Sentimental Swordsman, Ruthless Sword - Chapter 36

Chapter 36: Strange Emotions

Sweat poured off of Blue Scorpion head.

She continuously shivered while she yelled, “Why haven’t you released your dagger yet? Why don’t you just kill me?”

Li XunHuan said, “Since you’re willing to seek revenge for Yi Ku, it’s obvious that you really love him. Now that he’s dead, you must be in a great deal of pain…”

He looked at the dagger in his hand, then said gently, “I understand this pain you feel. I truly understand… I just want you to know that this pain will not lessen as you kill people. No matter how many people you kill, the pain will still be with you.”

With a flash, the dagger shot out.

It landed on the wall by the side of the Blue Scorpion.

Li XunHuan said, “You can go now.”

Blue Scorpion froze.

After a long time, she finally asked, “In that case, how can I lessen this pain?”

Li XunHuan sighed, and then said, “I don’t know the answer. Perhaps… perhaps if you can find someone to replace him, it will help. I really hope you can find that person.”

Blue Scorpion stared at him. Tears came down her eyes.

Sun XiaoHong also stared at Li XunHuan.

She had never met a man like him. She never imagined that there could be someone like him. She gazed at his body, trying to see through his heart.

Blue Scorpion left. She left with tears.

Li XunHuan pondered for a while before smiling. He said, “You must be wondering why I didn’t kill her.”

Sun XiaoHong did not respond.

Hunchback Sun kept staring at that strange weapon on the ground. He also remained silent.

Li XunHuan said, “I feel that if someone can shed tears, then that person should not die.”

Sun XiaoHong suddenly smiled. She said, “I know you don’t like to kill people. So I was hardly surprised to see you let her go. What I want to know is, since you weren’t drunk, why did you pretend to be?”

Li XunHuan said, “You’re also a drinking expert. So you must know that pretending to be drunk is much better than really being drunk. If I were really drunk, not only would it be not fun, the hangover next morning would also be awful.”

Sun XiaoHong said, “That makes a lot of sense.”

Li XunHuan said, “But anyone who drinks is bound to get drunk. So if you want to see me drunk, there will be many more chances in the future.”

Sun XiaoHong sighed, and then said, “But I know that because I missed this chance, I’ll never be able to get you drunk again.”

Li XunHuan said, “Actually, I…”

Before he finished talking, he saw Hunchback Sun walked to the back of the counter, and began to pour a large jar of wine down his throat.

He chugged down nearly the whole jar before Sun XiaoHong could take it from his hand. She stumped her foot and said, “He’d rather pretend to be drunk so he won’t get drunk. Why are you purposely trying to get yourself drunk?”

Hunchback Sun stuttered, “Being drunk will solve a thousand worries. It really is better… better to be drunk.”

Sun XiaoHong asked, “Why?”

Hunchback Sun yelled, “You want to know why? I’ll tell you. Because I don’t want to owe someone a favor. I’d rather have someone stab me than helping me out.”

He then slumped back to the chair, and said with his hands on his face, “Li XunHuan, oh Li XunHuan. Why did you save me? Do you realize that my life had been saved once already? Do you know why I have been living here all these years?”

Li XunHuan wanted to ask him, “Who saved you?”

“Why did you agree to guard here for fifteen years?”

“What are you guarding?”

But Hunchback Sun’s voice became softer and softer. Is he drunk? Or is he simply asleep.

Li XunHuan looked at Sun XiaoHong. He wanted to ask her these same questions. But once he saw those lively big, bright, dark eyes, he instantly gave up on the idea.

He knew that it’s impossible to get any information from a girl like her.

Li XunHuan could only take a deep breath, and then said, “Your uncle really is a true gentleman.”

Sun XiaoHong looked at him through the corner of her eyes, and said with a smile, “You mean only a true gentleman would get drunk this fast?”

Li XunHuan said, “What I mean is, only a true gentleman would keep his words no matter what. Only a true gentleman would never want to accept a favor, to sacrifice himself for the sake of others.”

Sun XiaoHong rolled her eyes. She said, “So that’s why you also have to stay here to protect someone, right?”

Li XunHuan did not respond.

Sun XiaoHong said, “No matter what, you won’t leave, right?”

Li XunHuan still did not respond.

Sun XiaoHong said, “Do you still care for Ah Fei? Do you want to see him? Isn’t he your friend?”

Li XunHuan remained silent for a long time, before responding, “At least he can take care of himself.”

Sun XiaoHong said, “I have often heard that while Lin XianEr looks like an angel, her specialty is to take men down to hell.”

She then said slowly, “Are you certain she won’t take your friend down to hell?”

Li XunHuan shut his mouth again.

Sun XiaoHong sighed. She then said, “I also realize that you won’t leave. For her, you can forget everything else. Everything!”

Her eyes then became filled with so much tender and gentleness, looking at Li XunHuan. Sun XiaoHong said, “But why can’t you find someone to replace her?”

Li XunHuan’s body shook, and began to cough again.

Sun XiaoHong said, “I won’t force you to leave if you don’t want to. But you should at least go see my grandpa.”

Li XunHuan asked in between his coughs, “Where… where is he?”

Sun XiaoHong said, “He’s at the long pavilion outside the town.”

Li XunHuan asked, “Why there?”

Sun XiaoHong said, “Because ShangGuan JinHong will pass there.”

Li XunHuan said, “But even if ShangGuan JinHong is bound to pass there, your grandpa might not get to see him.”

Sun XiaoHon said, “Ah, but he will, because ShangGuan JinHong never rides in a carriage or on a horse. He often says that humans have legs so they can walk.”

Li XunHuan chuckled, said, “You sure know a lot.”

Sun XiaoHong returned a smile, and then said, “I sure do.”

Li XunHuan said, “Not only do you know that ShangGuan JinHong will come here, you even know which route he’s going to take. Not only do you know that Lin XianEr wrote that letter, you even know where she’s hiding…”

He looked intently into her eyes, and asked, “Why do you know all these things?”

Sun XiaoHong bit her lips, and responded with a smile, “I have my way. But I just won’t tell you!”

The night is dark.

Sun XiaoHong’s steps are light and quick, as if she’s never tired. She seemed to be interested in just about everything.

She really is fully of life.

She’s still very young.

Li XunHuan felt like a totally opposite person standing besides her.

He admire her, maybe even a bit jealous of her. When he realized this, he felt shocked.

“Am I really that old?”

He knows that only an old person would be jealous of youth.

He said with a smile, “If I were ten years younger, I would certainly not walk so close to you.”

Sun XiaoHong asked, “Why?”

Li XunHuan said, “Everyone says that I’m a playboy. If I were next to a girl like you, others might get the wrong idea.”

He chuckled before continuing, “Thankfully, I’m already an old man. So if someone sees us together, they would think that we’re father and daughter.”

Sun XiaoHong said loudly, “My father? You really think you’re that old?”

Li XunHuan said, “Of course.”

Sun XiaoHong suddenly began to laugh out loud.

Li XunHuan asked, “Why are you laughing?”

Sun XiaoHong said, “I’m laughing at you!”

Li XunHuan asked, “Why?”

Sun XiaoHong said, “Because I know you’re afraid of me.”

Li XunHuan said, “What? Afraid of you?”

Sun XiaoHong’s eyes shined as bright as the stars in the sky.

She laughed innocently and said, “You only said those words because you’re afraid of me. You’re afraid that you might… to me… That’s why you tell me that you’re an old man.”

Li XunHuan could only laugh bitterly.

Sun XiaoHong said, “Actually, if you’re really an old man, then I’d be an old woman.”

She suddenly stopped walking, and said to Li XunHuan in a gentle tone, “Only when a man thinks that he’s old does he actually become old. My grandpa never admitted to being old. And you’re not old either. So please don’t ever such a thing again, ok?”

As Li XunHuan looked at this pair of eyes, he suddenly remembered Lin ShiYin of ten years ago.

She was also just as youthful and energetic at that time.

What about now?

Li XunHuan sighed, and shied away from her gaze. Looking at the distant darkness, he said, “The long pavilion is in the front. Let’s hurry.”

In the darkness of the night, a single candlelight lit up in the entire pavilion. One can vaguely make out a person’s shadow by the candle.

Sun XiaoHong asked, “Did you see the candle?”

Li XunHuan said, “Yes.”

Sun XiaoHong said with a smile, “Do you know what that is? If you do, I’d be in awe of you if you know.”

Li XunHuan said, “That’s your grandpa smoking a pipe.”

Sun XiaoHong said, “Wow! You must be a genius.”

Li XunHuan couldn’t help but chuckle. For some reason, he tends to smile a lot more in front of this girl, while coughing much less.

Sun XiaoHong said, “I wonder if ShangGuan JinHong is here yet. Or if grandpa had already sent him away.”

She got a bit worried, and added, “Let’s hurry up, so we can see…”

Before she finished, Li XunHuan suddenly grabbed her hand.

Sun XiaoHong’s heart started to beat faster, her face suddenly became red.

She stole a peek at Li XunHuan’s face, only to see his face in a deeply serious manner. His eyes gazed into the distance.

Two specks of lights appeared in the distance.

Those are lantern lights.

The lanterns are golden colored, held up by a long, thin bamboo stick.

The lanterns look very secretive, and very scary.

In a flash, Li XunHuan carried Sun XiaoHong with him to hide behind a nearby tree.

Sun XiaoHong whispered, “Golden Money Clan?”

Li XunHuan nodded.

Sun XiaoHong said, “Looks like ShangGuan JinHong just got here. Could it be that they had some problems on the road?”

Li XunHuan said, “Maybe it’s because he only has two legs, so he can’t walk very fast.”

Following the two lanterns are two more lanterns.

Two people appeared in between them.

Both look very tall. Both wore bright yellow robes. The robe of the front person is very long, almost touching the ground, but it did not hinder his movement.

The person in the back wore a very short robe, barely reaching his knees.

The person in the front is empty-handed. It doesn’t look as if he’s carrying any weapons.

The person in the back has a sword on his waist.

Li XunHuan saw that the way he stashed his sword is similar to how Ah Fei does it, except Ah Fei puts his sword in the middle, the handle facing right.

But this person’s sword is stashed on the right side of his waist, the handle towards his left.

Can he be left-handed?

Li XunHuan raised his eyebrows.

He doesn’t like to fight against a left-handed swordsman. Because that person’s sword moves are the opposite of a normal person’s, making them harder to fight against.

Besides, should this sword leave its sheath, it’s bound to be very fast!

Li XunHuan knows this because of his years of experience in the martial world. He knows that this person will indeed be a formidable opponent!