled with mystery, so mysterious it’s scary…

A village on the mountain.

At the foot of the mountain lies a wine shop.

The wine’s not great, but it’s very refreshing, obviously made from the spring water here.

The spring came from the back of the mountain, very clear. Li XunHuan knew that by following this stream, he’d reach a forest with a wood house.

Ah Fei and Lin XianEr live in that house.

Li XunHuan’s face brightened as he thought about Ah Fei’s handsome face, those sharp eyes, and that proud expression on his face.

Even more unforgettable are his rare smiles, and that fiery warmth buried inside his icy exterior.

He doesn’t know how Ah Fei’s has changed these past two years.

He doesn’t know how Lin XianEr has treated Ah Fei.

Although she looks like an angel in heaven, she only takes men down to the pits of Hell.

Is Ah Fei in Hell right now?

Li XunHuan doesn’t want to think about it, because he understands Ah Fei. He knows that Ah Fei would not mind living in Hell for love.

It’s dusk.

Li XunHuan sat at the darkest corner of the shop.

This has been his habit, because from here he can easily see those who come in, but others can’t easily see him.

He couldn’t believe that the first person that came in is ShangGuan Fei.

He sat at the table closest to the door; his eyes stared outside, as if waiting for someone, waiting impatiently.

This is certainly quite different from his icy, calm expression last time.

He must be meeting someone very important. Plus he came alone, without servants, which meant that this meeting is very secretive.

There shouldn’t be anyone important living in this remote area.

So who is he waiting for?

Does it concern Ah Fei and Lin XianEr?

Li XunHuan put his hand on his face, covering himself.

But it wasn’t necessary, as ShangGuan Fei’s eyes never did leave the door.

The shopkeeper finally lit up the candles.

ShangGuan Fei became more impatient, more irritated.

At this moment, two carriages appeared by the front door. The people carrying the carriages are several young men.

A very attractive thirteen or fourteen year old girl came down the first carriage, wearing a red robe.

ShangGuan Fei had just picked up his cup, but then immediately put it down.

This young girl walked up to ShangGuan Fei and said, “Sorry to keep you waiting.”

ShangGuan Fei’s eyes rolled, and asked, “Where is she? Can she not come?”

The red-robed girl smiled, and said, “Don’t be so impatient. Just follow me.”

Li XunHuan watched as ShangGuan Fei left the shop, and stepped into the second carriage. As Li XunHuan watched them leave, he found something peculiar.

These young men carrying the carriages are all quite strong. Those who picked up the first carriage did so easily.

But those who picked up the second one certainly labored.

Li XunHuan paid for his wine and left immediately.

He normally doesn’t stick his nose into other people’s businesses, but he felt a great need to follow ShangGuan Fei, to see the person he’s meeting.

Because Li XunHuan felt that it must have something to do with Ah Fei.

The carriage entered the maple forest.

Suddenly laughter came from within the carriage.

This laugh is tender and lovely. Any man who heard this laugh would be drawn to it.

But if the person inside the carriage is ShangGuan Fei, then why is there a woman’s laugh?

After a while, a gentle voice came from carriage, “Little Fei, don’t be like this… we can’t do it here…

I can’t believe you’re just like all other men. You just want to bully me.”

The sound became softer and softer, until Li XunHuan could no longer hear the words.

The carriage reached the top of the hill.

Li XunHun sighed.

So there are two people in this carriage.

One is ShangGuan Fei.

But who is the woman?

He’s certainly experienced when it comes to women. He knows that many women like to fret, but not many are successful in seducing men by doing so.

He can almost yell out the name of the woman in the carriage.

But he can’t yet, because he’s not certain.

He never makes quick judgments, because he doesn’t want to make a bad judgment again. One wrong judgment is one too many for him.

One wrong judgment wrecked his whole life, and another person’s life.

The carriage stopped by a small house. The second carriage’s carriers are wiping sweat off of their faces.

The girl in the front carriage got off, and walked up to the door of the building.

Bang, Bang, Bang, she knocked the door three times, and it opened.

Someone finally came out of the second carriage.

A woman.

Li XunHuan could not see her face, but her clothing and hair are both very disorganized, her body very shapely, her movements alluring.

Li XunHuan thought this person looked familiar.

Only to see her walk up to the door, waved at ShangGuan Fei inside the carriage, and walked into the building.

Li XunHuan could only see half of her face.

He could finally be certain.

She is indeed Lin XianEr!

So if Lin XianEr lived here, then where’s Ah Fei?

Li XunHuan really wanted to ask her, but he decided not to.

He’s not a true gentleman, but he would do many things that ‘gentlemen’ would not do, nor want to do.

His way of doing things would seem mind-boggling to many people.

While many people in the world wish for Li XunHuan to just simply die, others would willingly give their life to save his.

It’s now totally dark.

Li XunHuan still waited outside.

As he waited, he thought of many things.

He remembered the day he first met Ah Fei.

He wasn’t lonely at that time, because Tie ChuanJia was with him.

He then thought of Tie ChuanJia, that loyal and kind face, and that iron armor he had on…

Unfortunately, although his chest is strong as steel, his heart is so fragile, so easily moved. That’s why he’s more often miserable than happy.

As he thought more and more, Li XunHuan suddenly felt like drinking again.

He took out his wine bottle, and finished all the wine in it.

Then he began to cough.

At this moment, the door opened. ShangGuan Fei came out, looking happier than usual, but also a bit tired.

A hand came out, reaching for his hand.

Some whispers can be heard, perhaps whispers of goodbye.

After a long time, that pair of hands slowly broke apart.

ShangGuan Fei walked very slowly, and kept turning around to look back, as if he doesn’t want to leave yet.

The door closed.

ShangGuan Fei looked up into the sky, his steps suddenly became quicker, but his expression is kind of wacky, sometimes smiling, sometimes sighing.

Is he also in Hell?

The light in the house is very calm, turning the window-paper red.

ShangGuan Fei finally left. Li XunHuan suddenly felt sorry for this youngster.

Li XunHuan sighed, and walked up to the door.

Bang. Li XunHuan knocked once. Bang, Bang. He then knocked twice in a row, just like that red-robed girl did.

The door indeed opened.

A person said, “You…”

She just said one word before she saw Li XunHuan. Then she tried to quickly shut the door.

But Li XunHuan had already blocked the door from closing.

The person who opened the door was not Lin XianEr, nor that red-robed girl, but a white-haired old lady.

She stared shockingly at Li XunHuan, and asked, “Who… who are you? What are you doing here?”

Li XunHuan said, “I just came to see an old friend.”

The old lady asked, “Old friend? Who’s your old friend?”

Li XunHuan said with a smile, “She’ll know me when she sees me.”

As he said this, he entered the room.

The old lady was afraid to block his path, but she yelled, “There is no friend of yours here, just me and my granddaughter.”

There are only three rooms in this house. Lin XianEr isn’t in any of them.

The red-robed girl looked terrified, so terrified her face became all white. She said loudly, “Grandma? Is this a bandit?”

The old lady looked so scared she couldn’t even respond.

Li XunHuan doesn’t know whether to laugh for cry. He asked, “Do I look like a bandit?”

The little girl bit her lips and said, “If you’re not a bandit, why did force yourself into this house at midnight?”

Li XunHuan said, “I’m here to find Miss Lin.”

After seeing him talk very nicely, the little girl became less afraid. She blinked her eyes and said, “But there’s no Miss Lin here, only Miss Zhou.”

Is that Lin XianEr’s fake name?

Li XunHuan immediately asked, “Where’s Miss Zhou?”

The little girl pointed at her own nose, and said, “My surname is Zhou. So obviously I am Miss Zhou.”

Li XunHuan smiled.

He felt like an idiot.

The little girl also seemed to find this quite amusing. She said, “But I don’t know you at all. So why did you come look for me?”

Li XunHuan smiled bitterly, said, “I’m looking for a big girl, not a little girl.”

The little girl said, “There are no big girls here.”

Li XunHuan asked, “You mean no one came into the house recently?”

The little girl said, “Of course, some people have came…”

Li XunHuan cut in, “Who?”

The little girl said, “My grandma and I. We just came back from the town.”

She rolled her eyes, and added, “Only the two of us live here. I’m the little one, my grandma is the big one, but it’s been a long time since she was a girl. So I’m guessing you’re not looking for her, right?”

Li XunHuan smiled again.

He found that he smiled a lot when he felt stupid.

He thought he saw Lin XianEr entered the house.

Was he hallucinating?

Was that lady in the carriage this old lady?

The old lady suddenly kneeled on the ground, begging, “We’re a poor family, and there is nothing valuable here. If you want something, just take it and leave us be.”

Li XunHuan said, “Fine.”

There’s a bottle of wine on the table.

Li XunHuan picked up the bottle and walked out the door.

Only to hear the little girl smilingly whispered to herself, “So he wasn’t a bandit after all, just a drunkard.”