Sentimental Swordsman, Ruthless Sword - Chapter 31

Chapter 31: Little Li's Flying Dagger

When Long Xiao3 Yun saw Yan Shuang Fei’s angry attitude, he hurriedly said, “His flying dagger is just made out of regular iron. It’s not some holy weapon, but people always seem to describe it that way. Sometimes even I find it ridiculous.”

The black-robed man said calmly, “I heard he wasted your kung fu, I bet you still hate him for that, right?”

Long Xiao3 Yun said with a smile, “Uncle Li is my elder. How can I be mad when an elder teaches me a lesson? Besides, a person doesn’t always need kung fu to become famous.”

The black-robed man stared at him, seemingly unable to see into his thoughts.

ZhuGe Gang clapped his hands. “Excellent! You’re certainly correct. You really are worthy of being Long Xiao4 Yun’s son.”

Long Xiao3 Yun bowed. “Elder, you are too kind.”

ShangGuan Fei suddenly said, “I heard Lin Xian Er also lived here, right?”

He really did open his mouth, even Long Xiao3 Yun was caught off guard. “That’s right.”

ShangGuan Fei asked, “Where did she go?”

Long Xiao3 Yun answered, “Auntie Lin suddenly disappeared two years ago, didn’t even take her jewelry or clothing. No one knew where she went, some said Ah Fei kidnapped her, others said Ah Fei killed her.”

ShangGuan Fei raised his eyebrows, then stopped talking.

The line of people walked over the bridge, arrived at the Cold Fragrance Hut.

ZhuGe Gang’s eyes brightened, as if very interested in this building.

Gao Xing Kong asked, “So what about this place? Is this where your mother lives?”


Gao Xing Kong said, “We originally came to give presents for your mother’s birthday, so can we go up there to meet her?”

Long Xiao3 Yun rolled his eyes, smiled. “Mother usually don’t like to meet guests, so can I go ask her first?”

Gao Xing Kong said, “Certainly.”

Long Xiao3 Yun walked slowly upstairs.

Tang Du smiled. “It would really be a wonder if a kid like him can live long.”

ZhuGe Gang’s smile disappeared, said seriously, “Are you sure this is the place?”

Gao Xing Kong responded in a low voice, “I studied that letter over and over last night, the Li family treasure is in here alright. I heard they have been high level officials for many generations, that their wealth is unmatched.”

As he spoke, he kept looking at the black-robed man.

The black-robed man stood far away, looking at two crickets fighting on the ground, as if he doesn’t care for these people at all.

ZhuGe Gang said, “The treasures aren’t important, but we need Li Tan Hua’s famous paintings and kung fu manuals.”

Gao Xing Kong nodded, as Long Xiao3 Yun came down the stairs.

ZhuGe Gang smiled again, asking, “So what is your mother’s response?”

Long Xiao3 Yun shook his head. “Mother’s not upstairs.”

ZhuGe Gang asked, “Then where is she?”

Long Xiao3 Yun said, “I’m also confused. Mother almost never leaves her room.”

ZhuGe Gang said, “If that’s the case, then we will wait for her upstairs.”

Only to see three yellow-robed men quickly ran over here. “Please let us clean up the room first.”

Long Xiao3 Yun seemingly wants to block their path, but was afraid to, finally let them go upstairs.

Only to hear a swoosh sound, a fifteen foot long* whip made three circles, each around a person’s neck.

The long whip tightened, then loosened.

The first person didn’t even let out a noise, before falling to the ground, dead.

The second person let an ‘Ugh’ sound, before also falling on the ground, dead.

The third person held his throat, walked forward a bit before falling down. His body kept shaking, unable to speak.

Although he did not die for a long time, his pain was ten times worse than dying.

The ability to strike down these three people at once shocked even ZhuGe Gang.

Only that black-robed man showed no surprise. He said, “It seems that the Snake Whip really is overrated.”

He sighed deeply, looking extremely disappointed.

Had XiMen Rou unleashed the full potential of that move, all three people would have been dead immediately. The fact that these three people died at different times, in different ways, showed that XiMen Rou had not mastered his whip yet.

ZhuGe Gang’s eyes brightened. “XiMen Rou. Yesterday you luckily escaped, but do you think you’ll be that lucky today?”

XiMen Rou did not respond, but his whip lashed out.

The whip did not make a sound, only when it straightened out did one hear a pop, as if it traveled faster than the speed of sound.

At this moment, ZhuGe Gang leapt up, his iron crutch met the long whip in mid-air, the whip twisted around, squeezing the crutch like a snake.

Only to hear a loud thud, as the crutch hit the ground.

ZhuGe Gang’s foot faced the sky, his whole body completely upside-down, twisting. The crutch twisted along.

The whip around the crutch tangled up more and more, becoming shorter and shorter, XiMen Rou also forced to move closer and closer, his long whip mostly twisted around the iron crutch now.

With XiMen Rou holding the whip with one hand, his strength is far less than ZhuGe Gang, who had the force of his whole body applied to his crutch.

His expression changed from pale to red, red to white, sweat poured down.

ZhuGe Gang yelled loudly, his reversed body lashed out.

This move looks just like his famous ‘One Sweep Across Thousand Soldiers’, except this time, his body acts as the crutch, his crutch acts as the body.

Had XiMen Rou released his whip at this time, he could have avoided the strike, but he became famous for his whip. How can he possibly release it at this time?

If he doesn’t release his whip, he can only block ZhuGe Gang’s kick with his left hand, which would break his left hand.

But XiMen Rou is one of the best of the best, so he didn’t lose his cool even at this moment. He suddenly applied his lightness kung fu, and began to spin around the crutch.

He obviously want to untangle his whip, but ZhuGe Gang had already calculated this, also started to twist around, his foot only a bit behind XiMen Rou’s body.

That black-robed man sighed again. “Looks like the Golden Iron Crutch is also overrated.”

For had ZhuGe Gang timed it correctly, his kick would’ve already killed XiMen Rou by now.

Although this move was not executed perfectly, XiMen Rou is still in deep peril.

It still looks like he’s about to die from ZhuGe Gang’s kick.

Tang Du laughed. “Why do you bother to struggle when you’re nearly dead? Here, let me help you out.”

He pulled out his unique Mantis Saber, a ray of light flashed, the saber aimed towards XiMen Rou’s back.

But just as he did this, his body suddenly lurched back, as if being hit by an invisible hand, he finally rested on the ground.

Even before he could speak, his breathing stopped! Because a dagger had struck his throat!

A seemingly ordinary dagger.

But everyone’s expression changed.

ZhuGe Gang also saw this dagger, screamed in shock, “Little Li’s Flying Dagger!”

This scream broke his concentration, making him twist the other way, unable to control.

XiMen Rou’s wrist suddenly tightened, his Snake Whip twisted away from the crutch!

ZhuGe Gang flipped in mid-air, falling back a bit before regaining his balance.

Only to see a person appear from afar.

This person’s clothing looks terrible, his hair disorganized, his face frail, but his eyes look sharper than knives.

ZhuGe Gang tightened his hold on the crutch, yelled, “Little Li Tan Hua?”

This person smiled. “You’re too kind.”

ZhuGe Gang said loudly, “Why do you take actions against us?”

Li Xun Huan said, “I never want to go against anyone, but I also don’t anyone to bother me.”

He played around with the dagger in his hand. “There are no treasures here. I’m sorry you’ve all wasted your time. Oh, and when you leave, please take your gifts too.”

ZhuGe Gang, ShangGuan Fei, and Gao Xing Kong all stared intently at the dagger in his hand, as if they had something stuck in their throats, none could speak.

Yan Shuang Fei suddenly yelled angrily, “What if we don’t want to leave?”

Li Xun Huan smiled. “I think you should take me advice and leave.”

Yan Shuang Fei said, “I’ve always wanted to duel with you. Others might be afraid of you, but not me!”

He opened his coat, revealing two rows of spearheads.

But Li Xun Huan didn’t even so much as look at him.

Yang Shuang Fei yelled loudly, his hands shot out together, nine spearheads came out, but all of them fell to the ground before reaching Li Xun Huan.

As one look back at Yang Shuang Fei, he’s already on the ground, his throat added a shiny new dagger.

Little Li’s Flying Dagger!

No one saw when the dagger reached his throat, but probably just as he released his spears.

He couldn’t apply enough force to the spears, therefore they didn’t reach Li Xun Huan.

What a fast dagger!

Even in death, Yan Shuang Fei couldn’t believe there exist such a fast dagger in this world!

That black-robed man looked at Yan Shuang Fei’s body, and revealed a smile. “I told you already, that you’re not even in his class. Do you believe me now?”

He raised his head, looked at Li Xun Huan, said one word at a time, “Little Li’s Flying Dagger did not disappoint me.”

Li Xun Huan said, “And you are…”

The black-robed man cut him off. “I’ve long known Little Li Tan Hua’s fame. I’m glad we could meet today…”

When he finished he suddenly lashed out.

Only to hear a ‘loooong’ sound, the sword left the sheath.

The sword itself is also pure black, with no shine. When it came out, dark sword stream is crushing.

Gao Xing Kong only felt a little chill as the silent sword came into his line of sight, the sword stream slicing into his eyes.

Just as he closed his eyes, the pain disappeared.

He fell to the ground.

ZhuGe Gang only saw the iron sword sweep across, and blood spilled from Gao Xing Kong’s body. Gao Xing Kong did not even try to block the sword, nor evade.

The black-robed man’s sword twisted around and swooped the other way.

Only to hear a ‘dang’ sound, the seventy-pound crutched broke in two, but the sword did not slow down!

ZhuGe Gang suddenly felt a little chill, but then the feeling disappeared.

He also fell down.

This all happened in less than a minute. XiMen Rou looked up at the sky and sighed. “Looks like there’s no more place in the martial world for me anymore…”

He disappeared behind the rooftop.

At the same time, ShangGuan Fei also applied his lightness kung fu.

Because the sword stream rushed over to him.

ShangGuan Fei suddenly pulled out his Son-Mother Steel Ring, encircling the iron sword and blocking it.

The black-robed man said, “Good!”

As he said this, his sword shook, breaking the ring.

The sword tip stopped right in front of ShangGuan Fei’s throat.

ShangGuan Fei closed his eyes, but his expression remained cold and calm, as if this youngster’s heart is made of stone.

The black-robed man stared at him, then said coldly, “Are you a student of ShangGuan JinHong?”

ShangGuan Fei nodded.

The black-robed man said, “My sword had never left anyone alive, but despite your youth, you could actually block my sword once. That’s very impressive.”

He removed his sword, and then tapped ShangGuan Fei’s shoulders. “You can go!”

ShangGuan Fei did not move. He stared at the black-robed man and said, “You may not kill me, but I must tell you something.”

The black-robed man said, “Go ahead.”

ShangGuan Fei said, “Even though you let me go today, I will seek revenge in the future. At that time, I most certainly will not let you go!”

That black-robed man laughed. “Good. You really do deserve to be ShangGuan JinHong’s son.”

He stopped laughing, his eyes stared at ShangGuan Fei. “If I can die some day in your hands, not only will I not blame you, I will actually be happy, because I didn’t misjudge you.”

ShangGuan Fei’s expressions did not change. “In that case, goodbye!”

The black-robed man said, “I’ll be waiting for you!”

The black-robed man suddenly yelled again, “Hold on!”

ShangGuan Fei slowed down and then stopped.

The black-robed man said, “Remember this. I let you go today not because you’re ShangGuan JinHong’s son, but because you’re you!”

ShangGuan Fei did not respond. He resumed walking, slowly out of sight.

The black-robed man waited till he disappeared, then turned around and faced Li Xun Huan. “I’m so glad we met today,”

Li Xun Huan stared at his sword, then suddenly asked, “Solar-Apex Iron Sword*?”

The black-robed man said, “I am indeed Guo Song Yang*.”

*Note: Someone who made some playing cards of Gu Long characters translated ‘Song Yang’(Guo Song Yang’s first name) as Solar-Apex for the sword name. This translation doesn’t seem too correct to me, but it does sound cool. Anyway, just keep in mind that the name of the iron sword is the same as the first name of its owner.

Li Xun Huan took a deep breath, said, “Solar-Apex Iron Sword really is as good as they say!”

Guo Song Yang looked at his own sword. “But I wonder how it does against Little Li’s Flying Dagger.”

Li Xun Huan chuckled. “Actually, I would rather not know the answer.”


Li Xun Huan said, “Because… if we do try to find the answer, one of us will regret doing so.”

Guo Song Yang raised his head.

A hint of gratitude appeared on his face. He said loudly, “But we’ll need to know sooner or later, right?”

Li Xun Huan said, “I can only hope it’s later.”

Guo Song Yang said soundly, “But I prefer to know sooner.”


Guo Song Yang said, “Until the day we figure out the winner, I will not rest peacefully.”

Li Xun Huan thought for a while, then asked, “When do you want to settle this?”

Guo Song Yang said, “Today!”

Li Xun Huan asked, “Right here?”

Guo Song Yang looked around, then laughed coldly, “This used to be your home. If we fight here, you already have the advantage of knowing the surroundings.”

Li Xun Huan chuckled. “You’re right. Just by your last sentence, you truly deserve to be considered a top level fighter.”

Guo Song Yang said, “But since I decided the time, you should decide the place.”

Li Xun Huan said, “That won’t be necessary.”

Guo Song Yang also thought for a long time, then said, “Fine. If that’s the case, follow me!”

Li Xun Huan said, “After you.”

He walked forward a couple of steps, couldn’t help but look back at the Cold Fragance, and saw Long Xiao3 Yun staring at him, his eyes filled with venom.

Nothing, not the marvelous Guo Song Yang’s sword strokes, not the deaths of ZhuGe Gang and the others, moved this young kid.

But once he met Li Xun Huan’s gaze, he instantly smiled, and bowed. “Uncle Li. How are you doing.”

Li Xun Huan sighed inside, while smiling. “Hello.”

Long Xiao3 Yun said, “Mother thinks of you at every moment, you really should come visit us more often.”

Li Xun Huan forced a chuckle.

He almost always has trouble answering this kid.

Long Xiao3 Yun went up to him, grabbed his robe, and whispered, “That person looks scary. Uncle you shouldn’t go with him.”

Li Xun Huan said, “You’ll understand once you grow up, sometimes you must do things that you would not want to do.”

Long Xiao3 Yun said, “But… but… what if uncle you die, then who will take care of mom and I?”

Li Xun Huan froze.

After who knows how long, he raised his head, and saw Lin Shi Yin standing on top of the steps, looking at them.

She looked worrisome, but also showed much happiness.

Li Xun Huan only felt a stab in his heard, lowered his head again.

Long Xiao3 Yun yelled, “Mom. Look, Uncle Li just came, but now has to go.”

Lin Shi Yin forced smile. “Uncle Li has business to attend to, he… he has to go.”

Her smile looked so fragile, so forced, had Li Xun Huan saw this smile, his heart would’ve broke.

Long Xiao Yun said, “Mom, don’t you have some things you want to say to Uncle Li?”

Lin Shi Yin’s mouth kept trembling. “That can wait when he comes back.”

Long Xiao Yun’s lips curled up, and blinked his eyes. “But… I think once Uncle Li leaves today, he’ll never come back.”

Lin Shi Yin said in almost a whisper, “Shush! Come on back up so Uncle Li can leave.”

Long Xiao Yun finally nodded, released Li Xun Huan’s robe, and said, “You can go now, Uncle Li. Don’t worry about us, mom and I are used to being alone anyway, you don’t have to worry.”

He wiped his eyes, seemingly on the verge of tears..

Guo Song Yang is already near the bridge, looking at them.

Li Xun Huan finally turned around.

He never did look up, nor said any words.

At this moment, any more words would be pointless. Besides, he doesn’t know what to say anyway.

If a person becomes too sentimental, he actually looks heartless instead.

Outside the walls, the signs of autumn seem more apparent.

Both of Guo Song Yang’s hands rest in his sleeves, he walked slowly in the front.

Li Xun Huan followed behind.

The road is long, and quite narrow, with no end in sight.

The autumn wind blows by, leaves all turning into brown.

Although his steps are slow, Guo Song Yang’s steps are wide.

Li Xun Huan stared intensely at his steps.

The ground is quite soft, so each step left a footprint, his footprints all have the same depth, all equidistance apart.

Although he looks like he’s just walking casually, he’s actually gathering a special type of inner energy, his whole body harmonizing, which is why his steps are the same.

When he has gathered all his energy, when his body is in perfect harmony, he will immediately stop… that is the end of the road.